Top Ten Worst Sequels I Have Seen

Throughout the years, I have watched a lot of films and when there is a sequel I tend to feel 50/50 going into it since that there are times that sequels have failed to live up to the previous instalment. This is my top ten worst sequels that I have ever seen.

10: Taken 3: I only found out about this film when I saw a trailer for it and then seeing it the following weekend and boy was this a rather boring film. The film revolves around Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) trying to prove his innocence after being framed for murdering his ex-wife and having to evade the LAPD and Inspector Frank Dotzler (Forest Whitaker). During this whole escapade, we also find out that Bryan’s daughter, Kim, that she is pregnant. Kim then tells him that Stuart, her Step Dad, had started to act scared and has hired bodyguards which is out of character for him. He then finds Stuart who he interrogates to find out that he owed money to an ex-Spetsnaz operative, Oleg Malankov and he was the reason that Lenore (the wife) was killed. Bryan gets into Malankov’s compound and he and Malankov fight but it turns out that Stuart set them both up as it turns out that Stuart was the one behind the murder of Lenore. Stuart then takes Kim, this is near the end of the movie, but Bryan manages to stop them from leaving in a plane and contemplates killing Stuart but Kim tells him not to. In the end Dotzler arrests Stuart, Bryan is acquitted for his crimes and Kim says that she is going to name the kid after her mother ending the film. The film was a rather disappointment since that the ‘Taken’ portion of the film was in the third act and would have been a bit better if it happened during the end of the first (sort of like the first film). Also, Forest Whitaker was pretty much wasted through the film.

9: The Conjuring 2: I think that this film’s main story was okay since that it was pretty much the same that happened in real life. But the thing that I thought was the worst thing about the film being the story of The Nun. The first that we see of the Nun character was during the beginning of the film where Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga) are investigating the ‘apparent’ haunting of the infamous Amityville Horror where Lorraine sees her during a vision. She then sees the Nun again in their house during another vision and she then manages to write down its name in her bible which then comes up as a plot point during the end. But the thing that is rather stupid and more likely done for the film was that the ghost that was haunting the family was being used by the Nun. I just found it to be a rather useless plot device that was just there for pointless scares and building for a prequel spin-off to probably try and create the same hype as what Annabelle did.

8: Paranormal Activity 4: This series should have ended at three. The film takes place five years after the events of the first and second film. The film focuses on a new family that takes in their new neighbour’s son after his mother falls ill and weird things start happening to them. Alex and her boyfriend start recording the weird events that start happening and when she shows her evidence to her parent they think that she is crazy. In the end, Katie returns and kills the family and gets back her nephew. The reason why I think that this was a rather bad sequel was that having a cliff hanger ending at the end of two was something that could then give fans theories on what can happen and the third film being a prequel builds up on the reason why they are being haunted.

7: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2: This is a bad sequel since that it pretty much had nothing to do with the original movie. This film focuses around a group of people that head out to the Black Hills where apparently in the film The Blair Witch Project was a film and they decide to see what they can find in the woods. But this ended being something rather different since that there was nothing to do with the Blair Witch. But strange things do happen to then such as them finding out that they had their research documents shredded and the camera destroyed but the tapes where perfectly unharmed. More strange things that make no sense happen through the film including dogs appearing out of nowhere but the strangest was the reveal at the end with the survivors showing them killing people, apparently under the control the Blair Witch but that’s not how it works.

6: Alien v Predator 2: Requiem: What would happen if an Alien/Predator hybrid landed on Earth and started impregnating people creating Aliens in a small US town. If you think that this would create a large epidemic you’d be pretty much wrong. This film is rather boring and it pretty much was an unnecessary film in the franchise.

5: Jurassic World: For this position, I originally had Jurassic Park 3 down for this position but I remembered about this film and why I thought it was a rather bad sequel. The film is pretty much the retelling of Jurassic Park but with the twist being that the park ended up being successful and people flock there across the world and head there the same way the Simpsons travelled to Itchy and Scratchy Land. The story focuses on several different themes. The first is about two brothers Zach and Gary who are shipped to the island to be with their aunt who is the parks operations manager so that their parents can have their divorce proceedings without the kids being around. The second story is about Owen Brady (Chris Pratt) who has been training Velociraptors intelligence and a InGen security chief (Vincent D’Onofrio) wants to weaponize the Raptors which they then do to track down the Indominus Rex. But then even more stupidity turns up when it turns out that the Indominus Rex that they have was not only a test tube monstrosity, but it killed the other Indominus that they had and it was smart enough to trick Owen into thinking that it left the enclosure but it then managed to escape and cause mass panic through the entire park and it manages to break into the Aviary and causes the dinosaurs there to rampage through the park causing more chaos. The ending for the film was also a let-down seeing the T-Rex (what we are supposed to believe is from the first film) fighting the Indominus but it wasn’t even the dinosaur that killed it. But with this film being a commercial success and a sequel scheduled which has started filming a few months ago there could be a chance that the faults may be improved from this instalment.

