Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Review

Last year Boom! Studios started their imprint of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series and I have enjoyed reading that series and I will get around to covering more of that series when the current arc finishes. But today I am not going to be covering that series but a mini-series based around Kimberly- the Pink Ranger- and a story that happened to her when she left the series.

The first issue starts off in a locker room at the Pan Global Games in the Netherlands, where we see Kimberly phoning her mother trying to get a hold of her but it keeps going to voice mail. One of the competitors asks her to come out and celebrate their victories and we then see that Kim has won a lot of medals. She declines saying that she is going to meet with her mother and stepfather and she decides to head to where her parents are at in St Moineau. She narrates that she thinks that she can get there in about five hours and how she misses the old days and being in a team as well as being with Tommy. She also goes on to say that she has found it harder to readjust to civilian life since being a Power Ranger was rather awesome.

Kim arrives at the town she exposits about her parents for a bit since her stepfather called Steven that he managed to get a job to run his own gallery since that they already lived in Paris. But going through the quaint village she notes that there is something off and that there is nobody around.mmprp2 She arrives at her parents’ house and calls out to see if they are home and she forcefully opens the door by shattering a glass. She goes through the house and notices that her mother’s phone is sitting on a table and there is no service and that the landline has no dial tone. She hears some loud crashing sounds and heads out to see where it was coming from but stops and grabs her cases which has her own gear that she still has. Plus, something of note, Zordon gave her a communicator that was designed for emergency use and it does get me thinking if he did the same with Jason, Zach and Trini. She gears up, even having her own bow and arrow set. She heads out in the streets and hears somebody yelling out no (in French) and she sees sea creatures who have captured a guy.

She manages to take down the monsters and the guy that she saved tells her to follow him and they head inside a bistro. He says that his name is Serge and thanks Kim for the rescue, she is also being glad that he can speak English since her French is rather mixed. She asks him if he knows anything about the monsters but he isn’t sure since that he was studying in London and when he hadn’t heard from his family in a few days and when he has been looking for clues for the past three days and he says that it has town has changed a lot saying that it is like a ghost town. He also goes on to say that for the time that he has been here the numbers of the creatures has grown. Kim asks if he had seen any of other survivors including her parents and he says that the hasn’t. She also asks why nobody has tried to contact the police, military or even the Power Rangers and he replies that the power has been no power or service since this started. He then says that he saw the creatures head off into a cliff where they might have taken the people but the other survivors are too afraid to investigate. He points it out on the map and Kim says that she is going to get some powerful friends to help searching in the cave and tells Serge to lay low and stay safe.

Kim arrives back at her parent’s house and thinks that this has something to do with Rita and Zedd and contacts Zordon for help. mmprp6Zordon is happy to see her again and she fills him in on what has happened and asks for the help from the Power Rangers. Zordon unfortunately says that the Rangers can’t help her since they are off planet dealing with Zedd and he hasn’t heard from them in a while. We then see that Kim still has feelings for Tommy and she seems that her world is slowly coming around her. But Zordon does have some good news and can help her, Alpha 5 says that she still is the bearer of the pink energy and unlike what happened with Jason, Zach and Trini she didn’t transfer her powers to Katherine through the Sword of Light. Zordon says that the sword can re-energise the Pink Ranger power for temporary amount of time to help her fight against the monsters in the town. Zordon teleports the sword to her and the sword glows pink and we see a new morphed form that sort of does resemble the original costume but adapted in a useful way. Alpha then notes that there is something different about the creatures and tells her to restrain the creatures and not to destroy them. Zordon tells her to be careful about the Sword since it taps into Zordon directly and tells her may the power protect her. Serge wonders if Kim is alright and when he pops his head out the door he notices the Pink Ranger heading towards the cliffs.

Kim arrives at the cave and she notices that there are a large group of the sea creatures there and is nearly attacked by one but she took it out alerting the rest of the group and she engages them. She gets into the middle of them where they manage to group her, but she manages to repel them in a burst of light. She celebrates the small victory but a voice interrupts her saying that it’s so good that she finally joined them, with Kim recognising the voice revealing Goldar, who was waiting for Kim in civilian form and she also notices that a creature has her mother.mmprp8 Goldar says that she will help him bring a creature to life and Kim says that Goldar is nothing but a lackey and could do nothing on his own. He replies saying that he has his own ambitions and retorts that she will help him but Kim replies that she will never help him. But Goldar says that he will show her the error of her ways and that if she doesn’t she will suffer the same fate as her mother at the hands of Verto. Kim says let go of her and her mother recognises her voice but we then see Verto turning her into one of the sea creatures ending the first issue.

