Wrestlemaina 31 Predictions

Well its that time of year in wrestling where WWE hold their supershow WrestleMania, this year at the home of the San Francisco 49ers at Levi Stadium. And after last year’s rather decent predictions where I was able to predict half of the card this year I’ve decided to do the same. Plus just to get this out of the way, I do go on and on in this that this show is terribly booked an believe me it actually is. *Note the order of these matches does not link in where they are in the actual match card*.

Pre Show Match 1: Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match
Again we see a Tag Title match on the pre show and at WrestleMania and I’m rather sick to see this match be a free to air as well. It just doesn’t add half the time. So this match we have Kidd and Cesaro vs The Uso’s vs Los Matadores vs The New Day, for some reason this match seems rather pointless since most of these have already fought on Raw and Smackdown. It also makes me wish that WWE would put alot more effort into bringing in New tag team talent like last year when TNA brought in The Wolves from Ring of Honour and so far their tag team division seems a lot better in comparison. Nevertheless that’s a different company. I predict that Kidd/Cesaro will win it because there’s probabalies going to be alot of confusion especially when each team has a third member with them. Also I get the feeling that Kidd/Cesaro will keep this run going until they actually announce that the Prime Time Players are reuniting, if not they’ll probabalies drop them to the Uso’s on the next Raw. 

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
And now for WWE second mistake as they moved this match 4 days before the show and I still think this is a stupid decision after all the vignettes and promos done since the Rumble just doesn’t pay off. It would be like having the Austin/Hart match from Maina 13 on the Free for All. But I digress, after last year’s battle royal I thought that it was going to be a one off event but after the Royal Rumble it looks like that its going to be a occurrence for the show. With this year’s event I think it could be anyone’s to win but if I had to hazard a guess I would say it would be either Mark Henry, Curtis Axel or possibly a returning Sheamus as WWE has been keeping him off TV for a long time now and returning at Mania for this match would be good. But to be fair whoever is going to win it might not get a good push in the future since last year’s winner Cesaro hadn’t had a good push till he was teamed up with Tyson Kidd and has the tag titles now. Also there’s another booking error that WWE managed to do and that is with The Miz and Mizdow. It seemed to me that this match would have been good for a mid card match with the fans siding with Mizdow it would seem right, especially when recently on either Raw or Smackdown Miz planted him with the Skull Crushing Finale. But unfortunately WWE must not be keen on progressing this storyline until after Mania, which again is STUPID.

Match 1: Intercontinental Ladder Match
So this match, what do I think about it is that it’s probabalies going to be rather unpredictable if I had to guess on who they booked, rather bad in some ways, to this match. You have Bad News Barret going in defending the title against 6 other competitors being Dean Ambrose, R Truth, Luke Harper/Eric Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Stardust. Here’s what I think WWE did wrong. One they only had a one month Stardust/Goldust feud that would have looked awesome to see at WrestleMania from what I remember reading a few years ago how Dustin Rhodes would have liked to face his brother at Mania. Then you have Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan and when it was noted on Twitter from Ziggler and Bryan exchanged word that if they want to steal the show that those two should fight and I think that more people would rather see them fight one on one instead of in a Ladder match with 4 other people. Overall I think it’s a win/lose scenario for BNB.

Match 2: AJ & Paige vs The Bellas
I have a feeling that this is going to be a very short and boring match but I think that’s more to do with the current way the Divas division and how it’s being booked. For over the past several months we’ve already seen this sorta match on either Raw or Smackdown but if it was something different like say a fatal four way elimination there is a better way to book the match right there. I have feeling that there’s going to be some sort of altercation and that somebody is going to turn on someone expect the Bellas cause they already did that storyline. Plus if its a title match I get the feeling the title is going to dropped to somebody possibly from the NXT roster, maybe Charlotte. Overall I think Bellas will win with a upset.

Match 3:

Match 4: Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker
I think that this could be match that fans wouldn’t want to see. Since Taker lost his match last year to the shock of every fan around the world, everyone thought the he was done with wrestling. But that changed when Bray Wyatt started posting cryptic vignettes about a wrestler being slightly unclear at first then more clear after a few who he was on about. I think this is going to be a disaster but from some images that I’ve seen from his wife’s Instagram that he’s being training but other than that nothing much has been revealed about any lingering problems. I instantly think that Wyatt could win this and Taker passing the torch to him. But there could be a slim chance that he could pull a upset but probabalies unlikely.

