LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Review

When it was announced that this game was going to be released, I was over the moon since I was a big fan of the first game since it had a completely new story and that it wasn’t just a movie tie in cash grab like what LEGO Avengers Assemble was (though from the looks of the season pass for the game, we do have movie as well as show tie-ins).

The story for the game is rather well done, Kang has taken cities from other worlds and timelines and formed his own world, Chronopolis, and it is up to a combination of Avengers, Guardians and Inhumans to take Kang down and try to restore the world back to their original places. A lot of the story is rather easy to go through and it took me a few hours to complete but the first few missions seemed to be a rather slog to go through since that with the help of trophies, it took me about an hour and a half to get through the first two missions, but from there it gets a bit faster paced. However, when it gets to the end of the story I found it to be rather underwhelming since all you do is fight Kang as a giant Captain America. Back in the first game you had heroes and villains teaming up to take down Galactus swapping between the groups to create a portal and manage to defeat him. But even that ending doesn’t see you being able to defeat Kang as his forced fiancé/wife, Ravonna, managed to get a hold of his Time Crystal and turned him into a baby. But it looks like that in the post credit scenes, not only in their films but now games Marvel are throwing them at us, Ravonna now called Terminatrix comes through along with what looks like an alternate version of Kang saying that they need to pretty much fix time, along with a second scene with Baby Kang getting a hold of his Time Crystal.

The hub world is rather well done since that all the different eras and place are well done. Being able to travel through the areas are rather simple by accessing fast travel spots, which also unlocks areas where to get collectables and characters or by travelling on a rail system that gets around the city rather fast. Plus, with the open world there are a lot of challenges to do which I do find to be rather fun, though a bit repetitive since that it is just destroying things to either rescue people from grunts or just rescuing them from being trapped. But there are two things that I have found to be rather annoying about the open world, the first is that there are still a lot of bugs with the game since that when I tried to do two challenges a race and mission for A-Bomb) they didn’t seem to work properly. The race had me crash into a piece of the road and it wouldn’t let me even move from the spot and the mission for A-Bomb glitched at the very end and I had to move on to do more of the story. Hopefully there will be more patches for the game to make sure that these are resolved, but going back to the missions for characters, the ones that I have done, are some of the laziest things I have seen since that all of them are defeating wave of enemies after another and I think that the only one that I have seen that doesn’t do this is a one for J. Jonah Jamerson where you have to take a picture.

The character selection for the game is pretty good since that there is a wide variation of characters since that there are different timelines since being able to use characters from 2099 and other universes. The only thing that I am rather disappointed about it is that the game is missing that is the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, something that was rather a big part for the story which is rather disappointing, but the only thing that I could think of why they aren’t there and that is the X-Men have moved to somewhere else in America and the Fantastic Four are in space. But it is disappointing not to see them there.

One of the new things that I do like about the game is the Grandmaster Mode in which we can have a four-person multiplayer mode in which one version you can play in which you can collect the Infinity Stones and use their abilities against opponents, it’s a fun mini game mode.Overall, I found this to be a okay game, but I don’t think that it deserves the 9/10 ratings that I have seen for the game since that there are some problems that the game has, lack of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, the underwhelming ending to the story and the minor glitches. One more thing that I did think that they did well for the game was they fixed the flight controls and it makes it a lot more better being to fly a lot better. There is something that I do like about this game that I think will do well for another LEGO franchise, that being the Batman series since that DC does have their own multiverse in which we could see their different timelines and alternate Earths into a world sort of like Chronopolis and if Brainiac wasn’t the villain for the third game, it would have made a better choice for a villain for that idea.

Rating 7.5/10


Top Seven Videogames I Want To Play

Since turning 25 this year I got to thinking about something that has been a part of my life, that being videogames and most importantly games and/or franchises that I haven’t played.

