Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth Pt5&6 Review

Its been a few months since I covered something from the End of the Earth arc from Amazing Spider-Man, so I think that it is a good time to conclude the arc with the last two issues. So far from what we have seen, Doc Ock is on his last hurrah and has created a device to help reduce the damage that has been done by humans through global warming and one of the conditions that he asks for is his Sinister Six team to get a clean slate. Spider-Man on the other hand however believes that he is up to no good tricks so he and the Avengers team up to take down the Sinister Six, but they end up getting beaten. Spidey manages to escape along with Black Widow and Silver Sable and the three of them start taking down installations across the world where Ock is building satellites to be shot into space and he manages to set them out and the first damage that we see done by his invention is set on Symkaria.

Part five opens up with Spidey, Widow and Sable seeing the city being set ablaze thanks to Ock’s invention and Sable is distraught about the destruction that had been bought to her country. Spidey tries to comfort her however Widow says that she won’t be any use for them now and to continue on with the job at hand. Spidey thinks that what she said was rather cold and then a tanker explodes, and he goes int rescue mode trying to rescue civilians from the ongoing destruction, but Widow tells him to stop and that this hemisphere is done for with the destruction. Spidey says that they need to help as many people as they can, but Widow says that they have to cut their losses and focus on Ock to save the rest of the world from the destruction he is going to cause. Over on the Zenith, the Horizon Labs team have in their possession one of the satellites and they are trying to break down on its construction with two of them noting that it resembles work that they had been doing but Jackson makes a more astute point, they should be looking for Ock’s base by back tracking the signal and finding his base that way.

Over in Symkaria, Chameleon and Mysterio are watching Widow and Spidey fighting over what they should be doing and we discover that they have actually created this as a ruse with Mysterio’s tech and a lot of casting of people to act as civilians. He says that it will take them hours to deduce what is happening unless Widow walks off and discovers the rest of the city not on fire and he decides that what they need to do is put an additional distraction out there and they decide that Doc Ock needs to make an appearance and Chameleon hops into a machine. Back over with Widow and Spidey are still complaining and they start to hear something coming towards them and the fake Doc Ock comes crashing through a building surprising the duo. Mysterio contacts Ock to inform what is happening but he holds him off as there are more pressing things happening with him noting Spider-Man’s call to arms for other heroes and they have put a stop to some of his bases. He sends a message out to the world telling them that the Octavian Lens is there to help the Earth and if it is destroyed the future would be lost and he tells them to let their leaders know what Spidey and his team are doing. After he ends the communication, Rhino says that he is sick of waiting and he wants whatever his endgame is to come to, but he says that waiting is all he has left and he contacts back with Mysterio and he reveals, to the now shock and distain of Ock, that the plan that he has used revolves around Chameleon using a mech suit, cloaked as Doc Ock, to hold of Spidey and Ock is getting pissed and vows that he will not have his last battle against Spidey via a proxy.

Back over with the fight, Sable charges in with an explosive onto one of the tendrils of the fake Ock suit and when it detonates Spidey notes that this Ock is talking to somebody and he believes that the person isn’t Ock, but somebody controlling, but after a bit of a change, Ock is now in control of the rig and charges after Spidey. However when Doc charges towards him a part of the ruse is now up when Chameleon calls out to Mysterio and Spidey finally clicks in the pieces, he says that the Ock that they are fighting is in fact a robot that is piloted and puppeteer by Chameleon, the covering was down to Mysterio and the city is not ablaze. Spidey, now with another member of the Sinister Six captured goes to ask him some questions, however Chameleon says that he won’t be saying anything, but Spidey says he isn’t going to be the one that asks him the question, but Widow and she starts talking in Russian and she says he knows his secrets and that she knows what his true face looks like, and he says that he is going to comply with them. Spidey then gets in close and he then starts to communicate with Mysterio, who is still listening in on the line and he comes up with a propostion for them to team up to take down Ock since Spidey thinks that he only has two plans, one being that he is being honest about the Lens being the saving point of the world, or he is going to use it as a weapon.

We get a bit of filler in the next page, but it does help build up stories that will be coming along later in the Spider-Man titles, the first being MJ making a rather big purchase that being a nightclub that used to belong The Vulture as well as Jay trying to talk to his son, Johan but he ends up putting the phone down and it didn’t go well and May notes that the messages that she has tried to send Peter haven’t been replied to. Back over with Spidey’s team, the arrive in Guatemala to the rather shock of the team, but when they arrive closer to a pyramid and warming alarms go off and Ock manages to infiltrate the communication of the plane and he knows that they are heading towards him. Spidey says that they are going to take him down, since there are now only him and Rhino left, but it turns out that Ock still has something up his sleeve and reveals that he has a new team for them to go up against and reveals that he has managed to take control of the Avengers. Spidey has a plan to use his Ice Pellets to take down some of the Avengers, however this is when he starts to realise something, all the tech that he had created in Horizon Labs, Doc Ock had managed to get a version of it and twist it to his own nefarious ways and Spidey is left devastated, ending the issue.

Issue two opens with Spidey’s team starting their fight against the controlled Avengers and Spidey is having a bit of a crisis since he is all out of tech to use after wasting the majority of it on their journeys and Cap ends up knocking the ice pellet away from him. Ock, now being able to control the Avengers and first uses Iron Man to take out not only Black Widow but also Hawkeye and he then turns his attention towards Spidey by controlling Spider-Woman and the two get into a hand-to-hand fight, which Spidey manages overcome thanks to a technique that he had started perfecting with the help of Shang-Chi when his Spider-Sense disappeared and called it the Way of the Spider. Doc then turns his attentions over to Mysterio and is disappointed at him for turning his back on him and is now controlling Red Hulk and Mysterio reveals what he had install, that being a giant robotic Aztec deity and the two battle it out as Mysterio runs away. Back over with Spidey, Ock is now in the driving seat of Thor, but Spidey notes that just the base Thor that they were fighting against would have been better since with Ock in control he doesn’t have the powers of Thor, with Mjolnir but he still has the strength and knocks Spidey backwards. Sable manages to take down Cap and she realises that he is starting to resist the control of the Octobots and she thanks him, but then we get the a good twist and that is Mysterio has a device that is able to deactivate the Octobots.

The Avengers now back to their own selves are now turning their attention to a bunch of missiles that Ock had now fired so Iron Man, Thor and Red Hulk head up to stop them from launching into space since that once they are up there, they won’t be able to stop the lens from activating. On the shore, Spidey and Sable are trying to think of what they need to do in case of the worse to come and the Avengers fail in stopping the satellites, Spidey asks Mysterio where Ock’s base is located and not only does he give him the exact location but he also gives them a vehicle to get them there, so Sable and Spidey head there. Over on the Zenith, they arrive at a location after following the signal that they were able to trace which also leads them to Guatemala and then come across Ock’s base that decloaks and fire rockets towards them and then out of nowhere behind them arises a giant Octobot that is piloted by Spidey. Spidey tells them to get clear in case anything worse were to happen, but they say that they want to stay around to get readings on Ock’s stealth technology so that they can find the lenses in space. Ock tries to self-detonate the ship but it turns out that Sable had disabled it and they start making their way through the base with Ock having the base to flood.

They get further into the base and the two of them are now stopped by the last remaining member of the Sinister Six, Rhino, they try to get him to see some sense in Ock’s plan, but he isn’t listening to them and he knew about the plan that Ock had, that being since he has now nothing in his life since his wife was killed so he could watch the world burn. Sable says that they need to take him on together but Rhino manages to take her down with a grasp and Spidey tries to break the grasp, but it is no use as Rhino is too strong and he says that he is going to hold Sable where she is, letting the water pour in and he isn’t going to move. Sable tells Spidey to go and stop Ock but Spidey’s mantra is tells her that nobody is going to die, but Sable does bring up the counter argument, that being if he doesn’t stop Ock everybody is going to die and we see Sable being held now underwater along with Rhino, now submerged, smiling.

In Ock’s room, he is alerted that the satellites were all in place for the next plan and then Spidey kicks in the door, to the surprise of Ock, who thought that it would have taken him longer to find him, but he said that the laughter and music brought him there. The two of them get into a fight and a war of words, in which Spidey manages to get talking more about his plan and he reveals that he plans on killing a large population of the planet with only leaving less than 1% of the population alive. Ock manages to ensnare Spidey in his tendrils and he realises that he doesn’t have his weapon controlled by a remote, but a button and tries to trick him in a way to release on of the tendrils since he uses four of them as a base and the other four that have Spidey. But Ock figures around that problem and he detaches himself from his suit, which also concerns Spidey since that Ock could end up dying in the process, but that is a risk that he is willing to take for his master plan to play. Spidey manages to distract Ock for just a right amount of time, making him judge his own math and manages to break free, hurling a tendril to the device destroying it in the process. With the room filling up more with water Ock tries to drown himself due to the failure of his plan, but Spidey carries him away and the two manage to escape the base, with Spidey throwing him onto the deck of the Zenith and asks them to create a life support system to make sure that he is still alive and Max says that they can uncloak the satellites but they can’t figure out if he was trying to save to world, to which Spidey replies no. Max congratulates Spidey on saving the world be he is more sombre in the celebration as he knows that he had failed by having people die to make sure that the world was safe, ending the issue.

Overall, this is a rather fun arc in the Spider-Man comics, and it got me into reading comics as well as also venturing back into reading older stories that I do quite enjoy re-reading. Spider-Man has always been a character that I have enjoyed reading and in the years to come, there is definitely going to be more from the Web-Head to come.

Avengers Vs X-Men #0-2 Review

Many, many, many moons ago, I originally reviewed the first two issues of this series when I originally did them as video reviews and I was never really a fan of what I had produced. It was pretty sloppy, and I was really bad at doing it and since then I had taken them down and removed them from my old channel. I do have plans on a secondary channel for some plans to come somewhere down the future, but that is for a different time. Avengers vs X-Men was one of the first event comics that I read when I got into reading comics since I was reading that, Amazing Spider-Man as well as Batman and I thought that it was a rather interesting story, but if there is one thing that I wish I could do was to read the mini-series that came before hand and that was X-Sanctioned. X-Sanctioned was based around Cable discovering that a change had happened in which Hope had died and she wasn’t able to fix the future, he finds out that it was the Avengers that had killed her and that he plans on heading back and killing the Avengers to prevent her death and also the added caveat of him also having 24 hours to do it since he is infected with the Techno Organic Virus. So, let’s get on with the review.

