E3 2017 Games I’m Forward To Play

Last year I did a list of the games revealed at E3 and there were a lot of games that I liked the look of, but I only wanted to make it a top ten lists. So, this year I have decided to expand on my usual list lengths and just doing a list of the games that I am looking forward to playing or at least look interesting.

Call of Cthulhu: When I heard about this game last year, there wasn’t that much information about the game at that date. However, this year we got a trailer for the game and it does look rather interesting. It seems that this game is going to be a first-person exploration game, in the same way that Amnesia is where you’re going around looking for clues to try and solve whatever the story is. I think that this could be a game that I could pick up, but I would need to see something more solid before I put my money down.

Days Gone: Another game that we saw from last year’s E3 and that showed a very cool video of the protagonist that you play trying to run away from a hoard of zombies through a farm area and the immense nature of the zombies was something that intrigued me and some of my friends.  But when the latest footage that was shown, we saw a lot more of the game. The first being that we can ride certain vehicles in the game, with this showing a motorbike. Luring away zombies from a camp to set up an ambush to go and rescue a member of your group. But then we got something more amazing than anything that I have seen in a zombie film and that is we get to, at some point, facing a zombie bear and that is what I am looking forward to.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: One of the more stranger reveals of E3, for me, was this game since that I knew going in that this was going to be shown, but I didn’t know where it would have shown up. Up to this point I had only played Xenoverse 2 as the only fighting game that was Dragon Ball based on and I was really hoping for a new fighting game for consoles. Then this game was announced and I was really looking forward to it since that it was going to be a 2.5d game which is rather different to what we currently have. Hopefully that this game is going to be good to play since that the only time that I have played a demo for Extreme Butoden and I wasn’t that impressed with it since that it was 3v3 and not 1v1.

Far Cry 5: Another game that was revealed before E3 and this is something that has rather intrigued me. The main reason that this has got my interests me is that instead of this game taking place somewhere rather mysterious and exotic islands or areas, but Montana. The main story of the game seems to revolve around a cult leader and you are a sheriff’s deputy trying to protect the residence of Hope County from the cult. Another thing that I like from the information that we got from this reveal was that you also have the chance to get companions and they seem to be rather useful as well and the two that I like are Boomer, the dog, who can take out enemies as well as giving you guns from the fallen enemies. The second is Grace Armstrong who appears to take the distance approach as she her main is a Sniper Rifle. I think that if I do get this game I would be using Grace more than the other Hires that you can get since that I do find her being a sniper to be a lot more useful. Another thing that I like that was revealed from an interview from GameSpot and that is that there isn’t going to be any towers or possibly even a mini map which is rather weird compared to previous games where there were towers where you could find further points in the map.

Kingdom Hearts 3: I have been playing Kingdom Hearts for only a short period of time, but I have been looking forward to seeing what this game is like and I think that this could be a cool game. So far from what I have seen, the story seems interesting and that it involves Sora reuniting with Donald, Goofy, Riku and King Mickey who are trying to stop Master Xehanort’s plan and try and stop the second Keyblade War. There are two things that I am looking for from the game is the new worlds that they are going to add, since that currently we have two new worlds. The first is Tangled where we get Rapunzel and Big Hero 6 where we get Baymax. Plus, at this year’s D20 event there will be a new character and world revealed and I am hoping for one of two worlds, one being a Star Wars world where we could get Luke/Rey as a playable character or a Marvel world where I have no idea who would be playable. The second thing that I like is the Japanese dub since that it sounds a lot more better than what the English dub is so I’m hoping for an option where I can change it cause Japanese Hades sound awesome.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: All the LEGO games that I love playing are the ones that have original stories and when I heard that this game was coming out I knew that I was going to be getting it since that it would be a lot better than Marvel’s LEGO Avengers game that came out since that was a rather bad game. But with this game since that it has its own story makes it a better game by default for me. The story from what we know is it is going to be based in a world called Chronopolis where time displacements happen which cause heroes to be placed in different time lines and that they all must unite against Kang the Conqueror who plans on taking over Chronopolis. I like the look of the game as it takes a lot of elements from previous games and I hope that it can make them better. I am looking forward to seeing what the full story and what DLC content will follow since I really loved playing them since they are something fun to do.