Metal Gear/ Metal Gear Solid (Some games): This one I am slightly cheating on since I have played a handful of Metal Gear Solid games, never to completion but still there have been some games that I have yet to play. Mainly since I never played them till PS2/PS3 era when I played Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriot, so that means that I still had at least several games still yet to play since that the franchise started on the NES which I never played since I believe my first console was the SNES. But a few years ago, Konami re-released Metal Gear – Peace Walker in a Legacy collection where it has all the games in between and hopefully I should be able to get it but knowing my luck when it comes to videogames, I think it will take time to get.

Resident Evil: A lot of the people that know me know that I love watching horror film but they should be surprised to know that I never played any games from the Resident Evil franchise since that I didn’t know where to even start with them. There is the original game that was on the PS1, then the was Resident Evil 4-6 on the PS3 that I now can get on the PS4 and now the latest instalment that came out last year in which I did play the demo for. But the two that do stand out for me would be the original game and Resident Evil 7 since that does attract me more since that they both make you feel isolated and this is something that I do enjoy about horror and was one of the things that I like about Until Dawn. But a good thing is that since Capcom have re-released the original games for the current gen consoles so there is another game that I could get my hands on.

Silent Hill: About a year or so ago, I played PT for the first time which was going to be the launch point for a new Silent Hill game for the PS4. However, things at Konami as we all know now, weren’t really going that well and the game was scrapped and Hideo Kojima leaving to work on new games with the first, Death Stranding, being a possible replacement for the Silent Hill sized hole that was left. But getting on with what had come before, I had never played any game. I had seen the films and reviews from the comic that Linkara had reviewed throughout portions of Halloween but they didn’t seem to hook me on that much. But I then saw some gameplay for it from a Let’s Play and it seemed to be rather interesting to me. But there is a slight problem on where I should start since I am unsure if Konami have or are planning on re-releasing the first game or that I should skip to play 2&3 since that I know that I can get a copy since that they are sold together for the PS3 port in which they had to apparently re-do.

Ratchet and Clank: My best friend introduced me to Ratchet and Clank and a few times when I went over to his house I found him playing Ratchet and Clank on a few occasions but the only time that I had ever played it was on a PS2 Demo disc and that was a long time ago. The only other time that I had much experience with Ratchet and Clank was the movie that came out and it I thought I was rather enjoyable of a film, but I didn’t even play the tie in game that came with that. Then I also have the same problem with this as I did with Silent Hill with not knowing where to start with the series since that there were PS2 games, but I don’t know if they got updated to either PS3 or PS4, or I skip to the PS3 games.

Crash Bandicoot: When I was growing up I played Spyro the Dragon over Crash Bandicoot so I never got to experience it back on the PS1. But when Naughty Dog announced that they were going to be re-releasing Crash for PS4 I was a little bit unsure whether to get pick up a copy and I might try and get it for Christmas to see if it is worth getting.

The Legend of Zelda: Even thought that I have owned a 3DS for a long time I have never picked up a Zelda game since I didn’t know what they were really like, but for the past few months since I picked up the 2DS XL I have been trying to find out A) which game to get and B) where to get them. I was thinking on getting Ocarina of Time since that is one of the most popular games from the franchise. But I also have a second option since that I am planning on buying a Switch in a few weeks and I did like the design for Breath of the Wild so there could be a chance that I could also pick this up around Christmas.

Final Fantasy Series: Like a lot from this list me not playing games is down to not knowing about games at the time or due to not knowing about the franchises till later in life. Final Fantasy is one of the franchises that I have slowly gotten into over the years and the most that I do know about the world is thanks to Kingdom Hearts and from what I have seen for Final Fantasy VII Machinabridge from TeamFourStar. I think that one of the games that I do want to play is VII since that it is going to be rereleased possibly next year but the version that I am going to get my hands on will be the original since it is on the PlayStation Store as a digital down load. But as for the rest of the franchise I am a little bit uncertain about getting, mainly down to not knowing the franchise enough. But XV could be another game that I could pick up since that it is the most recent game and if I do plan on picking up the remastered version on VII it would get me used to it since that it appears that it uses the same mechanics as XV, plus the weird Assassins Creed event that is currently happening seem to be rather interesting.

