January – March Update

Hey guys this is a quick update on what I’m planning on doing for the site over the next couple of weeks/month and I’m going to start by revealing that through my Facebook page (Iron Dan 13) that for my 100th blog I’m going to be counting down of my top 5 of my favourite films of all time. I was originally going to do this as one blog post but instead I’ve decided to give each film attention and do five different blogs with the 100th being my #1 film. So far I have been making a short list but I’m going to possibly make some changes to the list I’ve currently made. But I will make a promise that 96-100 will be my top five films.

On to more news, if I haven’t got anything started yet I will be possibly covering either two or three films. If I can do three films for the month  the first film I would be covering will be Dad’s Army and seeing how well this version can be from its predecessor. The second or possibly first in some cases that I’ll cover will be Deadpool since the fact that this one looks like it has more potential than what the version of Deadpool was like in X-Men Origins Wolverine. The wild card film that I would like to cover is a film that is already out in America and that is The Forest and I sort of wanting to go and see this film with some other friends but I don’t know if anyone wants to go see it.

There also will be a blog this month as well with the latest batch of predictions for WWE Fast Lane and hopefully this month I’ll get all my predictions right this time round since at Royal Rumble I only predicted two matches incorrectly. So far the only match that I know that’s taking place is a baffling triple threat number one contenders match between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. In all honesty I don’t think that Brock should have been in this match since, one he wasn’t in a match on Raw and two I don’t think that he deserves a title opportunity since WWE are using him more as a prize fighter than a wrestler. There are so many wrestlers that are on the roster that deserve a chance than Brock. So once that there is a full card I’ll post it either Saturday before the event or Sunday before the event.

And finally I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to go to Newcastle Comic Con in March in a costume or just to go in usual clothes. But I have no idea what to goes as anymore. I did have a idea for a costume that was going too be the Blues Brother since I have a friend who is a fan of the film and that it could be easier to assemble that way. Then I had a crazy idea to actually go with a joke idea that came up when I used to be part of a podcast called Geekpod where we came up with a idea to go dressed as a group of characters from American Dad and my character was going to be Barry, which is going to be also easy to form since that it is a white T-shirt and green shorts which on a budget is easier to get. Well at least I’ve got till the end of February to decide if I want to get dressed and go to the Con.

Well that’s all for this update so catch me again in a few days for the next blog.

That’s all I got say for this.

Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

Well it’s a new year but I’m back with a prediction for this year’s Royal Rumble and this year’s Rumble Match is something that hasn’t been done, sort of, since 1992 where the WWE World Heavyweight Title is going to be on the line and also the defending champion is in the match as well, but I’ll get to that when I go for my predictions for that match but first time to talk the matches before.

Pre-Show: Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match: Dudley Boyz v Darren Young and Damien Sandow v The Ascension v Mark Henry and Jack Swagger:

So I wasn’t actually going to cover this match originally since the fact that this was to go up on Tuesday but I ended up being rather busy with other things that I forgot about it but finding out that it has Royal Rumble implications does make me want to predict this more. This is going to be rather heated but I defiantly think that this will be about a 15-20 minute match since that whichever team wins is doing double duty and they would need to get a long cool down period. It does seem difficult for me to narrow down a team to win but I’m going to cheat and have two picks. The first pick is going to be the Dudley Boyz since that they have been a successful tag team for now nearly 20 years and they have a lot of history in tag team competition. My second pick is going to be Young/Sandow, I would really like to see WWE actually push these two since they are pretty good talent but with the way creative have been with them it would be hard to see it.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day v The Usos: Boy have I had enough of seeing this match being repeated every bloody month. The New Day have been up against The Usos ever since they returned to the WWE last year and I do think that it’s to see a WWE bringing up some new well deserving tag teams from NXT that deserve a shot on the roster. I think that The New Day are going to retain since the fact that they will have that one person advantage so until there’s a team that can figure that out then New Day is here to stay.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Charlotte (with Ric Flair) v Becky Lynch: So here we go with another match that we have seen on pretty much every Raw, I think, since their match at TLC last month and I’ve got to say that I think that this could have been better if there was an additional stipulation to the match so that either of them could have won in a ‘dirty’ way. For instance how cool would it be if we saw these two go in a Strap match such as what Sable and Luna did for their match at the 1999 Royal Rumble, that way they could only get the win by touching the corners and that Flair would have a harder time interfering since that he can’t block or cause rope breaks. But since that this is going to be a single match that Charlotte is going to win, she’s dirtier and WWE are trying to build her reign more over the next few months until either Nikki Bella comes back or even better when Sasha Banks comes back since that she is probably the only decent wrestler along with Charlotte that deserves the title.