Life is Strange- Before the Storm: I played Life is Strange and I liked playing it. However, when Square Enix revealed that this was going to be released, I was really hoping that this was going to be the sequel that Dontnod Entertainment have in development, but it turns out that it is in fact going to be a three-part prequel series that is going to be done by Deck Nine Games instead. This did sort of bother me since that there has been a bad track record for me when I have played a game series where a title was made by a different company, such as Arkham Origins being made by WB Montreal instead of Rocksteady. But nonetheless I am slightly looking forward to it since that it tells the story on what happened to Chloe three years before the events of Life is Strange and we also get to see more of Rachel, who was a subject of the first game as she was presumed missing during most of the game. Since that this is going to be a rather short game and for the fact that it is going to be episodically released it would be an easy game to pick up.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: So, this is the only Switch game that I have on this list but this is the one that to me looks like it could be really fun to play. Mario on his way to Peach’s castle but hijinks ensures where he sees a vortex floating above him where Rabbids begin to fly out. It is now up to Mario and his friends with the help of four heroic Rabbids that dress up as different characters to stop the invasion. But the coolest thing about this game is that this looks like Ubisoft took a page out of the X-Com series where it is a turn based tactics game and this makes it more interesting than usual.

Monster Hunter World: I found this to be one of the weirdest reveals from Sony’s press conference and that was that Capcom where bringing out a new Monster Hunter game to consoles, which hasn’t happened in a few years since that has happened. I am looking forward to this for a lot of reasons, the first is that we are getting a few new pieces of equipment, the first being a grappling hook, the second a slingshot and a third, that I find to be really interesting, a ghillie-suit. The suit is something that interests me since that with it, it does mean that it would be handy to hunt creatures that spook easily but also something good to distract monsters as well when working with group. The second thing that I like about the game is that it is more open world than what the previous games are, but when I mean open world for this game, I mean that there are no load screens between areas in maps, which is something that was pretty tiring about previous games. The final thing that I like about this game is that since that this game is also playable online, there will be loads of people that will be playing from around the world, and this could build up an amazing community.

Spider-Man: I am a huge fan of the Spider-Man franchise and if there is one thing that I have been looking for the past year has been information about this game and this seems to be really interesting since that it does seem to feature a different villain to what we normally get and that is Mr. Negative. One of the other things that I like about this game is that it looks like that the combat system has improved a lot better since the Amazing Spider-Man games that came out in conjunction to the films, but this time round this doesn’t link with the movie which is something that I do like. But from what I have seen from the game that I dislike and it is more of personal issue and that is I really don’t like the costume that you get from what appears to be the start of the game since I think that the white is too much for the costume. However, I did find out that there will be alternate costumes that will be available throughout the game, so I will be changing out of that costume ASAP.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to Battlefront I was already determined to NOT get the game since I had rather bad experiences and found that EA/ DICE thought that it was better to focus on giving people who bought the season pass to get more perks. But when I saw that they were scrapping the season pass system as well as making the DLC content free for players. This has me more interested in the game so it means that I am not putting an extra £30-40 of additional content for a game that I’m not sure that I would enjoy playing. Another thing that I do like about this game is that we are going to be playing through three different eras where we even get to play as Battle Droids which I am really looking forward to. Another thing I like is that the first game mode that was shown at E3 makes it look rather good as it is a new game mode where the Separatists are invading Theed and it is their goal to break into the throne room to get the Queen to sign the treaty. I think from what we have seen of this it does look like that it is better than what Battlefront is. Hopefully, we would be getting more confirmations on heroes and villains over then next few months and I think that we could see something at D20 this year.

Wolfenstein- The New Colossus: I didn’t know what to think when I played The New Order since that I have never played Doom or the old Wolfenstein and didn’t know what to really expect. But I do have to say that I really enjoyed playing it since that it was a rather fun FPS, which I haven’t had fun playing in years. This game has me interested since that it pretty much continues off after the events of the first game where you have to protect your family and create new alliances to defeat the Nazi’s.

