Week 2 Lesson

What are the learning outcomes of the session, did I complete them and how?:
The learning outcomes of the lesson was to present a power point on your heroes and what traits they have and which ones you would take from them to adapt to college work and future skills and the second task was to pitch the idea for the advert breif. I was able to complete them by creating a power point for my heroes presentation for the second task I can up with a idea at home looking at ads from different tourism companies like Visit Scotland.

What I have learned:
I have learned that I could have talked a little more on how I could adapt the skills more into my life but other than that not much else.

How I used maths and english:
I used english skills when I typed up the presentation and also when I presented both the heroes presentation and the pitch. At this time I don’t think that I have not used any maths skills.

Where I am up to on the assignment:
So far on the assignment I started working on the first learning outcome by doing a 750 word essay.

Did I enjoy anything in the session:
I did like the fact that I got to know more on how people work and where they get their skills from and how they adapt them into their work styles.

Am I struggling with anything:
At this moment I don’t believe that I am struggling with anything but there may be a time where I will.

Any Questions?
Do you know when we start doing the 5 minute film projects?

Week 1 lesson

Today in the session, I had to draw onto a piece of paper what my hobbies were and have other people in the class to guess what they were and most people were able to guess what they were. I had a PS3 that looked like a fridge, a book and other things I like. The next thing that we did was watch a small presentation about our new tutor Len Leighton. He likes a lot of things I like, for instance The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and something else cause I don’t have the power point with me. Then we went off and did our own presentations about people who we are inspired by or have similar traits to, most people have picked more than one person, but I am gonna add to mine cause I only had one person. So far I haven’t had any problems with any of the software or the equipment that we have used. I’ve learned that I have more than one relatable fictional character which I will add to my presentation. I have been using English skills for typing this and on the presentation. I have been enjoying this because it has been different to do but still something I’ve done in the past.

My Expectations: Batman Arkham Origins


So with being a month away from the release of Batman: Arkham Origins this is gonna be the same as my last blog and my expectations on what the game is gonna be like.

First I like the idea that this game is going to be a prequel to Arkham Asylum and also a larger map area than what Arkham City was. I then like the idea that you get to explore Gotham City in whole. But there was one thing that I originally didn’t like about the game and it was that there were new voice actors for Joker and Batman, Kevin Conroy did say that he is going to voice Batman but it could be for a fourth Arkham game. The voice of Batman is Roger Craig Smith who voices Captain America in the new Avengers cartoons and Ezio from Assassins Creed, also Sonic the Hedgehog.



The actor who does the voice of Joker is Troy Baker who recently had a role in a large video game role as Joel from The Last of Us. In that he was really good and from the trailers of the games that I’ve seen he and Smith are gonna make a few good moments for the game.


Second thing that I like about the game is the amount of new awesomeness that has been added to the game. First there are the amount of new villains that have been introduced like Black Mask, the main antagonist, and Deathstroke who you get to play as in the game and hopefully they have a storyline where you get to play him in the game and not for challenge maps. Then you also have other villains who haven’t been in the Batman game series like Copperhead and Firefly which I like the look of plus I’ve been wondering how the you are meant to defeat Firefly.


Third there is a new array of equipment that you can use and the one that am looking forward to use is the remote claw which can be used to grapple enemies together to knock them out or to collide them with a object like the exploding barrels. Plus I can’t wait to see what else is gonna be added in the gadgets. Also am looking forward to be fighting the new thug times like the giant brawlers and the ninja thugs who can counter your counters. Another thing I like is the enhanced detective mode which allows the player to check the crime scene following which clue are red herrings and which lead to the right path. Also the new dlc packs that am gonna look forward to including the Knightfall dlc where you get to play as Azrael Batman cause that suit is awesome plus there are more Batman costumes unlocked that look awesome too and I can’t wait to get them.


Finally the third thing that I am looking forward to is the first ever multi-player for Batman which has been announced where you get to play as Batman and Robin (possibly Deathstroke and any other dlc character) and there you have to stop Bane and Jokers crews from destroying stuff or taking things by booby trapping them. I think that it is going to be similar to the challenges that you got in Asylum and City. At first I thought why would they add this but then I thought that this could be a good new step for the game to go in to get more people to play with other people. 


