Top Five Games Disappointing Games 2: The Reckoning


Back when I was thinking of what I was going to do for this list I didn’t realise that I already had done beforehand so I thought you know what can go down well: sequels. So, for this list this is going to a follow on a previous list.

5: WWE 2K20: So, to start of this list is game that has been critically panned by fans and reviewers alike. I have a very hard time trying to find anything good so far to say about this game because it has dropped a lot in quality for what had came before had. A lot of the character models have dropped in quality across the board with one of the biggest comparisons being of the model of The Rock used in 2k19 where it looked a lot more like him and then in 2k20 where it looks more like a bad Rock cosplayer. There have also been a lot of glitches that have happened with the game, with people finding a lot of unintended collisions happening and one person even managing to have a wrestler being hurled around the ring, like a washing machine on a fast spin. Luckily enough for me the only problems that I have came across have been has been that of some small collisions as well as having a slight problem when it came to a tag match where, no matter even if I had hit the correct button to get on the apron, I wouldn’t move. The only thing that I do find strange about these problems that have happened with these is that there is one name that is missing from the game for the first time ever and that is Yukes who have been a part of the WWE Games since SmackDown! on the PlayStation, so I don’t know if the problems have to do with it just been done by Visual Concepts but it seems that’s what the problems could be. The other problem that I had with the game then actually comes down to the story of the game and oh boy does it seem to be melodramatic and bad. The story focus is one of the most confusing and stupidly built I have seen from a wrestling game (and I played the TNA Impact game), in which it follows Trey and Red who are being inducted into the Hall of Fame (which it throws at you at the beginning of the game) and their trail on how they ended up in the WWE. Now I haven’t completed the game yet (I’m still waiting for an update that hopefully resolved the problems) but from what I have played it has been rather dull and both Trey and Red are two of the most boring people that I have ever seen in a WWE Game and it is making me want to really wish that I had never bought this game. Trey is an idiot who is there as a joke and there for the entertaining side, whereas Red is the one that is dedicated to becoming a wrestler, however it is her attitude that is the worst thing about her since that she gets mad whenever somebody pisses her off. Hopefully the rest of game might be better and I’m hoping that the Showcase Mode of the Four Horsewomen is a lot better.

4: Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Another game that I do think is rather good but with flaws is the third instalment of the rebooted Tomb Raider series, in which we continue the tales of Lara and in this one we take a trip to South America, in which it feels more like this game should have come out in 2012 with it ties into the ancient times and indigenous tribe that Lara befriends. The story is rather interesting, but it did have its flaws, especially with one segment of the game where a village is destroyed during a cataclysmic event. But the problem that I had with the game was with the final boss battle and I have only a few words to say about it and that is dull, boring and repetitive. It seemed to be rather like the way to defeat the boss from Rise of the Tomb Raider in which you pretty much take care of the ads to take on the boss. I was disappointed with this, but I digress it was a fun game to play.

3: Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: First let me say this about this game, I do like playing this game. I have done Nuzlocks, Wonderlocks and now currently doing an Egglock of the game, but when the game came out I was rather disappointed about the game and the main reason to do with it was the story of the game. The original games Sun and Moon were rather decent, but it seemed that there was something more missing from the game, in a slight similar way that X/Y had apparent code for more things to do with Zygarde and then incorporated it into S/M. When it was announced that there was going to be another Gen VII game a lot of people thought that it was going to be a sequel game, in the same vain in what Black2/White2 were for Gen V, but alas it turned out not to be. Instead we pretty much just got the director’s cut version of S/M. We had an increased amount of Pokémon and the introduction of new characters as well as a more redefined story. The game pretty much follows beat for beat of the original game, all the way up to Aether Paradise/Ancient Poni Path where you are basically there to stop Necrozma from consuming the light as well as revealing a new form on Necrozma. But there was something that I did prefer that the original game did a lot better and that was the story between Lillie and Lusamine since it focused a lot on how Lillie had changed as a character and standing up to her mother and that she had changed a lot (even before being absorbed by Nhilego) but that is pretty much missed from USUM since that Lusamine Possessed heads into Ultra Space to defeat Necrozma to no avail. Another problem that I didn’t like about the game was the Totem Stickers/Totem Pokémon since that it pretty much made it feel like that you were getting a competitive Pokémon for collecting in-game rewards. It felt rather cheap and it also made it feel like the Totem Pokémon were less special since that you only saw them or got to fight them when doing the trails. Everything else about the game I thought was rather fine, the Rainbow Rocket post game was enjoyable since you also got to expand of the theory pretty much that the Ultra Wormholes helped tie into the similar events from ORAS with alternate time like with being able to fight previous version of the villain team leaders.

