Pokémon Adventures Chapter 91-93 Review


Pokémon is quite possibly one of my favourite things about the world currently, it’s a fun series to play, the anime is alright with some of the side series I prefer over the main show, but there is one thing that I like them most, the manga. I remember when I was a kid and I purchased what I think was the first chapter of The Electric Tale of Pikachu and I think that got thrown out. Cut to nearly two decades later and I have read Adventures manga series and I’m currently up to the D/P/Pl saga. So, for my first Pokémon manga review I’ve decided to start somewhere different and at the beginning of what is so far my favourite series Gold and Silver.

Chapter 91 opens up with Gold’s mom telling their Aipom, Aibo, to go and wake up Gold as he has slept in and he decides to along with a bunch of other Pokémon including a Lickitung, Oddish, Drowzee and a few others, he wakes up and heads out with his Pokémon. Over in New Bark Town, Prof Elm is giving a bit of exposition saying that it has been a year since the battle the trainers had against The Elite Four and we see the three Johto starters Chikorita, Cyndaquill and Totodile. Back over at Gold’s house and it is now night and he’s playing pool whilst listening to the radio when it goes out and he notices a person in silhouette and jumps out of the window to confront them.

The silhouette is revealed to be Joey, and his SUPER-COOL RATTATTA and its revealed that he’s in his backyard because a Murkrow had stolen his backpack and it’s also revealed to have stolen Gold’s antenna. Gold reveals that it happens from time to time and uses a pool cue to knock Aibo’s Pokéball into the tree. Aibo manages to knock the bag down and Gold is pulled up to the tree in which he manages to capture the Murkrow as well. Gold ‘fall’s’ out of the tree and is caught by Aibo and this cause his Pokémon to leave the house with Joey noticing all of the Pokémon and Gold says that they are pretty much his family and that the neighbours call the place Pokémon House and he introduces himself to Joey. Joey is pleased to get the bag back and it’s revealed to be full of Pokémon, even including a Scizor and a Blissey.

Chapter 92 starts with it being the next day Gold and Joey head out to Professor Elm’s lab so Joey can return the Pokémon to him and also trying to get a possible autograph from DJ Mary when Joey then brings up Professor Oak. The two arrive in downtown New Bark Town and Joey discovers how popular Gold is with residents recognising him and calling him the Poke Boy. They notice a group of people huddled on a bridge and they see that there is a guy having a capture challenge, the goal is to catch all the Wooper within a minute and his Hoothoot will tell them when a minute is up. Joey is in slight awe at this, but Gold realises that this is more nefarious since it looks like that the person is cheating. Gold goes for the challenge and acts dumbfounded saying that he isn’t good at Pokémon and the first think that I have to say is how didn’t he know Gold, unless he’s been pulling this scam all over Johto. Gold uses Aibo for the capture challenge and it appears to have used a move on Hoothoot because when the guy decides to cheat as Gold was about to win, it gets confused and attacks the guy.

Gold happy with what he’s done goes to pick his bag back up that he left with Joey, however it was stolen during the commotion by what appeared to be a slime. Gold is deeply saddened by what has happened since that he grew up with all the Pokémon that he had and makes a promise to get them all back and they depart heading towards Prof Elm’s lab hoping that the thief realised that they made a mistake and dropped them off at the lab. Meanwhile at the lab, Prof Elm is working on something when the door behind him and we see Sliver and a Sneasel hanging from the roof and he steals the Totodile and Elm turns around noticing the missing Pokémon.

Gold and Joey arrive at the lab and try to come up with a plan, with Joey’s idea being for to go into the lab and Gold’s idea going to the second floor. Inside the lab, Silver and Sneasel try to head out but are stopped when Gold and Aibo who come through the window. They disappear and Elm thinks that Gold is the thief, but Silver drops down behind Elm and goes for an attack to try and make an escape. Sneasel uses Icy Wind and manages to freeze over the floor causing Elm to knock himself out as well as Joey who comes in to check on him. The two get into a battle and Gold asks for his bag back with Silver not knowing what he’s going on about.

Gold thinks that he isn’t the person that stole his bag, but he gets a bad feeling from him and notices that there is a Pokéball missing. Gold also notices one of the Pokémon in the Pokéball’s is reacting to what is happening, and he decides to use it in the fight, with that Pokémon being Cyndaquill. He calls him out of the ball and is blown away with the explosion coming from his back and Gold decides on the nickname of it there and then dubbing it Exbo. Meanwhile in an undisclosed location we find out who is behind stealing Gold’s bag and it’s a reformed Team Rocket. They are under the assumption that the bag that Joey had, but when they open it they discover a Gold’s Pokémon instead and are rather disappointed, they discard the bag with them being unhappy with what they had got and a Pokéball falls out, revealing it to be a Poliwag falling into a river.

Overall the first three chapters are rather okay, we get to see a good start of development for Gold, who is a rather likeable character, he is popular and he cares about Pokémon a lot as well and we see him determined to get back what he lost. Silver, though he doesn’t get development later on in the series we do see a lot of similarities from the game in which he was a thief stealing from the Prof. And then we have Joey, and it’s a shame that we only got to see his super cool Ratatta, but that is only a minor problem that I have. I might look into more stories later on in the series or maybe even from a different series.

Top Five Games Disappointing Games 2: The Reckoning


Back when I was thinking of what I was going to do for this list I didn’t realise that I already had done beforehand so I thought you know what can go down well: sequels. So, for this list this is going to a follow on a previous list.

5: WWE 2K20: So, to start of this list is game that has been critically panned by fans and reviewers alike. I have a very hard time trying to find anything good so far to say about this game because it has dropped a lot in quality for what had came before had. A lot of the character models have dropped in quality across the board with one of the biggest comparisons being of the model of The Rock used in 2k19 where it looked a lot more like him and then in 2k20 where it looks more like a bad Rock cosplayer. There have also been a lot of glitches that have happened with the game, with people finding a lot of unintended collisions happening and one person even managing to have a wrestler being hurled around the ring, like a washing machine on a fast spin. Luckily enough for me the only problems that I have came across have been has been that of some small collisions as well as having a slight problem when it came to a tag match where, no matter even if I had hit the correct button to get on the apron, I wouldn’t move. The only thing that I do find strange about these problems that have happened with these is that there is one name that is missing from the game for the first time ever and that is Yukes who have been a part of the WWE Games since SmackDown! on the PlayStation, so I don’t know if the problems have to do with it just been done by Visual Concepts but it seems that’s what the problems could be. The other problem that I had with the game then actually comes down to the story of the game and oh boy does it seem to be melodramatic and bad. The story focus is one of the most confusing and stupidly built I have seen from a wrestling game (and I played the TNA Impact game), in which it follows Trey and Red who are being inducted into the Hall of Fame (which it throws at you at the beginning of the game) and their trail on how they ended up in the WWE. Now I haven’t completed the game yet (I’m still waiting for an update that hopefully resolved the problems) but from what I have played it has been rather dull and both Trey and Red are two of the most boring people that I have ever seen in a WWE Game and it is making me want to really wish that I had never bought this game. Trey is an idiot who is there as a joke and there for the entertaining side, whereas Red is the one that is dedicated to becoming a wrestler, however it is her attitude that is the worst thing about her since that she gets mad whenever somebody pisses her off. Hopefully the rest of game might be better and I’m hoping that the Showcase Mode of the Four Horsewomen is a lot better.

4: Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Another game that I do think is rather good but with flaws is the third instalment of the rebooted Tomb Raider series, in which we continue the tales of Lara and in this one we take a trip to South America, in which it feels more like this game should have come out in 2012 with it ties into the ancient times and indigenous tribe that Lara befriends. The story is rather interesting, but it did have its flaws, especially with one segment of the game where a village is destroyed during a cataclysmic event. But the problem that I had with the game was with the final boss battle and I have only a few words to say about it and that is dull, boring and repetitive. It seemed to be rather like the way to defeat the boss from Rise of the Tomb Raider in which you pretty much take care of the ads to take on the boss. I was disappointed with this, but I digress it was a fun game to play.

3: Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: First let me say this about this game, I do like playing this game. I have done Nuzlocks, Wonderlocks and now currently doing an Egglock of the game, but when the game came out I was rather disappointed about the game and the main reason to do with it was the story of the game. The original games Sun and Moon were rather decent, but it seemed that there was something more missing from the game, in a slight similar way that X/Y had apparent code for more things to do with Zygarde and then incorporated it into S/M. When it was announced that there was going to be another Gen VII game a lot of people thought that it was going to be a sequel game, in the same vain in what Black2/White2 were for Gen V, but alas it turned out not to be. Instead we pretty much just got the director’s cut version of S/M. We had an increased amount of Pokémon and the introduction of new characters as well as a more redefined story. The game pretty much follows beat for beat of the original game, all the way up to Aether Paradise/Ancient Poni Path where you are basically there to stop Necrozma from consuming the light as well as revealing a new form on Necrozma. But there was something that I did prefer that the original game did a lot better and that was the story between Lillie and Lusamine since it focused a lot on how Lillie had changed as a character and standing up to her mother and that she had changed a lot (even before being absorbed by Nhilego) but that is pretty much missed from USUM since that Lusamine Possessed heads into Ultra Space to defeat Necrozma to no avail. Another problem that I didn’t like about the game was the Totem Stickers/Totem Pokémon since that it pretty much made it feel like that you were getting a competitive Pokémon for collecting in-game rewards. It felt rather cheap and it also made it feel like the Totem Pokémon were less special since that you only saw them or got to fight them when doing the trails. Everything else about the game I thought was rather fine, the Rainbow Rocket post game was enjoyable since you also got to expand of the theory pretty much that the Ultra Wormholes helped tie into the similar events from ORAS with alternate time like with being able to fight previous version of the villain team leaders.

2: Batman Arkham Knight: I bet if you were to see an Arkham series game on this it would be WB Montreal’s Arkham Origins, but here’s the thing: Origins didn’t have the Batmobile. Arkham Knight is an okay game at best, the story was pretty much predictable if you picked up on some of the subtle hints that happened through the game especially with the Joker flashbacks where it was revealed that he had in fact kidnapped Jason Todd instead of killing him and turns him into the Arkham Knight aligning himself with Scarecrow and taking over Gotham City. The thing that bugged me a lot with this game is that it relied way too heavily on the use of the Batmobile. Yes, it was a nice new feature for the game and it was an easier way to get around the open world area, however the thing that was the most annoying and unbelievable thing was to do with the Riddler challenges. How in the hell did Riddler manage to build entire raceways underneath Gotham City without anybody (including Batman) knowing what was happening? Seriously it was a moment in the game that really annoyed me having to traverse the tunnels that Riddler controls, but there is one thing that annoyed me even more and that was the Cloudburst battle that takes a large amount of time since especially if you end up dying to it since there isn’t a checkpoint when get it down to a certain health. Another problem that I had also still had to do with the Riddler and the Batmobile and that was the Riddler Trophies that are scattered across the hub world in which I found it rather difficult to try and solve (I know that there supposed to be hard to solve cause of Riddler’s stich) and thus I have not yet seen what happens with the true Knightfall ending (and yes I know its on YouTube, I’d prefer to see it the true way).