Honourable Mentions:

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: This is something that I am more cheating with since that it was only revealed before the start of E3 when Nintendo held a small Direct Conference where they revealed this at the end but more importantly Pokken on the Switch. I think that this looks rather interesting since that it seems that it could be going down the line of Black 2/ White 2 where the trailer looks like that we are in the same region, but it looks like that there are more things going on and I think that the story is going off the events of the first game as we know that Lillie is off trying to get her mother better after the events of the game. But other than that, I don’t know that much else about the game, but I guess that we may get another Direct in a few months where they may reveal more information about the game

South Park: The Fractured But Whole: I have already gone over why I am looking forward to this game with my list from last year. I do hope that the delays that have come with this game, that being pushed back from December to March then finally coming out in November, but I am still looking forward to it still.

Skull and Bones: One of my top games that I have played on PS3 was Assassins Creed Black Flag and this was due to the naval mechanics where you got to go around the Caribbean attacking and looting ships to make your ship, the Jackdaw, better. When Ubisoft revealed this game I along with a few of my friends got excited since that we enjoyed the naval stuff in the game. But since that we don’t have a lot of information on the game there is only so much information that we could take on hand at this time.


Top Five Games to Re-Master

Ever since the PS4 and X-Box One was revealed people always wondered what it would be like to play last gen games on this new platform and now we see pretty much now that there are a lot remastered games including one that is coming out that was originally on PS1 and I got thinking. What games would I like to see be remastered and this is what I have so far.

Silent Hill5: Silent Hill: When I was young I never had the chance to play Silent Hill on the PS1 or actually any format and I think that there would be a lot of people who would be happy to play it with the improved graphics of the current gen of game consoles that we have nowadays. Since that I don’t know a whole lot of the game I won’t be talking about it much but I have seen a few bits and pieces from walkthroughs and I think that it does look like a good game.

SWBFPS24: Battlefront 2: This could be one of my favourite games that I remember playing on PS2 was Battlefront 2 and it was one of the best games that I remember playing. In this game you did have a story mode that you could do as well as being able to create your own playlist of maps that you could play and fight on many different planets and systems. One of my favourite things about this game was that you had a larger range of maps to choose from and also you had a larger amount of heroes and villains that you could play as from Obi Wan, Yoda and Mace Windu from the Galactic Republic to playing villains like The Emperor and Darth Vader from the Empire. It was a really great game and the biggest downfall for the series was when they revealed Battlefront was coming to the current gen consoles and it was the biggest Star Wars let down I have ever played.

StDr3: Spyro 1-3: When I was a kid the Spyro games were my favourites to play, even though I don’t remember even completing them and that makes it even more fun at least for me when I was a child. I remember for one of my birthdays I got Spyro 3 for my birthday and I was pretty much playing it when I got back in from school and only stopping to eat cake, that and also I think my mam didn’t wanting me to see the news since it was the same day tragic event happened in September. From then on though I don’t think that the Spyro games got that better when they came out on PS2 but then they totally dissolved into nothing once when Skylanders came out when it all went down the way where you had to go out and buy figures to play games. Hopefully we may see this happening with the possible success that may happen when Crash Bandicoot comes out this year as a remastered version for PS4.

ReDeRed2: Red Dead Redemption: As of writing this blog there have been some rumours that this game is going to be remastered but nothing yet has been confirmed. I got this game merely on a whim and I got to say I have been enjoying this game more than I was enjoying Rockstars next major game GTAV. I think that I have enjoyed this more since that you are just playing as one person and the mission, so far, has been pretty plain and simple in getting your former friend into custody. I have been really enjoying this game and I think I could be only a quarter the way through it and still have a lot of things to do in it. I think that the setting for the game is really wonderful and nice which also reminds me a lot from the Assassins Creed series. You have such a large area to explore and discover new things I just which there were more games that were like this being made but hopefully there will be a switch.