2: Batman Arkham Knight: I bet if you were to see an Arkham series game on this it would be WB Montreal’s Arkham Origins, but here’s the thing: Origins didn’t have the Batmobile. Arkham Knight is an okay game at best, the story was pretty much predictable if you picked up on some of the subtle hints that happened through the game especially with the Joker flashbacks where it was revealed that he had in fact kidnapped Jason Todd instead of killing him and turns him into the Arkham Knight aligning himself with Scarecrow and taking over Gotham City. The thing that bugged me a lot with this game is that it relied way too heavily on the use of the Batmobile. Yes, it was a nice new feature for the game and it was an easier way to get around the open world area, however the thing that was the most annoying and unbelievable thing was to do with the Riddler challenges. How in the hell did Riddler manage to build entire raceways underneath Gotham City without anybody (including Batman) knowing what was happening? Seriously it was a moment in the game that really annoyed me having to traverse the tunnels that Riddler controls, but there is one thing that annoyed me even more and that was the Cloudburst battle that takes a large amount of time since especially if you end up dying to it since there isn’t a checkpoint when get it down to a certain health. Another problem that I had also still had to do with the Riddler and the Batmobile and that was the Riddler Trophies that are scattered across the hub world in which I found it rather difficult to try and solve (I know that there supposed to be hard to solve cause of Riddler’s stich) and thus I have not yet seen what happens with the true Knightfall ending (and yes I know its on YouTube, I’d prefer to see it the true way).

1: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Campaign): For this one I am going to solely focus on the campaign for this game because when the game was revealed it did have me hooked. You got to play as a member from the Empire’s Inferno Squad and you get to take one Rebels during the dying times of the Empires hold on the universe. But then we are then thrusted into something else that I wasn’t that huge of a fan of, playing as several heroes from the side of the Rebel Alliance including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Lando Calarisian. I was rather annoyed by this because outside of The Force Unleashed (since I haven’t played any other games like KOR) where you got to play as the villains, but then I was more furtherly annoyed when the main characters of Iden Versio and Del Meeko have a change of heart questioning the ideas of what had happened with Operation: Cinder so far and then pledge their allegiances towards Leia and the New Republic. I would have been a lot happier if we did get a game in which it could have focused on the side of the Empire during the fall of The Emperor and then the start-up of the First Order and how they came into power. That would have been more interesting instead of getting your usual ‘oh the Empire is really evil lets go on the run and join the Rebels.’ Even though the next Star Wars game that is out in a few days is called ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ and I am going to go on a limb and say that this is going to either focus on the guy either being on the side of the Jedi Order or possibly the Grey Order but one day I hope to get to play a game as the bad guys for the full game.

Next week we are going to be heading back to the comics with: Venom-Verse.


Venom-Verse Review

Last year I started to re-read Marvel comics because I have pretty much been solely reading comics from DC (mainly Batman, Detective Comics and The Flash) as well as the Power Ranger series from Boom Studios. The first thing that made me pick this up was because I was rather intrigued by the cover for the prequel series Edge of Venom-Verse, so I picked that up also Venom-Verse and I really enjoyed reading both stories, that and it was a book series on the continual uprising for Venom, since he was also part of a feature solo film.

In the similar vein to the Spider-Verse series from a few years ago, Venom-Verse also had the prequel series before the miniseries debuted in which we got a few one-shots of issues focusing around different Venom symbiotes including a X-23 Venom which looked rather cool. But the linking aspect between each issue of Edge, like Spider-Verse, was the symbiote being teleported from their home world and being greeted by a Venomized Captain America. So, with that out of the way let’s get to the main bones of the story.

The first issue opens with Venom, now back being bonded to Eddie Brock, stopping the annoyance of C-List villain Jack O’Lantern and manages to catch him, and then throw him off a fire escape to the ground below in front of a few on lookers who are saying to call the cops. Venom then jumps down from the fire escape and lands of Jack’s back and then we get a rather gruesome image of Jack’s helmet smashed and lying in a pool of blood. But then something strange happens (pun intended coming up soon) and it appears as the Venom had imploded and we see Venom re-emerging in a rather desolated New York City. Brock (and for the rest of the review I will try to reference him since this is where we start to get into a lot of different Venoms) tries to figure out what had happened and sees a child in all white asking for his help and reaching out his hand. Brock goes to reach for the child’s hand, but a familiar looking shield comes hurling in smashing the child in the side of the head and we are introduced to Cpt America. The coolest thing about this is how Cap gets his shield back is through the Symbiote re-attaching it to Cap’s suit since that a lot of the times in previous comics, his shield usually found it way back to him through either physics, magnets or being made from some form of energy. Cap manages to save Brock from the child and Brock lambast him for killing a kid, but then it’s revealed that it wasn’t really a kid, but a strange alien creature. The two of them try and get out of dodge quick before they are spotted and manage to get to the hideout where Cap introduces Brock to the rest of the Venom-Verse crew including: Black Panther, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man, Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider, Agent Venom, Rocket Raccoon, Symbiote Spider-Man, X—23, Old Man Logan, Deadpool and a Venom version of MJ Watson.

