Are Current Horror Movies Boring?

Over the past few years there have been many a horror film released that I’ve got to say I have found to be either really boring to watch or enjoyable to watch but other things have bothered me about the film. Mainly with horror films for the past 5 or so years with a flux of paranormal/ haunting films that overly use jump scare tactics and it gets rather annoying.

I think ever since films like The Woman in Black came out films have started to use jump scares, which is a rather easy way to scare people, but after the fifth scare it just gets repetitive and annoying. And I’ve got to say that I rather enjoyed watching The Woman in Black, it was enjoyable and the story elements were rather enjoyable as well with a ghost being the main focus of attention that also causes harm to the residence of the local village and sort of feels like a throwback to films of the 80’s when children where the main centre of some films. Also the pacing and the suspense of certain scenes rather made really enjoyable to watch. But when they started to do the jump scares along most of the third act it got sort of off putting.

Other films that have made me think if they were worth making are found footage films. A load of them just seem to have the same outcome and they seem to be a rather disappointment. However there have been some found footage films that I thought were really worth it in some ways like the first Paranormal Activity film which did rather well for a film that had a rather limited budget but then with the following sequels they seemed to go rather downhill and seem unrealistic in a way. Another film series that I found to be rather well was the Grave Encounter films and the first film I thought was rather well done. The first film revolved around a paranormal television show similar to Ghost Adventures and they seem mainly to be fakers where the just go around to places that are supposedly haunted but when they go to an Abandoned Hospital it turns out they got more than they bargained for. This I rather did like because it seemed that they hadn’t a clue what was happening and it was like somebody was screwing them all over. The sequel on the other hand I thought was a real hit and miss. It features college students filming a horror film and one of them reviews the film as the film was an actual film in that universe. This then leads one of them to track down where the film was made by going people who were linked to the show. This then leads the students to the Abandoned Hospital to find out what happened to the film crew where it turns out that there was a lot more terrible effects had lived. It really felt like that this film should have been around something different than the first film, but it was rather decent.

Finally there is another thing that I’ve rather hated and that is actually more about reboots of famous films like the rebooted versions of Nightmare on Elm Street, which I rather liked, and Friday the 13th, which I rather hated. But there is something that I can rather think that would have made Friday the 13th more better and that was to have the events of Jason X set to a alternate time line and then this set as the tenth Friday film, but then we’re apparently going to be getting another reboot next year in May being released on the 13th, but that could be speculation. I think one of the reasons that I rather hated the rebooted film is that it tried to combine too many different parts of the original film series with the beginning being homage to the first film and the rest of the film being based around the 2-4 films. I think that I may need a possible 13th attempt to try and enjoy the film.

So I don’t know what to think of the next batch of horror films that are going to be coming out over the next few years but hopefully that there could be a resurgence of a genre that may be a new shining hope for horror because many films are rather repetitive and really easy to guess what is going to happen.

Who is the Arkham Knight?

Ever since Rocksteady had announced the latest Batman Arkham trilogy game, a lot of that time I was rather curious to know who the identity was of the mysterious figure called The Arkham Knight. I believed that they announced that Arkham Knight was an idea of their own but they didn’t state that the person underneath the pointy eared helmet was a DC character. So even though that the game was ment to be released this month, here’s who I think that Arkham Knight could be.

1. Jason Todd: Jason Todd is one of the DC characters that some people either like or hate. For me I like his character and I think that he could be a possible candidate for Arkham Knight. Since nothing is solidly confirmed about what happened to him in the Arkham series, since Nightwing is vaguely mentioned and they had Tim Drake in Arkham City, then Jason Todd could be likely to appear. Jason was also a really good antagonist in the Batman and Robin series during the time when Nightwing was under the cowl playing Batman and he was really awesome in that series so here hoping that there could be a possibility. But what is also apparent pre-order DLC this may seem unlikely that he is Arkham Knight.

2. Azrael: Being a rather encounter quest mission during the events of Arkham City, Azrael gave a message to Batman saying that dark times were coming to Gotham or something along that line. There could be the possibility that he is Arkham Knight because of a famous three arc series that DC did with Knightsend. This was a series when Azrael took over the mantle when Batman wasn’t able to do his duty after facing off against Bane. Azrael then started to tarnish Batman’s reputation and then this caused Batman to take down Azrael. The possibility of this could be rather slim but I do have a feeling that we could see Azrael in the game.

3. Hush: For me during the Arkham City game I found the outcome to the Hush mission rather disappointing. It only came to a point that was similar to a story that developed in the comics around the time when Batman was killed (actually shot through time by Darksied) where Hush was being a duplicate of Bruce Wayne. I think that Hush may have another role but affecting Bruce Wayne more than what revolving around the Arkham Knight story.

4. Damien Wayne: This could be coming out of complete right field but what if Damien Wayne could be Arkham Knight. There’s no solid proof that Batman has a son in this universe, but there could be possibilities since there was evidence that Batman and Talia had something in the past if you look into depth during the scenes that happen with Talia in the game. Even though anything is possible this could be a possibility but again it could be might not be.

For the next three guesses these are the ones that I think may have more merit to be the real identity of Arkham Knight

5. Prometheus: The reasons why I think that I think that Prometheus could be the identity of Arkham Knight goes down two a couple of simple things. One, Prometheus was an Easter egg in Arkham Asylum where there was a wanted poster for him in one of the rooms. Two, Prometheus was trained to be a fighter that was compared to Batman like qualities. Finally the costume design for Arkham Knight does resemble Prometheus rather well. So from these three I think that this could be one that I may put my money on.