My overall expectation rating: 8/10

My Expectations: Pokemon X/Y

When I first heard that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company were bringing out a new game my initial thought to it was ‘Really another Pokemon game, we just got a rebooted version last year.’ But ever since then the news that I’ve saw and heard about the game has made me think that this could be the best main series Pokemon game around, beating Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald series which has been the best so far. One of the first things I like about the game was the starters because they looked awesome, first was Chespin the grass starter, Fennekin the fire starter and Froakie the water, these three look awesome but a few days ago they released the middle evolution and Chespin evolution Quilladin looks like it’s had too many chestnuts, Fennekin evolution Braixen looks a lot better than now cause it isn’t a Fire/Fighting Pokemon because that’s what has happened with the past few series, Froakie evolution Frogadier looks totally bad ass though and a amazing design, now am waiting for the release of the final evolution to see what the are like. 


The second thing that I like about it is that there is a new in-game mechanic which allows the player to ride actual Pokemon around on routes and in cities. The first Pokemon revealed was Gogoat which you can guess from the name, so am expecting that there could be a new move that you can teach Pokemon that allows you to ride like Surf or Fly so there could be a new HM move for the game or possibly a TM move, hopefully they keep the infinite use of TM that they had on Black and White.



The third thing I like about the game is the region, it’s based off France and it looks really cool. It’s also the first game that has the PokeDex split into three different regions which makes knowing where to capture Pokemon a whole lot better, which is similar the the PokeDex mechanic in Black 2/White 2 where there was a separate section where Pokemon were located on what routes they were on.

But there are two things about the game that am really not sure about of the game, the first is the new type of Pokemon called Fairy, which was a major let down for hardcore fans for the main fact that it is a dragon type killer. Now there have been a few more Pokemon who have been changed to that type including Marill, Jiggilypuff and more better choice was Altaria which is a Fairy/Dragon Pokemon. The next thing that I wasn’t that sure about was the Mega Pokemon forms for several Pokemon first revealed for the Pokemon movie where Mewtwo showed a new form which looked weird. But now there have been more announced including the original starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle which you can get in game as well, plus a Torchic which is available over a wi-fi event when the game is released and comes with a item that allows to transform Blaziken into its Mega form. 


Overall with the game I’ve been liking it, the Pokemon look weird but they seem to be awesome at the same time. Also the legendaries that are revealed look awesome too cause on of them reminds me of a Kaiju from another game. But am gonna make sure that I don’t know what type of Pokemon each gym leader has so I can me more new to the games. 



It’s My Birthday

So today I celebrate my 21st birthday and what can I say to sum it up. I say am feeling old and my body feels older, dunno how but it just does. And this birthday just seems to be one screw up at a time. Last year I wanted to design my own cake, which was gonna be a DC Comics themed cake but instead I got a basic cake from Tesco, this year I got to make it but it’s turned out terrible. It’s also another year that I continue to be single to the main fact that I don’t go out a socialise much and really does suck cause a lot of the time I really could do with somebody to be with.

Nevertheless this past year has been moderate for me, I started on a Media and TV film production course and am still on it. I’ve met a lot of new people and consider themselves friends and there good to be around, but some of my friends finished college this year and now I have very little to do in lunch breaks now and get the feeling am gonna fall back into a lonely cocoon where I become lonely and saddened, but I will have the opportunity to see them again when I get to do a project with Michael Crewe called Invasion of the Other DIEmension which on paper sounds really awesome and I cant wait to be apart of that. Also I plan on starting my own series based off my character which should be fun but I have no idea what is gonna happen.

For me I don’t know what the future has for be, if it is anything like a war i would be terrified, or a zombie type apocalypse like in The Last of Us I may be of more use but still that would need to be filed under ‘Plan Z’. But for now am gonna start sortin out my CV and start handing them out round my local town and Newcastle seeing if I can find work, once I get my times for college and then I may have my building blocks for the future.

My final words for this blog are gonna be thanks to four people who have kept me sane over the past few years. Jake Hall, Michale Crewe, Liam Foster you three have brought me a new lease on life and have given me a load of amazing memories that I can still enjoy over the internet with the podcasts, and Liam am sorry if I was harsh with you in the podcasts. But I wish them a long life and a honourable death for the future. Finally Calum Nichols, we’ve been though a load of stuff for a long time and we always look to the future of what could happen and makes me feel better and makes me think less on the mistakes that have went on with my life, thank you.

Daniel Hall

Top Ten Villains

Since this month over in DC comics is the Villains Month featuring villains of famous and new villains in the DC universe and the new ongoing story where the villains are talking over the world I’ve decided that this blog was going to be about my top ten villains of the comic book universe.

10. Judge Death

Judge Death, one of the coolest designed enemies and also one of the hardest enemies that Judge Dredd had ever faced. It took a while for the Judges to kill Death with incendiary rounds but still it wasn’t enough stop him. He then took over Psi-Judge Anderson and took his remains to place to restore his body but Dredd foiled his plan and contained Anderson and Death inside a plastic container called ‘boing’.

