Amazing vs. Superior

Amazing vs. Superior

Since MARVEL announced that they were discontinuing the Amazing Spider-Man comics after a 50 year run they released a new title: The Superior Spider-Man, the following month and it has split the spider continuity in half because of the final ASM issue.

I can remember the first time I picked up a ASM comic was from the Gauntlet series and I enjoyed it. And after I read that and the Grim Hunt I then went into reading the actual comics ASM #677, where I found Peter Parker in a different position to where he was in the Gauntlet. I really liked reading the series and Dan Slott and team did an amazing (pun intended) job with the series. Then the final three issues of ASM changed the history of Marvel. Doc Oct was dying and changed his consciousness with Spidey’s and Spidey tried to get his body back which every body thought he would not he didn’t and on Boxing Day 2012 the Superior Spider-Man was born.
So when the first issue of SSM and to be truly honest I wasn’t that fussed with Otto’s as Spider-Man. However in the next few issues it started to get really dark for Spider-Man. He managed to break some of Boomerang’s bones, knocked off Scorpion’s jaw and blinded the original Vulture. But what I also liked about the was the that some of Peter’s conscious was still going around in Otto’s mind. But there are a few things that I didn’t like. The first was when Otto killed Massacre with a gun, when Spider-Man promised that ‘No One Dies, Even Villains’. Also at the end of No Escape he blackmails Mayor Jameson because he wanted Allister Smythe to die, even though he was already set to die anyway for killing Jameson’s wife. After Massacrer is killed Otto finds a way to get rid of Peter from his head and this was the third bad thing that I didn’t like cause with a lot of other Amazing Spider-Man fans wished that Peter had his memory back.

Yet even if the Amazing saga is over for Peter the darker path that Spider-Man is heading down now is a better way to go now. With the upcoming battles in Shadowland, Hob-Goblin and somehow the Spider-Man 2099 and the annual in November I wonder how Otto is gonna deal with all these problems.

Game of Thrones

The first time I watched Game of Thrones was this year in Pick TV when they aired the first three episodes of the season and I was instantly hooked on the series and I then went out and bought both season 1&2. But then I got the books and that’s were my Game of Thrones life changed.

Firstly the first book is exactly like what the first season is. There are a few changes to it like not having Ned’s sword ‘Ice’ named in the series,but everything else is okay. But when it gets about half way through the second season it does start to change. For instance we have the story of Brienne of Tarth transporting Jamie Lannister to Kings Landing, which doesn’t properly start till the third book. And in season 3 there is the scene where Danerys is at the harbour in *insert name* where she is nearly killed by a manticor, which features at the end of book 2. But to be fair the ending of season 2 was better with the mass of White Walkers/ The Others.

Besides a lot of altered parts between the books and TV series, there are a load of things i liked. First there are a load of great actors like Sean Bean who had many acting credits and plays Eddard Stark and Lena Headly who plays Cesri Lannister and previously played Sarah Connor and Ma Ma in Dredd. But not only do you have experienced actors but also has a lot of breakthrough actors like Emilia Clarke, since she has the ability to portray a range of emotions along the season’s. Also the child actors that are in the show are amazing as well, such Sophie Turner and Maise Williams, who play the sisters Sansa and Arya are amazing and so far I can’t say a bad thing about the characters.

So to sum up depending of you read the books or watched the series you will enjoy it either way.

Death of the Family


Death of the Family Rant

In October DC launched a new Batman series entitled as Death of the Family. A take on the original story Death in the Family where Jason Todd is killed.

For me the beginning of the series was really good. It built up suspense and was really good. It also had a lot of different references to previous Batman stories like The Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs. But once the story starts to crossover with different characters such as Batgirl and Red Hood, who both have a grudge against Joker, gets really confusing.

But focusing on the main story, I really like the part of the story that starts up at the end of issue 15 when Batman finds out that Joker is at Arkham Asylum, reason why I liked this is cause I loved playing on Arkham Asylum. In the beginning of the next issue Batman manages to save the life of several guards and then is confronted by a flaming horse and Joker’s crew who are dressed up in riot gear. But Batman being Batman was able to beat up the crew and un-fire the horse. But the horse doesn’t last long after Batman runs into Mr Freeze and defeats him, and he also runs into Clayface and Scarecrow and beat the with ease. But he then finds Joker with Two-Face, Riddler and Penguin, also four unlucky guards dressed as Batman’s fellow Justice League team mates. There he gets the guards to kill themselves by electrocution until Batman stops them, by bargaining his life. Then Bats gets the electric chair treatment and gets fried.

But in the last part of the series really got me confused. First, how did Joker get into the Batcave. He then shoes Bats that he had also captured Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Red Robin and Damian. And shows that he has cut off their faces. But it turns out that their faces aren’t actually cut off but really numb. Joker and Batman then have another brawl in the Cave whilst the deformed lion cub blows up releasing a joker toxin that causes the others to beat each other up.

