Gaming Dilemma: Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition

In the past week or so I have been rather undecided on which game to buy this week, Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition. Both games are new out this Friday (depending where you live since Until Dawn was out on Tuesday in America) however one game I have already played but I never got around to play the DLC content.


Since I am a big fan of horror Until Dawn did attract my attention. Also for the fact that the game does have a rather unsual mechanic for the game where your choices can affect the game play. The only game series that I’ve seen mechanics like this are in the TellTale game series but the over all design of the game makes it look like a film, if not a rather well put together show for either a mini serial or even Netflix. I really want to get this game since you don’t see that many horror games that are out that play a game through decisions, especially since you have games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within since they mainly focus on a story including portions where you have to fend off enemies with weaponry. So it would be nice to see other games like this.


Dishonoured was a game that I picked up since I had a friend going on about it so I watched a walk-through for it and I really enjoyed it. Like Until Dawn it does  have a mechanic that decides the game depending on your actions. In this you play a guy who ends up being framed for a murder he didn’t commit but then is granted abilities that give him powers including teleportation, being able to spawn rats, being able to see through walls and a number of other powers. I remember when I played through this game I really like playing it since it had a lot of focus onto your decisions including side parts that can make missions easier to do and so forth which I really like. On the other hand I did have some issues with the combat system but that could have more of a problem on my side. Another reason why I want to get this game is the DLC content for the game since it does sound rather interesting since there is also a DLC where you get to play as a character in the game where it acts as a prequel and how doesn’t like prequels. The reason why I didn’t get them at the time was that I didn’t know that there were DLC content till four or more months afterwards and that I really couldn’t download them since I had little space left on my PS3.

It’s decisions like this I hate since one looks like a really awesome game that I can delve into and another that is a game that I can get back into. If anybody help me with a decision leave it in the comments section below, note I’ve got till this Friday to decide.

Can Batman v Superman be a Good Film?

Since the revelation of a new film in DCU that was going to feature Batman and Superman I originally thought ‘All right this looks like that it could be a good film’. Then I got a few months later and they started to reveal more and more actors that are going to be in it and when I found out that Ben Affleck was going to be playing Batman my mind went into complete shut-down. The guy who played Daredevil is now playing Batman.

I still feel weird saying that he was going to be Batman but then the more weird casting new came along when it was revealed that Jessie Eisenberg and Jason Momoa were going to be playing Lex Luthor and Aquaman. Again this is another casting decision that I think was rather strange and worse than Bat-Fleck. For the main reason I am not the biggest fan of Eisenberg since I think that his acting id pretty terrible and I’m glad the last film that I watched him in, which was Zombieland, had better actors in the film like Woody Harrelson and even a Bill Murray cameo was better than his acting in that film. But when the full trailer dropped at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con I instantly hated the Luthor design for the film. It looks really stupid and the acting doesn’t even seem that good compared to the previous versions.

Also this film marks the first film version, I think, of Wonder Woman as well. This is something that I am looking forward to even though that people have had mixed feelings about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman but again from the trailer I think she looks rather good in the trailer. It did show a lot of footage but still enough footage for us to be spoiled on what she is going to be like in the film or what her stance is in the film.

Now on to the actual story elements to see if there are going to be any good. Batman has been retired for a few years, not knowing if it follows the events of The Dark Knight Rises, and starts a vendetta against Superman since in the battle in Metropolis against Zod during Man of Steel since it also destroyed a Wayne Industries. So Bruce decides to take up against Superman by returning to the mantle of Batman in a rather similar costume to the Dark Knight Returns series where Batman returned to action after being away for decades. I am looking rather much for those scenes since it looks really awesome and nice to see on the big screen. On the Superman side of the tale Superman is sanctioned by the government and attends a hearing since there are people that want him on Earth who see him in the sort of Jesus savoir view, especially the scene in the trailer when people are holding out their hands looking for help and it panned over to Superman. But there are something that I did hate was that Luthor had a some sort of control over Superman that didn’t make that much of sense during the trailer unless off screen or before that part Luthor had a upper hand. Probably either the use of Kryptonite or Lois Lane being held captive, both seems plausible.

Another two things that bug me about the trailer is the Superman Army that was shown. I have no idea what this is about since I have never seen anything like this before and I think that they were added to extend the plot. But if they were featured in the comic books please somebody mention it in the comments segment. The other is news that Michael Shannon would be returning to the film, though Superman killed him off in Man of Steel, since his body was shown in a body bag. It was rumoured that for this film they were going to be bringing Doomsday into the film by altering Zod and turning him into Doomsday. This I thought was a really stupid idea at first and seems rather reminiscent of what Stanley Tucci was doing in Transformers 4 trying to create a Transformer based off Optimus Prime but ended up turning it into Megatron. This was then later confirmed (but more heavily hinted at) when Shannon said in a interview that he couldn’t open doors because of his ‘giant flippers’. But I got to say having Doomsday being a third act villain that unites the team does sound rather interesting.

In all this film is going to bug me more each day when I hear more and more news about it and now it is all about a waiting game to see if it is going to be any good next year.

SummerSlam 2015 Predictions

So I’m back with another predictions list for this years SummerSlam for two reasons. One it actually does seem rather more interesting than usual and two it finally has moved out of LA were its been playing from for the past five or so years.


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match: The Prime Time Players v The Lucha Dragons v Los Matadores v The New Day

This match seem that it could be a rather rush job of a match because it is on the pre show and usually these matches go on quicker than the main card so I am going to make this quick. I predict that the match is either going to see The Prime Time Players retain their titles in a clean win or The New Day are going to win it due to an interference by which ever member wont be in the match since Fatal Four Ways are usually a mess so something like this could end up happening with this match.