4: Spider-Man 3: Spider-Man 3 was a terrible film in the Spider-Man franchise for a few reasons. The first was that there seemed, like Amazing Spider-Man 2, too many villains with having Venom as the main, but he doesn’t really appear till the final act, Harry Osbourne as the New Goblin and Sandman where we see how he gets his origin story. The story was okay, Peter wants to marry MJ but strange things start happening when a meteorite lands in Central Park turning out that it contains a mysterious ooze. This ooze later in the film then bonds with Peter when he finds out that the person that was responsible for Uncle Ben’s death was the person that robbed the armoured truck giving him a new black suit that seems to increase his strength and he could beat Sandman this time round. As the film goes along the oozes influence starts making Peter’s attitude change but then Peter starts to realise this and heads to a church to get rid of the ooze. But the ooze then attaches itself to a new host, Eddie Brock, who has a lot of anger towards Peter since that he was the person that got him fired at the Daily Bugle. This then leads to a large fight scene where we see Peter having to deal with Venom and Sandman to rescue MJ, but unlikely help arrives when Harry, who has been trying to get his vengeance on Peter through the entire film for the death of his father, decides to help. But in the end, it was rather disappointing, Harry dies after being impaled on his glider saving Peter, Venom also gets destroyed with a pumpkin bomb and Peter forgives Sandman for accidently killing Uncle Ben and disappears into the wind. Overall it was a just okay, but it seemed to be rather hammy in places.  If anyone wants to see what would have made a better version of the film head to What Culture and see the How the Should Made video and it does make sense.

3: TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows: When I saw the trailers for this film I thought that it was going to be an okay film but after seeing it, I was heavily disappointed about the film. The first was being that the film seemed to revolve around elements that already had happened in the first film with the Turtles being at some odds with leadership and decision making. The plot of the film was heavily rushed during the first act of the film with Krang expositing his entire plan to Shredder and what the plot of the film was about. The ending of the film seemed to fall rather flat when Krang turns of Shredder as the Techno drome starts forming in the city and not seeing it be formed in the film was rather disappointing since that the Techno drome is a big thing in the Turtles franchise. Another thing that was bad was the debut of Casey Jones (Stephen Ammel) where his character’s interpretation for Casey was nothing like his counter-part since he was a tough vigilante that was raised on the streets and in the film, he is a corrections officer that turns into a vigilante since that he was responsible for Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady for escaping. But since that it now looks like that there won’t be a third film in the franchise hopefully a reboot can help make it a better film.

2: Friday the 13th Part 5/8: So, I am cheating with this one, both films are bad in the franchise with part 5 not even featuring Jason and it being a copycat killer that uses the lore of what has happened in the past. Part 8 was bad since that the film was called Jason Takes Manhattan and the only shots that we saw from New York were the establishing shots since that they couldn’t afford to film in New York and the rest of the film was filmed on a boat and the city was shot in Canada.  But with the plot of Jason not being the killer was rather interesting at first it was the rest of the film that I found rather boring since it meant that we had to wait a while for the reveal to happen and it just seemed to be rather flat. The other worse thing that happened for part 8 was having the main protagonist having visions of a child and then at the end in the sewers when Jason gets defeated it turned out that the child was actually Jason and that comes out of left field and makes no sense whatsoever.

 1: Halloween Resurrection: This film beings rather well continuing off the events of H20 where it turns out that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is now been confined to a psychiatric facility after killing a paramedic that she though was her brother. Michael manages to find Laurie and she manages to chase him around the facility until they get on to the roof where Michael tricks her into lowering her guard where he then stabs her and throws her off the building. End of the film, right? Unfortunately, not since the rest of the film focuses on a new group of people that are here to take place in a livestream event at the house of Michael Myers to find out who had killed him. This then leads for Michael to return home and kill the people that are participating in this even except for two people who manage to survive and the Myers house burns down. However, the film then ends with a cliff hanger where Michael’s body is brought to the morgue (again) and he awakes. I think that this film would have been if there was a more of Laurie in the film or bringing up what happened to her son. Since that in the past it seemed to that Michael was targeting people that was in his family but since that he took Laurie out in the first ten minutes.