1: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Campaign): For this one I am going to solely focus on the campaign for this game because when the game was revealed it did have me hooked. You got to play as a member from the Empire’s Inferno Squad and you get to take one Rebels during the dying times of the Empires hold on the universe. But then we are then thrusted into something else that I wasn’t that huge of a fan of, playing as several heroes from the side of the Rebel Alliance including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Lando Calarisian. I was rather annoyed by this because outside of The Force Unleashed (since I haven’t played any other games like KOR) where you got to play as the villains, but then I was more furtherly annoyed when the main characters of Iden Versio and Del Meeko have a change of heart questioning the ideas of what had happened with Operation: Cinder so far and then pledge their allegiances towards Leia and the New Republic. I would have been a lot happier if we did get a game in which it could have focused on the side of the Empire during the fall of The Emperor and then the start-up of the First Order and how they came into power. That would have been more interesting instead of getting your usual ‘oh the Empire is really evil lets go on the run and join the Rebels.’ Even though the next Star Wars game that is out in a few days is called ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ and I am going to go on a limb and say that this is going to either focus on the guy either being on the side of the Jedi Order or possibly the Grey Order but one day I hope to get to play a game as the bad guys for the full game.

Next week we are going to be heading back to the comics with: Venom-Verse.


YouTube Spotlight – Crewe on the Sofa

I’m not going to lie, this is something that I have been planning on doing since last year when I did get back into writing blogs last year and that was down to this guy right here, and I am also proud to say that this guy is also one of my best friends and his YouTube channel is a lot of freaking fun and I have been on it a few times both behind and in front of the camera.

A lot of his early stuff is rather rough, he has managed to improve on his skills over the years and even looking back at them, they are still well put together and the jokes still hold up. A few of my favourite things about the earlier sketches has to between the scenes with Michael and General Update, who is freaking hilarious as well as Postman Batman, which is Michaels take on a Batman which is also hilarious. Another one of the early videos that I like was a college project that he had done for his end of year project and for him that was the start of his own series called Invasion From the Other Diemension, which we did film some scenes for but nothing much has came from it, mainly down to people having other things come up or some possibly leaving the project. I do hope that sometime down the road the project is picked back up because it does have potential to be good with the right people around.

But let us change from what has still to come to what he has been doing more in recent time. The first thing I am going to talk about is something that I have been enjoying and that is his retrospective on Higurashi The Anime, and it is something that has been getting me more and more into the series. This is just by watching his retrospective since I still need to try and get my hands on the manga or even the anime at some point since it is such a well told storytelling of a series as well as having so many great jokes either being lines that he says or even using clips, it works well and he has done a great job with the scripting. The second thing that I have enjoyed seeing him producing is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Live Action Duel Series. So far he has only done two videos on the series but both of them have been good to see. The first is a little rough around the edges in place, but it’s still good the second however is where it steps up tenfold, from the set design, production, cinematography as well as video editing. The second episode steps up since that it does seem like something that you would see in a tournament on television by having pre-match vignettes between the two duellists with snappy quotes on the side and it shows that there is a lot of heart and soul put into the series. Another reason that I like this so much, it gave me the spark to keep on duelling and also putting my hat into the ring to be part of the series.

Another cool thing that I like about his channel are the top ten list, and I mean who doesn’t like a good list, but not only that, two of these videos being focused around two shows that I loved watching that being Doctor Who (the RTD Era) and the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures mainly, like Michael, they were a large part of my childhood and the lists are great with them being some of the most watched videos on his channel. I am also looking forward to seeing the next list since that if I remember it correctly he is going to be covering episodes from the Steven Moffat era so that could be rather interesting to see.

I am looking forward to what he is going to be releasing over the next coming months and years. He has been putting himself through a tough time over the past few years and he does keep putting himself down. I hope he is able to get through these problems but it is always going to be a uphill battle, but he does know that he has a lot of friends that are around to help him and they want to see him succeed. Hopefully once this whole Covid-19 situation has simmered more down I do hope to see him again to talk about a lot of stuff since he is the reason why I am back writing on here and I owe him a lot to be back here.

‘You shall and will always be my friend’ – Spock: Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

Join me next week as we cover something that we already have covered already and something that Michael also subconsciously got me into as we look at my thoughts about My Hero Acadamia series 1.

Top 10 PlayStation 5 Games I’m Looking Forward To Play

A few weeks ago PlayStation finally revealed what their next-gen console to rival Microsoft’s new X-Box and I got to say it does look weird when you first see the image of it, but comparing it to what Microsoft revealed, and it looks a lot better. But not only did they reveal the console as well as controllers and additional accessories, they also revealed a load of games that some will be launch titles and others are going to be titles that will be coming over the next several months and years. So, I thought with the pool of games that they had revealed I thought that I would share the games that I am looking forward to play. (Note: there is no order to this list)

10: Demon Souls: Now I am going to be cheating a little bit with this entry since I do really don’t think that I will be buying this game anytime soon, however the reason why this is on here is for a few reasons. The first is that this game does look beautifully remastered for the latest generation and seeing the side by side comparison of the original trailer it looks like it is going to be amazing. But one of the reasons why I am looking forward to is to see if TFS Gaming is going to be doing a Drunk Souls series of the game since they have done for the previous instalments of the series. But I may end up getting it later on if I do really want a good challenge or end up getting bored.

9: Project Athia: A few weeks before the reveal of the PS5 there was a reveal for the new Unreal Engine in which they shows how the new engine works and it pretty much looked amazing, but for the life of me I couldn’t even remember the name of the game when they did the reveal. But when they showed it in the reveal line up I thought that it looked to be rather good from what they had shown. It looks absolutely beautiful with the amount of detailing that they have put in and it does make me think that games that are going to be coming out in the future are going to look awesome. But there is one thing that does have me curious about the game, the first is the title of the game since Project Athia is more of a development title. The second thing that I am rather curious on how the game is going to play, is it open world, is it going to be a RPG or is it going to be episodical, these are questions that I do hope to see answered in the coming months since this is going to be a big milestone for gaming.

8: Horizon: Forbidden West: I never fully completed the first Horizon game and it is something that I should really get around to replaying at some point once I end up finishing (or even starting) the games I already have. One of the things that I do like the look of for this game is that there is going to be more of the game to explore in which it appear that you get to go to the West Coast as in the trailer it showed the Golden Gate Bridge, but another cool thing is that they also revealed new machines as well. But one of the cool things that I do like about this game is what appears to be the main antagonists the game as they come riding in with freaking elephants which is one of the most coolest looking thing that I saw from the trailer, but it does remind me of Lord of the Rings. Hopefully once I get around to replaying Zero Dawn, Forbidden West should be released as it currently doesn’t have a specific release window.

7: Resident Evil 8: Village: I have enjoyed looking at the Resident Evil series, having watched a lot of walkthroughs on the game and also playing them as I did start playing Resident Evil 2. But when the trailer dropped for this game I originally thought that it was in fact going to be the remake for Resident Evil 4 since from what I saw from parts of it, there was a weird looking village there but alas I was wrong. This game does look rather interesting since that it does also follow off from the events of Resident Evil 7 (a game that I should get around to playing around at some point) where Ethan is stranded in the mysterious titular village where he is ends up encountering Chris Redfield, again, and is wondering what is going on. I am rather curios to see how this game goes and will it follow with what had come before it, that being first person survival or will it take the route of going back to third person in the light of the new remakes. Hopefully, it will be good to play and I will be looking forward in seeing more gameplay for it.

6: Little Devil Inside: Now this game is rather cute looking game that is going to be receiving a limited time exclusivity run and I think that it is going to be a lot of fun. The game seems to focus around you playing a character that is tied somehow to an older gentleman that has some ties to an army. As the character, you are basically following the usual monster hunting tropes as you are hunting down creatures and killing them, what you do with them and what they have to do with the gentleman I have no clue, but I get the feeling it has something to do with him. But the thing that attracts me to the game is more along with the art style since it does seem a lot more like rather cool computer generated kids movie and the designs for the creatures look awesome with one of them being that of a dragon that appears near the end of the trailer. I am looking more to hear in the following months since it is a game that does look rather interesting.

5: Sackboy: A Big Adventure: When I saw this first when the trailer dropped, I thought that this was going to be originally LittleBigPlanet 4, but I was mistaken. I have always had a place in my heart for the franchise since it was one of the games I loved playing when I went over to my friends house and we would play different stages on both the first and second games and I had so much fun playing it, especially with the different DLC content that came with the game. One that always stuck to my mind was the Metal Gear Solid stage since that at the end of the stage you got to face off against Rex which I thought was pretty awesome and even more so having a game that was Rated 18 to be redesigned for a kids game. I am rather curious to see what the game is going to be like since this game does have a rather different layout to the previous games since that the LittleBigPlanet games played through 2.5d and this now coverts into the 3d format so there seems to be more to explore in the levels. I also think that this would make an awesome launch title game for the console and I am definitely going to be picking this up once it comes out.

4: Hitman 3: I have been enjoying the hell out of the Hitman games that IOI have been making and this is a series has been a highlight of my past few years. One of the reason why I have like this series is that you can easily play the games episodically, since the first game was released over the span of months and you can just play one mission since if you really want to take your time, some mission can take up to 30-40 minutes to complete. What has me rather interested about this game however is that it looks like that you are going to be going up against your handler but this could also have something that concludes from the ending of Hitman 2 (like with other games I still need to get around to beating it). Another thing that I do like about this game is, like Hitman 2, you are going to be able to carry over the data from the previous games which means that this game is going to have a lot of replay value for the next generation.

3: Deathloop: One of the games that really had me intrigued mainly with the stylisation of what the game looked like is Deathloop. In this game you are playing an assassin called Colt (sort of weird in two entries back-to-back featuring assassins) who is out to take out eight people before midnight, but one of the big points of the game is that when you get killed, you reawaken back at the beginning and being caught in a death-loop. Since it is also brought by the same people behind Dishonoured there is a lot of similarities to the play style and it looks like that this game can be rather interesting to play on repeat. But there is something else that does make this game rather interesting and that there is a second assassin that is hunting you in the game, but the interesting thing is this, they can be played by the computer or another person playing in multiplayer mode. I am also looking forward to seeing more about this game since that its concept does make it to be interesting since it also looks like that it could be even turned into a show.

