Money In The Bank 2016 Predictions

MITB2016So we are half way through the year and coming up to the event that can change the course of a wrestler if they can win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Also sorry for not having one up for Extreme Rules I was busy with other projects at the time.

Pre Show: Baron Corbin v Dolph Ziggler: What did we do so wrong WWE that you keep pushing this rivalry down our throats? WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO GO ON. It has been rather pointless and just to get it out of the way I think that Corbin is going to win and hopefully we will never see these guys wrestle again.

Apollo Crews v Sheamus: Out of these two stories that are going on in the pre show this one does seem to be a lot better told and to make it quick I am going to say that Crews is going to get the win for this match.

Main Card: Tag Team Women’s Match: Charlotte and Dana Brooke v Natalya and Becky Lynch: So this could be rather interesting match since the aftermath of Raw where Brooke accidently screwed Charlotte by rolling her into the ring and instantly into Paige pinning Charlotte. Even though it seems that Natalya and Becky seem to have the advantage over Charlotte and Brooke but I think that they may have something in their back pocket. I think that there could be another member of the Horsewomen stable that they are building, but to give a name I would have no idea. For the win will go to Charlotte and Brooke with outside interference.

United States Championship Match: Rusev (C) with Lana v Titus O’Neil: From being suspended for 60 days who would ever thought that Titus O’Neil would be in a title picture because I sure didn’t. I think that this has been a well built up with O’Neil coming in after the rematch that Rusev had with Kalisto after Smackdown by making the save and putting himself in the title picture. Comparing this rivalry to the rivalry for the World Heavyweight Championship this one is better structured and written than the main event and I think that fans can agree with this. Even though that Rusev is a strong wrestler I do think that it is turn for O’Neil to have his first singles run as a champion.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day v Gallows & Anderson v The Vaudevillians v Enzo and Cass: Well this could be another interesting match. You have three teams going against The New Day this could be the chance that we could see a title change. But I don’t think that they will drop the titles for a while. Tag Team FFThe New Day are pretty over with the crowd and it could look like that WWE wants them to try and beat the reign of the former longest running Tag Champions, I think it was Paul London and Brian Kendrick, so they could have the titles at least until Summer Slam or after. But if they were thinking of dropping the belts to a team I think that they would go to either The Club or Enzo and Cass. With The Club with the belts then this could start a good run for them to become NWO-esq where they come in and take over all the belts in the company was Balor comes up. Enzo and Cass are also pretty over as well with the fans and would be good to see them win the belts since that even with the chances that they had in NXT they were never able to capture the titles. But for my sure guess on who I think is going to win I am saying The New Day.

John Cena v AJ Styles: So for a long time I have always wondered what it would have been like if AJ Styles was to face off against John Cena and finally my first dream match has came true. The promo’s that they have done for this match has been pretty awesome and Styles can pull off a really good heel persona, go see his promos from TNA when he was a heel and you can see why, and he did bring up a real problem that people know about John Cena and that is he buries people. I think that this match is going to be one of the most interesting since that there could be something that could cause the match to be a bit strange. Since that Styles was given two contracts by Cena to sign, one with The Club in Styles corner and just a single match between the two of them and Styles signed the singles match. A really good theory that some fans have had is that Finn Balor could make an appearance in helping Styles get the win but I am not sure if this can happen since that he is still on tour with NXT unless that this does happen. I still think that Styles will still win any way since that he is a more experienced wrestler than what Cena is and he has changed his style a lot more.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose v Sami Zayne v Cesaro v Kevin Owens v Chris Jericho v Alberto Del Rio: From what I remember I think that this could easily be the best MITB match that WWE has put together. We have three faces and heels in this match and everyone pretty much has history with each other. But to get something off the bat there are one person who I don’t think will be winning the match and that is Dean Ambrose and that is I think that he can be one of these wrestlers that can get as many chances at the title but can fall up short but is always a good mid-card wrestler.MITBladdermatch Yet there could seem to be a slight blunder with WWE by accidently leaking the poster for next month’s PPV with possibly spoiling it with Ambrose actually winning the match so. But there is one wrestler who I do think that can win it and that is Kevin Owens, he came up short in the ladder match at this year’s WrestleMania and I think that since he debut on the main roster last year I think that it is about time that he can have something go his way. So for my winner I am going with Kevin Owens or as a spoiler choice Ambrose.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) v Seth Rollins: When Rollins returned at the last PPV I was excited when he returned and beat Reigns down. But then during the build up for this match I was bored by it all. Especially the segment where Rollins was teasing if he was going to attack Reigns and it was more boring than the rivalry between Dolph and Corbin. I think that this match could be rather one sided and ends with either a Dusty finish or with the winner of the MITB match teasing a cash in and cost somebody the match. I am going to take a guess and say that Reigns is going to win but he is going to drop the title at Summer Slam.