WWE United States Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio v Kalisto: Why the hell did WWE decided to give the title to Kalisto for one freaking night was such a freaking waste. Really what was the point of giving him the title if they were going to give it to Del Rio the next night this is what I think is really stupid with WWE when they do foolish decisions like this. Nevertheless since that Kalisto lost the title due to some help that Del Rio got from his League of Nation partner I think that if they were to go one on one Kalisto can pull off an upset and I pick Kalisto for the win.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose v Kevin Owens: Last Man Standing: There are two Royal Rumbles that always stick out to me that have had memorable matches before the Royal Rumble match, that being 1999 The Rock v Mandkind and 2000 Triple H v Cactus Jack, both of these matches did push each competitor to the furthest they could go in the match and both had great stipulations in the form of I Quit and Street Fight. This match has the possibility to be in the same boat as those matches. From what we have seen from Ambrose and Owens is that they would do anything to take out the other. So in this match it will be really hard to narrow down a winner, but I am going to go with Ambrose. He has been in a lot more harder matches than what Owens has had in the WWE and since that I haven’t seen many of his matches that he did when he was on the indy circuit or even in ROH I can’t put anything solid there for Owens. I can probably already guess that the announce table is going to have a major factor with the match since the last few occasions on Raw and I believe Smackdown the announce table has always been a good part in the match and since this is a Last Man Standing I’m expecting it to end there like how Jericho and Triple H ended at Fully Loaded 2000.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Royal Rumble Match: Now this is going to be a pretty unpredictable match but I get the feeling that after the events of Raw that there is going to be a massive screw job going to happen to Roman Reigns, the defending champion since he was force picked the #1 entry for the Rumble Match.

For this match I could see a few people that may either be Alumni that may make a surprise appearance. In a video that WWE posted yesterday they had a list of wrestlers that could make a surprise appearance such as Sting since he’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, but there are some others that they announce that I don’t think will make an appearance and that is Daniel Bryan and Seth Rolling. Both of these wrestler have been on the shelf for a while with serious injuries but I really don’t think that either of them will make an appearance especially for Daniel Bryan since that after last year being sidelined with a neck injuries I rather would see him come back between the Raw after the Rumble and Fast Lane just to make sure that he is in the all clear since that people don’t want to see any repeats from last year. With Seth Rollins I think that in the video WWE just want to try and hype people up instead of giving them a disappointment but I think that Rollins would seem more likely than Bryan at the moment.

Other people that I think that can make an appearance in the Rumble are possibly some NXT stars, you never know since that it would be a pretty good debut for a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. If it is someone from NXT that comes up I would think that it could be Finn Balor or maybe even Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. But with other news coming through from new signings that WWE have got in the past two weeks we could be seeing a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles as well as Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson from the Bullet Club stable where Finn Balor was the first leader of the team. Also with the past week AJ Styles was in the UK on tour with 5Star Wrestling said (adlibbing here) ‘If there is a spot in the Royal Rumble match, put me in it and I will kick some ass for you’. I think that it would be really awesome if AJ Styles was to debut here since that it would be the first time since I think it could have been 2001 or 2002 when the last time Styles had been in a WWE ring. Plus also for the past week Finn Balor has been leading a lot of clues about the former Bullet Club members so there could be a chance that we see them here.