Issue two begins with Kim seeing her mother being turned into one of the Sea Creatures by Verto. Verto controlling the Sea Creatures orders them to destroy the Pink Ranger but Goldar then says to bring the Pink Ranger to him, this just seems rather confusing. Kim narrates to herself that there are too many of them for her to deal with and she decides to leave can come back with possibly a better strategy. She then uses her bow and creates a distraction and leaves the cliff.

Kim arrives back at her parent’s house narrating by going over that Goldar has a creature that can create an army and that she’ll have to find a new plan. A hand comes out to tap Kim shoulder and as a natural reflex and flips the guy over revealing the person to be Serge. She asks him how he got in and tells him not to sneak on somebody. He replies that he was waiting for her to return and he was worried about her. Serge asks her about the Pink Ranger and Kim replies to him about what is going on. Serge asks her how she knows this and she replies that the Pink Ranger told her and then she gets a good idea. He asks her what the plan is but Kim ushers him out of the house saying that she is going to talk to the Pink Ranger but Serge says that he wants to help but she says that he should leave it to the professionals. He replies saying that he isn’t going to hide since that this is his town and she doesn’t have the right to stop him from helping. Kim decides to give him a side quest to go and tell the other survivors that help is coming and Serge says that it doesn’t sound interesting, but Kim explains why it is important so that they can stay safe and that Goldar can’t get any more people to add to his army. Serge complies but he says he wants to help her the next time.

Kim contacts Zordon informing him that she can’t handle Goldar and Verto alone and she needs the help of the other Rangers asking them to take her to where Jason Zack and Trini. But Alpha says that Jason is unavailable with Zordon says that Jason is on her own mission, maybe in a series that we could see later in a mini-series of his own maybe. She asks Zordon if it’s possible to share the power with them and Zordon says that it is possible. Kimberly is rather nervous about it since that this is rather dangerous for Zordon since it their power feeds off him. Zordon says that he is willing to take the risk since that the power transfer would only be for a temporary amount of time and Alpha says that she has sent the location for Zack and Trini to her communicator. But it turns out that Serge is eavesdropping on the conversation wondering who she is talking to where Verto’s hand grabbing him.

Kim is transported to somewhere in South America and notices a hang glider coming down towards her and it isn’t stopping. The person in the glider turns out to be Trini who jumps off the glider and hugs Kim saying that she had missed her. Trini asks why Kim came here and she says that she is here because of an emergency and fills her in what has happened. Trini takes it in and tells her to come and get Zack. Trini then fills in what they have been doing in the past year and the things that have changed that doesn’t have that much to do with the story and we see Zack training with students no doubt in Hip-Hop Aikido. Kim puts her hand on Zack but instead of being flipped over to the ground Kim manages to land on her feet and the two embrace. She then tells Zack the story and says that he is aboard too and they teleport back to the town.

Back in the village the gang contact Zordon and they tell what him the good that they have done. Zordon then says exposits about the Sword of Light and transforms Zack and Trini into the Power Rangers and something rather cool is that since Zack was wearing a jacket, it got incorporated into his costume.  Zordon gives Kimberly the sword and tells her to use the sword to transfer the power back. They decide to come up with what they should do with the sword, if they should use it in battle or hide it somewhere in town, but a voice comes over the communications and Kim says that it is Tommymmprp3. We then see a hologram message of Tommy in his White Ranger costume and Trini believes that they can see him because of Zordon’s energy being fragmented routing them to them. Tommy says that he has lost communications with the other Rangers and that Rita and Zedd have the upper hand and he might be all alone. Kim tries to talk with Tommy who manages to hear her and he appear to be shocked that he can hear her but when they try to talk more the hologram cuts off and we see Kim feeling worried about the safety of Tommy and the team.

