Destiny 2 Review

When Bungie announced this game a lot of my friends and I had rather mixed feelings about this game since that we did have a lot of problems when it came to the first game and we were worried that there was going to be problems that carry over. But lucky enough it seemed that some of those worries were gone.

The story is one of the better things about this game since that in the first game, there was barely a story since that it seemed to be up in the air and developed in some pieces of lore, but with this it starts out strong and it keeps on going. Dominus Ghaul is an interesting villain since that his story is well developed over the course of the cutscenes that we see since that he has his own agenda. Knowing of the existence of the Traveller and the powers that it can give to the Guardians and he wants that power for himself. Then we have the aftermath from the opening when your Guardian is ‘killed’ by Ghaul and is trying to get through the assault in the City, there is so much dread and the possibility that all is lost. But once you meet Hawthorn that is when there seems to be the start of hope in the game.

The rest of the story is rather interesting since that the first few parts is mainly getting the Vanguards back together to come up with a plan to take down Ghaul but there are all the usual Destiny fetch/destroy/defend missions along the way. For the rest of the story there were other things that I did like and the most enjoyment that I did have was with Cayde-6 and Failsafe on Nessus since that a) finding out what Cayde-6 got into the trouble he did with a Vex Teleporter and b) being introduced to Failsafe, the Exodus Black’s Computer for the fact that she is rather unique because of her personalities. But the best thing about the story is the penultimate and final mission in which the plan goes off, with some small hiccups along the way but it is some of the most beautiful looking missions that they have made since that the penultimate you get to fight on Ghaul’s command ship where it is about to absorb Mercury to take out the Sun and it shows a lot of the amazing design that they put into the Sun as well as the detail on the Almighty is rather spectacular.

However, the ending that they did for this is handled better than what happened before since that this had resolution. Being able to defeat Ghaul with all your abilities back that he had taken away from the beginning and then when you think that he is defeated the ending cinematic shows something that was bat-shit insane. That being Ghaul creating a weird astral form in which he tries to get recognition from The Traveller, since that throughout the game Ghaul’s main quest has been trying to get the Traveller acceptance for to be given the same powers as the Guardians. But unfortunately, that doesn’t go well for him as the Traveller, who is also bound in a chain-like cage, but it manages to break out of it and destroys the Astral Ghaul. But that wasn’t the end of it, just like with movies a post credit scene appears several Vex Pyramid ships, with one of them seeming like it was a Mother-Ship leading to mean that this would be the first DLC content that we will be having.

The rest of the game is rather alright. The new areas are designed rather well and each have their unique parts. Another thing that I do like are the Lost Locations in which are hordes of enemies that are hiding Loot.

But I did have some problems that I do have with the game and rather currently it has been down to it still being a relatively a new game and that has been a lot of the connection problems that has been plaguing. As a personal experience when I was playing the day after the first weekly reset I was plagued with five connection problems when I was playing Crucible with my friends. This caused me to even show up on the enemy team at times or even leaving the game, which was rather weird.

But one of my major problems that I have with this game are the Nightfall Strike, but not for the same reason why people have been having problems with. My problem comes with the Strike being set to a 10-minute time limit, in which I do find it to be rather pointless. It can be done but it does make it rather harder and more complicated for some players to do since that you would need to do multiple things on top of the actual Strike. I think that it would have been better if they had the time limit set to the Prestige mode for the challenge since that does give it more of a challenge. Hopefully there could be some changes coming to the Nightfall since that this does make it rather stupid.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the Leviathan Raid yet but hopefully in the next week, I may put something in to cover that.

Overall I did find this game to be quite the step up from where I did leave the first game and I do plan on playing through the entirety of this game. 8/10.


Top Ten Favourite Pokémon

With a franchise that is currently over twenty years old and a sequel to last year’s instalments due out in November I think it’s time that I did a top ten lists of my favourite Pokémon and for this list it is going to mainly come from my experiences from the games and not from other mediums.

10: Hydreigon: Playing through Pokémon Black, I came across a Deino and I caught it and then spent what seemed to be forever to try and get it evolved through Zweilous to finally get Hydreigon out and boy was it a useful to have. A combination of being a Dark type along with Dragon meant that it would be useful for the upcoming Elite Four since that two of the members had Ghost and Psychic types on which I was able to get the upper hand on. Another good thing that I like about Hydreigon is the design it has with its evolution chain getting an additional head, going down the line of it being a Hydra having an additional head. But since the introduction of Fairy type Pokémon I haven’t used it in quite a long time since Hydreigon is 4x weak against them.