My Top E3 2016 List

So with E3’s reveals and new features announced for this year I am looking forward to quite a few number of games and this is my list of games I am looking forward to.

Resident Evil 7: So just to let people know, I am not a big fan of the Resident Evil gamResident Evil VIIes and have not yet played one. On the other hand I have seen the films and that is all I pretty much know about the franchise. But with this it does seem more down my ally when it comes to games. I am a fan of horror and mystery when it comes to games and from the trailer that it does look really good and interesting. Other than this I don’t think that I can say much else since that.

batman-telltale-720x404Telltale’s Batman: So Telltale has had a lot of success when it has come to bringing out adaptations of comics over the past few years especially with The Wolf Amongst Us and The Walking Dead games and now they have made a Batman game. I was a big fan of the Batman games, mainly from the Arkham series, and I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with it. Since that I don’t have the chance to actually go to E3 to try the demo for the game I am really curious about what the story of the game is about but from a interview segment that Game Spot covered is that it appears that there is a lot to focus on Batman and Bruce Wayne so a lot of you actions do have a consequences. I will be looking forward to this but the only thing that I may not be looking forward to is the fact that it could be separated into five different parts which does bug me as a gamer when they release parts of a game instead of just a whole game. The only game that I don’t think that Telltale released in multi-episodes was Minecraft and Tales from the Borderlands so I’m hoping that they do the same with Batman.

Star Wars: So EA held a rather big reveal showing that they have quite a number of ideas that they could be doing with the future of Star Wars. I got to say though I am not looking forward to the next Battlefront game since they should be focus on fixing the first gameStar Wars before shipping out a second. I do hope that they make more games that are just you basic online shooter game, god knows we have too many of them going around. I do hope that they are going to be bringing out new games that could focus around the new film trilogy since there seems to be a lot of things that they could do with the film for instance creating a game that fills in the gap between Return and Awakens since there is a large gap there. I would also like to see a new Force Unleashed game as well since that was one of the games that actually got me back into the Star Wars universe. But there is one game that I do want to see at least make a jump to consol, that being I want to see a Knights of the Old Republic game. Think about having the chance to play as your own character and forging your own legend into becoming a Jedi. But since nothing like that could be possible a man can only dream.

SkyrimThe Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Remastered: Back in 2011 Bethesda released one of my most favourite PS3 game of all time and when I heard the rumours last week that this was going to be revealed at E3, I wasn’t that bothered about its release since that I still have the regular version and didn’t seem that I was even interested in it. But I then watched the trailer from the reveal and I think I changed my mind about it. It has been re-mastered with new textures and colours that make it stand out by a lot. In addition to this they are also going to be releasing it with mod support for console so I am looking for it more since I didn’t have the chance to use the mod’s, I am looking forward to use them. Since there are quite a few mod I really do want to use such as the mod that allows you to have element effects to weapons so I can have an actual flaming sword.

