TV Ident

In the late 90’s BBC revealed a new ident with a hot air balloon that has a the world decorated on the balloon and the indent itself is rather calming and is shot rather well may it be actually shot on location with possibly another hot air balloon or some other aircraft or boom to get the shots needed. Then in 2013 they released a new ident with people flying around with kites and it looked really cool but it looked rather cheap in a way. Technogically the kite indent was more complex of a project and was more computer generated as the fact it seems rather hard to actually get kites to go around in a actual circle. But the indent with the ballon would have taken more time to film but there could be a large chance that it could have been computer generated and would made it more easier to make. ImageImage

Motion Graphics


Game of Thrones, the most iconic opening scene in current television land has the best opening scene from most series.

The scene is a large map of the Westeros and the places that the camera goes to are the places in the show that the story is set. The words for the cities are wrote in a mix of lowercase and top case letters designed if they were written in the times when the show would have been set. Image

Then the word graphics used on the credits for the actors of the show looks like it’s been done in Times New Roman type font, other -wise it is the better opening credits then other shows.