The Good, The Bad and The High Sparrow

Another week and another episode this week from Game of Thrones. But for this episode I, personally couldn’t find much to say bad about this episode so the bad will be light this week.

The Good: The first thing that I did like about this is the small war going between Margery and Cersei that has been going on since season three and four. And since I know more or less about what is going to happen I’ll try and avoid any book spoilers. But I did like these scenes. For one, you see Margery trying to seduce Tommen and does it rather well. Then you have the following scene with Margery and Cersei where you have the two of them doing the best to try and keep each other from slapping each other. Then you have the scenes with Cersei and Tommen where Tommen wants Cersei to go back to her original home of Casterly Rock. But Cersei doesn’t want to leave and there seems to be something going on with a plan with Cersei and Qyburn to possibly get rid of Margery with some sort of remedy but everything seems to be really hush hush with this story and I cant wait to see what goes on with this story.

Sansa returning to Winterfell for me felt really weird when I first watched this for the fact that I know this was a part of the series that is totally not adapted from the book and, BOOK SPOILERS, Sansa stays in the Veil for the rest of the book series and it was supposed to be Jeyne Poole posing as Arya since people in Westeros that know of Arya think that she could be dead. But in all honestly I liked this. This then has something for the Northern houses who have loyalties to the Starks to possibly then start aligning with the Boltons. Also we then see more character development for Sansa as well because she hasn’t had that much development for a few series and most people don’t like her character but I really like her character in the shows and the books. So hopefully she wont be killed off this season.

Another story that I thought was good for the episode was the introduction of the High Sparrow, who is played by Jonathan Pryce, who for his debut role for the show was really amazing. First introduction of his character is really good seeing him as basically a humanitarian feeding the starving people of Kings Landing and then you have Cersei telling him of what his followers had did to the High Septon and Cersei decided to imprison the former High Septon and offer the position to the High Sparrow which has a lot to do with the Cersei/Margery story arc for this season.

The Bad: The main bad thing that I have hated about this series after last weeks and this weeks episode is Arya’s story of her to becoming a Faceless Man. To be honest I have found this story to be really boring and depressing. I think that it would have been better if she could have found a better place to train and then  come back to Westeros and exact her revenge. I really found it to be going so slow and in many points pointless, and seems like it could be going nowhere.

Another thing that I just now realised looking back at characters is that they cut one of the best parts of the book out and that is Tryion going to Volantis on a boat, mainly because it had a better characters of the book for the fact that it is a pivotal character that is more better than what Daenerys is. So instead of having a few really good scenes that could had made a few good episodes and then to see what will end up happening in the future. Hopefully they haven’t been actually cut from this series because I think that this could be a really good character to have.

Overall: Overall I think that this was a rather good episode for the series yet again, but it still does have its faults to it, but what can you expect from adaptations. 8/10

Why is Saints Row IV So Much Fun

First off, yes I know that Saints Row IV has been out for a while on last gen consoles and that I was waiting for a good time to get the game and this came to me when I was scrolling in the GAME website and found out that the Re-Elected/ Gat out of Hell bundle was going to be released for PS4/X-Box One with all the DLC’s which I was more interested in since there was a tonne of downloadable content that was available and decided to wait for the time to get them all and get them for free.

Now, I haven’t been a true follower to any of the previous games. For the fact that the first two games we’re solely available on X-Box and what I thought was going to be a rival to Grand Theft Auto, in which way it is. I haven’t completed the game yet but I have had more fun playing this then I did playing through GTA V both on PS3 and PS4, there was better customisation, better weapons and a better storyline so far. GTA V seemed to be a game that was to be taken more serious by gamers and Saints Row seems like it is more enjoyable to gamers. You get to go around a virtual world, making this where you’re playing a game within a game. Not only that but you get to unlock super powers as well and that is one of the biggest selling points for me for the game. I’m a big fan of superheroes and this automatically seems like the game that was well suited to me.

Another thing that really makes enjoy the game is when I was watching TheMediaCows walkthrough of the is a special weapon that was featured in the game being the Dub step gun and my God it is one of the best weapons that I now like to use on the game. You are firing a gun that blast bolts dub sound wave to destroy your enemies. I myself don’t listen to that much dub step in my life because it’s not the genre of music that I usually listen to, I usually listen to rock. But honestly if you’re not that keen on dub step there are other sound tracks that you can get for it and one of them available in them DLC being a Patriot remixed version that plays Rise of the Valkyries.