Dragon Ball Chapter 1-2 Review

As a few people can tell from some of my past blogs over the past year, I am a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. Around June or July last year I bought the first volume of the Dragon Ball manga and I really enjoyed reading it and I though why not review the first two chapters.

The opening of the story begins with an opening narration and we see out protagonist Goku riding on a log through a forest area. We then cut over Goku’s house where he is training with the log and he breaks it into firewood. He then goes on to say that he is hungry and tells his Grandpa, a ball, that he is going to get something and leaves. But as he is leaving a girl, Bulma, appears who seems to be looking for something and that it is close by. Back with Goku he decides that he wants to have fish and starts fishing with his tail and manages to get one.

Goku starts heading back home when he notices a car heading towards him and he thinks that the car is a monster that that is trying to steal his fish. It turns out that Bulma was in the car and she pulls out a gun and shoots Goku in the face but it turns out that it did nothing to him. Goku goes to attack Bulma but she manages to stop him by saying that she is a human. Goku is rather unsure about this and looks around her and he says that there is something different about her and she explains that she is a ‘cute li’l girl’ which surprises Goku. Bulma asks if he has ever seen a girl before and he replies that he hasn’t but his dead Grandpa always told him that if he ever met a girl to treat her nice. Bulma likes that idea but then Goku asks her why she doesn’t have a tail and she think that the tail that Goku has is a fake that he attached.

Goku then asks how she caught this monster in which Bulma replies that she it is in fact a car and that people make them. Goku then offers to take Bulma back to his house and she accepts, but Bulma also makes a note to herself that she could use Goku’s strength. At Goku’s house he announces to his ‘Grandpa’ that he has a female in the house and Bulma looks on curious and then notices that Grandpa is a Dragon Ball. When Bulma picks it up Goku start to get annoyed with her but she then brings up the reason what she is doing and reveals that she has two other Dragon Balls. She then explains to him that she found the first one in her cellar and had no idea what it was and no-one else did either so she stated getting doing research into them and that an old story that when the all seven balls are gathered they can summon, with a chant, Shenlong the Dragon God who can grant the person any wish but only one. Bulma then explains that she is going to use the wish to get a lifetime supply of strawberries but then reconsidered to get a super-cute boyfriend.

She asks Goku to hand over the Dragon Ball but Goku says no so she decides to give Goku the opportunity to feel her butt… however Goku questions this and then Bulma asks if he can help her gather the rest of the balls since that his Grandpa told him to be nice to girls and he then accepts saying that he isn’t going to give her the Dragon Ball. The two of them embark on their adventure and Goku asks her how they are going to find the other Dragon Balls and she reveals that she has created a radar that can track them. But Bulma then asks an important question and that is what Goku’s name is, he then asks her in return and Goku laughs since that in Japan Bulma’s name means bloomers. Bulma throws out a capsule and reveals a bike and Goku still thinks that she is a witch and they ride off into the distance.

Cutting to twenty minutes later Bulma takes a quick break to pee and she goes a bit of the way out and she manages to get captured by a dinosaur and asks Goku to tie himself up to a tree. Bulma yells at him to rescue her and he manages to release himself and uses Bulma’s bike to help to him get up take out the dinosaur and manages to also save Bulma by throwing his Power Pole straight through her arms.

 Chapter two begins with Bulma and Goku stopping of the night in a remote location and Bulma throws another capsule to reveal a house where Goku again thinks that she is a witch, showing very much of Goku being a recluse. She then notices that Goku smells and give him a bath and she then tries to pull his tail off but he then takes the brush off her and starts cleaning himself, and Bulma freaks out.

Bulma then goes into the bath and starts talking about Goku and how they are pretty much different sides and she then notices him staring at her. She asks what he is looking at and wonders why she has an extra butt and she tells him that they are her breasts and that when he gets older he’ll like them. She then asks him how old he is and when he says that he is younger than her she calls him a voyeur.