We then get the reasoning who was behind the massing of symbiotes and that was with the help of Dr Strange (and there is where my bad pun came from), who had been recruiting different symbiote hosts from different universes to combat an enemy that has been hunting down symbiotes, in a similar way to the Inheritors from Spider-Verse. Brock asks if that was the reason why Cap and shield slammed a child for and proceeds to say that what Brock saw wasn’t a child but a monster. Each member then goes on to provided background on the villains of the series, which are called Poisons. The one that Cap had killed was a weaker version of what they have been fighting and they use’s memories of a person to get them to loosen their guard and then consume them. Then we get into a slight altercation in the group where there are few that disagree on Brock being part of the team which includes the Symbiote Spider-Man and MJ. Brock then says that he doesn’t want to be part of this but before he can leave X-23 tries to convince him to stay but before he can answer, Spider-Man’s Spider Sense goes off alerting the team to a danger coming to them, that being a Poison Hulk. Agent Venom tries to hold off the rampaging Hulk but to no avail as he gets thrashed in one punch and is killed. Good way to kill of a likable character from your main series by making him a background character with near next to nothing in dialogue to be killed in ONE PUNCH. Rocket is told to blow the base and the rest of the symbiotes scatter with Brock and Spidey going off together and Spidey telling Brock that he needs to realise in what is happening. But not only that but we also get our first good look at what later in the story was called a baby poison and I got to say I do really like the design of it. It reminds me of the Mouser from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles small creatures that can do a lot of damage also its rather skeletal design is rather creepy. Brock and Spidey get into another argument on the Brooklyn Bridge in which they get interrupted by another Poison Host, this time Doc Ock.

This leads into a fight in which Doc impales Brock with one of his tendrils and is knocked back where a baby slowly approaches Brock and Spidey remind him not to touch him, so Brock manages to grab a piece of debris with his symbiote and impales the creature through the head. Meanwhile, Spidey is getting the shit beat out of him by Doc and tells Brock to run for it, but Brock being resilient says that he isn’t going anywhere and then manages to help free Spidey from the clutches of Ock, even biting the tendrils and then impaling him with a metal pole. But whilst Brock is doing that Spidey is getting tricked by a Poison, taking the form of Aunt May, and then converts him into a Host ending the first issue.

Issue two opens with a good fight that last for at least three pages in which we see Venom being out powered by that of the Host Spider-Man and Spidey tries to offer up Brock to a group of baby Poisons before they are swiftly killed by the returning group of Deadpool, Old Man Logan and MJ. We then cut over and find out that in the outcome of the Hulk attack on the hideout we find that Cap had been captured by the Poisons and we see what his Poison illusion is in the form of and that being of Sharon Carter (if this was the MCU it would have been Peggy) and the last panel shows the Poison illusion getting in close for a kiss Cap. Back over on the bridge, the team are attacking Spider-Man three-on-one and MJ manages to freeze Spidey for a moment, because no matter what dimension that you come from nine times out of ten it would lead to that world Peter and MJ being in a relationship. Deadpool damages Spidey with a barrage of bullets forcing him to flee as the group reconvene. They head to another hideout that and Brock asks for more information on what is happening because Spidey was going to say it before he got turned. Strange proceeds to tell Brock more about the Poisons and that they were designed to eradicate symbiotes. When a Poison bonds onto a symbiote they then become a perfect host and they become more powerful, for the host of the symbiote however it isn’t that nice as they are then consumed and turned into fuel for the Poisoned symbiote. Deadpool then chimes in to pretty much say that they are screwed about this whole thing because each time they come up against the Poison’s their number drop.

We then cut over to the Poisons base and see a newly converted Poison Cap, along with Hawkeye, Sabretooth, Scarlett Witch (and for some reason a silhouette of somebody probs Spidey) and they are being talked to by a mysterious figure who is glad to have another conversion for their army against the symbiotes. Poison Cap is still adjusting to the change that has taken place and says that he knows where the safehouses are and who else is on their team. The voice then asks if he can get them ‘The Source’ and Cap says that he can give him the location and help capture him and then we see that it was Doctor Doom that is the leader of these Poisons, saying that once they have consumed the symbiotes, they will use the magician to bring more symbiotes.

The group head to the safehouse and discuss what they are going to do, the are going to find out where the poisons base is and blow it up, with Rocket doing it because he had lost the rest of his team to them. It also turns out that safehouse that they have arrived at is the church Our Lady of Saints, which holds a special place for Brock since that was where he and his symbiote had bonded for the first time. The team try to come up with a plan on what to do with the Poisons and they then realise something, Deadpool is no longer with the team. Deadpool is far away from them yelling in the streets calling out for any Poisons or babies to come at him because he wants to be converted.

