Survivor Series 2015 Predictions

This Sunday is the 25th anniversary of not just only the Survivor Series itself but also for one of the long time WWE wrestler The Undertaker so this PPV will either be something really spectacular or it could end up being a huge an utter disappointment.


Roman Reigns v Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens v Dean  Ambrose: WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-final: These two matches are quite possibly the more unknown results for the whole entire show since that from a fan point a tournament is rather unpredictable. But for this I get a feeling that WWE won’t be going for another double title holder so I’m going to predict that we will see a Reigns and Ambrose final for the main event since I think that fans would rather would like to see a Reigns v Ambrose match being made. I think that it seemed rather pointless having Alberto Del Rio in the tournament since that he just came back to the company and in all honesty I would have preferred to see him defend the US Title against Jack Swagger, but I guess that they are going to be starting that rivalry tomorrow night on RAW. Kevin Owens on the other hand could be more of a dark horse since that he hasn’t been in many rivalry matches since besting Ryback last month at HIAC so I wouldn’t mind seeing him face Reigns in the final.

Charlotte v Paige Divas Title Match: I already hate this match from the start. This match is just about somebody being a jealous little brat wanting a title shot when there are a lot better and more deserving Divas in the locker room that deserve a chance than what Paige has had. Also another thing that has bugged me is the stupid contract signing that happened on RAW that doesn’t usually happen unless it is a major match e.g. John Cena v Rusev. The only really reason why this happens was for Paige to show how much of a anti-diva she is by targeting Charlotte brother who had died. In the end Charlotte will retain and hopefully put Paige away from No.1 contender spot.

Dolph Ziggler v Tyler Breeze: This is what I think seems like another completely pointless match mainly because I think they screwed booking this feud since I think that it should have been Breeze facing off against Rusev since he was the one that sort of caused a shift in the previous storyline thanks to the people of TMZ who revealed that in real life had gotten engaged to Lana who was kayfabe linked with Ziggler. So Summer Rae was pissed with Ziggler decided to reveal Breeze who took out Ziggler in his debut. Overall I think on film this could look like a really good match, their fighting styles seem similar of what I’ve seen from Breeze on NXT and I do look slightly forward, Ziggler to win.

At this point I would have probably talked about the 5-5 Traditional Survivor Series Tag Match but I actually can’t this time since they haven’t (at least of the time this post is up) revealed the team line up. So this is more of a prediction on who is going to be in the match. Team 1 I think that it will consist of all the members of The New Day since that it would be pointless not to have the champs wrestle and they are rather entertaining and joining them I’m going on a limb and say either The Ascension or King Barret and Sheamus. On Team 2 I’m going to say that it’ll be the Uso’s, The Dudley Boyz and Ryback. I don’t really care who wins mainly because there doesn’t seem to be anything at stake in the match unlike last year.

The Brothers of Destruction v The Watt Family: This looks like it could be interesting since that this looks really good on paper since you have to of the top old school wrestlers in Undertaker and Kane facing off against the Wyatt’s who have had a string of events that have seen them been really making them look like a dominant force that could see them do well in the next few years to come. But for this match I’m backing Undertaker and Kane mainly since that it seems that why would you make a match for the 25th anniversary of the Undertaker since that it would be a huge disappointed of a PPV if they did book it that way.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: For this prediction I’m going with my true picks and that is Reigns and Ambrose. Having these two fight is something that I wanted to see since the SHIELD disbanded mainly for the fact that this would seems like a five star match (if not a five star maybe a four) since they have had a number of really good matches over the past year. I’m going to say that Reigns is going to win the match but I get the feeling something is going to be fishy with the ending of the match since that somebody could end up either ruining the match such as Triple H appear or maybe Reigns does win the match but Ambrose clocks him and Sheamus takes the advantage of the opportunity and picks up the win and sees Reigns being screwed over the second time this year if that does happen.

Top Ten Horror Movie Icons

As many people who either know me or have read a number of my posts here I love watching horror films and I really don’t know why I do like them. Maybe it is for the story of them or maybe I need to get a good fright once in a while. But for this post I am going to count down my personal Top Ten Horror Movie Icons.