Destiny 2 Review

When Bungie announced this game a lot of my friends and I had rather mixed feelings about this game since that we did have a lot of problems when it came to the first game and we were worried that there was going to be problems that carry over. But lucky enough it seemed that some of those worries were gone.

The story is one of the better things about this game since that in the first game, there was barely a story since that it seemed to be up in the air and developed in some pieces of lore, but with this it starts out strong and it keeps on going. Dominus Ghaul is an interesting villain since that his story is well developed over the course of the cutscenes that we see since that he has his own agenda. Knowing of the existence of the Traveller and the powers that it can give to the Guardians and he wants that power for himself. Then we have the aftermath from the opening when your Guardian is ‘killed’ by Ghaul and is trying to get through the assault in the City, there is so much dread and the possibility that all is lost. But once you meet Hawthorn that is when there seems to be the start of hope in the game.

The rest of the story is rather interesting since that the first few parts is mainly getting the Vanguards back together to come up with a plan to take down Ghaul but there are all the usual Destiny fetch/destroy/defend missions along the way. For the rest of the story there were other things that I did like and the most enjoyment that I did have was with Cayde-6 and Failsafe on Nessus since that a) finding out what Cayde-6 got into the trouble he did with a Vex Teleporter and b) being introduced to Failsafe, the Exodus Black’s Computer for the fact that she is rather unique because of her personalities. But the best thing about the story is the penultimate and final mission in which the plan goes off, with some small hiccups along the way but it is some of the most beautiful looking missions that they have made since that the penultimate you get to fight on Ghaul’s command ship where it is about to absorb Mercury to take out the Sun and it shows a lot of the amazing design that they put into the Sun as well as the detail on the Almighty is rather spectacular.

However, the ending that they did for this is handled better than what happened before since that this had resolution. Being able to defeat Ghaul with all your abilities back that he had taken away from the beginning and then when you think that he is defeated the ending cinematic shows something that was bat-shit insane. That being Ghaul creating a weird astral form in which he tries to get recognition from The Traveller, since that throughout the game Ghaul’s main quest has been trying to get the Traveller acceptance for to be given the same powers as the Guardians. But unfortunately, that doesn’t go well for him as the Traveller, who is also bound in a chain-like cage, but it manages to break out of it and destroys the Astral Ghaul. But that wasn’t the end of it, just like with movies a post credit scene appears several Vex Pyramid ships, with one of them seeming like it was a Mother-Ship leading to mean that this would be the first DLC content that we will be having.

The rest of the game is rather alright. The new areas are designed rather well and each have their unique parts. Another thing that I do like are the Lost Locations in which are hordes of enemies that are hiding Loot.

But I did have some problems that I do have with the game and rather currently it has been down to it still being a relatively a new game and that has been a lot of the connection problems that has been plaguing. As a personal experience when I was playing the day after the first weekly reset I was plagued with five connection problems when I was playing Crucible with my friends. This caused me to even show up on the enemy team at times or even leaving the game, which was rather weird.

But one of my major problems that I have with this game are the Nightfall Strike, but not for the same reason why people have been having problems with. My problem comes with the Strike being set to a 10-minute time limit, in which I do find it to be rather pointless. It can be done but it does make it rather harder and more complicated for some players to do since that you would need to do multiple things on top of the actual Strike. I think that it would have been better if they had the time limit set to the Prestige mode for the challenge since that does give it more of a challenge. Hopefully there could be some changes coming to the Nightfall since that this does make it rather stupid.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the Leviathan Raid yet but hopefully in the next week, I may put something in to cover that.

Overall I did find this game to be quite the step up from where I did leave the first game and I do plan on playing through the entirety of this game. 8/10.

Top Five Pokémon Battle: Games

I am a huge fan of the Pokemon videogames and to continue of the theme for this month I am going to be covering my favourite battles that partake over all the games. However it is only going to focus on the handheld series since that I have forgotten a lot of the battles that happen in Pokemon Coliseum and XD Gale of Darkness for the fact I no longer have my Wii.