Issue three starts with Deadpool talking about his conversion into a Poison and being introduced into the ranks of what Doom calls the Hive and Cap asks where the symbiotes is hiding and Deadpool willingly tells where they are hiding. Back with the symbiotes in which Rocket and Ant-Man have built an explosive device and reveal that Brock and Strange have been talking about a plan that they think will turn the tide. Strange starts his ritual to pull through what they think is going to help them turn the tide and that being Cletus Cassidy aka Carnage. Carnage being the loveable, murdering symbiote we all know starts attacking the other heroes starting off with Brock. They keep fighting until a group of Poisons attack, this team forming of Cap, Rhino, Green Goblin, Iron Fist who and I want to say Bullseye. Carnage then realises why he was brought here and starts attacking the Poisons in which he manages to rip Iron Fist in two. Cap and Carnage get into a fight but amid the action, Ghost Rider gets a Poison attached onto him rather stealthily and is then converted but is then quickly killed by Carnage who stabs him through the back and then gets a taste of brimstone breath which blinds Carnage for a bit.

Strange gets kidnapped by the Poisons and brought back to their base and Cap asks Deadpool about Carnage where he was told nothing about his plan. Doom asks of his plan has gotten any further and Cap says it has since Strange is getting weaker and that he should soon be ready for conversion. The symbiotes head off to a new place and Brock realises something that MJ had said about reinforcements, Strange just wasn’t bringing them in, but he was also bringing in food for the Poisons. Back in the base, Strange is trying to be allured by his Poisons illusion but he is strong mined to see through the illusion, however there isn’t just the Poison baby there, but also a Poison Enchantress, Scarlet Witch and two others there to weaken his magical defences as they had theirs weakened. Doom appears in the chamber and then basically spells it out for Strange the same thing that Brock had realised.

Issue four opens with Poison Sabretooth and Gwenpool on patrol looking for the symbiotes and they pick up the scent. This leads to Rocket, Brock, Logan and X-23 ambushing them and attacking them. They manage to get the upper hand on the duo even more so when it turns out that Carnage was also hiding underground with the mines that Rocket had set up. Carnage cuts off Sabretooth’s arm and starts playing with him for a bit, but even armless he flings Brock into Carnage which causes Rocket to shoot him whilst Logan stabs and decapitates him. They also manage to capture Gwenpool as well with the help of Ant-Man going giant-sized and pretty much just holding her in his hands. Carnage senses something still around them but they say to leave as there could be more Poisons on the way and we see Deadpool crouched behind a car.

Back over at the Poison base, Scarlett Witch says that Strange is weakening and Doom is glad that Strange has been unknowingly helping the Poisons. Back with the Symbiotes, Poison Gwenpool basically says that the Poisons are the perfect hosts for the Klyntar and that it cuts out the physical body and the emotional side, the perfect symbiosis and says that is what every Venom wants whether they want to admit it or not. They ask for a location to the Poisons lair, but Gwenpool won’t reveal the location of the base. Rocket asks how come they are consuming symbiotes that they didn’t try and consume Carnage, in which Gwenpool says that they don’t understand the Carnage symbiote yet, which would make sense since that symbiote was a created from the Venom symbiote and was more heavily infused with violence tendencies, so the Poisons won’t fully know if there are any difference between the two symbiotes. Gwenpool is then killed by Deadpool and says that here is there to pretty much help them.

At the Poison Base, Strange is getting weaker and weaker as it goes on. Back with the symbiotes Deadpool goes over the reasoning why he decided to go with the transformation to becoming a Poison. He noticed that Spidey had held on to some of his memories, the brief pausing when he fought with MJ, and he pretty much banked on his crazy to keep him from true conversion. But that’s not all, he also reveals the true plan behind the Poisons. The plan is to have Strange bring in more symbiotes because of the new and different power that each symbiote seems to have possessed. The Poisons plan to consume as many as they can to create an unstoppable army and Deadpool says that they are the last line of defence between the Poisons taking over and Deadpool has a plan to help them get to the Poisons. At the Poison base, this time not focusing around Strange, Cap walks down a corridor where he is met by Spidey who says that Deadpool has returned with Carnage as a ‘prisoner’ ending the issue.

Issue five opens with Carnage being assaulted with sonics and Doom says that he will be looking forward to adding a Poison Carnage to his arsenal. Doom leaves and then with the sonics going off Deadpool kills Cap and frees Carnage from the restraints and they start their assault from the inside. Meanwhile the rest of the symbiotes manages to make their way into the base and split up into two teams, one team focused on blowing up the place and the other on a rescue mission for Strange.