6. Amadeus Arkham: This could be a wild stab in the dark but it could be possibility that not Amadeus Arkham himself is behind the cowl but the person that his spirit may have passed to. One of the main reason I think is that the fact that Amadeus was the originator of Arkham Asylum and with the fact that there is a large Arkham sign on the chest of Arkham Knight that signifies that he is of Arkham Asylum origin. I think that this is another stab in the dark.

7. The Joker: Yes as people do know that The Joker did die in the events of Arkham City, this does not mean though that he is actually dead. From the history of comics it has been proven that even death cannot stop a character from returning from the grave. The reasons that I think that Joker could be Arkham Knight are because he does have a lot of ties to Arkham. The second is the discovery of a Lazarus Pit underneath Gotham City. Even though that it looked like that it got destroyed in the fight and aftermath with Clayface, there could have been some people who may have tried to tidy up and restore the pit back to its old ways and used it to resurrect the Joker, and proven with people like Rah’s al Ghul and Jason Todd and has the ability to even enhance the powers of a person, so again with the likes of Amadeus it could be a shot in the dark, but remember Black Mask in Arkham Origins.

8. Batmen from Different Dimensions: This is possibly one of the more crazier sounding ideas that I’ve had when I coming up with a shortlist of possible suspects for the identity of Arkham Knight and there could be a Batman from a different dimension. There are possible people that could be this like one of the Batmen from Earth 2 or even Owlman from Earth-3 being one of the people that have been brought back into continuum from Forever Evil, but I could be wrong since I stopped reading half way through that series. But still a Batman from a different universe could be plausible since they would have a possible motive and the moves to go toe to toe with Batman.

9 A New Character: It always been the way that either a show or a comic would bring in a new character to either act as a hero, sidekick, villain or even a run of the mill character that could be a helper. Two cases for this is Harley Quinn, a character that was brought in through the Batman Animated Series where she was brought in as a supporting character to The Joker where they developed a relationship with has lasted years, on and off. She has grown her reputation over the many years which have given different scenarios and been put in a team with other serial killers, most recently the Suicide Squad, and also a possibility that she could even have a role in Arrow after a small cameo appearance in the show. Another character is Terry McGuiness who became the Batman of the Future, he too has had his popularity grow over the many years and even now being brought in to the current canon of the DC Universe as well as to appear in the upcoming LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as a DLC package. So there could be a possibility that Arkham Knight could be a very fresh character that could end up starting off his own series in the years to come.

But with seven months or so between now and Arkham Knight speculation is still in the air on who the identity could be of the Arkham Knight, but none the less I am rather excited about this game.

Amazing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

So since everyone else has been giving their views on the latest news that Spider-Man is finally joining the Marvel cinematic universe and I am one of the people that is over the moon that this is happening. Civil War is one of my favourite story lines and after being announced by the Wall Street Journal yesterday they reported that the first film that he is going to be in is Captain America 3 and I’m over the moon.

But there have been one or two small problems though with the news and that is that Andrew Garfeild may not be returning as the Web Slinger and that is one of my problems with this news. I haven’t heard any more news today about casting for Spidey so far and why would they need to. Garfield already has two films under his belt and he potrayed both Spider-Man and Peter Parker rather well, which is also alot better than his predecessor Toby Maguire who though did do okay for Spider-Man but there were alot of scenes when he Peter Parker he rather bombed. Also it would save alot of time when it would come to casting if they already had a Spider-Man that already had been around the same time that the other Marvel films that are out from Marvel, so I do hope that they keep Garfeild on as Spider-Man.

But they could also do something of different as well with this series, they could also use a different universe Spider-Man, say Ultimate Spider-Man. Currently in the Ultimate Universe  the Spider-Man in that series Miles Moralas, a younger Spider that has his own origins story that is different the original Spider-Man but he also has his own unique powers as well with today’s technology would make it rather awesome to see on the big screen as well as increasing the number of ethnic actors in Marvels cinematic universe as well. 

Never the less I will be looking forward to the new (but more hopefully Andrew Garfield) Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the new film that has causes films that already had been slated to be moved back. Hopefully this would be worth the shifting for  the possible death of Thor and the debuts of Captain Marvel and the Inhumans.

Could 007 Work As A Title?

As everyone knows, possibly, in the world that James Bond had been played by several different actors over the past 50 or so years and this got me wondering, could 007 work better if it was a title. 

I think that this idea that 007 being a title could be a really good idea to then make a future of Bond films. This way we could have actors of different ethnicity as Bond like Idris Elba who had peeked interest in playing the super spy and this would be a good way to play Bond by having it as a title.

Also this could be a good way to also get in a female Bond as well. And when you look back at the history of action films with a female lead there hasn’t been that many at all, but with the many upcoming superhero action genre of films that are coming out then it could lead to a possibility of a female lead action film. 

So with the latest James Bond film currently in filming and me trying to ignore from now spoilers for films that I want to enjoy, there could be a possibility that this could be Daniel Craig’s final film in his series and hopefully that there could be a idea that Bond maybe become a title in the future, but I’ll guess we’ll have to wait.