5: XY: Lysander/ AZ: For a while I always thought that X/Y did have a rather boring but there was something’s that I did like and it came near to the end of the game and that was Lysander revealing his true intentions and that was to basically destroy the world. Even though that it did feel like a rather rushed ending for the game it was something that I did like. In this we saw that Lysander revealing what he was going to do and then you have the first battle with him and it just feels like the first battle that you usually have earlier in games when you usually face off against the enemy leader in earlier parts of the games. However my favourite part of the these battle was when you fight him after either catching or killing the legendary when he comes out and has his mega stone and a more interesting battle happens here. Since that there is a second person for this slot I did like the fact that you could also face off against Lysander’s prisoner AZ, who was the king once upon a time, and you get to fight him after beating the Elite Four and Champion. This was more for seeing the AZ finally getting repentance for what he had done and his Pokemon, Floette came back to him and it was a nice ending for the series.

4: ORAS: Delta Episode: Now for this I am rather cheating for this and this is more about the lore and some battles that happen in the section of the game. In the aftermath of the main story for ORAS you are put into a story that does have a rather intriguing theory that these new series of games are set in an alternate dimension. The idea is that they live in a universe where mega evolution exists and that there were going to create a wormhole that would take the meteorite that is coming towards the earth and send it to somewhere else where the antagonist for the story said that what if it went to a universe where mega evolution didn’t exists. It is a really cool theory that they made especially for the old school players for the games.

3:BW: N/Ghetsis: Black and White was one of the game that had one of the best stories that are in the game. When you arrive in the first town in Black and White you see Team Plasma preaching about Pokemon and that they should be freed. From that point you are then introduced to a mysterious trainer known as N. From there you are there you encounter N a lot of times but it doesn’t get interesting until you get through the Elite Four where you head to the Champions Chamber and find that N has beaten him and erects his castle from the ground. From there you go around the castle looking for N and finally encounter him where he gives you the opportunity to capture either Reshiram/Zekrom and then you battle him but then once you face him you are then thrown straight into the fight with Ghetsis but in the end of that fight N realises that what has been happening is wrong and he then ends his ties with Team Plasma. It is a really good ending for the game and the sequel is a rather good story as well.

2:GSC/HGSS: Red: When I played Pokemon Gold for the first time I never even got the chance to face off against Red at the top of Mt Silver, for the fact that I pretty much was terrible at the game and only got to I think facing off against either Brock or Blue but that was a really long time ago. Role onto when the remakes came along and I finally had the chance to face off against Red in Soul Silver and this was one of the toughest fights I have ever had in the game. This fight makes you grind away to become the strongest you can be since the fact that Red’s Pokemon are all levelled between 70-80 so that means that you would need to spend a long time grinding especially if your team is about mid 50s or 60s if you want a chance of survival. But in the end it is totally worth being a top contender just for the fact that it is pretty much the last real fight in the game and the biggest challenge faced.

1:RBY/FRLG: Rival: Back in the day of the first Pokemon games you only had two main enemies in the game Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, and Blue (or Nutsack or whatever you called him). But the main challenge was always Blue. He is the first and if you didn’t go into the Viridian Forest could be the second trainer that you can fight. A lot of the time he does have a really good range of Pokemon at his use and there are pretty good as well and that is where the challenge is, to make yourself a better trainer than him and this all comes to a end when you beat Lance in the Elite Four and face off against the Champion: Blue. This is pretty much the ultimate test that was in the original game (besides MewTwo or MissingNo) since that if you lose this match, unless saving before the fight, would have to go back to the beginning of the Elite Four and do the challenge all over again. But once you beat him you then do have the satisfaction of being the number one trainer in the Kanto Region.

August Update

So it has been a while since that I have done a update blog and I need to have some filler to put in for the lack of material that I have put out. The main reasons that I haven’t put up any new posts is that I have had a lot of trouble with my laptop for the past few weeks where I have had to get it fixed, luckily enough I have it back and its working. Another reason why I haven’t posted anything is because I have been dealing with quite a few personal problems and that seems to be going nowhere much and I might as well just repress anything that I have.  

