Deadpool: The Art of War Review

For me when it came to reading Deadpool, I think I started rather differently from what other people have done. I never read his own series at that point, I didn’t read any of his previous series in his older solo series or team book and I read from a mini-series that Marvel released in 2014: Deadpool’s The Art of War and I’ve been hooked on the Merc with a Mouth since then.

Issue one begins with us in possibly in the past since this is the Marvel Universe and weirder things have happened and being introduced to Sun Tzu and he exposits about himself what he did and to cut it rather short Deadpool comes in and stabs him in the back. Apparently Deadpool was hired by the family of the concubines that he killed in the exposition. He then sees the scrolls that Sun Tzu had and is shocked to see that it is the ‘Art of War’. He then thinks of things that he can now do since that he has the Art of War and he thinks of turning it into a book. But back at in the present, I think there is no clear time frame in this story, to a company called ‘Major Publisher’ where Deadpool finds out that the Art of War has been a best seller for years and there have been multiple translations of the book and that they really didn’t need another. Deadpool asks the publicist if it would make a difference if he was the one who wrote it and she said that it wouldn’t really matter,daow2 he puts his sword against her neck and asks again and the answer is the same but this time she has a mobile armoury that has guns pointed at him and he gets blasted backwards. The publicist then says that she does like the idea or new angle that might be considered interesting. Deadpool suggests that he’d adapt it to be a survival manual for when the world would be at war. The publicist brings up one point and that the world isn’t at war which he replies that the day’s young.

Deadpool starts coming up with an idea on what sort of war he could ignite over the world and came up with the idea of Gods. He then brings up Loki since that most of the best fights had happened between Loki and Thor. We then get some rather fun panels where we see Loki as a kid and Deadpool beings up who’s idea that was and as a fourth wall joke the Loki images says Matt Fraction, then we see Loki as a woman and then finally a more classic designed Loki (from Silver Surfer #4). We see Loki expositing about how annoyed that he is that Thor is still alive and that since he is able to gather many troops they are no match for Thor’s and that’s when Deadpool intervenes. Loki asks who he is he then goes and attacks Deadpool. Deadpool tries to calm down Loki and tells him that he can help him with Thor and Loki agrees to listen to him. daow3He tells Loki the five key things when going into war and Loki reveals his army who are dedicated to him. Loki then asks what he needs to do next and he says that he needs to deceive Thor, attack him when he is not ready for an attack and Loki decides that it is Deadpool’s job to go and deceive him. We also get a rather stupid back to back of Deadpool being confused with Loki saying Aye thinking that he says I and it isn’t rather funny.

Deadpool arrives in Asgard and convenes with Thor telling him what Loki is up to saying that he is marching on Asgard. Thor seems rather hesitant about the idea but Fandral says that there is no problem with just checking it out and Thor agrees to go out. Thor sees the army that Loki has and it contains large number of troops. He decides to mount an attack on them but Loki is ready for him and he has his troops retreat for him to then reveal his trump card, giant creatures and during the battle Loki manages to win the battle ending the first issue.

daow5Issue two begins with Loki celebrating inside of Valhalla, not Asgard as I thought it was, in a large feast and we see Thor laid out on a rack of some sorts. Loki says that the rest of Thor’s soldiers are on the run and that if they the try and retake them they will fail. Loki asks Deadpool what he should do next and says that they should take money and supplies from the people and Loki tells his troops to loot the townspeople. Deadpool tries to tell Loki that they should be taking small amounts and not everything but one of the enemies stabs a spear in his back. When he wakes up he gets stomped on by a troll looking creature and a kid comes up to him and kicks him. In his grogginess Deadpool talks about the third chapter of the Art of War and that is to stay away from walled cities and we see Loki’s army of course heading to take on a walled city but Loki is one step ahead and arrives at the city along with Thor as his hostage. Loki says to Odin that he is going to kill Thor if he doesn’t surrender the city to him where Thor tells him not to give in. But Odin decides to give into the demands of Loki and he says that Loki no the ruler of Asgard. Loki is surprised that he has finally won.

