Why the Popplio Hate?

Ever since the first game I have been a big fan of the Pokemon games and I have enjoyed all the starters no matter on how bad they are when they evolved. In most recent times we have a new Pokemon game being released in November and from what we have seen from them I like the design of them all and am rather curious to see what they will evolve into. But just after the first full game play trailer came out people had a lot to complain about and that was about the water starter being Popplio.


I don’t see why people dislike Popplio since that it doesn’t seem to be badly designed. It seems to be rather of a cute design for a Pokemon since that most starters do tend to look more cute than there evolved forms.

From the history that I have had playing the games and the times that people who said that starters where terrible being Oshawott and Froakie and they actually turn out to be rather good Pokemon to have since that in the games there is a chance to get a Froakie that has an amazing ability. There could be then a big chance that there could be a really good chance that Popplio can learn something rather great and could be good with special attack since that most of the water starters seems to be more stronger towards physical attacks.

Hopefully within the next few months when we find out more information about the games we may see evolutions of the starters, more on the islands or possibly something about the story. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the game and I already know which starter I am going with and that will be Popplio.

WWE Superstars That Are Badly Used

So with a large amount of WWE wrestlers being released from their contracts or negotiating to get out of their contracts early there are a lot of wrestlers that I think that WWE should put focus on some of these talents since that there is a lot of good potential that just keeps on getting screwed over by creative.


Goldust: I am going to be putting Goldust low on this list mainly with rumours going around for the past few days that he could be doing the same as his brother and trying to release himself from his contract. Goldust over the many years has been a rather mid-carder for WWE and when he returned in 2013 and won the tag team titles with his brother, Cody, I thought things might have went well for him. But instead they went rather badly, especially when they decided to have Cody dress up as Stardust. Ever since he returned after injury he has been used more as a comedic role and spent something in the span of three-four months trying to form a tag team with R-Truth which, some of it has been good, it has went on for far too long and then had them forming two other teams to then have their partners turn on them and then have Golden Truth be actually formed. Hopefully this does go somewhere. But I just realised something rather baffling to me, THEY ALREADY DID THIS. Years ago when Booker T was still a active wrestler he and Goldust formed a tag team where Goldust was trying to get Booker to join him in rather bizarre ways and this is just a repeat. 14 years later and WWE are reusing stories. Nevertheless I would have loved to see Goldust at least have one last run with the Tag Team titles if he is deciding to leave the company.

The Asencion

The Ascension: Ever since The Ascension came up to the main roster from NXT they haven’t gotten over well with the audience what so ever. Even though that they were over with the crowds in NXT which does rather baffle me as a fan. I think that a reason why they didn’t go over well with the audience is because of the terrible booking that creative did give to them. They should have booked them to be rather strong being able to take out most of the tag team roster. However due to the time that they were brought up the tag team division was pretty naff to begin with. There were not that many good teams then and they just then got pushed back into a corner then teamed with Stardust for a few months. What I think WWE would need to do would to be re-package them in a rather different to what they are. Have them be sort of like The Eliminators, since there finisher is rather similar to theirs, have them interfere in matches with whoever the tag team champions are at the time and then keep on booking them as good heels from then. Hopefully something good could happen to them when Konnor comes back from suspension.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler: How is it that a former World Champion can go downhill so fast? Possibly due to injuries that he has sustained. But when was the last time that we have seen Ziggler actually do something rather big and major? A very long time. He has been put in some of the worst story lines that WWE have had in the past several years and I think that it would be a good chance for him to actually win a title and become a credible wrestler yet again. He hasn’t had a title since cashing in Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio and that was quite a while ago. Currently he has been in a really long and boring programme with new NXT call-up Baron Corbin and that should have been over a while ago instead of still continuing on. I hope that something does happen good to Ziggler soon because he just seems to be in a rather rut when it comes to going anywhere currently in WWE, a title win (quite possibly US Title) could see him reignite his career as champion.

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder: What can I say, Zack Ryder is the one superstar that I can think of that gets screwed over time and time again by WWE’s creative. He had a great run in December of 2012 winning his first ever single title on the main roster beating Dolph Ziggler for the US Title, then going on to drop it to Jack Swagger, got assaulted by Kane in a storyline between him and John Cena and then finds his ‘girlfriend’ Eve Torres making out with Cena. From then there was nothing major that he was in until this year when he was a part of the Intercontinental Championship ladder match where he managed to surprise a lot of people and was able to win it, but then went on to then loose the title to The Miz on the next night. I think that WWE were stupid to have him not even have a legitimate run with the title. What they should have done was have The Miz win then have Zack going up against him and then when Maryse was brought in for Miz and then bring in Emma to be on Zack’s side that way it would be a good programme that they could do and could see Zack being a good mid card competitor. Hopefully he could be back as a contender to a title sometime this year.

