Destiny 2 Review

When Bungie announced this game a lot of my friends and I had rather mixed feelings about this game since that we did have a lot of problems when it came to the first game and we were worried that there was going to be problems that carry over. But lucky enough it seemed that some of those worries were gone.

The story is one of the better things about this game since that in the first game, there was barely a story since that it seemed to be up in the air and developed in some pieces of lore, but with this it starts out strong and it keeps on going. Dominus Ghaul is an interesting villain since that his story is well developed over the course of the cutscenes that we see since that he has his own agenda. Knowing of the existence of the Traveller and the powers that it can give to the Guardians and he wants that power for himself. Then we have the aftermath from the opening when your Guardian is ‘killed’ by Ghaul and is trying to get through the assault in the City, there is so much dread and the possibility that all is lost. But once you meet Hawthorn that is when there seems to be the start of hope in the game.

The rest of the story is rather interesting since that the first few parts is mainly getting the Vanguards back together to come up with a plan to take down Ghaul but there are all the usual Destiny fetch/destroy/defend missions along the way. For the rest of the story there were other things that I did like and the most enjoyment that I did have was with Cayde-6 and Failsafe on Nessus since that a) finding out what Cayde-6 got into the trouble he did with a Vex Teleporter and b) being introduced to Failsafe, the Exodus Black’s Computer for the fact that she is rather unique because of her personalities. But the best thing about the story is the penultimate and final mission in which the plan goes off, with some small hiccups along the way but it is some of the most beautiful looking missions that they have made since that the penultimate you get to fight on Ghaul’s command ship where it is about to absorb Mercury to take out the Sun and it shows a lot of the amazing design that they put into the Sun as well as the detail on the Almighty is rather spectacular.

However, the ending that they did for this is handled better than what happened before since that this had resolution. Being able to defeat Ghaul with all your abilities back that he had taken away from the beginning and then when you think that he is defeated the ending cinematic shows something that was bat-shit insane. That being Ghaul creating a weird astral form in which he tries to get recognition from The Traveller, since that throughout the game Ghaul’s main quest has been trying to get the Traveller acceptance for to be given the same powers as the Guardians. But unfortunately, that doesn’t go well for him as the Traveller, who is also bound in a chain-like cage, but it manages to break out of it and destroys the Astral Ghaul. But that wasn’t the end of it, just like with movies a post credit scene appears several Vex Pyramid ships, with one of them seeming like it was a Mother-Ship leading to mean that this would be the first DLC content that we will be having.

The rest of the game is rather alright. The new areas are designed rather well and each have their unique parts. Another thing that I do like are the Lost Locations in which are hordes of enemies that are hiding Loot.

But I did have some problems that I do have with the game and rather currently it has been down to it still being a relatively a new game and that has been a lot of the connection problems that has been plaguing. As a personal experience when I was playing the day after the first weekly reset I was plagued with five connection problems when I was playing Crucible with my friends. This caused me to even show up on the enemy team at times or even leaving the game, which was rather weird.

But one of my major problems that I have with this game are the Nightfall Strike, but not for the same reason why people have been having problems with. My problem comes with the Strike being set to a 10-minute time limit, in which I do find it to be rather pointless. It can be done but it does make it rather harder and more complicated for some players to do since that you would need to do multiple things on top of the actual Strike. I think that it would have been better if they had the time limit set to the Prestige mode for the challenge since that does give it more of a challenge. Hopefully there could be some changes coming to the Nightfall since that this does make it rather stupid.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the Leviathan Raid yet but hopefully in the next week, I may put something in to cover that.

Overall I did find this game to be quite the step up from where I did leave the first game and I do plan on playing through the entirety of this game. 8/10.


Is Fallout 4 A Good Game?

Fallout 4_20160718172424

My character at Sanctuary Hills

It has been over a year since Fallout 4 was announced at E3 and I got to say I was originally just going to pass the game off since that I preferred the fantasy side of the Elder Scroll series (barring ESO because see old post) but when it came out I decided to watch a walkthrough on it and I was sold on the game and I ended up playing about five or so hours on Christmas Day.



Fallout 4_20160718185233


As of today I have spent a total of seven in game days playing it and I’ve completed the main story and done nearly everything on the DLC content that came out. But I really did like playing the story. The main concept is that your character starts on the day that the nukes drop in the start of the Fallout universe. You then travel your way to the nearest vault with your wife/husband and son. You then get but in a stasis pod and are frozen to then be woke up for one cut scene where your partner is then killed and your son gets kidnapped by a mysterious person and then get put back on ice. You are then woken up and then revealed that all the other pods have broken down and the only survivor of Vault 111. Then the main story from that is you are on your way to find out what happened to your son and this leads you in to a lot of different places throughout Boston. The main story is rather well done with the fact that I was glad when I stopped watching the walkthrough and that was when you find out that your son is in the Institute, a organization that makes Synths and there was a even bigger shock when you find your child to find out that he is now in fact older than what the character is and the chairman of the Institute. For my play through I was working with the Brotherhood of Steel and I decided to blow up the Institute. But that brings me to my next topic.