Main Card:

Triple Threat Intercontinetal Championship Match: Ryback v The Big Show v The Miz

For this match I am going to say that it would be rather open ended any anyone would win. But if I had to put some money on it and I would say that Ryback is going to get the win. This match will probably end up having either Ryback and Show taking out Miz or Ryback and Miz taking out Show. Either way as long as Ryback doesn’t go for a Big Splash from the top and either misses it or botchs it since the last time he was out for a few weeks with a staph infection and possibly could have scripted to relinquish the title. BUT if this does happen I could see Miz capitalizing this and applying the Figure Four and winning the title that way.

Tag Team Match: Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper v Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

A match that ended up from a singles feud now ends up in a tag team since The Wyatt Family reunited and I got to say I have found this rivalry to be getting rather boring. Hopefully Reigns/Ambrose will be able to put a end to this because I could do with seeing something new because this match has started to happen more than three times now. Rumours going around that this was originally supposed to be a Six Man Tag where WWE was going to I think find a way for to get Sting into the story but I think those plans got nixed when Eric Rowan suffered an injury and it was made into a tag team match. I can’t state that these were 100% true it would have been cool to see Sting at a second WWE staple show.

Tag Team Match: Stephen Amell & Neville v Stardust and King Barrett

Now as we all know when a Twitter war starts usually it stays on Twitter, but this one between Amell and Stardust decided to exchange more than just words. Amell appeared on a recent episode of Raw as a special guest but after Stardust got up and close with him by shoving him Amell and he then retaliated by jumping over the barricade and springing over the top rope and attacked Stardust. This then led to Triple H going off at Amell for getting into a WWE Ring since he isn’t a wrestler so Amell says that he wants a fight and agreed to sign the paper work so that it was clear for him to wrestle. In all honesty I really want Amell and Neville to win cause I’m a big fan of Arrow as well as being a fan of Neville and the fact that he also comes from Newcastle which is a home away from home to me. Also when I thought about this match it also seems like that it could also be publicity for Arrow season 4 as well since rumour has it that he was going to be wresting in his costume from the show. So for this match I’m going for Amell and Neville.

Kevin Owens v Cesaro

I don’t want this to come off as the wrong end of the stick but I think that Tyson Kidd being injured has done the best for Cesaro for a while. He has had some incredible matches over the past few months on both Raw and Smackdown and I have been looking forward to this match. But there is only one thing that I thought is going to be rather downfall is that Kevin Owens already fought last night at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn since he had a rather intense match with Finn Balor in a Ladder Match so there could be a small chance that Owens wont be at 100% for the match. Nevertheless I think that there could be a really good match since that Owens too has had a lot of good matches this year as well. But for a winner I am going with Cesaro since that it could seem that he might be a number one contender in the next few months depending on the out come of the night.

Three Team Elimination Match: Team Bella v Team B.A.D v PCB

I think that this match could have been done better if they set the elimination up for each person instead of each team and actually put the title on the line for the match instead of it been a permanent attachment to Nikki Bella waist. I think that for this match the winner will either be Team B.A.D or PCB since they have had the upper hand over Team Bella the past few weeks. Another thing that I thought that they could have done differently with the storyline was to have Paige join Naomi and Tamina instead of PCB and have Sasha Banks join Charlotte and Becky to create the Four Horsemen faction with Bailey in NXT.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana v Rusev w/ Summer Rae

This rivalry seem to be a rather pointless feud over a woman that WWE has reused so many freaking times it is getting rather annoying. I predict that Ziggler is going to win with the Zig Zag after Rusev has him in the Accolade and Lana and Summer brawl on the outside costing Rusev the win.

Randy Orton v Sheamus

In the same way that I have hated the rivalry between Orton/Cena this is my second most hated rivalry. These two have been fighting each other pretty much each year for a few months and it gets rather boring to see. I hope that this is the final time that we see this match and I predict that Sheamus is going to get the win with a distraction and a Brogue Kick.

WWE Title & United States Title Match: Seth Rollins v John Cena

This match could seem rather interesting since that John Cena so far for the United States title hasn’t been beaten cleanly so I think that the momentum would be going with Cena. But to be the way that Cena and Rollins crossed words during the Contract Signing could see either Rollins walking away with both titles with the help of the Authority since that Triple H looked a bit pissed when he said that he was going to beat his mentors record for title reigns. But there could be a really good twist to the match. What if they changed the plans with Sting in the Tag Match rumors to have him involved in either against Cena or Rollins either way it would be a nice twist to see. But if I had to guess it would end up with a DQ and both keep their titles.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman v The Undertaker

I got to say that the main event from last months PPV I didn’t see coming, The Undertaker screwing over Lesnar for the WWE Title. Now I got to say that I am on the side of Undertaker for this because I am sick of Paul Heyman shoving down our throats that his client Brock Lesnar broke the Undertakers streak last year. It so annoying. Plus depending on Taker’s condition I think that he could have actually have a chance of beating Lesnar since he has failed at every other time. But there could be a chance, a large chance that Lesnar would dominate Taker since last year Lesnar’s match was won when Cena was thrown into unconsciousness by Lesnar’s suplexes. So if Lesnar does that then there is a chance that Taker will not win. But I think that Taker will win.

Should Doctor Who End Soon?

For the past few past few years of watching Doctor Who on BBC I’ve been thinking that the past few series have been rather downgraded and seem to be really unnecessary and especially the last series, it seemed to have stories all over the place and seems rather disappointing.