YouTube Spotlight: UpUpDownDown

For a very long time as many people who read this blog or know me well I am a big fan of wrestling and also video game fan as well. Around about October or November last year I started watching the channel of UpUpDownDown mainly because I was rather bored and it seemed something rather interesting and from that point I was hooked with the channel from there.

Xavier Woods so far for me has been one of the most entertaining hosts that I have seen on a YouTube channel for a long time and his enthusiasm that he has for videogames is overwhelming. He is a great host and gets along well with all of his guests that he has on and that does make a great point on why he is such a good host. A lot of his greatest banter is when you see any video that has him and Kofi Kingston in Mortal Kombat since they have a lot of fun facing off against each other. Another favourite thing for me that makes me like Woods as a host is that he is willing to have himself be scared by playing horror games, some don’t pay off that well, but all the other times it is hilarious and does make think he is willing to do anything to entertain the audience.

I think that one of the points that rather interested me in this channel was one of the segments known as the Gamer Gauntlet where you have a few wrestlers talking part in a small tournament playing a game, usually Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter and has the loser being subject to a challenge that they have to do such as being having tennis balls being thrown at them or (a favourite of mine) being made to eat things like Ghost Peppers. Another of my favourite Gamer Gauntlet moments was the Madden 2K16 tournament where I think I started to then watch more and more of the channel, keeping up-to-date with who got through and thinking on who was going to win and I was a bit worried at first since about when Seth Rollins got through that he may have been out of the tournament, since he got injured at a house show, but he managed to still play in the series and win it. This for me was quite a good tournament and I hope to see more of this later this year when the Madden 2K17 comes out.

Another favourite segment of mine from this channel is the Superstar Save-Point. This is an excellent part since we find out more about the person that is on the show then just the character that we see each and every week on television. For instance I wouldn’t have picked people like Seth Rollins to be a gamer but he had some pretty interesting things to say. I have always found it that when I’ve went to conventions I have found that stories are always fun but since that I can’t travel to many conventions since where I live this is a good alternative since that there are a lot of interesting stories that the wrestlers do share about their gaming lives and about their childhoods as well so if anyone does like the sorts of road stories that wrestlers talk about they might like this segment.

My final favourite thing about this channel is one of the streams that Mike Murphy, more commonly known on the channel as El Murpho, does and that is the MyCareer Mode on WWE 2K16 and it is so entertaining to watch. Even though I don’t watch the streams for it, mainly because when the stream is on I am usually watching something and completely forget about it, I watch from part to part since that the whole entire stream gets divided into roughly five or six parts and they then get uploaded to the channel before the beginning of the next stream. This I do find really good since there are a lot of people who may not have two or so hours to spare and they can watch up to whatever they want to watch and then resume when the parts get uploaded. Another reason why I do really like this is because it does really want me to go out and by a copy of WWE 2K16 since that it seems to be the closest to actual wrestling that any of the games have came to and that the last WWE game that I have played was Smackdown v Raw 2011. But I may just wait till 2K17 comes out since that the game is probably is going to be a real problem to update.

These are my favourite parts of UpUpDownDown and I do want to wish good luck to Austin and the whole crew and hope to see more great content for the channel and for it to keep on growing, and remember: Keep It Tight!!!

Power Ranger: My Thoughts So Far

So for the past few months Saban and Entertainment Weekly have been giving us small pieces of what the new characters and designs for the up and coming Power Rangers movie that we will be getting next year and as a fan of the original series I at first was rather worried about it but now I do feel comfortable about the film. Plus I have a rather good theory about the costumes as well as well as possible story.


So to start off I am not 100% sure if this is a reboot of the original series so this could be a shot in the dark theory but in Power Rangers lore Zordon has created past Rangers when evil has came around and maybe that’s what the film is possibly going to be like. The costumes do look really interesting and rather modern, with a lot of people mocking it for looking too much like the Iron Man suit. I think that it does go off this idea for instance in the second series of MMPR Wild West Rangers the Rangers did have some small changes that made them look a bit different to what the original costume had. This could be something that they could be doing since they designs seem to be a more modernised version of the original suits.