10: Jigsaw: For me I was never that much fan of the Saw franchise, mainly because it seemed like the same shtick in every film where there would be people that would get kidnapped and put into a death match to see who wanted more to live. Jigsaw was a pretty good villain for the series since the fact that through the films we get more of a story built up that makes his decisions that he does seem more plausible. I would go into more detail with Jigsaw, but I have only seen a couple of films and not that many to give that much detail.

9: Pennywise the Clown: The main villain in the series of It, Pennywise the Clown was the nightmare of both the book and the mini-series from the mind of author Stephen King. For some reason a lot of people that I know when I’ve talked about horror films that scared them was always Pennywise the Clown. I never knew at that time what It was until a few years ago and I got to say I have no idea why it seemed to be rather a scary film. The character of Pennywise the Clown was clown that used his persuasive abilities to kidnap and kill children to keep his powers going. This then leads to a group of children to then team up and defeat Pennywise in his clown form leading them to think that they have killed the evil entity, but this then leads to years later to them finding out that It has returned and they go back to the cave where they had killed him decades ago they then find out that Pennywise was still alive and then transforms into a giant spider. I think that it is a rather genius concept for a villain since that it combines two different fears that people have and that was clowns and spiders. Other than that I think that the mini-series seemed to just drag and had a repetitive tone to it with a present day scene and then a flashback. Hopefully the new film that is being made, or is currently in production, will do a better story telling device than this.

8: Zombies: For the horror genre, zombies are a large part of the horror series with many different version of the film ranging from the George A. Romero series where zombies were more slow and seemed more creepier and was really good for the times that it had came out then we have other films such as 28 Days Later and World War Z where they end up being the total difference towards the classic version since these one’s seemed to be more faster and seemed to be more of a threat to people since they were faster and able to get more people. But the first film that I ever watched that had zombies in them was actually an animated film and that was Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. This was one of the very first actual Scooby Doo movie series and was one of the first movies that made me scared as a kid, but I always liked watching it. But in the current past years I have been really enjoying The Walking Dead and I really like the story for it so far as well as the explanation of why people turn into zombies is that ‘Everyone is Infected’ so it doesn’t matter that if you get bit by a zombie or die from natural causes you end up getting turned into a zombie. So far I don’t know if there is any explanation in the spin off series to Fear The Walking Dead if there is an excuse to how the infections actually started.

7: Aliens: Aliens are one of the most divergent icons in the horror universe. Mainly for the fact that there are all different designs and features that aliens can have but for this I am going to focus mainly on one species of alien and that is the popular franchise started by Ridley Scott and that is called Alien, With this the Alien they come from eggs that are dispatched through a Queen and for the majority the way that the aliens evolve is through the bonding themselves through another person such as a human or even in on instance a dog by using Face-Huggers that have smaller eggs inside of them and then send them into the target. After a few hours or so the target is then subjected to a creature exploding from their chest leading to a small version of the Alien to hatch out and then starts to grow larger. The main thing that I really like about these Aliens is that they are actually smarter than we lead them on to be since in Alien Resurrection they were able to escape from a containment cage where they were being studied to take out one of their own to make their escape since their blood is highly acidic to melt through metal.

6: Werewolves: I remember the first time that I watched An American Werewolf in London and it was one of the first times that I enjoyed watching the Lycanthropic species. The film was a great thing to watch and seeing the transformation of the character into the werewolf was an amazing thing to see since that it looked like it was done with special effects and not a obviously computer generated mess. But over the past few years there hasn’t seemed to be that many decent films that do use werewolves and some use werewolves, but they just seem to be badly done as in some sort of B-movie way. I do hope that there is going to be some sort of resurgence in the classic Universal monster movies because I think that it is a really good trend that the studio can get back into because it would be a good money maker.

5: Demons/ Ghosts/ Spirits: Ever since The Blair Witch Project was released there have been many more films that have more and more to do the evil spirits and spawned this sort of PG-13 horror genre that has spawned many different films including the Paranormal Activity and Insidious series that have made them popular. For most of these sorts of film it seems like that it seems to be the same shtick over and over again and one of the main problems that I have with these sorts is with the B-Movie films which really just seem to use reused plots but also seem to be a rather big homage to paranormal television shows such as Ghost Adventures. Though I do like most of the films that actually do have at least real paranormal and actual recorded demons such as Zozo and Mama. Hopefully over the next few years there will be less of these films since there seems to be way too many of these films.