Issue zero opens MODOK attacking a convoy in Washington D.C and he goes to kill an ex AIM scientist along with an array of freakishly looking monstrosities but before he gets the chance to kill the betrayer he is stopped by Scarlett Witch. She manages to get the upper hand on them with using her abilities well and she manages to get MODOK one-on-one for a short time before she starts to get overwhelmed by the lackies but she is rescued by Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) who manage take them down. Carol tries to talk with Wanda but Wanda doesn’t want to and tries to head off since previous events with Wanda have made her feel pretty much unwelcome with what had happened with the Avengers and also House of M, which I will get back around to later on this year.

Carol manages to talk her out of leaving and they arrive at Avengers Mansion and Wanda is still apprehensive about even setting foot on the property, but before she can even step foot Vision and he asks her why she is here and just as Carol is about to say something, he just says that he wants his wife to answer and she doesn’t say anything. He says that he does have empathy for what she has been through and what has happened but the one thing that he can’t forgive her for is what she did to him and that was overpowering him and using him as a weapon against the Avengers. We get a rather good put together page with panels of the Avengers reacting to Wanda saying that he is right and that she is sorry, Vision says that she isn’t welcome here and he asks if that is the reason why she came here and she says that she knew already that she wouldn’t have been accepted back to him and Carol flies her off and the Avengers that were there, that being Beast, Iron Man and Wolverine react to the way that Vision had treat her, with Tony saying that he liked them together and we see Vision starting to cry.

Over in Utopia, the home of the X-Men, Hope is trying to get away to do some superhero work in San Francisco but Cyclops sees her and tries to stop her since he has noticed her slipping out of the building for the past week and he hasn’t said anything about it to her about it, hoping that she comes to her sense, but now he is stepping in. She says the reason why that she hasn’t said anything is because he would have acted out like this and says that she is just out there flying around just to clear her head, but he calls her out on more. He says that there had been reports of criminals being attacked and a child molester having his legs broken and also notes the police scanner on her belt. Hope says that she was just doing her job, but Cyclops says that she is putting herself in danger and she goes off on him saying that Utopia is more of a prison than a home. Cyclops tells her that she is being rather childish about the situation that is happening, which he is rather correct in since that they want to protect her and she is going out of her way to put herself in danger since that it does only take for one minor slip-up to get her into a serious problem. She says that she can take care of herself and he knows that she can, since she is the mutant messiah and that she is the one that will restore balance to the force and so forth. Hope then asks him the million-dollar question, what makes her so special in which he says just plain answer that being everything, so she brings up an ace point that throws him off guard and wants the truth in about the Phoenix. He asks her where she heard about it and she brings up what she knows about it that it is a cosmic entity, it had killed Jean Grey and that everybody is scared when it is mentioned and she wants to know what is going to happen when it reaches Earth and he doesn’t say anything to her. Hope says that she is going to find out on her own and an alert comes across her scanner which she decides to answer to Cyclops’s dismay and he gets blasted back with a version of his own optic blast and Hope flies off.  

Hope is flying over the city and we see her narrating that she is getting fed up at being treated like a child and she knows that she is ready for whatever is to come and she has been for the past fifteen years after being trained and raised by Cable. She arrives on the roof of the bank and ends up wrecking the jetpack in the process, and she makes her way in where she discovers the people that are robbing the bank and that turns out to be the Serpent Society as she manages to take down Bushmaster. One of them hears the commotion that is going on and they then get thrown through a wall leading Hope to take on three of their members, she gets caught up by Anaconda but manages to defeat her by repeatedly headbutting her. Next up for her is Puff Adder and she asks him if he is a mutant and he reveals that he is, since that Bushmaster was more of a cyborg and reading up on Anaconda’s seems that it could be up in the air but there is the super strength aspect and we see Hope puff up and punches him out. Cyclops and Emma Frost blast into the bank and stop Hope from possibly murdering Copperhead, he tells her to get back to Utopia and that they will deal with the fallout from this. Hope tells him that he knows that he is scared, thinking that the same is going to happen to her as what had happened to Jean but she is ready for what is about to come, Emma on the other hand doesn’t think that she is and that she is just a kid but Cyclops thinks that she can save the mutant race and the issue ends with Hope looking up at the night sky and seeing the Phoenix Force making it’s way towards Earth.

Issue one opens up on an alien world as we see a child and their father witnessing a light coming towards them and we see on a two page spread that it is the Phoenix Force, destroying the planet and then flying off to another world to destroy. Back on Earth we see the Avengers grouping around the roof where they notice an object hurtling through the atmosphere and striking a plane in the process. Thor, Iron Man, Ms Marvel and Protector head off to rescue the passengers of the plane as well as trying to keep casualties to a minimum and it works rather well. Ms Marvel was able to catch a part of the top of what I believe is the Chrysler Building, but Spider-Man is there, and he is able to save the people falling by spraying a large web to catch them. Thor is able to land the plan to safety in the street and Cap leads a team to investigate the crash site where they discover that what crashed was in fact Nova who tries to warm them that it is coming. This is actually a really good homage to The Infinity Gauntlet in which the Silver Surfer crashed through the Sanctum Strange to warn them about Thanos.

In Utopia, Cyclops is training Hope into not using her powers and she is getting rather frustrated with the way that he has been treating her. He hits her with a blast and she gets annoyed about the fact that she thought that neither of them could use their abilities but he says that he can use his since that she is the one that is training and the two continue on sparring. Magneto and Emma are overlooking the sparring and they note about the training even them thinking that it is rather rough. Hope is getting more annoyed with how Cyclops has been pushing her and it gives her a outburst that explodes with Phoenix energy which manages to knock him back to the shock of him, Magneto and Emma.

Over in Washington, Cap and Iron Man are giving a presentation to the President and his advisors about what is currently happening saying that Nova had crashed to Earth with a vague message and he falls into a coma. They then did some tests on him and discover an energy trace that they have been searching for years, apparently, since the incident that had happened with Jean Grey and reveals that the entity is coming back to Earth. Iron Man informs them on what the Phoenix Force does, it attaches on to a host and then lays waste to the environment and Cap saying that they are going have to find whoever the host is and deal with them. They have a team sent away into space to try and to stop the Phoenix Force coming to Earth and they then get an alert that Tony had set up to try and trace any energy signature that matches and they know where it is. On a brief stop, Cap arrives at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning where he goes there to recruit Wolverine in help on tackling the Phoenix and Wolverine and the entire mutant community knows where it is going and Cap says that they are going to need the help of Cyclops as well, but Wolverine doesn’t think that he is going to help then. Cap then asks if he can count on Wolverine to help him and he seems to be uncertain on his stance.

Back over on Utopia, the X-Men are talking over what Cyclops is currently has on his mind, that being the Phoenix and hoping that it will help restore their numbers after the events of House of M that had decimated the mutant population and also why does the Phoenix end up coming back to their team and that even with all the death and destruction that it brings with it rebirth. Emma asks him what he is going to do with Hope and he says that he is going to train her up and prepare her for what is to come, but Emma brings up a good point, it’s up to Hope what she does and not Cyclops, and she also notices something else, Captain America waiting on the beach. Cyclops and the team head down to the beach and Colossus asks why he is her and Emma says that he is here for Hope and that they aren’t going to get involved with them. Cap says that they need to take Hope into protective custody because they also know that the Phoenix is heading for Earth and they know that it is coming for Hope, but Cyclops isn’t having any of this as he says that this is a matter for mutants and not humans. He goes on to say the reasoning why he wants the Phoenix to come and that is to help the mutant population and that it seems like that the Avengers and humans didn’t help them when it came to help them in their time of need and they only come to the mutant if they need their help. Cap gets more upfront with Cyclops but he isn’t going to say anymore to him and tells him to leave Utopia and it looks like that Cap is going to take Hope by force so Cyclops blasts him back further down the beach and we see a Helicarrier descending from the sky with a team of Avengers. Cyclops tells Emma to make sure that they protect Hope at any cost, and we see on the last panel Hope’s eyes with the Phoenix in them, ending issue one.

Issue two opens a shot of the SHIELD Helicarrier, with several jets flying off, and the X-Men discussing what Cyclops has done, but Cyclops defends his actions since that the Avengers were the ones that came here to take Hope away, with very few questions asked. Over with the Avengers, we get our first title drop for the series by Spider-Man and they are going over how insane Cyclops is since that Utopia is also a home for mutants and that there are children on the island and they think that Cyclops is using that to make them come off more as the bad guys, which in my view point they still are since they are the ones that are massing towards a island to try and extract a person against their will. But before they can launch their own attack on the island, they are attacked first by Colossus and Magneto doing a rather awesome twist on the Fastball Special, with this being Magneto throwing Colossus towards the Helicarrier, this then leads on to the part of the comic where it is going to get rather fun.

The first fight in the issue we get is between Colossus and Red Hulk, since the two of them are the main powerhouses for the two teams, but this collision doesn’t go too well for the Avengers as it sends them overboard into the ocean where Namor is waiting for them and he also socks The Thing sending him flying, only for Luke Cage to start sparring with him. A few aerial based Avengers, like Iron Man and Doctor Strange try to make their assault downwards, Cyclops and the X-Men try to defend with the own abilities trying to shoot them down, but he is interrupted when Cap throws his shield at his head, and we see a team of Avengers, emerging from the see like it’s D-Day to attack the X-Men. We do get a great panel arrangement with a close up shots of both Cap and Cyclops with them both telling their teams orders on what to do and then the collision of the two teams that is really well done since there is enough space between the teams where there is a split down the middle of the page.

Over in one of the buildings a small group of X-Men are observing the fight, wondering what is actually going on and we see Emma dragging in Hope and tells them not to let her out no matter what she says and then she heads back to the fight and to end it quick for them, but she is stopped when Iron Man blasts her with ‘Microscopic Telepathic Tasers’ which supress her telepathic abilities. Emma then decides to use her other ability, turning into her diamond form and punches Iron Man, who then proceeds to blast her more with his repulse blast when his suit notices an electromagnetic disturbance as we see in the helmet reflected stands Magneto, he goes to blast Magneto but he manages to block it. Elsewhere, we see Pietro aka Quicksilver, watching the events unfold as it also appears that there is, at least one news chopper in the air reporting on the fight between the two teams. He says to somebody that this is there fight and asks them to come with him and then in a short while we see Pietro punch Magneto knocking him down to the ground as well as who he was talking to as well, Wanda who turns off the television and walks away and we see a sketch in her dream journal of the Phoenix and the words ‘this is how the world ends’.

