How Suicide Squad Could Have Worked

So it has been nearly a year since the third movie in DC Extended Universe and there have been a lot of people that have slated the film, me included. With this I have decided to put down some of the points on what I think could have made Suicide Squad work as a better film.

Cast: One of my problems that I had with this cast was that it seemed to be pretty much a mixed bag and there were a few choices that I thought were either bad or okay. I thought that having Will Smith portraying Deadshot was a little bit weird since that his comic book counterpart was Caucasian but after seeing him in the film he was rather good. The rest of the cast was okay but I did have two problems. The first was Jared Leto as the Joker, he was decent but I did have a problem with him and that was mainly that he was useless in the entire film but I will bring my points back up later. My second problem was Cara Delevingne playing The Enchantress since like Joker I found her to be a rather pointless character and she was supposed to be the villain of the movie. Plus I do have a pet peeve when it comes to casting models in films. But there is one person that I really did like in the film and that was Jay Hernandez portrayal of El Diablo since that he seemed to be the only character that seemed to be only character that seemed to be true to the comic counterpart.

Plot: The plot of this film is rather boring, which is rather strange since that the Suicide Squad stories have been rather interesting. Amanda Waller recruits a team of convicts to be on stand-by if there was ever a time that would come where somebody like Superman (who had recently died) and once the film gets underway, The Enchantress turns on Waller and starts taking over Midway City and starts transforming the populace into monsters. Waller sends out her team and hijinks peruses with Rick Flag’s and his team along with Suicide Squad are sent in to extracting a high-profile target. A side story also involves Joker trying to get Harley out of the group by deactivating her nano-bomb in her neck. The squad finds out that Waller is the target for extract and the Joker reappears with Harley then runs off to be with Joker and manages to get her bomb disarmed but Waller orders her men to shoot them down where it appeared that Joker had died but it turns out that he hasn’t. Enchantress finds out that Waller is there and abducts her but Deadshot discovers her files on the squad and discovers the truth behind Enchantress and Flag reveals the truth and the team abandons him. But after a discussion at a bar they then decided that they are going to finish the mission which they do, managing to destroy Enchantress’s heart and rescued Waller and were sent back to Belle Reve with 10 years reduced off their sentence and Joker breaking Harley out.

I think that the film would have been a lot better if the main villain for the film would have been Joker. It would be a lot more interesting since that I don’t even think that even the casual DC fans or even causal movie fans would know who Enchantress was and having Joker being in the film just seemed to be an advertising ploy by DC to attract people to see the film. Having Joker as the villain would also cause more of a development Harley’s character by having her not knowing whether to trust Joker since that it was his fault that she ended up in Belle Reve. It would have been a lot more interesting than what we got in the film since that Harley seemed to be more interested in being madly infatuated with Joker since that there have been a lot stories more recently where Harley has become more independent which is something that I would have preferred to see.

Designs: I like the designs for a lot of the cast since that a lot seem to be rather practical and even the Joker’s was okay with the way that they were handling his character. But the one design that I hated the most was Harley Quinn’s design. I found it to be the worst out of the cast and I think that it could have been heavily been redesigned to not come of being rather skimpy since that what it pretty much was. I think that it could have been designed a lot better and I hope that in the future instalments for the series that they are going to alter the costume.


Top Five Worst Films of 2016

So last year I saw a lot of really bad movies and I get the feeling that this year that it could easily be the same.

5: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: So I watched this a few days ago and I got to say I was rather disappointed about this since that it was not really as good as the original and that is probably due to the amount of changes that they did to it. I’m not against films adapting the original material but this is one of the times where it is done rather badly. rhpsldtwaI didn’t have that much of a problem with the casting for the film and actually having a transsexual for Dr Frank-n-Furter was a good way to adapt it for modern audiences. Other than that I thought it was rather boring. One of the main things that really bothered me about it was the opening song that in the original was done just with a set of red lips on a background but with this it was an actual person that sings the opening number whilst handing taking ticket stubs, serving customers and ushering them as the film starts in the cinema. I think that it was rather stupid that they did this but that is my opinion. I would rather watch the original.

4: Suicide Squad: Out of all the films on this list this is the one that I liked the most since that it seemed that it was more similar to what the Suicide Squad was like in the comics, but taking out the ARGUS soldiers, but they were there mainly for the plot. My problems with the film come from a few places, the first was that I found that Jared Leto to have had one of the worst portrayal of the Joker and that he was pretty much could have just been a cameo character like Flash and Batman were instead of being a really loose thread. susqThe second problem that I had was with the design for Harley Quinn, it was a really bad costume and I do think that I call bull when I heard apparently that all the outfit choices that Margot Robbie had for the character didn’t look right. The weird thing that I found was that a few months later when DC did the relaunch for their comic book series and that the Harley Quinn there looks a lot better in that then she did in the film. The cast over all I thought was okay and that there dynamic was rather okay but I think that it was rather overkill since that there were way too many people to actually identify with and I think that this is going to be a problem with future superhero movies. The villains of the film seemed to be rather boring and their backstory is pretty much none existent in the film. Hopefully the sequel will be handled better.