9: Toxapex: I think that Toxapex is one of the most useful Poison type Pokémon that has been so far in the franchise. The ability to land critical hits when the opponent is poisoned. Plus, its move set is rather decent as well including its own protect move, Baneful Banker, in which also poisons the attacking Pokémon.

8: Krookodile: One of my favourite Pokémon from the Unova regions and beyond for the fact that it is rather useful being another dual type, this time being Ground/Dark giving it advantage over many different types, but also giving it quite a few weaknesses to boot. However, the move sets that it can learn is also useful with the ability to learn Dragon, Rock and Fighting moves, which can help with the weaknesses. Plus, I think that the final evolution looks awesome and menacing.

7: Turtonator: When I saw the designs first for this Pokémon, I thought that it just looked to be rather stupid and I wasn’t interested in getting one. But a few months ago, I was replaying through Pokémon Moon and I decided to trade over a Turtonator to see what it was like though levelling up. Then I realised how awesome of a Pokémon it is. It didn’t take me long to get used to its move list and I was really shocked with its stats since I started off with a Litten and was training them up together and I found Turtonator to be stronger even when Litten was Incineroar. Plus, the fact that it is a Pokémon that has a high special attack it makes moves like Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor even stronger.

6: Glalie: After the fifth or sixth time that I restarted playing Alpha Sapphire I decided to go and get a new Ice type Pokémon since that I usually went with Walrein since I did use it as a HM Pokémon. So, when I decided to get Snorunt I found out that it had a lot of rather decent moves, with one of them being Freeze-Dry, a move introduced in Gen VI, where it can be super effective against Water type Pokémon making it rather useful since that Hoenn has a lot of water, plus it makes it useful for the Elite 4 when fighting Drake since his Kingdra is one more trickiest on his team to beat since that Kingdra resists the Ice type weakness. Another useful thing about Glalie is that its Mega Evolution changes its ability to Refrigerate in which Normal type move deal Ice damage so this means that it has move of a S.T.A.B set when you give Glalie a Normal type move.

5: Talonflame: When I started playing Pokémon Y, I caught a Fletchling not fully knowing if it is going to be any good but once I got it through the levels and got Talonflame I found it to me useful with a good dual typing, this time being Fire/Flying, making it useful for dealing with Steel and Ice types. In my current Moon playthrough I have been using a Talonflame and it has been useful for me dealing with Mallow’s trail as well as dealing with Guzma’s pesky Bug types since that my team is rather lacking in moves to use against him.

4: Electivire: When I played through Diamond and Pearl I never had the chance to get a Electivire since at that point I didn’t have a second DS to trade with myself or any friends at the time playing it. But a few generations later I managed to get my hands on a Electivire and I really enjoyed using it. It has a quite a good move pool with being good for physical and special attacks but the main reason I like using it is because of its ability and even more so for Double Battles, that being Motor Drive, being able to increase the speed stat. I also think that when they added the new evolutions from previous generations this was the one that had the coolest looking designs, that and along with Magmortar.

3: Mudkip/ Marshtomp/ Swampert: One of my favourite evolution chains in the entirety of Pokémon has been Mudkip’s line since that for its generation it has a lot of advantages. The first is that you have an advantage over the Gym Leaders and depending on which version that you play you have an advantage over the rival faction. Swampert is also a useful Pokémon to have since that it does have a rather good move pool as well having a good physical stat can make it useful making moves like Waterfall and Earthquake powerful.

2: Absol: Super Luck + High Critical Moves + Scope Lens = a really broken Pokémon. When I was trying to come up with an idea for a duo for when me and my friend did the Battle Maison I decided to try and use something that could be rather useful and when I saw that it could learn Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Slash and Shadow Claw, this gives me quite an advantage over several types and each time always dealing critical damage. And for what I chose as a my first choice for the Battle Maison is…

1: Greninja: I used this as my second pick and the main reason was that I got it during a Wonder Trade and discovered that it had its hidden ability of Protean in which it can change its type depending on the type of move that it is going to use. This is really useful since that it does take out the weaknesses for Water and Dark types, but it a double-edged sword since that it does give it the weaknesses of that type which in the Battle Maison made it seem that I was playing a high risk on every round it was in. But when I started using it in the Battle Tree I found to be at a disadvantage but with a lot of changes I did find it to be back to its usefulness.

E3 2017 Games I’m Forward To Play

Last year I did a list of the games revealed at E3 and there were a lot of games that I liked the look of, but I only wanted to make it a top ten lists. So, this year I have decided to expand on my usual list lengths and just doing a list of the games that I am looking forward to playing or at least look interesting.