Deadpool talks with Loki on what he is going to do now since that he has already took over Asgard (and Valhalla I think this comic is rather confusing on what is where). Loki says that he needs of nothing more but Deadpool suggests that he starts taking over another place, Earth. Deadpool says that the good fighters make it so that no-one can defeat them and says that Loki can take the Rainbow Bridge to Earth and kick the crap about the place. Loki likes the idea of taking over the Earth and then he asks what sort of advantage that he would get from war being waged on Earth and he replies a book deal. Loki seems pissed at this and Deadpool is placed in the same jail cell that Thor is also located.

Deadpool tries to reach his laptop but he is just too short. Thor kicks it over to him and Deadpool thanks him for it. Thor asks him how he could have led him into a trap but Deadpool then tells him that he didn’t since he ignored the basic laws of warfare. Thor then asks Deadpool if he knows a way out of the chains but Deadpool says he knows what Loki is going to be doing next. We then see Loki sending his army across the Rainbow Road heading to the Earth with Deadpool narrating about the next chapter of the Art of War.

We then see that Loki’s army arriving on Earth and Deadpool reciting more of the Art of War but then we get to a rather good scene. Loki spouts off the usual villain speech but then a pedestrian says that he is wrong and that he has no chance and will be stopped. Loki tells his army to attack him and they gather around him to then reveal that the person was in fact Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk who goes up to Loki calling him a puny God. We then see another of Thor’s rouges tearing around the city but Spider-Man pulls the axe out of his hand and plays keep away with it but it turns out the axe has one of the same enchantments as Thor’s hammer that can recall it back to him.daow6 But before he can attack Spidey Iron Man knocks him out with a blast. Back in the cells Deadpool spits out a lock pick and manages to free himself and Thor ending issue two.

Issue three beings with Deadpool narrating and then seeing Loki’s army destroying New York, why is it always New York. We then cut over to Asgard where we see that Hela oversees the throne since Loki is out with his army. Sif tells her that she won’t be in control for much longer and Sif asks on who is going to overthrow her since that Thor and Odin being imprisoned. We then see Odin, Thor and Deadpool now freed and Hela teleports back to her dimension and Odin reclaims Asgard.

Odin asks where Loki is at so he can be punished and Deadpool says that he is on Earth and telling Thor that he suggested him to go there. Thor asks on why would he do a thing like that but Deadpool defends himself saying that Earth is home to many heroes. Thor still thinks that this is rather foolish bringing up that Loki has an army, but Deadpool replies that we have a Hulk and then cutting over to Earth where we see Hulk throwing Loki around. But as Hulk walks away from the crater that he creates the ground comes away and we see The Moleman who thinks that since there are demonic forces at works that he starts his attack by targeting Hulk who manages to easily dispatch his forces.

Back on the surface Loki’s army is still attacking the surface and we then see the transition to night where we see Captain America leading the charge against the enemy, where were they when the Army started attacking. Thor and Deadpool arrive back to New York that looks trashed. Thor tells his warriors to dispose of Loki’s army and that he will take care of Loki. Deadpool asks what he should do and Thor tells him to stay out of the way. We then cut over to Latvaria and Doctor Doom is observing what is happening and asks the question of who’s side do they fight for.  But a mysterious figure in the back of the room says that he cannot enamoured of the gods descending on the world. Doom then reveals that the person that is talking is Red Skull who says that he doesn’t recognise these Gods. Doom asks what they should do and Skull replies saying that there is only one remedy and that is to fight back with every resource at their command. Doom says that he knows of somebody that can help them but when Skull asks who it is Doom just says an old ‘friend’.