Onto the posts that I am going to be doing for the next month going to be another themed few weeks since that this is the twentieth anniversary of Pokemon I have a few posts that I am going to cover to span a month. This then should lead me onto late September where this is going to lead me for few posts (hopefully DKIII will be done by that time) where I am going to cover two DC topics hopefully about the series that I have been reading about. After this it should lead me into the October where my favourite holiday is: Halloween, where I am going to hopefully by then have the Universal Monster Box Set and I am going to try and review one of them as well as doing a Top 10 list. Another film that I am going to try and review is going to be Ghostbusters since that back around April time when I was doing my Top 5 favourite films of all time list, I sort of had another slight breakdown where I didn’t even write the blog and this is where it is going to be rectified.

I currently do have some posts planned for November where I am going to do two lists of games (which I already have written up) of disappointing games and games that I would like to see be remastered, so that’s going to be fun to do. Another blog that I do plan on doing hopefully for November is going to be a movie review for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions film, but the main problem with this is that (a it is already out in Japan so I’m late on that and (b I have no idea if and when the film is going to be released in the UK. Hopefully in the next few weeks and months that is to come I will find out the information that I am looking for to see when I should have that out by. 

Finally I would like to say a thank you (again) to one of my friends Michael Alexander who asked for somebody to come on his radio show on Nova Radio North East to fill in for his usual co-host who was busy that day. I had a great time on there where we ended up talking about this site, comic con’s, films as well as playing some music. But make sure that you check them out this week when they he and his co-host are back on Wednesday 6pm-8pm on Nova where I believe they are going to be talking about a play that is currently at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle this week called No Man’s Land starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart so that’s something to look forward to for theatre-goers to look forward to. I do hope that I get the chance to go back on again since that it was something really fun and different that I have done.

So hopefully now I am going to be back on the wagon with these blog posts and hopefully without any problems.


Is Fallout 4 A Good Game?

Fallout 4_20160718172424

My character at Sanctuary Hills

It has been over a year since Fallout 4 was announced at E3 and I got to say I was originally just going to pass the game off since that I preferred the fantasy side of the Elder Scroll series (barring ESO because see old post) but when it came out I decided to watch a walkthrough on it and I was sold on the game and I ended up playing about five or so hours on Christmas Day.



Fallout 4_20160718185233


As of today I have spent a total of seven in game days playing it and I’ve completed the main story and done nearly everything on the DLC content that came out. But I really did like playing the story. The main concept is that your character starts on the day that the nukes drop in the start of the Fallout universe. You then travel your way to the nearest vault with your wife/husband and son. You then get but in a stasis pod and are frozen to then be woke up for one cut scene where your partner is then killed and your son gets kidnapped by a mysterious person and then get put back on ice. You are then woken up and then revealed that all the other pods have broken down and the only survivor of Vault 111. Then the main story from that is you are on your way to find out what happened to your son and this leads you in to a lot of different places throughout Boston. The main story is rather well done with the fact that I was glad when I stopped watching the walkthrough and that was when you find out that your son is in the Institute, a organization that makes Synths and there was a even bigger shock when you find your child to find out that he is now in fact older than what the character is and the chairman of the Institute. For my play through I was working with the Brotherhood of Steel and I decided to blow up the Institute. But that brings me to my next topic.

The replay factor for this game is rather good for the fact that you can play the game going down at least three different paths. The first path, the one I went down, Brotherhood of Steel is the military that the future has. They are the ones that tend to have more use the Power Armour and they are out to wipe out the Synths. It does seem of a rather idealistic thinking’s and deciding that people who align themselves with Synths are the enemy. The next line that you could go down is the Institute. This is where you find out more about your son and all the different things that the Institute since that they go out and hunt rouges and also for the fact that they are trying to make the world a better place since it looks more technologically advanced, for instance they were able to make synthetic gorillas. I really wish that I went down this line more but that is why you have replay. The third line that you can go down is the Railroad. They are a company that like during the times of the Civil War helped slaves escape and this is just the same. To reach the Railroad’s HQ you can head to the building if you already know where it is or following a red line that is near the Swan’s Lake and following that will bring you to there. I did do some of the missions for the Railroad but in all honesty I did find it to be rather boring tedious missions to do but it does seem more a ethical quest line to go down since your there to help out people.

