Batman: My Top Five Shows

So with the approaching of the new Beware the Batman series coming next month I have decided to blog about what my top 5 Batman series.

5. Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The last Batman series that came out was the brightfully coloured and most DC hero featured series in Brave and the Bold. Many of the episodes featured a team up of Batmam with characters such as Blue Beetle and Green Arrow against different villains such as the Joker or other non Batman rogues. Even though that the series wasn’t my favourite there were many memorable episodes such as the Starro invasion and the Music Miestro. 

4. Batman Beyond

Set it a future time where Batman is too old to be fighting crime he retires and now stays at home. Then he finds a new ward to replace him, Terry McGuinnis. Armed with a newly designed batsuit and under the aid of the original Batman, Terry makes his pursuit to become New Gothams saviour. In this series we see alot of new characters such as the Joker Gang but also we see a few old faces such as Babera Gordon who becomes the new Police Commissioner and in one episode even the return of Mr Freeze. All in all its a good seires with a plethora of new characters to build new stories in a new world.

3. The New Batman Adventure

In this series it carries over from the original Batman series, it tells the tales of Batman and his family. It also has a redesigned cast as well as a change in cast in which Dick Grayson (former Robin) changed into Nightwing and thus introducing the third Robin (Tim Drake) & for some reason they decided not to use Jason Todd the secon Robin. But all in all it was another good series that then led on to, along with Superman went onto form the Justice League series.

2. The Batman

In 2004 WB released this new series of Batman entitled The Batman. In this series it was set during Year Two where Batman was still a vigilante and the police commissioner at the time wanted his head. Also with this new series it also brought around new origins of different characters such as Victor Fries who in this series was a fellon and not a scientist. Even though it did have some different origins and a few new characters this is a real good series.

1. Batman: The Animated Series

Of course for my number 1 shot it had to be the very first Batman cartoon series of the 90’s. Alot of the stories are rememberal, a load were funny and a few were heart warming. But the most merberal thing about the series was the voice behind Batman and The Joker, none other than Kevin Conroy and Mark Harmill. They both brought out the best in the Batman (Conroy) and The Joker (Harmill) that made them the best voice actors today. Also the writers for alot of the episodes were really great escpessialy in Heart of Ice, which is possibly the best episode from that series.

All in all Batman has had a lot of different media coverage over the last 20+ years may it be in film or on TV. With Beware the Batman starting next month I think that the characters and the stories for it are going to be good but I think its the animation that lets it down for me because it looks a bit like a bad video game. But I will watch the first episode to see if it is actually any good