But then the Sea Creatures break in to the house and they attack the Rangers. Kim gets taken down by one on the creatures and loses the sword in the process where we then see that Goldar is then and he picks up the sword. He sues the sword and now can depower the Rangers and puts them in a cage. Goldar welcomes to his lair and Kim says that Rita’s plan will fail as always but Goldar responds saying that this isn’t Rita’s plan but his. Goldar says that he lured the them here that he didn’t know how he was going to use the power into his new weapon, but since that Kim was in the possession of the Sword of Light he can use that to tap into the power of the morphin grid to bring his weapon to life. What is that weapon you ask? It turns out that Goldar built a new Zord out of the remains of the old Thunder-Megazord renaming it Typhonis. Kim says that this is her fault since she was the one that she contacted Zordon and brought them here and that she has failed. But Goldar reveals something else that they were betrayed by Serge ending issue two.

Issue three starts off with Goldar pleased that he has Typhonis fully powered and Serge says that he lives up to his side of the deal and that he wants his sister back. Goldar of course being the villain he is turns back on his deal and throws him into the cage the Rangers are in and we see that his sister is okay. Serge is glad to see his sister is okay and asks the others for forgiveness for what he did. The then see that Verto has changed another captive into a Sea Creature and Kim says that they must find a way out and if they are ready to do on the fly. Goldar then reveals to them that they are the Rangers and things start to make sense for Serge when he saw Kim vanishing in a pink light. Kim comes up with an idea and she thinks that Trini might be able to help since that the plan involves using the communicator since she helped Billy create them.

Goldar hears something and when the turn, they see the Power Rangers standing in front of the cages and Verto tells his monsters to attack. But it turns out that the Rangers were in fact holograms and this causes the creatures to knock over the cage and they escape. They manage to find a way out of the caves, or at least to a safe spot, when one of the Sea Creatures tries to attack them but it turns out that this one turns out to be Kim’s mom. She tries to get her not to attack and she manages to get through to her and the embrace each other. Kim says that she needs to get the Sword of Light from Goldar but she also wants them to focus on freeing the rest of the townspeople and she comes up with a plan that again has Trini’s help in

Kim manages to distract Goldar and manages to grab the Sword of Light and morphs her Zack and Trini back into their Ranger modes. Goldar gets annoyed at Verto that he let Kim get the sword and blames his problems on him. Verto starts showing frustration at Goldar and says that they both serve Rita with Goldar responding that Rita doesn’t even knows that he exists. Verto turns on Goldar and has his minions attack Goldar, but he then heads off to pilot Typhonis. Kim tries to stop him but he knocks her back. Serge heads back to grab more survivors while Zack and Trini run defence. Back with Kim, Goldar says that she will be consumed by Verto and his creatures and Verto says that her or Goldar wouldn’t be able to take out his numbers. Kim notices her mother in the group of creatures and tries to leap away but realises that she hasn’t gotten far since that it seems that the splitting of her powers to the others came at a small cost. But monster mom is there with the save when she puts Kim on her back and she starts climbing up the Zord. The creatures start climbing up as well but Kim starts slipping and her mom manages to catch her.

Goldar jumps through a hatch into the Zord and monster mom pursuits after him ahead of Kim. She follows and can’t see where they went but Goldar tries to attack Kim but she deflects the attack with the Sword of Light and we see that in his other arm he has Kim’s mom. The two of them start to have a duel but that doesn’t happen as Typhonis starts moving and Goldar loosens his hold on Kim’s mom.mmprp4 Kim leads him to another area in the Zord and he follows but when then find out that Verto is controlling the Zord through his trident. Kim tells her mom that she’ll be back for her and Goldar tries to attack her. Verto then exposits about himself saying that he spent the past three years without rising in the ranks and he will send Kim and Goldar to the bottom of the sea. But when Goldar tries to escape he manages to let in water and she says that they need to work together to escape. The issue ends with Verto saying that he is going to use his creations to escort Typhonis to the bottom of the ocean and plans to kill them ending issue three.

Issue four beings with Typhonis walking along the ocean floor with Kim and Goldar trapped inside. Kim tries to reason with Goldar since the Megazord is taking on water but Goldar isn’t complying. But after a slight bit of convincing Goldar agrees to work with her, for now. They agree that they are going to take down Verto together and alive since that could be the only way that Kim can change her mom and the rest of the town’s population back to normal.