Match 5: US Title Match Rusev vs John Cena
So the rematch from Fastlane that I don’t think that fans would even want to watch. We already seen what Rusev did to Cena and he blew his chance. I think if they could have got Rock back for the show this could have been a really good match after their encounter months back on Raw. The crowd was more excited there then they were when Cena faced him. But like the late Umaga, Cena is probabalies going to break the streak against Rusev (even though its on record that Rusev has been beaten off screen) with the STF submission.

Match 6: Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
This seems like a grudge match feel to it already. Since you have a fresh Randy Orton coming off either injury or filming which is the usual excuse for wrestlers being off in the WWE if they don’t have a legit injury against Seth Rollins who’s had his share of big matches these past months. But I get the feeling there’s going to be another screw job finish especially when you have a the Stooges 2.0 aligned with Rollins, they cause the distraction and Rollins is probabalies going to hit Orton with the MITB case and win that way, causing a possible rematch at Extreme Rules or Raw since that’s how bad booking can be in WWE.

Match 7: Triple H vs ‘The Icon’ Sting
Now I won’t be sucked into WWE’s portrayal for Sting by calling him ‘vigilante’ It’s a stupid marketing gimmick that seems to rather back fire in their face to any fan of wrestling. Anyway with that bit out of the way this still doesn’t seem like that match that fans of WCW and WWE would want to see, at least I think. I would’ve preferred to seen Taker v Sting two legends from different sides fighting to see which Legend is better. Also for the fact that Triple H, I believe, said that he helped take down WCW, he and the rest of D-Generation-X when they fired the first shot on WCW, but as everybody knows it was Team WWF (at that time) that beat Team Alliance at Survivor Series and Triple H was on the injurer list when he tore his quads. Even though he still trains I don’t think that Triple H has much left in the tank wrestling wise and the same can be said about Sting as well. He’s been wrestling for something like 30+ years plus years in ring so I doubt that he too has little in the tank. I get the feeling that there is going to be alot interface on the side of Triple H mainly with the Authority. But I think Sting will come through in the end.

Match 8 WWE World Title Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns
This seems like a it’s going to be a match that fans really couldn’t give a rat’s arse about. I think it has more to do with two main factors that could be totally wrong, so don’t hold me to anything. The first is probabalies the fan backlash that WWE probabalies had suffered during the Royal Rumble when Daniel Bryan had announced that he was going to enter the rumble and people, mainly the goats that follow him that he was going to win the Rumble but that didn’t happen, Bryan gets eliminated early on and then fans turned. Also I think this is also a thing that I hate about WWE and that’s don’t pick somebody to win the Rumble see who wins it and then build up the story from there unless there ingrates that don’t know what there doing with wrestlers. The second reason is that fans couldn’t care about the title matches, especially in the current run that Lesnar has had with the title. Since he’s won the title he’s only defended it twice, which is a disgrace on the prestige of the championship and all the defending champions before. It really does seem that way because with every PPV between Night of Champions there have always been 3 star main events. It also has to do with some apparent heat between Vince McMahon and Lesnar contract negotiations where apparently Lesnar had stormed off a live Raw event where I think he was supposed to be on. Apparently Vince is also worried that another CM Punk title escape might happen again. But honestly is this the kind of champion that you want that can’t come to terms with a overall contract. If Lesnar can’t come to terms, end the talks drop the title in a good match that goes back and forth with near falls and there you have a main event and a new champion. With recent news now arriving that Lesnar has now signed a long term contract with WWE and leaving UFC it could look like more months of boring non World Title main events at PPV’s.But I’m not gonna lie, I think in all honest that Roman Reigns can beat Lesnar in a good fight. But, and here’s the but, I think that if Rollins doesn’t get the shit beaten out of him by Orton in his match he’s going to either cash in after the match or on the following Raw. But if this doesn’t happen I’m going with Reigns for the match.