August Update

So it has been a while since that I have done a update blog and I need to have some filler to put in for the lack of material that I have put out. The main reasons that I haven’t put up any new posts is that I have had a lot of trouble with my laptop for the past few weeks where I have had to get it fixed, luckily enough I have it back and its working. Another reason why I haven’t posted anything is because I have been dealing with quite a few personal problems and that seems to be going nowhere much and I might as well just repress anything that I have.  

Onto the posts that I am going to be doing for the next month going to be another themed few weeks since that this is the twentieth anniversary of Pokemon I have a few posts that I am going to cover to span a month. This then should lead me onto late September where this is going to lead me for few posts (hopefully DKIII will be done by that time) where I am going to cover two DC topics hopefully about the series that I have been reading about. After this it should lead me into the October where my favourite holiday is: Halloween, where I am going to hopefully by then have the Universal Monster Box Set and I am going to try and review one of them as well as doing a Top 10 list. Another film that I am going to try and review is going to be Ghostbusters since that back around April time when I was doing my Top 5 favourite films of all time list, I sort of had another slight breakdown where I didn’t even write the blog and this is where it is going to be rectified.

I currently do have some posts planned for November where I am going to do two lists of games (which I already have written up) of disappointing games and games that I would like to see be remastered, so that’s going to be fun to do. Another blog that I do plan on doing hopefully for November is going to be a movie review for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions film, but the main problem with this is that (a it is already out in Japan so I’m late on that and (b I have no idea if and when the film is going to be released in the UK. Hopefully in the next few weeks and months that is to come I will find out the information that I am looking for to see when I should have that out by. 

Finally I would like to say a thank you (again) to one of my friends Michael Alexander who asked for somebody to come on his radio show on Nova Radio North East to fill in for his usual co-host who was busy that day. I had a great time on there where we ended up talking about this site, comic con’s, films as well as playing some music. But make sure that you check them out this week when they he and his co-host are back on Wednesday 6pm-8pm on Nova where I believe they are going to be talking about a play that is currently at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle this week called No Man’s Land starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart so that’s something to look forward to for theatre-goers to look forward to. I do hope that I get the chance to go back on again since that it was something really fun and different that I have done.

So hopefully now I am going to be back on the wagon with these blog posts and hopefully without any problems.