Now to go with the people that are actually in the Royal Rumble match I think that it could be something from here that could win the title. For instance one of the major factors for the match is that you have the entire Wyatt family in the match and they have been rather dominate over the past few weeks on Raw and Smackdown especially since they have Braun Strowman who is pretty much a human wrecking ball and if he get a hold of Reigns and chokes him out with that finisher of his there will defiantly be a new champion. Another wrestler that I think can win this is Brock Lesnar, though he hasn’t appeared in a Royal Rumble match since 2003, which he won, I think that he can throw a lot of people over the top. Then we have Roman Reigns, the number one entry and I got to say that if Roman manages to a) win this match or b) get to the final two it does rather prove that he is a great wrestler. Not that many people have been able to go the distance in the Rumble and since that there is a lot more on the line I see that Romans chances are really slim 1/30 chance that he can retain. But on the plus side since that Roman is starting at number one he can go for a Royal Rumble record by trying to beat his elimination record he set in 2014 so there’s something that he can look forward to try and beat.

But in all honesty I can have a solid one person prediction for this match so I’m going with three predictions for this and that is Reigns, AJ Styles ( if he debuts) and Brock Lesnar.

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #0 Review

So for the past five or six months there has been more and more information on a new Power Rangers movie as well as a new comic book series and now the cast of the film have been revealed as well as the first issue of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers comic book series and I got to say for a #0 issue it is really good at starting off a new rebooting of a series.

One of the things that I do like about the series before I get into the analysis portion of the review and that is the covers for the #0 issue and that it comes in roughly eight different covers. All of the different variants had different Rangers on them holding their helmets with the Zords shown in the visors of the helmets which is a really cool concept that they used for the covers.

The issue opens up with Rita Repulsa talking to the Green Ranger and how that he was able to destroy the Power Rangers and that she is ready to remake the world. This turns out to be a day dream that Tommy is havening when Jason snaps him out of it asking what’s wrong. Tommy simply brushes it off saying that he’s just tired and that it feels more like that its first day nerves for him going to high school as a Power Rangers, so theatrically this takes place roughly after the Green with Evil saga but set in more modern times. The whole team meets up in the car park of the high school where they do show more typical high school problems like finding out that had a test today instead of next week. But again for the rest of the page when there’s bit of general chatter going on Tommy looks like that he is in a completely different place. In these scenes we also see that a astral version of Rita appears back in Jason’s car and she talks about how Jason seems to be suspicious and something a little interesting and that is this line “Or a person at ALL, really.” Could this mean that there is more to Tommy such as what a reveal that happened in the Operation Overdrive series, where the Red Ranger turned out to actually be a cyborg/ robot.

We then have a quick cut-away to Rita castle where we see her walking through a door where she goes to see Finster who had made her latest monster known as Bullzer. Then we cut back to the high school where there actually learning something since I barely remember them spending anytime in class in the series. There an alarm goes off as Bullzer starts attacking the city and they evacuate students to the gymnasium except for our heroes who morph, not knowing if in public or somewhere private. We get a pretty cool morph scene where it does resemble the television series where it shows them posing with their morphers with a giant version of the morpher behind them. They then have them in a pose with their costumes and then go straight for the Megazord mode since that the Bullzer is already a large creature, which is something that does make the more sense of what Rita should have been doing instead of releasing the monster in a regular form and then growing into growth mode. We see the Bullzer moving forward to what appears to be the Golden Gate Bridge and then a giant blast to the face of it. Then cuts to the Dragonzord and Megazord posing with what appears to be a pink speech bubble asking what the creature is. The Megazord team decides to come up with a plan on to taking the Bullzer away from the bridge where they try and come up with a plan and then a miscommunication happens when Tommy in the Dragonzord decides to go head on and attack it. The Megazord manages to grab the Bullzer and have the Dragonzord make the attack that way but then something happens to the Dragonzord and that the controls start to freeze. We also get another astral Rita moment where she seems to be badgering Tommy saying that without her he’s not good enough. They manage to destroy the Bullzer but the Dragonzord controls go slightly crazy and its tail smashes the bridge and some of the cars start to fall off when Kim detaches from the Megazord and manages to catch the falling cars with her Zord.

