January Update 25-1-17

So a few days ago I wrote out a brief plan on what I am going to cover for the rest of January and the next few months so that I am not trying to pull posts out of mid-air and I think I am going to be able to keep myself busy for a while. *Note I have put a question mark next to two posts since I am rather uncertain yet about the release dates for Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 until next month possibly.


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Monday 24th: Dragon Ball Chapter 1-2


Top Five Worst Films of 2016

So last year I saw a lot of really bad movies and I get the feeling that this year that it could easily be the same.

5: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: So I watched this a few days ago and I got to say I was rather disappointed about this since that it was not really as good as the original and that is probably due to the amount of changes that they did to it. I’m not against films adapting the original material but this is one of the times where it is done rather badly. rhpsldtwaI didn’t have that much of a problem with the casting for the film and actually having a transsexual for Dr Frank-n-Furter was a good way to adapt it for modern audiences. Other than that I thought it was rather boring. One of the main things that really bothered me about it was the opening song that in the original was done just with a set of red lips on a background but with this it was an actual person that sings the opening number whilst handing taking ticket stubs, serving customers and ushering them as the film starts in the cinema. I think that it was rather stupid that they did this but that is my opinion. I would rather watch the original.

4: Suicide Squad: Out of all the films on this list this is the one that I liked the most since that it seemed that it was more similar to what the Suicide Squad was like in the comics, but taking out the ARGUS soldiers, but they were there mainly for the plot. My problems with the film come from a few places, the first was that I found that Jared Leto to have had one of the worst portrayal of the Joker and that he was pretty much could have just been a cameo character like Flash and Batman were instead of being a really loose thread. susqThe second problem that I had was with the design for Harley Quinn, it was a really bad costume and I do think that I call bull when I heard apparently that all the outfit choices that Margot Robbie had for the character didn’t look right. The weird thing that I found was that a few months later when DC did the relaunch for their comic book series and that the Harley Quinn there looks a lot better in that then she did in the film. The cast over all I thought was okay and that there dynamic was rather okay but I think that it was rather overkill since that there were way too many people to actually identify with and I think that this is going to be a problem with future superhero movies. The villains of the film seemed to be rather boring and their backstory is pretty much none existent in the film. Hopefully the sequel will be handled better.

3: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: I had some hopes for this film when I went to see this but in the end it was a rather disappointment since that it had a lot of problems like the first film had. The first main problem with this is the casting, you have Stephen Amell playing the role of Casey Jones which I thought it was going to be cool however this ended up being rather disappointing, a lot like the fourth season of Arrow. It didn’t really seem like the Casey Jones that fans know since that Casey was a vigilante that wanted to take down the gangs that worked well with Raphael. tmnt2But in this film I don’t think that he and Raph even have any scenes together and that you only see Casey with his iconic mask only once through the entire film. It seems to be a rather waste of bringing in a good character. The second thing that does ruin the film is that during the very beginning of the film you have Shredder escaping and helped out by Kraang, who gives us a large exposition dump instead of padding in throughout the film which did make the film rather weak with story. The third problems that I had with the film was the ending for the fact that it seemed to be incredibly rushed. You have Kraang bringing in the Technodrome from Dimension X but we aren’t able to see it in all of its glory since that the Turtles manage to send it back. Also I found it rather stupid and curious that Kraang double crossed Shredder when he froze him and added him to his collection of other frozen playthings. The third problem I had with the ending was that they changed the design for the Man-droid suit that Kraang wears since that in the trailer for it the costume looks the same that of the original yet when the film came out it showed that the Man-droid without its head cover. Hopefully in the next few years they will remake the series since that with the bad box office outcome and reviews made sure that a sequel wouldn’t happen.

