Top Five Power Rangers Series

With the new Power Rangers film on the horizon or possibly out due to possible release dates could be different with international releases.

But to just get in some notes about this list, there will be no Neo-Saban series for Power Rangers. This is more down to that I don’t think that they are that good compared to the previous series. Samurai was fighting an uphill battle adapting from the Sentai counterpart, Megaforce seemed to be rather okay but the second half of the series was rather a disappointment with since that it was the 20th anniversary of the franchise and Dino Charge started off good but then like with Megaforce I thought that it fell flat half way through and really felt rushed at the end plus the ending that pretty much makes it seem that they retconned the whole entire show. Now with that out of the way this is my top five Power Rangers series.

5: Jungle Fury: prjunglefuryJungle Fury for me seemed to be a good concept for a Power Rangers series, the Rangers starting out just in a group of three (Casey, Theo and Lily) are trained students in the Order of the Claw who use animal spirits to help them in battle. Plus, unlike Wild Force (another animal bases series) the villains for the series are all animal based and the designs for them are good. The villain of the series is Dai Shi a spirit of Pure Evil that was locked away for over 10,000 years but he manages to escape and possess Jarrod, another student of the Order of the Claw and is out to reclaim his power to the fullest potential. Casey, Theo and Lily are told to head to seek a new master and they do called RJ who is a Master of the Claw and he teaches the Rangers more and gives them the ability to transform into the Jungle Fury Rangers. They are then introduced to more Masters and they give them access to new weapons and they also train with them (off-screen) and then later we find out that Dai Shi is abducting them and then we see why, he is using them and turning them in to the Spirit Rangers who were designed mainly for the series and not adapted from the Sentai series which is awesome. Dai Shi as a villain is good for Power Rangers since that it was a human being possessed by an evil spirit and we then see that there are good points of Jarrod are coming out which then causes Dai Shi into the end separate from him and form into his monster form. But the best thing about it is that Jarrod realises that deep down inside there is good in him epically when he joined the Rangers and used their animal spirits to defeat Dei Shi and in the end, he re-joins the newly formed Order of the Claw and becomes a student again. The Ranger team for the series does a good job throughout and there isn’t much else that I can note.

4: SPD: prspdWhen I got back into watching Power Rangers a few years ago, the first series that I picked up was Power Rangers SPD, a police based series. This did really have my attention since that one, I am a use fan of police styled shows, two, this was set in the future ahead of pervious series which seemed to only have a possibly a few years to months between them and third the story build up through the series had a good pay off in the end. The story focuses around Space Patrol Delta, what is pretty much the policing force for Earth and revolves around the B-Team of Rangers since that during the opening of the series the A-Team vanishes without a trace and they are put forward to be the lead team. It is also rather interesting since that two of the Rangers start out as criminals, but more of the Robin Hood type criminals, who then take up the mantle of Rangers by getting a second chance by the head of SPD Doggie Cruger. Over the series there is a lot of good team building episodes for the Rangers since that there was a few conflicts during the series such as Sky wanting to be the Red Ranger since that his father was a Red Ranger and that his cockiness on not wanting to be led by anyone else ranked him to being the Blue Ranger. In the end of the series was when the story became rather interesting, the A-Team is rescued and B-Team is set back to be on stand-by since that the A-Team is back. But here is what is the interesting twist, apparently during their time that they were ‘missing’ they decided to turn on SPD and captured Cruger to face off against the Rangers. This is the first time that we ever get a group of evil Rangers that aren’t being corrupted by evil that faces the Rangers, it is just an awesome thing to see and for the fact that it has been slowly building up through the series that it is a good outcome.

3: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:prmmpr For me and a lot of long time Power Ranger fans, Mighty Morphin is one of the most recognised series ever since that it brought in one of the most recognisable Ranger of all time: Tommy Oliver played by Jason David Franks. The series lasts for three series, the first being adapted from the Sentai series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger where they were shown pretty much at the same time in Japan for the Sentai and in America for Power Rangers. The story revolves around a group of five teenagers: Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Billy They are recruited by Zordon to protect the world from an Empress of Evil known as Rita Repulsa who uses her powers to create monsters to try and destroy the Rangers, but they usually fail. But the most success that she ever had in the series was when she created her own Ranger, the Green Ranger, from a coin that she had obtained somehow since that I don’t believe that it is explained in the series. Throughout the series there have been a lot of changes some for the good and bad of the show. The first good thing is that they started to use more original footage from the end of the first series and through till the rest of the series. The only thing that they didn’t have changed was the Monster/Zord battles where they just used the original Japanese footage except for some of the Zord fights at the beginning of season 3. Another good was that also in season 2 they brought in a new villain for the Rangers Lord Zedd who was there for American audiences. He was a more menacing villain for the Rangers than what Rita was and since that they had pretty much used all the footage of Rita that they had for season 1 but she would end up returning with a proper actress to play her. But with the good also came the bad. During the halfway through the series three of the main cast left the show after problems due to low payments as well as trying to form a union. This then led to eight episodes where Jason, Zack and Trini were replaced by completely different actors since that they sounded nothing like them. Luckily enough we did see Jason return in Zeo and in the new comics by Boom! Studios we see what happened with Zack and Trini. Overall I do find that this series to be the one that is most nostalgic for me since that it’s the one that I grew up with and it’s one of the few series that I own.

2: In Space: prinspaceFor a long time, I always thought that In Space was one of the best storyline series of Power Rangers and I still do, but there is one that I think was better. But we are here to talk about In Space. After the ending of Turbo CJ, Cassey, Ashley and Carlos head into space to find Zordon where they end up meeting a new Power Ranger, Andros, who is an alien from another planet who is looking for Zordon as well as a subplot of him looking for his sister who was taken as a child. Andros at first doesn’t trust them but when the ship that they are on is attacked by Andromeda and her minions of the series attack and after some convincing from Alpha he gives them their new morphers and they become the new Space Rangers. Throughout the series, they travel through the system looking for Zordon and finding clues to where he is but in the end, most of it comes to no use but they do get some sort of new items such as getting a new Megazord. But some of the interesting things come in the series when Andros finds out that Andromeda is his sister and her name is Karone and there she tries to become a good person but she then gets brainwashed and reprogrammed to only serve the Dark Spector. But that’s not all that she ends up doing, for a few episodes she even creates a group of evil Rangers to battle against the Power Rangers and boy do the Psycho Rangers completely own the Rangers. In the very end of the series we see that the villains for the series show there most dominance by being able to take over various planets and taking down other Rangers and massing a large attack on Earth that was even able to destroy one of the Megazord. The thing that I really liked about the finale was the fact that even Bulk and Skull still have the hope that the Rangers can prevail and in the end, they do. Andros manages to find Zordon on the Dark Fortress and smashes his tube to let all the good energy flow through the universe and ‘destroys all evil’ through the universe, which is a load of bull but since that it was considered the final series it would have made sense.