Back at the Command Centre Tommy is explaining to the team on what happened with the Dragonzord but Jason think that Tommy was just being too cocky thinking that he can handle things on his own. Zordon breaks them up by sharing the blame on both of them saying that Jason should have made plan clearer and that Tommy should have asked questions when he’s not clear. Zordon then goes on to say that with Tommy on their side it struck a blow with Rita’s forces but since Rita knows more about the Green Power Coin they do remain concerned by that but in main focus remain on what can happen next. We then cut to night time where Scorpina retrieves something and brings it back to Rita It appears to be a crystal that Rita says is their new beginning.

I got to say I really enjoyed this comic. I’m not going to cover the two sub stories that are in the comic since that it’s not the focus of this but they are decent to read. I would really recommend this comic to people, who are fans of the Mighty Morphing era of Power Rangers since there is a lot of nostalgia going through it, plus the conversion for it to be now set more in current time is pretty good as well and it does work. Character development seemed to focus more about Tommy than the other characters but that was rather typical of the first season after the Green with Evil story line most episodes did focus on Tommy. But since that it was also the first issue of the comic there will be time for development in the later issues. I’m defiantly going to be adding this series to my standing order the next time I’m heading out.


Is WWE Going Downhill?

For the past five years I’ve have been getting back into watching wrestling mainly since there was a long period where I didn’t watch it for the fact that I only used to watch PPV’s up till 2002 but then kept up to date-ish with buying PPV’s from retail stores but nothing seemed to be the same. But for the past three years that I’ve been watching WWE I have been thinking that it has started to go downhill. I think that I also have a few theories why they have been going down as well.


1. Roster. For a while the roster has pretty much stayed the same, especially now since there is no more brand expansion and that most of the decent talent that they do have they are either kept off main TV or are on main TV and put in absolutely pointless and boring storylines. For instance there are quite a few good wrestlers that do deserve a chance to wrestle for the World title such as Titus O’Neal who they should have actually pushed for at least a US title or Intercontinental title run when Darren Young was out injured last year since that what he has done for the past few months on his own has been really good. His rivalry with Stardust has been going over rather well and I along with other fans would like to see more of him in singles competition. Another wrestler I would like to see would Dolph Ziggler who hasn’t had a title run for quite a number of months but has been stuck in a number of pointless and stupid storylines that just seemed to go absolutely nowhere and didn’t accomplish anything for either people in those storylines. Another reason why the roster is pretty bad in WWE is because there are better wrestlers currently in their development company NXT. For instance there are wrestlers who have proved themselves throughout the world and have been champions there as well. For instance there are at least five or so wrestlers that are better than the top wrestlers there such as Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayne hell even Apollo Crews is better than some of the wrestlers in WWE. Hopefully WWE will showcase these wrestlers more on TV then they do with their current stars.


2. Storylines. The second problem that I’ve had has been the absolutely pointless and boring storylines that WWE have had at least over the past year. For instance two of the most boring storylines that I have had have been Rusev v John Cena and Rusev v Dolph Ziggler. The problem that these both had was that they went on for way too long and it seemed really unnecessary for them to be going on for four months where they could have been giving those better matches against better opponents. The Cena/Rusev rivalry seemed that it should have just ended after Extreme Rules since usually would make for a best of three rivalry where you see one person win at Fast Lane, then the other wins at WrestleMania and then have the final being decided at Extreme Rules in a pointless and less extreme way that creative can think of. But no they decided to have a pointless fourth match which happed at Over the Limit, where the match ended up being won by Cena after Rusev’s manager said ‘I Quit’ for him and that was that. With the Ziggler/Rusev rivalry it seemed extremely pointless since that the focus around it was Lana who at the time was split from Rusev for really pointless reason and was put into a kayfabe relationship with Ziggler where she was supposed to be his girlfriend. This ended up with them bringing in another Diva to the rivalry for it only to be revealed with the thanks of TMZ that Rusev and Lana were actually engaged in real life and the rivalry was then took off air and was replaced with a worse between Ziggler and newcomer to the main roster of Tyler Breeze.