We get a few panels covering the fight and we see quite a bit of crossover with the X-Men calling Wolverine a traitor for siding with the Avengers, then with Storm and Black Panther having a bit of a go at each other, but this one being more verbal since they are still married at this point and are on opposite sides. Hope is overseeing the fight from the room and is wanting to get out there to help since that the Avengers brought all of their big guns with them to get Hope with her coming to the realisation that she is the biggest gun that they have for the X-Men. Back to the fight on the beach, Cap and Cyclops are still going at it with Cap being on the defensive and he also ends up pushing Cyclops’s buttons when he brings up what the Phoenix did to his wife and he continues the pressure and says that if Cap really wanted his help, he should have went to him first instead of Wolverine. Cap manages to press on towards Cyclops and he manages to knock him back and he tells him that this could have been handled a different way and asks for them to stand down, Cyclops tells Magik to open a portal and Cap has Strange go after her and we see Strange enter Limbo to the delight of her. Back on the battlefield Danger alerts Cyclops that Utopia is falling under the control of Iron Man and he then realises something, Wolverine has left to go after Hope.

Along with Wolverine is Spider-Man who seems to be there to be more of a peacekeeper and to make sure that things don’t escalate further, but it seems like things have escalated since they arrive where Hope is to find out that she has knocked out the X-Men with her and now has a fiery aura around her. She says that with the closer that the Phoenix gets the more the power inside of her grows, Wolverine tells Spidey to get out of the way as it looks like that Wolverine is going to kill her, but Hope manages to stop him in his tracks and sets him alight with fire. Both the X-Men and the Avengers arrive in the room from different direction and we see the destruction that she has left and running away from Utopia. Meanwhile in space, the issue ends with the Avengers team that was sent to stop the Phoenix finally come face to face with it, with Thor stating that today is a good day to die.

Overall, the first three issues of the series are rather good. It continues the over arcing story of how the mutant population is suffering still years after the events from House of M and that even now with a messiah they are taking it as a sign that there is going to be a change coming for them and for the good with the Phoenix. The way that the Avengers are portrayed do make them come off as the bad guys since they are the ones that are out to make sure that the Phoenix is taken care of and that they also planned on taking Hope off Utopia by force if the X-Men weren’t going to give her up. One problem I did have with the series was more down to the artwork and even though the pencils were done by John Romita Jr, there is something about it that I just find to be rather lack-lustre. It could be down to the fact that a lot of the characters seem to look rather stocky and bold, which is a rather turn off for me and I think that the designs for the covers are a lot more better than the art work for several characters.

Next comic review next week, we are heading back to Shoen Jump and the next three volumes of Pokémon Adventures.

Venom/ X-Men: Poison X Review

A few months ago, I had reviewed the first part of a trilogy of a series that revolves around Venom with the first part taking place during Venom-Verse, that being its own miniseries resolving on an alternate Earth in which Doctor Strange had called alternate versions of Venom to take down a new threat called the Poisons. This was a rather fun story to read and I discovered that they continued on with the series a few weeks after I had read the story, but this takes place in universe.

Part one of the story begins in the pages of X-Men: Blue Annual 1. On the planet Klyntar, the home planet of the Symbiotes, a person is hunting down a bunch of Symbiotes for a buyer. Back on Earth in Mandripoor, the young Cyclops in talking with his dad, Corsair, who is checking up on him. Things seem to be going alright until Corsair’s ship is attacked by tendrils and his team is taken down quickly. Cyclops asks what is happening and his dad replies giving him the location of where they are in space and the feed ends with the face of a Symbiote. Marvel Girl rushes out to Cyclops since they are mentally linked, and she goes to comfort him and comes up with the starting of a plan to go out and help.

Over in New York, Eddie is observing a arms deal taking place and the Symbiote is warning him about the weapons that they have. One cool thing about this page before I head on with the rest is the way that the page is designed, there are five panels that are separated with webbing instead of either plain white spacing over the panels overlapping on a background image. The strangest thing about this is that this is the only time that it appears in the entire story and you never see it again anywhere else. It would have been nicer to see that than just a bunch of white spaces in the comic. He drops in on the group and starts taking them down, and just as a flame gauntlet user was about to fire at him, he is knocked back by a blast and the Symbiote picks up that there are five new people there that are not hostile. Venom says that he had this under control revealing that Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Ice Man and Angel wanting his help. Eddie passes on in and Cyclops keeps trying to persuade him by bringing up the Symbiotes and he does not want to deal with the young X-Men team, and he is not interested in helping them. Marvel Girl and Cyclops decide to go back to plan A and they decide to take him down by force, but it is not the X-Men that is able to take him down, but his Symbiote instead, sending him to sleep.

Back over with Corsair and his Starjammers, he wakes up to find himself and his team have been cuffed, believing that the bandits had attacked them to pick them up on bounties that they have, but Corsair isn’t having any of it and manages to break out of his cuffs, only for him the to get taken down by a symbiote and revealing a team of them. The leader of the team introduces themselves to the Starjammers with them called Hexxer, Tord and Killer Thrill, which do sound like some of the more 90’s name I have heard in modern times and they reveal that they do plan on selling them to somebody. Back over with the Venom and the X-Men, Eddie wakes up to find himself in a containment tube, where his Symbiote tells him that he was the one that had knocked him out and that Beast had performed some examinations on him when he was out to Eddie’s distain and he says that when he gets out of there, he is going to eat their brains. Cyclops apologies for what had happened and the Symbiote is trying to make him pay attention to him and that they want the same as what the X-Men want, to save their families. Eddie says that the Symbiote is not the problem here and that it is the person that is wearing it and even though that they have been studying him for weaknesses it would not help them when it comes to fighting the person. Cyclops lets Eddie out of the cell and when he overhears a conversation where the word ‘Life Support’ comes in he discovers that they are arriving at a space port.

Marvel Girl sets up a short-range psi sweep so that they are able to communicate with other aliens, but it only works in proximity to her. They are able to find the Starjammers and they board it to find it rather wrecked and out it looks like that there are no survivors, what appears to be the closest design on a Cybermat crossed with a dragonfly pops out of a vent to inform them that the crew is alive. Sikorsky relays what he saw and that they were Klyntar Symbiotes being used as biological weapons and that seems to worry Eddie and his Symbiote. Eddie says that this is rather bad news for them and he recommends that they get the actual X-Men to help with this instead of kids, but Cyclops says that they do not have time to get help and that they need to stop the people that did this. They leave the ship and Eddie says that they are going to get killed and that he is going to have to look after them as well. They walk into a bar to get information about what had happened, and Eddie tells them one of the weaknesses that they will need to exploit that being fire and sonics. They go to ask questions to the bartender, but he says that he knows what he is going to say is going to put him in trouble when he points out Eddie with them and says that they are after two people. The first being somebody called Haze Mancer and before he can say the other, they get interrupted by a group of symbiote clad bounty hunters, ending the issue.

In the next issue from X-Men Blue, the bounty hunters say that they have been hearing that there have been people out looking for them and they then get into a fight. Cyclops gets impaled by tendrils from one of the symbiote, but he keeps on fighting saying that they know what they have done with his dad and he wants to know where he is. Angel flies him out and Eddie covers them to get back to the ship and he manages to web up the door, which is able to keep them at bay somehow, and he notices that there is a person that is watching him and the team since they arrived at the spaceport. Eddie grabs him and wants to get answers on who was behind the Symbiotes and that he has to start talking quick since Marvel Girl’s link is starting wear off. Back over with the X-Men, they are making their way through a market trying to find safety so that they can patch up Cyclops taking him into a nearby hut, with Jean suggesting for a person to leave. She says that she can help with his problems by using her abilities to help him, but it would only be a temporary measure. Hank thinks that he might be able to help with his magical abilities, but Iceman nixes the idea saying that he has more of a chance to do more damage. Angel says that he does not think that they had been followed allowing for Eddie to show up in the shadows. He says that it was easy to follow them, being humans walking through an alien spaceport, he also says that they need to take the fight to them and he knows where to start looking, with a panel then showing that he had interrogated the person by pulling off his appendages. Since that Eddie has the information that they need Cyclops decides to go as well, with Eddie starting to like him, even though there is a chance that he is going to die because of it.

On the bounty hunters ship, Killer Thrill is torturing Corsair and his team, but it seems that they only reason that she is doing it is because that she needs to fuel up. A person walks in with a half symbiote on him and informs that the offers are in and that the Brood are willing to pay for big for them. She tells him to call in the team to head off to Brood space. Back over with Venom and the X-Men, Eddie takes them to what appear to be storage containers where he says that they are after a person called Haze Mancer, who turns out is a arms dealer and his says that they need to go in and hit him fast and to keep him alive so that they can get information from him about what he knows. Inside, Mancer is talking to a group of robots telling them about the symbiotes when Eddie drops in and knocks out one of the robots and Mancer making note that Venom was one of the symbiotes that he had caught, but it had ran off which peeks the interest of Eddie. The X-Men crash in and note that Mancer is trafficking symbiotes as weapons, Angel flies off towards take somebody down, but he gets knocked into a container of symbiotes cracking the tube and letting them out. Mancer manages to take down Eddie with a sonic gun, but his attention is then turned over to the X-Men, who have all been bonded with a symbiotes ending the issue. I got to say though I do like the design of the symbiote X-Men for Angel, Hank and Iceman since they do look rather unique and show of their designs a lot better than what they do for Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

The next part of the story continues in the pages of Venom, and we see what happened just before the team up shot as the symbiote starts to bond with Cyclops with Eddie narrating about what the process is like when a symbiote starts the bonding process with its host. He then brings up that the X-Men did kidnap him so that they could find out more information of the symbiotes so that they could defeat them in a fight and we see the X-Men coming to grips with their newly acquired abilities.

Mancer keeps bringing up that the symbiote that Eddie is bonded to is one of the ones that he had previously captured, but even the symbiote does not know who he is. The X-Men are dealing with the robots showing off their new abilities in the process, but they still need some work with them. Mancer keeps beating up Eddie and says that he is going to kill his ‘friends’ and take the symbiotes off with their new awesome powers. The X-Men then decide to focus on fighting Mancer when the last of the buyers run off, and since Mancer is accustomed to dealing with symbiotes, he easily is able to take the down. Venom manages to knock him down and it looks like that he is going to kill him, but Marvel Girl tells him to stop and says that the X-Men do not kill and she even shows that she has some control over the symbiote by retracting it from her head and Eddie says that he is not a X-Man and says that he does things his way. Cyclops chimes in saying that he is right, but they are going to do things his way and he wants to find out what had happened to his father and then Eddie can do whatever he want to him after they get what they want. Hank notes that Cyclops’s symbiote is angry and he feels it in his as well, Eddie holds up Mancer and asks him to say what he knows. Mancer keeps steeping around giving any information to the team and he tries to raise the ire of the team, but Marvel Girl steps in and uses her abilities to probe into his mind and finds something useful, Mancer had modified the symbiotes with tracking devices and Hank is able to find the location of the bounty hunters.