2: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: I feel rather ashamed in a way to say that the only Ratchet and Clank game that I have ever played was the PS4 game that came out roughly when the film came out, and by the way check out the film because it is pretty awesome. This is looking to be rather interesting since it looks like it is going to be interesting since that it is going to be featuring the usual trope of alternate time lines, with there being a female Lombax that we don’t know the name of yet but it does seem to be rather interesting. Another thing that is going to be cool about this game is that apparently we to revisit places that you have previously visited from old games. Since this doesn’t have a release window yet like with many other games on this list, I plan on playing through the games for the PS3 so that I can enjoy more of the series.

1: Spider-Man: Miles Morales: As many people know I am a huge fan of Spider-Man and there is no surprise that this was going to make the list and for good reason. During the end credits there was a scene where Miles shows Peter that he has new powers and jumps onto the ceiling and then Peter follows suit. A new Spider-Man game where we don’t get to play as Peter as a main is something that I have wanted to see in a long time in any form of digital media and the first we ever got that was in Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse and it was an amazing film. The game on the other hand is something that I am rather 505/50 on since I am looking forward to the game but I get the feeling that it is going to be a case like Infamous Last Light where it is going to be a rather short game, but I do think that there is going to be a lot of substance to the game since, by the trailer it looks like that it looks like there are going to be new villains and more backstory for not only Miles but also for the Spider-Man story and then leading on the road to Spider-Man 2 where we hopefully will see more crossover between playing as Peter and Miles.

Join me next week where I will be covering a YouTube Spotlight.

Top Five Controversial Moments on Television

Last month I was watching a television series, that is going to be on this list, and all that I had going through my head is ‘how the hell has this not been brought up before in controversy for television before’, so I thought that I would that I would cover my own list, with a few shows that are famous for the moments that had sparked controversy or a controversial topic.

5: Family Guy – Abortion: Family Guy is a show that isn’t shy on doing anything rather controversial but one that had caused an episode to be banned from airing in America was Partial Terms of Endearment. In the episode Lois becomes a surrogate to an old college friend, who can’t have a child so she agrees behind Peter’s back and he tries in different attempts to cause her to miscarry and when it turns out that her friend and husband die, they are undecided on what to do with the foetus. They end up visiting a family planning centre to see what they should do, and Peter gets caught up in an anti-abortion rally and he says that they can’t abort the foetus and in the end of the episode the two are at their wits ends and try to come up with a solution and in which it looks like that Lois was going to keep the baby, a quick line at the end reveals that they went through with the abortion. Since abortion is more of a big thing in America, this does make it rather controversial topic since that there are many anti-abortion, religious and state laws that make abortion illegal and can find the mother facing fines or prison sentencing.

4: Pokémon – Seizures: One of the most weirdest episodes to get banned in Japan and has never been dubbed or shown again, Electric Solider Porygon created one of the medical problems for viewers of the show by causing seizures to occur in roughly 600 viewers being affected and it caused Pokémon to be put on a hiatus as well. In the episode the group are teleported into cyberspace to help rescue Porygon from Team Rocket, who had stolen it to steal Pokémon. During the fight between the two groups, Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt to deflect an oncoming missile and that is what causes the bright light in the episode, leading to the seizures. Another thing that ended up coming out of this episode is that we rarely ever saw Porygon or its evolution ever in the Pokémon anime, with two exception being that a few episodes after this and making an appearance in the fifth Pokémon movie. This is a shame since that Porygon2 and PorygonZ have really cool designs and they would have been good to see in the show, but alas an attack by Pikachu had somehow put the kibosh on any more appearances for it.

3: WWE Raw – Katie Vick and Racism: Monday Night Raw has had it shares of ups and downs over the many years but for controversial moments there have been two story lines that have and will stick in the minds of people for quite a long time. The first was during the rivalry between Triple H and Kane in October 2002 there was a rather infamous story in which during the build we discovered more about the devils favourite demon and that being when he was growing up, he had some sort of a normal life growing up and he had a girlfriend who died in a car accident in which they had too much to drink and Triple H branded Kane as a murderer, but that’s not the controversy. The controversy came a week after the reveal in which Triple H staged a fake funeral where he dressed up as Kane and proceeded to have sex with the ‘corpse’ inside an open casket… yup necrophilia on national television. But that is not the only other thing that Triple H has against him with controversy, only five months later he was in a rivalry against Booker T and with him there ended up being quite a bit of racial tension in the programming. First they brought up the fact that Booker had a rap sheet for being sentenced for Armed Robbery in which he pled guilty for and served jail time and was then placed on parole after serving 19 months. There were also several more racial driven segments with one with Triple H throwing money at Booker to get him a towel in a bathroom, which caused a brawl between the two. Unfortunately, in the match that they had at WrestleMania Booker came off on the short end to Triple H in which he was pinned twenty odd seconds after being hit by a pedigree. Racism really doesn’t have a place in wrestling and even more so after this year.

2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Mind Control and Sexual Assault: So, this is the reason behind the list and a lot of it happens through season six in a few episodes and when I was watching them, I was wondering how the hell they came up with these stories. The first episode that I saw that covers the topics was in Dead Things in which Warren, Johnathan and Andrew (dubbed as the Trio) created a cerebral inhibitor through a combination of tech and magic so that any woman that they choose could be their ‘sex slave’, which I already thought that when they said that was rather gross. They test it out with Warren being the one to use it and he uses it on his ex-girlfriend, who didn’t want to be with him anymore after the events from last season, this leads Warren to bring her back to their base and he has her dressed as a maid. When they are alone Warren has her get on her knees so that he can have his way with her until the mind control starts to wear off and she lambasts the Trio saying what they are doing is rape and she is totally correct with it and when she goes to leave to report them to the police, Warren kills her accidently. The other problem that there was with this season came with the relationship that had happened between Buffy and Spike, in which the two of them would have times where they would end up meeting each other to have sex and there was one episode in particular that being Seeing Red in which after Buffy returns from a patrol rather injured she runs a bath for herself and then Spike appears and tries to get her to realise that she does love him and he forces himself on her in a rather rough way, but she manages to fight him off and Spike realises what he has done runs away. This is pretty dark for the show since it did pretty much come across as a crazed person breaking into a person’s house and forcing themselves on a weakened person.

1: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air- Racial Profiling, Overdosing and Weapons: Fresh Prince was one of my most favourite shows I had watched when I was growing up and I still watch it to this day, they really weren’t shy on bringing up some rather touching subjects when you look back at the series, with them all being rather interesting. One of the first that I remember was in the very first series in the sixth episode called Mistaken Identity when Will and Carlton are driving a car to Palm Spring for a friend of Uncle Phil and the two are arrested for apparently stealing the vehicle and this causes them to have a phony video made in which Uncle Phil sees and he manages to get them out of jail and the charges dropped and for later for Phil to tell Carlton a time that he was racially profiled and has Carlton to think about it. The next comes covers the topic of overdosing, notably people would usually bring up Saved by the Bell for this but continuing on the topic of Fresh Prince they also did an episode too. In series three, Will trying to juggle about half a dozen different problems with his life is offered Speed by a fellow student but after thinking about it, he doesn’t take it and he places it in his locker. While at the prom, Carlton ends up taking them thinking that they are just Vitamin E tablets ends up taking too much and he ends up in hospital with his family around him and the saddest thing that comes about this is that Will feels it the worst, blaming himself form what had happened to Carlton and that he should have gotten rid of them instead. The final one, weirdly enough all of these entries for this show feature both Will and Carlton, was in series five in which the duo are robbed at gunpoint by a robber and Will ends up getting shot in the process. This altercation ends up causing Carlton to purchase a revolver and when Will discovers the gun, he demands Carlton to give him over which he does and he takes out all of the bullets from it and causes him to break down in what he has seen his cousin has done.

And that’s this list, next time we continue the theme of lists and covers something that is something a lot lighter than controversial moments and games that I am looking forward to play on the PlayStation 5.

Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth Pt5&6 Review

Its been a few months since I covered something from the End of the Earth arc from Amazing Spider-Man, so I think that it is a good time to conclude the arc with the last two issues. So far from what we have seen, Doc Ock is on his last hurrah and has created a device to help reduce the damage that has been done by humans through global warming and one of the conditions that he asks for is his Sinister Six team to get a clean slate. Spider-Man on the other hand however believes that he is up to no good tricks so he and the Avengers team up to take down the Sinister Six, but they end up getting beaten. Spidey manages to escape along with Black Widow and Silver Sable and the three of them start taking down installations across the world where Ock is building satellites to be shot into space and he manages to set them out and the first damage that we see done by his invention is set on Symkaria.

Part five opens up with Spidey, Widow and Sable seeing the city being set ablaze thanks to Ock’s invention and Sable is distraught about the destruction that had been bought to her country. Spidey tries to comfort her however Widow says that she won’t be any use for them now and to continue on with the job at hand. Spidey thinks that what she said was rather cold and then a tanker explodes, and he goes int rescue mode trying to rescue civilians from the ongoing destruction, but Widow tells him to stop and that this hemisphere is done for with the destruction. Spidey says that they need to help as many people as they can, but Widow says that they have to cut their losses and focus on Ock to save the rest of the world from the destruction he is going to cause. Over on the Zenith, the Horizon Labs team have in their possession one of the satellites and they are trying to break down on its construction with two of them noting that it resembles work that they had been doing but Jackson makes a more astute point, they should be looking for Ock’s base by back tracking the signal and finding his base that way.

Over in Symkaria, Chameleon and Mysterio are watching Widow and Spidey fighting over what they should be doing and we discover that they have actually created this as a ruse with Mysterio’s tech and a lot of casting of people to act as civilians. He says that it will take them hours to deduce what is happening unless Widow walks off and discovers the rest of the city not on fire and he decides that what they need to do is put an additional distraction out there and they decide that Doc Ock needs to make an appearance and Chameleon hops into a machine. Back over with Widow and Spidey are still complaining and they start to hear something coming towards them and the fake Doc Ock comes crashing through a building surprising the duo. Mysterio contacts Ock to inform what is happening but he holds him off as there are more pressing things happening with him noting Spider-Man’s call to arms for other heroes and they have put a stop to some of his bases. He sends a message out to the world telling them that the Octavian Lens is there to help the Earth and if it is destroyed the future would be lost and he tells them to let their leaders know what Spidey and his team are doing. After he ends the communication, Rhino says that he is sick of waiting and he wants whatever his endgame is to come to, but he says that waiting is all he has left and he contacts back with Mysterio and he reveals, to the now shock and distain of Ock, that the plan that he has used revolves around Chameleon using a mech suit, cloaked as Doc Ock, to hold of Spidey and Ock is getting pissed and vows that he will not have his last battle against Spidey via a proxy.