Everything seems to be going okay for all three of the groups, until things start to slowly go wrong. Rockets team goes well, however Logan gets stalled and MJ has to defend herself against three Poisons. Brock’s party manages to rescue Strange, but Spidey comes across to have a rematch with Brock and this is rather disappointed because of how this fight ended up going. It lasts for four panels on one page. Yeah. The first fight in issue two went on for three pages and that was a pretty much a one-sided affair. Whereas this fight in the four panels is really disappointing and this is pretty much the only thing that I found to be bad about the story.

Back over with Rocket’s group they manage to create another distraction to help give them even more time to plant the bomb. But when they are doing this Ant-Man get distracted by a Poison illusion and this was in the form of his daughter Cassie. He jumps over to Cassie and Rocket tells him that it’s not her and continues to finish off the bomb and then we got one of the darkest panels from the series and we see the Poison taking over Ant-Man, with him pleading Rocket to help but he doesn’t as it seems that Rocket is scared and knows that there is no way to help him. X-23 puts Ant-Man out of his misery. Rocket manages to rewire the entire base into one giant bomb and Brock tells Strange to send them all home in which a drained Strange manages to send them all back(?) to their correct dimensions.

But that isn’t where this story ends. It ends with Doom, still alive, returns to a ship in which he says to somebody that he apologies about his failure, but the voice says that there are more magicians that they can use and its revealed that the leader of this group is a Poison Thanos surrounded by the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gladiator and Super-Skrull.

Overall, I did really enjoy this story and one of the things that I really liked about this story was the designs for the Poison characters. Mainly for the fact that it looks like they are a cooler armoured version of their original host. Another good thing about this story is that it then spread on into two more stories, one being a cross over with X-Men Blue and then with the sequel series called Vemonized.

Join me next week in which I will be doing a Review in Progress of either Pokémon Sword/Shield or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

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The Return- Back to the Blog

So, it’s been a while since I have written a post on here in about nearly two years and there have been quite a few reasons why I haven’t been posting and here’s why.

The first is that I have been dealing with a lot of personal problems for the past few months, in which I have had a lot of problems with anxiety as well as stress. I’ve suffered at least three anxiety attacks when I have been at work and I also discovered the cause of them and how to work myself down from them so that is a rather big plus for me. The stress on the other hand is something that I have been working more on for the latter half of the year and there are times where I can get it under control, but there have been times where I have been trying to not break down when I’m at work which can be a rather hard thing to do since working where I do can be difficult at times when stressed. I have discovered that a lot of the stress that has happened that talking with somebody about it has helped relieve it from me, but for some reason, and something that I should really do, I haven’t seen any doctors about this, and I really should and I might do if it starts to get that bad again.

But back to the positives of the this is that I am going to start up again with the site and start bringing out new posts starting later this month and there is a reason why that I am restarting up is because of a few videos that I have recently re-watched.

My friend, YouTuber CreweOnTheSofa has done a retrospective on an anime called Higurashi. So far it has taken him at least three years to cover the first three arcs of the show. It is a pet project of his and it is some of the best retrospective shows that I have seen on YouTube and it has given me a new lease on wanting to restart on writing blogs again. Watching through all the videos you see the passion that he has in the show and what he like and hates about the show and more Importantly it also did another thing as well. It has made me want to watch the show/ read it (since the anime was based on the manga).

But since that I haven’t been doing any reviews or lists doesn’t mean that I have been doing nothing with my time away from the site. Back in May I was back in a rather bad place from what had happened and I rediscovered my love of writing fiction. So, from then I had started planning on writing a book then and planning it all down on paper and then only telling a one person pretty much on how some of the plots where going to go down. Now into November, I still haven’t put that much pen to paper in the means of starting to write the actual story but with the planning stage I am pretty much nearly done with it and it is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. But then it comes with a slight compromise. I might end up only working on writing the book a few times a month mainly because of restarting the blog and also being in full time work. I work about 5 out of 7 days and I now plan on spending one day working on new blog posts and then the second off day either working on the blog or spending my time out socialising.

Now going back to why I am here and that is restarting the blogs. The first few things that I do have planned is a Top List but that is all I’m going to say on that because I don’t want to show my hand on that just yet. But in the form of reviews I do have somethings planned and it is going to be rather fun because the first thing that I plan on reviewing is something that got me back into reading Marvel (only in the graphic novel form) and that is Venom-Verse. I will be covering just that at first and not the prequel series of Edge of Venom-Verse mainly because it is a lot of filler and I want to get into the main bones of the story because it is rather interesting as well as the two sequels that followed.

I will also be continuing on with some old ongoing series such as getting back into the End of the Earths story from Amazing Spider-Man and I also think Dark Knight 3 (I think I can’t remember if finished that series) and any others that I my still have lingering around waiting to be resolved. But with the old reviews there is also be reviewing some new things in the future and a few of them will be Batman/Superman (Rebirth series and multiple issues), some issues to do with the Villain of the Year (possibly the one-shot issues and maybe the main run of the series when that comes out next year, I believe) and also Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cross-over that starts in December.

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of this and hopefully we can have some fun to with it.

