Is the Taken King the Best Thing for Destiny?

For the past few weeks I have been rather enjoying playing Bungies latest instalment of Destiny with The Taken King and I honestly think has been better than both The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The story takes place after the events of Crota’s End raid where Oryx, Crota’s father arrives at Saturn to start his revenge against the Guardians who had killed his son.

 With this DLC content the new threat along with Oryx is a new enemy type called The Taken. This is something that I do like since it was something new that we haven’t seen since with the previous content which has also added new events in the same such as the Taken Corruption that now overtakes the Wolf Pack mission since that these not only are available on all the patrols and there are different ultras in the different areas in the areas in the corruption zones. Another new area that they revealed was the Dreadnaught, Oryx’s ship, and there are plenty of new areas are available as well since with in-game events such as an enemy movement that causes the Cabal and Hive to fight which then can lead to finding consoles that you can use to start activating enemies to spawn and the bosses have a key that can open a chest that can spawn in the Dreadnaught. Also a really interesting thing about that is that you could pick up a key for a specific chest, but another member in your fireteam can pick up a completely different key. In addition that the keys have something really different to usual keys with these having a riddle on the location of the chest, I think that this is really good concept since it gives you something to think about instead of giving them a icon to direct them to it.  

Now on to the story I really liked it. The story starts off with a great cut scene where Oryx and what seems to be a fleet of ships battling against the Queen’s Wrath and the Queen and other members of her court creates a giant blast of psychic energy and blasts Oryx’s ship, but to no avail. Oryx then launches a Death Star like beam that wipes out the Queens army. We then head back to the tower and see that Cayde-6 has a plan to try and infiltrate Oryx’s ship with first getting Eris Mors ship to the ship and then a plan to lead you through the House of Devils to retrieve a hidden stash that turns out to be a stealth drive that can protect the wearer to get onto Oryx’s ship to disengage the weapons. Later into the story when you get to face Oryx I really liked the mission, you got to face off against Oryx in his normal form, which for the regular player could take an easy 5-10 minutes to complete. Overall it is a fun story to play. In the end credits of the cinematic you see Oryx just disappearing and his Sword being stuck in the ground, then you see Eris appear and monologue to her Queen and pulled something from the sword and that she will not fail.

In addition to the story, there is a pretty much large chunk of post credit quests that you can do. Though a large chunk of it seems to be a rinse and repeat mission where you have to go on a patrol mission, do a Taken corruption, face off against the Zealot Ultra and then do the same again in a different area where you need to then go back to the tower and then finish the quest. This needs to be done four times which seems really repetitive and rather boring. Another post credit game play is that they put the strikes available to play with four new strikes to play with one being a giant shank, a giant harpy, a giant sword knight and two Cabal majors that you have to fight together which is a real nightmare if your unprepared. All theses strikes are really good to play through and especially since there are unique armour/class item/weapon drops that you can get for the strikes as well as a item that you can purchase from Xur on a Friday that can increase the drop rates of Exotic Engrams which I think is really good since you can also get new versions of weapons and armour if the engrams are Year One quality.  

Another thing that I do like is the new scores that they have added to the game. Usually in Orbit you just hear the normal music but then after 2 or so minutes go by and the music starts to change, sometimes to something more ominous or something more mellow and calming. It’s a real nice change for the game with this music and I hope that probably when I wait during more missions there could be even more great scores to listen to.

However, there is one thing that I do have a problem with Year Two and that is the change of attack and defence stats. I know like me and many people that have been using a gun for a long while that has good statistics and good perks for instance I was lucky enough to get a hand canon called Loner.Rebel, it had pretty good stats for it and I was fortunate for it to already come with great perks. It had Luck in the Chamber, Final Round and Explosive Rounds. I loved playing with this gun since that I was able to beat most of the House of Wolves missions as well as using it on the Weekly and Nightfall missions. So when I did the update for Year Two, I felt rather disappointed that its power levels had went down a lot and I didn’t feel that it would have given me a lot of help through the Year Two missions and then making me rely on the new weapons and armour that comes with The Taken King. I’m really hoping that I can come across somewhere in the game a Year Two version of this gun because I could do with needing for the future since I could always do with a good back up gun and that was what it was for me in Year One.