4: Dracula: From Christopher Lee to Luke Evans or Leslie Neilson to Adam Sandler there have been a mass amount of different people that have played Count Dracula, with people preferring more of the classics than to the regular. For me I have been rather used to all the different Draculas and I like them all for their differences. For instance with Luke Evans portrayal in Dracula Untold is that we see a more realistic version of the man that Dracula was based upon. He was a ruler and a warrior and would try and do the best for his people. Yet in Hotel Transylvania the version of Dracula in this is really totally different to version that we have seen in the past. Played by Adam Sandler, this Dracula has created a hotel for monsters to get away from humans who they still all believe are evil and want to kill them. This leads Dracula to raise his daughter Mavis that he thinks that she would be safer in the hotel than venturing out into the world exploring. This then leads Dracula to learn that a human called Johnny, who has managed to find his way to the hotel. Dracula tries his best to try and sneak Johnny out of the hotel trying to avoid him making contact with people but that manages to blow up in his face at the end where Johnny and Mavis fall for each other until everyone finds out that Johnny is a human and says that he didn’t love Mavis. This then leads Dracula to the realisation that maybe not all humans are that bad and ventures out with his friends to go and find Johnny to bring him back to the hotel and that he can be with Mavis, even up to the point where Dracula even nearly kills himself by flying in is bat mode to the plane to apologize to Johnny. So this does show a lot of contrast to between Dracula’s, some can be evil creatures on the hunt for fresh blood or some just want what is right for their believes and resolving that the right way is not much the correct way.

3: Michael Myers: When you think of Halloween for me there are a few words that come to mind and two are Michael Myers. So far there have been two incarnations of Michael Myers and both have a different take on him. The first is the original John Carpenter’s Halloween where Michael Myers killed his sister on Halloween and then was put into a institution and then gets free and manages to get all the way back to his home in time to find his younger sister and try to kill her to. Then you have the mid 2000 remake by Rob Zombie, which I actually do prefer since it has a rather more given back story that you see been developed over a 30 or so minute period where we see what his upbringing was like, what his parents were like and what his life was like before he put on the mask for the first time. This was something that was majorly missing for me in the Carpenters film, it was only exposited through Doctor Loomis on what happened to it but with Zombie’s version you got something different and what I thought was a better version. But as a villain Michael Myers seems to be really methodical and patient a lot of the times, until you get so far into the series and it just seems really pointless of a series.

2: Jason Vorhees: At least once every year you will find that there will always be a Friday the 13th and I always on that day decide to marathon the series the best I can and I always like watching them. I’ve seen every film from this series and most of them didn’t seem like that they are even necessary for instance the general plot of Friday the 13th was a basic revenge film with, in the original film, Jason’s mother was killing camp counsellors since that she blames them for killing Jason when he was a kid for him to then appear in the end to then set up the sequel where Jason repeats the same on what his mother did and was to kill the counsellors for murdering his mother then technically it should have really ended there but no instead it went on for another eight more sequels where even one film being not even actually focused around Jason. I think that one of the things that I do really like about Jason is that he is a focused killer and is has been able to make a lot of unique and rather cool kills as well as being put through a lot of really cool deaths. One of my favourite kills that Jason has made was in part 8 where one of the teenagers on a trip to New York on a boat goes down to the engine room and kills her with a guitar. Jason for me was always rather a good villain and I hope that in the new game and film that are going to be coming out in the next couple of years are going to be good.

1: Freddy Kruger: This spot was actually going to be the spot for Jason, but I then got into some realisation after a few days of watching films and that was that Freddy was a better villain. Freddy is a better because one he can only be confronted in the dream world which means that he has an easier time to go and kill people. But then through the third, fourth and fifth film they decided to have their characters evolved to learn more how to defend their dreams from Freddy and he always manages to get around them and manages to increase his kill count. But there is only so much that Freddy can do to continue his killings since apparently being able to forget Freddy is easily enough to weaken his powers and then this is why I also like Freddy v Jason and that he was able to trick Jason into going to Freddy’s home and killing people there and making them remember who Freddy Krueger was reigniting himself and becoming a villain. Also by exploiting somebody to do something makes me think that there is a lot more to Freddy than meets the eye and that makes me think that he is a better villain than Jason.