1: RPM:prrpm In all honesty, I have never watched a single episode fully of RPM, everything that I have learned from this show is from Linkara’s History of Power Rangers since that it is a biased standpoint on the Power Rangers franchise. But from what I have seen from it, this looks like to be one of the better Power Rangers series for stories and character development since that they didn’t just focus on one character like in MMPR where most of the focus was on Tommy when he was going through relationships or losing or regaining powers. Each of the Rangers has their own storylines at the beginning of the series and we then see that each of the links into how they ended up meeting each other. The main twist in the series is when we see Doctor K’s backstory and we find that as a revenge plot that she created the Venjix virus which pretty much destroyed the entire planet except for one city where the Rangers are based out of. Through the series, the focus of the series is something that was similar to what In Space had done where Dillon, the black ranger who is looking for his sister when they were captured but he managed to escape. The development for this was well done but since that it was a pretty much done the same as what In Space did.  This group of Rangers is some of the more likable of what I have seen in Power Rangers all together which says a lot since that there were some teams that were good but some that were abysmal. In the end the Rangers manage to defeat Venjix but since that this like In Space was the final series, RPM was also a series that was supposed to be the last. But the interesting thing about this was that there was a rather cliff-hanger ending to the series where we see a red light on one of the morphers giving the idea that Venjix wasn’t defeated. That is why I like this series when we think that the villain is out but he isn’t, it’s just a shame that the RPM universe was considered to be an alternate time-line than the rest of the Ranger-verse.

Top Ten Favourite Fictional Women

A few weeks ago, a YouTube friend of mine released a video of his top 10 women for International Women’s Day and since that this is a month also dedicated to women as well I think that I will throw my two cents in and do my own list.

Buffy Summers10: Buffy Summers- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I’m a 90’s kid and this was one of my favourite shows that I watched and the reason was, Buffy was a bad ass. Buffy is a high school girl who has to balance school work, being a cheerleader during the day and also having to kill vampires and demons at night, that is Mighty Morphin Power Ranger levels of over accomplishments there. But Buffy was something that hadn’t been much around in the 90’s and that was a strong female lead and that’s what she was, dealing with new threats from season to season.

Kate Beckett9: Kate Beckett- Castle: I am big fan of the Castle television series and one of the reasons why is because of Kate Beckett. She is a no-nonsense cop who lands a case that links in with a slightly wacky and outlandish writer and then from there he ended working with the NYPD on cases that they got. The reason why I like her is that she is dedicated to her craft and that she even has her reasons why she became a cop and that was because of her mother’s and then we see the best of her through the series when more and more information unravels we see her wanting justice to be done.

Chloe Price8: Chloe Price- Life is Strange: One of the game that I wasn’t sure about getting was Life is Strange but after I got the first episodes I was hooked and one of the reasons I was hooked was because of Chloe Price. For the time frame when this is set she is your rather typical alternate type teenager who used to be good and kind to becoming a different person after her father died and she ended up getting a tight arsed step father who seemed to have a rather creepy pass time. Chloe on the other hand is an interesting character as the episodes continue since that it in you find out what happened to her since Max moved away and that she even found a new friend but she disappeared one day and she seemed to go off the rails a bit more but when she finds out what happened to her it was rather sad. But that’s just all, in the game you end up also travelling to an alternate timeline where her dad didn’t die but something worse ended up happening and it was something as a player that seemed to be rather hard to do and I think that I am going to leave that there since that I don’t want to put spoilers since that it is a rather touchy subject with a lot of people.

Gone Home17: Samantha/Kaitlin Greenbriar- Gone Home: So, I am slightly cheating with this one for a good reason, the game revolves around you playing the game as Kaitlin who returns home after a gap year where she went traveling around the Europe, but when you arrive home there is nobody around at all, no parents and no sister too. In the game, you have to go around the house and find clues to what has been happening from finding out to things about your mother and also some really weird stuff including what appears to be that somebody communicating with spirits through a Ouija board. But the main thing that happens through the game is that you find items that belong to your sister, Samantha, and hear about her story on what she has be doing since moving and how it has affected her life, including finding out that she is also romantically involved with another girl and this is pretty much her story and it is rather sad to hear what happened to her through the audio tapes but in the end it has a happy conclusion and is also a game that I highly recommend for people to go and play.

Lara Croft6: Lara Croft- Tomb Raider (2013): I pretty much played the rebooted Tomb Raider game on a whim since that all I watched was a walkthrough but I didn’t see that much. But after playing through it I really loved this incarnation of Lara. The game is pretty much a new origin story for the character with her being a part of a researching crew that is being filmed also for a project about finding a lost island where apparently, Sam, Lara’s friend, is a decedent of the Sun Queen who’s island they try to find. But shit turns sideways and it turns out that the island is full of followers of a crazy cult that kidnaps several of the crew and kills anyone that escapes. But Lara ends up taking up a lot of responsibilities to help get off the island including rescuing Roth’s pack from a wolf, dealing with the crazy cultists and fighting off against Oni’s as well as going through tombs and natural hazards. In the end, she manages to rescue Sam from the cultists and get the remaining survivors to safety. I am currently playing through the sequel and so far, I have been enjoying it.  

Princess Leia5: Princess Leia- Star Wars: For a lot of fans Princess Leia is usually in a top place for favourite Star Wars characters and it’s rather easy to see why, she is a another no-nonsense character since that her role in that she was in possession of information that needed to be given to the Rebels, but the most badass that we see her in is Return of the Jedi where she infiltrates Jabba’s Palace to rescue Han from imprisonment and then being part of the ground attack on Endor taking out the shield generator. But that’s not only when she has shown her badass credentials, in the Star Wars series by Marvel, Leia was willing to sacrifice herself to take down Vader when they had a chance of defeating him. But hopefully in the future for the Star Wars films Rey will be just as much of a badass as what Leia was.