I think for me that this started when Matt Smith came into the role of The Doctor and I got to say I wasn’t that big of a fan of him in this series. His tenure as The Doctor seemed be rather disappointment for me since that most of the series did start rather well with him reuniting with Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who he left at the beginning of the first episode not knowing that years had actually gone by, and they started to have some really good adventures. But then after one episode when The Doctor sent Amy home finds out that she has feelings for him that leads to a rather weird love triangle as the night that The Doctor came for Amy was the night before she was going to get married. I then thought that the series then got rather confusing in the series when in the two part finale where all the enemies of The Doctor formulate a plan to imprison The Doctor inside the Pandorica but the big down fall for this from what I remember all we see are ships and not many actual enemies are in costume. But then it turns out that the Roman soldiers that are there at the time turn out to be Autons with one of them being Rory, who was never really explained to be there since he was killed off earlier in the series and we never get any reason why he was there at that time but most people probably speculated that it could have been an ancestor but then that doesn’t make sense since he was fighting the AI of his Auton side to regain his human memories. Its moments like this that does make me hate Doctor Who at this point.

In the next episode however it turns out that Auton Rory kills Amy (accidently I think) and starts mourning over her and then a future version of the Doctor appears I think and shows Rory how to open the Pandorica with the Sonic Screwdriver and frees the Doctor and puts Amy in it saying that the Pandorica is the ‘perfect prison’ since that it will not allow its occupant to escape or die and will restore her back to life once her DNA has been imprinted into the prison. Again this seems like a stupid decision to make since they could have still killed Amy off and made a better character development for Rory by being a brooding dark character in the show which would have been rather awesome to see. But instead in 1996 The Doctor starts leaving clues for a young Amy Pond to find the Pandorica which apparently was on display at Natural Museum where she frees her future self as well as a fossilised Dalek that was for some reason also brought with the Pandorica. This then leads the Doctor to then find a way to get to the TARDIS and manages to cause a second big bang. This then leads to now a altered Earth (which does seem to get rather confusing with later plot lines I’m sure) and Amy wakes up on the day of her wedding and then leads onto the most stupidest scene in the series and that is the Doctor rather crashing Amy’s wedding after she starts remembering him. This really did make me feel like the show had started to go rather downhill from here.

In the next series I got to say did only have me interested was mainly the first half of the series as BBC decided to air the series as two serials (which I thought was stupid but probably was that they hadn’t finished filming the series yet) since the episodes had some really good features and twists in them. However after the series came back I thought that it had went downhill once more especially in one episode called ‘Closing Time’ which was a sequel episode from last season which brought back James Cordons character Craig who I got to say I found rather boring. In this episode I did really hate the fact that you had one of the good Doctor Who villains in the show and you have Craig being able to beat them with the power of fatherly love. I got to say that though for plot convenience it would be alright but for it to actually happen it would be less likely to happen. If this was to happen in any other Sci-Fi related show I think that it would have gone a lot differently and went more down the line turning him into a Cyborg instead of reverting back to human.

Onto series seven and from the bat I already do hate this series because a) it was another series that was split into two parts b) handled the part one finale in the most stupidest way imaginable and c) managed to make one of the greatest villains in Doctor Who seem like chumps. Asylum of the Daleks was the first episode of the series where the Daleks found a way to capture The Doctor, Amy and Rory to get them to help destroy a planet where they have put all the Daleks that had went crazy but can only be accessed on the planet surface since a year ago a spaceship crashed causing a rupture to occur on the planet. The team are then transported to planet where they are then guided through with the help of Oswin Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, who then turns out to be a Dalek and not a human. She manages to join the Dalek psychic link and wipes all trace of the Doctor’s existence from their memory banks. What a way to veto 50 years of good villains by having a one off character wipe their entire history of the Doctor.

The next disappointment was in the episode was with the departure of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and featured the return of the Weeping Angels in The Angels Take Manhattan and the reason why I hate this for is the ending. The Angels special power is that they are able to send people backwards in time but for some reason BS reason the TARDIS couldn’t return to that time period at all. So why the hell did he not just land the TARDIS in another city like New Jersey at that time period and travel into New York and get Rory and Amy that way. It makes no sense. Nevertheless it then has us move on to the next companion that turns out to be Clara Oswald who for some reason is the spitting double of two people that The Doctor encountered in Asylum as well as the Christmas episode mainly for they were portrayed by the same actress. Again going back to what I said I really hated this series and then it continued even more when we got to series 8.

In this new series we were also introduced to a new Doctor with this one being played by Peter Capaldi and this series had again more problems for me. This one actually did have a lot of sub elements to it mainly revolving around Clara and if she wanted to still be with the Doctor since this one seemed different to whom she was with. If I had to summarise this series with another show it would have been when they first aired Firefly and apparently they ended up showing the episodes in the wrong order and this feels like. The main two issues that I had with this series is one Missy, a mysterious figure that had cameos through the series and the finale itself. First I’ll start with the finale. It starts out with Clara trying to come clean with Danny telling him about the Doctor but he is them hit by a car and dies. Wow an actual death in Doctor Who and the person that did it wasn’t even a monster from the show. Clara then black mails the Doctor into going back and saving Danny, but to be fair if that was to happen then same events from what happened when Rose saved her Dad in series 1. They managed to find that there was a facility called 3W where Danny is being held and they try to find him, along with dozens of skeletons in blue liquid tanks that really had no purpose till the end of the episode when they start to drain and reveal to be Cybermen. Now I will talk about Missy since it has come up to talking about her now. I really didn’t like her whatsoever. I don’t mind that the Master is female now but the reason I don’t like this is that she didn’t feel rather like the Master. When you look back at the season 3 finale the Master was able to become Prime Minister and wipe out a proportion of population of the Earth. This one just seems like a disappointment in a way. I do rather wish that they could have either cast somebody better to play Missy or even have John Simm return. Back to the story, Missy sends her Cybermen to detonate around Britain releasing Cyber Pollen and turns the dead people into Cybermen, somehow. The Doctor then later in the episode is then given a choice to take control of the Cyberman army from Missy but then declines and she gives control to Danny who leads all of the Cybermen to exploding and stops the rainfall that would then end up turning people into Cybermen. Missy is then shot by a Cyberman which apparently was not only the one Cyberman not follow the orders of Danny to explode and turns out to be Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and this was the biggest kick in the balls for Doctor Who fans since the Brigadier was a key character in the original series of Doctor Who and it really pissed me off. Then Missy in her ‘dying words’ gave the Doctor the location of where Gallifrey is and when he got there was only empty space. This series got me questioning to actually think if the new series is going to be any good.

