The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7-9 Review

It has been a while since I had covered the remainder of this series and boy have I forgotten about this story. The last time in the series we saw Batman and Superman teaming up to take down an evil Kryptonian cult by giving them a help through the dispersal of Kryptonian laced rain as well as them both being decked out in power armour, with Superman’s being more designed to protect him from the rain. However not everything was going well for them as Baal managed to get a heat beam off on Batman leaving him in a critical state.

We open up on Superman flying through the sky, holding a dying Batman trying to get him off somewhere hoping that he can hang in and stay alive for the time being, but it doesn’t seem that it could be likely. Back over in Gotham we see the destruction that has happened with narration from news outlets and text messages about how they are now free from the Kryptonians and we see one of the things that I do really hate about and that being the Trump analogy. I know that this is a Frank Miller penned story and he is accustom to do crap like this but really having a Trump analogy is just a waste of time, from me personally because a) I am British and b) it does also date the story as well which I wish creators wouldn’t do especially when this is a story that is set in the future crap like this won’t end up happening. Anyway back to the story, Carrie is observing the damage that has happened and is trying to contact Batman but he isn’t responding, that is when Yindel and a few members of the GCPD approach her holding Batman’s helmet which causes Carrie to break down crying.

Back over with Superman, he is still flying to save Batman, and we see Hal Jordon walking through the desert feeling remorseful about the power that he once had and that he misses flying. On the next page we find Ray Palmer, at a sub-atomic level, where he is working on a plan to get back at the Kryptonians for what they have done. Over with Lara she is trying to find out what had happened to Baal and he reveals the damage that the Kryptonite had done to his face and she asks him why he ran instead of getting vengeance when the arise above the cloud line to find the remaining cultist there with Quar. He says that they are going to have their revenge on what had happened, that being their plan to take Lara’s baby brother, Johnathan. Lara does warn him that they are protected by the Amazons and Quar turns around backhands her with his fist asking her if she is siding with them or the Amazons and says that they are going to take Kal-El’s son the same way that they took Lara.

Back over in Gotham, Yindel and Carrie are talking about the destruction that has happened and wonder if it was all worth it, Carrie says that it was worth it since that they stood up for what they had believed in, but Yindel gives her a bit of a reality check. She says that heroes like her just don’t inspire others, but they also expose the problems as well with they’re pretty much being a high casualty rate with what has happened. Carrie says to her that this isn’t the time to get into semantics and says that they need to bury the dead and also says that they will be getting a new Batsignal fixed so that the two of them can stay in touch. Superman arrives at the location where he wanted to be, and it turns out to be a Lazarus Pit where he drops Batman into.

The micro issue is a bit better than some of the previous issues and it also ties a lot more into the current story as we see Hal Jordon continuing to walk through the desert and we see Hawkboy and Hawkgirl and they guide Hal to a city. One of the down things that I do have to say is that for some reason Hal covers up his face and there aren’t only two different designs to it with one showing that it looks more like a hood covering him and the second being wrapping around his head and mouth. But it also reminds me of one of the more infamous Frank Miller penned stories that being Holy Terror and it reminds me how the terrorist looked like on the cover. He arrives in the city where he is pulled aside by people where an old guy knows what he is after patting down the stump of his arm. It turns out the guy knows who has his hand, along with the Power Ring and he tries to exchange it with a bar of gold but the person says that it isn’t for sale and this causes Hal to take it by force and somehow the hand has gained sentience and is helping Hal take out the people with the help of the Hawk kids and he somehow manages to get into costume with what appears to also be a Bat-Mite appearing ending the issue.

Back over in the Lazarus Pit we see Superman waiting to see if Batman is going to emerge from the pit and he does, managing to take down Superman and the two of them wrestle with Superman trying to get him to realise where he is and who he is. Elsewhere, Lara has arrived to take Johnathan away and back to the Kryptonians but she is stopped by Wonder Woman who holds a sword up to her, but Lara says that she isn’t alone and we see the cultists flying through the jungle, but Wonder Woman says that neither is she and we see an army of armed Amazonians aimed to defend from the attacking Kryptonians, ending the issue.

Issue eight opens up of Carrie watching the footage of Batman being killed by Baal and it seems that she doesn’t know what to make of the footage, but Flash tries to reassure her that it may not be all doom and gloom and that he may not be actually did die. But it appears to them that Batman isn’t dead yet as he and Superman appear in the cave and we are getting to a bit that I really do think is a misstep of the series, and that is de-aging Batman and making him younger. I think that this was a really stupid thing to do for the series since that the whole reason why this was the Dark Knight Returns was dealing with an older Batman in an aged world and him having to deal with newer threats at an old age makes it seem more of an interesting story as well as him training a new ward in the from of Carrie, this does have similar sounds to Batman Beyond with the Old Bruce and Terry. But with this it defeats a purpose and it just gives Miller another reason to continue writing any more Dark Knight stories, which I personally wish that he would stop doing because this isn’t the eighties anymore and times have changed, a lot of people do like the idea of change. Hell, I was rather intrigued by DC 5G plan but with current climate being what it has been it looks like that is going to be pushed back to a very later date. Back to the story, over with the Amazons, the wives of Quar come to bargain with Wonder Woman saying that if they give up her son, they would let them live but a spear is thrown at them leading them to start a war with Wonder Woman giving off a rather creepy smile.

Back over in the Batcave, Batman is annoyed with what Superman had done, resurrecting him in a pit, but they say they are going to talk about that later and he complains next, more light-heartedly towards Carrie about destroying the Batmobile and reveals that he still has a fleet of older versions. Flash calls in saying that Wonder Woman is calling, and she says that the Kryptonians are attacking them, with Superman heading off, and that they are going to be there as soon as they can. Back over in Amazonia, Wonder Woman is asking Lara to hand over her brother, with Lara asking if she trusts her, which she doesn’t answer, and we then see the first wave of attacking Kryptonians who attack them with heat blast. However they hold up their shields and they are able to withstand the attack with the realisation that they are using magic shields to the shock of the Kryptonians and Wonder Woman comes out, with Johnathan strapped to her back and comes out wielding dual swords which is rather bad ass and she leads them into war against the Kryptonians. The micro issue is rather boring, it deals with Yindel dealing with an old DK villain called Bruno who is most infamous for having swastika pasties on her breasts.

Back to the fighting, it seems to be going well for the Amazonians and even more so when they have their own battalion of warriors on Pegasus. Inside, Lara is confronted by the wives of Quar who are disappointed by the fact that she doesn’t have the baby with her, and they fly off telling her to follow them. At the entrance there is a knock at the door and the Amazons open it revealing that it is Superman and we see Wonder Woman walking towards him covered in blood after decimating several Kryptonians and embracing with him. But before they can say anymore, Flash contacts them informing them on Quar and his children that have absorbed power from nukes and they have gathered together, Superman heads off and Wonder Woman says that catch up with him later, ending the issue.

Issue nine opens with Quar talking about how disappointed in the Earth on how they haven’t accepted him as their God and that he is going to make them pay for it. Lara is surrounded by Quar’s wives who seem to be upset with her not bringing them the child and having her doubt herself as a Kryptonian, however a blinding green light appears and Green Lantern tells her to get out of there and to leave him with the wives who think that they might have a upper hand, however GL believes he can take them on. Carrie and Batman are talking in the Batmobile and she asks him what it is like to feel young again, and he says that it feels wrong but she doesn’t believe him and he says that with this he now has a second chance. This is something that I do like about the story and is something that I will credit to the writing, when this started out it seemed that this version of Batman had made more problems for himself and with him now being rejuvenated thanks to the Lazarus Pit, he wants to write the wrongs that had happened. Quar keeps on with his preaching and then we see something weird, he is being broadcasted to the world, so does that mean that one of the Kryptonians has a camera or a media crew following them to broadcast it or what. Batman flicks a switch on the Batmobile that sends out a wave towards the caverns that Quar and his forces are flying by and we see a swarm of bats attacking them.

They start to try and defend themselves from the swarm, however in the process they end up hitting each other with heat blasts and the majority of them fall to the ground. But it looks like there seems to be trouble in paradise as a majority of the Kryptonians are wanting to leave the Earth for the humans to destroy, but Quar seems to be not having it and he and his followers end up killing the people that are wanting to leave. Batman goes to confront Quar, but Superman intervenes asking him to leave Quar to him because he gave him a second chance and he doesn’t want him to die again and that the world needs a Batman. He confronts Quar, who he and his remaining followers surrounded Lara, and they end up taking turns beating him up but Baal can punch him, Superman blocks it and we get a small breakdown moments in a similar vain to Guy Pierces Sherlock Holmes film, in which he focuses on specific parts of his followers and he just goes all out on them and Batman saying that this is Superman not holding back and he manages to take everybody out, leaving Quar to last.

Quar has them to self-detonate and they start glowing and Batman notes on the destruction that one exploding Kryptonian did to Moscow they don’t want to see what happens when six detonate on a fault line. But neither Superman or Batman and Carrie stop them, but it is Atom who manages to enlarge himself and shrink the detonators and them detonating them without having to worry about any major fallout. Quar goes to make the detonation himself, however that is stopped thanks to Lara who manages to take down Quar and sends him into the Sun to detonate. Two months later it appears that Superman has fallen off the face of the Earth and even Batman can’t seem to find him, and he hopes to see him one more time somewhere. Carrie walks in and she asks if he is ready to go out of patrol and he is ready and we see that Carrie has a new costume, this one being a newer version of her old costume and a new colour scheme and an inverse colour scheme of Batman’s which I do like, they head out and the last panel that we get is the classic reimagining with Batman and Batwoman going through the city in silhouette with the lightning bolt in the background.

Now for this issue I am going to talk about the micro issue here and instead of where it was inserted since that it is more of an epilogue to the story so it makes sense for me to talk about it here. The story is basically Lara and Superman talking along with panels other heroes dealing with things that are happening with Flash helping out Yindel with a bank robber, apparently, and Wonder Woman taking out a Hydra. To sum up the story it is pretty much Superman deciding to become more human and hanging up the tights and he is wanting Lara to also experience the same even for a short time.

Overall, this series is a mixed bag for me and there seems to be a rather mix to the story, for instance the Kryptonians have been released from the bottle to only then being rebottled. The villain for the story is rather interesting but I wish that there were more of a backstory to him that could flush him out even more, like his practises and the reasons why preaches the way that he does. But the biggest miss step that the was the death and resurrection of Batman and I don’t think that they should have brought him back to life since they could have still had Superman standing up to take down Quar and then having him go off the radar and having Carrie teaming up with Flash and Yindel to protect Gotham City from future threats. There is a part of me that wonders what The Golden Child is going to be like but that could be something for the future.

First Appearance: Batman :The Cult #3-4 Review

Continuing on from the last post, we are continuing the look into the first appearance of one of the characters that had managed to mentally take down Batman, that being Deacon Blackfire.

Issue three opens with Blackfire’s followers attacking the deputy mayor because of his stance and supporting Gordon and the police in this situation. They manage to separate the mayor from his security and drag him down to the sewer where his head them comes shooting out, only for it to then turn into Batman’s own and him screaming no over and over again with him still trying to overcome the effects of the drugs that he was on. Robin slaps him in the face and manages to get Batman to refocus and also gets the chains that he was bound in off, he asks Batman what they are going to do now and Batman says for the time being they’re just going to try and get out of here and think of a plan on the way. Robin informs him what has been happening when Batman was controlled by Blackfire and says that the city is spilt between pro and against what Blackfire has done and asks Batman if they are going to be able to stop him and Batman ponders the answer wondering if they would be able to beat him.

Over in the GCPD, Gordon and Deleon are going over the files from Blackfire and they discover things that to them don’t make a lot of sense since the first case that they have on him dates all the way back to the early twenties where he was charged for armed robbery and also bootlegging and his crimes even continued on to day with him during the seventies and eighties as well. Gordon says that he had met Blackfire once and he appeared to be just in his thirties so Deleon believes that the previous crimes might have been caused by his father, but Gordon is starting to believe that Blackfire is the real deal. He then says that they need to try and get person on the inside of Blackfire’s operation and Deleon volunteers do be the one.

During another news briefing, we discover that there people coming in from out of town to join up with Blackfire and that with the influx that has been coming in, it would tip the power balance in favour of Blackfire and out of the police. Blackfire turns off the television to the annoyance of what the reporter is saying and that the new devotees will help increase their numbers, but in his mind he already has control of Gotham. Blackfire goes on to talk to Jake about what his life was like before his current standing saying that he has seen what civilisation has done to the wilderness and that when he came back he didn’t seem to fit in and found himself to be an outcast and that with he being sequester too long he couldn’t seem to get away with the current society. So take make him seem life more common for him he ended up going down a life of crime but that didn’t seem to work for him as he discovers that criminals can’t be trusted and then after his imprisonment he ended up going into politics but ended up giving that up because it was too fickle, and then went onto covering different enterprises before settling down for one, that being religion and that he is a messenger for God. Jake asks him what the blood has to do with this, and he reveals that the blood gives him time to learn lessons.