Afterwards they get food and Goku learns that he doesn’t like coffee or the food that Bulma has so he decides to head out and get his own food, a wolf which he eats all by himself. They both head to sleep and Goku thinks that being able to sleep on a futon is going to be fun but Bulma has other ideas. Goku then says that he used to use his Grandpa as a pillow and Bulma isn’t going to be a pillow. Bulma then asks Goku what happened to his parents and he says that he doesn’t know and thinks that they abandoned him in the woods and that Grandpa has found him and decided to keep him. Goku then asks if Bulma was abandoned because of her chest butt but she says that the reason she is here was because she is on summer vacation and that she is taking advantage of her time off to search for the Dragon Balls but she now only has 30 days left to do so.

In the morning, Goku wakes up before Bulma and he decides to sleep with her by laying his head between her legs… this sounds the start of a different sort of story. He seems to not get comfortable and pats down Bulma and the removes her panties and is shocked to reveal that she doesn’t have any balls. However, when Bulma wakes up to Goku’s panicked reaction she thinks that he was going on about the Dragon Balls and discovers they are still there and tells Goku to stop having nightmares ending the second chapter.

Overall this is a good start for the series since that the opening builds up the story about the Dragon Balls and starts building up some of the characteristics between Bulma and Goku. I may do a review of some more chapters of the series later on so be on the lookout later in the year.

My Thoughts So Far- Dragon Ball Super

I am a fan of Dragon Ball. I watched it as a kid, I’m watching it today as an adult today in the form of Dragon Ball Super and that is what I am here to discuss.

I started watching the series half way through the Universal Tournament Arc that pitted Universe 7 against Universe 6 and I really like it, even though that the ending for the arc was rather stupid since that Hit, who had beaten Goku and Vegeta, threw the final fight costing Universe 6 the tournament. For me it was a good way to introduce a new status quo for the series since that for the entirety of Dragon Ball we just had one universe that was split into four different quadrants and the only time that we ever saw the different races was in the Otherworld Tournament and we never saw them again since then. With introducing the multiverse into Dragon Ball, it did bring back the idea of using other races. So, after this arc we are then have a few filler episodes where it appears that Vegeta could die but of course that turned it be rather stupid. But this then lead into the next arc which I was looking forward to Future Trunks.

This arc was one of the first arcs I paid full attention to for some of the first part of the arc and then I think that it seemed to get rather long-winded. In this arc, Future Trunks heads back to the past since that in his timeline a new enemy has emerged and all from what we knew was that this enemy was Goku or a Goku look-a-like. Future Bulma manages to create the fuel needed to travel through time but in the end Goku Black nearly stops this from happening but Trunks manages to head back in time where on arrival he is discovered by Kid Trunks who tells his mother that a Time Machine has appeared and she then informs that Trunks has returned. After Trunks recuperates he sees Goku thinking that it was Black but Bulma manages to stop him and he then informs them on what has happened in his timeline, that a new threat had emerged and he had taken Goku’s body and this interests both Vegeta and Goku who decided to help.

Throughout the arc there were a few things that I did really like. The first was the relationship that blossomed between Trunks and Mai in the future was well handled. There was a lot of feelings for the pair especially when Trunks thought that Mai died before he went through time. But when he discovers that Mai is still alive they start to have more feelings towards each other and in the end, they end up having an actual relationship in the end in their safe universe at the cost of a second Mai and Trunks also being in that timeline. The second thing that I liked about this arc was the way that Trunks was learning about this new universe and what had happened since he left, including finding out that Krillin had married Android 18 and had a kid with her and that Gohan had retired from fighting. This seemed to rather annoy Trunks since that in the future Gohan was his mentor but after seeing what his life had been like now he understands why he retired.

But we then get to the worst about the series and that was the villains of the series that being Zamasu and Goku Black, who ended up being the same person. They were both rather annoying and preachy characters portraying beings of being justice and good when they ended up just causing chaos and disorder.  Then the second thing that I did rather hate about this arc was that it did show more of Goku’s intelligence and how he ended up forgetting a lot of things that could have helped them such as the Mafuba Jar and that it ended up getting destroyed and he also forgot the seals for the jar to seal Zamasu in the jar. But in the end they were able to get rid of Zamasu by bringing the Zeno from this timeline and he destroyed the planet and then Goku did something good and rescued him to then have the Zeno from the current timeline could have a playmate.

