Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2015 Predictions

Here I am back again for the final (Main Roster) PPV predictions of the year with TLC 2015 and after last month’s predictions were near perfect except for two matches, hopefully this time I can go 8/8 this time round.

Pre-Show: Sasha Banks v Becky Lynch

Now this could actually be a really good match that they are showing on the pre show especially seeing their matches that they have had on NXT as well on the main roster this can be really good. Plus I could also see this match also being a match that could set off the next Divas Title rivalry, mainly cause I don’t want to see another match with Paige after this PPV. With this you have two rather decent technical female wrestlers and I think that the one that can apply their finisher they’ll win the match and the person that I think can do that is Sasha Banks.

Ryback v Rusev

A few months ago I noted that the rivalry between Dolph and Rusev was bad, but I think that this just seems like rather boring filler for the card. This I think mainly came around after a few weeks or so, it’s been a while since that I’ve watched the minor storylines on Raw and Smackdown since I wasn’t that interested with them. I think that the match is going to be Rusevs, mainly because I think that Lana is going to be a factor in the match.

United States Championship Chairs Match: Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger

The first stipulation match on the card (possibly) pits Jack Swagger against defending champ Alberto Del Rio, but the interesting point for this match its uncertain that Zeb Coulter isn’t accompanying Del Rio for the match with what happened during Raw where Del Rio tripped over Zeb’s mobility scooter ans Del Rio being rather upset or something like that. This could seem that it can go any way possible, since that it is a stipulation and that it is a title match. But from what I’ve seen, I think that Swagger will regain the title and Zeb will rejoin him.

Eight Man Tag Team Table Elimination Match: The ECW Originals (The Dudleys, Tommy Deamer and Rhyno) v The Wyatt Family

This match could be really awesome especially after the fact that you have a team that has spent most of their wrestling careers either putting people through tables or getting themselves put through tables so that’s a big plus in the side for the originals. On the other hand you have a team that seems to be pretty much unstoppable. Harper and Rowan are pretty much dominant as a unit and Strowman is a dominate force as well with the ability just to ‘Choke’ out the competition, so I think that Wyatt could be the downfall of the team, especially after when Bubba Ray pushed Wyatt through a table a few weeks ago on Raw. But since that this is an elimination match, I’m going to back the ECW Originals for this match.

Divas Championship Match: Charlotte w/ Ric Flair v Paige

My God I’m sick of seeing this match. This better be the last time that I see these two fight unless there’s a perfectly good reason to see them fight because it is getting really boring. I’m gonna make this quick and say that Charlotte is going to win possibly with a rollup or with some outside interference that’ll help her win.

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The New Day v The Usos v Lucha Dragons

I actually think that this match could be a show stealer. It feel like a long time that there been a highlighted tag team ladder match and the most famous one that comes to mind is the WrestleMaina 2000 match that has such a highlight at any Mania and I hope that this can be the same. You have three really good teams, The New Day are having so much fun with their roles, The Usos have been on a good roll and Hell Lucha Dragons have been as well. All three teams have a really good mix of different styles and I think that it can be a rather tough match to call down the middle. But if I have to pick a team I’m going with the unicorns and The New Day.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kevin Owens v Dean Ambrose

Now this match does seem again like complete filler, yet it does seem that it can be a really good match as well. You have Owens who has been on a really good roll as of late and Ambrose as well been on a good roll. In all honesty I really do want Ambrose to win this match after going such a long way in the WWE World Heavyweight Tournament and he hasn’t had a title, legally, for quite a while and it would be nice to see what they do with him in th  future. But I’m going with Owens for the win mainly because he’s been on a roll as the champion and I think their waiting to bring up somebody new or wait for a returning wrestler to take the belt from him at some point.

TLC WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus v Roman Reigns

Well I was right with the ending of the last main event lets see if I can do it again. This match like most of the stipulation matches tonight, this could really go either way. You have Reigns who is annoyed that he lost his title that he didn’t really have time to enjoy getting a rematch through a stipulation picked by the Authority and then you have Sheamus who can have more of a possible advantage since that he could have back up in the form of League of Nations, depending if they sell any injuries that they have well, but there could be a chance that we might see Barret interfere, but on the other hand I could also see possibly Ambrose and the Usos interfering on the side of Regins so that could even up the odds. But I still think that Sheamus will retain the title and probablies won’t see a title change there till either  Elimination Chamber (if that’s still a PPV by next year) or more likely at WrestleMaina.

Note: There is only one match that I really would have loved to see at this event and that would be The Dudley Boys vs The New Day mainly for the fact that the Tables match is a Dudley speciality and would have been nice to see them fight here instead of when they came back after SummerSlam.