Barbara Gordon4: Barbara Gordon- DC Comics: Barbara Gordon is one of my favourite members of the Bat-Family even more than Batman. The reason why is because she has had a lot to deal with over the years. The most was during The Killing Joke where Joker attacked her in her apartment and shot her, paralysing her for many years up to the New 52 when they brought the character back to her Batgirl persona. But she also wasn’t just shot and by the Joker it also seemed slightly exploited her by removing her clothes and taking pictures of her naked… that is pretty messed up and rather sickening. But since then she changed her persona to Oracle who pretty much became Batman’s support and helping him get information about people and places. But my favourite thing about her had been in her first volume in the New 52 run, where I said before, she returned to the Batgirl costume after receiving surgery that helped her walk again. It pretty much seemed that she was getting back to her basics when she was training as a rookie with Batman and Robin and that during the time in the arc there is a lot of her re-teaching herself how to be Batgirl and a lot of this happens mainly from the amazing writing that Gail Simone did through her run of the series.

Nancy Thompson3: Nancy Thompson- A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): I am a big fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and the main reason why I do like it is because of the lead of the film. Nancy is quite possibly the best lead in any of the films for the fact that she was pretty much a normal teenager who had a pretty much normal life, until the evil spirit started invading the dreams of teenagers and killing them in said dreams then that’s when it became more downhill for her. When she tells people what is happening everyone blows it off and her parents try to medicate her which then causes more problems in the film but this is also where Nancy learns something really important. When she encounters Freddy for the second or third time she grabs a hold of Freddy’s hat and when she wakes up she has the hat in the real world which then gives her an idea. She starts to booby trap the house Home Alone style and decides to confront Freddy for the last time. She pulls him into the real world and manages to defeat him by turning her back on him and forgetting him since that Freddy gets his power from fear, but when things turn out okay it turns out that Freddy was still after them but that ending seemed to be vetoed since that Nancy returns in the third film in the series.  

Bulma2: Bulma Briefs- Dragon Ball – Super: Bulma has to be one of the most important people that is in the Dragon Ball universe that isn’t a fighter and that is why I do rank her so highly. For instance, during the Dragon Ball portion she had created a radar that traced magical balls that could grant you any wish that you wanted and that is pretty much all I know from that point since that is all I have seen and read from the series. But from Z onwards she has done a lot that has helped the team. She piloted Kami’s ship to Namek to go and use those Dragon Balls to resurrect their friends on Earth and fighting Giant Crabs under water. But most importantly she helped through the Android saga since that she was the one that noticed that Android 20 resembled Doctor Gero and gave the Z-Fighters the location of where is lab was located so that they could find the new androids as well as then having Krillin and Trunks going back and killing the Cell embryo. She also created new Saiyan armour but she also created a detonator for Android 18 so that it was a way to make sure that Cell couldn’t reach his Perfect Form. But the most important thing that she ever created was something that debut in Z and that was the Time Machine which ended up being the point in the Android saga but then more recently in Super when Trunks returned to get help. But outside of creating new things to help her friends she also did something rather amazing and she giving Vegeta a reason to stay on Earth and started to give him some human qualities.

Ellen Ripley1: Ellen Ripley- Alien/ Aliens: Ellen Ripley is quite one of the most badass female action heroines of all time and the best films that shows this is first in Alien but even more in Aliens. In Alien, we see her dealing with a trying survive from being killed by the Alien and then at the end we see her drifting away in space after surviving the attack. In the sequel, she is a lot wiser than what the rest of the cast are since that she knows what they are dealing with. Also, another thing that I like about Ripley in Aliens is the fact that she pretty much became a surrogate mother to Newt since when she arrived back on Earth she found out that her daughter had died when she was in stasis and never had the chance to see her daughter grow up and this felt like a chance for Ripley to have it and why she spent all her time protecting and rescuing her in the film. The only sad thing about this was that in the sequel they killed Newt and pretty much had her back at square one which was a rather disappointment for the series for me.

And that is my list of my top ten fictional females and I wonder who are your favourite women fictional or even real.

Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3 Review

Previously in the series, Lord Zedd tried to attack the Power Rangers but Zack manages to teleport him and Zedd out but they land in a different universe. Zack ends up meeting Batman and the rest of the Rangers arrive and they have a confrontation with the Justice League but that stops when they both realise what has happened. Meanwhile we find out that Zedd has found that he was teleported inside a Bottled City owned by Brainiac and they come up with a plan for Brainiac to get a city from Earth but not the DC Earth.

The issue opens Superman arriving in Cairo and sees one of the giant squid monsters that are attacking cities around the world. Back in Gotham with the Justice League believing that they need to split up to take down the creatures but Jason chimes in by saying that they do need to split up but stick together which confuses Flash.JLMMPR2 Jason then says that they are still connected to their teleporters in their dimension so that they will team up with each member and help them battle the monsters. Batman tells them that they won’t since that they don’t know them well to fight with and that this isn’t their Earth. The Rangers then retort that even thought that this isn’t their planet it sure is their fight since it was them who brought Zedd to this universe. Plus, they know how to take down Zedd’s creatures. Billy asks Cyborg to link into their communication systems and he does and Tommy tells Batman that they don’t have time to argue with lives at stake and that if he doesn’t want to work with them then he should stay out of their way.

Cyborg starts broadcasting a message to the Justice League reservists about the situation that is happening and we see who the reservists are. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Mera, Aquaman, Shazam and Beast Boy and Starfire from the Teen Titans.JLMMPR1 Cyborg then tells them that they will be joined at the sites by large mechanical dinosaurs and tells them who is piloting them. Cyborg then gets Batman ready to teleport to Australia but something bad happens, somebody starts to hack into the Watchtower and it took out the firewalls that Batman had in place and knocked out the teleporters. Batman asks if Zedd would be behind this but Billy tells they that Zedd would have no clue about computer systems and that it must be somebody else. Zack then tells them the fastest way that he can get Batman to Australia was for him to get into the Mastodon, which he does and when they get to Australia we see a team consisting of Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Kid Flash and the new Green Lantern whose name blanks me attacking a monster.