9. Bane

Bane, the most famous Batman rouge for being the first one to physically take him out. Enhanced with a toxic steroid substance called ‘venom’ he has had many a good story. Nowadays he is a mercenary with his own group that he leads, with a tactical mind and photographic memory he is born to lead and take what he wants.

8. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor, either the highly successful businessman turned POTUS or the real estate mogul he is a recognisable person in the DC Comics. Also armed with a scientific mind and a highly advanced battle suit he has been able to weaken heroes even the likes of Superman but always gets foiled in the end. Nowadays he spends time in his own prison cell that he created but soon will begin to save the world in the ‘Forever Evil’ story arc.

7. Venom & Carnage

Venom and Carnage two of the most powerful villains of Spider-Man and the most difficult challenges for him as well. Venom was the first symbiote that took over Spider-Man and gave him a new look and a darker tone, but Spidey managed to remove the symbiote to Eddie Brock who despised Spider-Man and with the Venom symbiote was able to beat Spidey but he managed to beat Venom and remove the symbiote. Later on in stories the symbiote passed onto Flash Thompson and now he is used for good as Agent Venom. Carnage is a similar symbiote to what venom was but this one was 10x worse and isn’t afraid to kill. Nowadays he is still with his host and still wreaking havoc as the Superior Carnage.

6. Goblin/ Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn, Green Goblin or Iron Patriot no matter how you know him he is a memorable character in not only the Spider-Man series but with his own series of the Thunderbolts/ Dark Avengers. Head of Oscorp he developed a type of serum similar to Captain America’s but changed him into the Green Goblin and then later on in life he acquired H.A.M.M.E.R and after Secret Invasion he became the head of international security and created the Iron Patriot, incorporating Iron Man and Captain America. But after Siege he is arrested. Nowadays he escaped from hospital and now resumes activity in New York under Green Goblin once again.

5. Apocalypse

Apocalypse, one of the toughest mutants that the X-Men have faced. Being impervious to most attacks and the ability to control technology with his mind makes him difficult to defeat. Not only does he have his own powers he also has his own team called The Horsemen, originally led by Dark Angel there have been many incarnations of the team, including in early 2000 when a brain washed Wolverine was in the team and got his adamantium claws back. Nowadays I don’t know what’s happened to him but there are the Apocalypse Twins who have their own horsemen that consist of Daken and Sentry.

4. Ultron

Ultron, created by Hank Pym to be guards at one of the prisons but one was corrupted and turned into Ultron. Also with the abilities to adapt to powers he has been a problem for the Avengers, he also created his own robot known as the Vision. But there have been many times that Ultron has been defeated. The most recent being in Age of Ultron where Hank Pym created a virus that would stop Ultron for a while.

3. The Governor (From the TV Series)

One of the earliest villains that Rick meets in this zombie apocalyptic world. The Governor runs a small town called Woodbury and led it well till Merle brought back two captives, Glenn and Maggie and Rick along with Tyrees, Merle and Michonne stage a assault on Woodbury to get them back. In the midst of rescuing Glenn and Maggie, Michonne breaks into the Governor’s apartment and kills his zombie daughter, not only does she do this but she also stabs him in the eye causing him to now wear a eye patch. But the Governor striked back at Rick but they are then sent packing from a counter attack. But later on in the comics The Governor dies and turns into a zombie.

2.Doc Ock

Doc Ock one of the most famous Spider Man villains to date. Not only being a genius scientist he was also apart of the original Sinister Six. But most recently the character had been going through a difficult period, he found out that he was dying due to massive injuries at the hands of different heroes and villains. But in some of his last stories he has shown that he is capable of mass destruction and also showing the ability to negate the Ozone effect. But he has managed to pull off the greatest move in the history of MARVEL by switching bodies with Spider-Man and now has his own life as the Superior Spider-Man.

1. The Joker

The Joker, Batman arch enemy that has caused a large amount of problems for him. One of the first problems that Batman had with Joker was in the ‘Killing Joke’ where he shot Barbara Gordon paralysing her and now changing her role from Batgirl to Oracle. Then in Death in the Family arc, Jason was looking for his mother in Africa and there with Batman they found Joker and Joker managed to kill Jason, this was due to a poll to see who fans wanted to be killed off and it came to Jason. He was then later brought back in the mid 90’s as a new Red Hood, who Joker used to be. No Man’s Land showed Joker also killing Jim Gordon’s wife Sarah. These types of actions make Joker what he is a total bad ass psycho killer and the No.1 comic villain of all time.