Call of Cthulhu: When I heard about this game last year, there wasn’t that much information about the game at that date. However, this year we got a trailer for the game and it does look rather interesting. It seems that this game is going to be a first-person exploration game, in the same way that Amnesia is where you’re going around looking for clues to try and solve whatever the story is. I think that this could be a game that I could pick up, but I would need to see something more solid before I put my money down.

Days Gone: Another game that we saw from last year’s E3 and that showed a very cool video of the protagonist that you play trying to run away from a hoard of zombies through a farm area and the immense nature of the zombies was something that intrigued me and some of my friends.  But when the latest footage that was shown, we saw a lot more of the game. The first being that we can ride certain vehicles in the game, with this showing a motorbike. Luring away zombies from a camp to set up an ambush to go and rescue a member of your group. But then we got something more amazing than anything that I have seen in a zombie film and that is we get to, at some point, facing a zombie bear and that is what I am looking forward to.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: One of the more stranger reveals of E3, for me, was this game since that I knew going in that this was going to be shown, but I didn’t know where it would have shown up. Up to this point I had only played Xenoverse 2 as the only fighting game that was Dragon Ball based on and I was really hoping for a new fighting game for consoles. Then this game was announced and I was really looking forward to it since that it was going to be a 2.5d game which is rather different to what we currently have. Hopefully that this game is going to be good to play since that the only time that I have played a demo for Extreme Butoden and I wasn’t that impressed with it since that it was 3v3 and not 1v1.

Far Cry 5: Another game that was revealed before E3 and this is something that has rather intrigued me. The main reason that this has got my interests me is that instead of this game taking place somewhere rather mysterious and exotic islands or areas, but Montana. The main story of the game seems to revolve around a cult leader and you are a sheriff’s deputy trying to protect the residence of Hope County from the cult. Another thing that I like from the information that we got from this reveal was that you also have the chance to get companions and they seem to be rather useful as well and the two that I like are Boomer, the dog, who can take out enemies as well as giving you guns from the fallen enemies. The second is Grace Armstrong who appears to take the distance approach as she her main is a Sniper Rifle. I think that if I do get this game I would be using Grace more than the other Hires that you can get since that I do find her being a sniper to be a lot more useful. Another thing that I like that was revealed from an interview from GameSpot and that is that there isn’t going to be any towers or possibly even a mini map which is rather weird compared to previous games where there were towers where you could find further points in the map.

Kingdom Hearts 3: I have been playing Kingdom Hearts for only a short period of time, but I have been looking forward to seeing what this game is like and I think that this could be a cool game. So far from what I have seen, the story seems interesting and that it involves Sora reuniting with Donald, Goofy, Riku and King Mickey who are trying to stop Master Xehanort’s plan and try and stop the second Keyblade War. There are two things that I am looking for from the game is the new worlds that they are going to add, since that currently we have two new worlds. The first is Tangled where we get Rapunzel and Big Hero 6 where we get Baymax. Plus, at this year’s D20 event there will be a new character and world revealed and I am hoping for one of two worlds, one being a Star Wars world where we could get Luke/Rey as a playable character or a Marvel world where I have no idea who would be playable. The second thing that I like is the Japanese dub since that it sounds a lot more better than what the English dub is so I’m hoping for an option where I can change it cause Japanese Hades sound awesome.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: All the LEGO games that I love playing are the ones that have original stories and when I heard that this game was coming out I knew that I was going to be getting it since that it would be a lot better than Marvel’s LEGO Avengers game that came out since that was a rather bad game. But with this game since that it has its own story makes it a better game by default for me. The story from what we know is it is going to be based in a world called Chronopolis where time displacements happen which cause heroes to be placed in different time lines and that they all must unite against Kang the Conqueror who plans on taking over Chronopolis. I like the look of the game as it takes a lot of elements from previous games and I hope that it can make them better. I am looking forward to seeing what the full story and what DLC content will follow since I really loved playing them since they are something fun to do.

Life is Strange- Before the Storm: I played Life is Strange and I liked playing it. However, when Square Enix revealed that this was going to be released, I was really hoping that this was going to be the sequel that Dontnod Entertainment have in development, but it turns out that it is in fact going to be a three-part prequel series that is going to be done by Deck Nine Games instead. This did sort of bother me since that there has been a bad track record for me when I have played a game series where a title was made by a different company, such as Arkham Origins being made by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady. But nonetheless I am slightly looking forward to it since that it tells the story on what happened to Chloe three years before the events of Life is Strange and we also get to see more of Rachel, who was a subject of the first game as she was presumed missing during most of the game. Since that this is going to be a rather short game and for the fact that it is going to be episodically released it would be an easy game to pick up.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: So, this is the only Switch game that I have on this list but this is the one that to me looks like it could be really fun to play. Mario on his way to Peach’s castle but hijinks ensures where he sees a vortex floating above him where Rabbids begin to fly out. It is now up to Mario and his friends with the help of four heroic Rabbids that dress up as different characters to stop the invasion. But the coolest thing about this game is that this looks like Ubisoft took a page out of the X-Com series where it is a turn based tactics game and this makes it more interesting than usual.