Batman asks Zack what that creature is and he replies that he has no idea. He then explains to Batman that on their universe that Zedd’s creatures are usually made the things from JLMMPR3Earth and asks if this Earth is populated by nightmares but Batman says that this creature isn’t from their world. Wonder Woman with Kim asks if there is any advice on tackling Zedd’s monsters and she replies just to keep on the attack and then we have a three-panel page showing the Justice League and Rangers attacking the monsters. Cyborg then informs them that somethings have entered Earth orbit and sees something hitting the Tyrannosaur Zord but Superman notices something about it and that they are Brainiac Drones and we then see them entering the other Zords kick the Rangers out causing them to de-morph. Wonder Woman grabs the nose of the Pterodactyl Zord and sees something happening and tells them to get the Rangers out of their Zords and we have a splash page of the Zord in it Megazord form with Brainiac’s symbol on the front. Wonder Woman manages to get Kim out, John Steward gets Tommy out and Batman blasts his way into the Mastodon Zord.

Inside the Mastodon Zord Batman tries to pull Zack away where he asks what Batman is doing and then tells his that the drones had taken their communicators and Power Coins and saying that they were going to go to their world and we see the Zord teleporting in a green flash. Batman asks for a report and the team replies across the world hat the monsters had disintegrated, the zords had disappeared and that there were no longer any signs of the Brainiac Drones since that they were no longer in their dimension since they now have what they wanted. Back in the Watchtower, the Justice League and Rangers re-group and the Rangers seemed to be rather disappointed since that the Rangers are now stuck on this Earth and they have no way back to stop Zedd and Brainiac from attacking Earth. Superman responds to the negative of the conversation by saying that Zedd isn’t just their problem and that says that it is up to them all to stop him. But Zack is still rather pissed since that they are still trapped on this Earth and asks if any of them can travel across dimensions. Flash chimes is saying that he can travel through dimensions due to the Speed Force but since that the Rangers can’t tap into that they would most likely to be ripped apart. After this Billy comes up with an idea that being if this Earth had a Large Hadron Collider.

The Rangers and League arrive in Switzerland at the Cern Facility and Tommy asks how this plan is going to happen since that it does seem to be something of a risk and how they are going to get access. Cyborg says that somebody will have to ask really nicely and Trini questions if the League always get what they want by asking and Batman replies saying that he can’t and the design for the panel looks like that he is sad when he says it. Inside the facility and the scientists that are there are shocked to see him and the thank him for saving the planet from the creature and asks he then asks them for a favour of borrowing the Large Hadron Collider. JLMMPR4The scientists seemed rather confused by the request and Superman responds saying that this is to help the fate of another world and shows the scientist the Rangers to help save their world. Later in the building Superman starts explaining to the scientists on how this team can perfect opening the door with Flash being a scientists and speed expert, John Steward being an architect with a ring that can construct anything, Billy being one of the smartest minds in his world, Cyborg being a supercomputer that can instantly do calculations and tests, Wonder Woman having the wisdom of Athena and Batman because he is Batman. He then sums up that he believes in them and they can get the Rangers home ending the issue.

So with this issue I found it to be another good issue and we got to see the plan that Brainiac and Zedd by taking the Power Coins and overriding the Zords to travel back to their Earth. Hopefully more story progression is going to happen in the next few issues since that there are only three issues left.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1-2 Review

So, for some reason DC decided to give Frank Miller another stab at writing a Batman series after the stupidity of All Star Batman and Robin, but the good thing about it this time DC did something right, they also had Brain Azzarello on as well to write the book along with Miller. But let’s get on with the review.

dkiii2The first issue opens with the image of the Bat-suit and a two text boxes. On one simply saying ‘a good death? There’s no such thing’ and on the other side we have a text message chat where two people are talking about how one of them saw Batman but Batman hasn’t been seen in four years. The next two pages basically cover the story on how the he saw the Bat when he was getting trying to get arrested by the cops but they don’t and he manages to get three shots of the Bat taking out the cops. We then get a two-page spread of news personalities reacting to the news about the Batman sighting. We then cut over to the GCPD where we see Commissioner Yindel being introduced to Bailey Travers who gets brought on the GCPD to handle the PR. She hands her a pre-wrote speech for her to say but she ignores it and heads outside to the press conference where reporters ask out questions to her about the return of the Batman.

Then we head over to somewhere in the Amazon Jungle where Wonder Woman is narrating about how the hunting group, I think, are afraid of what is hunting them, which is a weird centaur/minotaur creature that they can’t take down so she runs in, doing a slight Esher Girls pose, and punches it in the face. She then kills the creature and we then discover that she has had another child that she feeds, since that she confirmed that she was pregnant after her and Superman hooked up in The Dark Knight Strikes Again. She arrives back at her kingdom where she is greeted by her people and one of them says that she will take the boy, but she nearly gets killed but Wonder Woman drops the sword in her hands. She gives her son, Johnathan, to Dessa and says that she has a training schedule with Lara but she was wondered off somewhere and that place is the Fortress of Solitude.

With this comic, we also get a micro comic inside that are all one shots that tie into the story that is going on, but I do have one problem and that is the art work shifts a lot from the main book and that is because Miller is the one that draws the micro comics. The first issue is focused around The Atom where we see him fighting against a lizard, he also narrates about some stuff but for the most of it, it’s not necessary. He then comes across a door outlined in a white light and finds a shrunken guy that he can’t hear. But we then see Lara holding Kandor and he asks why she is here with it and she replies that Baal says that they are tired of being small, ending the issue. The only thing I find wrong with this is that its placed wrong in the comic and it should be put a couple of pages later.

Back to the comic itself, Lara enters the Fortress where it appears that she is talking to somebody where she goes on about how that that the artefacts and objects were important and that they meant something that defined the whole and wonders if she was part of the whole and we have a splash page of Superman sitting in a chair completely frozen. She wonders why the ‘ants’ knocked him from the sky and asks if there is anything that she can do and hears a noise coming from somewhere where she find Kandor with a message saying ‘Help Us’ and this wraps back to the Atom micro comic and this is where I think that it should have started.