Another thing that I find the game enjoyable is that one of the voices that you get to have in the customise options is Nolan North and I’ve enjoyed a lot of his other voice works in animation and videogames like the Uncharted series and Deadpool. It works really well for the game and is one of my favourite features.

Finally the comedy so far in this game has been really good for this sort of game. As I stated before in it rival game GTAV wasn’t rather focused on much comedic material, there were a few things funny about the game and that was about that. In this on the other hand there has been constant comedy in pretty much every mission especially in the loyalty missions and trying to get your homies back. For instance there is a mission where you have to escape this crazy 50’s town by causing destruction in any way possible and there’s a line that, depending if what voice character you have, and if you have Nolan North voicing and the following line is ‘Do what you do best’ and the reply is ‘Be like Nolan?’ it writing like that that is why games are really well. Another cool part that is in the game is when you’re saving Pierce from his nightmare scenario your saving him from mascots dressed in Saints Flow outfits and then when gathering guns you see a giant hand, I was thinking what the F was going on since I didn’t want to watch much of walkthroughs to spoil it and then the reveal happens. A Saints Flow mascot that was the size of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, that right there was an homage done rather well. Then there was a slight homage to Ghostbusters 2 when you get to pilot a statue and fight the giant Saints Flow Can. It was an awesome thing to do.

I get the feeling that I could be roughly half way through the game and that I will be looking forward to it even more once I get to do the Co-op story mode because I do have some slight problems that I think could be fixed more with the help of a second person. All I got to say that if you though that GTA V was too serious of a game this is what you need to be playing.

The Good, The Bad and The House of Black and White

So with the latest episode of Game of Thrones over and done with for another week let’s see what I think are the good and bad points are of the episode.

The Good:  So with the episode beginning you have Brienne and Podric going to a local tavern and finding that Sansa Stark is there Littlefinger who are there on their way to location to try and get more power to Littlefinger’s army. There Brienne tries to talk to sense into Sansa asking if she would be the protector but Sansa wasn’t having any of it especially after she saw Brienne bending the knee to Joffrey and Brienne says that she did want to be there especially since she noted that Sansa didn’t what to be there either. Littlefinger didn’t want to have Brienne there because she was there when Renley Baratheon had died and nobody would believe her, that’s alive, and she left with Podric being chased by Littlefinger’s men. There a really good choreographed fight scene on horseback which seems rather difficult to do but it was one of my favourite scenes from the whole episode and I hope to see more good fight scenes like this.

I don’t know why but every time that I see Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones I really enjoy all his scenes and I get the feeling that he enjoys his scenes just as much and that fact that we won’t be seeing any more scenes in the series with him and Tyrion I have been enjoying the scenes with him and Jamie so I look forward to seeing the rest of them in the series.

Back in the North the election for a new Lord Commander was under way but first we see Jon Snow had a meeting with Stannis over the fact at the end of last week’s episode when Jon stuck Mance Rayder with an arrow to the chest. Stannis in fact put that over lightly in a way and focused more on trying to get him to legally change his name in front of him to become Jon Stark Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell so that Stannis could get House Stark retainers to help support him in this case in former Lord Commander Mormont’s family who would only follow Starks into battle. Even though that being a Stark is what Jon had always wanted to be he refused Stannis offer since he already pledged to be a member of the Nights Watch and isn’t going back on his oath. We then start the process of who is going to become the 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and hear Janos Slynt promote Ser Alliser to be Lord Commander as he was acting Lord Commander after they found out that Mormont had been killed. We then see Othelle Yarwyck promote over Denys Mallister saying that he’s been here for a long time, since he was a kid and has seen people live and die at the wall basically. Then finally we have Sam, to Jon’s dismay, promoting him saying that he was the one that lead the raiding party to seek revenge for Mormont, he was the one kept control after Alliser was wounded at the battle last season. There the people made their decision and it came to a tie between Jon and Alliser, Master Aemon then made his vote and Jon was going to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. I really liked this for one that in the book it did seem like that this was going over a number of days in a way like politicians do, but this was a fast paced voting that was easy to follow and I can’t wait to see what Jon is going to do in his first acts as Lord Commander.

