College Work

Today in the session, I had to draw onto a piece of paper what my hobbies were and have other people in the class to guess what they were and most people were able to guess what they were. I had a PS3 that looked like a fridge, a book and other things I like. The next thing that we did was watch a small presentation about our new tutor Len Leighton. He likes a lot of things I like, for instance The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and something else cause I don’t have the power point with me. Then we went off and did our own presentations about people who we are inspired by or have similar traits to, most people have picked more than one person, but I am gonna add to mine cause I only had one person. So far I haven’t had any problems with any of the software or the equipment that we have used. I’ve learned that I have more than one relatable fictional character which I will add to my presentation. I have been using English skills for typing this and on the presentation. I have been enjoying this because it has been different to do but still something I’ve done in the past.

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