Monster Hunter World: I found this to be one of the weirdest reveals from Sony’s press conference and that was that Capcom where bringing out a new Monster Hunter game to consoles, which hasn’t happened in a few years since that has happened. I am looking forward to this for a lot of reasons, the first is that we are getting a few new pieces of equipment, the first being a grappling hook, the second a slingshot and a third, that I find to be really interesting, a ghillie-suit. The suit is something that interests me since that with it, it does mean that it would be handy to hunt creatures that spook easily but also something good to distract monsters as well when working with group. The second thing that I like about the game is that it is more open world than what the previous games are, but when I mean open world for this game, I mean that there are no load screens between areas in maps, which is something that was pretty tiring about previous games. The final thing that I like about this game is that since that this game is also playable online, there will be loads of people that will be playing from around the world, and this could build up an amazing community.

Spider-Man: I am a huge fan of the Spider-Man franchise and if there is one thing that I have been looking for the past year has been information about this game and this seems to be really interesting since that it does seem to feature a different villain to what we normally get and that is Mr. Negative. One of the other things that I like about this game is that it looks like that the combat system has improved a lot better since the Amazing Spider-Man games that came out in conjunction to the films, but this time round this doesn’t link with the movie which is something that I do like. But from what I have seen from the game that I dislike and it is more of personal issue and that is I really don’t like the costume that you get from what appears to be the start of the game since I think that the white is too much for the costume. However, I did find out that there will be alternate costumes that will be available throughout the game, so I will be changing out of that costume ASAP.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to Battlefront I was already determined to NOT get the game since I had rather bad experiences and found that EA/ DICE thought that it was better to focus on giving people who bought the season pass to get more perks. But when I saw that they were scrapping the season pass system as well as making the DLC content free for players. This has me more interested in the game so it means that I am not putting an extra £30-40 of additional content for a game that I’m not sure that I would enjoy playing. Another thing that I do like about this game is that we are going to be playing through three different eras where we even get to play as Battle Droids which I am really looking forward to. Another thing I like is that the first game mode that was shown at E3 makes it look rather good as it is a new game mode where the Separatists are invading Theed and it is their goal to break into the throne room to get the Queen to sign the treaty. I think from what we have seen of this it does look like that it is better than what Battlefront is. Hopefully, we would be getting more confirmations on heroes and villains over then next few months and I think that we could see something at D20 this year.

Wolfenstein- The New Colossus: I didn’t know what to think when I played The New Order since that I have never played Doom or the old Wolfenstein and didn’t know what to really expect. But I do have to say that I really enjoyed playing it since that it was a rather fun FPS, which I haven’t had fun playing in years. This game has me interested since that it pretty much continues off after the events of the first game where you have to protect your family and create new alliances to defeat the Nazi’s.

Honourable Mentions:

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: This is something that I am more cheating with since that it was only revealed before the start of E3 when Nintendo held a small Direct Conference where they revealed this at the end but more importantly Pokken on the Switch. I think that this looks rather interesting since that it seems that it could be going down the line of Black 2/ White 2 where the trailer looks like that we are in the same region, but it looks like that there are more things going on and I think that the story is going off the events of the first game as we know that Lillie is off trying to get her mother better after the events of the game. But other than that, I don’t know that much else about the game, but I guess that we may get another Direct in a few months where they may reveal more information about the game

South Park: The Fractured But Whole: I have already gone over why I am looking forward to this game with my list from last year. I do hope that the delays that have come with this game, that being pushed back from December to March then finally coming out in November, but I am still looking forward to it still.

Skull and Bones: One of my top games that I have played on PS3 was Assassins Creed Black Flag and this was due to the naval mechanics where you got to go around the Caribbean attacking and looting ships to make your ship, the Jackdaw, better. When Ubisoft revealed this game I along with a few of my friends got excited since that we enjoyed the naval stuff in the game. But since that we don’t have a lot of information on the game there is only so much information that we could take on hand at this time.

