Gaming Dilemma: Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition

In the past week or so I have been rather undecided on which game to buy this week, Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition. Both games are new out this Friday (depending where you live since Until Dawn was out on Tuesday in America) however one game I have already played but I never got around to play the DLC content.


Since I am a big fan of horror Until Dawn did attract my attention. Also for the fact that the game does have a rather unsual mechanic for the game where your choices can affect the game play. The only game series that I’ve seen mechanics like this are in the TellTale game series but the over all design of the game makes it look like a film, if not a rather well put together show for either a mini serial or even Netflix. I really want to get this game since you don’t see that many horror games that are out that play a game through decisions, especially since you have games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within since they mainly focus on a story including portions where you have to fend off enemies with weaponry. So it would be nice to see other games like this.


Dishonoured was a game that I picked up since I had a friend going on about it so I watched a walk-through for it and I really enjoyed it. Like Until Dawn it does  have a mechanic that decides the game depending on your actions. In this you play a guy who ends up being framed for a murder he didn’t commit but then is granted abilities that give him powers including teleportation, being able to spawn rats, being able to see through walls and a number of other powers. I remember when I played through this game I really like playing it since it had a lot of focus onto your decisions including side parts that can make missions easier to do and so forth which I really like. On the other hand I did have some issues with the combat system but that could have more of a problem on my side. Another reason why I want to get this game is the DLC content for the game since it does sound rather interesting since there is also a DLC where you get to play as a character in the game where it acts as a prequel and how doesn’t like prequels. The reason why I didn’t get them at the time was that I didn’t know that there were DLC content till four or more months afterwards and that I really couldn’t download them since I had little space left on my PS3.

It’s decisions like this I hate since one looks like a really awesome game that I can delve into and another that is a game that I can get back into. If anybody help me with a decision leave it in the comments section below, note I’ve got till this Friday to decide.


5 Games I’m Looking Forward To Play

With this year being over half way done there are a load of games that I am looking forward to be playing this year, but more likely next year.


5. Assassins Creed Syndicate

The latest instalment of Assassins Creed coming this year is going to be based in the industrial age of Victorian London and I got to say that when I heard this I wasn’t actually looking that forward to it since that AC Unity did seem to be a rather let down for me. But when I watched the Alpha footage for the game I actually found it to seem rather enjoyable. With the era it also gives us a new insight to the new features of the games including what I am basically going to call the Bat Grapple since that’s what it seem to actually look like giving the ability to take out enemies with it along with a easier way to scale buildings. Also a thing that I’m looking forward to is the collector’s edition since it comes with a pretty cool figurine of the main character as well as a sound track as well as some other collectable including posters and I’ve been a fan of collectable versions of games and looking forward to picking up my copy.


4. Until Dawn

If there is anyone that knows me personally they will know that I will love a good horror and when I originally heard of this game I was already going to put a giant pass mark on it and not even think about it what so ever. But when I saw a video that they were going to be making a Friday the 13th videogame, I think, that they mentioned Until Dawn was going to be based roughly around the same idea that like Friday the 13th. So I decided to go and watch a video of it and lucky enough it was game-play footage and from what I saw from it, it looked really good. The game, from what I remember from it, is based off the idea that your decisions would affect what the outcome of the game would be and who would pretty much live and die in the game. From the looks of the game I think that it looks like that it is a really beautiful game and the visuals make it look like a good horror film that we would be needing in a world where paranormal horror is in it prime.


3. Uncharted Trilogy/ Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

The reason of this is a double is that it is part of the Uncharted series, but the first is being that the Trilogy is a re-mastered and being ported to the PS4 and then A Thief’s End being a solo game and final from the series. My first experience of the game was through a demo for the first game where I actually didn’t seem to like that much and I don’t know why. But then a few years later I decided to watch a walkthrough of Drakes Deception and then I thought that this game doesn’t look that bad and then about a week or two later I decided to by a pre-owned version of Drake’s Fortune and I played through that and only for about a week I was able to complete it, I then got Among Thieves and Drakes Deception in the following month and was able to complete them in the same amount of time and I found the game series to be incredibly enjoyable. I had known for a few months that there was going to be a Uncharted 4 since it was one of the games that had been in development when the PS4 had came out. I remember looking at the footage of the game when they released Alpha footage at a game convention a few months ago and seeing it I watched it and thought that this looked a lot better than what I thought it was going to be. With this also being the last instalment I hope that it is going to be a good game and from the footage that they had show at this year’s E3 it looked better than the last footage. So for this year I’m looking forward for the Trilogy since its all three games on one disc with the multiplayer, I believe, being taken out as well. Then in 2016 for Uncharted 4 since it will be the final game of the series.


2. Dishonoured Remastered/ Dishonoured 2

Another game that I had no interest playing until I watched a walkthrough was Dishonoured. I remember playing this game and I thought that this was also another really cool game set in a dystopian time where you play a character that is accused of regicide and then start a path to get the rightful heir of the throne and the cool thing about the game is that you can approach the game in different ways and that’s something that I did find rather cool. Another thing that I found cool about the game was the abilities that you can have including Blink and a ability that can have you sense where enemies are which is useful since that this game uses a lot of stealth to help you. Then again at E3 this year Bethesda announced that they were going to be bringing out a new Dishonoured game with the main character of the game being the heir of the throne from the first game which I think is going to be awesome. Another thing that I think that is going to be cool is that with this game is that there are going to be new powers that you can use in the game that were also showcased in the E3 stage demo. So with this and Uncharted these are the two re-mastered games and sequels that I am looking forward to.


1. Rise of the Tomb Raider

When I played the reboot of Tomb Raider in 2013 I really enjoyed it since I had not played a Tomb Raider game since Tomb Raider 3 on PS1 and since that this was a reboot of the series I was looking forward to play it even more. Then this year I was able to play the re-mastered version of the game and I fell in love with the game all over again. Move onto E3 this year and the reveal of Rise of the Tomb Raider and then to find out that it was going to be a X-Box exclusive game and my heart just sunk so low. I was rather disappointed that they had done this with the game since I had loved playing the last game. But in recent weeks it has been revealed that the deal between X-Box and Square Enix is that it is only going to be for a year so that the game is going to be available for PS4 users in 2016 but literally a year which is probably is going to make me go insane waiting that long for the game whilst PC users are possibly set to get it in around Spring time 2016. Nevertheless I am still looking forward for this games release and hopefully it will be released earlier than stated.


There is also one game that I’m looking half forward to is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The reason that I am looking forward to this game is because it is a South Park game and that it was going to be funny as well. Also in addition to this is that it seems that there is going to be a change up from the fantasy side from Stick of Truth to what looks like to be a Superhero themed version of the game and also as a big fan of comic books is a game that I was going to look forward to. But on the other hand there are something’s that I am not going to look forward to. One is some of the controls I found that some of them found to be rather difficult to actually use but other than that I had no other problems control wise. The second thing is that since I live in a different region to America I can’t play the game with all the fun rude parts for instance in the first game I wasn’t able to probe Randy on the alien spaceship and I hope that they will take this out for the game, but I get the feeling that they won’t.