3: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: I had some hopes for this film when I went to see this but in the end it was a rather disappointment since that it had a lot of problems like the first film had. The first main problem with this is the casting, you have Stephen Amell playing the role of Casey Jones which I thought it was going to be cool however this ended up being rather disappointing, a lot like the fourth season of Arrow. It didn’t really seem like the Casey Jones that fans know since that Casey was a vigilante that wanted to take down the gangs that worked well with Raphael. tmnt2But in this film I don’t think that he and Raph even have any scenes together and that you only see Casey with his iconic mask only once through the entire film. It seems to be a rather waste of bringing in a good character. The second thing that does ruin the film is that during the very beginning of the film you have Shredder escaping and helped out by Kraang, who gives us a large exposition dump instead of padding in throughout the film which did make the film rather weak with story. The third problems that I had with the film was the ending for the fact that it seemed to be incredibly rushed. You have Kraang bringing in the Technodrome from Dimension X but we aren’t able to see it in all of its glory since that the Turtles manage to send it back. Also I found it rather stupid and curious that Kraang double crossed Shredder when he froze him and added him to his collection of other frozen playthings. The third problem I had with the ending was that they changed the design for the Man-droid suit that Kraang wears since that in the trailer for it the costume looks the same that of the original yet when the film came out it showed that the Man-droid without its head cover. Hopefully in the next few years they will remake the series since that with the bad box office outcome and reviews made sure that a sequel wouldn’t happen.

2: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: This is one of the worst superhero films that I could have seen since that this was really handled rather badly. I found it to be rather dull and long winded of a film since that a lot of the elements that didn’t work well with it. My first problem is that Superman seemed to be a non-entity in this films since that it appeared to be more focused on either Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne returning to the mantel of Batman, if the writers even cared about a film called Batman vs. Superman there should have been more scenes for Superman as well.BvSDoJ The second problem was the dream sequences that Batman had, in the long run they didn’t make much sense for the film since that there was no explanation to why he was having them and that they really didn’t accumulate for the story and seemed to be more setting up for Justice League and whatever is to come afterwards. These scenes could have easily been taken out of the film and the only problem that there would have been would be the shortened run time. The third problem that I have with the film is that Luthor and Doomsday are some of the weaker villains for the film. I am not a really big fan of the acting of Jessie Eisenberg and that the origins for Doomsday was the worst idea that they ever came up for since that Doomsday was meant to be a Kryptoinan monster and not a hybrid unlike the villain for Superman 4. I think that I would have liked this film a lot better if they did sort of went down the way that Marvel did their films and that was to have the one shots first and then a joint film. So since that we already have Man of Steel in the books it should have then been a Wonder Woman and Batman film to then build up on their lore, which we will be getting later this year and in few more for Batman, then have the joint film of Trinity that way you then have a reasoning for bringing in multiple characters to take down a large threat. But unfortunately only in a perfect world that could happen.

1: Blair Witch: I was rather confused and disappointed about this film and even more than Batman vs. Superman which could surprise a lot of my friends. The start of the film a film student and her friend are watching a video that was given to him of somebody going through a dark house saying that he spotted his sister in the footage. The sister in the footage was that of the original people that went to track the footage of the Blair Witch from the first film. They decided to head to the woods with two more of their friends and meet up with people that found the footage who ask if they can go with them to help find the Blair Witch.blair-witch After a long time, they get lost in the woods and they try to find a way back to a foot path or trail but no luck there and they then manage stumble on the Blair Witch house where inside they discover that the witch is there and I got to say from the scenes that we see of the witch it was really bad and it would have been a lot better if they used an actual person for the witch instead of CGI. The ending was confusing as all hell since that apparently the footage that we see at the beginning of the film was the footage that was captured with our main character. It really made no sense but at least that this film was a lot better than the second Blair Witch film that featured wiccans and really weird scenes. The acting was rather mixed at best and it seemed that they were also just college students that were making a film on a high budget since that they even used Go-Pro camera’s as well as having a drone that also gets caught in a tree. However, like I said with the design for the Blair Witch is that the special effects that they are rather bad and boring. I think from a camerawork standpoint this is a lot better than the original film, but it was pretty much the same film but on a bigger budget.

Top 5 Underrated Films I’ll See This Year

A few years ago I made a blog about three films that I would go see in cinemas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I saw last year) to hope that they would be good then what the trailers had shown. At least I thought that two of the three that I covered were rather decent and then there was the massive disappointment of Transformers Age of Extinction but for anyone who us a frequent reader on here knows already that I have shared my hatred for it.