2: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: This is one of the worst superhero films that I could have seen since that this was really handled rather badly. I found it to be rather dull and long winded of a film since that a lot of the elements that didn’t work well with it. My first problem is that Superman seemed to be a non-entity in this films since that it appeared to be more focused on either Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne returning to the mantel of Batman, if the writers even cared about a film called Batman vs. Superman there should have been more scenes for Superman as well.BvSDoJ The second problem was the dream sequences that Batman had, in the long run they didn’t make much sense for the film since that there was no explanation to why he was having them and that they really didn’t accumulate for the story and seemed to be more setting up for Justice League and whatever is to come afterwards. These scenes could have easily been taken out of the film and the only problem that there would have been would be the shortened run time. The third problem that I have with the film is that Luthor and Doomsday are some of the weaker villains for the film. I am not a really big fan of the acting of Jessie Eisenberg and that the origins for Doomsday was the worst idea that they ever came up for since that Doomsday was meant to be a Kryptoinan monster and not a hybrid unlike the villain for Superman 4. I think that I would have liked this film a lot better if they did sort of went down the way that Marvel did their films and that was to have the one shots first and then a joint film. So since that we already have Man of Steel in the books it should have then been a Wonder Woman and Batman film to then build up on their lore, which we will be getting later this year and in few more for Batman, then have the joint film of Trinity that way you then have a reasoning for bringing in multiple characters to take down a large threat. But unfortunately only in a perfect world that could happen.

1: Blair Witch: I was rather confused and disappointed about this film and even more than Batman vs. Superman which could surprise a lot of my friends. The start of the film a film student and her friend are watching a video that was given to him of somebody going through a dark house saying that he spotted his sister in the footage. The sister in the footage was that of the original people that went to track the footage of the Blair Witch from the first film. They decided to head to the woods with two more of their friends and meet up with people that found the footage who ask if they can go with them to help find the Blair Witch.blair-witch After a long time, they get lost in the woods and they try to find a way back to a foot path or trail but no luck there and they then manage stumble on the Blair Witch house where inside they discover that the witch is there and I got to say from the scenes that we see of the witch it was really bad and it would have been a lot better if they used an actual person for the witch instead of CGI. The ending was confusing as all hell since that apparently the footage that we see at the beginning of the film was the footage that was captured with our main character. It really made no sense but at least that this film was a lot better than the second Blair Witch film that featured wiccans and really weird scenes. The acting was rather mixed at best and it seemed that they were also just college students that were making a film on a high budget since that they even used Go-Pro camera’s as well as having a drone that also gets caught in a tree. However, like I said with the design for the Blair Witch is that the special effects that they are rather bad and boring. I think from a camerawork standpoint this is a lot better than the original film, but it was pretty much the same film but on a bigger budget.

Top Five Movies of 2016

So this year I have watched a lot of films in the cinema as well on demand and on DVD and there have been some that I liked and there were some that were rather bad. This was meant to be a top ten list of what I was going to put down for my favourite films but I wanted to get this out earlier and doing a top ten would have taken more time. However, I am also going to do a top five for worst films that I have seen and that will be out on the same day as this.

5. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story: So this is the most recent film that I saw this year and I got to say for a majority of the film it was an alright film. rougeoneThis film is the basis of how the Death Star was built and the group of Rebels that went and tried to get the plans to find its weakness. I did like this film but it seemed to be rather over hyped with critics giving it five star reviews but it seemed that it was about as good as most films that came out this year. I only found it to be more enjoyable when it came to the final act since that is where all the action came full circle and it was really awesome. The space battle was one of the best scenes that I have seen in Star Wars since the space fight in Return of the Jedi. Plus, seeing the idea of a Rebel ship designed to ram into other ships was something new and different since that in the end it helped them get the information about the Death Star from the planet below. Then when you think it’s all over a Star Destroyer comes out of warp and destroys several Rebel ships and starts attacking them with one of the most awesome Vader scenes ever in Star Wars. But there are a few problems that I have with the film, the acting seems rather passable and the direction for the characters seems to be rather bad too. Then we have something that has a rather mixed reaction with people and that is the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia. The CGI looks rather passible and that it is rather equivalent to what the CGI used in the Battlefront games for their trailers. For Tarkin I think that it would have been better if he was used more for a hologram than it was to be an actual person since then it would make a better choice. For Leia on the other hand I think that it would have been better if it was just seen from the back and that it was just her voice. Overall it was a good film and something that is rather different since that it brings more lore into the Star Wars universe for people who prefer media over the fictional lore that I believe has change since that Disney have the rights to Star Wars.