Back over with the fight, Sable charges in with an explosive onto one of the tendrils of the fake Ock suit and when it detonates Spidey notes that this Ock is talking to somebody and he believes that the person isn’t Ock, but somebody controlling, but after a bit of a change, Ock is now in control of the rig and charges after Spidey. However when Doc charges towards him a part of the ruse is now up when Chameleon calls out to Mysterio and Spidey finally clicks in the pieces, he says that the Ock that they are fighting is in fact a robot that is piloted and puppeteer by Chameleon, the covering was down to Mysterio and the city is not ablaze. Spidey, now with another member of the Sinister Six captured goes to ask him some questions, however Chameleon says that he won’t be saying anything, but Spidey says he isn’t going to be the one that asks him the question, but Widow and she starts talking in Russian and she says he knows his secrets and that she knows what his true face looks like, and he says that he is going to comply with them. Spidey then gets in close and he then starts to communicate with Mysterio, who is still listening in on the line and he comes up with a propostion for them to team up to take down Ock since Spidey thinks that he only has two plans, one being that he is being honest about the Lens being the saving point of the world, or he is going to use it as a weapon.

We get a bit of filler in the next page, but it does help build up stories that will be coming along later in the Spider-Man titles, the first being MJ making a rather big purchase that being a nightclub that used to belong The Vulture as well as Jay trying to talk to his son, Johan but he ends up putting the phone down and it didn’t go well and May notes that the messages that she has tried to send Peter haven’t been replied to. Back over with Spidey’s team, the arrive in Guatemala to the rather shock of the team, but when they arrive closer to a pyramid and warming alarms go off and Ock manages to infiltrate the communication of the plane and he knows that they are heading towards him. Spidey says that they are going to take him down, since there are now only him and Rhino left, but it turns out that Ock still has something up his sleeve and reveals that he has a new team for them to go up against and reveals that he has managed to take control of the Avengers. Spidey has a plan to use his Ice Pellets to take down some of the Avengers, however this is when he starts to realise something, all the tech that he had created in Horizon Labs, Doc Ock had managed to get a version of it and twist it to his own nefarious ways and Spidey is left devastated, ending the issue.

Issue two opens with Spidey’s team starting their fight against the controlled Avengers and Spidey is having a bit of a crisis since he is all out of tech to use after wasting the majority of it on their journeys and Cap ends up knocking the ice pellet away from him. Ock, now being able to control the Avengers and first uses Iron Man to take out not only Black Widow but also Hawkeye and he then turns his attention towards Spidey by controlling Spider-Woman and the two get into a hand-to-hand fight, which Spidey manages overcome thanks to a technique that he had started perfecting with the help of Shang-Chi when his Spider-Sense disappeared and called it the Way of the Spider. Doc then turns his attentions over to Mysterio and is disappointed at him for turning his back on him and is now controlling Red Hulk and Mysterio reveals what he had install, that being a giant robotic Aztec deity and the two battle it out as Mysterio runs away. Back over with Spidey, Ock is now in the driving seat of Thor, but Spidey notes that just the base Thor that they were fighting against would have been better since with Ock in control he doesn’t have the powers of Thor, with Mjolnir but he still has the strength and knocks Spidey backwards. Sable manages to take down Cap and she realises that he is starting to resist the control of the Octobots and she thanks him, but then we get the a good twist and that is Mysterio has a device that is able to deactivate the Octobots.

The Avengers now back to their own selves are now turning their attention to a bunch of missiles that Ock had now fired so Iron Man, Thor and Red Hulk head up to stop them from launching into space since that once they are up there, they won’t be able to stop the lens from activating. On the shore, Spidey and Sable are trying to think of what they need to do in case of the worse to come and the Avengers fail in stopping the satellites, Spidey asks Mysterio where Ock’s base is located and not only does he give him the exact location but he also gives them a vehicle to get them there, so Sable and Spidey head there. Over on the Zenith, they arrive at a location after following the signal that they were able to trace which also leads them to Guatemala and then come across Ock’s base that decloaks and fire rockets towards them and then out of nowhere behind them arises a giant Octobot that is piloted by Spidey. Spidey tells them to get clear in case anything worse were to happen, but they say that they want to stay around to get readings on Ock’s stealth technology so that they can find the lenses in space. Ock tries to self-detonate the ship but it turns out that Sable had disabled it and they start making their way through the base with Ock having the base to flood.

They get further into the base and the two of them are now stopped by the last remaining member of the Sinister Six, Rhino, they try to get him to see some sense in Ock’s plan, but he isn’t listening to them and he knew about the plan that Ock had, that being since he has now nothing in his life since his wife was killed so he could watch the world burn. Sable says that they need to take him on together but Rhino manages to take her down with a grasp and Spidey tries to break the grasp, but it is no use as Rhino is too strong and he says that he is going to hold Sable where she is, letting the water pour in and he isn’t going to move. Sable tells Spidey to go and stop Ock but Spidey’s mantra is tells her that nobody is going to die, but Sable does bring up the counter argument, that being if he doesn’t stop Ock everybody is going to die and we see Sable being held now underwater along with Rhino, now submerged, smiling.

In Ock’s room, he is alerted that the satellites were all in place for the next plan and then Spidey kicks in the door, to the surprise of Ock, who thought that it would have taken him longer to find him, but he said that the laughter and music brought him there. The two of them get into a fight and a war of words, in which Spidey manages to get talking more about his plan and he reveals that he plans on killing a large population of the planet with only leaving less than 1% of the population alive. Ock manages to ensnare Spidey in his tendrils and he realises that he doesn’t have his weapon controlled by a remote, but a button and tries to trick him in a way to release on of the tendrils since he uses four of them as a base and the other four that have Spidey. But Ock figures around that problem and he detaches himself from his suit, which also concerns Spidey since that Ock could end up dying in the process, but that is a risk that he is willing to take for his master plan to play. Spidey manages to distract Ock for just a right amount of time, making him judge his own math and manages to break free, hurling a tendril to the device destroying it in the process. With the room filling up more with water Ock tries to drown himself due to the failure of his plan, but Spidey carries him away and the two manage to escape the base, with Spidey throwing him onto the deck of the Zenith and asks them to create a life support system to make sure that he is still alive and Max says that they can uncloak the satellites but they can’t figure out if he was trying to save to world, to which Spidey replies no. Max congratulates Spidey on saving the world be he is more sombre in the celebration as he knows that he had failed by having people die to make sure that the world was safe, ending the issue.

Overall, this is a rather fun arc in the Spider-Man comics, and it got me into reading comics as well as also venturing back into reading older stories that I do quite enjoy re-reading. Spider-Man has always been a character that I have enjoyed reading and in the years to come, there is definitely going to be more from the Web-Head to come.

Year of the Villain: Black Adam #1 Review

Back in 2019, DC launched a new story arc that had continuing effects from the Dark Knights: Metal story from a few years ago, not only did it continue the story during the events of the Justice League series, it also spiralled into several different titles as well as a load of one-shot stories, but the good thing about this is that you could read the main story or side stories without the real need of reading any other of the material that was going on. So, for today’s post we are going to cover one of the issues that I found to be rather interesting, what was going to happen when Black Adam comes across his arch-nemesis and newly turned villain: King Shazam!!!

We open up with Black Adam narrating and images of Shiruta in Kahndaq with him saying that all of this is going to end and we see him lying in a small crater in a dune and we see King Shazam standing above him and then we cut over to the day before where two generals are talking walking towards a door talking about that the people there are talking about freedom as well as unionising. They say since Adam arrived in the country, he had implanted changes for the better and they relied on him for their protection and that they are wanting him to implement more but only say when they talk to him about on coming problems and they enter his chamber and approach. They inform him on what has been happening across the world, Lex Luthor is now alive and has been liquidating his assets to enhance villains across the world with new power ups, Leviathan is no longer under the control of Talia Al Ghul and that Shazam has been acting irrationally and after the altercation that he had with Batman and Superman, he is now heading this way to confront Black Adam and he knows that thanks to his hearing.

Adam asks a few metaphorical questions to the two generals about power and where does it come from, plus he also knows that his people are getting restless and that they want freedom, to the shock of one of them and he tells them that they are free to go and he too goes to leave. He then brings up Lex Luthor and that he is right with what is happening and that is the world is changing and he then turns his attention back to the people of Kahndaq and he says that what they want is an illusion of freedom and then he tells them to assemble the armies to go and talk to Shazam and in turn he will protect them from him. Meanwhile in the market bazar, Shazam has arrived and it looks like that he is trying to convince the people to follow him, slating that their current leader has been lying to them, but before it looks like that he can do anything more. But it doesn’t seem to be going well as we cut back over to Adam back in his chamber where he is meditating, and he decides to head out along with some of his followers. Back over with Shazam, he is getting shot by the army, however it is really doing nothing, only damaging the wall behind him as it appears to be doing nothing to him and he wonders aloud where Black Adam is and he decides to put his powers to use against the army. Before he can do anything to them, Adam charges at him, knocking him back into a building, causing the debris to fall onto the soldiers and he manages to throw him quite a distance away so that the soldiers can fall back and get the wounded somewhere safe. The soldiers seem to be rather shaken since Adam orders them to keep shooting at Shazam since one of them speaks out saying that there weapons aren’t doing anything to him but Adam gives them a moral boost saying that if he was to fall, they are the last line of defence for Kahndaq and before he can continue Shazam comes crashing down with the lightning.

Shazam manages to knock down Adam and he starts wailing on him, but Adam is able to make a bit of a comeback by headbutting him. Adam tries to talk to him as they lock up saying that something has infected his mind and the Gods have shown him, but he isn’t hearing this as he says that he has opened his eyes and he starts to overpower him in the old Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Shazam in this state now decides to make this fight like a video game and says that Kahndaq is going to be the prize and it is winner-takes-all and he proceeds to knock him back with lightning, almost in a Palpatine like fashion. Adam tries to get Shazam to follow him and trying again to make him realise what he is doing is wrong, but again, he isn’t paying attention to him and manages to grab him mid-flight and says that Kahndaq is now his. Adam says that it isn’t and that the country belongs to the people and he gets beaten up for his words, the soldiers think that Adam is defeated and proceed to fall back from the city when his followers approach and tell them that he has a plan, that being to stop firing and start praying and Shazam punches Adam leading him to where he was at the beginning of the issue.