I think I also came across another reason why I have been thinking that the series is due for ending is the head writer and executive producer of the series being Steven Moffat. A lot of the episodes that have been talked about here were written by Moffat and they were all episodes that I believe have a real mix of reviews from people. I know that most of my friends that watch the show wish that he would leave the show and appoint a new head writer so that something good can happen with the show. If that can’t happen I think that either this series or the next one would be a good wind down point for the series. In the continuity of the series The Doctor is already in the last stages of his regeneration cycle and the only way that I could see them doing something new with it is if America got its hand on Doctor Who and did its own version. This way we could continue on with Doctor Who but finishing it first with the original would be better thing to do if there was going to be a reincarnation of the show in America. If it was to finish I think that a few specials wouldn’t be too bad of a thing for instance I rather did like some of the elements that was in the 50th Anniversary since we had three different incarnations of the Doctor including John Hurt playing the Doctor during the Time Wars. Hopefully though the show can come to a close because they could end up reaching a point where it may put long time fans of the show like myself off for good.

Did Jurassic World Need To Be Made

When they revealed that Universal was going to be making a new Jurassic Park film I was over the moon when I heard it. But then after a few months I got rather distracted by other things and totally forgot about the film until this year’s Superbowl when it was shown in the trailers. Then fast forward to June and I got to say I do have rather mixed feelings about the film also for the fact that it was a third film that has been released by Universal and has been a major cash cow for them grossing over $1 billion.

The first thing is that I do think that it seems rather stupid with the plot is that they needed to genetically create a new dinosaur as an attraction as well to keep it locked up with barley and human contact. For the one fact that Richard Hammond’s idea of a park full of dinosaurs became real life why would people be bored with the current attractions. They seem to be pulling in more people that Disneyland from what we see of all the exterior shots of the park as well as the ferry load at the beginning of the film. Another thing in addition to the new attraction plot is that the creators of the dinosaur didn’t tell the people that were working with the other dinosaurs what it was made up of saying that it was a secret, only for it to be revealed in the third act and change the film. If they were just honest with what was in the genetic code of the new dinosaur then one, we could have a shorter run time of the movie, two they would have known how to try and recapture it just in case it was to escape and finally and majorly three there would have been a less of a death toll in the movie. In the first Jurassic Park film only five people died and that was then known as a PR nightmare but in this one there are tonnes of other dinosaurs that kill off people in this film so think of all the people that could have survived if the scientists weren’t dickheads. Also another thing in the story that seemed to be rather out of place was the story between the parents of the kids that sent them off to Jurassic World so they wouldn’t know that they were going to get a divorce. It just seemed like an unnecessary plot point for the film and seemed to just be a reminder to Clair that she should be spending time with her nephews. To be fair you could have probably cut out the kids and it would have been a better story.

In the third act of the film I don’t know why but is seems that it was heavily revamped versions of scenes took from all three previous Jurassic Park films since that the Raptor scene was pretty much similar to the Raptor pursuit in Jurassic Park where they’re going through the main lobby trying to get away from them, just with a modern twist. Way before that scene when they were looking for the Indominus Rex and then when the tables turned again seemed like a rip from The Lost World when the Raptors where basically picking off people one by one in the long grass. But then we get to the final homage/rip from Jurassic Park 3 and that is the battle between the two main dinosaurs where you have on one side the Indominus and then on the other side you had the T-Rex and I got to say that I thought it was going to be a bit of a bore but I think that it was okay but the ending of the fight was rather anti-climatic when the Mosasaurus basically shows up out of nowhere and pulls the Indominus into the feeding area and kills it. You have two of the biggest faces for the Jurassic series with the T-Rex in one corner and Indominus in the corner and to quote Ken Wantanabe said in Godzilla ‘Let them fight’ and that’s what they should have done. I wasn’t fussed that the Raptors had gotten in the way but let the main guys slug it out and see who has the better genetics.

Finally a thing that I do rather think that is rather disappointing about the film is that pretty much all the characters seemed to be your rather basic characters. For instance you have Vincent D’Onofrio’s character was the villain of the film because you could tell instantly from when he saw what the Raptors were like and that he wanted to use them for combat in place of expendable humans, in the same way that the US Government would use the Thing in Fantastic Four which I will get to in another blog, and from there the audience pretty much could some up what he was going to be like through the entirety of the film. Chris Pratt on the other hand seemed to be the only one that I seemed to actually like for the film since he seemed to be having a lot of fun with the film especially when you see some of the interviews that aired online weeks and weeks before the film came out and I rather liked it. But there were some scenes that I think were rather strange like how he and Bryce Dallas Howard’s character had supposed to have relations before the film and it just seemed to be rather out of place and in all honesty I don’t even think that this film needed a love story between these two characters. Also back to Bryce Dallas Howards character how the hell did she run around the whole island wearing heels that in itself should be a rather impossibility to most women to do except with rather good editing so there could be a scene somewhere in the film where she could be wearing flat shoes since it has happened with a number of shows and films.