When then find ourselves back in Gotham City with at the Bat-Signal with Commissioner Yindel standing in front of where we have more text boxes, this time from GX going over bits of news and then Yindel starts narrating to herself.dkiii5  After she is done with the narration a cop comes up and says that they have him, which then leads us to the police chasing down Batman through the streets of Gotham. Batman manages to escape to a fire escape and then drops onto the cop’s car and charges at them. We then get more fighting scenes and then a cop manages to get a lucky shot off on Batman grazing across the cowl. But then the cops use their numbers advantages and we see them with batons in hands wailing on the downed Batman. The cops stop the attack and try to cuff Batman when one of the cop’s notices something strange but Batman punches the cop in the face and takes them all down. Yindel arrives at the scene and tells Batman to freeze and Yindel notices something different about Batman then Batman tries to attack her but she manages to defend herself and cuffs Batman asking Batman where Bruce Wayne is twice and the second time revealing that Batman really is Carrie Kelly, who then says that Bruce Wayne is dead ending issue one.

dkiii8Issue two opens with Carrie Kelly being put into the back of a police car saying that Bruce Wayne is dead. We then cut to nearly a month later where Yindel is talking with Carrie, known as Jane Doe since she hasn’t spoken since she was incarcerated. She basically tells her that she is going to spend a long time in prison that she would be old as Yindel when she is released and then goes to leave when she finally starts talking. Carrie says that he never recovered and recalls the events that happened after Batman got beaten up by Luthor in Strikes Again and how she spent the past three years being at his bedside until he passed away after one final conversation which is rather a sad and emotional scene in the book.dkiii7 Then we get back to the stupid of the book when Yindel asks what happened to the body and she replies that she ate it, but Yindel doesn’t buy the story but Carrie says that what Yindel believes in doesn’t matter.

Back over to Ray Palmer and Lara she asks him how they didn’t try re-growing Kandor before. Ray says that they did try however they thought that they had all the variables down but the results went wrong. Lara says that Superman believes that he brilliant but Ray says that she isn’t like her father and Lara questions him in which her replies saying that Superman is more human than what she is. Lara replies to that saying that was due to her being raised by Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Baal intervenes saying that she shouldn’t distract Ray from his work. Lara then hears something that turns out that Wonder Woman is calling for her and she leaves Ray and Baal talk some more.

I am going to add the micro comic at this point since that it does ruin the story telling for the next segment. This issue focus around Wonder Woman. We start this off with Lara narrating on how that she wasn’t allowed to see the whole world since that Wonder Woman kept her a secret from the outside world. We then see Wonder Woman shooting at a wooden stump and telling Lara that she is late for her lesson where she tells her that she knows. She throws Lara a staff and Lara narrates about her mother saying that she refuses to be dominated and wouldn’t have it any other way. Wonder Woman tells her that her reactions are slow and Lara pouts which she asks if she said something to make her pout. Lara replies that she finds this boring and unnecessary for her but Wonder Woman replies saying that she is wrong and that this is her life.dkiii10 She then throws a sword to Lara but it just goes into the ground and she goes to attack Lara who easily moves and dodges without much of a care. She asks Lara If she can feel the rush that makes her an Amazon but Lara says that she is not like her and she goes to attack her and the sword shatters with Lara saying that she is a Kryptonian and flies off.

dkiii9We then cut back over to Yindel and another cop observing Carrie’s transport heading to Blackgate. Carrie narrates to herself about the route that the transport is taking her and she then starts to whistle which then causes thing to happen. The officer with Yindel notes that they are getting an infrared signature in the warehouse and Yindel orders the transport to take evasive action but it is too late and the transport is taken out by a projectile. We then see the Bat-Tank that Carrie manages to stow-away on. This then causes a chase sequence and the Bat-Tank manages to get away from the cops by ramming up the raised bridge.

Back with Ray Palmer he makes his attempt to regrow the people of Kandor and it manages to work this time. But when they are brought onto the Earth there seems to be have a lot of bloodshed. Baal introduces Ray to Quar who they call Kandor saviour. Ray says that he has made a horrible mistake and Quar uses the device that Ray use to regrow them to shrink Ray. As Ray shrinks he says that he can fix this but Baal says no he can’t and kills Ray. dkiii6Quar preaches about who the people thought that he was mad for his beliefs and destroys the city of Kandor with his heat vision. We then see Carrie walking through the Bat-Cave with Quar narrating saying that he is going to take over the Earth first, but we see that Bruce Wayne isn’t dead ending issue two.

The first two issue are rather well done. The big plus as I said already is that this seems more like a better story than what Dark Knight Strikes Again was and the addition of an additional writer. The art work in whole is also good even with the micro issues. But the only problem that I have with it would be the placement so far for the micro issues since that it does ruin the story telling that the comic already has going since that in issue two the story between Wonder Woman and Lara came in the middle of Carrie escaping from the police. But other than that so far I have found it okay, but we have a six or seven more issues since that I believe that they have extended the run of the series.

Did Xavier Create Onslaught Pre-Logan?

When I saw Logan, there was something that made me rather curious about the film and that was the backstory on why Logan had taken Xavier away and had him hidden. All we knew from the film that there was an incident that happened on the east coast and that in Xavier’s confession recalling something that happened at Westchester before he killed by X-24.

onslaughtMy thoughts later about this got me thinking, could Xavier have accidently created Onslaught. There could be some truths to it since that we don’t know what before this film besides Mutants been born less and less. I think that there could have been some sort of fight that may have happened at the X-Mansion where Magneto (possibly brainwashed) lead an attack and he may have killed or injured somebody close to Xavier and then flipped out on him causing him to then start creating the Onslaught entity.

Then after this event happens strange things may have started happening to Xavier, maybe mood swings, losing his temper so forth and nobody picking up on what had happened until it was too late. Onslaught makes his play and starts taking out the X-Men and only being taken down by having Jean Grey or another strong psychic mutant to shut down Xavier’s mind and that a way to help supress this from happening again was Xavier was to medicate him.

This then leads to me where I think that is why Logan thought it was important to make sure that he was taking his medication as well as when his psychic powers got out of hand that he was medicated so that Onslaught wouldn’t manifest and cause more casualties like what happened in Westchester.

It’s just a crazy thought that I had and I don’t know if anyone else has the same thoughts about this.  