Fallout 4_20160718184141

For all the good things that the game does have you then do have some rather downfalls to the game and that come in form of the DLC content. The first DLC that they brought in the Automatron where they added in the ability to play a new quest line and brought in a referenced character from Fallout 3, I think. I did, like the Railroad missions, to be rather tedious. But the fact is that I was able to do these missions since there was a way to exploit the Robotics Perk to disable robots from a longer distance so that you don’t get hurt. But they then nurffed the perk and you had to be closer to use the ability. Lucky enough I was able to finish the story before that update happened. The cool thing about the DLC was that you got to create your own companion based on what you could create and that is something that I do wish to improve on since that I tend to use the in-world companions more that the robots.

Fallout 4_20160718184616

The second DLC that they added the ability to capture creatures, tame them or send the people in your settlements to fight to the death. It was rather of a good idea to have but then it ends up just being a rather tedious task to gather materials and then wait for the creatures to come. The third of the first wave DLC that they released was Far Harbour. It was announced as Bethesda’s largest DLC that they have ever made and I got to say that after a while I was rather bored with it. It is rather a interesting story since that there is detective work to do and finding out all the clues that surround the mystery of the island and I have managed to complete it, except for one thing and that is telling the Brotherhood about them which I may end up doing in the mean time.

Fallout 4_20160718185024

I did find that there were a lot of problems when the DLC content came out and the most recognisable one was the fog design that they used and it really butchered the graphics for the game. It did make it rather unbearable to play through at times since that it was rather off putting but they did fix it but it still could have done with some improvement. There are more DLC content that is coming out but the one that I am looking forward to will be out next month and that being Nuka-Cola Land since that it seems that it is going to be another place that you can travel to and explore such as what Far Harbour is like.

Fallout 4_20160718190041

The game play for it is okay. It is rather just similar to what they used for Fallout 3 and it just seems to be polished up for the next generation version. There are a few small problems that I do have with the game play are rather small. Sometimes there have been a lot of bugs when it came when trying to talk with some of the companions which with the recent update seems to be rather downhill. My companion is Cait and there were a lot of times where it took me four attempts to just get her into the dialogue options. Then there was another bug where again with a companion had it stuck so all I could do would be telling where or what my companion to do. It did get rather annoying after a time and I am unsure if that got fixed during the latest update. I also do like the fact that you also get to adjust the colour of your Pip-Boy since that the basic green colour that you get at the start of the game is rather bland and rather difficult to find stuff, especially at night.

Over all I have enjoyed playing Fallout 4 and the amount of time that I have put into it was worthwhile yet there are something that did bother me like the DLC content that did feel rather lacklustre at times but being able just to go out and explore a game is still enjoyable. 8/10.

My Top E3 2016 List

So with E3’s reveals and new features announced for this year I am looking forward to quite a few number of games and this is my list of games I am looking forward to.

Resident Evil 7: So just to let people know, I am not a big fan of the Resident Evil gamResident Evil VIIes and have not yet played one. On the other hand I have seen the films and that is all I pretty much know about the franchise. But with this it does seem more down my ally when it comes to games. I am a fan of horror and mystery when it comes to games and from the trailer that it does look really good and interesting. Other than this I don’t think that I can say much else since that.

batman-telltale-720x404Telltale’s Batman: So Telltale has had a lot of success when it has come to bringing out adaptations of comics over the past few years especially with The Wolf Amongst Us and The Walking Dead games and now they have made a Batman game. I was a big fan of the Batman games, mainly from the Arkham series, and I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with it. Since that I don’t have the chance to actually go to E3 to try the demo for the game I am really curious about what the story of the game is about but from a interview segment that Game Spot covered is that it appears that there is a lot to focus on Batman and Bruce Wayne so a lot of you actions do have a consequences. I will be looking forward to this but the only thing that I may not be looking forward to is the fact that it could be separated into five different parts which does bug me as a gamer when they release parts of a game instead of just a whole game. The only game that I don’t think that Telltale released in multi-episodes was Minecraft and Tales from the Borderlands so I’m hoping that they do the same with Batman.