Fallout4Fallout 4: Last year at E3 Fallout 4 was announced and I pretty much my entire time on Christmas Day playing it and I have enjoyed playing it so much. I have enjoyed all the missions that you can do, the characters in the game and all of the DLC’s that have came out. So at this year’s E3 they revealed the next three DLC’s that are coming out with one that is coming out possibly next year that being Contraptions where you can build Mouse Trap in real life. Then you have a DLC that I have been looking forwards to since that I originally thought that I would have had to use for mod’s and that being been able to create your own vault. This is something that I have wanted to do since starting the game and had the chance to go through the different vaults in the game. So from what it looks like there could be the chance to adjust Vault 111 and customise it in your own way which is something that I am looking forward to do. Then the third of the new DLC being Nuka-Cola Land. This looks like that it could be rather interesting since that it seems to be a working amusement park and there are a lot of people going there so that means that there could be a lot of missions to do there. I am really glad that Bethesda have up the effort into making more content for this game and I hope that there is more to come later this year and I am looking forward to using mod’s when it comes to console.

SunMoonPokemon Sun & Moon: I am a huge Pokemon fan and it is pretty much the only game series that I have played through every generation from Game Boy to Advanced to 3DS and have enjoyed playing them all. Since that this game already got announced a few months ago I was just expecting them to show more of the game with possibly showing off the gym leaders or more Pokemon, in which they did end up revealing new Pokemon. But they did show off some new features of the game. One is the new battle interface that looks rather practical. Instead of having just a large red section in the middle to bring up the fight menu it is now located on the right had side whilst the item, Pokemon and run options appear to be on the left hand side which does make it seem a lot more practical. Another really useful feature that they have added is a stat tool. So now when you are in a battle you can now see how many stat changes have happened to your Pokemon or the Pokemon that you are battling. This does make it really useful since you used to count the times that a Pokemon may have used a move like Double Team to see if it would be wise to use a particular move. Another really cool feature that they have added is a new mode called Battle Royal where you and three other people can face off against each other in a Pokemon battle. This is something that I have always wanted to see in Pokemon, when I had more friends who played the game and is something that I wonder will have something to do in game or is just multiplayer. But there is one thing that I did find rather disappointing about the game and that is the appearance of Pokemon from other generations. In all honesty I am not a big fan of this and I would have preferred this if it had a new roster of Pokemon that were available for this game such as with Black and White when the only time that you would have seen new Pokemon was when you beat the game. It did bug me when I played Pokemon Y since there appeared more of other region Pokemon then the ones that were that generation. Other than that I already have it pre-ordered and I am still looking forward to play it.

DBX2Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Ever since last year I got back into watching Dragon Ball Z thanks to the guys at Team Four Star with their Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, but more with one of their gaming series, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I never got the chance to play the first game and I sort of do refuse to do since that there have been a lot of patches for the game and knowing my chances when it comes to trying to play it would be a waste of time to try and install the game. I am looking forward for this game since that it appears to feature a new story that looks to be more interesting since that in the trailer when they revealed that they could be ways to change the outcome from the past. So we could possibly see Vegeta kill Freeza or something along the lines of that. I am going to be also looking forward for this because they could then end up adding in some of the new story lines from Dragon Ball Super which I am really interested in since there are a lot of good story lines that they can do with it. Plus there is something that I am looking forward to something new that they are doing and that it being able to face movie villains, which I find rather weird since Broly was the only movie villain to appear in the first game. Nevertheless I am looking forward to play this game when it comes out 

SpiderManSpider-Man: When The Amazing Spider-Man game came out I played it, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game came out I played it and with this game got announced I was really excited for it. From the trailer that we got for it looks like that Insomniac knows what they are doing with this game. From what we got from the trailer I think that I can guess that the villain of the game is going to be Mr Negative since that the goons that Spidey takes down see to be of oriental design. There is more likely to see more of his rouges gallery in the game, possibly some small villains but maybe a few big villains, maybe Vulture. The only one problem that I do have with it is Spider-Man’s costume and that I think that the spider symbol should have been white. Most likely we will get new costume skins for the game and I am going to be switching to the next skin that is available.