Top Nine Favourite Music Videos

For the past few months I have been watching a lot of music videos, either on my days off, getting up for work or waiting to start work and there have been a lot of videos that I like plus it shows that I have a weird taste in music as well.

9: Carly Rae Jepson- I Really Like You: It’s Tom Hanks lip syncing to the song of course I am going to like it. The video starts off with Hanks waking up and getting ready to go out somewhere and then it leads up to him being on the street encountering people that like him and even autographing a person’s table tennis bat. One of my favourite parts is a text message between him and Jepson in which she uses emojis of two men running and a tree, Run Forest Run, its something small and stupid that I like. The music is good to listen to and it goes well with the visuals and it is a nice video to watch.

8: Linkin Park- Bleed It Out: Here we go for the thousandth time, I have been listening to this song pretty much four or five times a day and it is thanks to playing Guitar Hero a lot to help me reduce my nerves in my day to day life and is one of the few songs that I can play with no mistakes. The video for it is rather unique since that all the video, beside from Linkin Park are all played in reverse and from the videos that I have seen, not that many do this. It is rather interesting, and it is another good music video.

7: Smash Mouth- All Star: When people think of this song they think of two things, Shrek or memes, for me it will always be the end of the Digimon Movie, but this is a pretty interesting video. Being the focus on the film Mystery Men, a superhero film, in which the lead singer from Smash Mouth goes around and does a lot of good deeds in which the leads of the film get annoyed by and then in once scene attack a limo in which the rest of the band are riding in. The video ends with the Mystery Men applauding Smash Mouth. The video is a bit of fun and it still holds up today.

6: Ed Sheeran- Galway Girl: Another interesting cinematographic approach for a music video as it is all done in a first-person perspective, and it was also filmed by Ed Sheeran himself and it follows him going after a girl that he likes in a bar and they basically spend the night around Galway, including them playing darts and him accidentally stabbing a guy with a dart. This then leads them to escape the pub where they were at and go wondering around the streets of Galway where they encounter a group of folk dancers as well as a busker in which both groups recognise Sheeran and get him to sign a few autographs as well as taking a group selfie. Near the end it Sheeran gets taken to a secret(?) bar in which after picking up another round of Guinness, he accidentally spills it on the same guy that he accidentally hit with a dart and Sheeran gets floored by the guy. It then ends with Sheeran waking up in what appears to be the girls room and ends with them hugging and the camera, most likely on a drone flying away from them getting a good shot of Galway from the sea.

5: Queen- Somebody to Love: I pretty much grew up listening to Queen songs and one of my favourites over the past few years but the reason why I decided to put this on the list is that video is different from the previous entries as it is a really good amalgamation since that it uses a combination on live stage performances as well as being in a recording studio as we not only see Freddy Mercury laying down the main vocals for the track but also along with the other Queen members with the back ensemble parts. It is an amazing song and is something that I will still be listen to.

4: Johnny Cash- Hurt: Weirdly this is the only song in which I have never heard the original version of, this song originally done by Nine Inch Nails, since I do really like the version that Cash did. The reason why that I like this version was released a in roughly the same year in which Cash had passed away and him knowing that he was going to die, which is something that is one of the reasons why I like it. The emotions that the visual use was powerful, using a lot of archived footage for the video showing the things that he has done. But one parts that I found to be rather the saddest was that of his wife, June, watching him play the guitar and knowing that this was his last song, possibly, being even more sadder as she died before him. Another reason why I love this song as much as the music video was for the fact that it has been used still today and most recently with Logan signalling the end of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine (at that time.)

3: Tenacious D- Tribute: I don’t know what I like more Bill & Ted challenging Death through various board games or Tenacious D being challenged by the Devil into playing the greatest song in the world. The video starts off with Jack and Kyle heading to a recording booth in what could be a mall in which they go and record their song with a little bit of ‘studio interference’ and manage to record their song in which they recreate through a story where a demon appears before them asking for them to play the greatest song in the world, in which they battle the demon and they manage to beat him in that. But in the real world where they are recording their song it starts going bad for them as they end up getting arrested and an old lady with glowing eyes takes their CD from them. Also, this is the second song on the list where Ben Stiller appears.

2: Weird Al Yankovic- White & Nerdy: I had such an annoying time trying to pick which Weird Al music video that I liked, and I just went with something completely random and White and Nerdy is just that. The video pretty much plays along with what happens in the song and there are a lot of stupidly awesome bits in it.