Over with the bounty hunters, one of them informs Killer Thrill about the X-Men in the spaceport that are looking for Corsair and his team. He also talks about the symbiote that was with them and also believes that he was also from Earth as well. She has Corsair brought in which she tells him about what had happened at the spaceport, in which she reveals that about the abilities that they had, and he lets slip that they are the X-Men. Killer Thrill says that she has heard of them before and also mentions that Naga had wounded one of them, and he then lets slip again saying Scott and that leads Killer Thrill to enjoy in the fact that they have hurt Corsair even more by hurting his son. Corsair then says that they better have made sure that they did kill his son, or that he would be coming for them, which Thrill likes the sound of.

Back over with the X-Symbiotes, Eddie is rather annoyed that they chose not to kill Mancer but instead hand him over to the authorities, but they chose to do the correct thing for them. Eddie says that they are too emotional and that they should sever the bonds that they have with their symbiotes, because they have served their purposes and that it will start to get dangerous and Cyclops tries to step up to Eddie but Marvel Girl intervenes. She pulls the pros and the cons out of what they are both saying, that they symbiotes are affecting them emotionally and that his symbiote is mad at what Mancer did to their species, but their symbiotes are not going to leave until they find the symbiotes that Mancer had sold. Hank checks in on the ship, called Danger, to see how the repairs are going and they were going okay, but since they had to head out to give chase to the bounty hunters so not everything is going well. Angel suggests that they should contact Magneto and Danger informs that that a message was already relayed to Magneto to the annoyance of Eddie who says that they do not kill when Magneto had committed many atrocities and says that people do not change unless you force them to. Over to a prison where they are holding Mancer, someone had breached the building and starts taking out guards with spikes and tendrils. The figure asks him if he was Haze Mancer and a hunter, but Mancer says that he is out of that business now since the altercation that he had with the X-Men, but the figure is revealed as a Poisoned Kraven the Hunter who says that he is going to help him with one last hunt ending the issue.

Back in the pages of X-Men Blue, the bounty hunters have arrived in Broodspace looking forward to getting their reward for Corsair and his team but their ship ends up getting hit by something, Killer Thrill tells one of her crew to find out what it is and we see a giant chunk of ice has crashed into them. The crew note that this is the only thing that is keeping that area of the ship pressurised and that they notice something moving in the ice, which leads to the X-Men and Venom crashing through and Marvel Girl manages to get control of some of the crew to relay that everything is fine. They web up the crew that are not taken over by symbiotes and Cyclops wants to get some answers from one of them, but Marvel Girl decides to use her abilities to get him to talk and she finds out where the status of the Starjammers and that they are safe. Cyclops decides to split the team in two, with one team going after his dad’s team and the other going after the symbiotes. Hank suggests that they take care of the crew, Eddie suggesting that they kill them, but Angel knocks them into the iceberg and Iceman refreezes it over and the team splits into two, Cyclops heading off on his own to rescue his dad and the others heading off to fight the symbiotes.

Cyclops manages to take down members of the crew and is able to rescue his dad and the Starjammers. The rest of the team are taking one the symbiote crew and they manage to get the upper hand rather well when Marvel Girl uses her abilities to have the symbiotes believe that they are getting hearing sonics. Another ship approaches them, and it causes Marvel Girl to break her connection off and allows Killer Thrill to escape them. Hank opens a hailing frequency with the other ship and Marvel Girl decides to head off to take down Killer Thrill. She manages to track her down into a cargo hanger, but before she can do anything they find a mysterious figure waiting for them there and tries to stop them from fighting and offers them a proposition or he is going to have them join by force, revealing that there are Poison’s on the ship. Over with the others both Eddie and Cyclops realise that something is wrong when he can no longer sense Marvel Girl with the psychic link that they have. Hank suggests the reason is that she could have been knocked out by something that may have to do with the ship that has appeared and Eddie is rather curious about why the ship has targeted them and we see off panel we see Marvel Girl talking saying that they were tracking them and that they are after the symbiotes, revealing that her and Killer Thrill have been converted into Poisons ending the issue.

The final part of the story concludes in Venom, Cyclops is trying to reach in contact with Marvel Girl, but it is no use as nothing appears to be getting through which is making him worried that something bad has happened to her, but Corsair does reassure him that she is tough. Back over with the X-Men, the Poisoned Marvel Girl says to her team that they will not be coming easy to the transference and Eddie brings up that this was a reason why they should have gotten rid of the symbiotes. One of the mini Poisons try to lunge at the team, but Eddie manages to help out and tells them not to let them attach onto you, since that is how they transform then into what Marvel Girl is. Killer Thrill says that the symbiotes are meant to be with them and we then see Poisons heading off to the rest of her crew, that were trapped in the ice prison, to bond with. The X-Men try to fight off the Poisons, but they are slowly being over-whelmed, but Marvel Girl manages to ensnare them in a telekinetic grasp to let the Poisons attach onto. However, those Poisons get taken out by Cyclops who arrives with the rest of the Starjammers.

Iceman notices Romeo is somehow aboard the ship, but before he can head closer towards him, Eddie pulls him away revealing that this is one of the tricks of the Poisons use to trick people into getting closer and letting down their guard. Marvel Girl tries to get Cyclops to come over to their side since they will then be linked up again, but Iceman intervenes making the save, but Killer Thrill’s team shows back up to give them and makes the advantage more in their favour. The Starjammers act as a defensive line so that the X-Men can leave, and Eddie pulls Cyclops back even though he wants to stay and help free Marvel Girl of whatever she is happening to her. Cyclops still wants to go back and save her, but Eddie says that the Marvel Girl that he knows is now dead and is just a puppet. Hank calls Danger to come and pick them up but as she arrives, the Poisons turn up, Iceman thinks that she is going to be able to get through this, but Cyclops realises that she is gone and they get into a huge fight. Eddie tells for the Starjammers to head to the ship and says that the symbiotes are designed to handle deep space, so once they were clear he has Cyclops blow a hole in the ship sending everything into space. One of the Poisons ends up attaching to Angel but before he is overcome by it, he burns the symbiote and the Poison in the process. They manage to survive the battle with the Poisons, even with Cyclops blasting away Marvel Girl, Angel also gets them back to the ship and they regroup.

At the spaceport, the X-Men and the Starjammers end up separating, to Corsairs sadness since he does want to make sure that his son is alright with what has happened with Marvel Girl. The X-Men head back to Earth and they need to get back there quickly since the Poisons are going to hunt them down. During this Cyclops sees a ghostly visage of Marvel Girl and he brushes it off. Back over with the Starjammers they have headed to Klyntar to return the symbiotes that were bonded to the X-Men and they discover something horrific. There are no life forms on the planet and that they need to inform that the X-Men that the Poisons have taken them all and this is all continued in the pages of Venomized.

Overall, I think that this is a good story that acts as a good bridging point for readers and according to a interview that I read the writer Cullen Bun, said that he used this as also a jumping on point for both books as well since that you didn’t have to really read either Venom-verse, Venom or X-Men Blue to understand the story, but it does make me want to read more of Venom as well as the X-Men books as well. I really do not have that much of a bad thing at all to say about this series, everything is written well since it was written all by the same guy, the artwork for all of the issue is amazing and I am looking forward to getting to the third part of the trilogy.

Spider-Man: House of M #1-5 Review

About a year or so ago, I found a comic book stall in the Grainger Market in Newcastle that sold back issues of comics and I could have easily spent a lot of time there going through all of the boxes to see what he had. Then I came across several titles from House of M and I decided to purchase them since, to me, House of M was a rather interesting story and I was wondering what the side stories for the series was like. So, I bought this, Fantastic Four and Iron Man and I thought that these could be useful for reviewing in the future. The I got around to reading this a few weeks ago to do the review and God is this a weirdly bad story.

The issue opens up with Gwen Stacy and her son Richie lying in bed, with Peter watching over them and Gwen notices him standing over asking what time it is and Peter saying for her to go back to sleep, with her noting that Peter is crying, take note of this for later on in the story. We then get a page of photos in what appears to be a home gym focusing around Peter Parker, including a match poster against Crusher Hogan, the Green Goblin, a movie poster that stars MJ Watson as Gwen Stacy and a photo publicising the wedding of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. We then see Peter swinging around a rather cool gymnastic set up. Uncle Ben turns up and Peter seems to be shocked to see him. Ben goes on and talks about Peter’s PR guy and he wishes that he would treat him better and that Peter had only hired him to get payback for the way that he had treated him in the past. Peter comes out and revealed that he has now shaved his hair off and the two head off, somewhere, with Peter saying that toadying is a beginning, also Rhino is a bodyguard for Peter as well, which is rather weird.

Cutting over to somewhere, most likely in New York, George Stacy is pulled aside by two security guards and is singled out for being a homosapien and it is pretty much a allegory of the way that people are pulled aside by officers for being a different race or religion for just being different. But before things can get out of hand, J Jonah Jameson steps in and informs that he is Peter’s PR guy and reveals to the security officer that George is Peter’s father-in-law. The guard apologises, however it seems now that George has an idea for payback and tells him to accompany him to his presentation, where we then see him unveil a non-lethal weapon and asks the guard to attack him and he gets webbed up. Over at Oscorp, Gwen is going over the inventory of items that Spider-Man Inc now has after the acquisition of Norman Osborn’s company and Norman is also there. He asks her if they are planning to start a war, but she says that the company is going to try and stop wars, by using Osborn’s own tech to do it. Norman is rather displeased to hear that, and Gwen tells him that any business that he had with Parker is over with and tells him to leave with Norman looking rather angry.

Back over at Peter’s house, Aunt May is dressing up Richie for the party that is happening for Peter’s birthday and then out of nowhere Crusher Hogan appears and picks up Richie by the foot. Hogan asks May to give him his present as he is not going to be able to make the party because he has a match in the Meadowlands and he then plays around with Richie in full costume. At the party, Peter goes off on Jameson for coming to the party and Jameson is starting to get more and more fed up with the way that he has been treated by him. George and Ben stare at him disapproving him on what he has done, and Peter passes it of saying that he is trying to do right by other people instead. Gwen goes over to him and makes a tiny joke on how he could have wished for world peace and Peter gets rather pissed at the joke and goes off to the toilet, where he then overhears Rhino and MJ talking. MJ asks him what Peter is like and he says that he is a nice guy, but he is the centre of the universe and gets people to do things for him. He also says that he should have tried to pass for a mutant but says that his suit is his powers and that if he were caught there would be quite the scandal that would end his life. Over with Jameson, he is moping about how Peter has treated him and then a new Green Goblin comes crashing in with Jameson thinking that it’s Hogan, but he says that he is the Green Goblin and says that Jameson is going to be a pawn used to help him destroy Spider-Man and Jameson saying when do they start ending the first issue.