Shazam stands tall in the sun commenting on how the soldiers have given up with their assault and have started praying instead and says that Adam has been ‘enslaving’ his people and that he would show them what true freedom is like and that he would have used the oil money to do good for the country. Adam speaks up calling him a petulant child and that his is think more of style than stature and that he has been seeing the world incorrectly in which Shazam kicks him in the head. He then goes on to berate Adam and the deities that make up his SHAZAM name and then he decides to have some fun by calling down the lighting on him by shouting Shazam over and over again and then stops and calls the place a pile of dirt. Adam rises up and says that he sees the world through the eyes of a child, he sees multiple faces of reality and he then goes on to talking about the changing between night and day and he says that they are praying to Amun-Ra, the true power of the universe and reveals that this is one big trap for him. He goes on to say that the people fight with their hearts and souls and that they prayers draw from the centre of the Sun and Shazam starts to fall and reverts back into Billy.

Adam says that he has learned a lesson today and that he feels sorry for Billy and that he has seen what happens to him in the future and says that they don’t need Luthor or Leviathan anywhere near their country and if he was to come back there ever again, he threatens that he will be leaving in a body bag. Billy goes and calls for the lighting but he holds him and tells his follower to let him go, which they oblige to, he tells him to call the lightning and to return to tell his message and he just leaves. Wael, the commander that was injured in the fight, asks why he had allowed this to happen and he admits that he was wrong and that he has underestimated his powers as well as the powers of the people and that the true power comes from the masses. Wael tries to talk to him, but he tells him to rest as there will be more days that there will be intruders to the country and that next time they will also have to reckon with its people as well, ending the issue.

Overall, as a one-shot story this is a rather well told story and is rather interesting on quite a few levels. The first is seeing Black Adam retaking up more of the anti-hero role that he has had before, showing that he is starting to see more of the good side of life and that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Kahndaq doesn’t fall to anybody else. The next is seeing the new infected Shazam going up against Black Adam since that it shows off that this version is a lot more cocky when it comes to him thinking that he has the advantage over Adam, when in fact Adam has the advantage over him, and when he threatens Shazam that the next time that he tries to come back there, he would be leaving in a body bag we do see him scared by what he said. But then this did get me thinking, what would happen the next time that these two went toe-to-toe the next time that they came across each other. It is something that does have me interested into also reading the Shazam series, since if I remember correctly the infected Shazam was around when the series was still o going and he was still plain old Billy Batson.

Pokémon Adventures Chapter 94-95 Review

Following off from one of my more recent post comes a follow up and the continuing story of Pokémon Trainer Gold and his battle against the thief that we will know as Silver, hoping to find his Pokémon that were stolen by Team Rocket, thinking that it was the bag that had belonged to Professor Elm.

Chapter 94 opens up with Gold trying to get at Silver but before he can, he manages to jump through a window to a near by tree. Gold has his newly acquired Cyndaquil nicknamed as Exbo and he manages to burn his hand and he falls from the tree. Silver tries to get away with the help of his Sneasel but Gold reveals that he had Exbo create a ring of fire around them and asks him to give back his Pokémon that he believes to have stolen and give back the Totodile that he had took. But before Silver can do anything Gold is struck down with down with an electrical attack and a member of Team Rocket appears with an Elekid. Silver asks him who his is and reveals that he is a member of Team Rocket and that they were meant to steal the Pokémon that Joey had with him and he says that he is going to take the starters. Silver reveals that he had already stole Totodile and that they had taken down Cyndaquil and Silver decides to battle the trainer with the Totodile that he had stolen and the Grunt makes a note that it wont listen to him since that he stole him, but Silver says that is more to his advantage and that being Frustration. But during this, Silver manages to swipe Pokéball’s off the Rocket grunts to their shock and he manages to knock out Elekid with Sneasel’s Faint Attack and they run off noting that Silver is too strong for them.

A while later, Gold is woken up by a police officer who asks him what is happening and Gold says that there was a thief and the officer says that he will have to come with him to give a statement or be arrested if he resists, this is pretty strange since it does seem weird that he would say that he would be arrested for not complying, but the guy literally woke up after being electrocuted by a Pokémon. Joey is also there talking with another officer and Gold heads over to him and Joey explains what has happened and he says that the assailant that had attacked Elm did from behind and that he and one of his aids are in the hospital and Joey didn’t get a look since he was knocked out in the lab, leading Gold to be the only one to see his face and he says that he will cooperate with the police, bur he also manages to pick up the scorched glove of Silver.

Over in Cherrygrove City, Gold gives the composite image to the police and he gives them a fake image to work with and he runs off with Joey and the two of them set up camp and he reveals that he gave them a fake image, because he wants to be the one that is able to take him down and get back his bag. Somebody walks towards them talking and it turns out to the shock of Joey that it is Professor Oak, accompanied by a Stantler and a Ledyba, Joey asks him why he is here, with Gold saying that he doesn’t what his help, but he is here to get assistant from them and asks if Silver had a device that he procures revelling the Pokédex and Gold says that he saw him with the same device and Oak comes to the theory that the same person stole from both Professors and this leads into Chapter 95.

Gold asks Oak what features the device has and if it is suitable for use in battles and Oak says that it does revealing that it shows the levels and the moves of Pokémon and Gold leads to believe that he used the device to use moves against Exbo and he asks Oak to give him the Pokédex. Oak denies him obtaining the Pokédex and Gold keeps pestering him to give it to him and Oak says that in the past he only gives the Pokédex out to people he trusts and they have the characters and skills to help people, showing in silhouette Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Gold takes the notion that he needs to have skills if he is to obtain the Pokédex and he goes to attack the Stantler and Ledyba but Oak manages to counter the attack by having Stantler using Confuse Ray and Oak verbally lays into Gold, saying that even if he was able to defeat him, he still wouldn’t have given him the Dex. Oak then comes to the conclusion, Gold isn’t ready to have the Pokédex, he does say that he does fling himself in to whatever he sets his heart to and when he doesn’t consider people or issues around him, he loses control and to him the Pokédex would be a tool to use and not there for research. Gold, like a kid not getting his way, says that he doesn’t need the Pokédex and runs off.

Later, Gold is training both Aibo and Exbo with Joey watching on in the distance and he notes that the way that he is training them is rather extreme than the usual training method by having them run around and exhausting themselves. Then it starts to rain, but something seems to be rather off as the ground ends up being turned into a black sludge and Oak notices Joey’s tent and he hears Joey calling for help who is hanging off the side of a cliff with Aibo. Oak asks him what had happened, and he says that Gold jumped into the river below to save Joey’s Rattata and Oak then rushes down on his Stantler to go after Gold. On the river, Joey’s Rattata manages to make its way to the riverbank and he asks Exbo if he can make it over there too, but Exbo is too tired since Gold had them run ragged with doing the exercises so he decides to call him back into the Pokéball and performs a trick-shot and gets him next to Rattata. Gold then realises that he is heading towards a waterfall and he calls out for help and just as he is heading over he is saved by Oak’s Ledyba and then when the get back onto safe land, Oak rips into him on his recklessness and that his training method caused the change in the ground, but Joey does mention that he only did that so he could save his Rattata and then Gold says bowing down in front of him saying that this wouldn’t have happened if he had just given him the Pokédex. He puts the Pokédex in front of Gold and when he goes to reach it, Oak pulls it away from him and he asks him a question, what do Pokémon mean to him.

Gold ponders the question as Oak says that when he has asked it to previous Dex holder they said that they were friends and comrades and Gold then gives his answer. He says that they are neither friends or comrades, he says that he grew up with Aibo and he just met Exbo and even though that they failed to rescue the stolen Totodile from Silver they are going to get stronger together and that with any Pokémon that he encounters from now on he wants them to be partners shared by the same goal and Oak presents him with the Pokédex. Gold, Joey, and Oak part ways from this point with Gold saying that he is going to continue to get Totodile and his backpack back, only for Oak to pull it out of his satchel on the side of Stantler. Gold says that all of his Pokémon are there, minus Poliwag since Gold is still a bit of an idiot and asks Joey to do him one favour and that is to return the Pokémon to his house. He also discovers that his Pokégear still has a charge and his mother is calling him and he says that he is going to be gone for a while. Back on to focusing on who the mysterious person is that he is chasing, discovers that his name is Silver since his name is stitched inside the glove and he heads off on his skateboard with Exbo in tow ending the chapter.

Overall, these two chapters are rather fun. It continues the story between Gold and Silver with even more of an introduction for a returning Team Rocket, but the most important thing about this is that we do get more character development for Gold, since that he does tend to act rather more brash in some situations only for him to change and put others instead of himself, by recklessly putting himself in danger to save Joey’s (super-cool) Rattata. I may end up covering more of the series later down in the year, but I might skip around few of the chapters to get more of the story instead of some filler chapters. But next time we head back to DC Comics and covering one issue from their Year of the Villain arc with Black Adam.

Top Five Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetypes

Back when I was a teen I got into playing Yu-Gi-Oh thanks to my friends after they gave me one card, that being Turtle Tiger and I thought it was the most awesome card I had ever seen. From then on I grew out my collection, dropped in and out of the series over the past few years, only to be pulled right back in for the new sets of rules that make it a lot better to play. So, I decided to share my top five Archetypes from the series, and they are also decks that I have used to success in the past that being duelling against friends or against a computer.

5: Raidraptor: The first on the list is a deck that I used a lot against my friends and that is being the Raidraptors and they are a lot of fun if you can pull them off correctly. First a lot of them are easy to pull off to get them to XYZ summon since the majority of them are low levels, then comes the fun part with their own Rank Up spell cards which help them proceed even further in Ranks so you are able to get Rank 5-9 out with nearly no problems. Another good thing about using this deck is that it can also get around the effects of certain cards that restrict what cards can attack since that XYZ monsters go off a Ranks and not levels which makes them a good thing to use.

4: Elemental Hero: Next up on this list is also one of the most recognisable archetypes that being the Elemental Hero’s used by protagonist Jaden Yuki in GX. I had a lot of good fun using this deck in when I was using it, mainly trying to play off the same combos that Jaden used when I ran the deck against my friend, but I had a lot more success using the deck on Legacy of the Duellist, which I am going to be bringing up a lot on this list. On that I have managed to created quite a good fusion based with a good combo of moves such as using EH Blazeman to get out a quick fusion and also using EH Heat and EH Lady Heat to both increase the attack of one and then dealing damage with the effects of the latter. Another good combo that I do like using, which can be rather risky depending also on what sort of deck that the opponent uses and that is Fusion Gate to help build up the attack points of EH The Shining since it gets an increase of 300 for each EH that has been banished, plus when The Shining has been sent to the GY you can bring back two EH back to your hand, which can also help getting fusions back into the extra deck.