1: Michael Jackson- Thriller (Full Version): This could have gone one of two ways, both of my pics for number one were going to be Michael Jackson songs. My other choice was Smooth Criminal since that it was a lengthy Jackson song and is an amazing video, but that was because it was also part of the film Moonwalker. So, I decided to go with my next choice, Thriller. There are many reasons why this is my favourite music video and it pretty much is that I am a huge fan of horror. It opens with a mini movie in which Jackson, playing a different character to the music video, takes his girlfriend out to somewhere but they have car trouble and they start walking. He then ends up proposing to her but that’s not the kicker as that it turns out that he has a dark secret, that being when there is a full moon he turns into a werewolf… werecat…. Were-something and before we see the kill happen on screen it cuts to Jackson and his date sitting in a theatre watching the film and we just hear the rest of the film playing, they walk out of the theatre and then the actual music video portion starts, and it just gets interesting from there as they dance down the street. My next favourite part comes up in which Vincent Price narrates a portion when the Thriller Zombies appear, and we then see that Jackson himself is a zombie as well. The choreography for the entire piece is amazing and well done and was another reason why I had a hard time between this and Smooth Criminal.

Top Five Power Ranger Villains

Power Rangers has been a staple show for me when I was a kid and the comics have reminded me on why I loved watching the show, but the best thing that usually has me gripped about the show are the villains and these are my favourite.

5: Dai Shi: Jungle Fury was one of the few seasons that I only caught a few episodes, but it was something that I did like watching and one of the reason why was because of its villain Dai Shi. An ancient evil that was locked away but this time it was different from the tales before, but this time Dai Shi had possessed a human body, most likely to film scenes instead of using the Sentai footage. Dai Shi proved to be a powerful villain in which he was able to take on the some of the Spirit Rangers and take control of them. But there was something else that I liked about the character and that is down to the person that he possessed, Jarrod, since that there were parts of his human side in which he did see worry for one of his generals, the only other non-suited character and in the end when seeing Jarrod realising what he did wrong and him aligning himself with the Rangers and helps them defeat Dai Shi.

4: Lord Drakkon: Coming from the pages of Boom Studios, Lord Drakkon so far has been an amazing villain and it’s all thanks to an alternate timeline in the Power Rangers Universe. Ever wondered what it would have been like if Tommy Oliver kept up his alliance with Rita instead of going the Rangers, this is what would happen.  In one of the stories from last year, the Rangers battle against a creature called Black Dragon and we found that in later in the story it turns out that Black Dragon was in fact a Zord piloted by a mysterious figure which turned out to be Lord Drakkon. Later in the story, when trying to defeat Black Dragon, both Tommy and Billy get trapped in an alternate universe where they find themselves in a universe where Rita beat Zordon and the Power Rangers were no more, only as a group of resistance fighters. But what makes me like Lord Drakkon is that he is rather ruthless and has one of the coolest villain designs being an amalgamation of the Green and White Ranger costumes. I do hope that we will see a return of Drakkon in the future because I really want to see what he is going to be like against the Rangers.

3: Venjix: What would happen if Skynet was set in the Power Ranger universe, you would pretty much get RPM and their lead villain Venjix. Not only is it a rather unique villain for a Power Ranger series but his backstory and what he has done does make him one of the best villains in the franchise. Originally, he was created by Doctor K who used it to get out a government facility where she was there since she was a child, she activated him and then started the whole process with Venjix creating an army, abducting people for his army as well as pushing the rest of humanity, or at least in that continent to the last safe-haven. But Venjix is a very clever villain since that he had managed to preprogramme a lot of the residents for his final assault, but he did a lot of clever things. The first was implanting the Black Ranger with a device that would turn him into a robot and then we find out that later in the series that his sister, who was at a Venjix Camp also got turned into a cyborg and turned out to be one of Venjix’s lieutenants. But what makes this villain even better is that at the end of RPM as well as the possibility of the end of Power Ranger’s, Venjix wasn’t destroyed as he ended up taking refuge inside the Red Rangers morpher.

2: Lord Zedd and Rita: Of-course these two would have ended up on the list since they are one of the most recognisable villains in Power Rangers history. First, we had Rita, who was an Empress of Evil and was freed from her dumpster and continued her plan from 10,000 years and her war with Zordon and his team of Power Rangers. Its also thanks to Rita that we got one of the most favourite characters in the history of Power Rangers, Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger) to be one of the biggest threats to her and then that turned out to be one of her biggest downfalls as the story arc turned him into joining the Rangers and helping them turn the tide in the fight. Lord Zedd on the other hand was the first American made villain for the series and he made quite the first impressions. Putting Rita back into her dumpster, throwing it to the depths of space, but she came back still, also destroying the Rangers Zords, thus forcing them to get new Zords, the Thunderzords. But through the series Zedd started to show a lot of the same problems that Rita had and seemed to become less and less of real threats. But the most that they seemed to shine was in Zeo when they were pretty much going up against the Machine Empire and in the end finishing them off and not the Rangers.