Unfortunately we then get into the more bad traits from Goku in this latest arc for the Universal Survival where he suggests to the Zeno’s to host a tournament to battle people from the different universes. The only person that is happy about this is Goku since that he gets to fight against strong opponents but it turns out there is a price to this. The universes that lose this battle royal are going to be destroyed and Goku doesn’t seem to care that much that other people’s lives are at risk just because somebody wanted to fight. Then in the exhibition matches the rest of the universes find out that Goku was behind this they are all pissed at him. But one thing that I like about this was that Bergamo pleading his case to rest of the Gods and to the Zeno’s to recede the idea of the destruction of the universes and he does but that comes with a price and that is if Bergamo can beat Goku they won’t destroy the universe but if Goku was to go too soft in the fight they would just destroy them right there. But in the end Goku wins the match but then one of the members of Universe 11 called Toppo who challenge to a fight with Goku and Toppo is owning him but the fight is called due to the Grand Priest and Toppo brings up that there is a warrior in their universe that is stronger than himself (who is shown fighting Goku in the opening credits of the arc). But when Goku and company return to the Kai home world Beerus berates Goku for his negligence which is true, its Goku’s fault for arranging the tournament and that if they fail to win it their Universe is going to be destroyed.

So now it’s up to them to recruit a team to take on the rest of the universes and I got to say when I saw the team line up I thought it was okay, except for one. First, we have Goku, Gohan and Majin Buu who took place in the exhibition which is a good idea since that now the rest of the Universes do know who they are and the techniques they use. Next, we have Vegeta another good choice since that he is another fighter with a god energy to put against the other competitors and Vegeta’s warrior spirit could help him here. Then we have Krillin and 18 another good duo since that Krillin has had experience with tournaments and 18 was the finalist in the last world tournament who only lost to extort Mr Satan. Next, is Piccolo and Tien Shinhan another good duo since that they have been up against a lot of tough opponents along the years as well as battling against the Freeza’s warriors in the second arc. But then we have two wild cards the first is 17, who has barely been seen in the show and I think the last time that he was seen was for a brief moment on during the Kid Buu arc where he is a Park Ranger and we don’t know much on what has happened to him since then. But the most wild of all wild cards is Master Roshi who’s last big fight scene was against Freeza’s army and I still think that there could be a better choice to replace him and that is in Otherworld and his name is Pikkon for the fact that he was one of the strongest fighters from his quadrant and I think that the only reason why he isn’t referenced is because the writers forgot about him which is rather annoying since that Pikkon would be stronger than Roshi, 17 & 18 and possibly even Piccolo.

Hopefully when the actual part of the arc starts maybe something good might happen but I don’t know. But I do hope that after this arc they start doing more world building since that I know that there are a lot of people who are curious, like myself, about what life is like in the different universes and the only time that we’ve actually seen anything from a different world was the episode where we saw Hit take out a guy and we also see that Frost is wanted. I would like to know what it’s like on the Saiyan home world in where Cabba comes from and to see what has happened since he was able to reach the Super Saiyan transformation and what had changed.

April 2017 Update- Fate of the Site

So over the past weeks a lot of good things have happened to me with the biggest being that I now have a job.

But the thing that I am more concerned about is how this is going to affect the site since that I am trying to start saving up money and I wanting to do more things this year such as trying to get to SunnyCon this year in June and possibly Newcastle Comic Con in either May or November but for them I am unsure. Plus, I want to save up to start travelling as well since that I have always wanted to go abroad and explore new cultures.

However since I do a lot of pre-planning for what I write I don’t know how much of it I would be able to get out since that I like to get them out on a specific date, usually being a Monday. But for some of my blogs I may start putting back on random days, especially for the next three issues of Justice League/ Power Rangers since I don’t know when I would be able to get to my nearest comic book store to pick them up so there are chances that those reviews could be coming out later than usual. I will try to get my blogs out on time but at this time I am not really sure.

Hopefully these next few weeks and months good things can happen since that I have a lot of personal things that I also want to do like being more sociable with since that it is something that I am rather lacking for the past few months since that I haven’t spent a lot of time around groups of people and I have always seemed to be much more of an outsider or a watcher then socially active. 

If anybody wants to get more updates for this site there are two ways that you can now do it. The first is my Facebook page and the second is Twitter just search IronDan13 and you should find it.

Could The Amityville Horror Work as a TV Show?