3: Red Dragon Archfiend: Third on the list, for this entry isn’t used by the 5D’s version of Jack Atlas but the Arc V version as it has a lot more support to use as well as move versions of the Red Dragon Archfiend. I have used this version of the deck to pretty much near death on Legacy of the Duellist with the lovely help of the DLC as well as cards that you can unlock through progression through the game. One of the good combos that I like to use is a combination of Red Sprinter and Red Resonator since they help gain life points as well as monsters to make it easy to summon out Red Dragon Archfiend and its other forms. One of the things that I like to do with this deck is to try and get different versions of Red Dragon Archfiend out as quick and easy as I can, I remember being able to get out a Hot Red Dragon Archfiend and then getting out Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend to then later get out Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity which I was amazed to get out since it is rather ridiculous to try and get out. It does have a pretty big weakness however since that it does require a lot of support to keep monsters on the field.

2: Dinomist: I had way too much fun using this deck on LotD for one main fact, it is deck that is easily to take down a majority of decks in with the right cards. The first is using the field spell Dinomic Powerload since it gives a boost in attack for Dinomist monsters and if there’s a Dinomist on the field the opponent can’t activates cards and effects until the end of the damage step which makes it really useful against a lot of traps. Another technique I like to use is a combination of Dinomist Pteran along with Dinomist Charge since that way with Pteran’s ability when it destroys a card I can add a Dinomist card, which I usually go for Charge and then that way I can add another Dinomist monster and usually get what I need that being a second pendulum monster or to bring out one of my favourite Dinomist monsters that being Plesios since with that on the field I can lower the attack of my opponents monsters by the amount of Dinomists on the field in which I have had some monster in the range of less than 1000. One of the things however with the new rule set I haven’t had a chance to use it yet since that it does rather limit the combinations that I can use but it is something that I plan on trying out.

1: Blackwing: My favourite archetype of Yu-Gi-Oh are the Blackwing’s of Crow for 5D’s. I have had so much using this deck over the course of several years and is one that I have used many a time and it is so fun to use. I love the designs of all of the Blackwing monsters, though some of the lower level do look rather boring, but the best designs come from the Synchro monsters. My favourite designs for the Blackwing series is Armor Master and is one of the four that I try to keep on the field or get out first, the reasonings is because he had a very cool design since that it looks like a Blackwing had manages to get a cool armour that is very slick looking. Plus its ability is rather good as well since it can’t be destroyed in battle as well as not taking any battle damage, but another great ability is that it has the ability to place wedges on monsters and you can take them off to reduce the attack or defence of that monster. So, for instance if your opponent has a something that can hit hard or is there to be a tank, you can easily get rid off it. Another reason why I like this archetype is also that it is rather fast to get through and get out monsters, for instance a majority of the lower level monsters have abilities to special summon monsters if there is a Blackwing on the field, one of the techniques that I use revolves around having a low levelled tuner out on the field and hopefully having Elphin the Raven in my hand since it is a level six monster, which helps getting out Synchro’s.

That is it for this list and join me for the next list in which I cover five television shows (that I have watched) that have had rather controversial moments and some that I have just discovered this month.

Avengers Vs X-Men #0-2 Review

Many, many, many moons ago, I originally reviewed the first two issues of this series when I originally did them as video reviews and I was never really a fan of what I had produced. It was pretty sloppy, and I was really bad at doing it and since then I had taken them down and removed them from my old channel. I do have plans on a secondary channel for some plans to come somewhere down the future, but that is for a different time. Avengers vs X-Men was one of the first event comics that I read when I got into reading comics since I was reading that, Amazing Spider-Man as well as Batman and I thought that it was a rather interesting story, but if there is one thing that I wish I could do was to read the mini-series that came before hand and that was X-Sanctioned. X-Sanctioned was based around Cable discovering that a change had happened in which Hope had died and she wasn’t able to fix the future, he finds out that it was the Avengers that had killed her and that he plans on heading back and killing the Avengers to prevent her death and also the added caveat of him also having 24 hours to do it since he is infected with the Techno Organic Virus. So, let’s get on with the review.

Issue zero opens MODOK attacking a convoy in Washington D.C and he goes to kill an ex AIM scientist along with an array of freakishly looking monstrosities but before he gets the chance to kill the betrayer he is stopped by Scarlett Witch. She manages to get the upper hand on them with using her abilities well and she manages to get MODOK one-on-one for a short time before she starts to get overwhelmed by the lackies but she is rescued by Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) who manage take them down. Carol tries to talk with Wanda but Wanda doesn’t want to and tries to head off since previous events with Wanda have made her feel pretty much unwelcome with what had happened with the Avengers and also House of M, which I will get back around to later on this year.

Carol manages to talk her out of leaving and they arrive at Avengers Mansion and Wanda is still apprehensive about even setting foot on the property, but before she can even step foot Vision and he asks her why she is here and just as Carol is about to say something, he just says that he wants his wife to answer and she doesn’t say anything. He says that he does have empathy for what she has been through and what has happened but the one thing that he can’t forgive her for is what she did to him and that was overpowering him and using him as a weapon against the Avengers. We get a rather good put together page with panels of the Avengers reacting to Wanda saying that he is right and that she is sorry, Vision says that she isn’t welcome here and he asks if that is the reason why she came here and she says that she knew already that she wouldn’t have been accepted back to him and Carol flies her off and the Avengers that were there, that being Beast, Iron Man and Wolverine react to the way that Vision had treat her, with Tony saying that he liked them together and we see Vision starting to cry.

Over in Utopia, the home of the X-Men, Hope is trying to get away to do some superhero work in San Francisco but Cyclops sees her and tries to stop her since he has noticed her slipping out of the building for the past week and he hasn’t said anything about it to her about it, hoping that she comes to her sense, but now he is stepping in. She says the reason why that she hasn’t said anything is because he would have acted out like this and says that she is just out there flying around just to clear her head, but he calls her out on more. He says that there had been reports of criminals being attacked and a child molester having his legs broken and also notes the police scanner on her belt. Hope says that she was just doing her job, but Cyclops says that she is putting herself in danger and she goes off on him saying that Utopia is more of a prison than a home. Cyclops tells her that she is being rather childish about the situation that is happening, which he is rather correct in since that they want to protect her and she is going out of her way to put herself in danger since that it does only take for one minor slip-up to get her into a serious problem. She says that she can take care of herself and he knows that she can, since she is the mutant messiah and that she is the one that will restore balance to the force and so forth. Hope then asks him the million-dollar question, what makes her so special in which he says just plain answer that being everything, so she brings up an ace point that throws him off guard and wants the truth in about the Phoenix. He asks her where she heard about it and she brings up what she knows about it that it is a cosmic entity, it had killed Jean Grey and that everybody is scared when it is mentioned and she wants to know what is going to happen when it reaches Earth and he doesn’t say anything to her. Hope says that she is going to find out on her own and an alert comes across her scanner which she decides to answer to Cyclops’s dismay and he gets blasted back with a version of his own optic blast and Hope flies off.  

Hope is flying over the city and we see her narrating that she is getting fed up at being treated like a child and she knows that she is ready for whatever is to come and she has been for the past fifteen years after being trained and raised by Cable. She arrives on the roof of the bank and ends up wrecking the jetpack in the process, and she makes her way in where she discovers the people that are robbing the bank and that turns out to be the Serpent Society as she manages to take down Bushmaster. One of them hears the commotion that is going on and they then get thrown through a wall leading Hope to take on three of their members, she gets caught up by Anaconda but manages to defeat her by repeatedly headbutting her. Next up for her is Puff Adder and she asks him if he is a mutant and he reveals that he is, since that Bushmaster was more of a cyborg and reading up on Anaconda’s seems that it could be up in the air but there is the super strength aspect and we see Hope puff up and punches him out. Cyclops and Emma Frost blast into the bank and stop Hope from possibly murdering Copperhead, he tells her to get back to Utopia and that they will deal with the fallout from this. Hope tells him that he knows that he is scared, thinking that the same is going to happen to her as what had happened to Jean but she is ready for what is about to come, Emma on the other hand doesn’t think that she is and that she is just a kid but Cyclops thinks that she can save the mutant race and the issue ends with Hope looking up at the night sky and seeing the Phoenix Force making it’s way towards Earth.

Issue one opens up on an alien world as we see a child and their father witnessing a light coming towards them and we see on a two page spread that it is the Phoenix Force, destroying the planet and then flying off to another world to destroy. Back on Earth we see the Avengers grouping around the roof where they notice an object hurtling through the atmosphere and striking a plane in the process. Thor, Iron Man, Ms Marvel and Protector head off to rescue the passengers of the plane as well as trying to keep casualties to a minimum and it works rather well. Ms Marvel was able to catch a part of the top of what I believe is the Chrysler Building, but Spider-Man is there, and he is able to save the people falling by spraying a large web to catch them. Thor is able to land the plan to safety in the street and Cap leads a team to investigate the crash site where they discover that what crashed was in fact Nova who tries to warm them that it is coming. This is actually a really good homage to The Infinity Gauntlet in which the Silver Surfer crashed through the Sanctum Strange to warn them about Thanos.

In Utopia, Cyclops is training Hope into not using her powers and she is getting rather frustrated with the way that he has been treating her. He hits her with a blast and she gets annoyed about the fact that she thought that neither of them could use their abilities but he says that he can use his since that she is the one that is training and the two continue on sparring. Magneto and Emma are overlooking the sparring and they note about the training even them thinking that it is rather rough. Hope is getting more annoyed with how Cyclops has been pushing her and it gives her a outburst that explodes with Phoenix energy which manages to knock him back to the shock of him, Magneto and Emma.

Over in Washington, Cap and Iron Man are giving a presentation to the President and his advisors about what is currently happening saying that Nova had crashed to Earth with a vague message and he falls into a coma. They then did some tests on him and discover an energy trace that they have been searching for years, apparently, since the incident that had happened with Jean Grey and reveals that the entity is coming back to Earth. Iron Man informs them on what the Phoenix Force does, it attaches on to a host and then lays waste to the environment and Cap saying that they are going have to find whoever the host is and deal with them. They have a team sent away into space to try and to stop the Phoenix Force coming to Earth and they then get an alert that Tony had set up to try and trace any energy signature that matches and they know where it is. On a brief stop, Cap arrives at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning where he goes there to recruit Wolverine in help on tackling the Phoenix and Wolverine and the entire mutant community knows where it is going and Cap says that they are going to need the help of Cyclops as well, but Wolverine doesn’t think that he is going to help then. Cap then asks if he can count on Wolverine to help him and he seems to be uncertain on his stance.