But in all honesty I don’t think that this film should have been made the way that it did. I remember the idea that Ingen had in The Lost World where they were going to be making a Jurassic Park in San Diego and that seems more plausible for a film to use. Having the park located in a different part of the world instead of being based off the ruins of the old park would have been a lot better. For instance at least in the books Ingen has places in both California as well as Europe so that would had been a cool thing to see that being a group of Triceratops running down the Arch de Triomphe it would have been funny. It would have also given us a new element that they could have explored instead of using reused story elements from the previous film. I mean that they still could have used Isla Nublar but this time as the factory floor for the park and then have them transported to the park.

But I am looking forward to also seeing what they are going to do with the film since that it was a open ending that leads will end up leading into further sequels that would end up seeming pointless rather like Friday the 13th part 5.

Did Annabelle Need To Be Made?

Ever since The Conjuring came out there seemed to be a lot of focusing around an item that seemed to be such a red herring about what the focus was going to be and that is the Annabelle doll. Also the cover of the DVD seems to signify that even though the doll only seems to get about 15 or 20 minutes of screen time.

So the film is based around the doll and how it came to be seemingly possessed. It starts off with a recap for the people that seen The Conjuring and then cuts to funny enough a church. Mia and John Form then return home to reveal that John had found a doll that Mia, who is something like 8-9 months pregnant, has been looking for her collection which is the creepy looking Annabelle doll. Mia here’s something that seems to come from the neighbours so John goes outside and investigates to then come out with a bloodied shirt and tells Mia to go inside and call the cops, but when she gets inside she then notices somebody in the baby’s room and is attacked by a woman and a man. The cops arrive in time to kill the man but the woman, who turns out to be Annabelle Higgins the neighbours daughter who disappeared months ago, kills herself and leaves a bloody symbol drawn on the wall and the doll cradled in her arms, this seems rather taken from Child’s Play leading the doll to be possessed. The doll gets thrown out after the incident and then it turns out that the doll/ whatever is going on causes a fire and the doll is found in the house. This then causes Mia to go into labour and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. After a few days they then move to an apartment complex and Mia again finds the doll in a box though it was thrown out. This then leads for a number of paranormal incidents that happens and then finally wraps up with Mia facing off against Annabelle and asks if there is any other way to keep her child safe and that is to offer another soul. John and Evelyn, a bookstore owner who Mia befriends in the movie and knows a bit about the occult, manages to get into the apartment and Evelyn gets the doll and makes the sacrifice so that she can atone for the death of her daughter and she jumps through the window and falls to her death. Then after focusing on the family the camera then cuts back to Evelyn’s body where Annabelle has disappeared only for six months later when the mother of the girls from the opening and then that’s it with then a bit of after text with it saying about the location of the real Annabelle doll and that it gets blessed twice a week.

In all honesty I think that this film is trying to be a few different films. In one way it seems like that it wants to be a homage to Rosemary’s Baby where in that the lead female actress goes through the different mindsets of craziness when it turns out that the residents of the apartment complex conjure up a demon to then impregnate Rosemary thinking that it is her husband. In this film it does seem rather similar but since there was a cult that wanted a vessel to get into the human world as well that it seems in a way that Mia seems to go into some craziness including a scene where she goes in a elevator to the basement and then to go back up to her apartment only for her on each attempt to keep on opening up at the basement level. Also another homage to this from Rosemary’s Baby is the characters name Mia since the lead from Rosemary’s Baby was played by Mia Farrow.

In all honesty I wish that there wasn’t that much of a focus of Annabelle in The Conjuring and then I ended up finding out that there was going to be a sequel in the works as well and I thought that this film was going to be money grabbing film idea. At first I thought I knew what an idea they could have done for the film and that would have been a longer version of the short that was shown at the beginning of the film which in all honesty would be not that much of an interesting film so but to be fair Hollywood wouldn’t care that much. Hopefully there won’t be a sequel because it seems that it would be quite unnecessary since the information about how Ed and Lorraine Warren ended up with the doll. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the sequel to The Conjuring.

Top Ten Films I’m Looking Forward To

As everybody probably knows on this, I love seeing films no matter if they are good or rock bottom terrible. Here are the ten films that I am looking forward to see, this was originally going to be a top five list but since that there were more films that I’m looking forward to see than there were games.

10: Goosebumps:

I wasn’t that much of a fan of Goosebumps when I was a child, hell back then I wasn’t that much of a fan of scary stories at all. So when I heard that there was going to be a film version of this, it did start to peak my interest a little. For the film they managed to get Jack Black signed up to the film as one of the main leads and it turns out that he is playing the author of the book R.L Stine. From what I saw of the trailer I thought that it looked rather well done. But the only problem that I may have with it is the way that critics may have with the film especially since that the last Sony film that was live action and had animation, Pixels, hasn’t seemed to go that well and that seems to be one of my concerns since the trailer for Pixels was rather funny and that it made it look like a good film. Hopefully when the time comes around it will be a good film.

9: Sinister 2:

When I got the first Sinister film I really didn’t know what to expect of the film except that it was a horror film and that’s pretty much what I knew. But when I watched it I was rather blown away in some terms. The fact that they were able to combine a sort of paranormal haunting film across with a well put together thriller and have a rather good outcome. The last year I found that there was going to be a sequel to the film and I was rather intrigued by it since that with the events of the film resolved it with an ajar ending where the main character was killed off but then the events of what happened to the children carried on. The story carries on months after the event of the first film and Deputy So and So is investigating the murders with the same M.O and tries to stop another family from being killed after one of the children finds the films in their attic. Hopefully this sequel will be better since when it comes to horror sequels they usually don’t seem to be as good as the first.