Back up top Verto is prematurely celebrating since that he is increasing the size of his army to take over the world to please Rita and Zedd, then he manages to transform another prisoner into one of his creatures. Zack and Trini confront him and they try to stop him but Verto has his minions to simply attack the Rangers. Zack notes that Kim in inside of Typhonis and asks Trini is if she can contact her but she can’t. Trini asks Zack to take on more of them so that she can contact Zordon. mmprp5Trini asks Zordon to see if he can help Kim but then that gets side tracked since Zordon is weakening. Trini then asks how they can help the people but Alpha says that the only observation that was made that only Verto can change them.

Inside Typhonis the water levels are rising more and that it looks like that they can’t escape the same way they came in. Kim asks if Goldar had built an escape pod for the Megazord but he said that he didn’t because he isn’t a coward but he does bring up that the Zords were made up of the greatest zords ever downed. Then Kim realises an idea and asks if there are any Zords that are complete enough to fly them out of here. Goldar says that he found the Zords in pieces and he was able to build it with the technology from Cyclopsis, the Zord that the Rangers fought near the end of season one, but he says that the larger Zords are too entwined with Typhonis. But Kim brings up about a smaller Zord and brings up the Firebird Zord. Goldar says that it is possible to use it off the power of Typhonis and he re-routs the power to operate the Zord. Kim arrives at the door for the Firebird and enters the cockpits and tries to power it up which she manages to do. Goldar also gets ejected from Typhonis and is picked up by the Firebird. Kim notices that Verto has moved on into the village and Goldar says that she needs to take the shot and destroy Verto and his monsters but Kim rejects the idea. Kim kicks Goldar away from the controls and he turns on their deal and jumps out of the Firebird.

Verto notices the Firebird in the sky and he summons Typhonis from the ocean floor. The Firebird flies over the coast and Verto throws his trident at it causing it to crash. Zack chase after Verto but he captures his and threatens to kill him, but Serge is there for the save. Goldar then tries to take out Verto but he gets freed and lands in the sea. This gives the chance for the Rangers, Serge and Britt to escape into a cave. Kim says that they should contact Zordon and Trini brings up that Zordon is getting weak and says that they should transfer the power back to him. They contact Zordon and Alpha then they say that they want to transfer the power back but Alpha says that their mission isn’t over but he says that they have good and bad news. Kim asks for the good news and that they found a way to give them more time to use his energy but he then wants to talk to them. He says that for them to win that she needs to have a full team together and this means for Kim to separate her power but Serge and Britta are transformed into the Blue and Red Rangers.

The Rangers walk out of the cave and they see Goldar just standing there. Goldar says that Verto must pay for what he has done and says that he needs their help to vanquish him. But Kim says that they will help him but they make the rules that Verto remains unharmed until he turns the villagers back to normal and he can then do what he wants to Verto and he agrees to their decision. The rangers then set up a safe spot at what I do think is Kim’s parent’s house, I don’t think there was an exterior shot before, and they plan to make it a safe area and get the remaining survivors back there. Goldar informs the rangers that he sees something coming and Kim tells the Rangers to meet her by the Firebird. The final page sees Verto on the shoulder of Typhonis with his army of Sea Creatures about to wage war on the Rangers and Goldar ending issue four.

Issue five begins with the Rangers fighting the Sea Creatures inside the town with Typhonis dealing with Goldar. Goldar tries to tries to damage Typhonis but it doesn’t seem to be doing that much damage and Kim asks if he wants any help, but he says he does want help but not nicely. Kim congratulates Britt and Serge since they are doing well containing the creatures in pit falls while she tells Zack and Trini to scale Typhonis so that can distract Verto. Kim then gets into the Firebird to help Goldar but Typhonis knocks her down with ease. Kim says that Plan B is on deck and calls in for an update from Serge and Britt. They say that they are working on monster control and Kim says that since the survivors are helping with the control for them to shift their focus now onto Typhonis.

