WWE Superstars That Are Badly Used

So with a large amount of WWE wrestlers being released from their contracts or negotiating to get out of their contracts early there are a lot of wrestlers that I think that WWE should put focus on some of these talents since that there is a lot of good potential that just keeps on getting screwed over by creative.


Goldust: I am going to be putting Goldust low on this list mainly with rumours going around for the past few days that he could be doing the same as his brother and trying to release himself from his contract. Goldust over the many years has been a rather mid-carder for WWE and when he returned in 2013 and won the tag team titles with his brother, Cody, I thought things might have went well for him. But instead they went rather badly, especially when they decided to have Cody dress up as Stardust. Ever since he returned after injury he has been used more as a comedic role and spent something in the span of three-four months trying to form a tag team with R-Truth which, some of it has been good, it has went on for far too long and then had them forming two other teams to then have their partners turn on them and then have Golden Truth be actually formed. Hopefully this does go somewhere. But I just realised something rather baffling to me, THEY ALREADY DID THIS. Years ago when Booker T was still a active wrestler he and Goldust formed a tag team where Goldust was trying to get Booker to join him in rather bizarre ways and this is just a repeat. 14 years later and WWE are reusing stories. Nevertheless I would have loved to see Goldust at least have one last run with the Tag Team titles if he is deciding to leave the company.

The Asencion

The Ascension: Ever since The Ascension came up to the main roster from NXT they haven’t gotten over well with the audience what so ever. Even though that they were over with the crowds in NXT which does rather baffle me as a fan. I think that a reason why they didn’t go over well with the audience is because of the terrible booking that creative did give to them. They should have booked them to be rather strong being able to take out most of the tag team roster. However due to the time that they were brought up the tag team division was pretty naff to begin with. There were not that many good teams then and they just then got pushed back into a corner then teamed with Stardust for a few months. What I think WWE would need to do would to be re-package them in a rather different to what they are. Have them be sort of like The Eliminators, since there finisher is rather similar to theirs, have them interfere in matches with whoever the tag team champions are at the time and then keep on booking them as good heels from then. Hopefully something good could happen to them when Konnor comes back from suspension.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler: How is it that a former World Champion can go downhill so fast? Possibly due to injuries that he has sustained. But when was the last time that we have seen Ziggler actually do something rather big and major? A very long time. He has been put in some of the worst story lines that WWE have had in the past several years and I think that it would be a good chance for him to actually win a title and become a credible wrestler yet again. He hasn’t had a title since cashing in Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio and that was quite a while ago. Currently he has been in a really long and boring programme with new NXT call-up Baron Corbin and that should have been over a while ago instead of still continuing on. I hope that something does happen good to Ziggler soon because he just seems to be in a rather rut when it comes to going anywhere currently in WWE, a title win (quite possibly US Title) could see him reignite his career as champion.

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder: What can I say, Zack Ryder is the one superstar that I can think of that gets screwed over time and time again by WWE’s creative. He had a great run in December of 2012 winning his first ever single title on the main roster beating Dolph Ziggler for the US Title, then going on to drop it to Jack Swagger, got assaulted by Kane in a storyline between him and John Cena and then finds his ‘girlfriend’ Eve Torres making out with Cena. From then there was nothing major that he was in until this year when he was a part of the Intercontinental Championship ladder match where he managed to surprise a lot of people and was able to win it, but then went on to then loose the title to The Miz on the next night. I think that WWE were stupid to have him not even have a legitimate run with the title. What they should have done was have The Miz win then have Zack going up against him and then when Maryse was brought in for Miz and then bring in Emma to be on Zack’s side that way it would be a good programme that they could do and could see Zack being a good mid card competitor. Hopefully he could be back as a contender to a title sometime this year.

WrestleMania 30 predictions

So with Mania coming up this weekend these are going to be who I think are going to win their matches. Note the only match that I know is first is the pre-show.

4 Way Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos vs Los Matadores vs The Real Americans vs Ryb-Axel

At first I really thought that having a match like this for a pre-show was a bad idea ans I still do. I think that the titles will stay with The Usos with possibly a slight altercation in the camp of the Real Americans with either Swagger or Cesaro turning on another.

Main Card

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

When Hulk Hogan announced this I thought that this could be a Mania moment. 30 superstars battling for a trophy and also a possible push. On Raw Roddy Piper predicted that Big Show would win since he’s pretty much the current Andre. But I think that it could be open to anyone. I don’t think that Rey Mysterio would win it cause I think thats he’s only got a few months left till he’ll either retire or be shelved. I would really like to see Zack Ryder win so he could have the push that he deserves after John Cena pretty much stole it from his last push. But over all I think that Ziggler has a good chance of winning and thats who I’d put my money on.

Vickie Gurerro Divas Championship Invitational

This match I think could prove to be a bit of a train wreck. Since the last battle royal that had divas in was won by a man in drag I hope that its alot better. This could show that the Divas are a good wrestling section and also this could finally end AJ Lee’s title reign. Even though there are slight rumors thats she’ll retain I think that the title will go to either one of the Bella’s, Natalya or Tamina Snuka. If Eva Marie won the match then she would end up dropping the title on Raw the next night.

Six Man Tag

Shield vs Kane and The New Age Outlaws
This match itself was a well put together from a promo stance and so far its went over good with the fans. With what could have been a split within the Shield it seemed a triple threat could have been on the card, like with Legacy a few years prior, but then with Shield turning on the Authority it showed a new side for the Shield that they weren’t anyones lap dogs and turning on Kane was a great step. But then when Kane had several teams attack the Shield to get either spots on the battle royal or on the tag title match was a let down in a way because I’d rather see a team like Ryb-Axel team with Kane and have N.A.O face the Uso’s on the card. Overall I think that the Shield will prevail with a triple powerbomb on Kane or Reigns ‘superman punch’.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

This match is going to be possibly a slobber-knocker. And to put it simply I think that Bray will win it. He’s younger, meaner and hungrier and Cena has been over used so many times. Wyatt also has defeated former champions in the past and was able to take out Kane at SummerSlam where everyone thought that Kane would win. Also with the Harper and Rowan at ringside the odds favor Wyatt even more and thats who I’m backing.

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

A match that everybody know whos going to win because it’s WrestleMania. Undertaker hands down. Even though that Taker has had two ppv loses against Lesnar it doesn’t really change the game. Taker’s arsenal has changed drastically over a 10 year period and Lesnar with his MMA background it could go over well with fans. But Mania is Takers night and if Lesnar does win than WWE is going down faster than a sinking ship.

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H

With a spot in the main event this match is going to be brutal. With Bryan being screwed over by the Authority since late last year he’s been doing everything to get back on the main card and Triple H doesn’t think that he’s right to be the face of WWE which is rather stupid since the fact that at Mania 22 Rey Mysterio was able to beat Randy Orton and Kurt Angle to win the title and he was bout the same size as Bryan so this is rather a stereotype that small people can’t be world champion. With Triple H’s past Mania matches he hasn’t had much luck and also the fact that he’s had more of a office front I think that Bryan will win.

Orton vs Batista vs Bryan/Triple H

Depending on the out come of the Bryan/Triple H match its anybodys game. I think that it would be rather cheap if Batista would win the title since I think that he’s only back because he doesn’t have anything to do till Guardians of the Galaxy is released. I think that Orton may retain the title or possibly the winner of Bryan/Triple H