Pokémon Sun Review

Currently I have put nearly 80 or so hours into Pokemon Sun and I have to say that this has been one of the best games after seeming rather hesitant about it for the last few months.

Story: So with this story it is one of the most complex and intriguing story that they have ever done for a Pokemon game. The main story revolves around three different story elements. The first is the Island Challenge that replaces the Gym system, which I will get later on in the review. The second is with a character that you get introduced called Lillie and her Pokemon, Cosmog, to find out where it came from and trying to find its way home. The third revolves around Team Skull and the Aether Foundation which gets really weird and strange.sun-moon-2

With the island challenge you travel around the four islands of Alola and partake in different challenges that revolve around facing Trail Captains, Totem Pokemon and then the Island Kahuna which some can be rather challenging. I know I have a hard time fighting Lurantis in the Lush Jungle. In the end of the challenge you then unlock access to Mt Lanakila and then challenge the newly formed Elite Four and Champion.


The story line with Lillie and Cosmog does get rather interesting since that it also works its way into the story line with the Aether Foundation. But in the mean time Lillie and Cosmog head to the different ruins around the different islands since that apparently Cosmog is linked to the different ruins. Later in the game we then find out that Cosmog is also linked to the Ultra Beasts that has the interests of the Aether Foundation since they want to preserve the Ultra Beasts against Team Skull. But then it turns out there is more to Cosmog than what even Lillie knows and that is Cosmog is a legendary Pokemon that can evolve into, depending on the version, the cover legendary. Lillie then comes to the realisation that she can no longer look after Cosmog now and you get the chance to capture it to help you with the way to get into the Alternate World to fight the Ultra Beast.

The story line with Team Skull and the Aether Foundation is the weirdest one since that in the end, and a bit of spoilers, the leaders of both factions join together for some strange. With Skull they are around sort of the same thinking of Team Rocket with mainly wanting to steal Pokemon. But with the Aether Foundation they start off rather innocent wanting to help preserve and protect Pokemon from Team Skull but then when it comes to the Ultra Beasts they start to show more of a strange intentions to get them that involve Lillie and Cosmog where it at least seemed that Lusamine the president of Aether Foundation wanted to use all of Cosmog energy to access the Alternate World. When in the Alternate World we see that there are a lot Ultra Beasts and that Lusamine merges with one of them but then after your battle with her gets separated with the help of the cover monster. Team Skull in this game seem to be rather lacklustre but the fights are more interesting especially in the abandoned town that Team Skull takes over.

Island Challenge: The island challenge is one of the best features that they have added to the game and is a breath of fresh air from the Gym system that they had in all the previous games. The concept of the island challenge is rather simple and that is that you go around the island and do roughly three different types of challenge. The first is the Totem Pokemon; they are Pokemon that you fight in the game that have special abilities that can boost stats such as attack and speed. The second asun-moon-3re the Trail Captains; these are trainers that some can fight to progress further on or later in the game, I think since that I have faced one of the Trail Captains after I beat the game. The third are the Island Kahunas which are basically the strongest trainers on the island who, theoretically, should be some of the strongest trainers that you will fight on the islands. But beating the final Kahuna isn’t the end of the story by beating them you unlock a new area called Mt Lanakila where you can take on the Elite Four of the game and become the first Island Champion. The cool thing about the Elite Four is that the majority of the Elite Four is made up of the Island Kahuna’s and some characters added in. Plus an additional awesome thing is that when you beat the Elite Four the first time you can retake the challenge and then face off against different challengers like Hau and other characters that you encounter around the different islands. It is a rather big step up from refighting the Elite Four and Champion from the previous games since that it does mean that the last fight will always be different.

Pokémon: I originally thought when I saw the Pokemon designs for this generation were rather lacklustre and looked rather bland and rather uninterested. But once I started catching them and training them that they were rather good.sun-and-moon-4 A lot of the Pokemon have a lot of good new abilities and from previous generations they seem to be totally different. I have had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas of combinations for when I was doing the Elite Four since that there were some Pokemon that could only evolve in certain areas that are near the end of the game. But other than that I actually changed my mind about all of the new Pokemon and they are really good. I also really do like the Alola forms of the first generation Pokémon since that they all have a different abilities and type match up since that the region had different effects on Pokémon.

