Can Wrestlers Make Good Actors?

Ever since the mid 80’s wrestlers have been known to appear in films like Hulk Hogan in Suburban Commando, god what a terrible.Or The Rock in many hit films like GI: Joe Retaliation and The Scorpion King have made good of wrestling actors.

To be honest the most times that you would have seen a wrestler in a film would be for a cameo like Hulk Hogan in Gremlins 2 and The Muppet’s in Space and cameos like that were okay for those times but nowadays there are still some wrestler from WWE that still do the odd cameo. But nowadays they tend to star in WWE produced films such as The Marine or 12 Rounds where it has launched certain superstars into the movie stardom. But with many of the films being slightly terrible I am glad that former WWE superstars who have successfully made the movie transfer have made films a lot better.

I can remember the first film I saw with a wrestler in which was The Scorpion King and it was a good film and good to see The Rock in the first of many great film roles. But nowadays when we see The Rock in a film he is instantly recognized with his many tattoos and bold head. I think that there is only one Rock film I haven’t seen yet is Journey 2 just cause I think that it is a bad film and the weird chest bouncing thing. But in many of his other films he is a total bad-ass which is really amazing.

But with wrestlers trying to make it into movies I just think that it would be better if they were semi-retired from wrestling to make it big in Hollywood.

Have Superhero Films Let Me Down?

Ever since last year I have been slowly been disappointed with superhero films. To start off with The Dark Knight Rises.

After watching TDKR as few times I really have started to unlike the film. To start I really didn’t like the design for Bane, the main fact that he didn’t have venom, the substance that makes Bane, Bane. But I did like Tom Hardy as Bane though and it does remind me sort of how Bane looks like in Arkham Origins. The next thing that I hated about the film was Marion Coutier as Miranda Tate/ Talia Al Ghul. I really think that they could have cast somebody better for the role but I think that she only got the role since she is a part of Chris Nolan’s Acting Troupe. For instance I think that there are a few actresses that would be better for the role like Kirsten Kreuk who played Lana Lang in Smallville and Catherine Chandler in Beauty and the Beast. Another suitable actress would be Stana Katic who plays Kate Becket in Castle and also voiced Talia in Batman: Arkham City. The next thing that bothered me was Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake who then gets a slight nod at the end of the film where Batman has stored his stuff and for him to be the next Batman, I would have possibly liked this better if Batman had actually died/ transported through time and if his name was Dock Grayson.

The next film that disappointed me was this years hit Marvel film Iron Man 3. There were four things that bothered me about the film. First was revealed in the trailers, why was Iron Patriot there? One Iron Patriot was created by Norman Osborne where he took over HAMMER. I still don’t know why the he got the redesign but I may have to re-watch the film to find out. The second problem was when the attack on Tony’s house happened why didn’t he activate the ‘Party House Protocol’ and save his house and making the film shorter without the pointless scenes. Third, why the hell did he blow up all of his suits! What’s gonna happen with the Avengers now since he has his suits blown up. Finally Ben Kingsly not being the actual Mandarin, I was really pissed off that he wasn’t the Mandarin but it was a great set up for Sean Penn as the ‘Mandarin’ but that really sucked.

The third film that disappointed me was Man of Steel. The first disappointment for me was way too many fight scenes. Even though that it was the first film in the series there was way too much senseless fighting. The second reason I hated the film was when they killed off General Zod, I think that they could have re-banished him to the Phantom Zone instead of killing him.

Finally The Wolverine. There was only a few thing that I disliked about the film. One, not having the actual Silver Samurai in the film. Two, Silver Samurai being a large Iron Man like suit. Three Viper could have been casted better. Finally How did Wolverine get the bone claws back after having them broken by Sabertooth in Origins and then a adamantium attached to his skeleton.

With more superhero films on the horizon should I be looking for the hope that there can be a film that doesn’t disappoint me?

5 Reasons For A Deadpool Film


Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine I have thought that they could have done a better job with Wade Wilson ( portrayed by Ryan Reynolds). To be really honest he didn’t do the best job as the Merc with a Mouth and when he got turned into the muttie known as Weapon XI I thought it just looked terrible. But here are my 5 reasons why there should be a rebooted Deadpool.
5. Reboot Success
In the past few years some Marvel finds have done really well with rebooting such films as the Captain America and Spider-Man which have went over good with film fans. Also the new X-Men film series doing well there would be a chance that a Deadpool film would do well.
4. Stories
With Deadpool’s past story lines there are many that can be adapted to the screen. Starting with a true origins story instead of being dropped into a film with out much of a back story. Then in later films adding more of his rouges and allies in next films would make the series more better.
3. The Comedy
I’ve been playing the video game and read a few Deadpool comics and the comedy within it is quite good and hilarious in itself as he is one of the few character’s that has a inner monologue/ dialogue that makes him even more funnier.
2. X-Force/ Cable/Deadpool?
With the announcement of X-Force film it could hint a future spot for Deadpool. Also cause the film’s main character is the futuristic Cable it could lead to a crossover film.
1. Better Casting
With Ryan Reynolds being casted in Origins he only had one good line, but I believe that there are many better actors that can be the Merc with the Mouth.