Edge of Spider-Verse #1-2

Back in 2014 the Amazing Spider-Man series was back and Peter Parker was Spider-Man again but that wasn’t just, it was decided that the whole entire Spider-Verse was in jeopardy from a family of hunters. But I am not going to cover Spider-Verse just yet but I am going to start off with the first two issues of Edge of Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man Noir: The opening of the issue starts off with the premise of the series and then the background description for this series Spider-Man. The opening of the issue shows people in a theatre watching footage of Spider-Man beating up a group of mobsters with a narration over it saying that it has been three months since the last sightingeosv1 and that mob bosses such as Al Capone, John Dillinger, The Goblin and The Crime-Master were dead and the voice overs asks if there is still a place for Spider-Man in today’s modern America. Outside the theatre two people are talking about Spider-Man noting that the way that he moves, his speed and agility that he has the blood of Anansi, a Spider God. The woman asks how they can find him and he replies saying that he’ll think of something. We then see a poster of The Magnificent Mysterio and a kid asking his dad if he would take him to go and see it but says no and then the child says what about Jungleworld which he agrees to take him to.

At the New York World’s Fair, we see Peter, Mary Jane and Aunt May and try to think on what they are going to see with Peter suggesting to see The Dream of Venus but May says that she doesn’t like Salvador Dali and then suggests that they see Mysterio and he decides to give MJ the decision who seems to have her mind on something else, which Peter narrates about, and she says that she would like to see some magic. Inside we see that Mysterio is at the beginning of an illusion called the Sphere of Death. But as the illusion starts Peter’s Spider-Sense starts alerting him of something and May asks if he is alright but he brushes it off as a migraine.eosv4 We then see Mysterio’s illusion go off and the sphere that he is in gets electrified, with Mysterio coming out safe and dry. They leave and discuss on how they think that they did it and Peter suggests that it was done with dry ice and technobabble but he then think that this was an illusion and that he didn’t even get in the sphere but he says that he has no idea.

Back stage Mysterio and his assistant talks about how he spent three years coming up with the technique and he wastes it on the public when she says that they could be using it on Wilson Fisk so that they can run New York. But Mysterio says that he prefers Fisk as a willing partner until he can kill Spider-Man and show Fisk his true power. Then just as talking about him, Fisk appears who tells him that he has found somebody that Mysterio will want to talk to. They arrive in a shady back room and it basically gives exposition on the Spider-Totem and what happened during the run for Spider-Man Noir. The Ox then asks if he is going to be let go but Mysterio asks him about Felicia Hardy.

Fisk and Mysterio head to her apartment and they ask her if she was Spider-Man’s lover where she replies that it was pretty much a rumour. Mysterio asks her to take off the mask and when he butler/assistant trues to intervene Fisk shoots him. Mysterio again asks for her to take off the mask and she does with Mysterio having a shocked expression on his face and asks her who did this to her. Sher replies says that the it was the last man who thought that she could lead to Spider-Man. Fisk says that there is nothing that they can do since that she most likely won’t tell but Mysterio says that it doesn’t matter since they now have her and that it will make Spider-Man come to them.

A day or so later MJ reads an advert for Mysterio’s next special show where he will eosv3challenge Spider-Man to make a blood sacrifice to the spirit of Anansi or the masked Cat Lady will be killed. Peter excuses and calls the club that she owns to find out that she didn’t know where she went and Peter decides to don the Spider-Man costume one more time. On Thursday Spider-Man arrives at the theatre and drops onto the stage telling Mysterio to drop the knife. Mysterio is glad that Spider-Man had arrived and sheaths the knife he then tells his assistant Ella to do something and she drops a ball that released some sort of gas that causes Spider-Man to become disoriented and Mysterio clobbers him over the head with what looks like to be a mace.

He wakes up to find himself chained in a glass coffin and Ella sticks a syringe in his arm and takes a sample of his blood. He then starts a ritual in the name of the Lord of the Spiders and then challenges Spider-Man to escape the coffin before the water fills up and then he wraps around a curtain to block any attempts for the audience to see him escape. One of Fisk’s partner’s comments saying that Mysterio has some nerve trying to kill Spider-Man since that he can kill him and blame it on faulty equipment. Spider-Man manages to web his mouth to create a pocket of air so that he can regain his strength. Mysterio checks on the process Spider-Man’s death but when see that he has something over his face Spider-Man breaks out and takes down Mysterio rather easily.

Spider-Man frees Felica and then he starts to get more migraine when one of the Inheritors arrives and tries to kill Spider-Man. eosv2He tries to pull a gun on him however the Superior Spider-Man appears out of his own portal and rescues Spider-Man. The Inheritor tries to kill them but he fails to. Mysterio asks where the blood of Spider-Man is but he can’t find it because Felica stole it. In 2099 Spider-Man asks where he is and Otto fills him in what has happened and says that a homicidal madman is out to kill the Spider-People through the Multi-verse and he decided to create a meeting with the people that he has been able to save ending issue one where we see Spider-Chip, another Spider-Man, a different Spider-Woman and what appears to be Man-Spider but still in a human form.


Gwen Stacey: Spider-Woman: The issue opens more differently to the previous issue and this is we see a bad rehearsing in Midtown High Gym which is led by Mary Jane called The Mary Janes and for some reason MJ can’t get the song right. eosv6But this then gets diverted to the origins of Gwen Stacey, the drummer in the band, and how she got her powers and how she became a public menace. In this Gwen becomes Spider-Woman and in a different twist Peter Parker becomes The Lizard and then apparently is killed by Spider-Woman but that could be more taken out of context since that it is only a brief introduction. Gwen then starts playing rather angrily and one of the group called Glory asks her if she is alright and asks if she wants to talk about any problems but she just brushes it off. MJ calls her a total head case but Glory tells her to leave her alone since that it seems that she has a lot on her mind.