Issue two opens up with Jameson waking up after the altercation with a new Green Goblin and the plan to take down Peter Parker, revealing that he had given Jameson a journal that had belonged to Peter and Jameson now walks back to the city to reveal to the world about the true Peter Parker and he starts reading a few bits of the book. The first bit that he reveals that he had a crush on a girl in high school called Liz Allen and that she looked disgusted at him, because he used an inhaler in front of her and another saying that the coach that taught them Phys Ed would yell at him for not taking a shower with the rest of the guys cause he was embarrassed about his physique.  

We then see Spider-Man dealing with Venom, who has kidnapped Gwen and says that he if he gets closer, Gwen will die and then throws her off the building, revealing that this is actually a clip of the new Spider-Man film and that Peter and MJ are on a talk show talking about the film. The host asks MJ what research that she did for the role and says that Gwen was on set most of the time and that this was a role that she was born to play and we then see MJ placing her hand on top of Peter’s with Gwen and George noticing it on a monitor. The three of them get talking about what had happened and we see the host and MJ observing them saying that they are lucky to be where they are at because Peter is a mutant. Rhino gets a phone call and gets a video of Jameson getting attacked by the Green Goblin and we get a flash back. The first is Peter trying to get over the bad publicity that Jameson has been putting out and then another where we see Peter buying him to be his own publicist. Peter notes that the person with Jameson resembles the Green Goblin and that Gwen recalls that she saw the design of the glider at Osborn’s. George ass the question on what the link is between Norman and the Green Goblin and Peter asks Rhino to go and see what Hogan knows and he goes off, but George had just realised that Peter has just made a mistake and may have asked Rhino to beat up Hogan instead of just asking him questions. Peter tells him to not lay a hand on him but it might be too late and instead of running up to him to make sure that the message is clear, but no he just stays there and hopes that Rhino heard what he said.

Back over with Jameson he is rambling on continually about the way that Peter had treated him even publicly during a wrestling match. A vendor tells him to move along calling him homeless and Jameson gets angry at him saying that he is not homeless, and he tries to get a ride from him for money when he gets back home. But the vendor passes him off and says that he will accept his cufflinks because they are made out of rubies and gives him a bottle of water instead. Rhino and Hogan get into a fight and he asks if Hogan is the Goblin that had attacked Jameson and he says that it is a fake and you can easily tell since Hogan is a huge powerhouse and the faux Goblin is rather slim built. Rhino gets annoyed with Hogan and throws him through a wall, leaving him in a rather critical condition. Over with Peter, he is talking with Norman about who could have gotten a hold of a glider and he brings up that Gwen had spent all day taking inventory on what they had acquired and says that everything belongs to him now leaving him rather shocked, I think the art work looks a bit like dull surprise.

Jameson manages to get down to a subway and jumps the turnstile, but he is too tired after walking and ends up faceplanting, there are some people that go over to him to check to see if he is okay and he tells them to get away from him and the book. Back over with Peter, he is playing with his son when he gets a phone call, hoping that it is Rhino, but it turns out to be Ben. He says that he has found that Jameson is raving like a lunatic and heads out, in full costume, to see him and also promote the film, smooth Pete. Spidey arrives at the station and asks where Jameson is at after getting ganged up by fans and Jameson is annoyed to see him there, but he discovers somebody there for him. Spidey manages to spot him, but it is too late, and Jameson is live on the air reporting that Spider-Man is in fact not a mutant but a homosapien and that his powers were a lab experiment that had went wrong, ending issue two with the crowds turning on Spidey.

Issue three opens with the revelation on television about what had just happened, its also revealed to Gwen that she did not know about his powers and that police agencies have cancelled their arrangement with the company to buy the web shooters. But more shockingly, there was also a report that a child had been seriously beaten for wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt. The news anchor is with Jameson and she asks on how he came into possession of the book, but he doesn’t care to answer and just goes on to narrate through more entries through the book and whilst this is going on, a person in a hospital is reacting to the news. A nurse pulls a guard and believes to be Peter and he goes to confront him, only to find that he had disappeared and went into the room of the victim that had been beaten up. The guard confronts him, and he said that he was here to see Hogan, but he decided to see him instead, hoping that a friendly face would be comforting for him.

The guard asks him if he knows that he is trespassing and he says to arrest him, but Peter says that he is not going to hurt anyone, and the guard sits down and talks about what has happened. Peter recounts on what has happened with this new Green Goblin being the start of the problem, giving the book to the Jameson and revealing the truth, the Rhino going and nearly killing Hogan in the process and that everybody hates him. But the guard asks him what happened to him as a person since he was on top of the world and a few setbacks later he has turned rather pathetic. Peter reiterates that humans are weak, but does say that he doesn’t like humans, but he did like Peter and this is what helps him to get his funk back, which does seem like that it happening rather too early in the miniseries since that there is still three issues to go. It is revealed that Rhino has turned up and is tearing everything up in Time Square.

We head over to Time Square and see Rhino throwing cars around and tries to take him down and it appears that Rhino is mad at him. He is mad at Peter because he was just following his orders and he even says that he is just a cheap stupid mug, good job working on likable characters with good stories just to make them a laughingstock comic. But before Peter can do anything else he is pelted with objects by a crowd of, wondering why they came back to a place where a super-villain was running amuck only a few minutes ago, and it causes Rhino the chance to escape to the underground. Rhino managing to escape comes across a mysterious figure who says that he wants to help Rhino get back at Peter and he says for the Green Goblin to meet him behind Peter’s house.

Back at his house, Peter is coming out with the truth to his family and they seem to be supportive, however Ben and George get into an argument on what has happened. Peter leaves not wanting to hear them fight over what has happened Gwen snaps at the two of them saying that they should be more supportive towards Peter since his world has crumbled all around him and that he is at a rather low point. She leaves Richie with them and goes out to find Peter. Over with the Rhino, he meets up with Green Goblin in a warehouse and he also reveal he has brought some people along that being Electro, Vulture and Ox and they attack the fake Goblin. Gwen is walking by and see’s Electro’s lightning going off thinking Peter is in there and heads over to the warehouse. Goblin manages to kill Electro, I think, Ox goes to grab him but is thrown just as Gwen comes in and the Goblin tells her to stay back and that it does not concern her. Rhino manages to grab a hold of the Goblin and he tells one of them do unmask him to find out who it is and to the shock of them all it is revealed to be Peter, ending this issue.

Issue four opens just after the ending of the last issue and Peter trying to explain on why he has done what he has done saying that he was trying to trap the person that was the Goblin, by dressing up as the Goblin, which is just as confusing as it sounds and believes that the person behind it is somebody that must hate him and suggests that it is Osborn. Gwen bring up that he planed this by having them meet at his house where his family is raises a lot of questions and Peter does not think that Gwen believes him. Peter manages to break free of Rhino’s grip and holds Gwen hostage. He tells them to back off and Gwen says that he will not kill her, and he says that the Goblin already has, which is something else to keep in mind for later. He passes it off as nothing and the two walk out of the building, Peter says that he needs to get away and he also mentions to not let him near their kid and he flies off and Vulture goes after him, until a Sentinel appears and chases Peter off into the night.

On another talk show Jameson is talking more about the book that he has with all of the secrets that Peter has. Jameson also praises the Green Goblin saying that he is a true hero, but the host interrupts him to show him footage that was caught on a Sentinel cam and shows Peter as the Goblin to the shock of Jameson. Back over at Peter’s house, George is pissed at what Peter had done to Gwen and she says that she still believes in Peter. She believes that he needs to be saved and that they need to do something about it. Ben comes in and asks how they are able to help him since that everything has happened has caused all of their worlds to crumble since they cannot use any resources to help Peter or even find him, but Gwen has an idea. She had tuned a Spider-Tracer to his Spider-Sense and that she is going to be going after Jameson the book since that it seems that it is going to unravel more secrets that could explain what has been happening.

Over with Jamerson, he is asking Osborn to help since he thinks that he has a target on his back for people to aim for and he wants help. Osborn says that he cannot help him since he does not have anything since Parker has all of his tech, but Jamerson brings up that Osborn has access to unofficial channels, and he wants in. So, Osborn writes down an address and a name for Jameson to go and see a person called Smythe. Over with Gwen, George and Ben they are breaking into Jameson’s apartment to obtain the book, but they are held up by a robot smashing through a wall and it has Jameson’s face on the monitor. They try to web up the robot but to no avail and Jameson manages to punch Gwen, when suddenly Peter swings in an destroys the robot. George manages to find the book in a safe and Peter takes it off him immediately, Gwen said that they wanted to keep the book to for themselves and she asks him to stay but he leaves. Gwen says that it was a waste since they did not even get the book but the issue ends revealing that George had managed to swipe the book when Peter left, also the moon is huge.

Issue five opens with the death of George Stacey, which is reminiscent of his death during the main timeline. It turns out that they have been reading the diary of Peter and they find out all of the ways that they have died, and they cannot believe what they are reading. George and Ben get into another complaining about Peter’s action, but Gwen tells them to stop it, because it is getting really annoying to see them complain. She believes that there is something else going on with what is in the book since the way that it is wrote sounds like he had gone through it instead of it being wish fulfilment.  

Somewhere in New York, a group of humans are in a homeless shelter and they are annoyed about the fact that this has to do with Peter Parker and then a few police officers come by and tell them to leave the facility. The humans demand an answer and they say that the House of M are commandeering the facility and they have to move somewhere else. One of the people is not happy about this and is attacked by one of the officers who chokes him with a bunch of tentacles. Peter comes through and in defence of the homosapiens against the police and he knocks one of them out. He tells them that if they go to attack him he does not have anything left to lose and they would most likely get seriously hurt and tells them to tell their superiors that he got away. The officers leave and Peter says that he has bought them time to get their belongings and leave to the dismay of homosapiens who gang up and attack Pete.

