Is LEGO Batman a Good Film?

It has been over a week since that I have seen the LEGO Batman film and seen what people think of the film and I really don’t see why people like this film to give it high ratings. For me I thought at first that it was rather good but after sifting through my thoughts I turned it down from an 8/10 to a 6/10. These are the reasons that I turned this down was for a few reasons.

The first is that the plot just seems rather stupid, even more so for either a superhero and a LEGO story, with The Joker wanting to be sent to the Phantom Zone since that’s where the biggest threats are being held prisoner. It really seems to be the most confusing thing that was going to happen since that it mainly relied on Batman being more of a dick by breaking into the Fortress of Solitude to steal a device to teleport him there.

My second reason that I rated this down was that it seemed to be rather full of references and parodies and it did rather annoy me. The first was the roll calling at the beginning of the film where Joker was spewing off the number of villains that were there and it just seemed to be absurd. There were so many stupid villains that they decided to add in and some that haven’t seen much screen time for years in any media. Plus, there was also references to the previous Batman films and this also included the original Batman show (before Adam West’s series) I thought that was a nice touch but for the film it didn’t really do anything for the film.

My third reason why I rated this down was Batman. I found this to be one of the worst portrayals of Batman possibly to date. Through the entire film, Batman just came off just as a total jerk to pretty much anyone, he was a jerk to Alfred, he was a jerk to Dick and he even was a jerk to Joker for most of the film until the very end of the film. For me Batman is somebody that took his time to train up people to become better either as a fighter or as a detective and somebody that is willing to team up. But this Batman just rather doesn’t. He did tell Dick what to do to get the Phantom Zone gun but Dick had already told him before that he was already trained up just out of nowhere. The weirdest thing that I got off this Batman and something that I even told my friend that I saw it with was that this Batman seemed to be like drawing a lot of similarities from Frank Millers All Star Batman and that was one of the worst Batman interpretations I think people have ever read. Also, I think that Batman’s beat boxing and rapping was the worst thing about the film, it wasn’t funny and it felt rather stupid.

The fourth reason that I rated this down was that the film pretty much ignored the Justice League after their cameo. When the Joker brought his army of other licenced LEGO villains from the Phantom Zone the Justice League were nowhere around to help deal with the problem. You have Superman who can hear things happening around the world and Cyborg who can source information from the internet and they didn’t know anything that was happening I really do call that bull shit to the highest level. It is something that annoys me and reiterates the Frank Miller Batman preferring to work alone than in a team. It makes no sense to bring in these characters for what was a two/three-minute cameo and not even have them to help.

Overall I think that this is the most average Batman film that has been released by DC and really isn’t the best. There are a lot better Batman films done in the DCAU than what this is and that is my honest opinion.


2 thoughts on “Is LEGO Batman a Good Film?

  1. I agree with the Justice League point and I even said to my friend who I saw it with that I expected them to come in and help save the day in the end and was just sat waiting.
    As for the Dark Knight comment; I had not considered that but now that you mention it I can’t not see it. The references to other Bat movies got out of control and I think we could have done with having more of a Batman Lego movie than Lego batman movie if that makes sense. I think I liked the movie a bit more than you seemed to but possibly not by much.

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