3. WWE Network. At first I bet whoever created up with the idea of the WWE Network thought that they had the best idea ever and that being giving people the option to join a subscription of $9.99 per month to watch archived matches, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WCW and so forth as well as airing new shows that are their own shows such as Legends House as well as airing NXT, I believe I don’t actually have the Network, also showing PPV events as well. But then that’s where the only good points that I see since that I have heard that there have been so many complaints with the service such as there was a lot of buffering problems as well as people having problems trying to get the thing to work especially since that in some places they have to get it through their service provider. One major problem that I think that WWE does have with the WWE network is that they have a strange period where they seem like they would be losing a lot of money from the WWE Network for PPV since that $9.99 is a big loss from when people used to pay $40-$60 to watch a 3 hour show like WrestleMania and they also seem to have a lot of problems there as well with them having free month periods where they have probably more new customers but then they could lose them after the free period is over.


4. Injury. One final reason that I have a reason that they are going on a downhill is that pretty much all the good talent that they have are pretty much all out of action for the next few month through to injury. For instance one of the first cases that I thought they were going downhill was when Tyson Kidd got injured since he and Ceasro were doing so well as a tag team that they could have went on to become the champions but no that didn’t end up happening, but Cesaro did end up getting more recognition as a singles competitor until he also ended up in the injured list where he isn’t expected to return till I think before or after this year’s WrestleMania. Another really disappointing injury that recently happened was that John Cena had returned from either filming something or from recovery of a injury to be put back on the injured list after three or so weeks of returning and is out with what I believe is a torn rotator cuff and now won’t be back till after WrestleMania. And the final injury problem that WWE has suffered was with Seth Rollins at a live event on the UK tour where he ended up tearing his ACL, MCL and meniscus after botching a move that he has done for years and is going to be out of action for a number of months. But also there was a real big problem and that was that the WWE title was then vacated and put into a tournament. Hopefully this year there will be fewer injuries that will happen to wrestlers especially ones that deserve to have some gold around their waists.


So far that’s all I can think of on how WWE is going downhill but if anyone else can think of anything add it in the comment section below.


Top 5 Underrated Films I’ll See This Year

A few years ago I made a blog about three films that I would go see in cinemas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I saw last year) to hope that they would be good then what the trailers had shown. At least I thought that two of the three that I covered were rather decent and then there was the massive disappointment of Transformers Age of Extinction but for anyone who us a frequent reader on here knows already that I have shared my hatred for it.

5: Doctor Strange: So the first film that is on my list won’t be coming out in cinemas till November this year since that it is currently in production and won’t be finished for at least another two months unless there is going to be any extra footage filmed such as what happened with Age of Ultron this year. In this film we will be seeing the first new character of Phase 3 with Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the our Doctor Strange and from the images of him in the costume that have surfaced on line through social media sites and entertainment magazines it does look really good and I think that he looks better with these then in the mock photos made when people were going down the casting picks. Not else is that much known about the film except for the casting where in addition to Cumberbatch we have Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen who has links in being the villain for this film. The reason why I have this on the list cause to me that it seems to be, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man, could be a really big risk with audiences and fans of the series alike but it can be a runaway success with fans.