He manages to escape and contacts Ben saying that he does not know what to do. Ben says for him to come home and Peter says he thinks that he knows why he wrote what he did. He was living with guilt and he just kept writing down what he was thinking and trying to make stories out of what had happened and that he was starting to sabotage his own life. Ben tells him to come back home but he does not want to, and Ben asks where he is, and he decides to go and meet him. They meet up observing a riot happening and Peter saying that this has to do with him, but Ben assures him that it has to do with building tension between humans and mutants and Peter says that he had managed to ruin so many lives. Ben says that they have had it good for a long time and Peter is still being miserable. Ben also believes that they are the reason that Peter stumbled for making them rich and powerful in a world of mutants and that they miss him, and they are not afraid of him, they just want him back. Peter does something rather drastic, he says that as long he is alive the mutants are going to keep turning the heat on the humans, so as one last act he hangs himself off a bridge with Ben taking the photo of him.

The news around his death is the talk of the town. Hogan sees the news and he does not believe what he is reading thinking that there is more to it. Rhino is pissed on what he did but it is the reaction that Jameson has is the best one. He breaks down in tears realising that he was one of the contributing factors behind the reason why he ended up committing suicide. Magneto also makes a brief appearance in the comic with a issue of the Daily Bugle that is webbed up with a note to him saying that if he wants him to stay dead, he has to let up on the humans in which means that Peter isn’t dead but now off the radar. The issue ends with the Parker/Stacy family living life in a few camper cans in the middle of nowhere enjoying their life.

Overall, this is a rather mix bag of a story. I do like the idea of Spider-Man being more of a public figure since that he was in this universe a more of a celebrity than he was a superhero. The weirdest thing is that this version of Spider-Man does remind me a lot of a Mexican wrestler called El Santo who was a wrestler that made a transition to starring in films. But one of the things that I thought was rather lacklustre had to do with the Green Goblin, we never got a reason why Peter chose to be designed like this version of the Goblin since it was a lot of a different design for Crusher Hogan, unless it was the design of the guilt Goblin. Speaking of Crusher Hogan, he might have been one of my favourite minor characters ever, mainly for me being a wrestling fan, but I wish that we saw more of him in the series. Another problem that I had with the series were actually the way that the covers were used, and this is more of a minor problem. I think that there should have been a switch around of covers for issue three and five should have been swapped around, for the fact that issue three has a image of a Spider-Man effigy being hung and burnt, all the others are relatively fine and issue two is the one that is most on point with what happens in that issue with Jameson running around clenching a book.

What If… Avengers vs X-Men #1 Review

One of the biggest events that Marvel did during 2012 was the crossover event Avengers vs X-Men in which the Phoenix Force is heading to Earth in search of its new host, Hope Summers and this leads to the Avengers and X-Men split down the middle with the Avengers wanting to put Hope in protective custody and the X-Men to let it happen as it is believed that she is supposed to get the Phoenix Force due to her being the messiah. Iron Man created a weapon to destroy the Phoenix Force, but instead of it destroying it split the force into five pieces and going to Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Magik and Colossus. During the fights that the Avengers have with the X-Men they manage to take down each member of the Phoenix Five, each gets more powerful and Cyclops decides to take Emma’s piece transforming him into Dark Phoenix. During his new form, Cyclops kill Xavier but is taken down when Hope gets the Phoenix Force and with the help of Scarlet Witch manages to create more mutants with their combined powers. But that is the main story with a lot of extra stuff in between so let’s see what could have happened if things were different.

We open up in space where the Guardians of the Galaxy have picked up an energy signature heading towards them and when they try to pick up speed, the energy matches up with them. Star Lord sends out a distress signal along with data that they have of the signature, but for them its too late and the ship gets destroyed, revealing the Phoenix Force being the energy signature. This is also coupled with Captain America talking about the Phoenix Force and about its destructive nature and says that it’s returning to Earth to bring their destruction. It’s revealed that Cap it talking to the World Council, something similarly seen in Avengers Assemble where Nick Fury is talking with people during invasion. Tony reveals that he has spent time tracking on the trajectory for where it is going, and it’s revealed to be the island of Utopia. Cap reveals that the person that the Phoenix Force is attracted to Hope Summers and they have a mission in plan, a team of Avengers is sent into space to try and stop the Phoenix there and they are going to send a team to Utopia to take Hope into protective custody and he pretty much gets permission from the President to do so.

On Utopia, Magneto is training Hope with her powers by hurling chunks of metal towards her and Storm and Cyclops. It seems to be going well but Magento is talking a lot to distract Hope by talking and he manages to sucker punch her with a metal fist, quite a sucker punch. Hope manages to pull down an antenna to try and hurt him, however Magneto manages to catch it and then separates it to bind Hope in the straps. He says that they are an endangered species and that is down to mankind pretty much ruining the world. He tells her to break out of the bonds and she does in a psychic burst, that shocks the X-Men there, especially Magento, but that’s not the only problem, Emma Frost then notices the Helicarrier approaching the island.

Cap and Wolverine get into talking about the plan that they have, with Wolverine saying that he is going to stand with the Avengers because he knows from experience what it’s like to deal with the Phoenix Force. But he also does say that if things go south, he’s going to go into business for himself. Cap says that he won’t condone what he thinks he is going to do but Wolverine says that he’s trusted him before and why he shouldn’t now. Cap agrees to what he says and the two of them walk into the hangar bay where the rest of the Avengers that he has there, including people like Spidey, Valkyrie, Iron Fist, Red Hulk and Daredevil. Cap calls the over to talk over more what they are going to do and that they want to do this peacefully, but they have to be weary that things might get messy. Wolverine says that if they don’t act now they planet might get destroyed and they need to do something before Hope can be the vessel for the Phoenix.

Emma says that they’ve seen the signs of what has been happening and she can feel the Phoenix Force heading their way. Magento says that it’s coming here for a reason and that could be to help the mutant population by hopefully by increasing their numbers. Storm says that along with rebirth comes death and destruction and is worried that Hope might not be ready yet for the power of the Phoenix, but Magneto believes she is. The Helicarrier arrives above where the X-Men are and Magento, Storm, Namor and Hope fly up to the Avengers to try and talk this out peacefully and asks Storm to start the talks. Cap says that they’re there to take Hope into custody, with the theory that she won’t be able to control the power and Hope speaks up for herself saying that she will be better off with being with her people than with Cap. Cap tries to calm down the situation by saying that there isn’t a problem with mutants and humans and Namor chimes in saying that they can’t trust him since they can’t seem to trust them. Wolverine says that they need to do something so that they do get a repeat on what happened with Jean and Magneto reveals that Wolverine plans to kill Hope. Magneto believes that the humans fear that the Phoenix could be the rebirth for the mutants and that the humans are doing what they know best, killing what fears them and he promises for that not to happen. Spider-Woman speaks up to Magneto bringing up that he was a genocidal murderer and that they shouldn’t be talking with him and goes to attack him. Magento manages to hold her back with a metal from the ship and Cap asks for him to release her, and Magento says that how can they trust them if Cap can’t keep his people in line, since Spider-Woman was the aggressor in that case. Namor and Wolverine get in each-others face and Storm is trying to play peacemaker, Namor socks Wolverine in the face and Storm tries to hold him back in which Wolverine charges towards them and end ups impaling Storm with his claws. Storm falls into Hope and the two of them fall off the Helicarrier landing at by Emma, Cyclops and Colossus. Magneto gets angry at this and he destroys the Helicarrier with people, presumably the Avengers falling from it ending the issue with Cyclops saying what has Magento done.

Overall, this first issue is rather interesting since that it is a different telling of the series and so far it has been rather more interesting than the actual series, but that is my opinion.

Deadpool Vl1: Dead Presidents #1-2 Review

Deadpool is in the top list of Marvel characters that I enjoy and there are many reasons why, he funny, there’s usually a minor body count somewhere and most importantly the stories that I have read have been really entertaining to read. There are probably stories that are rather bad that stars the Merc With the Mouth, but I haven’t read any yet so let’s get to where I started reading the Deadpool with him going against the Presidents of America.

The story starts off with a prelude with a guy talking about how bad his country has got and he has his own idea on how to get it back under the right control and he reads a passage from a book in front of the grave of Harry S Truman and his hand reaches out of the grave, but the guy gets knocked down by Captain Americas shield. Truman asks who had disturbed his rest and the guy says that he did with the vision that he can help fix this country and Truman says that he is going to destroy it. Cap tells him to send him back, but he decides to escape by using a spell and Cap comes face to face with Truman.

In the morning, Agent Gorman is dressing down Agent Preston about a news article showing Cap decapitating Truman as it turns out that this was a SHIELD mission for them to take down the necromancer and Gorman says that Cap is off the mission and that Preston has to finish the mission now without using SHIELD operatives. Gorman flies off and another agent goes up to Preston and tells her that FDR is tearing up Manhattan. Elsewhere in Manhattan, a giant creature is running amuck but Deadpool cuts his way out of it. It turns out that Thor was also dealing with the monster and didn’t like Deadpool’s help with it and leaves quickly, but that isn’t the only problem that is occurring as a group of people is running away from somebody. We see FDR going wild and the police freaking out, which is something that I find rather hilarious since supervillains attacking no problem, zombie Presidents on the other hand they have no idea what to do.

FDR then proceeds to pick up a taxi and throws it towards Deadpool and the police, Deadpool walks up to him and proceeds to unload him with an Uzi which manages to push him backwards. FDR rams into Deadpool and the brawl down to the subway in which Deadpool manages to knock him into a passing train. SHIELD mass down as well to secure the location to try and evac any remaining civilians and to take down FDR as well. FDR comes back to kill them but Deadpool stabs him through with one of his katanas and then proceeds to then take it further by following it through and hitting the rail, electrocuting them both. Preston offers Deadpool a job to take down the rest of the resurrected president which he accepts.

On the Helicarrier, Deadpool is resting, after getting electrocuted, even though it shouldn’t be that much of a problem for him because of his healing factor, thanks Canada, a SHIELD Agent is annoyed that there paying Deadpool ‘millions’ for his help. But there is something that bothers me about the scene and that has to do with the Agent looking rather shifty like he’s creeping around the room where Deadpool is and then in the next panel Deadpool is straight out of bed, showing his naked ass to the reader. Preston walks in and tells Deadpool that he has to do what she says to get paid and if he steps out of line, she will try and kill him. The other Agent informs them that George Washington has appeared in Independence Hall in Washington and Deadpool is up for the challenge. Deadpool arrives and we see that in the meantime there have been more Presidents have been resurrected and he gets shot in the head by Lincoln. Washington proceeds to pass a new order with them destroying the country and starting over, will the other Presidents agree, ending the first issue.