Verto manages to capture Goldar in Typhonis hand and he says that he is going to destroy him and then take his place in Rita and Zedd’s army. Kim starts to freeze seeing Goldar in trouble since she can’t think of a plan but Alpha Five is here for the save. He manages to send them the Shark Cycles and has upgraded them with the power of flight. The Rangers take the fight to Typhonis manage to distract it rather well, Kim tries to go and save Goldar but Verto swats his hand and he manages to free Goldar as well as destroying Kim’s Shark Cycle. In free fall Trini tries to save Kim but Goldar saves her instead and they head over to the Firebird. Goldar manages to come up with the idea to draw the Firebird back to Typhonis and it manages to work, also for some reason Kim’s mom comes along. Kim contacts Britt and Serge and tells them to round up the rest of the monsters since they are inside Typhonis and she also tells Goldar that he can’t kill Verto.

Verto seems pleased that he thinks that he has taken out a Ranger and questions where the Yellow Rangers friends are and Goldar replies saying ‘Right here’. Kim’s mom rushes in at Verto and he says that he finds it foolish for him to bring a creature that he controls but Goldar makes another save, this just seems rather weird to see Goldar doing good. Kim knocks back Goldar and Kim’s mom holds Verto in place, Goldar turns off Typhonis and Kim tells the team that they have Verto. In the village, Kim demands Verto to change her mom back to normal and he does. Kim’s mom is rather curious on what has happened and asks about her fiancé and the Kim says that she will help her. Verto starts reversing his transformations on the villagers and Kim asks Trini and Zack to look after Goldar so that her, Serge and Britt can see their parents. Kim praises them for what they have done and they can’t wait to thank Zordon for the chance to be Rangers. Kim’s mom is shocked to see her there and asks where her stepfather is at and we see that the next person that gets changed back is him.

Kim heads back to where Zack and Trini where she takes away Goldar and Verto. Kim says that she is rather surprised that Verto changed the villagers back to normal and Verto says that they will never speak of this again and that Goldar is going to take him to Rita and Zedd. Goldar says that burying this mess is the best for everyone’s interests and he respects that she also saved his life. But his deal with Verto he says that it is the best interest to end this and he kills Verto. Kim seems rather shocked that he killed Verto and he says to Kim that if he finds out that she has told anyone on what he has done that he will kill her and her family. Kim heads back and she ends up finding Zack and Trini making out. Kim asks Trini how long this has been happening and we are lead to believe this has been happening since they left the Rangers. Serge and Britt reunite with them and Kim tells them what has happened and says that it is time to give the power back to Zordon. She says it’s time to call Alpha and Alpha appears just like that, he says that he has been contacted by the other rangers and he replays the message that they got.

Tommy says that they are off world and they are losing power quick and they need assistance fast, but more worrying he also says that Rita and Zedd have *blank* Zordon. Kat says to Tommy there is no use and that they must go and that’s the end of the transmission. Kim asks Alpha how long Zordon has left and he replies that they have roughly twelve hours left. Kim says that they have Typhonis in their control now and thinks that they would be able to go and help the Rangers off planet. Alpha was able to retrieve to co-ordinates for their location and tells them they must hurry and Britt asks what they will do now. Alpha says that they have sent some Zords to assist them and it is revealed that they are Tor and Titanus, they can assist Typhonis into space and then it’s up to the Rangers to do the rest. Kim tells Britt and Serge tells them that they might be new at this and says that it is morphin time ending issue five.

Issue six begins IN SPACE!!! Tommy and the current Ranger team are trapped on an alien planet where Rita and Zedd have manages to separate the Rangers from the Ninja-Falcon Megazord with the help of Serpentera, Lord Zedd’s personal Zord that is powerful to destroy a planet but drains of energy rather quickly. Tommy comes up with a plan to get back to the Zord with a plan to knock out the disruptor and plan on using the covering of the planets terrain to get there without alerting the Putties. They get further along and Kat then hears something approaching them and the Rangers react and see the Typhonis Ultrazord approaching the, with Tommy recognising Tor and Titanus. We then see inside the Zord and that Kim, Serge and Britt are inside Typhonis, Trini in Titanus and Zack in Tor.