Back over on Utopia, the X-Men are talking over what Cyclops is currently has on his mind, that being the Phoenix and hoping that it will help restore their numbers after the events of House of M that had decimated the mutant population and also why does the Phoenix end up coming back to their team and that even with all the death and destruction that it brings with it rebirth. Emma asks him what he is going to do with Hope and he says that he is going to train her up and prepare her for what is to come, but Emma brings up a good point, it’s up to Hope what she does and not Cyclops, and she also notices something else, Captain America waiting on the beach. Cyclops and the team head down to the beach and Colossus asks why he is her and Emma says that he is here for Hope and that they aren’t going to get involved with them. Cap says that they need to take Hope into protective custody because they also know that the Phoenix is heading for Earth and they know that it is coming for Hope, but Cyclops isn’t having any of this as he says that this is a matter for mutants and not humans. He goes on to say the reasoning why he wants the Phoenix to come and that is to help the mutant population and that it seems like that the Avengers and humans didn’t help them when it came to help them in their time of need and they only come to the mutant if they need their help. Cap gets more upfront with Cyclops but he isn’t going to say anymore to him and tells him to leave Utopia and it looks like that Cap is going to take Hope by force so Cyclops blasts him back further down the beach and we see a Helicarrier descending from the sky with a team of Avengers. Cyclops tells Emma to make sure that they protect Hope at any cost, and we see on the last panel Hope’s eyes with the Phoenix in them, ending issue one.

Issue two opens a shot of the SHIELD Helicarrier, with several jets flying off, and the X-Men discussing what Cyclops has done, but Cyclops defends his actions since that the Avengers were the ones that came here to take Hope away, with very few questions asked. Over with the Avengers, we get our first title drop for the series by Spider-Man and they are going over how insane Cyclops is since that Utopia is also a home for mutants and that there are children on the island and they think that Cyclops is using that to make them come off more as the bad guys, which in my view point they still are since they are the ones that are massing towards a island to try and extract a person against their will. But before they can launch their own attack on the island, they are attacked first by Colossus and Magneto doing a rather awesome twist on the Fastball Special, with this being Magneto throwing Colossus towards the Helicarrier, this then leads on to the part of the comic where it is going to get rather fun.

The first fight in the issue we get is between Colossus and Red Hulk, since the two of them are the main powerhouses for the two teams, but this collision doesn’t go too well for the Avengers as it sends them overboard into the ocean where Namor is waiting for them and he also socks The Thing sending him flying, only for Luke Cage to start sparring with him. A few aerial based Avengers, like Iron Man and Doctor Strange try to make their assault downwards, Cyclops and the X-Men try to defend with the own abilities trying to shoot them down, but he is interrupted when Cap throws his shield at his head, and we see a team of Avengers, emerging from the see like it’s D-Day to attack the X-Men. We do get a great panel arrangement with a close up shots of both Cap and Cyclops with them both telling their teams orders on what to do and then the collision of the two teams that is really well done since there is enough space between the teams where there is a split down the middle of the page.

Over in one of the buildings a small group of X-Men are observing the fight, wondering what is actually going on and we see Emma dragging in Hope and tells them not to let her out no matter what she says and then she heads back to the fight and to end it quick for them, but she is stopped when Iron Man blasts her with ‘Microscopic Telepathic Tasers’ which supress her telepathic abilities. Emma then decides to use her other ability, turning into her diamond form and punches Iron Man, who then proceeds to blast her more with his repulse blast when his suit notices an electromagnetic disturbance as we see in the helmet reflected stands Magneto, he goes to blast Magneto but he manages to block it. Elsewhere, we see Pietro aka Quicksilver, watching the events unfold as it also appears that there is, at least one news chopper in the air reporting on the fight between the two teams. He says to somebody that this is there fight and asks them to come with him and then in a short while we see Pietro punch Magneto knocking him down to the ground as well as who he was talking to as well, Wanda who turns off the television and walks away and we see a sketch in her dream journal of the Phoenix and the words ‘this is how the world ends’.

We get a few panels covering the fight and we see quite a bit of crossover with the X-Men calling Wolverine a traitor for siding with the Avengers, then with Storm and Black Panther having a bit of a go at each other, but this one being more verbal since they are still married at this point and are on opposite sides. Hope is overseeing the fight from the room and is wanting to get out there to help since that the Avengers brought all of their big guns with them to get Hope with her coming to the realisation that she is the biggest gun that they have for the X-Men. Back to the fight on the beach, Cap and Cyclops are still going at it with Cap being on the defensive and he also ends up pushing Cyclops’s buttons when he brings up what the Phoenix did to his wife and he continues the pressure and says that if Cap really wanted his help, he should have went to him first instead of Wolverine. Cap manages to press on towards Cyclops and he manages to knock him back and he tells him that this could have been handled a different way and asks for them to stand down, Cyclops tells Magik to open a portal and Cap has Strange go after her and we see Strange enter Limbo to the delight of her. Back on the battlefield Danger alerts Cyclops that Utopia is falling under the control of Iron Man and he then realises something, Wolverine has left to go after Hope.

Along with Wolverine is Spider-Man who seems to be there to be more of a peacekeeper and to make sure that things don’t escalate further, but it seems like things have escalated since they arrive where Hope is to find out that she has knocked out the X-Men with her and now has a fiery aura around her. She says that with the closer that the Phoenix gets the more the power inside of her grows, Wolverine tells Spidey to get out of the way as it looks like that Wolverine is going to kill her, but Hope manages to stop him in his tracks and sets him alight with fire. Both the X-Men and the Avengers arrive in the room from different direction and we see the destruction that she has left and running away from Utopia. Meanwhile in space, the issue ends with the Avengers team that was sent to stop the Phoenix finally come face to face with it, with Thor stating that today is a good day to die.

Overall, the first three issues of the series are rather good. It continues the over arcing story of how the mutant population is suffering still years after the events from House of M and that even now with a messiah they are taking it as a sign that there is going to be a change coming for them and for the good with the Phoenix. The way that the Avengers are portrayed do make them come off as the bad guys since they are the ones that are out to make sure that the Phoenix is taken care of and that they also planned on taking Hope off Utopia by force if the X-Men weren’t going to give her up. One problem I did have with the series was more down to the artwork and even though the pencils were done by John Romita Jr, there is something about it that I just find to be rather lack-lustre. It could be down to the fact that a lot of the characters seem to look rather stocky and bold, which is a rather turn off for me and I think that the designs for the covers are a lot more better than the art work for several characters.

Next comic review next week, we are heading back to Shoen Jump and the next three volumes of Pokémon Adventures.

My Top 10 Favourite Galar Pokémon

It has been over six months since Pokémon Sword and Shield debuted on the Nintendo Switch and it is also nearly time for the adventure towards the Isle of Armor for the first DLC content that they have made for the game, so I thought that it would be a good time to cover my top ten favourite Pokémon from the Galar region. Also, for this list just to make it fair I’m not going to be covering Galarian variants of Pokémon, unless they are the evolutions of the Galarian forms then they are fair game since they were introduced for the games. So, let’s get started.

10: Cooperajah: First on the list is Cooperajah and the reason why it is on the list, like a lot of the others on the list, is down to its design that being a giant elephant. Another cool thing that I like about Cooperajah is down to one of its abilities that makes it rather useful combining it with rather useful move set is Sheer Force. Having a combination of physical moves that have additional effects make those moves to deal extra damage and combining them with the use of steel type moves like Iron Head make it useful to have in battles, however for me a slight downside to it, for me at least, the ones I have been using have been pretty slow.  

9: Frosmoth: One of my favourite Pokémon that I used to use between generations five and six was Volcarona and since that it has been announce that is returning in the expansion pass I have a rather good duo on my hands now and we come to the opposite of fire and that being Frosmoth. Frosmoth is a really beautifully designed Pokémon and I think that it has a rather interesting combination however the weakness towards fire makes it lower on the list. Another thing that also puts it low on the list is that it takes a while to evolve Snom into Frosmoth since that it only evolves through friendship at night and that the best combo to do this would be Soothe Bell and Luxury Ball. But it does have a rather cool move set since it can use a combination of not only flying and bug moves but also has access to some flying moves as well.

8: Perrserker: I think it is rather weird that Meowth not only got a Galarian form, after just receiving an Alolan form in the previous generation, but to get a completely new evolution is rather intriguing. Instead of being based on what does seem to me more of a house cat design like what Persian is Perrserker the complete opposite and seems to be more based on a wild cat crossed with a Viking. Plus, also the typing for it is really good with it being a pure steel attacker and it makes it useful going into several gyms with one if them being Opal, who I pretty much soloed with Perrserker thanks to the type advantage I had plus also using Metal Claw and getting the boost off.

7: Centiskorch: The first of the list in which I am going to talk about the fad of the game and that being the spectacle known as Dynamaxing. Throughout the first couple of gym matches you comes across Milo and Nessa just using base Dynamax Pokémon for their final battles, but when it came to the third gym leader, Kabu, he brought out the first biggest challenge that being a G-Max Centiskorch. It looks amazing when it is summoned in the stadium and to me it does remind me a bit on Shenron from Dragon Ball since it looks more draconic than a giant centipede, which makes sense since it does have the fire typing.

6: Corviknight: The second of the list for the G-Max design but that is not the only reason why I have added Corviknight to the list but because I think that out of the generations that have had a two stage bird evolution this could be quite possibly my favourite for a few reasons. The first is that it’s typing is rather cool that being Flying and Steel which is rather unique since there aren’t that many types since that Skarmory is the only one that can come to mind. It’s design, like I said before, is rather cool since it does look rather knightly and majestic with the colour pallet as well, even the shiny colour makes it look even better. I also like the fact that Corviknight is used as a service for the people of Galar in which you can use the Flying Taxi service to get to places, meaning that they are going to be rather strong to be able to carry not only a taxi, but also the people and Pokémon in a taxi to boot.

5: Obstagoon: One of the things that I like about this game, as well as the previous generation, and that is the take on alternate forms for Pokémon that had adapted for that region and one of the ones that had made the most sense has been the Galarian Zigzagoon line in which the Hoenn region they were based on raccoons, and in Galar they are based of badgers. The design for Obstagoon is rather cool as well and I was going to make sure that I put it on my team, even if it was going to be absolute garbage. Like to many people Obstagoon struck a resemblance to one of the most iconic looking glam rock artists of all time, Gene Simmons from KISS and that was the reasoning behind having that on my team.

