The Forest: Review

So The Forest was currently released in cinemas to the UK thanks to lingering release dates since that it was out in America in early January, never the less here’s what I thought of the latest slice of horror.

So the story focus around a woman called Sara played by, Natalie Dormer, who finds out that her twin sister, Jess (also Dormer), living in Japan is alerted that she had entered the infamous Aokigahara Forest where it is known that people go there to commit suicide. Then throughout the film it is basically her trying to find her sister. She then decides to fly out and search by first start by going to the school that she works at where she finds that she has a prescription of anxiety, possibly building more up on the suicide angle. She then finds out that she was a part of a school trip that went to the area where the forest is located and then heads out there to see if she can find her. When she arrives there off the train she heads to what looks like a small office/ cooler where they keep dead bodies of people that they get for when authorities pick them up for disposal. The owner believes that she has the body of Sara’s sister but it turns out that it isn’t her and then walks along a trail where we get one of the more stranger scenes of a line of schoolgirls (possibly from the same school where Jess worked at going by the outfit) and winds up at a hotel that seemed to just appear out of nowhere. In the hotel she meets a reporter called Aiden where he try’s and gets close to Sara. There she tells him about her sister and what happened to her parents saying that it was a car accident but from what we are shown it is something different. Aiden then reveals to her that he is going into the forest along with a guide of the forest called Michi to see if she can find her sister with their help. When they get to the forest and go across the ‘no entry’ line that we start to see that Sara does seem different. We then see a lot of scenes of the forest and it does look really like a beautiful place, minus the dead bodies. Later into the hike Sara gets pulled in a direction different from the route that Aiden and Michi were going which then leads them to find the tent that they had when they were growing up. Michi say that it is time for them to go but Sara says that she isn’t going anywhere through the protest of both Michi and Aiden, but then Aiden changes his mind and decides to stay with her. This then leads Sara to then start being over influenced by the forests evil forces and has some hallucinations and is then led away by a spirit who gets her to have more distrust towards Aiden and think that he had something to do with Jess. A real good instance is then afterwards where there trying to get to a path so that Michi can find them easier or that they can get help. There when they were walking right to left notice a dead body flowing them in the same direction but then when Aiden pulls her away from the edge, Aiden then walks from left to right with Sara pointing out that they were walking in the wrong direction building up on her paranoia and then Aiden corrects her saying that they should follow the river where it now appears to be flowing the opposite way it was before. Sara runs away from Aiden which then leads her to apparently the area where she found the first dead body and finds some yarn/ twine that she then wraps around a tree to try and have somebody possibly Michi to find her. But when she is trying to create her trail her sister’s voice and the dead body that she finds is telling her to look behind but she tries to ignore the voices but then she gets frightened and runs off to then fall in a hole where she injures her leg and finds the game schoolgirl that warned her about Aiden and gets her to come further in the cave to then get scared when it turns out that the schoolgirl is in fact a yurei and she tries to escape the cave and Aiden manages to find her and rescue her from the cave and they manage to get a old rangers station where Aiden tries to fix a old radio. This then leads Sara to believe that Jess is in the cabin where the supposed Jess writes a note to her from a door that leads to a supposed basement. Sara then goes to kill Aiden and proceeds to go down the now unlocked where younger Jess witness what happens to their parents and Sara then learns to truth that it was a murder/suicide and then the dead father goes and attacks Sara. We then cut immediately over to Jess where it turns out that she is in fact alive and starts running through the forest as well as Sara who then manages to break free of her father’s grip. They both end up running to the forest where the search party, including Sara’s husband. Sara keeps on calling Jess’s name but she keeps ignoring it where it then turns out that the schoolgirl stops Sara from continuing. Jess is reunited with Sara’s husband and the search party. But then the twist comes in and that it is revealed that Sara is in fact dead. She then gets dragged into the forest and is then seen in death form by Michi.

I got to say for this film it also had rather good editing as well expect for the some of the first ten or so minutes. When she finds out that Jess has went in the woods and she instantly moved in to the woods it was then re-cut to feature some small details and introduce her husband even though it seems like that he could have been cut out of the film but there needed to be somebody to meet Jess when she got out of the woods. It seemed to be really a weird side of setting up the beginning even though they could have just shot it regularly instead of this crazy way of editing it. Then I think that there was one rather small subtle editing problem that I noticed and that was a scene in the beginning where you have Sara and her husband where the shot seems to have been flipped since the shot before and after it was taken in the same style. It seems really noticeable since the fact that Natalie Dormer does have some beauty marks on one side of her face. So other than that I didn’t think that there was that many problems editing wise with the film and it seems that it was also paced rather well.