Loki wakes up after being thrashed by Hulk orders his troops to just target the troops. But Skurge, the person that was destroying daow8New York with an axe a last issue, tells Loki that the troops are too scattered to focus on one target and tries to give him advice but Loki cuts him off. Then we see some of Deadpool’s narration saying that ‘A delicacy of honour. Which is sensitive to shame’ and Loki and Skurge notice it is confused by its meaning and Deadpool cuts in trying to tell them the meaning but they tell him to leave. After that they make up.

Meanwhile underground Hulk is finished dealing with Moleman and his army to then come across Loki’s army and then the Fantastic Four shows up and they help the Hulk out. We then cut over to the somewhere else where we see Atlanteans attacking Loki’s army and Namor riding on the back of whale like creature. We then cut back over to the Avengers, so many cutaways, where Deadpool sitting on a taxi, he gets knocked off and one of the dwarf’s steps on Deadpool’s laptop and Deadpool goes on a blackout rage mode and kills all the army there. Captain America tells Deadpool that they are all dead and says that they can find others and Deadpool says ‘Let’s go and kill some more guys’ ending the third issue.

Issue four begins with Loki trying to rally his troops when they then notice a humongous sea creature with Namor standing on top of it. We then see the creature attacking Loki’s army, doing more damage to the city than what the army has done and now X-Men teams have entered the issue including Cyclops, Magika, Storm and Angel. We then cut over to Deadpool who is still blood hungry and attacks Captain America. He manages to calm Deadpool down but he manages to rage up and we then see Spider-Man punching him in the face, knocking him out. daow8Cap tells the Avengers to spread out to take down the remaining troops but Thor intervenes saying that says that the final battle should between him and Loki.

We then see a rather stupid two pages showing Deadpool delusions as an army of Deadpool’s fighting against Loki’s Army and then we see him duelling with Loki. Deadpool wakes up as Skurge’s axe comes crashing down next to him. Skurge is out to kill him but Thor manages to save him. Thor then tells him that Loki’s army is massing for one final attack in Central Park. We then cut over to see Johnny Storm attacking Loki’s army but Stormbringer manages to knock him out of the sky and Loki wants to use him as a bargaining chip, but Namor manages to save him and has his army attack Loki’s.

On a two-page spread where we have just mass chaos going on. Across the top of the spread we have a SHIELD Helicarrier with Nick Fury telling Iron Man and Cap on how far Loki’s armies are and where to cut them off. Loki tries to tell his troops to fall back, however they have nowhere to fall back on. Thor heads on to confront Loki telling him to surrender but Loki doesn’t. The two of them duel it out and Loki manages to knock Thor’s hammer and slashes Thor with his sword. daow7Loki orders his troops to keep the hammer held down and slashes Thor again but when he tries for a third time Deadpool blocks it with his swords. Loki gets mad at him and blasts him away with a bolt of magic. Deadpool then manages to distract Loki enough for Thor recover calls his hammer back to him and brings the thunder down upon him. Loki is defeated and his army surrenders.

Deadpool returns to the publisher and she says that she likes the real-world applications for the book and is willing to publish it. However, when he brings up how much he was going to be paid she laughs and brings up that they would have to pay them and has a list of expenses. We then find that Marvel likes the idea and will be making it into a graphic novel. Deadpool asks how much they would charge him for the book and they reply that they will be paying him which Deadpool is happy about. The publisher their notes bringing up that Peter Davis would like this and that’s who the writer for the series is. He then asks Deadpool what the red splotches on the book are suggesting that if it is jam or ketchup but if we had to guess that it is the blood of the publisher from the original place.

Overall I just think that this is an okay series. The writing for it is okay for the most part and Davis knows what he is doing with the character but one of my bigger problems is that I really don’t like the artwork for it. But the weirdest thing is what interested me was the covers, the covers for it are amazing and the artists for the book and the covers are the same person Scott Koblish which does have me rather confused. I think I would recommend people to get it just if you wanted to waste a journey but other than that I just think it’s a okay series.

Overall Score: 6/10


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