FO31: Fallout 3: I bought this game about a month before I got my hands on Fallout 4 and I found this to be a lot more difficult that it, and I was playing on the same difficulty. In this you start out a literally a baby being born and then being raised by your father, Liam Neeson, who is a scientist inside the Vault. But then one day you find your dad missing being told that he was a traitor and you leave the Vault with a little bit of help and search to find out what happened to your father and start to explore Washington DC in the Fallout universe. One of the things that I enjoyed was being challenged by the game even on easy difficulty when I started going through the different towns and areas where I ended up getting slaughtered by Super Mutants, but in the end I managed to progress a lot further than what I thought I would have. It is a enjoyable game and since that it already has a GOTY edition version I think that it would be a easy game to see be remastered for current gen depending if Bethesda would be up for doing it.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront A Disapointing Game?

The short answer to this is that yes this is a rather disappointing game at times.


The longer answer is that it has a lot of problems with it such as the fact that there was so much of a disappointment when it came out. There was no story mode for it when the game came out which annoyed a lot of people including my friends who were all big fans of the original game.

Another thing that really made me disappointed about the game was that it was all online play which made me hate one thing in particular. Getting into games can be a pain the ass to do. For me I have spent a long time ending up in games that I have ended up playing just with my friends all on one team, rather easy way to earn experience but not really fun, or when I decided to play solo I tend to end up in a match where I am the only one playing a game. Even though that there is an offline element to the game I do find it rather boring and more suitable as a tutorial for the different modes that the game has. I would have preferred if there was an offline mode where you can play the same games that are in the multiplayer such as Walker Assault or Supremacy since when there are times that players may have connection problems or server problems, which can be a big problem with EA, to have the ability to play matches with AI that can be adapted to certain difficulties to adapt to how players would like to play.

SWBHAnother thing that makes me rather disappointed is the rather lack of playable heroes that they have added to the game. Even though that this game does take place during the original movies arc. They could have added other characters to the game, even though they seem to be adding characters them through overpriced DLC content that they should have us really pay for. First you have Luke, Leia and Han Solo with Nien Nunb for the rebels and Vader, Palpatine and Boba Fett with Greedo up to the point that this has been wrote with two more characters to be added in June that I think seems disappointing when you look at it. In Battlefront 2 you had a lot more characters to have such as Obi Wan, Jango Fett, Mace Windu and even the main heroes you get to play as in this one. Also another thing that has disappointed me when it comes to characters is for one mode in particular and that is Fighter Squadron. You only have two heroes to pick as and that is the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. It does make me rather disappointed since they could then have had a chance, at least by now to bring in more hero vehicles to the games.MilFal For instance they could have added in Darth Vader’s TIE fighter into the mix for the villains and Luke’s X-Wing. Overall I do wish that there were more playable heroes that could be put in the future DLC content.

The next thing that I do find more annoying about the game now is the over powered that some of the traits can be in the game. But most noticeably with the introduction of the Outer Rim DLC and Hutt Contracts and that is the Berserker trait. Its main problems is that more and more people seem to be using that trait since that it gets helps you deal more and more damage for every level that gets increased which is a rather annoying thing since that they can pretty much do a one hit kill with the most garbage weapon in the game. It does rather piss off a lot of people especially when there are people that can’t really defend that much against it and my personal opinion I think that it needs to be nerfed.

The final thing that does make me think that this is a disappointing game is the DLC content that they are bringing it out and the fact that it is a ridiculous price that you have to pay for it. As it stands to date, the season pass for it, which gives you two weeks early play of the maps, is £39.99. In what world is that even a good price for a season pass? Yes with the addition that you do get the two weeks on people who don’t have the season pass, it does then make it more difficult to then actually play with friends who just want to buy the content separate since there are people who can’t afford to pay £50+ for a game than an additional £40 on top for a season pass. It is rather stupid that they would charge that much and give us rather sub-par experience.

Overall is Star Wars: Battlefront a disappointing game, for me it is. There are too many times in the game where I think that there could have been a lot of chances of improvement and there way too many bugs that they should have already been fixed by now. The content is way too expensive for the disappointment that is surely to follow. Plus the lack of a story mode and its main online exclusivity does make it seem more and more of a turn off for me as a fan of Star Wars. In all fairness I would have preferred it there was a Star Wars game for consoles that was like Knights of the Republic series where it’s more of a MMORPG then just an online shooter. But a guy can dream can’t he…

YouTube Spotlight: UpUpDownDown

For a very long time as many people who read this blog or know me well I am a big fan of wrestling and also video game fan as well. Around about October or November last year I started watching the channel of UpUpDownDown mainly because I was rather bored and it seemed something rather interesting and from that point I was hooked with the channel from there.

