Did Jurassic World Need To Be Made

When they revealed that Universal was going to be making a new Jurassic Park film I was over the moon when I heard it. But then after a few months I got rather distracted by other things and totally forgot about the film until this year’s Superbowl when it was shown in the trailers. Then fast forward to June and I got to say I do have rather mixed feelings about the film also for the fact that it was a third film that has been released by Universal and has been a major cash cow for them grossing over $1 billion.

The first thing is that I do think that it seems rather stupid with the plot is that they needed to genetically create a new dinosaur as an attraction as well to keep it locked up with barley and human contact. For the one fact that Richard Hammond’s idea of a park full of dinosaurs became real life why would people be bored with the current attractions. They seem to be pulling in more people that Disneyland from what we see of all the exterior shots of the park as well as the ferry load at the beginning of the film. Another thing in addition to the new attraction plot is that the creators of the dinosaur didn’t tell the people that were working with the other dinosaurs what it was made up of saying that it was a secret, only for it to be revealed in the third act and change the film. If they were just honest with what was in the genetic code of the new dinosaur then one, we could have a shorter run time of the movie, two they would have known how to try and recapture it just in case it was to escape and finally and majorly three there would have been a less of a death toll in the movie. In the first Jurassic Park film only five people died and that was then known as a PR nightmare but in this one there are tonnes of other dinosaurs that kill off people in this film so think of all the people that could have survived if the scientists weren’t dickheads. Also another thing in the story that seemed to be rather out of place was the story between the parents of the kids that sent them off to Jurassic World so they wouldn’t know that they were going to get a divorce. It just seemed like an unnecessary plot point for the film and seemed to just be a reminder to Clair that she should be spending time with her nephews. To be fair you could have probably cut out the kids and it would have been a better story.

In the third act of the film I don’t know why but is seems that it was heavily revamped versions of scenes took from all three previous Jurassic Park films since that the Raptor scene was pretty much similar to the Raptor pursuit in Jurassic Park where they’re going through the main lobby trying to get away from them, just with a modern twist. Way before that scene when they were looking for the Indominus Rex and then when the tables turned again seemed like a rip from The Lost World when the Raptors where basically picking off people one by one in the long grass. But then we get to the final homage/rip from Jurassic Park 3 and that is the battle between the two main dinosaurs where you have on one side the Indominus and then on the other side you had the T-Rex and I got to say that I thought it was going to be a bit of a bore but I think that it was okay but the ending of the fight was rather anti-climatic when the Mosasaurus basically shows up out of nowhere and pulls the Indominus into the feeding area and kills it. You have two of the biggest faces for the Jurassic series with the T-Rex in one corner and Indominus in the corner and to quote Ken Wantanabe said in Godzilla ‘Let them fight’ and that’s what they should have done. I wasn’t fussed that the Raptors had gotten in the way but let the main guys slug it out and see who has the better genetics.

Finally a thing that I do rather think that is rather disappointing about the film is that pretty much all the characters seemed to be your rather basic characters. For instance you have Vincent D’Onofrio’s character was the villain of the film because you could tell instantly from when he saw what the Raptors were like and that he wanted to use them for combat in place of expendable humans, in the same way that the US Government would use the Thing in Fantastic Four which I will get to in another blog, and from there the audience pretty much could some up what he was going to be like through the entirety of the film. Chris Pratt on the other hand seemed to be the only one that I seemed to actually like for the film since he seemed to be having a lot of fun with the film especially when you see some of the interviews that aired online weeks and weeks before the film came out and I rather liked it. But there were some scenes that I think were rather strange like how he and Bryce Dallas Howard’s character had supposed to have relations before the film and it just seemed to be rather out of place and in all honesty I don’t even think that this film needed a love story between these two characters. Also back to Bryce Dallas Howards character how the hell did she run around the whole island wearing heels that in itself should be a rather impossibility to most women to do except with rather good editing so there could be a scene somewhere in the film where she could be wearing flat shoes since it has happened with a number of shows and films.

But in all honesty I don’t think that this film should have been made the way that it did. I remember the idea that Ingen had in The Lost World where they were going to be making a Jurassic Park in San Diego and that seems more plausible for a film to use. Having the park located in a different part of the world instead of being based off the ruins of the old park would have been a lot better. For instance at least in the books Ingen has places in both California as well as Europe so that would had been a cool thing to see that being a group of Triceratops running down the Arch de Triomphe it would have been funny. It would have also given us a new element that they could have explored instead of using reused story elements from the previous film. I mean that they still could have used Isla Nublar but this time as the factory floor for the park and then have them transported to the park.

But I am looking forward to also seeing what they are going to do with the film since that it was a open ending that leads will end up leading into further sequels that would end up seeming pointless rather like Friday the 13th part 5.