The Good The Bad and The Murdered Souls

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been on and off playing Square Enix latest game Murdered:Soul Suspect and I’ve got to say with games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstien out I really liked this game because it was different. It wasn’t a shooter type game but I thought that’s what made it really intriguing to me since I haven’t played a game like this since Portal 2. This may contain some spoilers.

The Good-
The main story of the game is really interesting and I’ve got to say it has made me more interested to learn about the darker past of Americas history since the Salem Witch Trials were a really dark mark on their history. Also the fact that the Bell Killer was performing similar ways that people were killed during the trials made it feel like if the killer was still doing a witch hunt in the present day. I found the story to be intriguing and easy to follow.

But with the main story of the game I also found the side missions in the game to be interesting as well, since the main character is a detective he manages to find a way to help spirits find a way to move on with life and I’ve .got to say this game has a way better detective feel than what the Batman Arkham games have, where as the Batman Arkham games have a more simplified detective system that has a computer aided programming this game puts on more of a traditional approach to detective work and this I found a lot more fun to do.

Another thing that I like about the game is that you don’t have to shoot anyone or beat them up and comparing them to games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstien I really enjoyed it more since the last game that I didn’t have to kill anyone in a over the top or cool way was Portal 2, so this has been possibly may favourite game since then.

The Bad-
Minus one or two minor texture problems I had saw I didn’t have that much of a problem to the game. But once I completed the game I was disappointed to find that you couldn’t revisit the main hub area of the game to finish collecting other remaining clues that revealed the past of places, if you could do that then I would have had the game completed 100% trophy wise.

The Murdered Souls-
I think that this game has had me hooked as a game when I watched in on YouTube on theRadBrad’s channel when we was given a copy of the game to play and the story and gameplay style hooked me instantly. I loved the story, it was easy to follow and the twists that came into the game in the final act I really didn’t see coming whatsoever, it did have the feel of a Hollywood but a lot better build up. But with all the low ratings that I’ve seen for it make me think that reviewers prefer quantity (game time) over quality (story), I thought even with a shorter completion time it still managed to get from A to B to C in a rather good and interesting way.

I really hope that Square Enix would make a sequel to this game because it got me hooked in American history and it being a darker part of their history it made me more intrigued, and with even more dark history around the world of would make a interesting game to play, a good example of this would be if they did a game based around the Jack the Ripper murders because 1 it’s a dark point in England’s history and 2 the killer was never caught so with this they could use it to try and find the true killer.

Overall I give this game a 8/10 it kept me interested from the beginning and I hope that they could be making a sequel.