Then next thing that confused me was how they flipped the story. In the second or third issue its said that Joker knows who Batman really is, but in the last issue Batman uses reverse psychology and says that he knows who Joker is. Truthfully I think that this maybe revealed during the new Zero Year story. But in the end Joker didn’t know who Batman was and the Bat-Family is pissed at Bruce.
But for a series called Death of the Family I was expecting a death. Two weeks later in Batman Incorporate the had the death of Damien. So I was sorta bummed that didn’t happen in that story arc. But it was a good series and can’t wait to see what happens in Zero Year.


Age of Ultron Review


In March, Marvel release the latest crossover series Age of Ultron which to me sounded really awesome but as the acts went by I was getting rather disappointed but my reasons will come later.

The first five issues for me I thought were the best. The first you see the first apocalyptic scene in New York (like that’s never happened before) and we see Hawkeye rescuing another Avenger (i think at that point still) Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) from Hammerhead and Owl. They managed to get out during a Ultron bot patrol when they blew up the building. They managed to get back to a group of heroes trying to come up with a plan. Then after that issue it heads over to San Francisco where Black Widow is where she has discovered one of Nick Fury secret hideouts where she and Moon Knight were looking for where Fury could be. Back in New York Spidey is telling them what happened to him before he was captured and then Captain America comes up with a idea. Issue 3 starts out with Luke Cage and She-Hulk beating each other up and then it flashbacks to a hour earlier where Cap is discussing what the plan is. Then they get into a argument on who would go. Cage then goes to Ultrons front door with a unconscious She-Hulk. It then takes us to Chicago where Red Hulk Taskmaster and Black Panther (don’t know if its T’Challa or not) and they had a plan to get some Ultron tech to help them. Then the biggest twist I read happened at the end of the issue where it turns out that its Vision that is in the universe and Ultron is not there. Issue 4 start out with She-Hulk awakening and beating the hell out a few Ultron bots and manages to throw Cage to safety but gets killed in the end. Cage then gets caught by a few bots and goes absolutely Hulk but also gets killed by a nuke reaction of the bots. Widow and Knight find a base located in the Savage Land and head there. Also the reaming Avengers head down to the Savage Land as well. Red Hulk catches up with Taskmaster and kills him. Eight days later the reaming Avengers arrive at the Savage Land and meet up with Ka-Zar where they find that Cage is at his village and is dying from the nuke. With Emma Frost telepath ability found out that Ultron wasn’t in the time line. Red Hulk, Black Widow and Moon Knight also arrive in the Savage Land. Issue 5, starts out months before after what I think was Avengers vs X-Men when Hank Pym, Tony Stark and Reed Richards are around The Visions body turning him back on. In the Savage Land the Avengers have stumbled on Nick Fury’s secret bunker and first send in Sue Storm to recon the entrance of the base and then get Red Hulk to rip off the door and is met by a hail of shots by Nick Fury. Fury arranges a meeting and he comes up with a plan to go back by three days before the fall of the world. They squabble on who is going and staying. Fury then gives them a look at his armoury where he had collected a different array of weapons from superheroes including a Iron Man suit and web shooters. Where as one team heads to stop Ultron, Wolverine being the crazy Canadian he is decides to go even further back in time to put an end to Ultron.

The next issue focuses on Wolverine going back in time to kill Hank Pym. He is also followed by Sue Storm who tries to convince him not to kill Hank but he does anyway. Where as in the other time the Avengers team assaults on Ultrons fortresses. But with Wolverine killing Pym the future had changed with a new history and no Avengers around but now the Defenders led by Colonel America. There is also a new Tony Stark who has a new robotic body. Next it leads up to the capture of Wolverine and Sue by the Defenders. But the Defenders decide to do the right thing and break out Sue and Wolverine. But it then came at a bad time when Morgana Le Fey decided to launch he attack on Stark and the Defenders.

The final two issues confused me even more, after Le Fey crashed the heli-carriers Tony gave the time travelling Wolverine advice to go back in time and stop himself from killing Pym. Wolverine returns (with his old costume) and confronts himself and Pym saying that he still needs to build Ultron. Sue manages to then convince Pym to build Ultron and to create a programme to put a end to Ultron once and for all. The two Wolverines and Sue return to the Savage Land where one of the Wolverines gets killed by the other because of the paradoxes. And the final issue Hank Pym gets a package from Sue with a disc with him from the future saying he has the programme to stop Ultron. During a battle with the Intelligenica they had Ultron there where he was rebooted. The Avengers decided that this was the perfect time to use the code and distracted Ultron when Pym uploaded the code. When Wolverine and Sue got back to there time it turns out that Wolverine had broke the time space continuum which caused Glalctus to be transported to the Ultimate Universe.
Over all I liked the beginning of the story but I think it could have been better if it featured more about Ultron.

The tie in issues also made the series better by having good stories to go along with it.
My over all score 7/10