Back over with Batman and Robin, they continue working their way through the sewer system and Batman feels a sense of déjà vu and Robin discovers a room that contains the totem of Blackfire and to Batman’s shock it is rather small, with him believing that the size change and that talking had to be down to the hallucination. Over with Gordon, he is giving a press conference from him coming from a phone call from the governor and has declared that there is only for one of solution for them to do and that was declaring a state of martial law over Gotham City. Gordon is then shot by a sniper from the sewer. Back in the tunnel, the dynamic duo continues heading around and hear a whistling tune where the slowly approach and find Blackfire showering in a pool of blood, with two people hung up. Robin accidentally steps on a bottle and that alerts them to their presence and this causes Jake to contact the followers to come and get attack them, as they are running away Robin throws a smoke grenade towards the running group and he picks up Batman to make sure that he is okay and the two keep running.

Over in a news studio, a news anchor who is talking about Deacon Blackfire and how he is against him and that they need make sure that he doesn’t take over the city, this is also spliced with some of Blackfire’s followers in a section of the sewer where they add a cable to an ongoing line and say that their inside man can start to make their move. In the studio, the producer on the floor notices a person walking up to the anchor with a gun and he pulls the trigger, live on television and then the feed cuts over to Blackfire where he starts to preach to the viewers and says that there is a conspiracy thrown into the city and he says that the current administration has proved inadequate with dealing with the problems that have been happening. He continues saying that they have no choice but to take his crusade against crime and take over the city and says that he will be the one to protect his followers.

Batman and Robin are still running through the tunnels, but there luck seems to be running low as they run out of smoke and gas capsules so he decides to throw a grenade to collapse the tunnel so they don’t have to deal with anymore followers. However that proves to be pretty much useless as they end up getting surrounded by them and Robin gives a quick speech saying that what they have been through has been fun and if he is going to go down, he’s going to go down swinging. The numbers seem to be too much for them and Batman doesn’t seem to be fighting them off and it’s only Robin getting through to him that causes him to go into a blind rage and manages to take down all of the followers to the shock of Robin and the two of them continue to find a way out. The army is also deployed into the city and they send out a squad to go and find them in the sewers, however when they go underground they are taken out by the followers and this causes the Governor to declare Gotham as a disaster area and has called in the Federal Government for assistance and says that residents should evacuate the city. Blackfire, hearing the news rejoices and we see the city starting to fall.

Batman and Robin finally manage to make their way out of the sewer through a subway tunnel and Batman notes that it should be busier and when they realise what has happened, Gotham has fallen. Robin points over to a bar that they could try and get some refuge in, and saying that he will phone Alfred to pick them up, but when they get in the bar they find some of the followers and Robin charges in to attack them, but he gets overwhelmed when Batman steps in and throws two of them against a wall. As Robin goes off to make a phone call, Batman stays in the bar area and discovers more about what has happened during the time that they were in the sewers and that being the city evacuated, the Underworlders looting and rioting through the streets and that a General has arrived in the city, but his orders are the to observe the situation before making any actions. Meanwhile the remaining people that have stayed in the city think that what Blackfire has done is perfectly okay saying that they have gotten rid of the corrupt people by making them flee the city. Alfred arrives to pick them up and Batman says that they need to leave Gotham and Robin saying that they are leaving to get reinforcements to deal with the problem, but Batman says that they aren’t going to be returning and that the city now belongs to Blackfire to the shock and awe to both Alfred and Robin and says that it is over, the have lost and he tells Alfred to get moving ending the issue.

Issue four opens up Batman’s continual delusions and this time he is confronted by his parents in a zombified state and they are upset with the way that he had just let Gotham to the hands of Blackfire and we get a pretty hilarious panels of Batman. He says that he has changed his mind and that he is going back to Gotham to face off against Blackfire and save Gotham in the process as well. Alfred asks if he is alright since it pretty much looks like that he woke up from a reoccurring nightmare and he says that he is and asks Alfred what is up. He says that Jason is overseeing the delivery that they had got, Bruce says that he is going to be down shortly saying that he wants to go over the weapons system so that they can be ready before the sun sets and Alfred is happy to see him finally getting around to doing something about Blackfire. Bruce then goes into a narration segment where he talks about how Blackfire had been the first person to break him down mentally and spiritually and it is something that is still bothering him but he says that the fire of battle will help him defeat Blackfire and that the Batman is coming for him.

A news report covers what has happened in the past week and it is revealed that Blackfire has sealed off the city from the rest of the world but the most shocking thing. Apparently only half of residents of Gotham were still left in the city, mainly because they decided to ignore the evacuation order, and that a majority of them are being forced into labour camps where they are working on fortifications for his city and that anyone who had resisted have met with rather horrific way that being lynched. There was also a report that the military had tries to make their way into the city, but when they touched down they were fired upon by snipers and they were all killed in action. Back over with Bruce and Jason, they are training with tranquiliser guns and they seem to be getting the hang of it and then Jason spots a bat flying around thinking it to be a good omen for them, however it then causes Bruce to have a flashback of what I believe is his parents getting shot and apparently he reveals to Jason that he didn’t become Batman to fight crime, but to overcome his fear.

Continuing on with the report from the General, he goes onto say that there isn’t a lot that they can do since no matter which option that they choose they are looking at mass casualties on both side and one of the people that they are talking to says that they should go with a nuclear option, which is just stupid since the fallout for that would be a thousand times worse than a military assault, but a third person says that should try and take a diplomatic approach. Back with the dynamic duo, they are testing out their new weapon system and they destroy an old tree on the property and we see that what they are using is firing a missile, happy with what they have tested they suit up. Back with the news report a new story has emerged that a group of people tried to make an escape through a bridge, but they were gunned down in the process. They then cut over to one of the people that were one of his followers and he reveals what Blackfire was like and at first he seemed to be an okay person, but once the siege had started he turned into another person, that and also he was sick of all the death that was happening so he decided to hand himself to the proper authorities and calls Blackfire insane and as if he was on a death trip.

Blackfire says that martyrdom is how he is going to be going out since he has nothing left to do and his followers think that he has gone crazy and ask Jake on what they are going to be doing. He says that he is just going to let Blackfire do what he wants to do and that the three of them are going to continue on the legacy of Blackfire once this is all over and that they are going to be the ones that are going to be running Gotham. The news portion of the story ends on more of a lighter note as Commissioner Gordon is on his way to make a full recovery in hospital after being shot in the previous issue and we see that Batman has made his way there. He informs Gordon that he is going to take back the city for the both of them and he asks Batman to punch Blackfire for him.

At the Lincoln Bridge, some of the followers are patrolling when they notice a large vehicle approaching them at a fast speed and we find it to be one of the most strangest Batmobile designs I have seen in a while and the being a freaking monster truck. The truck seems to be the upper hand for the duo as they have a machine gun that is equipped with tranquilisers and uses the rockets to take out any heavy ordinance that they have. They continue to mow down the followers and one of them stops right in front of the truck and begs him not to kill him, in which Batman lowers a panel and gives him a message to tell Blackfire, that being Batman is coming for him. Over with Blackfire he is ecstatic about Batman coming to try and reclaim the city and tells his followers to bring him to the arena unharmed but Jake and his compatriots says to each other they need to make sure that Batman doesn’t make it there. Back up top, Robin asks Batman how they are doing and he says that there isn’t any resistance around coming to the conclusion that they have all fallen back to where Blackfire’s base is located, he then asks how he is doing and he says he’ll tell him when they reach Gotham Square. Back over with Blackfire, he keeps talking about becoming a martyr so that his works can be carried on throughout his followers and that he also plans on taking Batman along with him when he makes his way to the promised land.

Back with the duo, they’re progressing towards Gotham Square where they drive past the lynching site and see signs on each of the saying what they were, the arrive closer and they notice that the place is pretty much deserted, almost like it was some sort of ambush and it is. They come out of every direction and they start climbing the Bat Monster Truck and they start to get overrun by them, so Batman and Robin decide to evacuate the vehicle and then gas the attackers in and around the vicinity of the truck. They make there way down through the sewers and start taking down the followers with the use of the tranq guns as well as more gas and minor explosives. Further along the tunnel, Robin is shot in the leg and the gun that Batman uses jams on him making him rely less of the gun and goes in whacks him with the butt of the gun to take him down. Robin says that he should head on to take on Blackfire by himself and leave him with the unjammed gun to defend himself. Batman makes his way through the tunnels and discovers what happens when Blackfire’s followers end up dying and they are hung up in front of the room that Batman ends up smashing a door to get into.

Blackfire welcomes Batman to his fighting pit and we get another freaky panel scene where Batman see’s him in two different forms, the first being his own regular form and then the second that being a horned demon. Blackfire keeps egging Batman on to kill him with the gun, but Batman is even considering pulling the trigger, but he throws the gun away to Blackfire’s annoyance. He lunges towards Batman with a knife and the two of them get into a scuffle in which Batman manages to get a hold of the knife and impales it in the ground, not giving him the satisfaction of a martyred death. Batman then starts to beat him up and he starts to break down begging Batman to stop and he looks weak in the face of his followers. Jake tries to shoot Batman, but Robin comes along and shoots him in the neck with a shot and Blackfire orders his followers, but they don’t listen to him and they drop down to the pit. They start to surround Blackfire and it doesn’t go well for him here on out as now he has shown weakness it looks like that his influence has started to wain and all of them end up eviscerating Blackfire.

Later during another news brief, it is reported that everything starting to go back to normal, well normal for Gotham City standards, as the police are returning to their regular patrols and that army is going to be pulling out. Most of Blackfire’s associates have also been arrested with murder and other charges and that all of the bodies that were found were going to be put into a mass burial plot. Citizens are returning and the people that flocked to follow Blackfire are leaving the city plus the homeless are returning to the streets not knowing why they followed him. Batman narrates on what has ben happening and there are a few loose ends that he has to deal with. He says that the kill group apparently didn’t leave that much to identify any remains of Blackfire but he thinks he is dead this time and he doesn’t know whether or not to think of him as a con man or the actual mystical shaman that he was, but there is one last thing that he needed to take care of and that is destroying the totem and not wanting to take any chances just in case he is an immortal being.

Overall, this story is good however it is also rather weird when you stand back and look at it. The idea that Batman being mentally broken by a character is something that we still see today, most recently in Tom King’s run on Batman. But this felt rather different than what that did since that this was one of the first times that he was broken down so it was something to try and work with and what is a better way of trying to break somebody down with the use of drugs and chicanery. Deacon Blackfire as a villain is, to me at least, a rather interesting concept that unfortunately never got to see in any of the additional media that came out of Batman until Arkham Knight came along. I think the character would have been rather interesting he was used in Gotham and you had the role reversed with Gordon being the one that was tortured and brainwashed by Blackfire, but alas we didn’t. I do also know that he has made an appearance or two in the New 52 series as well as in the Rebirth stories so I am rather interesting to see what they have done with him in that continuity.

First Appearances: Batman The Cult #1-2 Review

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to start to cover a few origins for characters that you really don’t get to see in current stories or maybe even down the line I might cover origins for characters that have had a lot of success in one media than another. So for the first one I decided to stick with a subject that I am rather versed in that being the Caped Crusader, Batman, and if I had rescheduled things around I would have managed to make the past two week worth of blogs being all dedicated to Batman. But instead of focusing on one of the more famous villains from Batman’s infamous rouges gallery, I have decided to go with one that is one of the most minor villains that Batman has faced that being Deacon Blackfire and the only time that I had ever heard from him is from Arkham Knight, so lets find out about his first story.

Issue one opens up with child Bruce Wayne noticing a mysterious house that is on the Wayne Estate but instead of going to tell his father about this, but there is something that is attracting him further and further in. He continues to follow down the corridor to a door which he goes through to an underground area where he discovers a trap door and he doesn’t know whether or not to open it and choose not to. The door opens up and reveals The Joker springing up on a platform, like he’s Rey Mysterio, who is also strapped up with sticks of dynamite and he ends up lighting them and holds up Bruce to blow them both up but it ends up being a joke and instead of an explosion of chunks of clown, it ends up being flowers. Bruce gets annoyed with what Joker has done and then we get a really good/weird transformation scene where he ends up getting older and we see him metamorphosing into Batman now wielding an axe and he ends up having enough of Joker and goes to town on him. He goes on to narrate saying that he if this felt so great, he wishes that he could have done it sooner, but he also knows that it is only a dream and that he has been having the same dream all week and that it might be an omen for things to come but he doesn’t believe in omens and we see Batman waking up from his dream and he has been beaten up and handcuffed to a pipe and surrounded by people.

One of the people that has Batman caught up, that he dubs Ratface gives a bit of backstory on Deacon Blackfire and it dates back over 1000 years and has do to with the Native Americans that lived there and they were called the Miagani, something that I also heard in Arkham Knight before this story thanks to Riddler’s spewing it out every few minutes during the game. He goes onto say that Blackfire had arrived to the settlement in which he was there to be the saviour for them, but there appears to be a lot of discontent between him and the chief in which Blackfire proceeds to kill him with a club. The remaining tribesman manage to overpower Blackfire, impaling him with arrows and bound him to a stone pillar and buried him alive in a cave and even carving a totem as a warning to others. Batman doesn’t seem to be buying about the legend of Blackfire and Ratface punches him and a voice off panel tells him that he just needs time to see the light and we see Blackfire arrive in the room. He starts to play the peacekeeper between his group and Batman saying that he will end up becoming part of his underground movement and Batman starts to narrate on how Blackfire is trying to weaken him and that is through making himself doubt himself.