4. The Jungle Book: Usually I am not a big fan of when movies get remakes but since that Disney really has no new ideas since that they have stated to remake a majority of their animation films and turning them into live action. the-jungle-bookOn the other hand, this film is my exception since that it is better than what the previous films have been. My favourite thing about the film is that the cast is rather well balanced. For instance, you have Bill Murray as Baloo and he is a rather perfect fit for the role since that he plays the laid back buffoon role rather well, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera is another good choice since that he is a knowledge factor for Mowgli about the jungle, then you have Idris Elba as Shere Khan and this is a really good choice since that he makes a really good villain. One of my favourite things about this films is that I am glad that the elephants don’t talk in the entire film which is something that I did find rather annoying about the original. In this they are pretty much the most respected animals in the jungle. Another thing that I really liked was Christopher Walken as King Louie and singing I Wanna Be Like You since that it was rather weird but it was really hilariously good. However, there are somethings that I found rather stupid about the film and that was having Scarlett Johansson playing Kaa since that it is rather pointless since that she was only in it for two minutes and that she was mainly there for a seductive voice and that was pretty much is. Overall it is another good film and that I hope that the next film that Disney are bringing out, Beauty and the Beast, will be as good, even though from the trailer it looks pretty much a copy and paste of the original movie

3. Doctor Strange: I was really hesitant about seeing this film and that it looked rather like the Green Lantern film. But I saw it and I thought that it was a lot better than it the Green Lantern film. The story revolves around the origins of Dr Stephen Strange that is I was surprised since that it was adapted from the comics on how he became crippled and then on how he learned about the mystical arts.drstrange Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Dr Strange in this film and I got to say that this was a really good call since that when people started to do mock up images of when it came to hearing that it was being made that it was a rather spitting image of the comic book counterpart. My favourite thing about the film is that it is has a lot of good comedic moments and that it does have a bit of a sinister feel to it. But there is something that I do rather find annoying about the film and that is mainly down to Dormammu and that he looks nothing like what he was meant to be since that he looked like a badly CGI head instead of a fiery skull. I think that this film does have something really good about it and that is being able to blend mysticism and CGI together, I really wasn’t interested with the CGI since that it looked like that in the trailer that it was going to be heavily just a CGI film, but I was wrong and I really did like the blending that they did in the film. But there is something that I really did like about the film and it came at the very end of the film in the infamous post-credit scene and that sees Dr Strange talking with Thor talking about bringing Loki to Earth and seeking his help to find out what had happened to Odin since that in The Dark World Loki was disguised as Odin. So that is something that I am going to be looking forward to see next year.

2.Deadpool: I found this film to be rather enjoyable, even more so if the repeated sexual scenes were taken out of the film during the beginning since that is why it most likely got it desired R rating in America. I was glad that we finally did get a good Deadpool movie since that his ‘appearance’ in X-Men Origins really did suck, but in this incarnation for Deadpool is better.Deadpool With this we have a twin time line story going on with the current time line with Deadpool in costume trying to find the person that stole his girl and trying to find out where she was and the past story line tells his origins and how he became Deadpool. The comedy in the film is really good and it is shown well in the film, Ryan Reynolds has actually shined out in this film since that the jokes are well timed and also see to be a lot like the comic book counterpart.  I think of the things that did slightly hurt it was the fact that the villain wasn’t really that much of a threat since that he was rather forgettable and the second is that I think the film could have done with some more mutants since that just having two X-Men but I think that is down to Fox or the writers not knowing how popular knowing how popular the film would be. But with the sequel being made there is a chance that we can see more X-Men in the sequel and also the rumours that Deadpool could be showing up in the next Wolverine film ‘Logan’ makes me more interested in the X-Men universe now than ever more.