Issue two opens with Deadpool laid on a beach, saying his head hurts and then out of nowhere Sue Storm in a bikini giving him a drink, then we also get Emma Frost and the two get into a fight over Deadpool, then Dazzler rolls on through, rollerblading on sand, but she gets booted into the sea by She-Hulk. She Hulk picks up Deadpool and says that she should be the one with him and we then see the ghost of Benjamin Franklin giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yup the whole scene before hand was all in his head. Deadpool goes to stab at Franklin but it doesn’t work since ghost and Franklin wants to know who had resurrected the Presidents.  

Over in a military graveyard, Washington and JFK have the Necromancer, how they captured him is news to me since it happened off panel since the last time we saw him he disappeared from Cap America. They want him to resurrect them an army to take over America but the Necromancer doesn’t want to and realises that he had made a mistake in resurrecting them and throws JFK and casts a spell, in which he spits actual fire at Washington, burning his teeth in the process. The Necromancer runs away from them, crossing an old couple and finds an invisibility spell. Washington and JFK hold the couple hostage and Washington says that they will let them go if the Necromancer gives himself up, he does, and they run off. Washington says that he fought for this country from the rule of tyranny and that he is going to fix this country by waging war and that America’s greatest problem is Americans. The Necromancer says that the people are divided and that they will rise up against them, and he continues to cast the spell and the dead Presidents now have their army.

Back over with Deadpool and Ben Franklin, Franklin says that he is going to be helping Deadpool with facing off against the Presidents and Deadpool makes a phone call to Agent Preston. Weirdly enough when Franklin asks him if he’s calling up the Avengers or Fantastic Four which for me seems pretty cool that ghosts, in this universe, can recognize teams and what there called. Deadpool calls in to say that he had lost the Presidents to Preston’s annoyance and says that he is with the ghost of Ben Franklin. It’s revealed that Teddy Roosevelt has went back to his hunting ways and is currently shooting up a zoo.

At the zoo, Roosevelt is saddened about animals being held up in zoo’s and a bear pops out knocking the gun out if his hand and he then punches the bear in the face, like a zombie badass. Deadpool and the SHIELD Agents led by Preston are flying in on a small plane and he’s told to get down there before Roosevelt does any more damage. On the ground Deadpool finds Roosevelt who is now hunting Alpacas and Camels, Roosevelt asks what he is hunting and says Wabbits and dead Presidents (title drop) and shoots him in the head. Roosevelt gets mad and punches Deadpool knocking him back by a quite a distance and he manages to get gored by an Elephant after seeing Franklin being a bit of a letch and chasing after a woman with a kid. Roosevelt starts shooting Deadpool on the Elephant and he manages to free himself from it shooting Roosevelt. The Elephant then manages to get a hold of Roosevelt by the trunk and Deadpool punches him in the dick. Deadpool then notices an electrical outlet near by and pulls out a cable and uses it to electrocute Roosevelt as well as the Elephant, and it also causes them to ignite.

Preston is mad about what had happened and Deadpool starts to make a lot of jokes and repeats something that Franklin said, with Thomas Eddison doing the same thing and not talking about the Elephant in the room. Preston says that they need help and we see them flying back to Manhattan arriving at a house. They knock on the door and Deadpool asks if there is anybody that can help them with ghosts and that it’s been a long time since he saw a doctor, revealing it to be Wong answering the door annoyed seeing him there and on the inside we see Doctor Strange having drinks with a lot of people dressed like there dressed from the seventies, ending the issue.

The first two issues are rather decent, the jokes are rather well do and paced really well and the artwork is pretty good. Another good thing about this is that it is a really good jumping on point for a new reader since there really isn’t that much of a backstory that you have to look back on or look up anywhere to enjoy it. Plus the story is rather interesting with it having to deal with Presidents as well as a good trope and something that the Marvel Universe has had plenty to deal with that being zombie.

Who Should be in the New Avenger for the MCU

With the Avengers saga pretty much coming to a close with the events of Endgame, with Tony sacrificing himself to get rid of Thanos and Cap possibly changing the space time continuum, two of the biggest stars are out (with one possibly returning) and the Avengers seem to be looking for a new team and I’m going to try and create a roster for them, as well as a leader for them that maybe the best choice for the team.

But first I am going to run through a few characters that I think could also end up on the team. The first is Spider-Man for the fact that he is the most easily marketable character that Marvel has and depending on what the future holds for Disney and Sony means that we might only be able to see Spidey for one or two more appearances after the events of Spider-Man 3 (what ever the sub-title will be). Doctor Strange will be the second since he is still a new character as well being a holder of the Time Gem so he will be there to pretty much help them possibly if they need a do-over but more importantly saying that time isn’t a play thing for people to use. Prof Hulk is the third character that I’m going to add to the team but with more of a supportive role than having a larger bit to play. I think that he will be used to help along with another entry on the list to help the Avengers with new tech to help them against new enemies in which they haven’t faced before. Plus he’s also going to be support for another character as well for going through a tough period.

1: Cpt Marvel (Carol Danvers): I’m going to go Cpt Marvel as more of a replacement for a heavy hitter for the team since there wont be a Hulk on the main team, since I think that Endgame helped give Hulk a rather decent send off, but he won’t be away from the team for the majority of the time and acting as an advisor for the team. Danvers has a lot of good points, the ability to absorb energy will help a lot with tech based and alien adversaries and the fact that she has been doing the hero thing throughout space means that she has a lot more knowledge when it also comes to dealing with threats. But the thing that I will not to is make her the leader of the team since I have somebody else in mind for the time being.

2: Hawkeye (Lila Barton): Now I’m thinking that this would take us up a lot later in the latest phase and that there will be time passing as there would be in real life, so I decided to replace Clint Barton with his daughter since that during the events of Endgame, we did see him and Lila practicing. After the events of Endgame, I’m going to say that Clint trained her to be better than him, in this way he can retire in peace and possibly be brought back later on under the guise of Ronin or even as Hawkeye as well. Lila would also help with a younger target audience since she would be at least late teens to early twenties when this team would form.

3&4: Cpt America (Sam Wilson) & Winter Solider: It’s an Avengers team and you can bet that there is going to be a Cpt America on this. With this being most likely set over the events of the Falcon/Winter Soldier series, I think that it’s when Sam accepts what Steve had given him and dons the mantle at the end of the series. I’m also going to add Winter Soldier to this as well since that through the series they are going to develop a good brotherly bond, in the same way that Bucky and Steve had, it does sound rather boring but that way they are able to uses a lot of double team moves that they can use to take down enemies.

5: Black Panther (T’Chala): Going to keep Black Panther on the team as well since there are a lot of good things that come with him. The first he is a good capable brawler and I think that he could also take on Cpt Marvel. The second is with him being the king of Wakanda it also gives them access to a lot of better tech to use, even better than Tony’s. For instant I think that T’Chala will be the one that is going to create a new costume for Sam, remodelling his current suit, changing the colours to resemble Cap’s colours and design and infusing it with vibranium to make it resistant to a lot of things.

6: Odinson: And for the last member of the team is going to be Odinson, for those who don’t know that name, it’s Thor but without his hammer. This is going along the line that in Thor: Love & Thunder is that Jane Foster is going to take the mantle of Thor and go on for her story whilst Odinson will take the leadership for the Avengers. With this Odinson will be the only original member left from the Avengers, so he knows what it is like to be in a team and being a leader, it gives him a sense of purpose. Plus, since that, according to the Ragnarok, Odison will still have the lightning ability since his hammer was a conduit for it so he also gets to keep his axe, Stormbreaker, which I think is a better weapon than what Mjölnir is. With me also adding Prof Hulk as a supporting role will be able to help Odinson when he is going through any some sort of crisis with him being a friend that he can trust.

So, that’s who I would have in my version for the New Avengers. Who would you see in your team, leave them in the comments down below.

Introducing the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Recently there has been a Easter Egg that has been found in Thor: The Dark World, in which a board in which Erik Selvig has a lot of things wrote down and one of the things wrote down has to do with the Brood and an Omega Level mutant called Vulcan. This has had me thinking, a lot since before and after the Disney merger, what would be a good way to introduce the X-Men over into the current MCU and my three ideas on how it could be done.

1: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness: With this also been tied in with the events of WandaVision it does have me thinking, could Wanda be the person that could end up creating a ‘House of M’ scenario, in which her powers go haywire and creates rips in the multiverse in which we get to see the introduction for X-Men characters as well as the Fantastic Four creating a world in which those characters exist. But at the end of this the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters are integrated into the MCU and this way we can get new stories with characters that are established with each other and us getting no long-winded ensemble stories. I doubt that this is going to happen that way, but I do think that this film is going to be the one that introduces of the two groups.

2: Secret War Pt 1&2: This one is an idea that I prefer over the Doctor Strange idea since that this could also introduce characters a lot easier than before to create a story. First is this the current phase Marvel films we have a few films (Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Thor: Love & Thunder and Guardians 3) in which in the post credit scenes we see heroes and or villains interacting with a mysterious device in which they get teleported somewhere. The film opens with the heroes that got teleported along with heroes from two other groups: The X-Men and Fantastic Four along with villains as well from each respective team. In the first film there will be quite a bit of backstory for the X-Men and FF, detailing on them and their villains so that there are reasons for them being there. And just like with the comic book of the same name the world that they are on are an amalgamation of different worlds that the Beyonder has summoned. In the end we will have a character use the wish to send everybody back to their times but for some reasoning the Beyonder is unable to send the X-Men and Fantastic Four back to their universe for some reason as if he is blocked by something even more powerful and he decides to send them to the MCU earth in which they are integrated with the heroes and villains.

3: Time Displaced X-Men: Now with this one I am going to take an idea that had happened in the comics over the past few years and take adapt it. The idea that I am going with is that of the team All New X-Men, in which Beast went back in time to get the help of the original X-Men as teens and brought them to the present to help fix problems that have occurred with the other X-Men teams. My idea is that we have a X-Men team (Prof Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Wolverine, Angel, Beast and Storm) from the mid to late-90’s and they get into a fight with the Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto, Mystique, Pyro, Rouge, Havok, Psylocke and Juggernaut) who manage to create a rip in the multiverse and the two teams get teleported into a different Earth, the Earth of the MCU, they manage to defeat the Brotherhood but they can’t get back to there home universe and then we see Nic Fury and Phil Coulson appear and help them settle into their new home by placing them in a secret SHIELD facility since the world isn’t ready yet for a world of mutants. Fury sends them to a remote island where they are able to build up a community with some of the ex-members of the Brotherhood and Xavier and Beast create a new Cerebro and starts looking for mutants in this new universe. This also could be logical, especially in the wake of Captain Marvel in which Fury had something in his back pocket and that a majority of the X-Men got hit with the Snap (I am not calling it the bloop as they said in FFH) and when they came back, they decide that it’s time for them to make themselves known.