So my theory is this a Zordon-like figure is escaping to Earth from a something that has happened with Rita and he decides that it is time to create a team of his own Rangers. Here he picks his five contenders and then grants them power to morph into Rangers. After a battle that the Rangers have against Rita’s minions she comes down to confront them and the way that her costume is designed is that she then morphs into the form of the Green Ranger. With this the Green Ranger manages to beat the Rangers with some ease and Zordon recalls them. He then tells them that Rita was once his pupil and that she was corrupted by a dark force, possibly a Lord Zedd like character and was infused with the Green Power Coin that could transform her Ritainto the Green Ranger. Zordon believes that there is still some good inside of Rita and tries to get her to see the error of her way but she rejects him and stabs him causing him to then be transferred into a power chamber where he becomes the giant floating head that people are more commonly seen. The Rangers then decide that it is time for them to mount up and then Zordon reveals to them the Zords that they will be piloting and if this is based off the MMPR era then most people will know that they are then. We then get a pretty cool robot fight between the Rangers and their Zord facing off against Rita and her Dragonzord. Then this is where it gets interesting, throughout the film Rita has been rather flip-flopping between if what she is doing is actually right and during the fight overpowers the control that the real villain may have on her and he then sends down Goldar for him to finish off the Rangers but Rita sacrifices herself for them in the Dragonzord and destroys Goldar. The Rita is then teleported to the Command Centre with the Rangers and she gives up the power coin saying that they should keep it away from the true evil and then fades away. The Rangers then decide to store the Power Coin away for another time to then lead on to a possible sequel where they can have a new Green Ranger. We then see a post-credit scene where we see a large stone chair with something holding a large Z staff.

And that’s what I think that could possibly happen in the film. If you have any theories leave them in the comments below.


Is Ash Ketchum a Terrible Trainer?

AshAs a child I loved watching the Pokemon television series and to this day I still watch it, mainly for the feeling of nostalgia. But my biggest problem with the series as a whole revolves around out main protagonist Ash Ketchum. For this I am going to try and look at all the good points and bad points of Ash as a trainer and see if he is really any good.

His Pokemon: Ash is known for capturing a wide variety of Pokemon through the series. He caught a heard of Tauros in an episode, which was banned in America, a Muk that loves to hug people, a shiny Noctowl and also managed to get all three starter’s for Kanto and Unova where two one was a wild Snivy and a neglected Tepig which was pretty much a rip from how Ash got his Charmander in the first series. Then thought all the series he has evolved quite a number of his Pokemon including a Charizard and Secptile but then here’s a big problem that I also have with Ash. He has a lot of Pokemon that should have already have evolved by then end of at least one or two arcs. My main problems is that in the Johto story he was only able evolve Chikorita into a Bayleef but he was never able to evolve his Cyndaquill in to a Quilava until the Pokemon League in the Diamond and Pearl story and never bothered trying to evolve Totodile. I do wish that they had went and evolved these in at least to be all in the same evolution form and not directly into final stages since that way it doesn’t create an unbalance in his team since that all the other Pokemon that he ended up catching in the series were either regular Pokemon or they were already final form. Another thing that bothered me as a viewer was in the third arc of the Black and White series where Ash was reflecting on two of his old team mates that one being a Charizard, which joins his team in the series, as well as the Caterpie since there was somebody that was having problems with one in the episode but my biggest annoyance since then was that Ash has never once remembered his Pidgeot. He just evolved it after the events of the Indigo League and the final episode of the first series and ever since then and all the times that he has returned home and also for the time that he went back to do the Battle Frontier it was never brought up at all, this does bother me since he was able to recall Caterpie that he released because of love and not the Pidgeot, when it was a Pidgeotto, helped him a lot of times. So for his Pokemon side I have to say I was disappointed.

His Friends: One of the most recognisable moments for any of the series is that it seemed to always have a revolving cast when travelling from series to series. In the original series most people always recognise the Pokemon trinity of Ash, Brock and Misty which carried on all the way to the end of Johto, expect for the arc of the Orange Islands where Brock was replaced by Tracey. Then we see something rather different from the Ruby and Sapphire arc where they decided to something rather different and that was actually using a character design from the games, which they then did for the next series after Battle Frontier and then they did it again for the XY series. There were a few later episodes that I rather did like in the Ruby and Sapphire series when they reintroduced Misty for a few episodes so that fans of the show seem get a more sense of nostalgia and that Ash and co have an extra person to interact with. But there is something that I wish they would have done a few more episodes with returning characters. Even in special episodes like when Brock and Cilan finally met. But what I think would be a really good thing that they could do would be an anniversary movie where we would have all the returning main protagonists of the show where we can find out what they have been up to and then that way we could have a lot of nostalgia. But I do wish that Ash would mention more of his friends that he has been with in the series since that doesn’t even come up that often in the show.