The replay factor for this game is rather good for the fact that you can play the game going down at least three different paths. The first path, the one I went down, Brotherhood of Steel is the military that the future has. They are the ones that tend to have more use the Power Armour and they are out to wipe out the Synths. It does seem of a rather idealistic thinking’s and deciding that people who align themselves with Synths are the enemy. The next line that you could go down is the Institute. This is where you find out more about your son and all the different things that the Institute since that they go out and hunt rouges and also for the fact that they are trying to make the world a better place since it looks more technologically advanced, for instance they were able to make synthetic gorillas. I really wish that I went down this line more but that is why you have replay. The third line that you can go down is the Railroad. They are a company that like during the times of the Civil War helped slaves escape and this is just the same. To reach the Railroad’s HQ you can head to the building if you already know where it is or following a red line that is near the Swan’s Lake and following that will bring you to there. I did do some of the missions for the Railroad but in all honesty I did find it to be rather boring tedious missions to do but it does seem more a ethical quest line to go down since your there to help out people.

Fallout 4_20160718184141

For all the good things that the game does have you then do have some rather downfalls to the game and that come in form of the DLC content. The first DLC that they brought in the Automatron where they added in the ability to play a new quest line and brought in a referenced character from Fallout 3, I think. I did, like the Railroad missions, to be rather tedious. But the fact is that I was able to do these missions since there was a way to exploit the Robotics Perk to disable robots from a longer distance so that you don’t get hurt. But they then nurffed the perk and you had to be closer to use the ability. Lucky enough I was able to finish the story before that update happened. The cool thing about the DLC was that you got to create your own companion based on what you could create and that is something that I do wish to improve on since that I tend to use the in-world companions more that the robots.

Fallout 4_20160718184616

The second DLC that they added the ability to capture creatures, tame them or send the people in your settlements to fight to the death. It was rather of a good idea to have but then it ends up just being a rather tedious task to gather materials and then wait for the creatures to come. The third of the first wave DLC that they released was Far Harbour. It was announced as Bethesda’s largest DLC that they have ever made and I got to say that after a while I was rather bored with it. It is rather a interesting story since that there is detective work to do and finding out all the clues that surround the mystery of the island and I have managed to complete it, except for one thing and that is telling the Brotherhood about them which I may end up doing in the mean time.

Fallout 4_20160718185024

I did find that there were a lot of problems when the DLC content came out and the most recognisable one was the fog design that they used and it really butchered the graphics for the game. It did make it rather unbearable to play through at times since that it was rather off putting but they did fix it but it still could have done with some improvement. There are more DLC content that is coming out but the one that I am looking forward to will be out next month and that being Nuka-Cola Land since that it seems that it is going to be another place that you can travel to and explore such as what Far Harbour is like.

Fallout 4_20160718190041

The game play for it is okay. It is rather just similar to what they used for Fallout 3 and it just seems to be polished up for the next generation version. There are a few small problems that I do have with the game play are rather small. Sometimes there have been a lot of bugs when it came when trying to talk with some of the companions which with the recent update seems to be rather downhill. My companion is Cait and there were a lot of times where it took me four attempts to just get her into the dialogue options. Then there was another bug where again with a companion had it stuck so all I could do would be telling where or what my companion to do. It did get rather annoying after a time and I am unsure if that got fixed during the latest update. I also do like the fact that you also get to adjust the colour of your Pip-Boy since that the basic green colour that you get at the start of the game is rather bland and rather difficult to find stuff, especially at night.

Over all I have enjoyed playing Fallout 4 and the amount of time that I have put into it was worthwhile yet there are something that did bother me like the DLC content that did feel rather lacklustre at times but being able just to go out and explore a game is still enjoyable. 8/10.

Gone Home: Great Story in a Short Game

With this month’s free PlayStation Plus games being revealed I originally thought that this was going to be a complete let down since there was only two games for the month’s releases. One being NBA 2K16 and the other being Gone Home, I already knew that I wasn’t going to be getting NBA and I thought that I might as well get Gone Home since that it is free. So I downloaded it and I got to say that this so far has been one of the best indie games that I have currently played on PlayStation 4.