Batman then takes us back to when he first heard about Blackfire showing up in Gotham and that he had set up a mission in Crime Alley and noted that he was pretty ballsy to set up shop there since it is a nefarious part of the city. But Batman realised that it didn’t seem that Blackfire or his mission needed any help so he decided not to put much focus on it, until a bodies start appearing across town and some people are believing that Batman is behind the attacks, which he says to Gordon that he isn’t. Batman also is able to deduce something more as well about, at least this case, there wasn’t one attacker but multiple. Back underground, Ratface opens up on how he was pretty much down trodden and that it was thanks to Blackfire that he is on the up and we see Batman starting to fade more and more and points out what Blackfire’s technique is by having his marks being put into a place that they aren’t familiar with and are held back with the power of suggestion.

In another flashback, Batman is watching a news piece where it is apparent that there seems to be a dip in the homeless population living on the streets on a night time, but there still being a homeless people still around Gotham, which questions him on where they were going on a night. Back underground we get more backstory on tribe that had imprisoned Blackfire and it turns out that they had to move from there home to find another land since the crops that they grew kept withering and that there was no game to hunt, but the more tragic about it was that they were then wiped out by another tribe. Back in another flashback, seriously this first issue seems to have more flashbacks and what Frank Miller’s All Star Batman had, we see a group of individuals killing a guard and rummaging through a truck where they then are beseeched by a group of homeless wielding weapons and then we see in the morning, Batman and the police at the crime scene and it is quite bloody. Most of the bodies are missing heads and arms, but Batman also discovers a trail of blood that he follows to a manhole cover and he does go down to investigate and believes that this is where the homeless populous goes on a night. Back in the present, a different member of Blackfire’s group talks to Batman on how the Dutch that had landed in the bay had separated into two groups and the latter had taken over the land of the Miagani tribe, and had unearthed Blackfire’s tomb, where it is lead for us to believe that he had dealt with them in his own way and we also see Batman being force fed food that he believes to have some sort of agent inside of it to help weaken him mentally.

Back in a flashback, this time closer to Batman’s current situation, he’s out on patrol and he hears a gunshot and discovers two teenagers attacking a vendor and he manages to save the vendor, but Batman gets a bit sloppy and doesn’t realised a thing person there with another gun and he manages to get a shot off at Batman that goes straight through him. The shooter goes for a killing blow on him however he doesn’t pull the trigger as he is struck in the back by somebody throwing a knife and killing him. The person drags Batman away into the sewers and we see where he currently is, hung up by his hands and we see that Blackfire says that Batman has come to them as a sign from God and he welcomes him. Over at the GCPD, Gordon has discovered that Batman has been missing for days now, which asks me why nobody has heard anything from Bruce Wayne during this time, unless Alfred has made up some elaborate ruse to fool people that he is away somewhere. Robin says that he has disappeared like this before, but not for such a long time without a word and Gordon says that they’re in a epidemic as there appears to be a lot of people disappearing in the city and we then see two cops driving around and the city in pretty much deserted.  We continue the tale of Blackfire and discover that he ended up killing the settlers in the village and was spotted by a trapper walking away from there. Batman starts to disrespect the notion that the person was Blackfire, so Ratface picks up a piece of firewood that’s lit and burns him with Blackfire just listening to the screams in the distance and Batman is starting to fade more and more but mentally still trying to hold on.

Elsewhere in Gotham, a guy called Isidro waiting for a woman where he is asked by an old guy walking up to him if he knows a person called Sally. He does and asks what she wants in which the guy says righteous vengeance and two more guys appear behind him with handheld weapons drawn and murder him in the street. Back at the GCPD an officer brings in more case files and shines a large light about the missing people, the first is that there is over 500 missing person cases and the majority of the people that have went missing have police records and that the people that have been reporting them as missing also have a records as well, so you know something is up when people that have had ties to crimes are reporting missing people that have crimes. Back with Blackfire, a woman comes up to Batman and tells him about herself and it’s revealed that she used to be pimped out by Isidro and that one night he thought that she was holding back on him, so he decided to take a straight razor to her face and we see the cuts across her face, and it is pretty ghastly to look at. Blackfire comes up to Batman and says that Isidro won’t be hurting anymore people and Batman says that he had him murdered whereas Blackfire uses the more apt term of execution instead. Batman says what he did was wrong and that instead he should have been left in the charge of the police, but Blackfire states that nothing will happen to them since they would have a higher chance of just getting a slap on the wrist and end up doing the same to somebody else later on down the road. He says that the city above is ‘cesspool’ filled with scum and villainy and that the only thing that can help deal with this problem is God and that is the reasoning why Blackfire is here. He then stabs Batman in the back of the neck with some sort of pin and creates a really freaky looking hallucination for Batman where he sees Blackfire transforming into a weird creature and then we see Batman being turned into a weird green vapour like form. This causes Blackfire and his group to get Batman to walk along the tunnel to an open room where we discover the totem that the Miagani had placed of Blackfire and it seems to be giving off some sort of strange power as when Batman stares at it and starts to turn and says to Blackfire that he sees and collapses with Blackfire telling to take him away and creepily smiling.

Somewhere in Gotham we see a person walking down a street and we get a bit of a backstory for him, basically saying that he grew up on the streets and that he knows how to survive on the streets and that is by bending the rules to his own doing. That being he is a base man for drug running and he doesn’t think that this makes him a criminal, so clearly nothing bad is going to happen to him right, but no. He accidently drops some of his sketches on the sidewalk and when he picks them back up, he is surrounded by several people and murdered. Back over with Blackfire, he is talking with his partner in this escapade called Jake and it is revealed that he is the one that is behind the chemical that is used to keep the people under check. Jake congratulates him on being able on being able to convert Batman and he is happy to have mentally broken the Bat. The two of them head topside with Blackfire that he has watched this city grow from the settlement and he believes that he pretty much owns the town, but to him that was a fantasy but he is about to make that a reality ending the first issue.

Issue two opens another Batman hallucination, but this time it is Two-Face that he is taking on and we see that Batman is also wielding machine gun and guns him down in the process. But that’s not the only weird thing that is happening with Batman in this state, the body of Two-Face actually starts to change into Commissioner Gordon. Batman starts to snap out of the trance-like state that he is in and finds himself with a bunch of Blackfire’s followers where they are killing a bunch of Mafia soldiers. We also get a really cool page of Batman witnessing the acts happening and he looks powerless to do anything and when he does, almost like he is having an out of body experience and doesn’t really know what to do. He tries to interject himself into trying to stop anything more from happening, but it fails, and Jake tells them that it is all over and they are to gather up the dead and then get out of there. Batman then realises what has happened and that he has converted over to Blackfire’s cause and just as they head out, he spots a chicken on a table and he goes over and eats it like he hasn’t seen proper food in years. Jake tells him to drop it and get out and Batman narrates saying that he doesn’t like him, but he has to trust him since he is pretty much Blackfire’s right hand man.

Underground, Jake tells Batman where to sit and he asks him where Blackfire is and he says that he is in his ‘Inner Chamber’ even pointing to it and says that tells him to sit down after punching him in the gut. Batman starts narrating to himself on saying that he wants to strike out against what is happening but for some reason he can’t and that is down to what Blackfire had said to him and then we get even more weirdly designed with Batman sitting around thinking that what has been happening to him is that he has been drugged. Ratface manages to break the trance like state that he is in and tells him that they have a job to do from Blackfire and the strangest thing about this is that Ratface appears to change costumes as when he tells him he is wearing a marching band outfit and when they spot the person he is wearing an angel costume. They spot the target that Blackfire wants taken out all that Ratface knows is that he is supposed to be a pimp, but looking at the person in question to Batman the guy looks like a normal person, however to Ratface he looks like a pimp in a rather elaborate costume. Ratface decides to take things into action and lunges towards the victim with a knife and kills him with Batman too late to react to what had happened, but things start to take a bit of a turn when a police officer appears and tries to apprehend Ratface. Batman manages to stir from where he was getting the attention of the officer, which gives Ratface time to try and attack him with the knife, but Batman this time manages to intercept and takes down Ratface. The officer thanks Batman for the save and also tries to inform him that they have been looking for him for a while and he tries to take him to Gordon to find out what happened, Batman punches him out and goes to find something to eat.

Back in the sewers, Blackfire is informed by Jake on what has happened saying that Batman and Ratface had headed up top so that he could go and kill a neighbour that he hated. He then asks how Batman is holding up, to which Jake says that he is doing okay, but he due a booster on the treatment that they give them and Blackfire is getting anxious about how long it is taking Ratface to get back believing that he could be arrested by police and may spill things about the operation as he was a willing devotee and not a drugged one. Back over with Batman, we find him smashing through the window of a deli to eat at the food there and also narrates on his current state and says that he needs to get somewhere quiet. Over with Ratface he is spilling his guts to the GCPD and reveals the plan that Blackfire is planning on for running in politics since he has his followers going out and killing low life’s and crooks to make Gotham a safer place. Back with Batman, he ends up in a park, where he starts tripping even more and it seems that he is dealing with withdrawal symptoms from whatever drug Blackfire and Jake had him on and when he tries to walk away, he them starts to erode away into a gloop.

Over with Blackfire, he finds out that Ratface has ratted him out and there is now warrant out for his arrest, Blackfire is rather seemingly taking this well as he is now planning on moving the timescale of his plan up further than before. We get more new splices with people being all for what the Blackfire has been doing and also that Gordon’s office is now going to be under investigation after it had been discovered that Batman had joined Blackfire’s group. This is a good cut through to another scene and we are now in Gordon’s office and he thinks that what they are reporting about Batman is pretty bull, but Robin still thinks that he is still that he is being held captive by Blackfire and is going to head down to find him, to Gordon’s distain. Back over with Batman he scares off a couple that is having a picnic in the park and eats their eggs, the weirdest thing that I don’t understand about this is that you have Batman punching a cop, breaking into a deli and scaring people and nobody EVEN THE OFFICER goes to the police to say that Batman is doing this. Yes I would understand if it was during the morning when Batman broke into the deli, but for people to be out and about in the morning in a park wouldn’t they have noticed something up with a guy that was heavily beaten up wondering around the park or are the residents of Gotham just that ignorant to not notice things like that. He starts to contemplate more about what has happened and he is ashamed to let what has happened to him. He knows that returning home with his tail between his legs isn’t the way to go, but going for a full on collision with Blackfire will be his only way to get him back to what he used to be and we see him transform into this weird looking golden warrior.

Back over with Blackfire he is preaching to his followers and says that the administration doesn’t care about their citizens and only focuses on the criminals. He says that he has the numbers to pretty much help take over and that they must get control of the city and the congregation rejoices as we see Batman is there within the ranks. He manages to make his way through the group and makes his way into Blackfire’s inner sanctum where it is decorated rather lavishly and rather expensive with Batman coming to the conclusion that Blackfire was getting money out of people as well so that he could afford this life style of his. He makes his way out of the room however he is whacked in the back of the head with a slap-jack and Blackfire is disappointed to see that the drug has worn off and has him taken away to be killed with Robin, in disguise who had made his way down earlier, watching from a distance.

Over with Gordon, he is talking with the Mayor about what has been happening and he has faith in Gordon that he can get the case solved before anything worse can happen, however as he drives away his car explodes, then over with another member of the city council he gets killed by a runaway garbage truck. A news report address what else has happened and it is revealed that the entire city council had been taken out by Blackfire’s followers and that representative of Blackfire has addressed them saying that they hadn’t committed the previous attacks and are willing to volunteer what they can with the chaos that they have created, but Commissioner Gordon turns that down and he claims Blackfire is the one that is responsible for what has happened, but he doesn’t have any proof to back up. Batman is continued walking through the sewers as it is starting to help him get his mind back on the correct path and he manages to take on quite a few of them, even with being bound with a chain. He falls into the running water and they shoot at him and only stop when they start to see blood rising to the top and they wonder what had happened to the body, with one of them noting that Blackfire is going to be annoyed at them since he wanted the body for the bathing room. They head back to Blackfire and unbeknownst to them, Robin was there, and he jumps into the water to try and rescue Batman.

Back over at the GCPD, Gordon and another officer are waiting on Blackfire’s file and they believe that they aren’t going to get much since that it seems that it is going to either be small or on microfilm due to his age, but they get rather shocked when it comes in a small mail dumpster and they discover that the first report for him comes from the turn of the century to their shock. Back over with Robin he tries to find where Batman had drifted off too where he gets shocked by a pack of rats and it causes Robin to get caught in a current in which he discovers an old off shoot tunnel. The tunnel to Robin seemed to be rather off with it being pitch black and some sort of strange aroma. He calls out for Batman who responds to him saying that they are in hell and that he is there since he needed to be punished because he had lost his faith in Blackfire, Robin tries to walk closer to Batman trying to find him with his voice and he manages to trip over something. He calls out to Robin and he says that he is okay, but the smell seems to be getting stronger and he says that the smell is due to the damned. Robin panics and reaches for his flashlight and he discovers the grim sight of dozens of dried up corpses and Batman announcing welcome to hell. One thing that I don’t understand is this, why didn’t Robin bring out his flashlight when he was able to get is footing before proceeding further into the pitch black tunnel that had a disgusting aroma when your searching for your friend and mentor that has been missing for multiple days. It is one of the less dumb things that I have read in comics, but it does seem more of a common-sense thing to do than anything else. The issue ends with Batman just repeating the same phrasing over and over again.