The acting of the film was pretty good. Dormers performance through the entire film was really good and I think that this is her pretty much in a good role that I like even better than her role in Game of Thrones and for the fact that she plays two characters makes her performance rather well since that they are two different characters as well. Taylor Kinney who plays Aiden in the film was also rather well since that when Sara started to become paranoid it did seem that Aiden had some other motives, maybe like that he did have something to do with Jess’s disappearance. There also seemed to be more with the character as well so I hope that when the DVD comes out there could be some deleted scenes or alternate scenes where we may find out more about him since there did seem more that could have happened with him since there was a lot of small things that seem that were unexplained that would have needed explained.

Over all I did like the film, I just wish that there were less jump scares in the film and focused more and more on the psychological effects that the characters are going through. Final Verdict 7/10.

Did Deadpool Deliver?

So as many of my friends know I am a pretty big fan of Deadpool, I’ve read many of the different comics thanks to Comixology who release Deadpool comics in their free section or through their special free comic’s period that they have around the Christmas period, I’ve been collecting the last instalments of the Deadpool series through trade-paper backs and the new Deadpool series that’s currently out now and I’ve been enjoying reading them. I also enjoyed playing the game released by Activision and High Moon Studios, it has funny, good characters and acting. Then when the film was announced I had a lot of feelings that it was going to be rather terrible, but then after many months of trailers and interviews I was able to actually enjoy the film. The film so far has been one of the greatest success for a opening weekend for Marvel and a it has now opened the door for more rated R films to be released from companies like Fox. For instance there is a new Spawn film in the works and it is now confirmed that it will be rated R and also apparently we could see the final Wolverine film being rated R as well. However with such a film being able to create new boundaries for ratings I did think that there were a few things that I did find that there rather disappointing about the film and I’m going to start off with a few things that seem rather minor and a few that did rather bug me a lot.

The first thing that bugged me about the film is that the person who played Colossus in the original X-Men films as well as Days of Future Past apparently according to his Twitter account he was offered the role but turned it down because they were just going to be using him for CGI and stunts but not use his voice. I was actually bummed about this since that he has played Colossus before and I wondered why they didn’t want him for his voice as well instead of replacing him with a completely different actor just seemed to be a total waste.

The second thing that bugged me about the film is the amount of trailers, teasers, posters and advertisements that they use to promote the film. I got really bugged with the whole advertisements for this since that it just seemed like a overkill for the actual film. I mean the trailers for it were okay that actually showed footage, but then when you look at what they done for the previous two months that led up to the film’s release showed a tonne of footage with Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool talking a lot about different topics, the one that springs to mind for me instantly is the Australia Day trailer which just made me think ‘oh God there really trying to make as many people see this film aren’t they.’ Another reason why I think that Fox probably ended up doing it was because if the film did just scrape in their budget back, they would have made a killing just in advertisements.

The third thing that bothered me was the villain for the film and it’s something that has actually bothered me in all the new Marvel movies that have came out since Iron Man and that is that they all had a weak villain in the first movie. For instance Obadiah Stane, Lizard, Sebastian Shaw, hell even Loki seemed to be pretty weak villains for the films they were in . I mean Ed Skrein was a decent casting choice for Francis/Ajax, same as the ones that I previously mentioned but I sort of wish that there was an over arching villain, sort of what like Loki and Thanos are in the main Marvel universe. Also another problem that I have is that in pretty much every first Marvel movie they end up killing off the first villain that they have.

The fourth and final thing that bugged me about the film was that it seemed to end on a rather flat ending in a way and it could have been changed to be at least more interesting than what happened. I would have still had the fight that happened on the decommissioned aircraft carrier, I think that’s what it is (or a helicarrier which could seem unlikely). Instead of having it outside I would have had it inside and to make things more interesting I would have had Francis inject the same serum that he used to make Deadpool into what he is now and inject it into Vanessa to have her start turning into her mutant form of Copycat and then have Deadpool to save her before she could come to the effects of the serum but then it turns out that it is too late then having Deadpool trying to resuscitate her for her to be brought back to her life and bringing out her mutant genes and then brings out her not mutant look. There we then would have the ending that was the same as the film after he kills Francis.