The Amityville HorrorOver the Christmas period I got The Amityville Horror book for Christmas and it took me about two or three weeks to read it and it got me thinking. Could the story make good more a mini-series for television?

I do think that it could make a good show for the way that the book is built since there is a lot of things in the book that would make good elements for a show since that there could be a lot adapted for longer scenes. For instance, there is a lot of the story that revolves around Father Mancuso who is dealing with the slight possession that happened to him through the book and seeing him deal with those problems. From what I remember of the film I don’t even think that he even got that much screen time. He was just annoyed with his diocese, losing faith and going blind. Yet in the book it is more different since that he can recuperate and get a lot healthier and moves on from his life for the better of his health.

Another thing that they could do better would be being able to build up the suspense more over a number of episodes. The downside of the film was that since that it was only for a roughly two hours there really isn’t that much time to really build up that much suspense over time as what a series would do. Having some sort of threat or event happening in the last act of the episode would want to bring more people into being intrigued in what has been happening or is going to happen.

With the history that this franchise has had over the past few decades I am surprised that there hasn’t been a television series been made yet. Plus, with the past few attempts that I have seen of them trying to get the latest film out it hasn’t been done rather well. Maybe with a series been made it could be more interesting towards fans and since that are many different forms of media where people can watch it, Netflix, Amazon Prime and the countless of other channels that are available.

WrestleMania 33 Predictions

So, this year’s WrestleMania just seems to be rather O.K

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle RoyalAndre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: This battle royal so far has been more and more of a good stepping stone for the past winner (minus when Big Show won but who cares). But this years I think could be up to anybody from Raw, SmackDown or possibly even NXT and the winner of this will have a pretty good year. Winner: Braun Strowman/ Mojo Rowley

WWE Championship MatchWWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt (C) v Randy Orton: So the build-up for this match has been a giant cluster-fuck for a lot of reasons. The first is AJ Styles getting screwed out of the main event after beating Luke Harper in a number one contenders match but then had to fight Orton in another match. But getting onto the match in general this match was pretty predictable for the build up with Orton turning his back on Wyatt but he went to some extremes. The major extreme is Orton BURNING DOWN THE WYATT COMPOUND, yet no kayfabe reason was brought up to get him into trouble. But for the match in general I think that it could be good but I think that the ending is going to favour Wyatt and gives him the win and it doesn’t make him seem like a transitional champion. Winner: Bray Wyatt.

Universal Championship MatchWWE Universal Championship Match: Goldberg (C) v Brock Lesner: Oh, boy this seems like it’s going to go be a pretty boring match since that their previous matches really haven’t been all that great honestly. Their match at Mania 20 was boring and their match at Survivor Series was… quick and I really don’t see this match being a masterpiece but if I had to pick a winner I’m going with the person that is going to be there ‘longer’ and that is Lesner since that it looks like that he is going to be there longer competing than Goldberg unless his contract got extended. Winner: Brock Lesner.

United States Championship MatchWWE United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (C) v Kevin Owens: Now I think that this match would have been better is it was title v title but that got nixed for the steaks for Goldberg/Lesner. This has been built up well since SummerSlam last year with Jericho and Owens being best buddies and all and I was glad that it took them longer to pull the trigger on the team that Y2AJ last year. These two are some of the best workers and I do expect a few good spots in the match and I also do think that Owens is going to win the belt off Jericho since that Owens is willing to do anything to win. That and Jericho is going on tour shortly so that could be another reason. Winner: Kevin Owens.

Raw Womens Championship MatchWWE Raw Women Championship Fatal Four Elimination Match: Bailey (C) v Sasha Banks v Charlotte v Nia Jax: Now this is quite the cluster of a match. First the match was going to be originally Bailey defending the title against Sasha since they do know how to tell a story well, looking back that their previous matches in NXT before Sasha got called up. This would have been fine but Charlotte wanted her chance to headline Mania again for the title and a triple threat would have been fine. But then Nia stepped in and won her match against Bailey and got herself into the match and made it more difficult for Bailey to retain her title and it seems that the title is in jeopardy of being hot potato again. But this time it could be something rather fun as the match has now been changed to elimination rules and that means that we defiantly going to have a better match than I originally thought. But for this I think that for eliminations it is going to be Nia to be eliminated first with a group effort, then Charlotte is next to be eliminated and leading down to Sasha and Bailey in where we could also see Sasha turn on Bailey to get the win. Winner: Sasha Banks.  