The Bad:  With this episode we were finally introduced to the city of Dorne, for three minutes. There was a rather lack of Dorne actually again in this episode. We only saw two people that actually spoke being the late wife of the Red Viper and the other being Doran Martell. I really wish that there was a lot more of Dorne to be shown especially for exterior shots to show what the city looks like. But again we’re only two episodes in and there will hopefully to be more shots and locations to be set in Dorne.

Back in King’s Landing on the other hand you have Cersei Lannister stacking the small council with what I think are a load of bad choices. This I think for me is mainly my thoughts because it seems like that Cersei is only placing competent people there that know what to do instead of putting people that she trust to do right in guidance for King Tommen which she did with having her uncle Ser Kevin as Master of War to teach Tommen how to become a good leader, but declines because Cersei is taking over Tommen’s role as he wasn’t there. Hopefully there will be a chance that later in the series, after looking at the episodes and taking small guesses that this is going to change in a few episodes.

Finally we get to Meereen and the politics on how Daenerys is trying to deal with the Son’s of the Harpy for killing a member of the Unsully. This then leads Daenerys and her small council to come to the decision that they would give the murderer a fair trial which is actually a good thing because if they did this in Westeros then he would have been instantly killed with no trial. But on the other hand Mossador had another idea, he decided that it was a better option to actually have the murderer killed and then impaled with nails onto a wall with a message. With this Danenerys and her small council decide that Mossador should be executed for his crimes, and I think that this was a rather extreme thing to do because she now knows that there are going to be more people after her, especially the ones who she helped free sort of turning on her like seeing the villain in a pantomime. I think what she should have done was a shunning, sending him away from Meereen in a similar way to what happened to Jorah Mormont because of his distrust that came last season.

Overall:  I think that this was a lot better episode then last weeks’, we got more action and in some points a whole better story as well. I can’t wait to see what stories will unfold in next week’s episode High Sparrow. 8/10

The Good, The Bad and The Wars To Come

With Game of Thrones back, last week in America, I’ve decided to bring back my Good/Bad series especially for the fact that I’ve read all the books and have been a fan of the series for the past four years and with the news confirmed that they will be deferring some footage from the books I thought that this would-be the best time to bring the series back.

The Good: I think that the first good thing that I liked about the episode was the opening to the episode. You had two young girls walking through the woods going to see a witch. At first I had completely forgotten what this scene was about and it took me a while to remember that one of the young girls was Cersi Lannister and that the witch was going to predict her future, which turns out to be correct that she would marry a King but not the one that she would have imagined at her age.  I thought this was a good scene as it showed a flashback which I don’t think that this show even does, they usually used exposition when it came to telling about the past like with Jamie killing Aerys Targarian they never showed visuals of that and just explained it.

Another good point in the episode I think is when Tyrion and Varys were talking about what he should do now since he’s out of King’s Landing and the reach of Cersi. There Varys suggests that he heads east to Daenerys to form some sort of allegiance since he does have a tactical mind especially when it came to when he helped alot during that Battle of the Blackwater against Stannis. But Tyrion has his doubts about it since he thinks that it is a bad idea. I can’t actually remember much in these scenes cause I’ve had a busy schedule to catch up on demand with the episode to actually review it so if I have made any mistakes with the Varys/Tyrion story please let me know.

Finally the ending I did like. You see Mance Rayder refusing to bend the knee to Stannis and for it is forced to be brunt at the stake by Melisandre who has a fixation of using fire to see into the future near or far. There you have Baratheon retainers there as well as the Nights Watch who all stand back and watch him die painfully to death. John Snow then walks away only to see a arrow kill Mance so doesn’t die in agony. I liked this because it showed John having compassion for the guy that tried to destroy the place that protects the realm from even though that what Stannis and other people might think Mance only wanted the Wildlings to leave the North because he knew that something bad was coming that way.

The Bad: There wasn’t a lot that was bad with the episode except for a few things. One there was no footage of Arya in the episode what ever especially with the ending as she boarded the ship heading to Bravos. She was only mentioned by Brienne and Podrick but outside of that there wasn’t anything about Arya in the beginning episode which did feel rather weird.

The second had to do with Daenerys visiting her dragons after imprisoning them in the bowls of the pyramid, if I’m correct, and when she see them, they go ape and try to attack her. Then she seems shocked and scared that they did attack her. What else did she think was going to happen when she chained them up and sealed them in a tomb that they were going to be friendly, no there pissed that she chained them up. To be fair since I know how it goes In the books I do look forward to see what progression this leads to.

