YouTube Spotlight: TheFourthGenGamer

I am not going to lie, I for the life of me, cannot remember how I ended up watching the content from Josh aka TheFourthGenGamer. I remember just watching a load of Pokémon related videos and I think that one of the suggested videos that came up was from his channel and since then, I have been watching and re-watching the content over and over again.

Some of my favourite content that he has put out has been the infamous Cutthroat Pokémon series, and it was around the early days of series 2, when I started watching it with amazement. In my time growing up and playing Pokémon I had never seen a randomized game been played before hand and I was enthralled by it, not knowing what you were going to catch, not knowing what Pokémon other trainers would have, hell even what TM’s were going to be and it just had me hooked.

There are a few more things that I like about the Cutthroat series as well and I am going to talk about them. The first thing that I like about them is the auctions before the actual gameplay gets underway. The auctions for series two was done by EclispeSight and then VanderForge for series three, I’ve liked both of them, but I think that Vander has become more my favourite because he is very loud and brash and it’s something that I like with a God-like booming voice. The second thing that I like about the series are the penalty cards that are given out during the auctions and a lot of them are quite funny and unique, for instance there was a penalty card handed out in the first episode where Josh had been punished with the Good Sportsman card, in which he had to complement all of the other players each time he encountered May in game and she appears a lot in the game and it was funny seeing him try and come up with complements each time since they all had to be different from the previous. The third thing that I like about the series, more from two and three was that they pretty much had the same group playing and it was a lot of fun to see since there a lot of call backs to the previous series, including PulseEffects getting screwed over twice at the beginning of both series since he got the penalty cards in which he had to first playthrough the original versions of ORAS (RS) and then HGSS (GS), but luckily enough he didn’t have to act like a pirate in series three.

Overall Cutthroat Pokémon is a fun series to watch and I need to watch series one and see where the madness started. But there was one thing that I was rather curious about when the series two had ended, what would the future be for the Cutthroat series, and then we found out that it was going to be Mario Kart and I got to say it had peeked my interests. This was mainly down to see how insane it would go and so far, for me at least, it hasn’t disappointed me yet. The concept is five players, playing through every cup in Mario Kart and a point-based system to keep track of who is winning. The series is also fun since that each episode is rather different to the way that Pokémon was made, with Pokémon a recording session was broken down into two parts, with the first part opening with a run down, auction and then gameplay for about twenty or so minutes and then the second part for the remaining session, going overtime if other players are stuck in battles. Whereas with Mario Kart, each episode begins with the run down, auction and then goes into the Cup. This does help the episodes flow a lot better but since that it is a different format to Pokémon, it does also make it easier to watch. But nonetheless I do enjoy watching it and the group that’s in it is really enjoyable group, KayCreigh, Data Dave, SVG and the return to the Cutthroat scene for KyleAye.

His other series that he has posted over the past have also been very enjoyable to watch, one of the ones that I remember watching all the way through for the first time was the Pokémon Platinum Ultimate Nuzlocke Randomizer Soul Link, that he did with StephOfAnime in which there are a lot of crazy rules for the series. The first is the Soul Link aspect, this basically means that you and your partner through the series take the encounters that you have and are matched up with the same Pokémon that they’ve either encountered or have with the other part which is Ultimate. The Ultimate part of the series is something that is rather interesting, in the PC there are several boxes divided into two sections, the first being a All Star’s box in which there were Pokémon that were based off Pokémon that were used by special characters in the Pokémon series as well as Pokémon that are either mains or Pokémon personalities. The second is a lot more fun and that is boxes of Eggs, these eggs were made up at random thanks to a friend of Josh’s, if I remember correctly, and you had no idea on what they were until they hatched or if they had a name in which you could guess what they were. The third part of the Ultimate Challenge is also rather interesting since there is another aspect in which it can really mess up or be clutch, that is the dice rolling. When you make an encounter you roll a dice and it basically decides on what you are going to get, for instance if you caught something amazing it could turn into either a All-Star, a Egg, a re-encounter, you keeping said Mon or getting a Pokémon that has died in a previous battle. The series is a lot of fun to watch since that it’s basically a random shot on both of them trying to look after their teams and make sure that neither of them screws up with their teams.

Another series that I have enjoyed watching has been the Egglock series that he has done, which is basically the same as a your standardized Nuzlocke Challenge, but instead of keeping the Pokémon that you catch, you exchange it out for a egg. I’ve watch both his current playthrough that he has done with Galactic Elliot in which the two of them have done a Egglock for the latest games Sword & Shield and it has been really fun to watch for the fact that A) the two of them are great friends and B) the amount of times that they get into some sort of bother is rather hilarious. The easier thing about doing an Egglock for the more current games it is easier for fans to interact with the duo and even having the chance to see them use the Pokémon that they submitted. But the first Egglock that I watched was the one they did for Pokémon Emerald, which was rather interesting since nowadays you don’t tend to see playthroughs done for many original generation games since the majority of gameplay that I’ve seen have been for the reboots or current games.

But there was something that this actually inspired me to do and that was also to attempt my own Egglock on Ultra Moon and the amount of legwork that I had done was insane to do, but it was something rather rewarding in the end and there was a lot of Pokémon that ended up using that I really never use that much when I have played much before, and its something that I might actually end up planning on doing another Egglock for Sword in the near future, since there is going to be more Pokémon in the near future with the addition of the Expansion Passes.

Overall I think that TheFourthGenGamer is one of the best Pokémon YouTuber’s/ Twitch streamers that is out there and watching his content has helped me and a lot of people get through some really tough times, and with the way that the times have been nowadays, we all need the escapism and he’s doing an amazing job at it.