Can Lucifer Be A Hit Show?

So with another new show debuting sometime this year or next year on Fox and a trailer already released for it, can Lucifer be a hit for Fox?

The show is based off the comic book series of the same name under the Vertigo banner of DC, so that’s another television series that DC could win with. The premise of the show is that the Devil is fed up with living in Hell so he packs up, leaves and moves to Los Angeles where he ends up running a nightclub but then after one incident he ends up becoming a consultant to the LAPD where he gets his kicks by helping them with his powers.

I think that this could be a hit because it could seem to be a series that people could easily get around since there have been a few shows that have followed the formula of having an outsider that joins as a consultant for a law department and then in later series getting the female counter part as done in both The Mentalist and Castle.

But I do have my own worries about the show as well. The main reason is that it might not get a good enough viewing figures for it to either merit a full series and if this happens it might fall the way of Constantine and only have one series. So hopefully this won’t happen and it will have a successful launch depending if it doesn’t get cancelled because of right-wing Christian groups who not only are trying to get the show from not airing but also tried to get them to boycott the Sandman comics. Since that this is FOX that there going up against I think that they will have a hard time trying to get this show off the air.

Another reason why I think that this show can do well is that the cast seems to be really well known, at least to the right audiences as well as regions. Tom Ellis will be playing Lucifer in the series and he has had quite a long tenure in the UK scene with being on shows like EastEnders and was a series regular on Miranda. He also appeared in the third series of Doctor Who and also appeared in US shows as well as Robin Hood in Once Upon a Time and the lead in Rush. Next we have Lesley-Ann Brandt, who will be playing Maze, has appeared in a number of television series including Spartacus Blood and Sand as well as FOX’s last DC TV series Gotham playing Copperhead. Lauren German is playing LAPD homicide detective Chloe Dance and she has had quite the tenure in the past few years being a series regular Hawaii Five-0 as well as Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Nicholas Gonzalez plays, at least in the pilot, Detective Dan but apparently is going to be replaced by Kevin Alejandro when the season actually commences. Gonzalez recently was in CW’s Flash playing Dante Ramon, Cisco’s brother as well as appearing in Jane the Virgin. However Alejandro has appeared in a numerous amount of shows including Southland, True Blood and Arrow as Brother Blood. Finally we have D.B Woodside who will be playing Amenadiel an angel trying to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell. Woodside has appeared in The Temptations, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most recently he played Jeff Malone in Suits.

So with this cast with the amount of recognisable faces in the series this looks like that it could be a really good show. Hopefully the series can be a hit with fans around the world and be at least successful to get either a full series if it’s a half series or a second series.