1: Astronema: After the events of Turbo I am glad that we finally got a female villain that was good. Astronema is one of my favourite villains that has appeared in Power Rangers because she was ruthless in a lot of the series but there was also a kinder side to her. Not only wash she the right hand for Dark Spectres army, she had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attack the Rangers and she also unleashed the Psycho Rangers to take care of the Rangers. But the thing that I liked the most about Astronema was that deep down in her she was a very nicer person with one time when she tired to leave Dark Spectre for her just to be turned into a more soulless machine. But in the end, after Dark Spectre assault of Earth and other allied places of the Rangers, Astronema managed to be brought back to the good side and in the next series, Lost Galaxy, she became something better, a Power Ranger.

Films I Want to See in 2018

Another year and more films to go and see, hopefully this year I will get a chance to see at least some of them.

Honourable Mention: The Greatest Showman: I am starting this list off rather cheating by picking a film from last year since that it came out around the Christmas season and it is something that I do like the look of. Hopefully I will get around to seeing the film, but if I can’t I will be picking it up when it comes out on DVD.

Insidious: The Last Key: I have loved watching the Insidious series since they do have a lot of good story telling engines with the first film discovering that the family is being haunted by spirits causing their son to be an open vessel to be possessed, the second film sees the husband to be possessed and then the story of him getting him back in his body, then the third film was a totally different setting, but it acts more of a prequel or a new chapter viewpoint. But this new one looks like that it going to step up the bar and I am looking forward to try and see it.

Tomb Raider: I am feeling rather uncertain about since I am a fan of the videogame series, especially the new games and I am always apprehensive when it comes to videogame adaptations since that it is hard to and why I think that the Metal Gear Solid film will be impossible to do, but that is a story for another time. I do like the look of the film and Alicia Vikander does look good in the role and what has been shown in the trailers does make it look like it is going to be interesting.

Pacific Rim: Uprising: It’s a film with Mechs fighting against monsters of course it is going to be a film that I am going to see this year.

The New Mutants: First of the superhero films of the year and we head over to 20th Century Fox with a new X-Men universe film and that is The New Mutants. I think that this is down to how they marketed the film and it makes me think that it is going down the supernatural roots and it is something that already interests me

Deadpool 2: I really enjoyed Deadpool and I think that Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job getting the first film over. I am also looking forward to seeing this film since it is going to be interesting to see what references that there are going to be with Deadpool and Cable since that the actor that is playing Cable is Josh Brolin, who also plays Thanos in the main MCU. Hopefully this will live up to the same calibre as the first film.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: I think that this could be a rather smash hit for Sony since that Spider-Man is a rather hot property when you think about all of the different mediums that Spider-Man is in, comics, videogames, cartoons. But this film is doing something a lot different, not only is it animated but we are getting a different focus on a different Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is something that I have been wanting to see for a while because seeing the same old stich with Peter Parker gets rather old and boring rather quick, plus Spider-Verse is going to be a interesting setting since that it might mean that we are going to be getting even more Spider-Men/Women for the film.

Bohemian Rhapsody:  Out of the films that are coming out this year I think that this could be one of the best films to come out this year. A film focusing around Queen’s lead singer Freddy Mercury and leading up to their appearance at Live Aid (I think according to what is jotted on Imdb). It is something that looks interesting to me and it is something that I will be looking forward to seeing in… December, man that is going to be a long wait.

My 2017

Looking back to 2016 I always found this to be one of my more of my rockier years, but 2017 I think must be one of my better years.

The first thing is that after what felt like a dozen of attempts I have finally got a job and I do enjoy working there as well as the people that I do work with. It has been a fun 9 months and I look forward to seeing what the year brings me there.

This year will also be a rather big milestone for the site since that it will be the sixth(?) year that I have been blogging and I have a lot on my plate for the rest of 2016 with a lot of theme months coming, with the first theme month coming in June in which I will be doing some comic book reviews of the Netflix Marvel-Verse characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I may do a Heroes for Hire comic for Cage and Iron Fist, that depends on when Netflix release the Iron Fist series and I might do a Good/Bad review on all four shows.

I also am considering on making a return to something that I changed in my previous years and that is bringing back predictions for WWE PPV’S. A while ago I found them to be a lot of a chore since that it meant keeping up a lot with stories and see where that would have taken me. Sometimes it paid off but there were times where I felt that a lot of it was wasted, but I have a new take on wrestling again and this year I will be doing a predictions blog for each PPV for each brand and Big 5 events.

Another big thing that has happened this year has been the abundance of films that have came out and I got to say there have been a lot of good, a lot of bad, but there have been a lot of mixed bag. But I think that the same is going to the same about this year. We have a lot of sequels, a lot more superhero movies and I get the feeling that when it is going to comes to the superhero movies for this year I’m not going to go into them with a good state of mine since that a lot of them are going to be repeating a lot of the same things over and over again and I’m not looking forward to them. I am looking forward to other films this year, but there will be a list for that coming in the following week.

Hopefully this year I will be able to achieve more and be able to do more than what I did this year.