Lord Zedd notes the arrival of the new Megazord and asks themmmprp10 to identify themselves with Kim replying that they are there to help the Rangers and says that they were sent by Zordon and Alpha. Tommy is glad about the help but also notes that with their arrival that Serpentera notices them. Tommy also has a plan noting that Serpentera has a device and needs Tor and Titanus to take it out. Kim then narrates to herself wondering if she would be as a confident leader like Tommy if she had stuck around. The Zords disengage and Zack heads directly to Serpentera and crashes right into it. Zack says he is okay and that he destroyed the disruptor and Typhonis was able to get the Rangers to the Megazord. But things are start to become more troubling as Britt notes that Serpentera has gotten past the defences of Tor and Titanus. Kim comes up with a plan to try and hold up Serpentera to make sure that the Rangers can get home. Kim braces the Zord from a direct attack and narrates on how that one hit would destroy Typhonis and hopes that Tommy can save them which he does. The Rangers do a roll call of their Ninjazords. Kim tells the Rangers to escape but Tommy says no and that both teams are going to get out of there alive.mmprp9 They punch Serpentera and manage to get away with Typhonis reverting to the Ultrazord formation and both Zords fly back to Earth.

Zack over the comms says that when they get back they should say that they were the ones who helped them but Kim says no that they need to return the energy to Zordon. Kim then narrates on how that she can contact Tommy by just pressing one button or by coming out of the Zord when they returned to Earth. But then she realises that a lot has changed since she left since she didn’t know that Tommy was off planet since what happened before. The Zords make their separate returns with the Rangers heading back to Angel Grove and Typhonis to St Moineau. Kim summons up Zordon and Alpha and says that it’s time to return the power to Zordon. He thanks them for what they did and Kim returns the sword. Trini asks what will happen to the Zords and that Typhonis will return to his hiding space and notes that the Zord is rather interesting and notes that Billy may be interested in it. But Alpha also gives them a parting gift a new communicator for all of them so that if another emergency were to happen they will be contacted. Britt thanks for Kim’s assistance in saving the town but Kim also thanks them as well.

Kim ends that panel by narrating the end but that isn’t really the end. We see her arriving back at her parent’s place and lying on her bed saying that when it comes to being a Power Ranger, is there ever an end and gets a message from Trini to meet at a Café where Zack is also there. At the café, Trini says that her and Zack are going to head Paris for a few says then back to the camp they were at but she seems rather hesitant since that she thinks that there is more that they can do. Kim agrees with what she says and that there is some rebuilding that is needed after the attack and if Britt and Serge had any questions about being Rangers answered. Kim does suggest that should go to Paris and Trini asks about her getting a vacation and replies that she is going to be staying here for a bit to spend more time with her mom, Britt and Serge. She also promises this time to stay more in touch with them since that they are family. Kim then heads over to Serge and Britt and asks them if they were mad for being Rangers for just a short time but they reply that they weren’t and that they were glad to be Rangers and being able to protect the town. They then say what they are going to be planning to do and Kin says that they will be good at what they are doing and that she is going to keep in contact with them since being a Ranger is being a family.

Kim narrates that she has taken what the others are doing and that being a Ranger isn’t the only way to be a hero. But for some reason she feels different about being a hero and feels rather guilty about it. She then goes on to what it would have been if they didn’t help Tommy and the others and that she wouldn’t have even known if he would be alive if she didn’t help and it makes her sick not knowing that.mmprp11 She then says that she should know this since that Tommy is an active Ranger and she thinks that what he would only see him as being a Ranger and she wishes that she had the same kind of certainty as hi. One year later we see Kim training in Miami and we see her then writing her ‘Dear John’ letter that she is trying to write to Tommy but she is seeming to have a problem writing it. On the final page, we see Kim narrating what I take to be what she wants to write to Tommy but not what she sends to him, it is rather emotional and we see Kim riding off into the sunset ending the series.

Overall I do like this series since it was interesting since we pretty much didn’t know what happened to Kimberly, as well as Trini and Zack, during their time when they were no longer rangers and we also see the reason on why Kim sent the letter to Tommy during Power Rangers Zeo pretty much doing a better retcon than what the writers of the show did. The writing for the series is good throughout but in some places, it does seem out of place. But there are two other things that I do like about the series. The first is the relationship that Trini and Zack have since that it is something new that the show didn’t do since that they were more focused on the Tommy/Kim relationship and that Zack and Trini had a run of bad relationships in the show. The second thing that I liked about the series and that is the possible hinting that Boom Studios could be making another miniseries this time focusing around Jason since that in this Zordon says that he was on a secret mission and I think that would make a good story.

Overall Score 8/10


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