Problems: With this game there are a lot of problems I do have with this game. The first is to do with the fishing mechanic and that is that you can only fish in certain spots. Plus the fact that there are two different sorts of fishing spots, the regular fishing spots where you have a higher chance of mainly getting Magikarp and then you have bubbling spots where there is a higher chance of catching other Pokemon other than Magikarp. I do hope that this could get fixed with the encounter rates since that there is also a chance getting items as well. The second problem that I have with it is the SOS system, even though that it does give a chance of getting rare Pokemon, the main problem that when you take out one Pokemon the SOS Pokemon can call out to bring another one in and it is a rather 50/50 chance of getting a third Pokemon called in and so on. The third problem that I have with this game is more of a minor problem is that when you catch a new Pokemon, the registration data shows you the evolution of Pokemon by showing blank spaces next to them. I know that I really wanted to be surprised if a Pokemon had an evolution by getting it to a certain level or stone or area to see if it would evolve but for some reason they decided to show what could come for the Pokémon. The final problem that I have with the game is that there are too many Pokémon from other generations in the game and it does rather bug me that there are so many, I’m fine with the Alola forms since they have a reason why they are like this but having Pokémon such like Caterpie or Magikarp in the game seems to me that they just wanted to fill out the Pokedex more. It is disappointing that there has only been one game that had only one generation (pre Elite Four) where you can’t get Pokémon from other regions. Hopefully in future instalments they will have a game that will just have just one generation.

Overall Score 8.5/10

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

So I already a little bit late to the game here but I thought I decided to put in my two cents for this game.

Story: For this game the story follows off from the first game, which I didn’t play, where you can play as a Time Patroller (from five different races) and partake in restoring history points in the Dragon Ball Z and beginning bits of Super that have been altered by the villain Towa. But things are more different this time, Towa has brought in villains from a different canon in the Dragon Ball universe and that was bringing in the movie villains like Turles, Lord Slug, and Cooler etc. This does seem to repeat a lot of elements from the first game such as repeating some stages such as fighting the Great Apes on Earth and the Ginyu Force on Namek. But they did add some rather cool what if and new battles including Ginyu taking Trunks body and something that was missing from the first game and that was being able to fight Imperfect Cell and Androids 16,17 and 18 in the time line as well as fighting with Future Gohan. In and around the game the story follows through the disappearance of Trunk’s Time Patroller partner, who could be imported from the first game or a preset character from the game.xenoverse-2-3 It then turns out in the end that Towa had captured them and turned them evil with a controlled mask and when that plan fails she goes back in time and destroys the Dragon that granted the wish at the beginning of the first game. In the end of it Towa manages to steal Tokitoki’s egg and has Mira battle your character. However Mira goes rouge and merges himself and Towa with the egg into a altered form and you have to take him down with the help of everyone’s ‘favourite’ character Goku. In the end there are two post game missions that you can so that features Bardock and Future Gohan but it just seems more filler than anything else. Overall the story is rather decent play through but getting up to the fight with Frieza and Cooler requires pretty much a lot of grinding since that it can be quite annoying.

Characters: So with this game, like the previous instalment, you can bring along two AI’s with you on Parallel Quests. This ranges from having characters like Goku and the usual Z Fighters to the villains through the game. But there are also some characters that you can only unlock by doing specific quests as well as wishing for characters from the Dragon Balls which does seem that it could be rather long winded to get. But overall it does seem like a rather good range of characters and some of them do have rather interesting ways to unlock them such as a really cool PQ where you have to fight Yamcha who goes rouge and you unlock his super-villain form by just beating the game. But there is something that I wish that could be added for characters and hopefully something that could be done if they do make Xenoverse 3 and that is to have more villains from either Dragon Ball and GT or the films. But since that DB Super will likely still have a few years left we could see characters like Zamasu and Goku Black (with Super Saiyan Rose) in the future.

Quests and Expert Missions: Now here we come to a rather annoying and something that should also be rather fixed about the game. First the quests are pretty much copied and pasted over from the first game such as the missions for the story. This does seem like a bit of a letdown but it is rather disappointing that they did this. But this is mainly the 6&7 Star missions that are copied and pasted mission the rest of them seem rather repeated but there are new missions in it such as battling against the three main Androids and Imperfect Cell or fighting against the Z Warriors in the Cell Games, it is really fun. But here comes one of my problems and that is the Expert Missions.xenoverse-2-4 First this seems, from what I have played from it as well as watching streams from it was that there are many connection problems that it has and that is mainly due to what Bandai Namco’s severs. If they had serves dedicated to host online matches since that apparently it affects more of your broadband connection and from people that try to stream expert missions it does cause a lot of problems. Second is that if you try to do these missions offline then you are stuck with computer AI and that is pretty much worse since that they seem more sporadic and more of an annoyance.