Xavier Woods so far for me has been one of the most entertaining hosts that I have seen on a YouTube channel for a long time and his enthusiasm that he has for videogames is overwhelming. He is a great host and gets along well with all of his guests that he has on and that does make a great point on why he is such a good host. A lot of his greatest banter is when you see any video that has him and Kofi Kingston in Mortal Kombat since they have a lot of fun facing off against each other. Another favourite thing for me that makes me like Woods as a host is that he is willing to have himself be scared by playing horror games, some don’t pay off that well, but all the other times it is hilarious and does make think he is willing to do anything to entertain the audience.

I think that one of the points that rather interested me in this channel was one of the segments known as the Gamer Gauntlet where you have a few wrestlers talking part in a small tournament playing a game, usually Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter and has the loser being subject to a challenge that they have to do such as being having tennis balls being thrown at them or (a favourite of mine) being made to eat things like Ghost Peppers. Another of my favourite Gamer Gauntlet moments was the Madden 2K16 tournament where I think I started to then watch more and more of the channel, keeping up-to-date with who got through and thinking on who was going to win and I was a bit worried at first since about when Seth Rollins got through that he may have been out of the tournament, since he got injured at a house show, but he managed to still play in the series and win it. This for me was quite a good tournament and I hope to see more of this later this year when the Madden 2K17 comes out.

Another favourite segment of mine from this channel is the Superstar Save-Point. This is an excellent part since we find out more about the person that is on the show then just the character that we see each and every week on television. For instance I wouldn’t have picked people like Seth Rollins to be a gamer but he had some pretty interesting things to say. I have always found it that when I’ve went to conventions I have found that stories are always fun but since that I can’t travel to many conventions since where I live this is a good alternative since that there are a lot of interesting stories that the wrestlers do share about their gaming lives and about their childhoods as well so if anyone does like the sorts of road stories that wrestlers talk about they might like this segment.

My final favourite thing about this channel is one of the streams that Mike Murphy, more commonly known on the channel as El Murpho, does and that is the MyCareer Mode on WWE 2K16 and it is so entertaining to watch. Even though I don’t watch the streams for it, mainly because when the stream is on I am usually watching something and completely forget about it, I watch from part to part since that the whole entire stream gets divided into roughly five or six parts and they then get uploaded to the channel before the beginning of the next stream. This I do find really good since there are a lot of people who may not have two or so hours to spare and they can watch up to whatever they want to watch and then resume when the parts get uploaded. Another reason why I do really like this is because it does really want me to go out and by a copy of WWE 2K16 since that it seems to be the closest to actual wrestling that any of the games have came to and that the last WWE game that I have played was Smackdown v Raw 2011. But I may just wait till 2K17 comes out since that the game is probably is going to be a real problem to update.

These are my favourite parts of UpUpDownDown and I do want to wish good luck to Austin and the whole crew and hope to see more great content for the channel and for it to keep on growing, and remember: Keep It Tight!!!

Working Progress: Elder Scrolls Online: Is it Any Good?

So for the past 2 weeks or so I have been playing the highly anticipated console version of Elder Scrolls Online and finally got to level 15 over the weekend and I got to say I do feel rather disappointed with the game in rather many different ways.

For instance nearly 60% of any rewards that you get in the game during the early missions are pretty much unusable for the fact that you need to be at least 5-7 to use them or with some of the really good items you have to be 15 or higher which makes them rather useless to have them around with you.

Another thing that I find rather annoying about the game is that there are some dungeons that are a real nightmare, especially during one of the Fighters Guild Missions where I had to go against a Level 15 Dwarven Sphere and I was only about Level 5 or 6 at the time, barely any hits were getting through and I was nearly about to rage quit. But I was able to then manage to get through the dungeon and was able to beat the boss at the end with relative ease. Its stuff like this that gets me rather confused. I was able to defeat a boss but not a minor enemy that just doesn’t make much sense.

