JSA v JLA: Who Can Do It Better?

For the past number of months there has been a lot of information regarding the next upcoming DC film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and there building structure for the Justice League. However there has also be a rumour going around for season 3 of Arrow that there could be a formation of a possible Justice Society with the introduction of new character to the show as well as the new show Flash which also will show hero characters that could be a part of the rumoured JSA.

There is one major problem that I, and quite possibly many other fans, have a problem with the rushed formation that they are going to have in Dawn of Justice. The only characters that people know in the film would be Superman, being reprised by Henry Cavell, but there are characters that have had former films in the past 10 years of DC Universe with the Dark Knight films however instead of trying to get Christian Bale back as Batman, but instead of that they went and recast Batman with former Daredevil actor Ben Affleck. Another few confirmed characters on the film are Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. On the other hand that Fisher and Momoa are minor characters for the film I think that this seems too rushed as a formation film. For the main reason that a film usually goes on for 90-140 minutes at usual and for them to try and build and identify characters will be rather difficult to do. Going with the way that Marvel did their films they did solo films as first to build character and then the formation film in Avengers, so with DC doing this their putting all their eggs in a basket and hoping that it works out.

On the other side of the DC media you have the TV shows that have been springing up like Arrow, starting for a third series this fall, and Flash, which is making its debut this fall alongside Arrow. During the half way point of season 2 of Arrow they introduced a new character to the show, Barry Allen, and this was a build up pilot for Flash, which managed to get a series made. I was rather pleased to hear this because it was something new and there was a chance to then bring in new characters as well as heroes that they can bring in to have a large team up, sort of similar to the season 2 formation but with more heroes than just a mash up of characters brought in season 2. With Arrow bringing in at least one new character Ray Palmer the alias of Atom, played by Brandon Routh, coming into the show in the new season will bring in a new flare to the show. Then with the Flash television show they are bringing in at least hero called Firestorm, with one half of Firestorm being played by Robbie Ammel. I think that if it is true that a Justice Society can be formed I think that this could be better because the show is split into 40 minute chunks and then follow up episodes that I would be able to develop characters more better and when you throw in the characters of Black Canary and Arsenal there already it could be there for a strong team.

Over all I believe that Arrow/Flash will be able to do a team up a lot better than what Snyder can do with the formation of the Justice League for the next film, especially that they are going to be doing solo films after Dawn of Justice it would be easier to build character then instead of Dawn of Justice.