LEGO: MARVEL Super Heroes: Expectations


So TellTale’s latest LEGO game this time is not a DC product but is now a Marvel product. This game introduces it LEGO fan base to the Marvel heroes we all know and love and get to know along the way.

The first thing that I like about the game is that each character has their own unique abilities like Iron Man being able to fly and shoot, Spider-Man being able to swing on webs and also has the ability to find hidden extras which can help find a way to progress on a mission or find a hidden item.


Either way there are roughly 150 different playable characters and that’s gonna be awesome.

The second thing that I like about that apparently there are going to be two different hub worlds for the game. The first being New York, I believe, where there will probablies be Gold Bricks and unlock-able villains scattered around, hopefully like in Batman 2, also the second supposed hub of Asgard home of Thor and other Marvel characters. This I think if it’s true then it’s gonna be fun to explore around but if it’s just New York it’s still gonna be fun.Image

The third thing that I like about it is that again it’s gonna be voice acted by people, this would be the third time that they are doing this outside of the core LEGO series, first with Batman 2, then Legend of Chima and this, I will not say that the Lord of the Rings version is the same since they just copied the audio over from the movies.Image

My overall expectation score 8/10
Plus there will be a LEGO figure added in which is Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3.

Nuff Said


Week 3

What are the learning outcomes of the session, did I complete them and how?:
To be honest I’ve forgotten what the actual learning outcomes were but we did start doing the storyboards for the advert.

What I have learned:
I have learned that it’s better to do a reckie before storyboarding.

How I used maths and english:
I used english skills to write down notes and annotations on the storyboards and this blog. I used math skills to work out the timings of how long each shot would last.

Where I am up to on the assignment:
Finishing up the storyboards, start to reckie and try and get permission to film in locations.

Did I enjoy anything in the session:
I enjoyed doing the recap bit at the beginning but it would be nice to do something different like a word search we used to get when you taught my group in level 2.

Am I struggling with anything:
Not struggling with anything yet.

Any Questions?
When do we start the 5 minute film projects?