Overall I do think that the rest of the game is really good, the storyline dynamic is more in depth and seems more of a good story telling than over the course of Year One where it seemed that it was going to be starting off with a story and then it just disappeared and was replaced by more confusion than anything other.  So for the people that decided to give up on Destiny because of the bad story telling all I have to tell you is that you should go out and get this game. Hopefully the next DLC content will be as good as this content since it was really good and makes up for Year One.


WWE Night of Champions Predictions

wwe-night-of-champions-carousel-20140920-youtube_3A002D4EB0FA436EB57C9AA647512EA3So this month’s predictions are going to be for Night of Champions, a PPV dedicated to having only title matches on the card to now evolve out to now feature rivalry matches with this one having three non title matches.

Pre-Show: Neville & The Lucha Dragons v Stardust & The Ascension

This seems like it was a pointless feud between Stardust and Neville spiralling off the outcome of last month match at SummerSlam where Stardust and King Barret lost to Neville and Stephen Amell. I think that this is going to be a win for the Neville and Lucha Dragons, it’s going mainly for the speed aspect and that there could be a altercation that causes all six to be in the ring at the same time and then the win comes out of that with Neville hitting the Red Arrow on Stardust, hopefully ending this rivalry.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The New Day v The Dudley Boyz

Since returning to WWE in the past few weeks the Dudleys have shown a lot of domination by beating teams like Los Matadores and even sending a I think one member of The New Day through a table. On the other hand I don’t think that the Dudleys will win the titles in this match mainly because of one thing and that is the man advantage that New Day has the one man advantage on the outside and this could be easily the way that they win the titles, unless the Dudleys have a man in the back pocket such as oh say Spike Dudley though unlikely that being, it would be nice to see Spike back in WWE. But in the end New Day win by a distraction but somebody will be going through a table leading to a Table match at next month’s PPV.

Dolph Ziggler v Rusev

I hate this rivalry so much mainly for the fact that this should have ended last month and had both of these wrestlers move on. I think the original concept of this match was that it was going to be a mixed tag match but I think that those plans were nixed after Lana got injured a few weeks ago requiring surgery and she would be out for a few weeks. I really don’t care that much of the outcome since its probable is going to continue over the next week’s but to say a name I think Rusev will win leading to the rubber band match.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Mystery Partner v The Wyatt Family

This match does seem that it looks rather interesting on paper. You have the Wyatt Family who have been rather dominant over Ambrose and Reigns since Battleground and I think that this could change especially with this match for one, we don’t know who the third person in for Ambrose and Reigns especially since one person was Jimmy Uso who had been doing commentary on Smackdown was going to be the third man, but the Wyatts took him out and they then kept their mouths shut on who was going to be their third partner and the only thing I could guess is that the third person is going to be pulled from the NXT ranks since the third member of the Wyatt Family was brought up to the main roster as a replacement for Luke Harper. If I had to guess who they are bringing up I’d say either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor, for the outcome I’d say that Ambrose and Reigns will get the win with the help of their third man again like the Rusev/Ziggler leading to a third and final match at the next PPV.

Divas Title Match: Niki Bella v Charlotte

This match seems rather interesting especially with the stipulations that being if Niki gets disqualified or counted out she loses the title. But there is a good way for Niki to get out of this is to have somebody on her team to get Charlotte disqualified. But if this is going to be a straight forward match I think that Charlotte can actually beat Niki, especially since she’s already beat Brie so that’s a plus. Also Charlotte has a lot of fury in her after the outcome of the match that happened on Raw where Niki and Brie did twin magic and the match was nixed causing Niki to become longest reigning champion, overraking AJ Lee and the worst  thing is that WWE should have had her defend the title more that 5 times at a PPV instead of holding the title up in boring tag matches that seem to go nowhere. Winner Charlotte.