Gone Home1

You start off playing the game as a person called Katie who is returning home after travelling around the world but something seems rather off. Currently a storm is in progress (and playing this game with headphones on is one of the best ways to play it), you arrive home and something doesn’t seem right when you arrive home. Nobody is around to greet you returning and when you enter the house, something just feels rather eerie about the place. It could be for the fact that you are exploring a empty house at around 1am and the storm going on as well.

Gone Home 3

The story of the game is really beautifully told. Exploring the house you are looking for clues that create journal entries that develop the story of the game. The story is that not of Katie but that of Sam, your younger sister. She starts the journal going in about how she is dealing with moving to a new place and then finding out what actually what happened in the house. It then goes on for her to find out that she has met a new person called Lonnie and that they end up becoming close friends. It then delves into a really good plot where it turns out that Sam and Lonnie had gotten really close and that Sam ended up coming out to her parents, since that this game is set in 1995 this does seem like a rather touch subject since that it really wasn’t the normality of it but from what they world is like today it is better handled then what television and films did at that time.


For me there was something that I thought was rather eerie about the game and that was that for me I originally thought it was going to be a game that may have had horror elements to it. For instance the fact that there was nobody in the house and there was no notes outside one from the parents saying that they were going on Gone Home2their anniversary trip that you don’t see for a while when you are exploring through the house. Another reason why I did find it creepy was that I was wearing headphones and that there seemed to be a lot of creaking and I am sure that I even heard footsteps when I wasn’t moving as well but that could just be the setting of the game. The third thing that I found rather creepy is that there does seem to be a lot of hints that there could have easily been something weird happening since there are a lot of nods in that where there are strange things including books on exorcisms and haunting to even finding out that there are a load of secret passage ways and secret compartments around the house, that Sam ends up finding out, to then finding out there is a Ouija board as well. Instantly I really thought that something bad had happened. The ending to this game does give it a lot of great high hopes and that is that love can change anything, even if it is something that you ever wanted to do as a child.

I do really recommend people to play this game since that nowadays there are too many games where there are games that cost too much that have a poor story, this one (will probably have a good price) and a really well told story and would recommend this game to any of my friends and that currently has PlayStation Plus to go and get it while its free.

Working Progress: Elder Scrolls Online: Is it Any Good?

So for the past 2 weeks or so I have been playing the highly anticipated console version of Elder Scrolls Online and finally got to level 15 over the weekend and I got to say I do feel rather disappointed with the game in rather many different ways.

For instance nearly 60% of any rewards that you get in the game during the early missions are pretty much unusable for the fact that you need to be at least 5-7 to use them or with some of the really good items you have to be 15 or higher which makes them rather useless to have them around with you.

Another thing that I find rather annoying about the game is that there are some dungeons that are a real nightmare, especially during one of the Fighters Guild Missions where I had to go against a Level 15 Dwarven Sphere and I was only about Level 5 or 6 at the time, barely any hits were getting through and I was nearly about to rage quit. But I was able to then manage to get through the dungeon and was able to beat the boss at the end with relative ease. Its stuff like this that gets me rather confused. I was able to defeat a boss but not a minor enemy that just doesn’t make much sense.

Third thing that really does me dislike the game is the amount of people that can screw up one mission for you. For instance there is one mission where you have to get into Fort Virak and the only way you can do it is by going through the ruins and past the ghosts, the problem with this is that if one person screws it up then there is a major possibility that the ghosts will then target you so then and again with the stuff in the Dwarven Ruin I actually did rage quit because of the amount of people that were in the mission which got me thinking, how come that mission isn’t in a solo dungeon, it would have made it a lot better since you don’t have other people being assholes and ruining your experience.

Finally one of the things that I do find annoying is something that I brought up in my Expectations blog and that horses are expensive. Really the cheapest horse that you can buy in game is 17,000 gold coins and the better horses would cost up to 42,000 gold which is really ridiculous. The only other way to get a mount in this game that I know of is through the Crown Store were you can get more horses or other creatures such as Lions and the only way that you can get Crowns if you get the Crown Addition or spend more money through micro-transactions via the different console stores. It is rather stupid with the prices of the horses in the game and I hope that there is a way to get a mount without paying the ridiculous fees in game or by micro transactions.

But with the bad there is also some things that are rather good about the game. The design for the game so far has been on a way better scale than their previous games. To me the designs for the game seems to be on a total upscale and sometimes it looks like they had added a rather good ENB to the game which make quite a few of the exterior locations seems to be really well do and a lot of attention put into detail with the game. Also the character designs seem to have been upgraded a lot as well because since most low level characters don’t either know how to make helmets or can buy helmets you can see the amount of detail that has been put into the characters from the shape of their face to the bushiness of beards to the style of the scar everything seems to look a lot better.