1. Captain America: Civil War: For me this is most likely my favourite comic book film from this year. The story is an adaptation of the Civil War storyline with some changes. The first being the Sokovia Accords replacing the Superhero Registration Act, Captain America choosing to align with his friend who was a brainwashed assassin that tried to kill him in his last film instead of seeing the fact that he thinks that working for the government since they would tell them who were villains and who weren’t. The film focuses around the Winter Soldier and a person possibly working with HYDRA discovering where a secret HYDRA facility is where it turns out that there are more than one Winter Soldier and that somebody has a book that has the password to reset the hypnotising programme inside Bucky.civilwar Captain America and his rouge team that consists of Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky, Hawkeye and Ant Man decide to head to this secret facility but before they can do that Tony with permission from a returning Thaddeus Ross to create his own team to take down the Cap’s team. This also leads into bringing in the new Spider-Man, who unfortunately is a teenager. They clash at an airport that seems to be rather deserted and we see a pretty awesome fight scene between the two including one of my favourite scenes that involves Ant Man reversing his shrinking tech and growing to become Giant Man and then Spider-Man using the best line in the film taking down Giant Man in the way the Snow Speeders took down the AT-AT in Empire Strikes Back. The film ends with Captain America and Bucky teaming up and fighting Iron Man, in a pretty good fight scene, Iron Man finding out that it was Bucky killed his parents and then Captain America breaks his team out of the Raft possibly creating his team of Secret Avengers team whilst Bucky gets Asylum in Wakanda to find a cure for his brain washing. This is a good idea that does follow in a lot of ideas since that it wraps up elements from The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron and then it leads into the new chapter coming in for Phase 3.

Top Five Games to Re-Master

Ever since the PS4 and X-Box One was revealed people always wondered what it would be like to play last gen games on this new platform and now we see pretty much now that there are a lot remastered games including one that is coming out that was originally on PS1 and I got thinking. What games would I like to see be remastered and this is what I have so far.

Silent Hill5: Silent Hill: When I was young I never had the chance to play Silent Hill on the PS1 or actually any format and I think that there would be a lot of people who would be happy to play it with the improved graphics of the current gen of game consoles that we have nowadays. Since that I don’t know a whole lot of the game I won’t be talking about it much but I have seen a few bits and pieces from walkthroughs and I think that it does look like a good game.

SWBFPS24: Battlefront 2: This could be one of my favourite games that I remember playing on PS2 was Battlefront 2 and it was one of the best games that I remember playing. In this game you did have a story mode that you could do as well as being able to create your own playlist of maps that you could play and fight on many different planets and systems. One of my favourite things about this game was that you had a larger range of maps to choose from and also you had a larger amount of heroes and villains that you could play as from Obi Wan, Yoda and Mace Windu from the Galactic Republic to playing villains like The Emperor and Darth Vader from the Empire. It was a really great game and the biggest downfall for the series was when they revealed Battlefront was coming to the current gen consoles and it was the biggest Star Wars let down I have ever played.

StDr3: Spyro 1-3: When I was a kid the Spyro games were my favourites to play, even though I don’t remember even completing them and that makes it even more fun at least for me when I was a child. I remember for one of my birthdays I got Spyro 3 for my birthday and I was pretty much playing it when I got back in from school and only stopping to eat cake, that and also I think my mam didn’t wanting me to see the news since it was the same day tragic event happened in September. From then on though I don’t think that the Spyro games got that better when they came out on PS2 but then they totally dissolved into nothing once when Skylanders came out when it all went down the way where you had to go out and buy figures to play games. Hopefully we may see this happening with the possible success that may happen when Crash Bandicoot comes out this year as a remastered version for PS4.

ReDeRed2: Red Dead Redemption: As of writing this blog there have been some rumours that this game is going to be remastered but nothing yet has been confirmed. I got this game merely on a whim and I got to say I have been enjoying this game more than I was enjoying Rockstars next major game GTAV. I think that I have enjoyed this more since that you are just playing as one person and the mission, so far, has been pretty plain and simple in getting your former friend into custody. I have been really enjoying this game and I think I could be only a quarter the way through it and still have a lot of things to do in it. I think that the setting for the game is really wonderful and nice which also reminds me a lot from the Assassins Creed series. You have such a large area to explore and discover new things I just which there were more games that were like this being made but hopefully there will be a switch.