8 Friday the 13th:

With this I don’t think that much is known about what is going to happen with the film other than rumours. It’s going to be a supposed reboot, even though that the last film was also a reboot, and is to feature the origins of Jason. I hope that there is going the films isn’t going to be as bad as the last film since that seems to be a major mix up of all the original series of Friday the 13th. I particularly didn’t like that film much so I hope that they are going to the right thing with this film and with a release date of May 13th they may need to get there shit together unless it will be a January 13th release.

7: Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens:

Ever since there was a large break in LucasFilms where they didn’t seem they were going to be making anymore Star Wars films since they seemed to not have any ideas probably until a few years ago when Disney, the evil conglomerate that we love, bought LucasFilms and started production of an entire new trilogy and people that I knew seemed to be really at mix with this. They were excited with it since that it was a new Star Wars film and that our generation is lucky to get two trilogy arcs in our lifetime and on the other hand after the disasters that they had with characters, direction and story in the prequel trilogy they seemed to be put at a set-back. But then when they released the trailer for the film I was blown away with it. For one there was a new evil that was slowly growing members like what Hydra was like during the events between The First Avenger and The Winter Solider. And I got to say the design for the enemies looks really awesome, they seem to look like an advanced version of the Stormtroopers from the original version. Then at the end of the trailer the best part was the scene with Han Solo and Chewbacca returning to the Millennium Falcon. Another thing that I am looking forward for the film is that it does have a cast of fairly unknown actors in it so that is something that I think can ruin the film but can also be something that can be a good thing since that it could then excel them in the future to make even greater films.

6: X-Men Apocalypse

So the latest trilogy for this version of X-Men is set to end with the X-Men going off against Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen with two of them being confirmed as Psylock and Archangel. Now when I first heard that this was going to be made I was really curios with what it was going to be like, especially since the Apocalypse is one of the toughest person that the X-Men had faced off against. Role on six or so months later and they revealed the look of Apocalypse and I was rather disappointed with the design for him. He seemed to remind me of Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie. Apocalypse depicted in the comics and 90’s show was a designed in a like a titan being bigger than most of the mutants in the X-Men but this design makes me feel rather meh about him. The other thing that I’m looking forward to is that they are bringing the original-ish X-Men team with people like Jean Grey, Cyclopes and Storm. This I was looking for. They also brought in some notable cast for these roles especially the role of Jean Grey being played by Game of Thrones Sophie Turner and I think that it was a good casting choice. I don’t know if I have seen any of the other actors in anything else, except the original cast that are in it since they were in the previous films. I do seem to have more hope for this film to do well than the last 20th Century Fox Marvel film Fantastic Four as it seems to look like a rather train wreck of a film.

5: Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the slight success that Man of Steel had in the box office splitting people right down the middle there was already a film being made in midst at first being labelled at first I think as a sequel to Man of Steel but in fact is a solo film being called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. At first I thought that this film was going to be alright but then it did start to get me rather down when it turned out that they were going to be vetoing the Dark Knight series Batman and replacing him with a completely different actor, Ben Affleck. When I heard this and my friends did they couldn’t believe that the same person that managed to ruin the Daredevil film was going to be the new Batman. Nevertheless I pressed on and then heard more and more grim news with the film with them supposable bringing in more characters including Wonder Woman, Aquaman and also reportedly Cyborg. Then we found out who was going to be playing Wonder Woman and Aquaman being Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa and at first I was rather disappointed that they went with Jason Mamoa as the role of Aquaman since he doesn’t look like him in pretty much any version I have ever seen, but hey it’s not like if Hollywood gives a damn as long as the film can make more than it budget they be happy. When the trailer came out though my doubts of the film did seem to wash away Affleck does look rather good playing both Wayne and Batman, but we’ll have to wait to the film to see if that’s true, and we also saw what the motive of Affleck is for the film. Superman on the other hand doesn’t seem to have that much going for him in the film except that he seems to be hated or loved by the masses, again Man of Steel in a nutshell, and that one of the villains, I think that what he is going to be in the film, Lex Luthor, played by Jessie Eisenberg, in what I think seemed like a rubbish choice to be opposing Superman, Hell bring back Kevin Spacey from Superman Returns he’s make a better Luthor than Eisenberg. Nevertheless it’s another film that we have to wait and see to see if it any good whatsoever.

4: Suicide Squad

Over the past few years I have actually been reading the New 52 Suicide Squad series and I have been a fan of it since there is a different mix of characters that you have in it. Then they announced that there was going to be a film being made and I was over the moon and then the casting came in for who was going to be in the movie and then my heart sunk. First you have Will Smith playing Deadshot and I really didn’t know what to think of this, first for the fact that I don’t think that Will Smith was in a film, before filming Focus which I didn’t know he was filming at the time, was After Earth after it was a bomb at the box office. Then we have Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and in all honesty I have no reaction to this what so ever. I never saw I think it was Home and Away, I never saw The Wolf on Wall Street and I never saw Focus. So judging from the trailer she seems alright and that’s all I got to say. But on the other hand there is one thing that I do hate and it is one of my pet peeves when it comes to a casting choice and that is having models being your characters. I hate it and when I saw that Cara Delvingne was going to be playing Enchantress I already marked that down as a loss. The last time that I saw a film that had a model in as one of the main characters, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was Transformers Dark of the Moon and that was the first nail in the coffin that closed Transformers for me. It doesn’t seem for me to work that well and I don’t know why casting does that unless they didn’t have anyone else good for the part. I don’t even know what the purpose of the film is going to be but I get the feeling that it has to do with a mission that needs to be off the books and that’s it. Hopefully it will be a good film but again time will tell.