Star Wars: So EA held a rather big reveal showing that they have quite a number of ideas that they could be doing with the future of Star Wars. I got to say though I am not looking forward to the next Battlefront game since they should be focus on fixing the first gameStar Wars before shipping out a second. I do hope that they make more games that are just you basic online shooter game, god knows we have too many of them going around. I do hope that they are going to be bringing out new games that could focus around the new film trilogy since there seems to be a lot of things that they could do with the film for instance creating a game that fills in the gap between Return and Awakens since there is a large gap there. I would also like to see a new Force Unleashed game as well since that was one of the games that actually got me back into the Star Wars universe. But there is one game that I do want to see at least make a jump to consol, that being I want to see a Knights of the Old Republic game. Think about having the chance to play as your own character and forging your own legend into becoming a Jedi. But since nothing like that could be possible a man can only dream.

SkyrimThe Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Remastered: Back in 2011 Bethesda released one of my most favourite PS3 game of all time and when I heard the rumours last week that this was going to be revealed at E3, I wasn’t that bothered about its release since that I still have the regular version and didn’t seem that I was even interested in it. But I then watched the trailer from the reveal and I think I changed my mind about it. It has been re-mastered with new textures and colours that make it stand out by a lot. In addition to this they are also going to be releasing it with mod support for console so I am looking for it more since I didn’t have the chance to use the mod’s, I am looking forward to use them. Since there are quite a few mod I really do want to use such as the mod that allows you to have element effects to weapons so I can have an actual flaming sword.

Fallout4Fallout 4: Last year at E3 Fallout 4 was announced and I pretty much my entire time on Christmas Day playing it and I have enjoyed playing it so much. I have enjoyed all the missions that you can do, the characters in the game and all of the DLC’s that have came out. So at this year’s E3 they revealed the next three DLC’s that are coming out with one that is coming out possibly next year that being Contraptions where you can build Mouse Trap in real life. Then you have a DLC that I have been looking forwards to since that I originally thought that I would have had to use for mod’s and that being been able to create your own vault. This is something that I have wanted to do since starting the game and had the chance to go through the different vaults in the game. So from what it looks like there could be the chance to adjust Vault 111 and customise it in your own way which is something that I am looking forward to do. Then the third of the new DLC being Nuka-Cola Land. This looks like that it could be rather interesting since that it seems to be a working amusement park and there are a lot of people going there so that means that there could be a lot of missions to do there. I am really glad that Bethesda have up the effort into making more content for this game and I hope that there is more to come later this year and I am looking forward to using mod’s when it comes to console.

SunMoonPokemon Sun & Moon: I am a huge Pokemon fan and it is pretty much the only game series that I have played through every generation from Game Boy to Advanced to 3DS and have enjoyed playing them all. Since that this game already got announced a few months ago I was just expecting them to show more of the game with possibly showing off the gym leaders or more Pokemon, in which they did end up revealing new Pokemon. But they did show off some new features of the game. One is the new battle interface that looks rather practical. Instead of having just a large red section in the middle to bring up the fight menu it is now located on the right had side whilst the item, Pokemon and run options appear to be on the left hand side which does make it seem a lot more practical. Another really useful feature that they have added is a stat tool. So now when you are in a battle you can now see how many stat changes have happened to your Pokemon or the Pokemon that you are battling. This does make it really useful since you used to count the times that a Pokemon may have used a move like Double Team to see if it would be wise to use a particular move. Another really cool feature that they have added is a new mode called Battle Royal where you and three other people can face off against each other in a Pokemon battle. This is something that I have always wanted to see in Pokemon, when I had more friends who played the game and is something that I wonder will have something to do in game or is just multiplayer. But there is one thing that I did find rather disappointing about the game and that is the appearance of Pokemon from other generations. In all honesty I am not a big fan of this and I would have preferred this if it had a new roster of Pokemon that were available for this game such as with Black and White when the only time that you would have seen new Pokemon was when you beat the game. It did bug me when I played Pokemon Y since there appeared more of other region Pokemon then the ones that were that generation. Other than that I already have it pre-ordered and I am still looking forward to play it.