His Accomplishments: So far Ash’s greatest accomplishments in all of the series are winning the Orange Island competition and the first and only Battle Frontier where he was even offered a position as a Frontier Brain but decided to decline the option. But on the other hand he has not yet won a single Pokemon League but came in the final four once in the Sinnoh saga, top 8 in Johto, Hoenn and Unova and the Top 16 in Kanto and lost because of a disobedient Charizard. Since that the XY series is still going there is a chance that he may reach either the top 8 or possibly the top 4 this league then ending it and going to the next region in the next season since there is a new Pokemon game coming out. Even with his Pokemon team I think that he could should have won at least one official league by now, but if there is one thing I would like to see is the return of the Battle Frontier since that there was a Battle Frontier that Ash never faced that many people in the games have played and that being the one in Platinum. They could have him deciding to go there and win the Frontier there discovering some new Pokemon there and developing more on the character even more.

Over all do I think that Ash is a terrible trainer, simple answer is no but still yes. He isn’t a terrible trainer since that through all the seasons there has always been at least one gym that has taken him two attempts to win to become a better trainer. In the Battle Frontier it took him possibly four attempts to beat the Battle Pyramid since the fact that Brandon’s team was made up of legendary Pokemon. But when it came to the Pokemon league, he shouldn’t have had that much of a problem battling trainer, outside of Paul since Ash kept getting beat by him and the B.S trainer that caught a Darkrai and Latios with a Pokeball. Hopefully for the XY Series he will get a lot further and hopefully one day become champion since he has been saying that he wants to become a Pokemon Master but that still hasn’t came to fruition yet.

Top Three Television Technology

So throughout the many years of fictitious shows that have been around there have been many pieces of technology that I have wish would really exist in the modern world. To make this rather challenging for me I am going to only pick three pieces of technology from three different television shows so that means I can’t have say the TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver on this list and that I can only have one. This is also going to be in order on what I wish I could have.

3: Bigger on the Inside; Doctor Who: For this I am going with the most famous piece of technology from the television series and that is ‘bigger on the inside’. In the show the TARDIS is the most recognisable technology that uses this feature. From the hole entire arc of Doctor Who it has been seen that there are a whole load different rooms that the TARDIS has from its main control room where most of the scenes of the show are set inside of the TARDIS to even a large swimming pool. If this technology was to exists in this day it could easily be use more for military use since that with the amount of space that can be created could hold up to quite a large amount of soldiers, weapons and vehicles that could be used for either an invasion or as a defensive measure. Another good use for it is that it could also be useful for the ever growing population of the planet. Since that we have over seven billion people on the planet having establishments that can have enough room to house thousands of people could easily help the overpopulation problem.

2: Holo-Deck: Star Trek TNG: Ever since I started watching The Next Generation I have always wondered what I would be like to have a holo-deck. Being able to recreate anything that can be created from forests in the medieval times to even vast seas with ships, anything was possible with the show. For personal use I think that it can be rather useful in many different factors. It could be rather useful for training purposes with either military use or training for anything really. In addition it could also be used as well for plays and shows for college and university productions, giving people a realistic setting that they could use instead of a mediocre looking set that seems rather cheap. Plus with the current technology that the world has had developed over the past few years, especially with current VR this seems to be the most likely of technologies that we could see being made from this list.

1:Capsule Corp; Dragon Ball: Now for me this has been one of my favourite pieces of technology for one major thing, you can take pretty much anything with you on the move. This is also a pretty good idea for people who like to be more on the move since in theory you could take the house that you have and then move it to another part of the world. For me on the best uses I can think of this would be to go camping or even on holiday for the fact that you could just pop a capsule down and then you could easily just have your own building there with everything that you need. In addition to having houses in the capsules there are also different things that can be put into them such as vehicles which also makes it rather useful to have especially if you are a mover and you could easily store your cars and then pop them out when you would need them.