Overall, the first two issue are okay. I do find the writing to be rather okay in points and I find it rather passible, but the thing that does it for me is the artwork and in several places it is fantastic. The first that I like is the exterior design of the house that the young Bruce heads to, it is very gothic looking and is something that is really eye catching. But the thing that I like even more is the delusions that Batman keeps happening since it is something that is rather trippy and that it has Batman going through some crazy situations. Next time we are going to continue on with this story as we see know Batman can redeem himself and what will become of Deacon Blackfire and his cult.

My Thoughts On: The Mandalorian

When it was announced that Disney would be bringing out a new on demand streaming service, along with brand new series and films to boot. This was one of the shows that caught my interest so much, I did not go into the series being spoiled or pirating it, since the service was not able to view in the UK until March. One of the things that I liked about the Clone Wars and a couple of notable characters from the franchises was that of the Mandalorians, a fierce warrior race that had went through a lot of turmoil throughout the different eras from times before the Clone Wars and through to the end of the Galactic Empire. But let us get focused on what this is about that being The Mandalorian.

The story for the series is rather intriguing as it focuses around our main that is self-titled Mandalorian that just gets called Mando by the people that he works for, the people that he knows and the people that are out to kill him. The journey that he goes through is rather interesting it just starts out as a mission to find a person for a remnant of the Galactic Empire that is after for some sort of project, that I do not even think that we got to find out in the series, he ends up changing his mind about it and decides to take charge of the infant Yoda and protects him from the Empire’s forces. Mando is a pretty badass character, he is good with his weapons as well as being able to improvise when weapon-less with one good scene in episode six where he has been turned on by a crew that he was helping, since they all had beef with him, and imprisoned him in one of the cells. To get out he managed to get the attention of a security droid and use it to escape by ripping off its arm.

The other characters in the show are pretty cool as well and a lot of them are really interesting with the first being Cara Dune, a former Rebel Shock Trooper turned merc. She is rather badass in a lot of the scenes that she is in and she can pull her weight in a fire fight rather well, since she was ex New Republic. Another rather interesting thing is that there is still quite a bit of backstory that they can get out with her in later series as well since we do not know a whole lot about her, since her apparent reason of her leaving was that her role ended up being more of a peacekeeper but what if there was actually more to it. What if there was a reason for her leaving that was just more than a role change and she does not want to say what it is because it created a problem for her. Plus. it was also a rather good role for Gina Carano to play since it is a rather better portrayal than what I saw her in the Fast & Furious films and also when she was in Deadpool. IG-11 was also another good character for the show mainly because he was freaking hilarious and it also helps when he is voiced by Taika Waititi and he pretty much owns that role through the entire series, and I even find him more hilarious when he is reprogrammed to become more of a protector and becomes a guardian for Baby Yoda. It is a shame that he died at the end of the series, but it was a rather noble sacrifice to make and it was also a good call back to the first episode as well, that he would have to self-detonate to make sure his schematics would not fall into enemy hands.

The rouges gallery for the series is also rather interesting since that it seems to focus, like other shows to it an over arcing villain that has minor villains throughout it. The main villains of the show are the remains of the Empire, who we see the most of through several scenes in the first two episodes and then the majority of the last two episodes which really does help book end the show. The only time I can think that there was not that good of a villain for the show would have been the episode that Dune had debuted in since it was more of a group of raiders that had apprehended munitions for the Empire that use to be on the planet and they were using it to attack a village with a AT-ST, which Mando and Dune managed to take down with great tactics, that making it fall over and then blowing it up. Another villain that I thought was rather cool were both in the same episode the first being Fennec Shand an assassin that has a bounty on her head and a bounty hunter called Toro Calican since he was a bait and switch character who was out to prove himself to the guild by bringing in Shand, but he finds out some information from her and then ends up killing her and this does lead to a rather well built story on when where you expecting him to turn on Mando. However, I wish that they had cast somebody better to play Calican because the actor that played him was rather bad and it reminded me of some of the bad acting from the prequel trilogy. But let us end the villains with possibly one of the most interesting characters I have seen in Star Wars for a while and I really hope that they do not screw him over and that is Moff Gideon. We do not know much about him except that he was apart of the ISB and that he has something to do with the downfall of the Mandalorians and he also knows what Mando is actually called Din Djarin. But that is not the only thing that makes him rather interesting, that being after his fight between Mando where he was defeated, he emerges from his destroyed TIE wielding the Darksaber, which has me rather intrigued since that the last time that we saw it was during Rebels with it being in the hands of Bo-Katan as a symbol to unite the clans of Mandalor and to lead them. I am rather intrigued to see what they do with him for the next series since he is a rather interesting character and that there could be a chance that there could be more interesting stories that could come from him since he does seem to be a rather dangerous character.

I am wondering if the latest series is going to run the same as what this series did or are they going to serialise it more with one episode going into another since there did seem to be quite a bit of time that passed between the episodes. But there is something that I wonder if they are ever going to address and this has bothered me ever since I saw him and that is what race is The Child? We have seen Yoda many a time throughout the films and Clone Wars (plus that few cameos from Rebels) and we never knew what his race was, and I do hope that we can figure out what it is. Another thing that I am hoping to see is more about what had happened to Mandalor since that we do not know what happened except for an attack by the Empire with them also acquiring Beskar for some reasoning and also if there were any more surviving people from the attack. I am also curious about what they are going to be doing with Boba Fett since that at the beginning of Return of the Jedi his fate was rather left up in the air since he was supposed to be dead after being killed by the Sarlacc, however I even think that EU stories he managed to survive the attack. Another thing that is interesting is that they also have cast Temuera Morrison as Boba since he did portray Jango in the prequels.

I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with the series, with the casting that they have done for established characters and also seeing what new characters that they are going to debut.

Batman/ Elmer Fudd #1 Review

Back in 2017, DC and Warner Bros did a collaboration of one-shot series featuring DC characters in stories with Looney Toon characters. Some of them really did make sense for example Marvin the Martian/ Martian Manhunter and Harley Quinn/Gossamer however there were a few that I though did not seem that it could mix well such as Lex Luthor/Porky Pig and Lobo/Roadrunner. But this was a one that I thought was a rather mix since that Elmer Fudd was more renowned for being pretty much a joke and usually getting one-upped by Bugs Bunny on several occasions. So, let us see what happens when he goes up against Batman.

Our story opens up in a rainy Gotham City, a usual thing, and we have Elmer Fudd narrating in the same way that he normally does in the cartoons in which he says that he is hunting rabbits and is heading off to Porky’s, in Gotham which is a bar. There he discovers Bugs, who in this version along with the rest on the animalistic versions of the Looney Toon characters are humanised with elements in which you notice who they are supposed to be and with Bugs it comes to the face and his liking of carrots. Bugs asks him if he is there to kill him and he says that he is, and he tries to persuade Elmer that he did not do what he apparently did but he still wants to shoot him. We also get a page where we see the bar is also filled with other Looney Toon characters including Yosemite Sam who looks like a biker and Taz who looks like a thug that is beating up somebody. Bugs says to him that he does have something to trade in exchange for not killing him and that is revealing the name of the person that did the actual murder, Bruce Wayne.

We then find out what had happened, and it is revealed that Elmer Fudd was apparently dating Silver St Cloud and she reveals that she cannot love Elmer the same because she apparently still loves Bruce Wayne, who she has had an on/off relationship for years in the comics. Elmer drives up to Wayne Manor under the intention of giving back the phone of a rider in his car, but it was a bit of a ruse so he can get in, confronting Bruce Wayne and shooting him with his concealed shotgun and killing him, leaving him for dead. Elmer heads off and we see Batman following him back to his apartment and we see bits of a flashback where he is with Silver and a pool of blood with a carrot. There is a knock at his door but when he checks there is nobody there, but then we see Batman standing behind him and then we get a few cool pages of a fight between the two of them with Elmer showing how capable he is with a gun and also being able to stay even hand-to-hand well with Batman as well. He says that Wayne deserved to die for what he had apparently did to Silver and Batman gets right in his face and ask what the connection is between Wayne and Silver, which Elmer explains saying that he loved Silver and when Bruce found out he killed her, which led him to kill Wayne.

Elmer and Batman head back to Porky’s where we discover through narration that the two of them shared information first with Elmer telling what Bug’s had knew and Batman saying that Wayne survived the attack and that he did not send anybody to kill Silver. The two head into the bar where they manage to get into a fight with everybody in the bar and manage to take everyone down with out that much of a sweat to get to Bugs and Batman asks why he had killed Silver for the big reveal to come that Silver was not dead and it was just a ruse, leading to Batman and Elmer shocked by the reveal. Silver reveals the reasoning behind her apparent death and that being Wayne was becoming dangerous and when she went to Fudd the same thing ended up happening. She said that she wanted to leave and that was when she decided to make up with Bugs to help cover her tracks by saying if Elmer came asking what had happened to her to blame it on Wayne since they both like danger. Silver then leaves Porky’s with the two of them looking rather dumbfounded and them all drinking carrot juice ending on Porky saying his famous catchphrase.

Overall, the story is rather okay and that is all I can say. The writing for it is okay I just wish that it had went on a little bit longer instead of adding on a back story that was pretty much just a reworked version of Rabbit Fire, but with Batman being replace by Daffy Duck. I think that more of it could have been expanded on and also seeing what could happen in another story. The thing that I do praise well for the story is the art work, it is well done and seeing the humanistic version of the Loony Toon characters is also really well done for this story and I hope that the other stories do it well. That being said just from the cover of the Lex Luthor/Porky Pig story it may go for a review in the future.

Batman: Arkham Knight Volume 1 Review

A few years ago, I did a review of the prequel comic to Batman Arkham City, in which it helped fill the backstory a bit for the videogame in which it showed how Joker and Penguin pretty much got into power of their areas that they control. It was a rather good comic book, the pacing was good, the story was interesting, and the art was also passible, so let us see what happens in the prequel to Batman Arkham Knight.

The story opens up right after the events of the ending of Arkham City with Batman bringing out the corpse of The Joker, who had died in the battle that Batman had with Clayface. Gordon asks Batman what had happened, but he says nothing placing him on the hood of a police car and then just grapples away. As he is gliding back to the Batcave he gets zapped out of the sky revealing it to be a new Electrocutioner, but this is not the same one from Arkham Origins, but a new one that was apart of the crew that he ran with. Batman manages to take out the new Electrocutioner by shoving a freeze grenade in his mouth and detonating it, he contacts Oracle and informs her that he had came across another villain to inform Gordon where he is. However, as he heads away a figure appears up to the Electrocutioner II and talks to him about how Batman’s time is coming to an end, before shooting him in the head and that is our first introduction to the Arkham Knight.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred are talking about what has been happening, giving a small bit of exposition saying that they have started the clean up of Arkham City and that Gordon has assigned Cash into the GCPD, as we see him in the game working in the GCPD. Alfred then also suggests that Bruce also should do something about helping with it since that with the way that Gotham is, there has not been many people that are giving help out and that Gotham needs Bruce Wayne now than they do need Batman. Over with the coroners, they are performing the autopsy on The Joker, in which one of the coroners is freaking out that they are working on The Joker and the other tries to do her job and discovers that there is a second layer of skin. This ended up revealing a hidden flash drive, but then a laughing sound comes out of the body, unleashing The Joker’s integrated toxin into the room, killing the two doctors and a note on it saying ‘do not open till x-mas’.

A few nights later, Batman is in Arkham City taking down Tweedle Dee & Dum when Alfred tells him that he should hurry and get some sleep because he has a rather big meeting at Wayne Tower. At the meeting Bruce is talking about what has been happening to the city over the past few months and saying that the ex-mayor had created quite a bit of turmoil with putting a open prison in the city and letting the ‘guards’ that he had let the criminals run wild. But Bruce has a came up with a plan to help restore Gotham to what it was once and hopes that others will join him to help the cause. Lucius is rather amazed that Bruce decided to do with meeting instead of him, but he things that it would sound better coming form him. He then asks Lucius to phone Gordon because he was rather disappointed that he had not turned up for the meeting, but Lucius believes that it was the people that had power that was the reasoning behind why Arkham City had happened. Back at the Batcave Batman is sitting in front of the computer talking with Alfred, until a message comes across, through all of the channels, that the Joker has sent out a video message, and The Penguin sees this it, but he has other things on his mind as he has hired the duo of Hammer and Sickle to help him attack Wayne Enterprises.