Problems: Of course there are problems with this game. The copy and paste missions and problems with the Expert Missions online are rather annoying. Yet I do find more problems with this game, the first being something that should be available to do and that is being able to have the imported/pre-installed created character and being able to play as them or use them as support AI for PQ’s which does seem that it would be easy to do since that the move sets are in the game and the model is already there but there is no way that you can do it. It just seems rather weird that you can’t do it.xenoverse-2-2 Second problem is one of the story missions and that is the fight against Cooler and Frieza. This is one of the most annoying fights that is in the game, I had a easier time fighting against Mira at the end than I did with that fight. I basically had to grind to, I think, level 30 or 35 when I went back and done that mission. I don’t think that it should have taken me that long to get through that mission. The third is something that in the main world and that are the vehicles and the fact that you don’t get to fly in the main world until getting through the Frieza/Cooler mission. But I don’t see the reason at all why they did this in the first way since that when you start in the game you fly from whatever rift world you’re in and then being able to fly through the missions. It just seems rather a weird thing that they do and I hope that it is something that they fix when and if they do Xenoverse 3.

Overall Score 7/10

Pokémon Sun and Moon Expectations

So were nearing that time when the newest Pokémon game is coming out in November and I am really looking forward to playing it even though I do have a few worries about it as well.

Pokemon: So with this being a new region for Pokemon you know what that means we’re are going to have a tonne of new Pokemon to catch. To me there are a lot of rather interesting looking Pokemon and I look forward to try and catch them all (minus version exclusives since I am currently getting Sun), yet I do have one problem that I did have with Pokemon XY and that was the fact that there were more Pokemon from other generations. I think that this was to fill out the Pokedex since that there was about 60 or so new Pokemon added and if that is the same reason why I will take that into consideration

Alolan Form: So the newest thing for this game is the introduction of Alolan Form Pokemon with the theory around this was that Pokemon that lived he evolved in a different way compared to in other regions like Kanto and Johto. This means that we do get some really cool looking Pokemon with new types and with that new ways to beat them. So far my favourite Alolan forms that have been revealed have been for Sandshrew/Sandslash and Marowak they both do look really cool with the designs that they to go along with where they are from but then we do have some rather ridiculous looks forms such as Raichu and Exeggutor since they both do look rather silly and type coverage makes rather little sense especially with Exeggutor being Grass/Dragon type. Hopefully with the changes the Alolan forms have a lot better chance in-game then they do on paper.

New Format: So with this game there is something rather different to what previous games have done and that is it doesn’t appear to be an actual gym system in the game instead we have the Island Challenges that the player takes. Now I don’t have an actual clue on what the outcome of doing the Island Challenges does but it is something that I am looking forward to do since that it is nice to finally have a change. Another cool thing with this challenge it seem that in the challenge is that you get to fight actual Pokemon in battles which I think is really cool.

New Features: With this new game we also get a lot of new features as well including the ability to ride Pokemon in what appears to be a much larger area now when they introduced it in XY. With this it appears that you can use Pokemon to get through places in the game by using abilities that the Pokemon have such as with Sharpedo where it can smash through large boulders that are in the sea to reach new areas. Another new feature in the game is something that looks like they are bringing back in what they used in Black2 White2 and that was an area where you can interact with different trainers and buying items. Finally another interesting thing that they brought in was something for Pokemon to do when they are inside the storage system and that is the Poke Pelego where Pokemon are put into doing tasks such as finding new Pokemon that could join your team, gathering evolution stones (which is a really big help), training and gathering berries. This does seem like they are trying to make Pokemon into something more advanced and using previous elements from previous games since this weirdly does seem like the Dream World function in Black and White but since that was done more online on computer this seems to be a large step forward into making it a better version.

Ultra Beasts: There is something that I do rather think that looks rather stupid since that it seems something more out of a sci-fi flick. With the Ultra Beasts it looks like that in this game the Aether Foundation are in fact Bio-Pokemon and I think it just seems rather weird going off especially since that with the Island Challenges which seems to be more along the lines of a tribal journey. Hopefully this is something that is going to be explained more logically along the next month or to explain what they really are.

Is Fallout 4 A Good Game?

Fallout 4_20160718172424

My character at Sanctuary Hills

It has been over a year since Fallout 4 was announced at E3 and I got to say I was originally just going to pass the game off since that I preferred the fantasy side of the Elder Scroll series (barring ESO because see old post) but when it came out I decided to watch a walkthrough on it and I was sold on the game and I ended up playing about five or so hours on Christmas Day.



