Hell in a Cell 2015 Highlights

So this month’s predictions are going to be for Hell in a Cell a PPV dedicated to having the Cell match highlighted for at least 2 or so matches taking place inside the Cell.

Pre Show: Neville, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler v Sheamus, King Barret and Rusev.

What us up with WWE and putting repetitive matches on their pre shows. This match was never meant to happen is it was originally Orton and Ambrose vs The Wyatts but Orton is now out injured and this was changed. I really don’t have that much interest in this match because it was already shown on Raw and it should have been over, but no we have to have a return match. What they should have done for the Pre Show was one either a Battle Royal for US Title match or have a NXT match with two top contenders to see what they would be like in front of a large crowd. Anyway I think the faces will win leading to either a third match tomorrow night.

Charlotte v Nikki Bella: Divas Championship Match

This just seems basically your return match and with what has been going on there could be the chance that there could be a title change with some mis-timed run in with Paige since she has been trying to get in Charlotte spotlight but Charlotte v Paige looks like a better match than what this is. I really hope that WWE doesn’t screw over this match because it would have then been pretty pointless for Charlotte to win the title for her to then just drop it back to the former champion and then continually be stuck in this infinite loop of the Divas Championship being held up with a worthless champion. I sort of wish that they ditched the Divas belt and bring back the Women’s title since that does hold more prestige than the tramp stamp butterfly title currently in use.

The New Day v The Dudley Boyz: Tag Team Championship Match

I actually got to say, I’m really liking The New Day with each and every week that goes by. They so far have been a heel stable that we have been needing that makes the Tag Team division good. But for this match I do rather hope that either the Dudley’s finally win the belts or that they don’t get another shot at the belts until they earn the opportunity. So this match I’m really at a mix but since TLC is two months away I think the Dudley’s could see themselves there in a Table match against the New Day there but I do want to see the New Day to remain with the title and continue till then.

Kevin Owens v Ryback: Intercontinental Championship Match

To be honest this match is only happening since Owens took the heel approach to the rematch by getting a count out loss but still keeping the title which was really smart. This match on the other hand could have easily been a triple or fatal four way with the addition of the Lucha Dragons after the past few matches that have happened on Raw. I think that Owens is going to stick with the belt for a few more months till there could be a new arrival or contender for the belt cause I think that anyone in the pre show deserves a title opportunity such as Cesaro since he has slowly being buried for the past few months after partaking in the US Open Invitational.

John Cena v TBA: United States Championship Match

Now this can be rather unpredictable match since we don’t know, unless with insider information, on who Cena’s opponent will be for this match and this is what I do really like about what Cena has done for this title by also defending it on Raw, unless in a pre booked match, and there have been some pretty good matches that he has had with other such as Cesaro, Neville and Sami Zayne. But for this I see two/ three potential opponents, one could the Dean Ambrose since he now doesn’t have a match anymore and he is a former US Champion and it would be cool to see a match between these two. My second pick is the recently drafted Tyler Breeze, since he debuted on Smackdown and took down Dolph Ziggler in a segment it would be cool to see what he could do in a match with Cena. Third choice is Heath Slater, I joke. I think that they could end up bringing another member of the NXT roster up to the big leagues and if they did I think that it could be either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor since both of them where the winners of the Dusty Rhodes tournament, Balor is the champ and Joe is a decorated champion already. Cena to retain over competitor.

Roman Reigns v Bray Wyatt: HIAC Match

Hopefully this match will be the final time in a few months that we’ll see these two face each other because everyone must be really sick of seeing this match being repeated month after month. I think that Reigns can win this match since it does seem like a revolving pattern that WWE has had with Wyatt and that is having him loose the final match and with the Cell blocking out any interference I think that Reigns can finish it.

Seth Rollins v Demon Kane: WWE Championship Match

Now I was really surprised that this match didn’t have the Hell in a Cell stipulation since Kane debuted at the first ever match and there is also a lot on the line especially if Kane loses since his alter ego Corporate Kane’s job is also on the line. There has been a lot of really good story telling with this rivalry especially between Kane and Rollins since Rollins believes that Kane is out for sole revenge which I really do like. For a winner I think that Rollins is going to retain the title because he has been a really good champion and had had a good role with starting to rely less and less on others to help him have the upper hand in matches.

Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker: HIAC

It’s weird to think that 13 years ago these two actually battled it out in this match at No Mercy for the WWE title would you have ever thought that you would see a match like this ever again. I really didn’t think so but continuing of the storyline that has gotten for me rather boring could end tonight in this match. Lesnar seems that he could have the total advantage over Taker this match since he does have the better win/loss record between the two Taker does have the advantage over the stipulation never the less this could be either a match that could be really good, or it could end up with a complete disappointed and be a total shambles like the SummerSlam match that was rifled with controversy. Hopefully it could will end the series but I think that it’s going to roll over to Wrestlemaina 32. I would say that Leanar will win since of the advantages.