Death StrandingDeath Stranding: As many people know PT was meant to be the next Silent Hill game, but then Kojima and Konami had a falling out since Metal Gear Solid V and it ended up being scrapped and Kojima went and started his new company and made a partnership with PlayStation. Then we get the trailer for Death Stranding which was such an amazing trailer and possibly one of the best over the past three days. In the trailer all we pretty much see it death, then it pans across to a naked man who turns out to be Norman Reedus, who was part of PT, who ends up finding a baby and then it just disappears when it comes and he stands up and notices five shapes in the sky and they disappear and the title gets revealed. Other than the trailer I don’t know that much else about the game and I am looking to hear more about the game in the next few months to see if it could be a possibility for me to get the game. 

TheFracturedButWholeSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole: At last year’s E3 at the very end of the Ubisoft conference they revealed the next South Park game and ever since then I have been waiting patiently for any news from it since then, but there was never anything. Then this year we got a lot of new news and game play. You play a mute character (I am not sure if it is the same character from Stick of Truth) and you can create your own superhero character which all have different powers and abilities so you can have different save files playing different characters. From the story that you see being developed in the trailer is that Cartman manages to piss off Kenny with his idea of creating a film universe of the South Park Superhero Universe and they manage splitting up into two different groups and we then see Butters forming his own army and that’s pretty much it. We then also get a look at the battle system for the game and it is totally different from SoT since that you can now move around the battlefield and in a way creates combos that could help take down people in fights plus being able to push people into objects as well is really useful and looks fun. Another cool battle feature is being able to use cover. The demonstration with Tweak and his power that he used was pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see what other powers that will be in the game. In addition to all this pretty amazing news that we got, they also going to be bringing in Towlie as a pre-order bonus, which most likely will also be a bonus if you just pick up a copy, as well as a copy of Stick of Truth as well. I am really looking forward to playing this game, but I am more looking forward to be watching a walkthrough since that if this game is anything like what SoT there is going to be a bit of censoring that they won’t allow in for the European release.

Gone Home: Great Story in a Short Game

With this month’s free PlayStation Plus games being revealed I originally thought that this was going to be a complete let down since there was only two games for the month’s releases. One being NBA 2K16 and the other being Gone Home, I already knew that I wasn’t going to be getting NBA and I thought that I might as well get Gone Home since that it is free. So I downloaded it and I got to say that this so far has been one of the best indie games that I have currently played on PlayStation 4.

Gone Home1

You start off playing the game as a person called Katie who is returning home after travelling around the world but something seems rather off. Currently a storm is in progress (and playing this game with headphones on is one of the best ways to play it), you arrive home and something doesn’t seem right when you arrive home. Nobody is around to greet you returning and when you enter the house, something just feels rather eerie about the place. It could be for the fact that you are exploring a empty house at around 1am and the storm going on as well.

Gone Home 3

The story of the game is really beautifully told. Exploring the house you are looking for clues that create journal entries that develop the story of the game. The story is that not of Katie but that of Sam, your younger sister. She starts the journal going in about how she is dealing with moving to a new place and then finding out what actually what happened in the house. It then goes on for her to find out that she has met a new person called Lonnie and that they end up becoming close friends. It then delves into a really good plot where it turns out that Sam and Lonnie had gotten really close and that Sam ended up coming out to her parents, since that this game is set in 1995 this does seem like a rather touch subject since that it really wasn’t the normality of it but from what they world is like today it is better handled then what television and films did at that time.


For me there was something that I thought was rather eerie about the game and that was that for me I originally thought it was going to be a game that may have had horror elements to it. For instance the fact that there was nobody in the house and there was no notes outside one from the parents saying that they were going on Gone Home2their anniversary trip that you don’t see for a while when you are exploring through the house. Another reason why I did find it creepy was that I was wearing headphones and that there seemed to be a lot of creaking and I am sure that I even heard footsteps when I wasn’t moving as well but that could just be the setting of the game. The third thing that I found rather creepy is that there does seem to be a lot of hints that there could have easily been something weird happening since there are a lot of nods in that where there are strange things including books on exorcisms and haunting to even finding out that there are a load of secret passage ways and secret compartments around the house, that Sam ends up finding out, to then finding out there is a Ouija board as well. Instantly I really thought that something bad had happened. The ending to this game does give it a lot of great high hopes and that is that love can change anything, even if it is something that you ever wanted to do as a child.