FO31: Fallout 3: I bought this game about a month before I got my hands on Fallout 4 and I found this to be a lot more difficult that it, and I was playing on the same difficulty. In this you start out a literally a baby being born and then being raised by your father, Liam Neeson, who is a scientist inside the Vault. But then one day you find your dad missing being told that he was a traitor and you leave the Vault with a little bit of help and search to find out what happened to your father and start to explore Washington DC in the Fallout universe. One of the things that I enjoyed was being challenged by the game even on easy difficulty when I started going through the different towns and areas where I ended up getting slaughtered by Super Mutants, but in the end I managed to progress a lot further than what I thought I would have. It is a enjoyable game and since that it already has a GOTY edition version I think that it would be a easy game to see be remastered for current gen depending if Bethesda would be up for doing it.

Top Five Disappointing Games

Over the years there have been many video games that for me have been rather disappointing to me for many different reasons. This could be the one that blogs that I will then end up making more parts since there are a lot of disappointing games that I haven’t played yet.


5: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: One of the weirdest things is I originally had this game on another list for games that I would like to see be remastered. However I finally got round to play this game after updating it and this is rather bad. I came into this game thinking since that you are playing as a clone of Star Killer and you got to break away and thought it may have been rather fun to see what happened after you break out. However that was the complete wrong assumption. All the missions are pretty much cut and paste and it seems to really lack any context of a story. When you break out of the cloning facility you end up on a planet looking for General Kota where you save him and start he asks you to come with the Rebels to come up with a plan to take out that facility but instead you complain about wanting to find Juno. This then leads you to Dagobah where you find Yoda in the most pointless scene in the entire game and it seems to be such a waste even on PS3. Right here they could have done a similar scene as in Empire Strikes Back when Luke battles with Vader but instead a bit of a boring segment where Star Killer witnesses a vision of something happening to Juno on a Rebel ship. You head to the Rebel ship and find out that the plan is in motion and Juno gets kidnapped by Boba Fett, unfortunately even he couldn’t save the game and is the only brief appearance that you see of him. In the end you have a fight with Vader and have the choice of either choosing to have Vader be taken in by the Rebels and arrested or to kill him, again. I went with the good ending and I felt rather disappointed by the outcome of the game and rather glad that I didn’t have to pay that much for a copy of the game. I do hope that there will be another Force Unleashed game that is in some continuity to the new films since that there are a lot of games nowadays that do have a lot of focus on how doing good and bad things can have a change on how the game will progress instead of having once choice in the end to make your choice.


4: LEGO Jurassic Park & Marvel Avengers: I am a big fan of the LEGO game series but ever since when Jurassic Park came out I started to lose faith in this side of the franchise. I do sometimes have a big problem when it came to these games when they came out and that was they were both just rips from the films that take place. With the Jurassic Park game the biggest problem for me was the fact that the audio transfer seemed to be one of the worst things that happened. The second thing that bothered me was that it seemed to be rather buggy when it came to activating some of the Red Brick bonuses where it wouldn’t show the location of certain items. My biggest problem however is with Marvel Avengers for the main fact could have easily made a sequel for Marvel Super Heroes instead of doing this. I don’t know if there were any legal issues that they had since the fact that one of there was a lot of missing characters but everything was the same from the first game especially the layout of the Helicarrier. What they could have done would to have done was a follow up with Thanos starting to conquer planets and you have the Inhumans requesting the help of the Avengers to help them with Thanos. With this we could have a rather similar design as what LEGO Batman 3 had where you could go to different planets. Hopefully they will be going back to the idea of using a creative story instead of movie re-dubs.