Over with Batman, he is heading over to Arkham Asylum, and talking to Oracle, since that he had a separate message from The Joker that was not broadcast to anyone else and that he apparently has bombs placed around Gotham City. Oracle says that she will try to get cracking on the frequencies of the bombs, but Batman says that she should not since that if any of them get tampered with they will all detonate. He says that he has Nightwing and Robin focused on protecting the Joker’s body since that there is a bounty on it to have it returned to Harley and that he is going to be going into the Asylum, turning off his communication, telling her that if he doesn’t hear from him in twenty minutes to assume the worst.

Not only is Batman at the Asylum, but it appears that the Arkham Knight has also arrived and he narrates basically saying that he is going to get to Batman his way and on his terms. He also reveals that Joker had managed to get Clayface to move the bombs from Arkham City and have them transferred to the Asylum, with the Joker to have the attention to kill Batman in the Asylum. Batman heads into a room and the door closes on itself and we see the Arkham Knight trying to open the door, but it won’t budge and the building explodes and the Knight is the only one that looks like that he is able to survive the explosion and discovers a book left over by The Joker that has his interest. Meanwhile somewhere in Gotham, a person is listening to a scanner where he discovers that the Asylum has been destroyed and that the Joker was apparently behind it and he starts playing a recorder. The figure then says that since Arkham City has fallen, things are about to get good, revealing it to be Scarecrow.

At the Gotham Docks, a guy is being assaulted by a Joker thug, but he is taken out by Batman rising from the waters. He manages to get a change of clothes and phones Gordon saying that its time for them to meet and then calling Alfred to have him drop a new suit off. He meets Gordon outside of Gotham where he has the Jokers body and he reveals the memory drive and hands it over to see what it had on and they see that the body is cast into the incinerator ending the threat of Joker once and for all. Batman has Alfred upload the contents onto a protective drive and discovers a file on there called ‘The Last Will and Testament of the Joker’ ending issue one.

Issue two opens up with the Joker recoding a video message to Batman and it is rather goofy as all giving himself his own special origin that takes a lot of from the origins of Superman, Batman and even Nightwing, with his parents being killed in the circus. He the rest of what is shares is just rather boring if you have played through the games since that it basically just back tracks through the story between he and Batman. Batman and Alfred get talking but he gets interrupted by a phone call in which Gordon phones saying that Joker has gotten to him and he starts laughing, Cash runs into the office and calls for one of the officers to get medical help, in which he notes that Gordon has already called somebody. Batman comes crashing through the window and pulls Gordon from the room and says for them to call New Blackgate to get ready for him. At Blackgate, we see Harley talking away to a pillow and wants to try and get out of there and Batman arrive and breaks her out of prison.

The three of them arrive at Joker’s Fun-Land inside of Arkham City and he takes Harley inside the main hideout. She demands an answer from him, and he says that he is starting to get sick of playing games and that he wants to know if there is a cure for whatever is happening to Gordon. Harley starts to have a change of heart and decides to help Batman and tells him where she was working on an anti-toxin and Batman threatens her if she is lying, but it seems that she is turning over a new leaf. He heads down to the sub-basement and discovers barrels of Joker Toxin and we get a flashback to Harley and Killer Croc striking up a deal, in which Croc can get his hands-on Batman for what had happened in the Asylum. Somewhere in Gotham, Penguin is hold up reading a newspaper where he finds out that Mister Hammer has a lead on Scarecrow, because he wants him on his side, and he says that Harley is waiting downstairs for him. Croc seems to be getting the upper hand on Batman when Cash calls in to see what is happening and when Cash says that he is dealing with Croc, he wants to head down, but Batman insists that he stays with Gordon, even when they get surrounded by a group of Joker thugs.

Back in the underground Batman manages to get an upper hand on Croc and he threatens to pour the cure away, but Croc gets distracted by Cash who had made his way down to where Batman was. Batman dives into the water and manages to give a surprise attack on Croc by throwing the last cryo-grenade that Batman had got from Mr Freeze and he then opens up one of the cannisters and drowns Gordon in the cure which cures Gordon of the Joker Toxin. Back over with Penguin, he lets Harley up, and we see her in the costume that she sports in the videogame, she reveals to him that Batman and Gordon could be dead, but the are not, and reveals that she knows where Joker has secret weapons around the city. Penguin however says that he does not have any plans that revolve around Harley being any help, but she insists on helping by calling him partner ending the issue.

Issue three opens on what I believe could be Blackgate, since the design looks rather similar to what design it has, and we see what appears to be Bane held up. We then cut away from what just happened to see two goons in masks stopping in a car and revealing that they have kidnapped two people, but before they can do anything nefarious to them, the Arkham Knight steps in who manages to easily take them down and then burns the book that he found in the previous issue and it contained a list of people that the Joker had scared, and he then just walks off into the night. Later Bruce is giving a speech at the site of where the months ago he stood against Arkham City and he is promising to help build a new Gotham for the people. He talks with Gordon after the speech and he seems to be doing better after the altercation with the Joker toxin and that he does not know if he is going to stick to his guns and keep with what he had said and then goes to leave. Bruce says to Lucius for him to head to the GCPD and basically give them what they need, but before anything more can be said an attack happens injuring several people in the process. One of the thugs manages to get up onto the stage and has a gun pointed at Bruce and tries to threaten him with it, only for Bruce to then get the upper hand, taking down the gun man and then runs off to get suited up, where he notices Simon Stagg and saves them from a thug, that we can see more dressed as the Harley thugs.

Bruce manages to easily takes down the enemies and gets changed into the Batsuit where he then tells Lucius to get him to send a back-up car in case he needs to make a getaway. As he is able to send a message to Alfred, Harley breaks into his car and steals the tablet. Harley manages to escape from Batman during the attack and brings the tablet back to Penguin, along with Lucius’s finger. Meanwhile in Chinatown, Mr Hammer and Cpt Sickle manage to find one of The Joker’s hidden places and they discover a hidden section in the room behind a mirror. That being a room with a scarecrow Batman hanging up. Batman checks on Lucius and he is doing okay, Oracle then calls in asking if he is okay and he says that he is, also thinking that what Harley did was rather off character for her, but with the Joker’s death, it most likely changed the way that she operates. Oracle then switches over to what he said about the press conference and it basically comes off like he is going to run for mayor. Back over with the twins, they realised that they have found the Scarecrow’s lair and decide to bring him in to restore their family name, until something strange happens, their father appears and attacks them. This turns out to be all a fear toxin attack by Scarecrow who has them strapped to tables saying that Penguin should be worried about what he is trying to uncover.

Over at the Batcave, Robin is training against the Batcomputer against a hologram version of Deadshot and he manages to defeat him, but Batman thinks that he is rather sloppy. Batman mentions that he is going to be away for a short time with Lucius, saying that they are going to be heading to a tech conference and he decides to give Robin a rather difficult new hologram system to train against when he is away. That being Killer Croc, Bane and Clayface, believing that Robin is getting a bit sloppy when he was facing the hologram of Deadshot and he decides to set him up against three villains that are rather unpredictable. But during him setting up the holograms, Batman also deletes the file for the Joker. Over at Blackgate, we see the reason why Bane is there and we discover that members of the staff have found canisters of Venom and have been injecting it into Bane, giving him back his strength and also giving him people for his new group ending the issue.

Issue four opens with Bruce and Lucius arriving in Germany on a plane where he says that they are going to have a relaxing time with everything that has been happening, to then only cut over to the next page where we see Lucius ties onto the hood of a car that is being chases by Batman, who manages to save him before crashing into a sidewalk about to collide with a child. After he save Lucius he notes that the person that they were there to meet, Zimmer, was also kidnapped and also in the boot of the car. They head to Zimmer’s building where he is going over the information about a new vehicle for Batman and that there are going to be a lot of additional experimental additions to it. Back on the plane, Lucius informs him that the new car will be there in a week, Bruce informs him that there does not seem to be that much hope in outside investors to help fund anything new for Gotham as it seems nothing much has prospected from previous investments. Lucius says that for to make more people invest in Gotham, Bruce should head back and make it worthy for investment.

Back over with Penguin he is awoken by the returning Abramovici, where they have a message for him, and also revealing that Cpt Sickle has been stuffed and attached to Mr Hammer’s side. Harley is getting annoyed about not being able to access Wayne’s tablet since that it is set up that if Lucius does not access it every fifteen minutes or so, it wipes itself. Penguin on the other hand apparently did manage to get some information off the table before the wipe had happened and all that he got was a date and a location so he has Harley call the Tweedle brothers to take on the job.

Over with Batman he manages to take down a minor newcomer in the form of Kid Shark, who is out after revenge for his father King Shark who had apparently been killed in the sort of tie in film Batman: Assault on Arkham. He manages to find that Gordon was there to accidently distract Kid Shark and reveals the reason that he is there alone is that there was a Harley Quinn spotting near by him and he was heading there after he finished his shift. Back over with the Penguin, he is at one of the ‘hospital’ areas in Arkham City where he brings in the Tweedle brothers and gives them a new upgrade, but he also brings in a third for his group and we see his plan starts as we the brothers rappel down onto a moving truck.  Over with Lucius and Bruce they are talking about the car and then Lucius gets a phone call about the attack that has just taken place and tells them not to phone the police, so Bruce heads out with the Batplane to intercept them.

Dee and Dum set out their secret weapon, which turns out to be a ‘cousin’ called Tweedle Die, who they set Batman. The two of them have a fight on top of the crate and it does seem that Die has the upper-hand but Batman manages to overpower him and head breaks into the container where he breaks out of it with the new Batmobile, that we see and get to play in the game. Batman manages to take out Dee and Dum from the helicopter and has it land on a rooftop. He drops the three of them off at the GCPD and the cops are confused on why they are alive, which raises the questions to Batman, apparently there is a rumour going around that Batman is offing criminals, with the first being the Electrocutioner, and Batman drives off into the night. A few hours later, in the holding cells, all of the Tweedle’s are killed by the Arkham Knight ending the issue.

Overall, the first four issues are just alright. The story does have a rather different feel to it than what the game does have, and it seems that there are some elements that do not make sense, but apparently there are parts that are non-canon. The writing for the series is okay through the most part, and it also does help when the writer for the book was Peter J Tomasi, who had worked on a lot of DC titles with also working on Batman titles mainly the New 52 title Batman & Robin. The only other good thing that I can talk about it that the artwork is rather well done since it is really well done and I think that the designs are well done.

My Thoughts On: Star Trek Picard

When I heard that there was going to be a new Star Trek television series being produced, I was over the moon and when I heard that it was going to be based around Jean Luc Picard I was ecstatic. I waited to see when it was going to be released and I didn’t read into anything about the series because I wanted to go into the series not knowing much and the only other thing that I knew about it was that there was going to be alum cast members as well.

There are several things that I do like about this show, the first thing that I like is that the feeling that I got from the first episode. I felt so glad and happy when I saw the scenes that had Picard and Data in it was very nostalgic as well as the scene where Picard heads to a storage place in which we see a load of Easter Egg’s with a nice one being the Captain Picard Day banner. Another scene that I liked about the first episode was when Picard was trying to help Dahj dealing with her problems and we see the empathy that he is showing that he wants to do right even if she doesn’t want to ruin his life with what has happened.

One of the things that helped me enjoy the nostalgia for the show was the episode where Picard and Soji have escaped the Borg Cube and travelled across space to arrive at the planet where Riker and Troi now live. Not only was this a great episode, but it also built up a lot of good elements for the rest of the show, the first being Soji learning to deal with being a synthetic since that she is still trying to wrap her processers around it, which she does and in that she also discovers where her home planet is. The second thing that I like about this episode the dynamic between Picard and Riker, it seems like that it hasn’t changed since the last time they were together and we see Picard getting help on how to open up more to Soji and also the revelation that Picard is starting to breakdown physically.

The enemies of the show for this season are the Romulans, but this time it is more of a select group of them than the entire race that is against them and they are out to take out Synthetics because they believe that they will be the downfall of the universe and all races so if they take them all out it would be one less threat for them to also deal with. The main villains are rather interesting as they are brother and sister, Narik and Narissa and they also have rather key roles in both Star Fleet as well as in the Borg Cube which gives them a lot of access to different places. Out of the two of them Narek is the one that does seem to be the lesser of two evils as he does seem to be a rather nice villain, if that makes any sense, as he does start to have feeling for Soji. Narissa on the other hand I really didn’t like that much, but I can’t really say why I don’t like her, the actress that plays her does play her well, but I really just didn’t care that much about her. Another character that I found that I really didn’t like was Oh, a higher ranked member of Starfleet and one of the people behind the Zhat Vash and boy does she really does suck, I found her to be rather boring. The biggest things that she does is she brainwashes Dr Jurati to assassinate Bruce Maddox then reveal to them the home world of the synths, then she commences an attack on said planet with a fleet of Romulan forces to a loosing effort when help arrives.

The last three episodes of the series however is where I do have the most mixed feeling about since there is a lot to go over by. I do on the other hand have a few good bits to say about it, first it is really well directed since there is a lot of emotion that goes on with the scenes. The first being the crew arriving on Coppelius since they don’t know what to expect when they get there, there is a lot of tension, they got attacked by giant flowers when they arrived out of the wormhole. The next is the shock, in a way, for Picard when they arrive at the settlement since he pretty much sees a ghost, as we are introduced to Altan Inigo Soong, who was the son of the creator of Data. Everything seems to be going rather well until Sutra melds with Jurati and learns about the message that Oh had shared to her, but Sutra thinks that this is a message that synthetic life is going to destroy the organic life and plans on calling them to help them deal with the attacking Romulans and this creates a lot of dread for the second part of the finale.