Third thing that really does me dislike the game is the amount of people that can screw up one mission for you. For instance there is one mission where you have to get into Fort Virak and the only way you can do it is by going through the ruins and past the ghosts, the problem with this is that if one person screws it up then there is a major possibility that the ghosts will then target you so then and again with the stuff in the Dwarven Ruin I actually did rage quit because of the amount of people that were in the mission which got me thinking, how come that mission isn’t in a solo dungeon, it would have made it a lot better since you don’t have other people being assholes and ruining your experience.

Finally one of the things that I do find annoying is something that I brought up in my Expectations blog and that horses are expensive. Really the cheapest horse that you can buy in game is 17,000 gold coins and the better horses would cost up to 42,000 gold which is really ridiculous. The only other way to get a mount in this game that I know of is through the Crown Store were you can get more horses or other creatures such as Lions and the only way that you can get Crowns if you get the Crown Addition or spend more money through micro-transactions via the different console stores. It is rather stupid with the prices of the horses in the game and I hope that there is a way to get a mount without paying the ridiculous fees in game or by micro transactions.

But with the bad there is also some things that are rather good about the game. The design for the game so far has been on a way better scale than their previous games. To me the designs for the game seems to be on a total upscale and sometimes it looks like they had added a rather good ENB to the game which make quite a few of the exterior locations seems to be really well do and a lot of attention put into detail with the game. Also the character designs seem to have been upgraded a lot as well because since most low level characters don’t either know how to make helmets or can buy helmets you can see the amount of detail that has been put into the characters from the shape of their face to the bushiness of beards to the style of the scar everything seems to look a lot better.

So far I haven’t had the chance to check out what the Cyrodiil campaign where it is PvP mainly because I want to try and do more story missions and try to get more weapons and armour that I could find useful for the.

Overall I do have a lot of mixed feeling for this game, but with there being a new, I want to say updated expansion, being aired at E3 I hope that there is going to be a update for the game because it needs it there seems to be still quite a few bug to the game. But if I was to recommend the game to a friend, absolutely I would recommend the game, it does have its own problems but what games nowadays doesn’t. So far I give it a 7.5/10.

Update: Since the latest update has came out I have got to say that I am rather disappointed with either Bethesda for rolling out a 15gb update for the game since it doesn’t favour people who have a slow download speeds since that it has taken me over a day or so to try and download the update. It makes me so annoyed that updates like this take so long do make me fell like that it ruins a game, especially a online game like this. I don’t fully know if this is Bethesda’s problem, Sony’s problem since they have revealed that people have been having trouble for people to download updates such as on Arkham Knight or my service provider since some of my neighbours have been complaining that they haven’t been able to access their broadband properly. So I am now going to be changing my 7.5 result to a 7 because of this.

Does Destiny Still Hold Up?

For the past two months or so I had finally got around playing Destiny, on PS4, and I got to say that I rather did enjoy the story to the game. Though it does seem like a rather difficult story to follow but the general premise of the game makes it seem like a decent Sci-Fi film that seems to have a reused story. You have a large planet like being, called the Traveller, that is trying to ‘destroy’ the ever growing Darkness that has been growing for eternity, but once the Traveller reached Earth it started to slowly die and with his last powers created to Ghost’s, basically your AI for the game, voiced by Peter Dinklage, you are revived on Earth and are there to find a ship to get back to the Traveller to then meet with other people and start building up your armour and weapons from then on out.

But there is some rather problems that come with this game. Half the time that you are in the social area there are countless times where an error message comes up and it automatically forces you to return to Orbit when you’re trying to either put items into your vault or trying to decrypt an engram, it gets rather annoying rather fast. Some more problems is that there does seem to be quite a few bugs that happen in the game from enemies being stuck in mid air even though they are dead and most recently in House of Wolves when at a few points in time there were times when Wolf packs dropped in and they where they just drop in and be frozen, not moving or loosing health. Also another problem that I happened with the game was when they did a patch a few months ago where they took out all the Blades of Crota that could be summoned in on Patrol missions on Earth and the Moon making some of The Dark Below bounties hard to complete when there is only one mission that has a Blade of Crota.  It seemed rather unfair and unnecessary for them to take out.