3: Watchdog: I waited a while to get this game and even though I watched a walkthrough before-hand and I thought it was still rather good. But when I started playing more of it, the game did seem to be rather of a lacklustre game. You take on the role of a hacker trying to find the person that killed your niece, in all honesty this does sound on paper and maybe even for a film a good premise however playing through it was more than a rather boring sequence of events. The game is sent in a open world environment, like the previous Assassins Creed series that they made and has the same set up where you have to go to towers and unlock sections of areas where you can see what challenges there are such as Gang Areas or VR challenges. This does rather take out a lot of the exploration of videogames which I am glad that I believe that they added in for the sequel that they are taking that out so the exploration is in for the game which hopefully would make it a lot better. Another problem that I had with the game was the fact that you would need to be connected to the internet to interact with other people to do challenges that need to be done as part of tutorial which if you have your console away from the internet then that means either not doing it or moving your console nearer to where it can connect or boosting your connection, either way it can be rather irritating. Another problem with this game is that it seems to be rather repetitive once you get a third of the way through the game. Basically it’s looking through security cameras for your target, hacking mini-games, using environments to help you and so forth and it does get boring after a while. Hopefully with the sequel coming out in soon they might make it more better since that this felt more like a late PS3 game even on PS4.


2: Elder Scroll Online: So I am going to keep this section rather short since that I already talked about this game last year when I did my review of it and man I wish it was a better game and I currently do have a better game than ESO currently and it is called Neverwinter. I started playing this when it came out and then around about late September I stopped playing it since that there were a lot of problems that it had such as really annoying issues. One of the main problems that I had with the game was that there were badly constructed dungeon areas. For instance one of the main quests that you had to do was going through a dungeon where you have to evade a dungeon filled with ghosts, which sounds rather easy right? The biggest problem is that it was a open dungeon and you have about eight or nine other people doing it at the same time. So every time that you ended up progressing, another person can easily screw you over to progress themselves then you have to start over again from the beginning. Then the counterpart to it is that there were a few campaign dungeons where when having a group is rather helpful since that there are a lot of rather annoying creatures that you can easily kill you especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Other than that it is a rather okay game but it since that it has been out for a year they may have fixed this but I’ll never know.


1: Star Wars Battlefront (2015): Like with ESO, I have already did a review for this but I still find this to be one of the most disappointing games that has came out in recent years especially from one of the biggest franchises in the world. When Battlefront came out I was rather hesitant about it since that it was mainly a MMO shooter game which I really don’t like playing that much. Plus also when the game was in production there was suppose to be a offline mode which they did add on, nine months later which did really annoy me since there the only one a few modes that you could do offline but that was mainly tutorial modes and weren’t that fun to do. Another problem that I had with this game was that there were a lot of problems and bugs that the game had that I and a lot of people that I played with also commented on. For instance one of the bugs that we found was the invincibility bug where if a person crashed in a fighter they could take no damage whatsoever even when EA said that they had fixed the bug it was clear that they hadn’t. Another problem was that when you went to load in to the game when coming on it would change your weapon to what the first weapon is in the game which is rather strange since there were times where it would stay the same. The main problem that a lot of people saw with this game was that of the ridiculous pricing for the season pass. In the UK the season pass was £39.99 the game was £49.99. A £10 difference between DLC and the actual game is a rather annoying thing to see for a gamer like myself and I think that season passes should be half the price of the game. With LEGO Batman 3 I paid around £12 for the season pass and I got six DLC packs with all new content and more characters and I found more enjoyment out of that then I did for Battlefront. Another problem that I have with the DLC that makes it disappointing is the fact that if you have the season pass you can have advantage over your friends who don’t have it since that they get a two week head start. I think that unless it has console advantage like C.O.D all the DLC should be kept to the same time slot nonetheless.

So that is what I have got for this list make sure to stay tuned for the next blog coming up where I am going to be covering my top five games that I want to see be remastered,

Top Five Dragon Ball Movie Villians

Now for me this is going to be a slightly difficult list for me do since that it is rather hard for me to do since that I haven’t seen a lot of the films, but I have seen a few and I am going to go off the villains that I have seen.

Ressurection F5: Golden Freeza: So for this I am putting this form of Freeza in this list since that it was originally in the film version and then gets adapted for the second arc in Super. I think that having them bringing back a rather popular character and we also get to see what it would have been like if Freeza would have been like if Freeza decided to train. I liked this. Since that it was a throwback to the original series was that he never trained a day in his life and was never previously pushed to go into his Final Form. I was rather amazed when he came back to Earth and manages to beat Gohan in pretty much one move in his base form. That was pretty much a wow moment for me. But in the end there was one problem that Freeza had and that was the same thing that happened to Goku during the time when he faced Beerus in Battle of Gods and that was he couldn’t keep Gold Mode for a long time unlike Goku and Vegeta who managed to stay in SSJSS form for a longer time.