Fallout 4_20160718185233


As of today I have spent a total of seven in game days playing it and I’ve completed the main story and done nearly everything on the DLC content that came out. But I really did like playing the story. The main concept is that your character starts on the day that the nukes drop in the start of the Fallout universe. You then travel your way to the nearest vault with your wife/husband and son. You then get but in a stasis pod and are frozen to then be woke up for one cut scene where your partner is then killed and your son gets kidnapped by a mysterious person and then get put back on ice. You are then woken up and then revealed that all the other pods have broken down and the only survivor of Vault 111. Then the main story from that is you are on your way to find out what happened to your son and this leads you in to a lot of different places throughout Boston. The main story is rather well done with the fact that I was glad when I stopped watching the walkthrough and that was when you find out that your son is in the Institute, a organization that makes Synths and there was a even bigger shock when you find your child to find out that he is now in fact older than what the character is and the chairman of the Institute. For my play through I was working with the Brotherhood of Steel and I decided to blow up the Institute. But that brings me to my next topic.

The replay factor for this game is rather good for the fact that you can play the game going down at least three different paths. The first path, the one I went down, Brotherhood of Steel is the military that the future has. They are the ones that tend to have more use the Power Armour and they are out to wipe out the Synths. It does seem of a rather idealistic thinking’s and deciding that people who align themselves with Synths are the enemy. The next line that you could go down is the Institute. This is where you find out more about your son and all the different things that the Institute since that they go out and hunt rouges and also for the fact that they are trying to make the world a better place since it looks more technologically advanced, for instance they were able to make synthetic gorillas. I really wish that I went down this line more but that is why you have replay. The third line that you can go down is the Railroad. They are a company that like during the times of the Civil War helped slaves escape and this is just the same. To reach the Railroad’s HQ you can head to the building if you already know where it is or following a red line that is near the Swan’s Lake and following that will bring you to there. I did do some of the missions for the Railroad but in all honesty I did find it to be rather boring tedious missions to do but it does seem more a ethical quest line to go down since your there to help out people.

Fallout 4_20160718184141

For all the good things that the game does have you then do have some rather downfalls to the game and that come in form of the DLC content. The first DLC that they brought in the Automatron where they added in the ability to play a new quest line and brought in a referenced character from Fallout 3, I think. I did, like the Railroad missions, to be rather tedious. But the fact is that I was able to do these missions since there was a way to exploit the Robotics Perk to disable robots from a longer distance so that you don’t get hurt. But they then nurffed the perk and you had to be closer to use the ability. Lucky enough I was able to finish the story before that update happened. The cool thing about the DLC was that you got to create your own companion based on what you could create and that is something that I do wish to improve on since that I tend to use the in-world companions more that the robots.

Fallout 4_20160718184616

The second DLC that they added the ability to capture creatures, tame them or send the people in your settlements to fight to the death. It was rather of a good idea to have but then it ends up just being a rather tedious task to gather materials and then wait for the creatures to come. The third of the first wave DLC that they released was Far Harbour. It was announced as Bethesda’s largest DLC that they have ever made and I got to say that after a while I was rather bored with it. It is rather a interesting story since that there is detective work to do and finding out all the clues that surround the mystery of the island and I have managed to complete it, except for one thing and that is telling the Brotherhood about them which I may end up doing in the mean time.

Fallout 4_20160718185024

I did find that there were a lot of problems when the DLC content came out and the most recognisable one was the fog design that they used and it really butchered the graphics for the game. It did make it rather unbearable to play through at times since that it was rather off putting but they did fix it but it still could have done with some improvement. There are more DLC content that is coming out but the one that I am looking forward to will be out next month and that being Nuka-Cola Land since that it seems that it is going to be another place that you can travel to and explore such as what Far Harbour is like.

Fallout 4_20160718190041

The game play for it is okay. It is rather just similar to what they used for Fallout 3 and it just seems to be polished up for the next generation version. There are a few small problems that I do have with the game play are rather small. Sometimes there have been a lot of bugs when it came when trying to talk with some of the companions which with the recent update seems to be rather downhill. My companion is Cait and there were a lot of times where it took me four attempts to just get her into the dialogue options. Then there was another bug where again with a companion had it stuck so all I could do would be telling where or what my companion to do. It did get rather annoying after a time and I am unsure if that got fixed during the latest update. I also do like the fact that you also get to adjust the colour of your Pip-Boy since that the basic green colour that you get at the start of the game is rather bland and rather difficult to find stuff, especially at night.

Over all I have enjoyed playing Fallout 4 and the amount of time that I have put into it was worthwhile yet there are something that did bother me like the DLC content that did feel rather lacklustre at times but being able just to go out and explore a game is still enjoyable. 8/10.