4: Dreadnaw: Dreadnaw was one the first Pokémon that I had on my team for the majority of when I played through Pokémon Shield and it pretty much stayed there until the post-game and I didn’t even have the cool G-Max version, though I do wish that I caught it when encountering the raids for it but that is just my luck. The move pool that it has is something that makes it quite fun to have and making it physical does help since that a lot of rock type moves are physical plus, like with Cooperajah it’s ability makes it pretty useful and that is Strong Jaw and have it’s move set be based on biting moves such as Ice Fang, Crunch and Jaw Lock, which is a rather cool move to have since it keeps the opponent in the fight and is pretty much a Mean Look with a damage output as well. Plus the shiny colours for it work out great swapping out the lighter blue and browns and are now replaced with darker green and browns which make it stand out a lot more clearer and is also a homage possibly to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since they do have a similar shading to the shiny colouring in some of the media.

3: Toxtricity: Continuing on with Pokémon with awesome designs Toxtricity and that goes for both forms which I think is pretty cool. So, when Toxel evolves it can evolve into two different versions of Toxtricity depending on the nature which I think is pretty cool. During my first playthrough I had got the Amped version which I think is the better design since that it does give rather punkish design and I think that does look better than the Low-Key version. Another cool ability that this Pokémon has is Punk Rock which out of the two regular abilities that it has it is a lot better than the latter ability that it has, that being Plus/Minus which only works if you’re in a double battle with the corresponding ability. Punk Rock on the other hand helps boost the power of sound-based moves so moves like Boomburst get a boost on the attack. One thing that I don’t like however about this Pokémon is its G-Max form mainly because I think that it looks rather boring.

2: Sirfetch’d: The final Galarian form that got an evolved form that being a generation one Pokémon and something that people have been wanting for quite a while and that is Farfetch’d. One of the cool things about this is the method that you have to evolve Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d and that is you have to get three critical hits off in a row and win the battle and then it will evolve. One of the best ways to do this is teach it Focus Energy, which you can get from a NPC in Motostoke and then facing off against one of the Breeder trainers that are on the same route where you can catch Farfetch’d, set up with Focus Energy and then just start going away with Fury Cutter, or if you somehow were lucky enough to get Leaf Blade from a raid or from a Watt Trader since that it will increase the odds of a critical hit even more. But besides the cool evolution method the other thing that I do like about it, like the current theme of the list, is the design and, like Corviknight, it is rather majestic looking as well as with the way that it also has rather cool weapons. Since Farfetch’d had a Leek as a tool that it uses in battle, Sirfetch’d uses a Leek sword as well as a shield which I think is rather suiting for the series that it had debuted in.  

1: Duraludon: The final entry in this list was one of my favourite Pokémon from the when one if the first trailers that had dropped for the game and that was because of its design and I thought it was going to be something that was going to be fun to use it honestly is. The one that I had managed to capture after a while of trying to encounter it I ended up getting one that had the better of the two basic abilities that being Heavy Metal, which double the weight of the Pokémon which gave me the best game plan to teach it Heavy Slam so that it can do the most damage that it can. Another cool thing that I like about this is its design, it looks solid and a heavy hitter, plus its G-Max form that it can have turns it into a freaking tower that does remind me rather a lot like Lumious Tower from Gen 6.

So that is my list on my favourite Pokémon from the Galar Region, the next list that I will be doing next week will be covering another famous and beloved franchise and that is Yu-Gi-Oh and my top five favourite architypes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 1 Review

I am rather astounded on how long it has taken me to get into anything that is My Hero Academia in any form, that being manga or the anime or movies and one of that first things was because I really didn’t know what to think of either of them. I bought the first volume of the manga about a year or two ago and I found it to be a bit of a slog to get through, but that was mainly down to the first few chapters being quite a slog to get through since the first chapter is about 50 pages and then the next keep on condensing down to make it more readable. So I then decided to re-read through them again with this free downtime that I have been doing a lot of re-reading of graphic novels and manga and I decided to pick this back up and I found it to be rather enjoyable on the third time round and thought that doing a review for the first chapter would be fun.

We open in a flashback as we see Izuku Midoriya aka Deku defending one of his friends against Bakugo and two of his friends and is narrating saying that people are born different and then we get a bit more backstory and the status quo of the series. A strange event occurred when a baby was born with bioluminescent and then more and more people with unusual quirks kept popping up over then place and that became the norm and of course there are people that use their abilities for good and for evil and we see a monster attacking the city and the public stand there and watch as a few heroes including Kamui Woods and Mt Lady who manage to take down the villain with a good combo. Over in school, the teacher there is handing out career forms and says that he already knows that everybody there wants to be a superhero and Bakugo outburst saying that with his quirks he heading for U.A High School and is going to become more famous and wealthier than All Might. Bakugo then turns around and asks Deku if he was going to plan on trying to attend U.A and the class turn around and say that good grades won’t help him get into the Hero Programme and Bakugo reveals that Deku doesn’t have any quirks and tries to scare him with his quirk. Deku says that he has always wanted to be a hero and there is no harm by trying to take the entrance exam and they laugh at him, leaving Deku upset.

Downtown we see a slime styled villain running amuck and the citizens seem to be rather okay with this and note that there will he a hero along shortly and we see All Might appear behind them to take on the monster. Back in class, Bakugo picks up an document that Deku had been working which he then proceeds to burn it with his quirk and he then proceeds to says that he is going to be the only one from this high school to get into U.A and tells him not even dare try and get in there and even his friends think that was even harsh of him. And to top off the harsh words even more Bakugo tells him the only way that he will get a quirk is if he jumps off a roof and hope that in a new life he will have a quirk, which is pretty dark. We then get a flashback from Deku in which goes on to when he was young he was watching lots and lots of clips of All Might with one of them when he saved about 100 people during an attack. His mother had taken him to a doctor to see the reason why he hasn’t exhibited any signs of a quirk since the kindergarten class that he was in they had and it turns out that he doesn’t have a major quirk to say, but he does have a extra joint in is pinky toe which is unusual to have but it wont help against a monster attack. But being a hero is what Deku wanted to be as a kid, so it is and that’s what he plans one being.

Later on, Deku is walking home where he is attacked by the same villain that had appeared before him and tries to hijack his body. Deku tries to resist the attack from the slime monster but it appears to be no use as whatever he tried to do to break away, it didn’t help. But help does arrive in the form of All Might as he comes busting through a sewer cover and manages to easily take down the villain and even captures him in a bottle, which I think is rather hilarious. All Might heads off and Deku tries to thank him but as All Might goes to fly away, Deku manages to follow him by holding on to his legs with him wanting to ask All Might questions on how to be a superhero. Over with Bakugo, he and his friends are talking crap about Deku and he ends up kicking a bottle and it turns out that All Might had dropped the bottle containing the villain as it then tries to overtake him since he also has a quirk.

Back with Deku and All Might, he asks if a person with out a quirk could become a hero like him and we see something happening to All Might, Deku keeps talking during all this saying that the reason why he wants to do this because he thinks that saving people is cool and then he looks up and sees a dishevelled man standing where All Might was, and he reveals to be All Might, with some blood pouring from his mouth. All Might goes on to say how he ended up like this and that was down to a fight that he had with a villain five years ago and he punched him in the chest leaving substantial damage to him that caused problems for his respiratory system and his stomach removed and with the surgeries that had happened caused him to waste away. All Might then foes on to say that a hero’s life is rather difficult to say and that it should left to people with powers to take down villains and that if Deku wants to become a hero he should sign up to the police or villain custody officer and that he should stop chasing his dream. As All Might is heading out, he notices an explosion off in the distance and he realises that he has dropped the bottle containing the villain that he had previously captured.  

Over with Bakugo, he is being held by the villain but he is trying to resist and any heroes that have been trying to get to him seem to be getting inconvenienced by different things, Mt Lady being struggled by a single land street, Kamui Woods has a weakness to fire so he is trying to get people out and another one is putting out fires. The other heroes on the scene are having problems as well since Bakugo’s quirk is shooting out explosives and it is making it difficult to do anything. All Might arrives in his debulked form and is mad that this could have been prevented if Deku hadn’t bothered him and then we cut straight over to Deku he is upset over what All Might had said to him. He is walking through Downtown and he notices the monster that attacked him before, and he know realises that what is happening is now all his fault. Deku doesn’t know what do to and lookers-on note that All Might was apparently tracking him down, Deku keeps walking through the crowd and then he makes a decision realising that no hero is coming along to help and he charges headfirst into the fight. The on-lookers are stunned by what he was doing and Deku even fells shocked with what he was doing but then he suddenly freezes up and leaves an open attack for the creature however he is saved by All Might and he delivers an outstanding manoeuvre that manages not only to take out the villain but it also changes the weather to rain. In the aftermath of the fight they managed to gather the parts of the villain, Deku got told off by said heroes for his recklessness and Bakugo got offered to be a sidekick to somebody once he went pro.

Later on, Deku is walking home and he is stopped first by Bakugo who was annoyed that he tried to save him and tells him that it wouldn’t help to win him over and then walks away, only for All Might to appear. He debuffs and says that he has came to talk to him to revise what he had said before and has a proposal for him, Deku goes to apologies for getting involved in the fight because he doesn’t have a quirk but All Might stops him there. He says that Deku was the only person there that even made an attempt to make any sort of attempt to help and that he also spurred him to also get into the action and then All Might says that many of the heroes claim that their bodies go before they think and asks if Deku thought the same and he says that he did, focusing back on what his mom had said. He always wanted to her to say what All Might is going to say and that is ‘You can be a hero’, and from there fantasy became reality and that was the start in how Izuku Midoriya became a hero.

Overall this is a really good opening chapter for a manga series, not only does it set the status quo for the series from the off but it also introduces us to three characters as well as some backstory that is most likely to get expanded on in later volumes. The status quo of the story being that the world had had a spike of quirks that caused people to gain powers, this is something that I found to be rather interesting since that it makes me interested even more, not only to see what powers that other people had obtained, but also to hear about the origins on how it started since that in the introduction it just said that it happened with one person. What had happened to the first person that was born, what happened to the next people that developed quirks it has me interested in the lore and I will be curious to see what happens. Deku is a great representation of kids and fans of the superhero genre on wanting to be a superhero but not having any quirks to back him up, he is also likeable as well and I do in some ways see a few things in me that being feeling like the outcast in times and wanting to be better than what I can be. Bakugo is a rather good antagonist for Deku however he does seem like that dime-a-dozen villainous character where he is supposed to be better than other in pretty much everyone else and just from the first chapter alone. He sorts of reminded me a bit like Seto Kaiba or Chazz Princeton from Yu-Gi-Oh, minus the money, that being rather brash and obnoxious. All Might is a rather interesting hero because of his quirk and his backstory as well as that it seems like that he is also going to end up at one point running out of time with the injury that he has sustained. But what he makes up with the injury is that he is a rather strong hero with the power, so-far, to take people out with one or two attacks. I am looking forward to reading more of this series as well as even getting around to watching the anime since I am wondering how that adapts the manga to the screen.