That all the things that bothered me about the Deadpool film but I am looking forward to the sequel and to see the person who is going to be playing Cable.

WWE Fast Lane Predictions

So after the go home show from Raw I think that this event could seem rather unpredictable. Hopefully this time round that I can actually call this card down the straight and narrow.

Pre-Show: United States Championship Match: Two Out of Three Falls Match:
Kalisto (C) v Alberto Del Rio:
So the pre show for this event I’m rather disappointed with it really. You have two really good wrestlers that go over well with the audience and what do you do you put them on the pre show when you could have put something more lower down in rivalries such as the Becky/Sasha v Naomi/Tamina match here since that it doesn’t seem that it would prove much in the long run when this in fact is the rubber match between Kalisto and Del Rio. Never the less this is covering the match and not how WWE books their shows rather badly. I think that this match will go to the third fall, I think that Del Rio will win the first fall and Kalisto will win the other two falls and retain the title.

Six Man Tag Match:
Ryback, Kane and Big Show v The Wyatt Family:
This match just seemed to come pretty much out of nothing really, I think that there were a few fans that expected that the Wyatts would go on to feud with Brock Lesnar but it doesn’t look that is going to be happening anytime soon. The Wyatts have been pretty much solid for a while and I think that they’ll win.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Kevin Owens (C) v Dolph Ziggler:
Now WWE did something that I didn’t think they would have done following the outcome of the main event for this event but after Raw I was surprised that they gave Owens the title. Not only was giving Owens the title back a stroke of good writing but it also gave this rivalry something to actually fight over and continue probably Owens over to WrestleMania for him to defend the title against a new rival, who I probably couldn’t really guess at this point but Owens will go over in the match and end this rivalry.

Tag Team Match:
Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks v Naomi and Tamina:
This is something that I think should have been the pre show match since that I don’t think that there is anything that stake in this match. I mean if there was a stipulation in the match that the Authority made that the winner of the match or the person that the gets the cover/submission gets the number one contender spot. I think that Becky and Sasha will get the win and both will apply their finishers at the same time and get the win that way. 

Divas Championship Match:
Charlotte (C) with Ric Flair v Brie Bella:
For the first time since that Nikki Bella was champion I actually do want to see the title change. Charlotte has been doing well with the belt but I would like to see something new since that it does seem to be the same old stuff. Also I would really like to see this idea actually float around. First we have Brie win the title at Fast Lane and then retain the title at WrestleMania 32 to then have her retire on the Raw after, since that there have been rumours going around that Brie may be retiring or leaving from WWE since that way she can spend more time with her husband since that he’s now retired. This way WWE now has a chance to bring back the Women’s title, something that is better designed that the tramp stamp design that it currently is and can then bring up Bailey from NXT to then either have a Fatal Four Way/ Tournament to crown a new champion. Either way I think that Brie will win.

Singles Match:
AJ Styles v Chris Jericho:
So after looking over some spoilers from Smackdown since this is going up before it airs I remembered that this match was on the cards. After seeing the first few matches between these two they have been pretty decent, 3/4 star matches at best but hopefully this match will be something worthwhile, hopefully in AJ case where we may see him then going for a rivalry with Owens for the Intercontinental championship. I think that this match will be pretty close to call but I’m going to say that AJ is going to get the win and hopefully WWE will let AJ actually use the Styles Clash on Jericho since he has only won one match so far once with the Clash against Curtis Axel on a episode of Smackdown and every other match I believe except one has all been submission wins with the Calf Killer/Crusher.

Triple Threat Match: WWE World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Brock Lesnar v Dean Ambrose v Roman Reigns:
Oh boy are we up for quite a match here that could really sketch what matches we may end up seeing at WrestleMania. I don’t think that I can really make a solid prediction for this but if I had to make my solid guess is that it’s going to be a ‘Dusty Finish’ where something is going to happen to Brock and then there is going to be a double count, something that actually ended up happening on NXT the Samoa Joe/Sami Zayne match ended in a double count. So that is something that can happen and seems more likely to happen. But then after this week’s Raw an idea came to me that we see now that the Dudley Boyz are now a Heel team and that they took down Ambrose and Reigns after Raw they could have something do then do with the match since they are also Paul Heyman guys so they could end up interfering on Lesnar’s behalf to take out probably Reigns so that Ambrose can go up against Lesnar one on one.