Intercontinental Championship MatchWWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (C) v Baron Corbin: I’m just going to make this rather quick and predict that Corbin is going to win the title. Ambrose has held the title for a few months and I don’t think has defended it in a while, plus it is something to add to Corbin’s accomplishments since that it has been a year since he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Winner: Baron Corbin.

Smackdown Womens Championship MatchWWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss (C) v The SmackDown Women’s Locker Room: So, it’s Alexa Bliss pretty much against every woman in the locker room and the better thing is that it is currently unknown on what type of match that it could be, a battle royal, gauntlet match or maybe the return of the Championship Scramble. If I had to guess there are two spots left in the match possibly since that Eva Marie has been off television for a while and there could be a chance that Naomi’s knee injury that she had a few months ago, has healed up faster than what she anticipated and that would make for a pretty good return for her as well wrestling in front of a home crowd. Winner: Alexa Bliss

Cruiserweight Championship MatchWWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (C) v Austin Aries: Now this is a match that I am looking for. I am a big fan of Austin Aries and I am glad now that he is back wrestling on the Raw and 205 Live roster and I think that this is going to be one of the best matches that he can put on since Neville is another phenomenal wrestler as well and with his new style that he has been using it is going to be a lot of fun to see this match and to see what the highflying action that Cruiserweights can pull off. Winner: Austin Aries.

Raw Tag Team Championship MatchWWE Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Gallows & Anderson (C) v Enzo Amore & Big Cass v Cesaro & Sheamus: The tag team scene on both shows hasn’t really been good in the past few months and I think that this match isn’t really going to do that much for Raw’s division since that it really doesn’t matter who wins the titles. But if I had to make an educated guess I think that Gallows and Anderson or Cesaro and Sheamus that could win the match since that I really Enzo and Cass don’t have that much experience when it comes to involving ladders into the equation. But I still think to some trickery I see The Club retaining their belts. Winners: Anderson & Gallows.

CenaBella v MizMaryseMix Tag Team Match: The Miz & Maryse v John Cena & Nikki Bella: Not going to lie but I do really want to see The Miz win this match. For the past few months The Miz has had a lot of better matches on SmackDown when Cena has been off doing whatever he does. The past few weeks on SmackDown the segments between the four of them have been rather well done. The Miz has brought up a lot of good points about all the bad things about Cena such as getting a title shot by returning after a brief break and how he got his girlfriend to sign a contract and that is rather bad. Winner: The Miz and Maryse.

Shane v StylesShane McMahon v AJ Styles: In all honesty this is a big step down for AJ Styles from his match that he had against Chris Jericho last year. I don’t see this being the best match on the card and I think that it would have been better if Shane was to use a proxy instead of wrestling the match would have been a lot better for me. But I think that AJ could bring Shane to have a good match since that there isn’t an added stipulation to the match since that AJ is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet and he can get a good match out of anybody. Winner: AJ Styles

Reigns v TakerThe Undertaker v Roman Reigns: I don’t think that anybody really wanted to see this match for at least three reasons. The first is that this feud is one of the worst built for the card since that they have barley had any time together. Two, Reigns should have been going heel after his match with Braun since that there will be nobody wanting to boo Undertaker. Third is Taker should have retired after last year’s match since that he isn’t as fast as what he was and according to sources when he took the spear off Reigns he was in pain. I wish that this match would have been Cena v Taker since that we haven’t had a one-on-one match between them in over 10 years and it would have been a better passing of the torch than giving it to Reigns who is still rather green compared to his SHIELD brethren who have had experience with bigger fights. Plus, if Reigns were to win the match then they would be having a stadium full of fans booing. Winner: The Undertaker.

Rollins v Triple HNon-Sanctioned Match: Seth Rollins v Triple H: So this is going to be a fun match that I would have never thought to see since of the past few months with Rollins re-injuring his knee and putting this match into jeopardy till possibly SummerSlam. But it looks like that there has been a way by making this match into a Non-Sanctioned match which means that it will be easier for them to tell their story. I also think since that at least till now that Samoa Joe isn’t on the card he is going to interfere in the match to help Triple H but to help out Rollins I think that Finn Balor is going to return and help him win the match since that in the past few weeks on the House Shows Balor has been working in matches along with Triple H and it would be an amazing pop to see him return at Mania. Winner: Seth Rollins.