One thing that I did find rather interesting though is that the series also introduced a rather unique McGuffin into the show that was revealed by Altan and that being he and Bruce had been working on a golem that was still needing work and Jurati decided to finish the project as a way to make sure that Bruce’s legacy would be able to continue. I originally thought that this was going to be a way that they would have brought Data or a form of Data back into the show since that in the books that I have been reading, that are completely non-canon from the shows, is what happened to Data, but with his father deleting his own conscious so that Data could live anew. This wasn’t the case in hand, but they do end up building something more amazing from the start of the series, with Picard health condition that has been causing more problems for him and he also knows it. The sacrifice that Picard makes in the show, knowing that he is going to die and he need to make sure that they have enough time to hope that help is going to arrive and that the Romulans wont be able to advance any further. But with them transferring his consciousness into the golem, it did feel a bit of a let-down, but since that there was going to be a second series there was no way that they were going to kill off the title character.

Overall, I think that Star Trek Picard is an alright series to watch. It is Patrick Stewart at his best, for at least me, a few years with this being up there with his performance in Logan being in the top five performances for me. There are a few problems with it from writing, there is a lot of times where there is a bit of profanity this is mainly because you usually don’t see much when it comes to Star Trek. The other problem is that I thought that having the Romulans being so deep when it comes to power be rather strange, for instance Oh was the was a commodore in Starfleet and she was told by the Admiral to look into Picard’s claim of a covert Romulan attacks. I am looking forward to see what they do with series two and I am hoping that we do get to see a few more returning characters from TNG, even for a few scenes, just because it would be nice to see what had happened to them after the events of Nemesis and if they are still alive.

Venom/ X-Men: Poison X Review

A few months ago, I had reviewed the first part of a trilogy of a series that revolves around Venom with the first part taking place during Venom-Verse, that being its own miniseries resolving on an alternate Earth in which Doctor Strange had called alternate versions of Venom to take down a new threat called the Poisons. This was a rather fun story to read and I discovered that they continued on with the series a few weeks after I had read the story, but this takes place in universe.

Part one of the story begins in the pages of X-Men: Blue Annual 1. On the planet Klyntar, the home planet of the Symbiotes, a person is hunting down a bunch of Symbiotes for a buyer. Back on Earth in Mandripoor, the young Cyclops in talking with his dad, Corsair, who is checking up on him. Things seem to be going alright until Corsair’s ship is attacked by tendrils and his team is taken down quickly. Cyclops asks what is happening and his dad replies giving him the location of where they are in space and the feed ends with the face of a Symbiote. Marvel Girl rushes out to Cyclops since they are mentally linked, and she goes to comfort him and comes up with the starting of a plan to go out and help.

Over in New York, Eddie is observing a arms deal taking place and the Symbiote is warning him about the weapons that they have. One cool thing about this page before I head on with the rest is the way that the page is designed, there are five panels that are separated with webbing instead of either plain white spacing over the panels overlapping on a background image. The strangest thing about this is that this is the only time that it appears in the entire story and you never see it again anywhere else. It would have been nicer to see that than just a bunch of white spaces in the comic. He drops in on the group and starts taking them down, and just as a flame gauntlet user was about to fire at him, he is knocked back by a blast and the Symbiote picks up that there are five new people there that are not hostile. Venom says that he had this under control revealing that Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Ice Man and Angel wanting his help. Eddie passes on in and Cyclops keeps trying to persuade him by bringing up the Symbiotes and he does not want to deal with the young X-Men team, and he is not interested in helping them. Marvel Girl and Cyclops decide to go back to plan A and they decide to take him down by force, but it is not the X-Men that is able to take him down, but his Symbiote instead, sending him to sleep.

Back over with Corsair and his Starjammers, he wakes up to find himself and his team have been cuffed, believing that the bandits had attacked them to pick them up on bounties that they have, but Corsair isn’t having any of it and manages to break out of his cuffs, only for him the to get taken down by a symbiote and revealing a team of them. The leader of the team introduces themselves to the Starjammers with them called Hexxer, Tord and Killer Thrill, which do sound like some of the more 90’s name I have heard in modern times and they reveal that they do plan on selling them to somebody. Back over with the Venom and the X-Men, Eddie wakes up to find himself in a containment tube, where his Symbiote tells him that he was the one that had knocked him out and that Beast had performed some examinations on him when he was out to Eddie’s distain and he says that when he gets out of there, he is going to eat their brains. Cyclops apologies for what had happened and the Symbiote is trying to make him pay attention to him and that they want the same as what the X-Men want, to save their families. Eddie says that the Symbiote is not the problem here and that it is the person that is wearing it and even though that they have been studying him for weaknesses it would not help them when it comes to fighting the person. Cyclops lets Eddie out of the cell and when he overhears a conversation where the word ‘Life Support’ comes in he discovers that they are arriving at a space port.

Marvel Girl sets up a short-range psi sweep so that they are able to communicate with other aliens, but it only works in proximity to her. They are able to find the Starjammers and they board it to find it rather wrecked and out it looks like that there are no survivors, what appears to be the closest design on a Cybermat crossed with a dragonfly pops out of a vent to inform them that the crew is alive. Sikorsky relays what he saw and that they were Klyntar Symbiotes being used as biological weapons and that seems to worry Eddie and his Symbiote. Eddie says that this is rather bad news for them and he recommends that they get the actual X-Men to help with this instead of kids, but Cyclops says that they do not have time to get help and that they need to stop the people that did this. They leave the ship and Eddie says that they are going to get killed and that he is going to have to look after them as well. They walk into a bar to get information about what had happened, and Eddie tells them one of the weaknesses that they will need to exploit that being fire and sonics. They go to ask questions to the bartender, but he says that he knows what he is going to say is going to put him in trouble when he points out Eddie with them and says that they are after two people. The first being somebody called Haze Mancer and before he can say the other, they get interrupted by a group of symbiote clad bounty hunters, ending the issue.

In the next issue from X-Men Blue, the bounty hunters say that they have been hearing that there have been people out looking for them and they then get into a fight. Cyclops gets impaled by tendrils from one of the symbiote, but he keeps on fighting saying that they know what they have done with his dad and he wants to know where he is. Angel flies him out and Eddie covers them to get back to the ship and he manages to web up the door, which is able to keep them at bay somehow, and he notices that there is a person that is watching him and the team since they arrived at the spaceport. Eddie grabs him and wants to get answers on who was behind the Symbiotes and that he has to start talking quick since Marvel Girl’s link is starting wear off. Back over with the X-Men, they are making their way through a market trying to find safety so that they can patch up Cyclops taking him into a nearby hut, with Jean suggesting for a person to leave. She says that she can help with his problems by using her abilities to help him, but it would only be a temporary measure. Hank thinks that he might be able to help with his magical abilities, but Iceman nixes the idea saying that he has more of a chance to do more damage. Angel says that he does not think that they had been followed allowing for Eddie to show up in the shadows. He says that it was easy to follow them, being humans walking through an alien spaceport, he also says that they need to take the fight to them and he knows where to start looking, with a panel then showing that he had interrogated the person by pulling off his appendages. Since that Eddie has the information that they need Cyclops decides to go as well, with Eddie starting to like him, even though there is a chance that he is going to die because of it.

On the bounty hunters ship, Killer Thrill is torturing Corsair and his team, but it seems that they only reason that she is doing it is because that she needs to fuel up. A person walks in with a half symbiote on him and informs that the offers are in and that the Brood are willing to pay for big for them. She tells him to call in the team to head off to Brood space. Back over with Venom and the X-Men, Eddie takes them to what appear to be storage containers where he says that they are after a person called Haze Mancer, who turns out is a arms dealer and his says that they need to go in and hit him fast and to keep him alive so that they can get information from him about what he knows. Inside, Mancer is talking to a group of robots telling them about the symbiotes when Eddie drops in and knocks out one of the robots and Mancer making note that Venom was one of the symbiotes that he had caught, but it had ran off which peeks the interest of Eddie. The X-Men crash in and note that Mancer is trafficking symbiotes as weapons, Angel flies off towards take somebody down, but he gets knocked into a container of symbiotes cracking the tube and letting them out. Mancer manages to take down Eddie with a sonic gun, but his attention is then turned over to the X-Men, who have all been bonded with a symbiotes ending the issue. I got to say though I do like the design of the symbiote X-Men for Angel, Hank and Iceman since they do look rather unique and show of their designs a lot better than what they do for Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

The next part of the story continues in the pages of Venom, and we see what happened just before the team up shot as the symbiote starts to bond with Cyclops with Eddie narrating about what the process is like when a symbiote starts the bonding process with its host. He then brings up that the X-Men did kidnap him so that they could find out more information of the symbiotes so that they could defeat them in a fight and we see the X-Men coming to grips with their newly acquired abilities.

Mancer keeps bringing up that the symbiote that Eddie is bonded to is one of the ones that he had previously captured, but even the symbiote does not know who he is. The X-Men are dealing with the robots showing off their new abilities in the process, but they still need some work with them. Mancer keeps beating up Eddie and says that he is going to kill his ‘friends’ and take the symbiotes off with their new awesome powers. The X-Men then decide to focus on fighting Mancer when the last of the buyers run off, and since Mancer is accustomed to dealing with symbiotes, he easily is able to take the down. Venom manages to knock him down and it looks like that he is going to kill him, but Marvel Girl tells him to stop and says that the X-Men do not kill and she even shows that she has some control over the symbiote by retracting it from her head and Eddie says that he is not a X-Man and says that he does things his way. Cyclops chimes in saying that he is right, but they are going to do things his way and he wants to find out what had happened to his father and then Eddie can do whatever he want to him after they get what they want. Hank notes that Cyclops’s symbiote is angry and he feels it in his as well, Eddie holds up Mancer and asks him to say what he knows. Mancer keeps steeping around giving any information to the team and he tries to raise the ire of the team, but Marvel Girl steps in and uses her abilities to probe into his mind and finds something useful, Mancer had modified the symbiotes with tracking devices and Hank is able to find the location of the bounty hunters.

Over with the bounty hunters, one of them informs Killer Thrill about the X-Men in the spaceport that are looking for Corsair and his team. He also talks about the symbiote that was with them and also believes that he was also from Earth as well. She has Corsair brought in which she tells him about what had happened at the spaceport, in which she reveals that about the abilities that they had, and he lets slip that they are the X-Men. Killer Thrill says that she has heard of them before and also mentions that Naga had wounded one of them, and he then lets slip again saying Scott and that leads Killer Thrill to enjoy in the fact that they have hurt Corsair even more by hurting his son. Corsair then says that they better have made sure that they did kill his son, or that he would be coming for them, which Thrill likes the sound of.

Back over with the X-Symbiotes, Eddie is rather annoyed that they chose not to kill Mancer but instead hand him over to the authorities, but they chose to do the correct thing for them. Eddie says that they are too emotional and that they should sever the bonds that they have with their symbiotes, because they have served their purposes and that it will start to get dangerous and Cyclops tries to step up to Eddie but Marvel Girl intervenes. She pulls the pros and the cons out of what they are both saying, that they symbiotes are affecting them emotionally and that his symbiote is mad at what Mancer did to their species, but their symbiotes are not going to leave until they find the symbiotes that Mancer had sold. Hank checks in on the ship, called Danger, to see how the repairs are going and they were going okay, but since they had to head out to give chase to the bounty hunters so not everything is going well. Angel suggests that they should contact Magneto and Danger informs that that a message was already relayed to Magneto to the annoyance of Eddie who says that they do not kill when Magneto had committed many atrocities and says that people do not change unless you force them to. Over to a prison where they are holding Mancer, someone had breached the building and starts taking out guards with spikes and tendrils. The figure asks him if he was Haze Mancer and a hunter, but Mancer says that he is out of that business now since the altercation that he had with the X-Men, but the figure is revealed as a Poisoned Kraven the Hunter who says that he is going to help him with one last hunt ending the issue.

Back in the pages of X-Men Blue, the bounty hunters have arrived in Broodspace looking forward to getting their reward for Corsair and his team but their ship ends up getting hit by something, Killer Thrill tells one of her crew to find out what it is and we see a giant chunk of ice has crashed into them. The crew note that this is the only thing that is keeping that area of the ship pressurised and that they notice something moving in the ice, which leads to the X-Men and Venom crashing through and Marvel Girl manages to get control of some of the crew to relay that everything is fine. They web up the crew that are not taken over by symbiotes and Cyclops wants to get some answers from one of them, but Marvel Girl decides to use her abilities to get him to talk and she finds out where the status of the Starjammers and that they are safe. Cyclops decides to split the team in two, with one team going after his dad’s team and the other going after the symbiotes. Hank suggests that they take care of the crew, Eddie suggesting that they kill them, but Angel knocks them into the iceberg and Iceman refreezes it over and the team splits into two, Cyclops heading off on his own to rescue his dad and the others heading off to fight the symbiotes.