We then cut over to Gwen who is now sitting on top of a billboard that has a wanted sign on for her and she narrates on what has been bothering her since that she has a lot of secrets and that she wouldn’t be able to say that and that Peter will never know. She changes into her costume and talks with her dad where he says that she should give up the band a focus on her studies but she replies saying that she loves music and it’s what she wanted to do. He then goes on to some up saying that if you pay attention life will show you where you’re needed most.eosv8 He rushes off the call but it seems that Gwen wanted to talk more, but then a police officer notices her and tells her to freeze and put her hands up. She tries to calm him down so that he doesn’t end up shooting civilians, she tries to get him to lower the gun but he then shoots her. She dodges the shots and then webs the cop to a column, he asks her not to kill him and she questions why she would kill him and says that if somebody got hold of the footage and edited to music he would be remembered by the internet. Gwen leaves the cop as back up arrives and tries to leave to but a helicopter manages to track her down and reinforcements follow her.

Cutting over to a restaurant we are introduced to the two villains of the issue the first is Aleksei Sytsevich, this earths equivalent to Rhino and Matt Murdock who in this is the Kingpin. This sets up that Kingpin wants him take out a target that turns out to be Captain Stacey. Aleksei asks why he wants him out of the picture and he replies saying that it takes Captain Stacey out of the picture for him and makes Spider-Woman look more like a villain.

We then cut back over to the Mary Jane’s where Gwen is running late and they head on without her and we see that Cpt Stacey is in the crowd for the performance. Gwen gets into the green room that her bandmates were in and rushes out of her costume to head on stage. But the contest gets cut short when Aleksei attacks Cpt Stacey and throws him on stage just as Gwen came on. Aleksei gets on stage to try and deal a possible killing blow but Spider-Woman makes the save. eosv5She tries to take the fight to him and but that fails and Aleksei says that he is here to help her but he grabs her into bear hug and Gwen finds it hard to get out, but she uses her drummer instincts and bashes him in the face and webs his arms to a wall. She then punches him in such a powerful strike that it knocks him through a wall.

Cpt Stacey tells her to freeze and she asks him why and that she just wants to be loved by the people but he isn’t having anything of it. He tries to place her under arrest for the murder of Peter Parker but she tries to explain her side of the story and twirls away from his line of sight that but he still focuses on her. He says that deciding isn’t his job but she replies that it would be left up to Jameson’s angry mob or the cop that shot at her. He continues to say that he is going to bring her in and even says that no matter how long that it will take she will see justice.eosv7 So she decides to take it one step further and that is revealing herself to her father. He seems rather shocked at first and asks her how and why she is Spider-Woman and to sum it up she is first doing it for freeing her from her responsibilities but when Peter died trying to follow her she uses his death as a cause on why she does what she does, to keep the monsters at bay. Cpt Stacey tries to wrap his head around what had happened and tells her to get out of here and she thanks him and she web swings away with Captain Britain Spider-Man observing her ending the issue.

For these first two issues, I really do like them. In the first issue, it does make me interested in picking up the run for Spider-Man Noir since I really want to know what the story about what happened before this and finding out what happened to Felicia Hardy. But in the case for Gwen Stacey: Spider-Woman it made me curious on what they were going to do with her character for the series since that this is bringing back a character that was dead in the current universe and seeing what it would be like for Peter to interact with her. Plus since that we are in more current times, she does have her own new run and it is something that I do think that I am going to pick up in the future.

Films I’m Looking Forward to See in 2017

Sometime last year in a group chat I put in a list of films that I was looking forward to see for the following year and for some reason looking back in the chat I couldn’t seem to find where it was and I decided to re-write my list and I think that there is going to be more that I am going to see than what is on this list. Note this list isn’t in that much of an order since that depending on a lot of factors it could be released one month in America and be shown in the UK five months later.

Logan: The first Marvel film of the year and this looks like that it is going to be a good one and that since that this is apparently going to be Hugh Jackman’s last film it looks like that it could be the best X-Men film to date. You have Logan seemed to be forced to look after a child, x-23, that has a similar mutant power as him, being able to have extended claws and it seems that evil organisation is after her. This does look like that it is going to be a good film and hopefully they will use the R rating in America to good use.

Kong: Skull Island: Ever since that Godzilla got rebooted through Legendary I have been wondering what they were going to do in the future and then they announced that there was going to be a cinematic universe that is going to consist not just of the Godzilla universe but also, they brought in Kong. I have been looking forward to this since they released the teaser of the film and we see the size of what Kong was going to be for the film and he is massive and right size compared to Godzilla for when they have their film later in the series. Also, the good thing about this film is that this seems to be a lot different to previous Kong films since that it doesn’t look like there are any dinosaurs in the film and instead there are theses weird creatures that live underground. I also think that the cast for the film is good, you have Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Sam L Jackson and John C Riley, all are good actors (most of them are also in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Power Rangers: For this whole film, it seems that it is going to be the biggest risk that Saban and Power Rangers could take. The films cast seems to be rather mixed since that most of the cast are rather young and some of them have been in a lot of shows but the two with the most recognition may be Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery have been in quite a few shows with Montgomery being in Stranger Things. The thing that I do like about the film is that it is a different take on the Mighty Morphin era and I do like the fact that this series does seem to be more alien then what the show was and that’s something that I do like about it. I also like that the villain for the film is a opposite of what Rita was in the show and it is something that I like, it seems almost in a way like what Andromeda was like In Space.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: It’s a sequel to one of the best Marvel films of course I am looking forward for this film. From what we got from the trailers for this there wasn’t that much of a story revealed and that is something that I do really like about trailers since that there have been some that pretty much ruin the film by showing most it in the trailer. I think that this has all the good elements to be a fantastic sequel since that in the trailer from what we do see that it looks just as action filled and comedically brilliant and it’s something good to look forward to.

Alien: Covenant: I was rather surprised that I would be seeing a new Alien film since that I never saw one in the cinemas (mainly since that I am 24 and the last film that had Aliens in I wasn’t that well acquainted with the franchise). This is supposed to be set after the events of Prometheus, which with the ending means that it is going to be rather weird to see since the ending seemed that both David and Dr Shaw were trapped on the planet but there both back for the film so it’s going to be interesting to see what they do with that. Plus, I would like to see what they do with the Aliens in this film since that at the very end of Prometheus we see a new Alien being born that looks like an earlier version of the Xenomorph.

Wonder Woman: So, DC haven’t had the best track rate with their current movies but this film looks like that it could possibly break that trend. But right now, I am feeling rather 50/50 about the movie since that with the bad track record they have. I really like the fact that for this film they decided to have it set during World War 1 instead of being set during the modern time line such as what the previous films and this seems that it is something that they may have done right.