Battle of Gods4: Beerus: Like with Golden Freeza I am putting Beerus down on this list since that he was a movie villain even though he then just becomes a regular character in the show after the Battle of Gods arc in Super. For me Beerus was a really good designed character since that this was a brand new story that they created and he was designed to be really well going of more of an Egyptian theme as well as his domain being similarly based off a pyramid. One of my favourite things about it is that Beerus is that when we first see him he is a rather lazy of a being but he also can have a bit of a short temper which I find to be a rather interesting character that way. Another things that I like about it is after the fight that Beerus has with Goku and that he wasn’t even fighting at full strength when Goku was a Super Saiyan God (Red) and this got me thinking more on what would it be like if Beerus was to fight at full strength against Goku at SSJSS at full strength that would be a match-up I and many fans would like to see.

Cooler3: Cooler: So most recently I have been watching a lot of the Team Four Star videos and I saw both the Cooler films from there and then I was able to find the actual versions of the films on YouTube and comparing Freeza to Cooler I think that Cooler was a lot different and better character than what Freeza was in the show. Cooler seemed to be much more of a stronger character and better designed. But when it came to Revenge of Cooler movie I thought that was where I defiantly thought that he was a lot better character. Coming back after being blasted into the depths of space and reflecting on that it was his fault that Goku was alive since that his ship was in orbit near Planet Vegeta and noticed the pods that left the planet. But when he came back in is metal form he looks way much better designed where as the design when they brought Freeza back for the few minutes that he was back looked rather bad. Cooler just seemed to be a better character than Freeza until he came back in Resurrection ‘F’ where he did look better.

Janemba2: Janemba: Out of the movie villains that I thought were good all I then remembered about Janemba from the Fusion Reborn movie where we got to see the fusion of Goku and Vegeta and a rather weird animated scene on Earth where Gohan obliterate Freeza, Gotenks scared of an adapted Adolf Hitler and Mr Satan faced off against zombies. But the coolest thing about this film was Janemba and the fact that he seemed to be rather similar to Majin Buu. He had a rather child-like innocence in his first form but then when he went to his second form he was really well designed. In a way he almost seemed to in a way look rather like a cross between Perfect Cell and Freeza in a way and I think that from the movies stand point that it was one of the best designed characters that they had made. Another reason why I like this character is that he was able to push Goku to his limit even when he was in SSJ3 form and for that time the only other person that could have done that was Majin Buu. But in the end Janemba was defeated in the end but he put up against a good fight in the end.

Broly1: Broly: Like with many other people Broly is considered to be one of the strongest warriors there is in the Dragon Ball universe and just by looking at an image of him can easily tell you why. He is basically built to destroy things that get in his way. His back story is rather sad. During the same day he and Goku were born and when King Vegeta learned that Broly had one of the strongest power levels ever recorded and he had Broly killed but again on the same day Freeza blew up the planet and Broly’s power was shown when he was able to protect himself and his father from the vacuum of space. From that point on Broly was then just used pretty much as a weapon to destroy sectors of space until the time came where they were able to find Vegeta and start to initiate their plan to get revenge. But something inside Broly snaps and turns him more reckless and into a Super Saiyan and I got to say that I do find Broly’s Super Saiyan form really cool. For instance he does get quite a size boost but there is something different from the regular Saiyans and that is his hair colour seems to be more of a green colour compared to the blond and he has no pupils and his eyes are just white. It does make him quite the unique character. The rather disappointing thing is that I think that he got rather disappointing in the second film that he was in since that he seemed to have such a problem dealing with two children and everybody likes to forget about Bio-Broly. I do sort of hope that sometime during Dragon Ball Super that we may see another Broly somewhere in the universe that maybe even stronger than current Goku which I really would like to see.