Cyclops manages to take down members of the crew and is able to rescue his dad and the Starjammers. The rest of the team are taking one the symbiote crew and they manage to get the upper hand rather well when Marvel Girl uses her abilities to have the symbiotes believe that they are getting hearing sonics. Another ship approaches them, and it causes Marvel Girl to break her connection off and allows Killer Thrill to escape them. Hank opens a hailing frequency with the other ship and Marvel Girl decides to head off to take down Killer Thrill. She manages to track her down into a cargo hanger, but before she can do anything they find a mysterious figure waiting for them there and tries to stop them from fighting and offers them a proposition or he is going to have them join by force, revealing that there are Poison’s on the ship. Over with the others both Eddie and Cyclops realise that something is wrong when he can no longer sense Marvel Girl with the psychic link that they have. Hank suggests the reason is that she could have been knocked out by something that may have to do with the ship that has appeared and Eddie is rather curious about why the ship has targeted them and we see off panel we see Marvel Girl talking saying that they were tracking them and that they are after the symbiotes, revealing that her and Killer Thrill have been converted into Poisons ending the issue.

The final part of the story concludes in Venom, Cyclops is trying to reach in contact with Marvel Girl, but it is no use as nothing appears to be getting through which is making him worried that something bad has happened to her, but Corsair does reassure him that she is tough. Back over with the X-Men, the Poisoned Marvel Girl says to her team that they will not be coming easy to the transference and Eddie brings up that this was a reason why they should have gotten rid of the symbiotes. One of the mini Poisons try to lunge at the team, but Eddie manages to help out and tells them not to let them attach onto you, since that is how they transform then into what Marvel Girl is. Killer Thrill says that the symbiotes are meant to be with them and we then see Poisons heading off to the rest of her crew, that were trapped in the ice prison, to bond with. The X-Men try to fight off the Poisons, but they are slowly being over-whelmed, but Marvel Girl manages to ensnare them in a telekinetic grasp to let the Poisons attach onto. However, those Poisons get taken out by Cyclops who arrives with the rest of the Starjammers.

Iceman notices Romeo is somehow aboard the ship, but before he can head closer towards him, Eddie pulls him away revealing that this is one of the tricks of the Poisons use to trick people into getting closer and letting down their guard. Marvel Girl tries to get Cyclops to come over to their side since they will then be linked up again, but Iceman intervenes making the save, but Killer Thrill’s team shows back up to give them and makes the advantage more in their favour. The Starjammers act as a defensive line so that the X-Men can leave, and Eddie pulls Cyclops back even though he wants to stay and help free Marvel Girl of whatever she is happening to her. Cyclops still wants to go back and save her, but Eddie says that the Marvel Girl that he knows is now dead and is just a puppet. Hank calls Danger to come and pick them up but as she arrives, the Poisons turn up, Iceman thinks that she is going to be able to get through this, but Cyclops realises that she is gone and they get into a huge fight. Eddie tells for the Starjammers to head to the ship and says that the symbiotes are designed to handle deep space, so once they were clear he has Cyclops blow a hole in the ship sending everything into space. One of the Poisons ends up attaching to Angel but before he is overcome by it, he burns the symbiote and the Poison in the process. They manage to survive the battle with the Poisons, even with Cyclops blasting away Marvel Girl, Angel also gets them back to the ship and they regroup.

At the spaceport, the X-Men and the Starjammers end up separating, to Corsairs sadness since he does want to make sure that his son is alright with what has happened with Marvel Girl. The X-Men head back to Earth and they need to get back there quickly since the Poisons are going to hunt them down. During this Cyclops sees a ghostly visage of Marvel Girl and he brushes it off. Back over with the Starjammers they have headed to Klyntar to return the symbiotes that were bonded to the X-Men and they discover something horrific. There are no life forms on the planet and that they need to inform that the X-Men that the Poisons have taken them all and this is all continued in the pages of Venomized.

Overall, I think that this is a good story that acts as a good bridging point for readers and according to a interview that I read the writer Cullen Bun, said that he used this as also a jumping on point for both books as well since that you didn’t have to really read either Venom-verse, Venom or X-Men Blue to understand the story, but it does make me want to read more of Venom as well as the X-Men books as well. I really do not have that much of a bad thing at all to say about this series, everything is written well since it was written all by the same guy, the artwork for all of the issue is amazing and I am looking forward to getting to the third part of the trilogy.

Titans: The Return of Wally West Review

When it was announced that DC was relaunching the majority of their titles a few years ago, returning some previously established characters, one of the titles that I was going to pick up was Titans. This was mainly down to watching and re-watching Linkara’s retrospective on his favourite DC teams, the Titans. That and also I was interested after the events of Rebirth and wanted to see what Wally’s story could entail now that he was back.

So, a small bit of back story before I get into the review. During the events of Flashpoint, The Flash Barry Allen, had managed to rewrite the DC timeline, in which events had changed to a degree. One of the biggest things that had happened the world had forgotten the original Wally West, as in the New 52 there was a Wally West, but not the one that we knew, and fans loved. In the Rebirth one shot, Wally West was able to find his way home and back to Barry. Wally informed Barry that he was trapped there by somebody, keeping him there and all that we got from that was the Comedian’s Button from Watchmen. In the Titans Rebirth issue Wally is searching around Dick Grayson’s apartment, in which Nightwing finds Wally and wants to know who he is and what he is doing here. Wally zaps him, the same way that he did with Barry, and Nightwing remembers who he is. The rest of the Titans appear, and Wally does the same to them and they all start to remember who he is, and they get into the discussion next, who was the person behind Wally being trapped for a long time.

Issue one opens up with Wally recapping what had happened to him and also him getting a new costume, that I really do like. In the apartment Lilith gets Wally to open up a psychic link so that they can find out any information on what had happened to him in the intermediate time, but the first thing that Lilith picks up is the name Linda Park. Wally reveals that she was a person that Wally was with in his old timeline and they start ribbing him about it. Nightwing says that they should try and focus on who was behind what had happened to him and then focus on finding Linda afterwards, but Lilith says that there is a lot of her on his mind making it difficult for them to focus on. Wally reveals that he did try to reach out to her before, but it did not go well for him. Over with Linda she goes over her life and that she is waiting for the story of her life to come up and talks about what had happened with her encountering Wally the night before. She receives a phone call from a person regarding the strange lightning phenomenon and she heads out to meet them.

Back over at Dick’s loft, Roy, Donna and Garth are talking about coming up with a name of this new evil that they are going to be facing, but Garth decides to put them back on track with what had happened during the events of Titans Hunt, in which the heroes ended up having their memories restored and came up against their old villain Mister Twister. Garth brings up Mammoth who had been there working for Twister. Roy and Donna head out to find anything on Mammoth and one of the goons lets slip that Mammoth now works for Psimon. Donna asks how he knew that there would be people here to help and Roy brings up his past and his addiction, he says that he keeps remembering things that has happened to him and he says that all of them are going to get all of their good memories back together.

Back at the loft, Wally and Lilith are continuing to try and pick out the right memories to help them out and she manages to find something. Donna and Roy say that they want to go out and find out about their lead, but something happens that causes Lilith some problems. She felt a presence of somebody and that their mind was dormant and did not have and memories at all, she then says that the team has to head off to Keystone to find out who it is. At Keystone, we find out what Lilith may have uncovered and that is a very terrible magician performing for a kid’s birthday party. The magician starts to get dizzy and he then transforms into Abra Kadabra with his memories back. The birthday boy finds magic to be boring, kid you just saw a just transform into a completely different looking person, how can you find magic boring. Nonetheless, Kadabra the teleports them to the moon showing what he can do with his power, and because the kid wanted to go to space world and he nearly kills them in the process. The mother asks who he is, and he reveals his name and that he is the person that made Wally West disappear and that he is going to destroy him, ending the issue.

Issue two opens still in Keystone and Linda is working her way in front a police barrier to find out what is happening and the officer reveals that a guy had summoned up a group of Titans, and Linda doesn’t understand since the majority of them weren’t known for teaming up and that she also recognises Wally. She goes underneath the barrier and heads over to confront Wally by calling him by his name and this version of Wally not knowing who she is. Dupe Robin tells him that they are coming and proceed to leave. We see Kadabra off in the distance watching his Titans team and he reveals his plan to test Wally and the rest of the Titans by testing them against his team of fakes. The Titans turn up and Dick tells them to make sure that nobody gets hurt and they all pretty much go for their opposites. Dick goes to work on clearing away any civilians and they get rather quizzical over who the new team is and comparing them to the Teen Titans. Dick gets knocked back by the Dupe Tempest, but Donna manages to knock him back and a Batarang is thrown at him. He gets into a scuffle with the Dupe Robin and he finds out that the fake team was created by a magic user.

Wally gets into a footrace with his double and Wally manages to outsmart his by stopping before the double trips over and crashes, rolling around at speed. Each of the remaining team seems to be having trouble with the versions that they are fighting, but Roy manages to get a one up on his opposite, but he ends up getting lassoed by the Dupe Donna and he pleas for her not to do this. She asks him why she should not, and he reveals that he loves her, which causes the Titans Donna to react shocked and gets attacked by Dupe Tempest, the Dupe Donna let’s down her guard towards Roy and he manages to knock her away. Over with Lilith, she manages to find Linda in the rubble and she asks her if she is Wally’s Linda which makes her confused and the Dupe Lilith attacks her and relays the information back to Kadabra and reacts saying that they should not have met for a few more years. Garth notices that the Dupe Lilith talking to somebody and also notices that there is somebody watching them from afar. Kadabra decides to take his plan up to the next stage, but Garth intervenes and punches him, and the team discovers the person’s name. Nightwing advises Garth not to deal with him alone and Kadabra agrees with him and he fires a bolt at Garth, hitting him with Wally trying to save him ending the issue.

Issue three opens up with the team reacting to what had happened with Garth and Wally. Kadabra now has the full attention of Wally and he also recognises him as well. Wally questions him since that there were only a few people that knew who he was, but that was with him reawakening the memories in them. Kadabra reveals that he was the person that was apparently behind what had happened to Wally, keeping him out of the timeline and wiping his memory from the world. Wally gets annoyed at this reveal and asks him what the reasoning was behind what he did, and his reply was because Wally had thwarted him time after time. Dick turns up to help Wally fight off Kadabra, but he manages to teleport away from them and reappearing on an opposite rooftop and reveals himself to the public and then teleports away with his team.  

Nightwing calls down to see if their team is doing okay and Lilith checks on Linda, using her codename as Omen and introduces the team calling them the Titans. Wally wants to go down and talk with Linda, but Dick says that he should let Lilith talk to her first. Garth, back up from taking that blast, says that they should go and calm down the crowd and Nightwing checks to see if he is okay. Garth says that he is fine, but a magic blast should have killed him, but Wally does not believe that he is a magic user, but a techno-mage. On the ground, Roy is trying to work crowd control and he gets pulled away by Donna and the two have a quite chat about what had just happened and that Roy saying that he loved her. He says that he lied about it and tried to play off the lasso of persuasion as that it was not the same as the actual lasso since it was conjured up with magic. Roy keeps burying himself deeper when Donna asks him if he does love her and when he says that he is her buddy, she walks off and Roy under his breath lies to himself.

Over in New York, Karen Beecher-Duncan, more commonly known as former Titans member Bumblebee is watching the news and notices the Titans and their altercation that they had with Abra Kadabra. She thinks that her and Mal should go and help them, but Mal reassures her that they have everything under control. She asks him if he misses the costume side of life, but he says that he does not, he is happy that he has a normal job and a family to look after. Mal asks her if this is about the gifts that they have, and Karen says that she has her powers for a reason. Mal also goes on to says that he barely remembers his time when he was on the Teen Titans and that he does not really want to get back into fighting after the altercation that had happened with Mister Twister. Mal then asks her if she has made an appointment with META saying that she has been meaning to and when Mal goes away to check on their child, we find that she has a card/ letter from there.

Back over with the Titans, they are eating food in a restaurant, in full costume, talking about Abra Kadabra on how none of them know about him and they do not know yet how they are going to deal with his techno-magic yet. Over with Kadabra, he asks his team to tell him what they know about the Titans and they say that they are strong together but the Dupe Wally point out that he thinks that Wally is the weakest link of the team, but also points out that he has tapped into a further level of the Speed Force that Kadabra had not seen. Kadabra recounts how he managed to get rid of Wally for the first time, but it also caused him for his memories to get scrambled in the process, Dupe Lilith then brings up that Linda also has a tie to Wally, but he states that they should not know each other yet. Kadabra now believes that there is something else at work as he does not believe that Wally is behind the changes, but somebody else and that his window is shortening for his grand performance and comes to a revelation, he needs both the Titans and Linda for his plan to be a success, with having one of them being a lure for Wally to sacrifice himself in the process.

Back over with the Titans, they are talking about how they can deal Kadabra with Wally saying that they need to do something before he ends up hurting somebody and then Lilith turns up noting that there has been a lot of panic outside, and Wally asks about Linda and she says that she is fine and Wally runs off. He meets up with Linda somewhere in the city and apologises to her and she asks what he has to share with her this time and he brings up that they use to have a history and when she says that is she just meant to fall into his arms he says no to it and that he apologises for scaring her and says that he will not be bothering her again, unless she says something. Wally does go to walk away, however Linda speaks up and she asks him for an exclusive interview in repayment for what he had done. She asks him the basics, like if he is THE Flash, but that would be Barry. She then asks about why he is here and the reason why he vanished, but he says that it’s hard to explain, but when she asks if he is going to vanish again, Kadabra appears and kidnaps Linda and Wally start blaming himself for what has happened and taps into his new Speed Force powers ending the issue.