DBX2Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Ever since last year I got back into watching Dragon Ball Z thanks to the guys at Team Four Star with their Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, but more with one of their gaming series, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I never got the chance to play the first game and I sort of do refuse to do since that there have been a lot of patches for the game and knowing my chances when it comes to trying to play it would be a waste of time to try and install the game. I am looking forward for this game since that it appears to feature a new story that looks to be more interesting since that in the trailer when they revealed that they could be ways to change the outcome from the past. So we could possibly see Vegeta kill Freeza or something along the lines of that. I am going to be also looking forward for this because they could then end up adding in some of the new story lines from Dragon Ball Super which I am really interested in since there are a lot of good story lines that they can do with it. Plus there is something that I am looking forward to something new that they are doing and that it being able to face movie villains, which I find rather weird since Broly was the only movie villain to appear in the first game. Nevertheless I am looking forward to play this game when it comes out 

SpiderManSpider-Man: When The Amazing Spider-Man game came out I played it, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game came out I played it and with this game got announced I was really excited for it. From the trailer that we got for it looks like that Insomniac knows what they are doing with this game. From what we got from the trailer I think that I can guess that the villain of the game is going to be Mr Negative since that the goons that Spidey takes down see to be of oriental design. There is more likely to see more of his rouges gallery in the game, possibly some small villains but maybe a few big villains, maybe Vulture. The only one problem that I do have with it is Spider-Man’s costume and that I think that the spider symbol should have been white. Most likely we will get new costume skins for the game and I am going to be switching to the next skin that is available.

Death StrandingDeath Stranding: As many people know PT was meant to be the next Silent Hill game, but then Kojima and Konami had a falling out since Metal Gear Solid V and it ended up being scrapped and Kojima went and started his new company and made a partnership with PlayStation. Then we get the trailer for Death Stranding which was such an amazing trailer and possibly one of the best over the past three days. In the trailer all we pretty much see it death, then it pans across to a naked man who turns out to be Norman Reedus, who was part of PT, who ends up finding a baby and then it just disappears when it comes and he stands up and notices five shapes in the sky and they disappear and the title gets revealed. Other than the trailer I don’t know that much else about the game and I am looking to hear more about the game in the next few months to see if it could be a possibility for me to get the game. 

TheFracturedButWholeSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole: At last year’s E3 at the very end of the Ubisoft conference they revealed the next South Park game and ever since then I have been waiting patiently for any news from it since then, but there was never anything. Then this year we got a lot of new news and game play. You play a mute character (I am not sure if it is the same character from Stick of Truth) and you can create your own superhero character which all have different powers and abilities so you can have different save files playing different characters. From the story that you see being developed in the trailer is that Cartman manages to piss off Kenny with his idea of creating a film universe of the South Park Superhero Universe and they manage splitting up into two different groups and we then see Butters forming his own army and that’s pretty much it. We then also get a look at the battle system for the game and it is totally different from SoT since that you can now move around the battlefield and in a way creates combos that could help take down people in fights plus being able to push people into objects as well is really useful and looks fun. Another cool battle feature is being able to use cover. The demonstration with Tweak and his power that he used was pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see what other powers that will be in the game. In addition to all this pretty amazing news that we got, they also going to be bringing in Towlie as a pre-order bonus, which most likely will also be a bonus if you just pick up a copy, as well as a copy of Stick of Truth as well. I am really looking forward to playing this game, but I am more looking forward to be watching a walkthrough since that if this game is anything like what SoT there is going to be a bit of censoring that they won’t allow in for the European release.