3: Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F

Now this is a slight odd-ball for me since that this film is technically already out, in Japan and I think is out or was out in American and Australia for a short time since it was being shown for a few weeks there and since that I live in the United Kingdom we are the unlucky people since that we can’t watch it in cinemas. So I have to wait for a few months or probably more likely next year for it to arrive on DVD/ Blu Ray. This film is set after the events of Battle of the Gods where Freeza is brought back from the dead when some of the remnants of Freeza ‘s Army Sorbet and Tagoma head to Earth where they persuade Pilaf, Mai and Shu to use their wish to bring back Freeza. I think that I am looking forward to see this since the last film was really awesome to watch, though it was a low quality version I found on YouTube, and that it also introduced a new arc in a way to the series. Another thing that I am looking forward to is seeing what the battle would be like between Freeza, who has been revealed with this new Gold Form and the Super Sayian God Form that Goku has that he obtained in the last film. Hopefully it won’t be that long of a wait for it to reach the UK since I am wanting to watch it before the new series of Dragonball starts over in Japan and then however long it would take for the dubbed version to be revealed.

2: Deadpool

I have been a fan of Deadpool for the past few years being able to pick up a few issues here and there via my Comixology app since they do events where they have free comic books over the summer and Christmas period or just the run of the mill free comic books. I also started reading the latest version of the Deadpool comics and have found them really enjoyable and then when I found out that there was going to be a Deadpool film I was over the moon, but I then found out that they were going to be bringing out Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and again like with Dawn of Justice I banging my head off the desk when they did this for the fact they had ruined Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But after the past few months this year when filming I started to have more hope with the film. The costume looks awesome and pretty much an exact copy of the comics and his comedy seems a lot better than in Origins. The cast seems rather well put together and the story seems to be rather easy to follow.

1: Captain America: Civil War

Now this is a story that I have been waiting to see if Marvel will do since the first Avengers film since that this was a key story in the Marvel universe splitting the Avengers down the middle into two teams. One siding with Iron Man with the Superhuman Registration Act and that it should be public knowledge for people to know who they are, whereas the people siding with Captain America believe that they should be not have to be registered since that people have private lives and there could be people that would want to target specific people in their lives. I don’t know what the actual premise of the film is going to be but since they have possibly a cast ensemble that rivals Dawn of Justice anything is possible with Marvel. At least that we know who is going to be in the film including the New Avengers that was revealed at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron, Bucky Barnes as well as Ant-Man so there you have a rather awesome film. Also new villains for the film as well have been announced as well including Daniel Bruhl portraying Baron Zemo as well as Martin Freeman playing an unspecific role that looks like could be a villain. Plus also we see Frank Grillo returning as Crossbones from The Winter Soldier. We also have two of the latest Marvel characters being introduced to this series being Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, and a brand new Spiderman, being played by Tom Holland, and that is one of the things that I was rather disappointed by this since the fact that we just had a new Spiderman in Andrew Garfield and I thought that he had a lot of potential to progress further on but I guess that is just a lost dream now. Hopefully Holland will be a good Spiderman since he is also getting his own film that they are fitting in Phase 3 as well.

How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Could Have Been Improved

A few months ago I posted a blog about how Transformers 4 could have been improved and I really liked how I approached that subject and over the past few days and after watching the new Ninja Turtles film and also watching Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerds crossover review of it and thought how they could have made it a better film.

The first idea is the fact that Nickelodeon is showing the new television show they could have at least tried to get the same voice actors for the Turtles since their audience would have probably been watching the show at the time and in all honesty to me I think that it would have been a whole better choice. Mainly for one reason and that is I think that the voice over for Michelangelo was rather terrible and he sounded a lot like a creep, but then if you were to put the voice from the show and it would have been a lot less creepy and a lot better. Greg Cipes has so far being my favourite voice for Mikey in the past few incarnations of the series. Speaking of voice actors when I found out that Johnny Knoxville is the voice of Leonardo. This for me seems a lot weird as for the fact that the audience that has went to see this with their kids would be thinking on what it would have been like if the Turtles would be like if they were the cast of Jackass. Just think of that when seeing the film and I think it would make it more enjoyable.

The second idea that I had would be three changes to the film that would have been a lot easier. The first would have been to change the Foot Clan to the Purple Dragons since what they did to the Foot Clan in this was make them into what looks like a gang. This would have also made it more believable since in the 2003 show that the Purple Dragons were a gang that would use guns to attack the Turtles. The second change would have to kept Eric Sacks but then have say at the third act point have it reveal that he in fact is a Krang, this I think that would have been a good idea, since that in the film it is revealed that Sacks was looking for the mutation so that he can then exploit people to make a rich man even richer. This would also sort of go along with the idea of the show since the Krang were the ones that accidently created the Turtles when a canister came into contact with them and that’s how they mutated. Then the third idea is to have Shredder as a scenery chewer and as maybe even the boss for Sacks. This way you can then build Shredder up for the sequel film. They did have him chew the scenery for a bit in the film showing him challenging the Foot Clan member attacking Shredder where he breaks a guys neck with his shoulder. I think that Shredder for this could have been a lot better and more menacing including a better design for his armour to make him look less than a Transformer.

The third idea that I had would to be to change some of the casting. Will Arnet didn’t seem to be to be that good of an actor for this film, he didn’t even seem that funny with the script that he had and it seemed like a B rated performance. The second casting change is Megan Fox. Though she did give a decent performance in the film she wasn’t the April O’Neil that we would have wanted. She didn’t seem that interested with some certain scenes either that’s her acting ability or the direction that she had either way it did seem to be subpar. If I had to make a good suggestion that I would have for April O’Neil and that would have been Amy Adams mainly because of her performance from the Daily Planet segments from Man of Steel, she wasn’t afraid of what the ramifications were if she was to leak a story and I get the feeling that’s what I think that April should have been like for the film. Bold and confident and in the film she seemed to be a rather push over for the first act and then became more confident afterwards. Hopefully in the sequel she can be a lot better.