Again going down the line that there was no Arya in this episode I was also disappointed to discover that there was no sight of Dorne yet for the show. Especially after last season’s episode when the Red Viper appeared there was to expected more snakes around. But we have 9 more episodes to go and we’ll deffinatly see Sand’s soon.

Summary:To be honest I found this to be a rather mediocre opening to the series, it seemed in a way to have more political overtones over action and blood except for the two people that died in the episode but it was still political. One person died because of his beliefs and got burned at the stake for it, and the other was murdered because of the person that he served for. As I said before there are 9 more to go and more blood to be spilt. Overall I give this episode a 6/10 it’s alright but there could have been more action in the returning episode.

Disney: The Conglomeration We Love & Hate

Originally this blog was going to be about my thoughts on Disney and their newly remade live action films but with more and more been announced ain decided to change it up and now decide to write about how Disney have run out of ideas and why I think that most of these new films won’t be as popular as what the originals.

So in the past three possibly four months Disney has announced that they are pretty much going to remake all their old cartoon films with the likes of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson playing Belle and Luke Evans playing Gaston, which could look rather interesting. Then we have Tim Burton returning to Disney with his telling of Dumbo, but for some reason I get the feeling that this could go really bad, really quick. Not to disrespect him as a director but I think that Burton lost his edge after he made Alice in Wonderland, another live action Disney remake that acts as a bad sequel to the original. After that was announced we found that not only we’re getting a Mulan film, but also a Winnie the Pooh film. First I sort of like the concept of a live action version of Mulan and I think it could work well especially with the designs of Japan to be brought to the new age of cinema cause I don’t think I’ve seen any films that have Japan as a setting that is in the past, plus also bringing in Japanese actors and actresses to the big screen in the west. But for the Winnie the Pooh film I don’t know what to think of it. Apparently there is a supposed idea what the film is going to be about and it plays in a similar way to Alice in Wonderland and that Christopher Robbins returns to the 1000 year old forest after not coming back there for many years. I don’t know what to think because if it seems like Alice in Wonderland then I get the feeling it’s not going to be that good, hopefully they’ll get the casting right but time will.tell.

In honesty I do hate the idea of Disney trying endlessly to recreate films that they’ve already made. And it won’t stop what so ever. I get the feeling in around 10 maybe 15 years time we would end up seeing films like Tangled and Frozen made into live action, mainly for the fact that Disney knows as those two films sell well. Especially Frozen selling a tonne of merchandise world wide and being a big hit musically especially when you look at all the parodies that are online plus the covers that parents do with their kids in their cars that spam on YouTube like cat videos.

But if there’s something that I don’t understand is that Disney have more used good products that they don’t use anymore, especially since their current line up on the Disney Channel is mainly live action work. From what I’ve looked at there seems to be a few classic shows that I think that they could bring back to the big screen like Duck Tales, especially since they not only re-released the game on last gen consoles but also a remastered version for the current generation. I also think that with the animation that’s around today I think it would look really awesome especially with the last few Disney animated films that have came out. Another good show that Disney could remake that would look good in either animation but better as a live action would be Gargoyles. Even though the show to some people’s eyes, possibly those at Disney, didn’t seem to have that much faith after the third season since it could compare itself with WB Batman The Animated Series I think a film would do wonders to reignite people’s opinion on the show. For instance the first five episodes of the first season dealt with a lot of stuff. It dealt with ancient Scotland and Vikings, Celts and of course Gargoyles which with current television and films makes me think that this is ripe for the taking. Then we have curse that gets placed on the gargoyles that affects them in a way that there never seen until the 90’s in New York. Basically what I’m trying to get over is that the first five episodes of the season has enough story for it to make at least it’s first film. But in all honesty the likelihood of that happening could be slim, but if Disney do make it into a film I hope they get the casting right for it.

In the end what do I think Disney are going to do,I have no honest clue. They may end up completely ruin the memories of the original that the current generation of parents liked and go to see it with their children who may like the new films, but I ain’t psychic so I can’t say much but, this could cause a rift between the newbies and the originals. Hopefully Disney will come up with some new material, other than the animation which seems to always have running theme with them. But that is in the future and hopefully Disney will do something right.

*Note:  For some reason I have a feeling that Johnny Depp playing Timothy the Mouse don’t know why but I do.