Spider-Man: Homecoming: When Marvel had revealed that they have had the rights to Spider-Man from Sony and the debut in Captain America: Civil War, I was rather looking forward to seeing the next first Spider-Man film in the MCU. But for me I do have a few issues with the film, the first is that I think that it could seem that the film could possibly be packing more villains that we need since that already confirmed have been Shocker and Vulture, with Vulture being the main. The second problem that I have could be the cast since that outside Tom Holland, RDJ and Michael Keaton I don’t think that I have seen the rest of the cast in anything else so that it could be difficult to get a read on their acting ability. Third is having RDJ in the film since that he is something that I am hoping is something that is going to be limited in the film since that I think it could easily ruin the film, but I do hope that in the end that Tony could give him a new suit maybe the Iron Spider-Suit.

War of the Planet of the Apes: I really didn’t think that this series would have gotten a third film in the series but it does look like that it was going to be a rather decent. Set after the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes it looks like that this film is going to go more into the depths on how the Apes take over the planet and turning it into said Planet of the Apes. So far from the cast and the plot it seems that it is going to be a rather dark film and with Woody Harrelson as the main antagonist is rather good since that he can play menacing and ruthless rather well.

It: This is a rather weird film, a remake of the miniseries and novel of the same name, it’s a story about an eponymous being tormenting a group and kids as well in their adult lives. I was rather worried about this film since that the original version was rather memorable with fans as well as Tim Curry’s portrayal as It. But hopefully it can do rather well since that September is a rather good period to be putting out horror films.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle: When I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service when it came out a few years ago, I didn’t think that I would have liked it that much. I was wrong. The film was a whole lot of fun and the fight scenes were rather well done, plus during a scene at the end just with some subtle editing could make it seem like a higher rating. This film is something that looks good and confusing, the first being that Hugh Grant is in the film. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film slight spoilers, he died during the climax of the best fight scene in the film. I am rather curious on how they bring him back into the film. The second reason this has me curious is that Channing Tatum is going to be in the film and from the pictures that we see on set it looks like that he is a Kingsman but I am rather curious since that they were at a low point at the end of the film. The third reason that has me curious is that Julianne Moore is the villain of the film it could be something that could be rather well done or not.

Thor: Ragnarok: The final Marvel film of the year and oh boy am I looking forward to see this. After the events of Doctor Strange (or even during the events) Thor and Hulk are somehow on a gladiatorial planet but Thor is able to get off the planet and he and Loki are out looking for Odin since that at the end of The Dark World it was revealed that Loki had taken over Asgard. Plus, we have a rather interesting new cast of characters being added including Cate Blanchett as Hela, Karl Urban as Skurge and Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster it is a well put villain group for the film.

Justice League: Just like with Wonder Woman this could just be a rather big risk that DC could be doing since that Batman v Superman wasn’t that much of a critical success and this seems that it is going to be harder to get the fans over. After the fallout of the last film we see Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting their Justice League team consisting of Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash and them dealing with a general of Darkseid, Steppenwolf and his Parademons.  Overall I don’t know what it is going to be like for a film and I am keeping my hopes low for it.

Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi: So, this has stirred up a lot of hype over the past few months since a lot of things have happened. The first came late last year when Carrie Fisher, who played Leia, passed away which came to a massive shock to her friends, family and cast. The second came this year when the title of the film was released and that it was going to be called the Last Jedi which came into a lot of confusion for what people think from the title. Did this mean that Luke was going to die and that Rey was the titular Last Jedi or is it that there are more Jedi that are to come since that Jedi is also the plural term used. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to see this film, even though there is 10 months left and more trailers and leaks could be outed that could change my stance but I really do hope that in the first few minutes there will be Luke’s cut lines that were in the trailer for The Force Awakens.

Honourable Mentions: Since that there are a lot of films out this year there are some that I do feel rather mixed about or the fact that there are some films, due to distribution or lack there are that can’t be released for even a full week or even weekend.

Shin Godzilla: As stated in my section for Kong: Skull Island I am a fan of the Godzilla film, not just the American version but also the original Japanese films as well. In all honesty, I have tried to watch what I can of them but the biggest disappointment is that usually finding them on YouTube they are usually bad quality and have no subtitles which is hard to understand since I don’t speak Japanese. Plus, since that I don’t live in America I can’t get my hands on the Japanese versions brought out there since I don’t own a Region-1 DVD player and I live in the UK and the only Godzilla film that they brought out was the first film, that and King Kong v Godzilla and both which I enjoy. When I found out that Toho was bringing out a new Godzilla I was over the moon and then I found out that it was going to be brought out in America for a limited release and hoped the same would happen in the UK but I was wrong. I then found out doing this list that it was going to be shown in the UK in two places that I can’t get to since that it was short notice and that it was being shown at the Fright Fest in London and Glasgow. I would have really like to have seen it on the big screen but it looks like that I might be able to see it when it comes out on DVD.

The Howling: When I was going through the list of films coming out this year and I see this film listed and it brought up a lot of questions for me. The first was is this another reboot from their series or is it something that is completely different with the same title like the many different films about the Amityville Horror. So far from what I have found out the film is set in a village somewhere in England and that there is a mad scientist named Frank Stein who had been experimenting with people and fauna and had went missing and that was about thirty years in the past. Cut to the present your usual trope of a horror film, a group of curious teenagers, head out to see of the legend is true and hijinks ensues.

Annabelle 2: I was never that much of a fan of the first Annabelle film and I pretty much saw it as a cash in by New Line Cinema giving the doll a backstory that had been put in during The Conjuring. But this just seems to be more different since that apparently, this is about a doll maker and his wife are mourning over the death of their daughter end up taking in a nun and several girls who then are targeted by the dollmakers possessed creation, Annabelle. This pretty much makes it rather stupid since that it pretty much retcons the way that Annabelle was possessed at the end of the first film with it being a satanic ritual done and the spirit transferred of Annabelle transferred into the doll. The only thing that I can think of that makes sense is that if the person that got the doll at the end of the film wasn’t the same person that gave the doll to her daughter that happened in the beginning of The Conjuring. It just seems rather confusing and hopefully the film will explain it a lot more better.