So that is three ideas that I had for how Marvel could introduced the X-Men and all I know is that I will be looking forward on seeing how they would introduce them into the MCU.

Top Five Bad Comic Book Stories Pt 1

Where there is good there is also bad when it comes to comic books. Most of the time there will be a case where writers can write absolute gold that a portion of fans will like, but there will also be a portion of fans that will think that it is rather bad, and this the list that I find comics to have a rather bad story. Same rules apply from the previous list in which I covered good stories.

5: Digimon: #1-12: I think on of the reasons that I think that this is a bad story arc is more due to the fact that this is basically an adaptation of the first dozen or so episodes of the Digimon anime that originally aired. I think it would have been cooler if there were original stories for this era of the DigiDestined, maybe showing something that could have happened to them in between episodes, but no. They were enjoyable to read and at the time easier for me to get a hold of anything Digimon when I was kid, mainly for the fact that the majority of things that I recorded were Power Rangers and WWF.

4: Ultimate Comics: Iron Man #1-4: If there is one thing that I do rather hate about comics, is stories that have a sliding timeline and this story is pretty much that. There was a lot of sliding through the issues with timelines going from months to years in between which I did find rather distracting, but it did serve the purpose of the story. In this Stark Industries is basically been attacked by this version of the Mandarin, which in this one appears to be an organisation and making him loose money. It also turns out that Howard Stark was working with them to create the company as well as the technology used to create the Iron Man armour and they are able to disable Tony’s armour. Tony nearly ends up getting some control back and but when it came to hopefully getting a lead back on who the man behind the mask but the person that Stark took ends up getting shot by another member of the Mandarin group and that person then shoots themselves. In the end Tony does realise that he needs others around to help him, but it is, to me, a rather boring story. It could also be the fact that the only exposure to the Ultimate Universe would have been reviews from watching Atop The Fourth Wall, so maybe if I had read previous stories from the series I might have found it better.

3: Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles: I have a lot of mix feeling for the run that Tom King had on Batman for a lot of the series. The first few stories that he wrote I thought were rather interesting, bringing in two characters that were genetically experimented on giving them Superman level powers and also bringing Bane back in as a main threat to Batman. I nearly almost was going to put his latter run on the book but I then realised that it had a lot of similarities to the Prelude to Knightfall, in which Bane unleashed a plan to wear down Batman to take over the City. However, there are a few things that I think makes this a bad story, its all a flashback. None of this story takes place in the present as it’s basically Bruce and Selina in bed talking about war that Riddler and Joker had basically separating the villain populous in half. I think that this would have been better if this was a flashback story, in the same way that Scott Snyder did with his run in Batman during the New 52 in which he had a story that took place during the early days of Batman. I think if this was done it could have also helped with Detective Comics as well since there was a lot that happened in that time as well, Tim Drake apparently dying and his sudden return, dealing with the Victim Society, plus dealing with OMAC’s it seems that there could have been a lot of breathing room needed. But it was nice to see that Kite Man got to feature in the story, that was a plus.

2: Heroes in Crisis: And back on the Tom King train again with Heroes in Crisis. I got to say when I heard of the concept of this story, I was looking forward to reading it. A facility designed to help heroes and anti-villains overcome psychological problems that they have been happening. A few stories leading into this included Booster Gold, during the Batman stories in which Booster was going to give a gift to Batman for his upcoming wedding to Catwoman and then decided to visit Sanctuary because of the events that had happened to him.  Another character that was a focus for the story was Wally West, the Flash, in which he was talked to go to there due to the events that happened in Flash War in which Wally started getting seizures in which he starts remembering his children and Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) tricking Wally in having him a Barry breaking the Speed Force. This then led the story to get dark rather quickly as during the first issue we find that there has been a massacre at Sanctuary including the apparent deaths of Roy Harper and Wally West. The thing that I hate is the ending which I’m not going to get into but its something that I did really hate and is what I’m going to review next.

1: The Dark Knight Returns III: I really, really, really wish two things about this story, the first is I wish that I got this in the trade paper back and secondly, I wish the Frank Miller didn’t write this story. It does start out rather well finding out that Carrie Kelly donning the Batman costume for a time which was cool to see. But the down side came with the villains since that they ended up being a evil cult of Kryptonians in bottle city of Kandor, which doesn’t make sense since it also retcons in what happened in DK2 since they had already released the inhabitants since they helped defeat Brainiac. Besides that, there is something that I wish that they hadn’t have done and that had to do with Bruce dying. That was something that I was okay with since that it could be more interesting into seeing what could have happened, but nope Superman flew Bruce’s body to a Lazarus Pit and resurrected him to given also more youth in the process. I would have like to have saw what happened with Carrie being Batwoman seeing what she would have been capable of during the battle with that Kryptonians and seeing her at her lowest only to get the bolstering jolt to have her being able to get the win, most likely with Lara in the place of Superman since it would also see her doing a 180 and realising where she was going wrong. I don’t know what had happened in the spin off title called The Golden Child so maybe something good does come out of it but it something that I might have to have a look into.

So that’s the list, next time I am going to, as I’ve stated in this review, going to cover Heroes in Crisis.

Top Five Good Comic Book Stories Pt 1

If there is something I do like in life, that is a good story and for the past decade I have read a lot of good stories from DC, Marvel and also most recently Boom Studios. So for this post I’m going to list five of some of my favourites, and for some criteria for this list is that stories are going to be taken place in issues that are more than three, just for the fact there was one story that I was going to put in my list, but it only was two issues, but as a special treat I will review it in a few weeks’ time.

5: Justice League of America: Power and Glory: During the later run of the New 52 era of the DC run I decided to pick up Justice League of America, mainly because it looked rather interesting. The story is rather weird at the beginning since that the first fight that happens in against Parasite that is dropped off at a power plant and members of the League manage to stop him, but we then get introduced to Rao, the Kryptonian God. This leads to Batman believing that there is something else happening, revealing Rao’s plan. But the cool thing about this is that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern get displaced with Wonder Woman being sent to the God Realm where her and later Aquaman arm themselves up with God weapons, with Aquaman getting Poseidon’s Trident. GL on the other hand ends up travelling through time to Ancient Krypton, meeting Rao and also then getting imprisoned by both Rao’s. The fights are cool to see not only between Rao and Supes but also the fight between the Kryptonians at then end is rather cool. The only bad thing about this is the ending, they manage to age progress the Sun turning it from a yellow sun to a red, depowering all the Kryptonians in the process, but then the series ends because we then went into a new series thanks to Rebirth and a new JLA team.  

4: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Shattered Grid: I am a huge fan of Power Rangers and one of the things that I would have loved to seen in at least the American version a ultimate team up to a grand scale, yes we did have the Legendary War, however it really didn’t hold up that well. This on the other hand unburdened by the handicapped of limited budget, we get an amazing crossover. Lord Drakkon manages to get his morpher fixed and starts taking out Rangers, first starting with Tommy and then moves on to the Multiverse. He even manages to get into the Morphing Grid and gains the power to upgrade to his final form and put up even more of a bigger fight. This ends up with the Rangers overcoming Drakkon but with the multiverse the way it is, there is a chance that Drakkon could come back, and this also ends up setting up two stories, one that lead from the events after this, with a make shift team of Rangers from several groups and another series in which we get into series two with a new cast of Rocky, Adam and Aisha along with Tommy being the White Ranger.

3: Amazing Spider-Man: Going Down Swinging: This was Dan Slott’s final story that he wrote from Amazing Spider-Man and it is one of the most intriguing stories that he has wrote during this run for the imprint. Norman Osbourne has got his hand on the Carnage symbiote and he manages to fuse it with the Green Goblin to create Red Goblin. Norman rediscovers that Peter is Spider-Man and he starts targeting the people that he loves and his friends, infecting them with a needle that would cause them to die when he snapped their fingers, but that managed to be avoided thanks to Flash Thompsons Anti-Venom, who also dies during the fight between Goblin and Spidey, who now had gained the Venom symbiote thanks to Eddie Brock offering up to help Peter with the fight. The thing that I like about this is two things, the first is that Peter was able to get rid of the Carnage symbiote to make it a fairer fight by making it out that it would have been Carnage that would have got the recognition of killing Spider-Man not Green Goblin. The second is that J. Jonah Jamerson heads down to where the fight was happening to kill Norman with a gun, in which Peter takes the bullet, to the shoulder, and saves him and gives him the reasoning that with great power comes great responsibility. The series also ends with Norman actually believing that he is Cletus Kassidy and doesn’t know that Spidey is Peter. Also, another thing that I like about this story is there’s a bit where Spidey distracting Red Goblin for long enough, it allows Harry to drive a Goblin Glider into Red Goblin homage to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, with Spidey noting ‘classic’.

2: Batman: The Court of Owls: Back in 2012, Batman was one of the first of two actual comic books that I had started reading and since then I haven’t looked back and the fist Batman story that I read fully was Court of Owls. Batman and Nightwing discover a lead about a person who had warned Nightwing about the Court. This then leads Batman on a search for clues around Gotham which leads him to find a hidden room which then gets destroyed. Batman follows the remaining clues which leads him to being ambushed by a Talon and gets trapped in a maze and driven to the brink of insanity. Batman manages to escape the maze and he manages to get back to the cave in which the Court have sent all of their Talons to attack Gotham, a group swarms Wayne Manor but Batman has something up his sleeve, a giant Batsuit. The series ends with a fight between Lincoln March (who turns out to possibly be Thomas Wayne Jr) and Batman in which March manages to blow himself in also trying to kill Batman, however no body was found. This is the story that got me into reading Batman and I’m glad because since then I’ve read stories from the past and what’s came in the present and it’s made me enjoy the character even more.

1: Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth: Along with Batman, Amazing Spider-Man was the other comic series that I started reading back in 2011. This series is something that I loved since there was a new Sinister Six formed as well as Spider-Man obtaining a new costume and is the current one that I’m using in the Spider-Man game. Back to the story, Doc Ock is dying and has created a device that is going to help with his Octavian Lenses in which they are able to help reduce the damage that man has done to the Earth, and what does Ock want, a clean slate for all of his Sinister Six. Spidey is the only one that doesn’t believe his plan and is out to stop it, but Ock manages to get the world to order a bounty on Spidey’s head and there are heroes around the world rallying to Spidey’s side. I won’t get on to talking about the ending, mainly for the fact that it will sort of ruin the ending to a current ongoing series, but it is a series that I would recommend fans of Spider-Man to read.

And that the list, tomorrow I will be following up with five comic stories that I thought were bad.