So far I haven’t had the chance to check out what the Cyrodiil campaign where it is PvP mainly because I want to try and do more story missions and try to get more weapons and armour that I could find useful for the.

Overall I do have a lot of mixed feeling for this game, but with there being a new, I want to say updated expansion, being aired at E3 I hope that there is going to be a update for the game because it needs it there seems to be still quite a few bug to the game. But if I was to recommend the game to a friend, absolutely I would recommend the game, it does have its own problems but what games nowadays doesn’t. So far I give it a 7.5/10.

Update: Since the latest update has came out I have got to say that I am rather disappointed with either Bethesda for rolling out a 15gb update for the game since it doesn’t favour people who have a slow download speeds since that it has taken me over a day or so to try and download the update. It makes me so annoyed that updates like this take so long do make me fell like that it ruins a game, especially a online game like this. I don’t fully know if this is Bethesda’s problem, Sony’s problem since they have revealed that people have been having trouble for people to download updates such as on Arkham Knight or my service provider since some of my neighbours have been complaining that they haven’t been able to access their broadband properly. So I am now going to be changing my 7.5 result to a 7 because of this.

Does Destiny Still Hold Up?

For the past two months or so I had finally got around playing Destiny, on PS4, and I got to say that I rather did enjoy the story to the game. Though it does seem like a rather difficult story to follow but the general premise of the game makes it seem like a decent Sci-Fi film that seems to have a reused story. You have a large planet like being, called the Traveller, that is trying to ‘destroy’ the ever growing Darkness that has been growing for eternity, but once the Traveller reached Earth it started to slowly die and with his last powers created to Ghost’s, basically your AI for the game, voiced by Peter Dinklage, you are revived on Earth and are there to find a ship to get back to the Traveller to then meet with other people and start building up your armour and weapons from then on out.

But there is some rather problems that come with this game. Half the time that you are in the social area there are countless times where an error message comes up and it automatically forces you to return to Orbit when you’re trying to either put items into your vault or trying to decrypt an engram, it gets rather annoying rather fast. Some more problems is that there does seem to be quite a few bugs that happen in the game from enemies being stuck in mid air even though they are dead and most recently in House of Wolves when at a few points in time there were times when Wolf packs dropped in and they where they just drop in and be frozen, not moving or loosing health. Also another problem that I happened with the game was when they did a patch a few months ago where they took out all the Blades of Crota that could be summoned in on Patrol missions on Earth and the Moon making some of The Dark Below bounties hard to complete when there is only one mission that has a Blade of Crota.  It seemed rather unfair and unnecessary for them to take out.

Another thing that I found rather bad about the game is that if you do a Wolf Pack in Destiny and are killed and in regeneration you don’t even get the Ether Key to get the chest even though you were there for the fight itself. It’s beyond stupid and rather unfair just because you get killed you don’t get the key when you’ve fought through the waves just to get nothing except for glimmer for killing the leader. I hope that there is a patch that does fix this because I do think that it is unfair that you don’t get the key, it does seem unfair and should be fixed.

However there is one thing clear about Destiny is that Bungie are trying to make this game as big as a series game like Call of Duty since they announced a ‘Ten Year Plan’ for the game where they will be adding new expansion packs like The Dark Below and House of Wolves, and apparently earlier this year there was a leaked image that appeared online that there could be another Destiny game on the way this year that could possibly be either a standalone game for the series or more likely a Year One edition that will contain both TDB and HoW on them making it seem like a more easier and possible cheaper alternative for gamers who did find the price for the season pass to be atrocious.

One point for me that I rather did like about the game was the voice acting by people in the game. As I said before you have Peter Dinklage voicing your Ghost which I got to say I really liked. I thought his parts were well written, though when you do the Patrol Missions it does get repetitive at times. I really wish that he was also added more to the DLC missions so that you don’t just have the protagonists for the stories doing the voice over because it seemed rather boring just hearing one or two voices at a time. There is also a number of recognisable including Bill Nighy the Speaker, Lauren Cohan EXO Stranger, Gina Torres Ikora Rey the Warlock Vanguard, Lance Reddick Commander Zavala Warlock Vanguard, Nathan Fillion Cayde-6 Hunter Vanguard, John DiMaggio Banshee-44 and so many others. It does seem like there trying to make a rather good film alone with these actors and actresses.

