What Could Have Improved Transformers 4

As people know Transformers 4 was a large hit throughout the world with a large mixed base of reviews from critics. But for me I really hated the film, and I stated in my Good, Bad and Dinobots blog on that but this is not going to be another disapproval of the film but what I and fans probabalies would have wanted to see from the film. Here’s how I think Transformers 4 Could have been improved.

1. Stick with the idea that the Autobots don’t need to be on Earth anymore. That was a more intriguing part of the film, you have Autobots hiding from this Taskforce as well as what could be taken as intergalactic bounty hunters where somebody is wanting Transformers to go back somewhere. I think that this was more interesting that the rest of the film but was replaced by boring storylines involving humans which shouldn’t be relevant for most of the film. Instead you have the Autobots to try and rescue the captured Transformers.

2. More and more films these days, especially in the Sci-fi genre are space exploration/ fights. Could you imagine what the film would have been if there was a shoot out between two rival Transformer factions battling in space would have been awesome to see, but alas we just had Earth and the many off screen killings of humans through the battle between the Autobots and the partical after effects Decepticons.

3.Cybertron, Unicron and the Quintesons. These three were the staple point of the original, and better, Transformers. Again going around the themes of space that if the film had these three things in it. For one Cybertron from the first Bay film was left in a uncertain state and even more uncertain when Sentinel Prime tried to pull Cybertron through a space gate. If the third act started the discovery that Cybertron was alive again in some parts then that would give the Autobots a new hope. This could then lead to a fight on Cybertron surface against the bounty hunters and then find out who they were working for, the Quintesons, who used the bounty hunters to retrieve Transformers from the Galaxy by any means to battle a threat coming their way, Unicron, ending the film. Another interesting point would be if the bounty hunters found broken Transformers like Megatron and dispersed them into space for them to cross into Unicrons path, there turning them into more powerful Transformers.

And these are my thoughts on how Transformers 4, but for all I know there could be ideas like this already been passed around for the next few films, or just completely over looked and another two films that are going to be a bore. But that’s for the future to decide.