4: Suicide Squad: I have been a fan of the New 52 version of the Suicide Squad and been thinking that it has been a rather decent story though they do keep changing focuses around it from issues and revolving character development around it. Then when I heard that there was a film going to be made about these anti-heroes I started to really have my doubts about it. First the casting seems to be rather okay at best. You have Will Smith playing Deadshot, Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn and Jared Leto playing The Joker. This casting does make me feel okay but I think that it is a complete gamble that DC is going for here and the biggest gamble is having Cara Delevinge as a member of the main cast mainly because I am more against having people who are more recognised for modelling than filming since that they 90% of the time are terrible actors and that seems like my biggest risk for the film. But from what I’ve seen from the trailers that it does look okay and that it can do well for DC money wise. But if it does fail I would recommend for people to go and watch Batman: Assault on Arkham, which has the Suicide Squad in.

3: Jungle Book: I really have this big peeve of when companies that decide to re-release films into live action and this film has really made me annoyed with Disney even more. I really don’t know why Disney are doing this for since that this is either the third or fourth film that they have adapted the for a live action remake and why bother doing it where you have a film that has already made. Nevertheless I think that the only reason that I may find this to be underrated is the fact of the cast that they have that are playing the animals in the film. You have Scarlett Johansson voice Kaa which from the trailer seems to be a really good choice since that she does use rather a seductive voice in the trailer which Kaa was trying to do to Mowgli to kill him. Then you have Idris Elba voicing Shere Khan and just me picturing his voice coming from a CGI tiger does look really cool. And finally we have Bill Murray voicing Baloo I think that this is a good idea and I hope that he doesn’t do a bad job with it since the last film that I saw him in Garfield and it seemed to be a rather half assed performance from it. Other than that I hope that it can do rather well but like the previous live actions they didn’t put anything that decent into the stories and characters in to the films so I’m not holding onto anything special there.

2: Ghostbusters: When it was announced that an all female reboot of Ghostbusters a lot of people had a lot of complaints about the film as well and I also had my doubts about the film as well and frankly I still do have my doubts about the film. The first reason is that I don’t think that this film is necessary to have a reboot since that Ghostbusters was a good film and doesn’t seem that it would have needed a remake. I still think though that instead of doing a reboot, a soft reboot that takes place after the events of Ghostbusters 2 would be better and more modern to what audience goers are more used to seeing such as in the style of Terminator Genysis and Jurassic World. The only few good things that I do have about the film is that the film is being directed by Paul Feig who has in the past number of years worked on a lot of comedies and also made Sandra Bullock a good actress again. I still do have a lot of worries about the film and for the fact that a trailer for the film hasn’t been released yet it does make me feel nervous about the film that has a lot to live up for.

1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows: I along with a lot of people gave a lot of crap about the first film for how bad it looked and how bad the casting was for the film and when I saw it last year for the first time I didn’t think that it was that bad of a film. I mean sure the premise strange and that the casting and writing wasn’t that great and I still thought it was decent. But when the first trailer for this was shown I was actually surprised by it mainly because it looked a whole lot better than what the first film was. For one the trailer showed that the Turtles have had a newer look and colouring that made them look more different. The next thing that I found good from the trailer was the introduction of Rocksteady and Beebop since people who watch the television show that’s currently on Nickelodeon would recognise them. But the thing that does make me gladder is that the film is a reboot of the film. They recast I think three characters, Shredder, Karai and I’m pretty sure that they also did it with Baxter Stockman since that the person in the flashbacks wasn’t Tyler Perry. I also think that Johnny Knoxville isn’t voicing Leonardo this time round (which again similar to the television show) which I’m not that fussed about. I still do feel that this can be underrated since people will still have thoughts about the first film and continue them along to this one as well but I got to say give this more of a chance that what people would do with Transformers, make this better than Transformers.

2015: My Review

Well with it being the first official day of 2016 coming to a close I’ve spent most of the day remenissing about all the good parts of my year and so far its been a bit trying to remeber the first actual good moment.