But in all I think if Destiny holds up is all up to how you play the game and who you play it with. I had the rather good time since I was able to play with a friend, who was able to guide me through the game and I was able to do rather well that I’m now up to a good level where most people have been since The Dark Below came out. But there have been times when we’ve had to do strikes and we’ve been joined with a person that just doesn’t do anything what so ever at all and then heads back to orbit, or a person who gets up to the end boss and keeps getting killed and decides to rage quit, so I think that it is important to always have a three person team when you play so at least you know somebody has your back. Also once you get past level 20, it does seem to get harder when you do have to try and level up your light because for a while, especially if you’re doing it solo then it would seem like an eternity to reach a high level. Never the less it all depends on how you play if it still holds up. I honestly think that it doesn’t hold up much. Yes, it does have rather good graphics and yes the people that are in the game are rather good, but everything that you have to do is wash, rinse, repeat. You go into a mission, clear out the enemy, use your Ghost to decrypt something and then kill more enemies, go through a long area that is the equivalent of a load screen and then face the boss of the area. It just gets too repetitive and rather boring most of the time. I honestly give the game a 7/10, there was way too much hype for the game and it seems like it would be a good game just to waste away some time and nothing that much serious about the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight Expectations

So at E3 last year the latest and possible final instalment to the Batman Arkham series was announced and at first I was rather pissed that they were only bringing it out for PS4 and X-Box One but I then got a PS4 and felt happier about it. But there have been a few things that do have me questionable about the new game.

Could There Be Co-Op: With one of the latest trailer for Arkham Knight it was revealed that for the first time you can switch between characters like Nightwing and Robin to create special tag team finishers to take out the enemies. My first thought to this is, could there be a room for a Co-Op sections of the games so that you can have a friend to play as the partner instead of switching between them. It’s just a small thought to it because that way at least if there is a difficult part where you’re playing as two characters a second person might be able to help out better than the computers AI.

Are There Too Many Villains: So with the many trailers for Arkham Knight we have seen a rather good amount of Batman rouges. We have Penguin, Two Face, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and of course Scarecrow and Arkham Knight as the main villains of the game. There could be a chance that we see more villains in the game because of the side missions that were in the previous instalments where you had characters like Mad Hatter and Deadshot. But a few characters that I would probably like to see in the game would be the Suicide Squad because when you look at the game and its story, it seems like a suicide mission. But there is one villain that I think we could possibly get back and in a 2% chance is The Joker. Though I may not think that he could be in the game there could be a 5% that he may appear, but I think that he could appear in a DLC mission say the Batgirl mission since nothing seems clear other than it seems like a possible prequel to even Arkham Asylum since Batgirl is Oracle under the mantle of Oracle since then. But hopefully it will be rather good with the villains this time round.

The Batmobile: For me when I heard that the Batmobile was going to be useable in the game I thought ‘Great something that I’m going to suck at’ but I then saw the game play of it being used and it looked okay the fact that it had two mode it seemed that I could get the controls rather easy for it.

Does Scarecrow Have Titan Fear Toxin?: As people may know, during the end credits to Arkham Asylum where there was a crate of Titan that was washed away that was then grabbed by a large had with needles, that being Scarecrow. So since there was a secret room in Arkham City of Scarecrow’s lab, could he have been working on something down there, like a Titan fear toxin, because that’s what I’ve been thinking since I completed Asylum a few months ago. So that’s why I think he wasn’t in Arkham City because he was too busy creating the new fear toxin.

Gotham City: With this new game and for the fact that you get to drive around in the Batmobile, you get to explore what seems to be a large chunk of Gotham City, I would like to see more intractable area and buildings that have something there other than to do with the main story. For instance in Arkham City there was some places that you could replay the area and get more stories about other things, plus up to a certain point you could also face off against some enemies that spawn in. But there were some points like in Arkham Origins where you had places like the GCPD and the Final Offer where it seems that it could have had people that you could have face off against but instead you only get the enemies fighting on the street. Hopefully there will be new areas that may have a constant respawn area.

What Comes After: When I found out that there was going to be a season pass for the game, I thought that yeah this could be good. But I then saw the price for the season pass and I thought ‘My god this is going to cost as nearly much as the game’. I do think that with games like this it does seem like rather a rip off to gamers when they put this much of a price tag for a season pass. For what it would be worth it would be better for gamers who want the full game experience would to be wait next year and get the Game of the Year edition where you get all the DLC content onto one disc. But hopefully with the price of the season pass the content should hopefully be good with as I stated before that the first content was a Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) story and there for had a most people’s interests. So hopefully any other story DLC missions that are going to be available will be good.

Possible Ratings: Since I last did a expectations for Batman: Arkham Origins I gave it a 8/10 and many of my friends think that I’m foolish for liking this game but nevertheless I stick by it and I am going to give the same rating for it, mainly because of the season pass. If it was less expensive then I would give it a 9/10.