Another thing that I found rather bad about the game is that if you do a Wolf Pack in Destiny and are killed and in regeneration you don’t even get the Ether Key to get the chest even though you were there for the fight itself. It’s beyond stupid and rather unfair just because you get killed you don’t get the key when you’ve fought through the waves just to get nothing except for glimmer for killing the leader. I hope that there is a patch that does fix this because I do think that it is unfair that you don’t get the key, it does seem unfair and should be fixed.

However there is one thing clear about Destiny is that Bungie are trying to make this game as big as a series game like Call of Duty since they announced a ‘Ten Year Plan’ for the game where they will be adding new expansion packs like The Dark Below and House of Wolves, and apparently earlier this year there was a leaked image that appeared online that there could be another Destiny game on the way this year that could possibly be either a standalone game for the series or more likely a Year One edition that will contain both TDB and HoW on them making it seem like a more easier and possible cheaper alternative for gamers who did find the price for the season pass to be atrocious.

One point for me that I rather did like about the game was the voice acting by people in the game. As I said before you have Peter Dinklage voicing your Ghost which I got to say I really liked. I thought his parts were well written, though when you do the Patrol Missions it does get repetitive at times. I really wish that he was also added more to the DLC missions so that you don’t just have the protagonists for the stories doing the voice over because it seemed rather boring just hearing one or two voices at a time. There is also a number of recognisable including Bill Nighy the Speaker, Lauren Cohan EXO Stranger, Gina Torres Ikora Rey the Warlock Vanguard, Lance Reddick Commander Zavala Warlock Vanguard, Nathan Fillion Cayde-6 Hunter Vanguard, John DiMaggio Banshee-44 and so many others. It does seem like there trying to make a rather good film alone with these actors and actresses.

But in all I think if Destiny holds up is all up to how you play the game and who you play it with. I had the rather good time since I was able to play with a friend, who was able to guide me through the game and I was able to do rather well that I’m now up to a good level where most people have been since The Dark Below came out. But there have been times when we’ve had to do strikes and we’ve been joined with a person that just doesn’t do anything what so ever at all and then heads back to orbit, or a person who gets up to the end boss and keeps getting killed and decides to rage quit, so I think that it is important to always have a three person team when you play so at least you know somebody has your back. Also once you get past level 20, it does seem to get harder when you do have to try and level up your light because for a while, especially if you’re doing it solo then it would seem like an eternity to reach a high level. Never the less it all depends on how you play if it still holds up. I honestly think that it doesn’t hold up much. Yes, it does have rather good graphics and yes the people that are in the game are rather good, but everything that you have to do is wash, rinse, repeat. You go into a mission, clear out the enemy, use your Ghost to decrypt something and then kill more enemies, go through a long area that is the equivalent of a load screen and then face the boss of the area. It just gets too repetitive and rather boring most of the time. I honestly give the game a 7/10, there was way too much hype for the game and it seems like it would be a good game just to waste away some time and nothing that much serious about the game.

LEGO: MARVEL Super Heroes: Expectations


So TellTale’s latest LEGO game this time is not a DC product but is now a Marvel product. This game introduces it LEGO fan base to the Marvel heroes we all know and love and get to know along the way.

The first thing that I like about the game is that each character has their own unique abilities like Iron Man being able to fly and shoot, Spider-Man being able to swing on webs and also has the ability to find hidden extras which can help find a way to progress on a mission or find a hidden item.


Either way there are roughly 150 different playable characters and that’s gonna be awesome.

The second thing that I like about that apparently there are going to be two different hub worlds for the game. The first being New York, I believe, where there will probablies be Gold Bricks and unlock-able villains scattered around, hopefully like in Batman 2, also the second supposed hub of Asgard home of Thor and other Marvel characters. This I think if it’s true then it’s gonna be fun to explore around but if it’s just New York it’s still gonna be fun.Image

The third thing that I like about it is that again it’s gonna be voice acted by people, this would be the third time that they are doing this outside of the core LEGO series, first with Batman 2, then Legend of Chima and this, I will not say that the Lord of the Rings version is the same since they just copied the audio over from the movies.Image

My overall expectation score 8/10
Plus there will be a LEGO figure added in which is Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3.

Nuff Said