And that’s my list, if you think that there are any other technologies that you think could have made the list leave them in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming & What Could Follow:

For quite a long time Spider-Man has always been one of my favourite superheroes of all time and it was one of the first comic series that I read when I got into comic books. I’ve also had a lot of fun watching the series since I was a 90’s kid and Spider-Man was a show that was usually on TV on Saturdays. Then fast-forward to last year and the revelation that Marvel managed to get the rights back to Spider-Man and that we were going to be getting him in Civil War as well as a stand-alone film set for Phase-3. These are the things that I have theories about for the film.


1: Will It Be Ultimate?: So since now that Spider-Man is in the Marvel universe I have a small wondering feeling if it will have any links towards the show Ultimate Spider-Man since that it is aired on Disney X-D. The show is currently in its fourth series and I wonder how much could be adapted for the film. For instance Peter in this incarnation is still in High School where I think that is the age that Peter is in Civil War (apologies to any Americans if I have this wrong, your education system is a bit confusing for me). In the show we also have characters such as White Tiger, Nova, Iron Fist and Power Man but there is a slight problem that we could have here and that is Iron Fist and Power Man are already slated (going to be slated) for a Marvel release since they already got their own shows thanks to Netflix. ultimatespiderman01In addition we don’t even have a confirmation for Nova since we have already seen the Nova Corp from Guardians of the Galaxy so there could be a rather slim chance that we could see a member on Earth anytime soon. The only character that I can think of that they can use if they were to go down the Ultimate route is White Tiger since there is going to be a female character in the film that won’t be a love interest according to sources and that is Zendaya.

2: Rise of the Iron Patriot: With the new addition of Tony Stark to the film there could now be a big chance that we could then see a new Norman Osborn using Starks technology to create his own armour of the Iron Patriot, which could then see Marvel then lead down the path to Dark Avengers.Norman-Osborn-unvieled The only character that I can think that may not be a part of this would possibly Daken since he is a mutant but so were Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch but they are in the main universe. But I am getting off topic here Norman Osborn in the past instalments has been rather sub-par. In the first film he was played by Willem Defoe and he did rather well, but he ended up dying which really sucked and then in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Norman was killed off for plot convenience which really pissed me off as a fan of the series. I thought that when Michael Keaton was announced to be in the film over the weekend I thought that he would be a right shoe in for Norman Osborn but after news articles I read he is no longer part of the casting I feel rather disappointed.

3: Shortened Uncle Ben Death: Now since that this is a new reboot of the Spider-Man universe and the news that there is going to be no origins for the character. We are most likely going to get a very shortened version of seeing Uncle Ben die, possibly in a similar way to where we saw Bruce Wayne’s parents die in either Batman Begins or possibly Dawn of Justice, so that were not going to be bogged down with what a lot of people who say Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man had to endure.death-uncle-ben-105940 It would be rather good if they did this in a flashback format since then they could use it more as a reason why Spider-Man does what he does when something comes up in the film where he needs reassurance on what he is doing is the right thing.

4: Better and Different Villains: Throughout the films that we have seen three different Green Goblins, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, The Lizard, Electro and a terrible waste of Rhino. I am really hoping for this series of Spider-Man films to bring in a different range of villains that could be used rather well for Spider-Man through different number of movies, such as Loki has been used in the MCU being a threat not only to Thor but as well as for The Avengers. One of the characters I would like to see would be The Jackal since that he was part of a big story in the Spider-Man arc with The Clone Saga where we are introduced to Ben Reilly and Kaine who are clones of Peter Parker who both have taken up the mantle of Scarlet Spider. This would be a rather interesting villain to have after the second film since there could be some revelations that could make a really interesting film. The second villain I would like to see would be Alistair Smythe also known as the Spider-Slayer (also the Ultimate Spider-Slayer). He has had quite the many encounters in the series of Spider-Man as well as Spider-Man’s supporting cast as well over the past few years especially towards J. Jonah Jameson since that Smyth had killed his wife when Smythe tried to actually kill Jonah. My third pick for a villain would actually be something that has been a major point in the comics from last year and that is Morlun. Morlun_fire_001

For the people who don’t know who he is, Morlun is an entity from Earth-000that hunts all the Spider-Totems (anyone who is a Spider) through Marvel’s own Multiverse where he nearly killed Spider-Man in the story called Spider-Man: The Other. Morlun is a really good villain to have in the MCU and in addition this would be a really good way to bring in different earth Spider-Men as well for instance if they were to do this we could actually see Donald Glover as Miles Morales.

And this is what I have pretty much thought of what I would like to see from the new Spider-Man we now have, I just hope they don’t manage to screw him up somehow.