I do really recommend people to play this game since that nowadays there are too many games where there are games that cost too much that have a poor story, this one (will probably have a good price) and a really well told story and would recommend this game to any of my friends and that currently has PlayStation Plus to go and get it while its free.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront A Disapointing Game?

The short answer to this is that yes this is a rather disappointing game at times.


The longer answer is that it has a lot of problems with it such as the fact that there was so much of a disappointment when it came out. There was no story mode for it when the game came out which annoyed a lot of people including my friends who were all big fans of the original game.

Another thing that really made me disappointed about the game was that it was all online play which made me hate one thing in particular. Getting into games can be a pain the ass to do. For me I have spent a long time ending up in games that I have ended up playing just with my friends all on one team, rather easy way to earn experience but not really fun, or when I decided to play solo I tend to end up in a match where I am the only one playing a game. Even though that there is an offline element to the game I do find it rather boring and more suitable as a tutorial for the different modes that the game has. I would have preferred if there was an offline mode where you can play the same games that are in the multiplayer such as Walker Assault or Supremacy since when there are times that players may have connection problems or server problems, which can be a big problem with EA, to have the ability to play matches with AI that can be adapted to certain difficulties to adapt to how players would like to play.

SWBHAnother thing that makes me rather disappointed is the rather lack of playable heroes that they have added to the game. Even though that this game does take place during the original movies arc. They could have added other characters to the game, even though they seem to be adding characters them through overpriced DLC content that they should have us really pay for. First you have Luke, Leia and Han Solo with Nien Nunb for the rebels and Vader, Palpatine and Boba Fett with Greedo up to the point that this has been wrote with two more characters to be added in June that I think seems disappointing when you look at it. In Battlefront 2 you had a lot more characters to have such as Obi Wan, Jango Fett, Mace Windu and even the main heroes you get to play as in this one. Also another thing that has disappointed me when it comes to characters is for one mode in particular and that is Fighter Squadron. You only have two heroes to pick as and that is the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. It does make me rather disappointed since they could then have had a chance, at least by now to bring in more hero vehicles to the games.MilFal For instance they could have added in Darth Vader’s TIE fighter into the mix for the villains and Luke’s X-Wing. Overall I do wish that there were more playable heroes that could be put in the future DLC content.

The next thing that I do find more annoying about the game now is the over powered that some of the traits can be in the game. But most noticeably with the introduction of the Outer Rim DLC and Hutt Contracts and that is the Berserker trait. Its main problems is that more and more people seem to be using that trait since that it gets helps you deal more and more damage for every level that gets increased which is a rather annoying thing since that they can pretty much do a one hit kill with the most garbage weapon in the game. It does rather piss off a lot of people especially when there are people that can’t really defend that much against it and my personal opinion I think that it needs to be nerfed.

The final thing that does make me think that this is a disappointing game is the DLC content that they are bringing it out and the fact that it is a ridiculous price that you have to pay for it. As it stands to date, the season pass for it, which gives you two weeks early play of the maps, is £39.99. In what world is that even a good price for a season pass? Yes with the addition that you do get the two weeks on people who don’t have the season pass, it does then make it more difficult to then actually play with friends who just want to buy the content separate since there are people who can’t afford to pay £50+ for a game than an additional £40 on top for a season pass. It is rather stupid that they would charge that much and give us rather sub-par experience.

Overall is Star Wars: Battlefront a disappointing game, for me it is. There are too many times in the game where I think that there could have been a lot of chances of improvement and there way too many bugs that they should have already been fixed by now. The content is way too expensive for the disappointment that is surely to follow. Plus the lack of a story mode and its main online exclusivity does make it seem more and more of a turn off for me as a fan of Star Wars. In all fairness I would have preferred it there was a Star Wars game for consoles that was like Knights of the Republic series where it’s more of a MMORPG then just an online shooter. But a guy can dream can’t he…