But one of the one that comes instantly off my head happened in March and the second Newcastle Film and TV Comic Con in where I really did have a great day. I got to see some of my favorite wrestlers, Bob Holly and David Hart Smith, and it was great to hear them tell tales when they were on the road. Another person that I got to meet was Robert Maschio who was The Todd in Scrubs and he was hilarious and I got a high five from him as well. Another good thing about the day was being able to hang around a few of my friends, Jake, Ashley, Amie, Gavin and Sarah who were all dressed up in costumes and they all looked really cool and great.

The next good thing I can think of is having the chance to be the Dungeon Master for our games and giving Michael, our usual DM, and gave him the chance to play a character for once. I took me about three or so weeks to come up with the concept for the story where I based it much on The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the new starter set and from the first outing it went rather well. Currently we are up to starting our third act in the story and something wicked this way comes for them.

Next a lot of my memories come from the cinema and the many different films that came out this year and since I’ve seen at least two or so films each month this year and here’s my top 5 films.

5: Avengers Age of Ultron: I got to say there seemed to be a lot going on in this film. You had the Avengers reclaiming Loki’s Sceptre from HYDRA for five minutes then facing off against Ultron for the rest of the film and it just seemed it was missing something special about it. It seemed it took a slight shuffle back from how good the first film was. Hopefully Civil War this year will be better.

4: The Last Witch Hunter: I went to see this film the same day as Spectre and I enjoyed this way more than I did Spectre. Vin Diesel plays a immortal witch hunter after having a curse placed on him. Another thing that I enjoyed was the acting in it, Vin plays his character really well wishing he could have one more day with his family and solve what happend to his friend and liaison with the church, played by Michael Caine who had more of a minor role was really good in it. The twist in this was really well done and not to spoil it much did make more interested in the film.

3: Insidious Chapter 3 & Crimson Peak: I’m doing this as a double mainly because there both horror films and I enjoyed both really well. First I really liked Insidious Chapter 3 for the fact that from the trailers I thought something different was going to happen and it was nice to see the origins of the paranormal investigation team from the first film, quite a few good visuals used throughout and I enjoyed seeing it alone. Crimsom Peak was a film when I went in was going to be horror film similar to Insidious, but In was totally wrong. This is Del Toro back to his routes of Gothic horror and is handled a lot better than say The Woman in Black. Both films are really great with their visuals and story and are both worth a viewing.

2: Ant Man: I didn’t know what to expect going in to this film, like I did with Guardians of the Galaxy. But this seemed better than Avengers. You have Paul Rudd playing a ex-con trying to start his life anew to get to see his daughter more often and is then recruited to do one last score which was actually devised by Michael Douglas wanting help to retrieve a weapon that he helped create and wants back. It has action, comedy, great use of CGI and had many great moments including the Thomas the Tank Engine scene which was a great use of the technologies we have in film today.

1: Star Wars Ep7: Even though this was a revamped version of A New Hope I really enjoyed this film. The characters in this film, the focused ones at least, are really well done and really liked. Rey and Finn had really good chemistry when they were on screen and BB8 is a more enjoyable doid in the film. The story is similar to New Hope where a droid is given a map to help locate where Luke Skywalker is at, this leads to a chase between the Finn, Rey, Han and Chewie to get the droid back to the Rebels and away from The First Order led by Kylo Ren, who turns out to be Han and Leia’s son. Rey gets catptured by the First Order since she knows the map fragment and Kylo Ren tries to get the information out of her only to find out that she to has the force. The film ends with Han Solo dead by Lightsabre, Rey and Kylo fight and the Death Star Mk3 getting destroyed. In all I enjoyed it and it’s going to be now a long wait to see the outcome of it.

There was also one other thing that was really good that happened to me this year. I finally got my first job after many months of different interviews. Even though I started in late November and finished at Christmas Eve, it was the best thing that ever happened to me and I would like to thank the staff and management at Poundworld Durham for the opportunity.

Let’s hope that this year I can get a actual job and possibly something’s even more greater than money.10984269_612871445479231_5033715248242163191_n