Top Five Dragon Ball TV Villians

Following on my lists this one I am going to be covering the villains of Dragon Ball and covering my favourite villains.

Majin Buu5: Majin Buu: When I started watching the Majin Buu arc I got to say that Majin Buu was one of my favourite characters, but less for him being a villain and more of being a misunderstood character. This was really brought more forward when Mr Satan went to go after Majin Buu and it showed that he wasn’t really a bad guy especially when he killed off Babadi and became more of his own person. I think that this could have been easily resolved if they Mr Satan was able to convince that Majin Buu wasn’t that really of a bad person then there could be a chance that Vegeta wouldn’t have died, Dende wouldn’t have had to travel to New Namek to resurrect the Earth and everyone there. But in the end they were able to have the Good Buu be able to stay and live with Mr Satan.

Androids4: Androids: The Androids are some of the strangest parts. For instance when Androids 19 and 20 appeared these were more likely to go with causing mass destruction and creating as much terror as they could do. But when they switched to Androids 16, 17 and 18 things seemed to be a whole lot more different since they weren’t out to create much terror as the previous ones did. I think that this is more to with the fact that they were going after 16’s main target being to go and kill Goku, which they can’t do since the fact that Cell got in their way and absorbed by him to then bring in one of the best arcs in the series. But I am rather glad that after the event we got to see Android 18 being brought back and then later 17 being resurrected but one of my favourite Androids for the series is 16. The fact is that outside of his programming of him wanting to kill Goku is that he seems, like Majin Buu, to be a rather innocent character. But my favourite moment is during the Cell Games where 16 tries to kill Cell by self detonating but he then finds out that his bomb got disabled and I did feel rather sad when Cell killed him. But I am glad that there was at least one Android survivor at the end of this.

Freeza3: Freeza: Freeza was one of the first villains that I can easily remember from when I remember watching the series back when I was a child and he had all these rather amazing transformations. My favourite design is his Final Form and even his third form since Aliens is one of my favourite films. Another reason why that I really like Freeza as a villain is the since that he is able to be rather powerful in all of his forms for instance that he was able to beat a Namekian rather easily in his base form and then he was able to beat Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan when he turned into his next forms and he still was able to stand up to Goku in his Super Saiyan form which I think was a pretty good feat since that Super Saiyan was a built up thing in that arc. I was then rather disappointed when Freeza showed up on Earth during the beginning of the Android Saga when he came back in a rather patched up robot mode and then got slaughtered by Future Trunks. Nevertheless I was happy when they brought him back for the Resurrection F movie but I am going to cover that on a different blog.

Super Buu2: Super Buu: Even though I do have Majin Buu down on the list, I decided to then to add Super Buu to this list as well and higher for one main reason. Evil Buu was a lot more challenging opponent and also had a lot more better fights than what Majin Buu had. Another reason why that I added him to the list is that he was able to absorb Piccolo, Gohan and Gotenks and Majin Buu. He also was able to learn their move sets as well when Super Buu absorbed then made him rather a deadly person to fight against.

Perfect Cell1: Perfect Cell: For me Perfect Cell was one of the best villains that they had faced in the entirety of the series since that he was able to hold himself rather well against pretty much everybody until the end where he gets beat by Gohan with a amazing Kamehameha where even Goku, who sacrificed himself to kill Perfect Cell, was able to destroy him. I think that the reason why I preferred Perfect Cell over the other is that instead of just going around killing people on the planet. He gave the Earth nine days to prepare for his own martial arts tournament where he would challenge anybody who came to his tournament. I really did like this since that it was then when we saw the debut on Mr Satan who went onto say that he saved the Earth against Cell. We also get to see Gohan prove himself more as a fighter since that it was Cell who managed to help Gohan push himself to SSJ2 with the use of Cell Jr’s who went and beat up everyone who was there and caused Gohan to basically snap. There is one thing that I do like about Cell was that he was the first villain to actually know the main attack moves from pretty much every fighter in the galaxy, somehow, as well as even some of the abilities of people as well since that Cell had the ability to regenerate because of the cells of Piccolo. He was pretty much the perfect killing machine that was created in the history of Dragon Ball Z.