We continue how the last issue left up with Wally in shock at what Kadabra had done, teleporting Linda off to somewhere. Kadabra turns up to gloat with what he has done and when Wally tries to go and attack him, he keeps on teleporting around him. Kadabra challenges Wally to find where Linda is withing an hour, or something bad will happen to her. Back at Kadabra’s hideout we find that he has Linda help up in ropes hanging upside down. He introduces himself to her as well as the construct Titans and says the reason why she is here and explaining the basis of magic tricks where there is a rube, a patsy and a unwitting pawn, noting that Linda is the latter, as well as being the main part of his trap. Linda asks him what his plan is, and he says that he plans on destroying the Titans and Wally as well as exacting his revenge. He then asks his Lilith where the Titans are, and she says that they are in the middle of Keystone.

Over with the Titans, despair is pretty much in the air with them with Wally being upset that Kadabra had managed to nab Linda and Lilith blaming herself for what has happened. Dick steps in and manages to calm Wally down and says that they are going to get Linda, and he also reassures Lilith that it is not her fault and that they were being played. He asks Lilith to see if she can try to reach out to find where Kadabra is so that they can defeat him and freeing Linda. Lilith discovers that Kadabra is shielding his location and that she is given three different locations, Nightwing decides that it is the best choice to split the teams and Donna reassures that they are strong as a team even when separated. Dick gets Lilith to give them a mental map of the places and the Titans split into the three teams. Over with Kadabra, he sends his clones away to go and stop the Titans and he reveals something else to Linda, he is from the future and that he has seen this and how it could play out. He mentions that one day Wally will beat him, but he will not be beaten by him this time because he is going to change the past.

Wally and Roy arrive at the first location, that being a high school gym in the dark. Roy fires a flare arrow into the room so that they can see, but the lights go on to reveal the Dupe Kid Flash and Robin and they get into a fight and Wally realises that their powers have been enhanced. Back over with Kadabra, Linda asks why she is important and he says that she is important to Wally, but she says that she barley knows him and he reveals that Wally is clinging on to that memory and that it still feels real for him and that with Linda not having the same memories will make Wally vulnerable. Garth and Lilith take on the next location, that being a art gallery and they get attacked by the Dupe Roy and Donna, with Roy knocking out Garth with a shock arrow, and the Dupe Donna thinking that taking out Lilith would be easy with her not being that much of a fighter, only for her to get knocked back by a psychic attack. Donna and Dick arrive at the third and try and get a sit-rep from the other team to find out what is happening and saying that they are dealing with the Dupe Lilith and Garth. Donna manages to knock out Lilith as Dick gets knocked around by Garth, but Donna manages to make the save and starts attacking Garth.

Back over with Wally and Roy, they seem to be having some trouble with their opponents and Wally keeps noting that with the duplicate’s strength they should have been able to take them down. Wally manages to knock away his Dupe and goes to confront Robin who is holding Roy up, he says that he is going to die unless Wally is fast enough, and we see Wally starting to tap into his Speed Force powers. Back over with Kadabra and he reveals more of his plan, he wants Wally to tap into his speed so that he can loose himself and vanish into the ‘Infinity’, but Wally managed to escape there because he used his own form of a lightning rod, that being Linda. Kadabra says that since that she does not love him anymore that means that she may no longer would be his lightning rod he will be run off into the ‘Infinity’. Back to Wally, he’s about to save Roy, but Kadabra appears in front of him and starts to taunt him by showing him what is happening, saying that Robin is going to cut Roy’s throat with Batarang and then reveals the fates of the other team with all of them suffering at the hands of the other duplicates. But just to make it worse for Wally he sees Linda hanging above a pool of what appears to be lava. Kadabra then casts another spell which separates the team and Linda into three different cites that covers, apparently, 7000 miles and challenges to see who he will save, and Wally chooses to save them all even if it kills him ending the issue.

Kadabra tells Wally that he cannot save them all and says that he can only choose one, saying that it is impossible to save them all. Wally taps into his powers again and speeds off, taking along the Dupe Robin and having him smack right into the leaving Keystone City sign. Wally decides to prioritise on who he is going to save first and that being Donna and Dick, who are in Coast City and he also knows that Linda is being held with a rope that’s on fire and that Dupe Roy has loosened his arrows. Kadabra appears as a spectral form and is trying to taunt Wally but he is too focused on what is happening and he reveals that he is also, somehow, broadcasting Wally’s journey to the public. Kadabra starts revealing more about his backstory to him, saying that he is doing what he did for fame, but he then gets on talking about what had happened since Wally had arrived and he was the one responsible for putting Wally in the timestream and that it was his greatest trick.

Wally manages to take down the dupes that have Donna and Dick and he runs off to rescue the next team and he decides to tap more into his power to see how fast he really is now. Wally focuses on Linda to act as his lightning rod and notes that she doesn’t love him anymore because of the change to history and it is something that scares him, but he is going to over come this because he loves her and always will, no matter what has happened. Wally manages to save both Lilith and Garth from the arrows and he continues towards Gotham to save Linda and he manages to save her, but it looks like that he may have pushed himself to the limit as he ends up going to fast and appears to teleport somewhere, but he asks for Linda to take his hand with the issue ending with Kadabra elating over what has happened.

Issue six opens up with Wally narrating saying that he no longer the fastest person alive and that he is now one with the Speed Force after his sacrifice to save his friends and Linda. Back in Keystone, Kadabra is gloating about Wally’s defeat and Linda asks where he is and Kadabra explains that he ran too fast and disappeared into the Speed Force. Linda tells him to bring him back, but he says that is even beyond his powers to do so and that this was part of his plan, so he will not be bringing him back and also suggests that he won’t be able to get back through his ‘lightning rod’ since that Linda doesn’t have the same feeling for Wally. He continues to gloat about this and says that when Wally was trapped that he saw a reality where the two of them were together and in this reality they do not know each other making it worthless and the Linda socks him in the face. Kadabra summons the remaining Titans who are all confused on what is happening and what had happened to Wally. Roy goes to fire a arrow at him but Kadabra uses his magic to turn it into flowers and he continues to gloat by the fact that he has taken out the only person that he was able to stop him and that he will not be coming back.

We cut over to Wally who is somewhere in the Speed Force where he is relaxing outside in his own world, with another version of Linda. This version of Linda tells him that he cannot stay here and tries to get him to leave, but Wally is sold on wanting to stay here in this memory because to him its perfect. She tells him that there is a real Linda out there and if he gives her a chance and it could work out, but Wally is rather hesitant about leaving since he does not believe that he can leave. Linda says that he can leave and that he has been holding on the memories of her and telling him that they are not real and that he has to let go and stop obsessing over what is not real and appreciate what is. While this is going on the Titans are going up against Kadabra and they are getting rather beaten up and Lilith is reassuring them to remember that his magic is not real. Lilith then does get a really awesome moment in the story where she stands up to Kadabra and probes into his mind where she finds out his future. Kadabra tries to blast her but Garth manages to get her out of the way and she manages to stay in his head and discovers that he is scared of the Titans and that his memories of the future would not be there if they did not do something.

Back in the Wally’s dream, Linda walks him down a path and tells him that there is a bond that can get him out of this, and it is a different lightning rod, that being the Titans. But Wally seems to be having some doubts and Linda says that he needs to say goodbye to the memories of Linda. But she reassures him that they will be there for him, through the highs and the lows, they will always be there. Wally and Linda embrace with him saying that she loves her, she knows, and he runs so fast he manages to get back to where he was and punches Kadabra, who is shocked about what has happened. Wally says that his friends were the ones that brought him back saying that love is real and throws him into the time stream sending him somewhere. The team rejoices with Wally and he recalls what Donna said before, they will always find a way home. Wally checks in on Linda to see how she is, and she is okay but goes off on him saying that she does not want to get caught up like this again and he still owes her an exclusive story. After this the team try to wrap their heads around Kadabra but they and Lilith says that she got one more word from his mind that being Manhattan. The issue ends on a panel of screens watching the Titans and we see that it is Deathstroke watching them, wondering who Wally is.

Overall, this is a brilliant story to bring readers any new or lapsed readers. The only thing that I wish that I did was to read the Titans Hunt miniseries so that I could understand some smaller sub plots but nonetheless I do rather like it. The covers for the issues are also really amazing as well as each of them really do attract me and my favourite is issue six, with the team and Linda around Wally’s costume letting the idea that he is dead to sink in.

Top Five Worst Moments in Arrowverse

The Arrowverse is either one of the weirdest or best comic book television-based shows that are both loved and hated by fans. I am one of the people that are pretty much on that line between the two. I do find that there are a lot of characters that are great that got pushed off to the side because of other plot conveniences and story plots that I find to be great but then just banging my head off the wall, and that is what I am going to focus on this list. But there is a small caveat to this list, I will not be including anything that has happened in any of the latest series, since I don’t have access to watching them and will be waiting till they are out on DVD to go over them. Also, to that list I also will not be covering anything from Black Lightning, since I stopped watching it because I moved over to watching the Marvel Netflix shows instead and they are still on my watch list.

5: Arrow’s Villains: Arrow S6-7: One of the things that I did hate about the last two seasons that I watched of Arrow had to do with the villains since I thought that there were too many to keep track of and it also did not help that villains got switched around. First was Caden James, who is a hacker that was broken out of jail in the previous series. Later in the series James gets killed by Diaz, an overpowered mob boss that has the nickname of the Dragon and also wields a flamethrower. Diaz did have the most on-screen time since he pretty much lasted through most of both seasons before he is also killed off, but this time by Emiko, who is posing as a new Green Arrow. Even though he does last a long time I think that it would have been better to have season focused villains, like before since that it does help build stories but instead they just kept throwing villains at the wall hoping that something stick. They even brought in the Longbow Hunters and I got to say that I think that they were better villains that what Diaz was and if they had Emiko being the leader for them that season could have been a lot better.  

4: Legends vs Mallus: Legends of Tomorrow S3: Legends has been a rather mixed bag as a show for me. I have liked some of the seasons with the first and four being my personal favourites, but from what I have been reading about season five, it could be soon shifting, but back to the worst moment from the series. The series revolves around Damien Darhk trying to get bring Mallus into the human world by using his daughter as a conduit, this I do like since that it is rather dark and horrific which I am all in for. There was even one episode where the Legends got to taste the power of Mallus for themselves in a losing effort and getting knocked around by him. But it is the ending of the series that I thought was rather stupid and that was when they used the power of the totems that they had gathered to defeat Mallus, into the form of Beebo. What annoys me about it is the fact they used a kids toy, and I don’t even think that they merchandised it , was that Mallus was easily defeated in the battle since that when Mallus was housed inside Nora she was able to take down three Legends rather easily. Mallus was built up to be a rather big threat and to have him defeated in a rather embarrassing way it made me disappointed with the series.

3: Felicity Trying to get Oliver Out of Prison: Arrow S7: I am not going to lie I was never really that much of a fan of Felicity through any series of Arrow for a few reasons. The first is that I thought that she was a rather annoying character and the second is that I preferred the relationship that Oliver had with Laurel. But the thing that I hated about her the most came during the end of series six and the beginning part of series seven, when she was trying to find ways to get Oliver either out of being placed on trial, but the worst was trying to find ways to get him out of prison, against what Oliver had wanted. Oliver wanted to stay in prison for a few reasons, the first being that he wanted to serve his sentence and the second being that he was uncovering information about Diaz. But unfortunately, Felicity did not see it the same way and she was coming up with different ways to try and get him out. I just think that it was just a waste of time that could have been done to better the story of other characters that would have benefited from more screen time.

2: Barry is Savitar: Flash S3: The revelation that Savitar was a speed clone of Barry, I am not going to lie was rather disappointing to say the least. It would have been more interesting, though repetitive if they were do make Savitar alternate universe version of the Flash, yeah they already did that last series with Zoom, but to make it different have him be a version that looks like Barry, but not called Barry. Another thing that they could have done would be to have Barry trapped in the Speed Force and have the two swap places, with Savitar being taking over Barry’s life and causing problems for him in his work and personal life that can spread through the later seasons. Plus, you can still have Jay replace Barry in the Speed Force as well to keep that plot thread in there as well.

1: Barry Saves His Mother: Flash S2: Three episodes before the end of season there was a perfect episode that had Barry deal with what had happened to his mother. He was able to deal with what had happened and he was at peace with it. Then right after he defeated Zoom he decides to travel back through time and stop Thawne from killing her and thus he ended up creating Flashpoint and changing the timeline. So if Barry didn’t go back and save his mother he most likely would have still created Savitar but he most likely wouldn’t have had created any other villains through the effects that had happened through the changes that had happened through Flashpoint. Everything still would have ended up happened the way that they do in the following series as well, just there would be some characters that may not turn up.