5 Games I’m Looking Forward To Play

With this year being over half way done there are a load of games that I am looking forward to be playing this year, but more likely next year.


5. Assassins Creed Syndicate

The latest instalment of Assassins Creed coming this year is going to be based in the industrial age of Victorian London and I got to say that when I heard this I wasn’t actually looking that forward to it since that AC Unity did seem to be a rather let down for me. But when I watched the Alpha footage for the game I actually found it to seem rather enjoyable. With the era it also gives us a new insight to the new features of the games including what I am basically going to call the Bat Grapple since that’s what it seem to actually look like giving the ability to take out enemies with it along with a easier way to scale buildings. Also a thing that I’m looking forward to is the collector’s edition since it comes with a pretty cool figurine of the main character as well as a sound track as well as some other collectable including posters and I’ve been a fan of collectable versions of games and looking forward to picking up my copy.


4. Until Dawn

If there is anyone that knows me personally they will know that I will love a good horror and when I originally heard of this game I was already going to put a giant pass mark on it and not even think about it what so ever. But when I saw a video that they were going to be making a Friday the 13th videogame, I think, that they mentioned Until Dawn was going to be based roughly around the same idea that like Friday the 13th. So I decided to go and watch a video of it and lucky enough it was game-play footage and from what I saw from it, it looked really good. The game, from what I remember from it, is based off the idea that your decisions would affect what the outcome of the game would be and who would pretty much live and die in the game. From the looks of the game I think that it looks like that it is a really beautiful game and the visuals make it look like a good horror film that we would be needing in a world where paranormal horror is in it prime.


3. Uncharted Trilogy/ Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

The reason of this is a double is that it is part of the Uncharted series, but the first is being that the Trilogy is a re-mastered and being ported to the PS4 and then A Thief’s End being a solo game and final from the series. My first experience of the game was through a demo for the first game where I actually didn’t seem to like that much and I don’t know why. But then a few years later I decided to watch a walkthrough of Drakes Deception and then I thought that this game doesn’t look that bad and then about a week or two later I decided to by a pre-owned version of Drake’s Fortune and I played through that and only for about a week I was able to complete it, I then got Among Thieves and Drakes Deception in the following month and was able to complete them in the same amount of time and I found the game series to be incredibly enjoyable. I had known for a few months that there was going to be a Uncharted 4 since it was one of the games that had been in development when the PS4 had came out. I remember looking at the footage of the game when they released Alpha footage at a game convention a few months ago and seeing it I watched it and thought that this looked a lot better than what I thought it was going to be. With this also being the last instalment I hope that it is going to be a good game and from the footage that they had show at this year’s E3 it looked better than the last footage. So for this year I’m looking forward for the Trilogy since its all three games on one disc with the multiplayer, I believe, being taken out as well. Then in 2016 for Uncharted 4 since it will be the final game of the series.


2. Dishonoured Remastered/ Dishonoured 2

Another game that I had no interest playing until I watched a walkthrough was Dishonoured. I remember playing this game and I thought that this was also another really cool game set in a dystopian time where you play a character that is accused of regicide and then start a path to get the rightful heir of the throne and the cool thing about the game is that you can approach the game in different ways and that’s something that I did find rather cool. Another thing that I found cool about the game was the abilities that you can have including Blink and a ability that can have you sense where enemies are which is useful since that this game uses a lot of stealth to help you. Then again at E3 this year Bethesda announced that they were going to be bringing out a new Dishonoured game with the main character of the game being the heir of the throne from the first game which I think is going to be awesome. Another thing that I think that is going to be cool is that with this game is that there are going to be new powers that you can use in the game that were also showcased in the E3 stage demo. So with this and Uncharted these are the two re-mastered games and sequels that I am looking forward to.


1. Rise of the Tomb Raider

When I played the reboot of Tomb Raider in 2013 I really enjoyed it since I had not played a Tomb Raider game since Tomb Raider 3 on PS1 and since that this was a reboot of the series I was looking forward to play it even more. Then this year I was able to play the re-mastered version of the game and I fell in love with the game all over again. Move onto E3 this year and the reveal of Rise of the Tomb Raider and then to find out that it was going to be a X-Box exclusive game and my heart just sunk so low. I was rather disappointed that they had done this with the game since I had loved playing the last game. But in recent weeks it has been revealed that the deal between X-Box and Square Enix is that it is only going to be for a year so that the game is going to be available for PS4 users in 2016 but literally a year which is probably is going to make me go insane waiting that long for the game whilst PC users are possibly set to get it in around Spring time 2016. Nevertheless I am still looking forward for this games release and hopefully it will be released earlier than stated.


There is also one game that I’m looking half forward to is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The reason that I am looking forward to this game is because it is a South Park game and that it was going to be funny as well. Also in addition to this is that it seems that there is going to be a change up from the fantasy side from Stick of Truth to what looks like to be a Superhero themed version of the game and also as a big fan of comic books is a game that I was going to look forward to. But on the other hand there are something’s that I am not going to look forward to. One is some of the controls I found that some of them found to be rather difficult to actually use but other than that I had no other problems control wise. The second thing is that since I live in a different region to America I can’t play the game with all the fun rude parts for instance in the first game I wasn’t able to probe Randy on the alien spaceship and I hope that they will take this out for the game, but I get the feeling that they won’t.