Intercontinental Title Match: Ryback v Kevin Owens

This match just seemed to come out if no where. You have Ryback who has been defending the title successfully in not it a triple threat match against two former WWE champions but also in single matches on Raw and Smackdown showing that he is a defending champion. Then we have Kevin Owens who has came of a win/loose matches against John Cena and a win over Cesaro at SummerSlam. Owens has a load of potential to actually win this match since he is used to the big title matches especially fighting Cena for the US Title and Finn Balor for the NXT Title. But for going for a winner I am.going to pick Ryback, he’s been on quite a winning streak so far and I see him keeping the title for the next few months.

United States Title Match: Seth Rollins v John Cena

With Cena initiation his rematch clause for Night of Champions after being screwed by John Stewart for him not wanting Cena to overtake/tie Ric Flair World Title reigns. I think that Cena can win this match especially since that Rollins has to do double duty by defending the WWE title against Sting. The only way that I could see Rollins getting a win is if there is either a disqualification or Rollins just books it and waits for his match with Sting. But of that doesn’t happen Cena will get the title back and we could probabalies see the return of the US Open challenge since I do like that segment on Raw since it did showcase a lot of good matches such as the matches Cena had against Sami Zayn and Cesaro. So I would like to see Cena win just to get that segment back.

WWE Title Match: Seth Rollins v Sting

So this is a really weird match, one it’s Sting in only his second WWE match and that it is for a World Title after one segment on Raw. But I think that it’s going to be a rather decent match between the two since its two different styles facing off, however I think that Rollins can have the upper hand depending on the outcome of his match with Cena and if he has any other aces up his sleeve such as Triple H interfering in the match. But overall I still think that Rollins will regain the title. However I think that WWE made a real mistake with the booking if this match and what they should have done was have a triple threat match, Rollins v Cena v Sting, and have both titles on the line in a two fall match, such as what they did at WrestleMania 16 with Angle/Jericho/Benoit where they had a triple threat two fall match for the European title and Intercontinental title. That way you could at least have a good 25-35 minute match and a higher chance for a person to walk away with a title.

Nevertheless I think the show will be an okay one and fans will get a thrill for the mystery partner as long as nobody has spoiled through internet articles.

Could Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Could Have Been Better?

I have been a rather big fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and I got to day the red herring of the series was a decent film but it could have been a lot better if they had focused around one character rather more in the film and that is Tommy.

In the film he is heavily featured since the start showed a flash back of young Tommy finding the grave of Jason and then hiding from two vandals who dig up the very, very shallow grave and Jason kills them up to the point where he gets to Tommy and turns out that it is all a dream. We then find out that Tommy has been having hallucinations of Jason either standing in his room or outside in the ground and that’s pretty much what we see of Jason. Then we see that Tommy also does have a rather bad attitude with the events of the last film and he seems to not liking people touching his things such as Eddie who took one of his masks and Tommy dropped him through a table and pounded him. This would have shown a lot more if Jason was Tommy by having him be more violent towards more than two people.

My thoughts on what they could have done more was to have the film span more than two days have it span over at least a week or so and then have all the reveals happening on the Friday. You first off having Tommy arrive on the Monday at the building and then have it slowly build from there with them showing Tommy’s angry side and build up from there. Then over the next few days you have Tommy going through different stages such as the hallucinations and then have him disappear for a few hours a day, killing off random people like the Greasers that get killed off at the beginning and then have him just appear at random places with him being rather dazed and confused with what’s going on. You then have the other characters intervene that would cause red herring links such as Vic who kills Joey in the film or Raymond, the farmhand at Ethel’s farm. Another interesting twist was to have Vic then escape police custody and have it believe that he could also be the killer.  

Then on the Thursday night have Tommy start to lose his nerve by going after the people that are in the home, believing that they are in fact Jason. After killing three people this then leads Tommy to go and find the grave of Jason and starts to dig it up and then finds out that Jason’s corpse looks rather preserved, then following the events that happen at the beginning of the sixth film Jason gets reanimated and then proceeds to kill Tommy and then leaves the graveyard and bury Tommy in his grave. Jason then continues the killing spree and then ending the film with Jason just disappearing into the woods around Crystal Lake.

It may seem like a boring cop out to the film having Tommy being the killer and then having him bring Jason back to life in the same film but I think that it would have been better since then it does have Jason returning.