5: Doctor Strange: So the first film that is on my list won’t be coming out in cinemas till November this year since that it is currently in production and won’t be finished for at least another two months unless there is going to be any extra footage filmed such as what happened with Age of Ultron this year. In this film we will be seeing the first new character of Phase 3 with Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the our Doctor Strange and from the images of him in the costume that have surfaced on line through social media sites and entertainment magazines it does look really good and I think that he looks better with these then in the mock photos made when people were going down the casting picks. Not else is that much known about the film except for the casting where in addition to Cumberbatch we have Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen who has links in being the villain for this film. The reason why I have this on the list cause to me that it seems to be, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man, could be a really big risk with audiences and fans of the series alike but it can be a runaway success with fans.

4: Suicide Squad: I have been a fan of the New 52 version of the Suicide Squad and been thinking that it has been a rather decent story though they do keep changing focuses around it from issues and revolving character development around it. Then when I heard that there was a film going to be made about these anti-heroes I started to really have my doubts about it. First the casting seems to be rather okay at best. You have Will Smith playing Deadshot, Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn and Jared Leto playing The Joker. This casting does make me feel okay but I think that it is a complete gamble that DC is going for here and the biggest gamble is having Cara Delevinge as a member of the main cast mainly because I am more against having people who are more recognised for modelling than filming since that they 90% of the time are terrible actors and that seems like my biggest risk for the film. But from what I’ve seen from the trailers that it does look okay and that it can do well for DC money wise. But if it does fail I would recommend for people to go and watch Batman: Assault on Arkham, which has the Suicide Squad in.

3: Jungle Book: I really have this big peeve of when companies that decide to re-release films into live action and this film has really made me annoyed with Disney even more. I really don’t know why Disney are doing this for since that this is either the third or fourth film that they have adapted the for a live action remake and why bother doing it where you have a film that has already made. Nevertheless I think that the only reason that I may find this to be underrated is the fact of the cast that they have that are playing the animals in the film. You have Scarlett Johansson voice Kaa which from the trailer seems to be a really good choice since that she does use rather a seductive voice in the trailer which Kaa was trying to do to Mowgli to kill him. Then you have Idris Elba voicing Shere Khan and just me picturing his voice coming from a CGI tiger does look really cool. And finally we have Bill Murray voicing Baloo I think that this is a good idea and I hope that he doesn’t do a bad job with it since the last film that I saw him in Garfield and it seemed to be a rather half assed performance from it. Other than that I hope that it can do rather well but like the previous live actions they didn’t put anything that decent into the stories and characters in to the films so I’m not holding onto anything special there.

2: Ghostbusters: When it was announced that an all female reboot of Ghostbusters a lot of people had a lot of complaints about the film as well and I also had my doubts about the film as well and frankly I still do have my doubts about the film. The first reason is that I don’t think that this film is necessary to have a reboot since that Ghostbusters was a good film and doesn’t seem that it would have needed a remake. I still think though that instead of doing a reboot, a soft reboot that takes place after the events of Ghostbusters 2 would be better and more modern to what audience goers are more used to seeing such as in the style of Terminator Genysis and Jurassic World. The only few good things that I do have about the film is that the film is being directed by Paul Feig who has in the past number of years worked on a lot of comedies and also made Sandra Bullock a good actress again. I still do have a lot of worries about the film and for the fact that a trailer for the film hasn’t been released yet it does make me feel nervous about the film that has a lot to live up for.

1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows: I along with a lot of people gave a lot of crap about the first film for how bad it looked and how bad the casting was for the film and when I saw it last year for the first time I didn’t think that it was that bad of a film. I mean sure the premise strange and that the casting and writing wasn’t that great and I still thought it was decent. But when the first trailer for this was shown I was actually surprised by it mainly because it looked a whole lot better than what the first film was. For one the trailer showed that the Turtles have had a newer look and colouring that made them look more different. The next thing that I found good from the trailer was the introduction of Rocksteady and Beebop since people who watch the television show that’s currently on Nickelodeon would recognise them. But the thing that does make me gladder is that the film is a reboot of the film. They recast I think three characters, Shredder, Karai and I’m pretty sure that they also did it with Baxter Stockman since that the person in the flashbacks wasn’t Tyler Perry. I also think that Johnny Knoxville isn’t voicing Leonardo this time round (which again similar to the television show) which I’m not that fussed about. I still do feel that this can be underrated since people will still have thoughts about the first film and continue them along to this one as well but I got to say give this more of a chance that what people would do with Transformers, make this better than Transformers.

Top Ten Films I’m Looking Forward To

As everybody probably knows on this, I love seeing films no matter if they are good or rock bottom terrible. Here are the ten films that I am looking forward to see, this was originally going to be a top five list but since that there were more films that I’m looking forward to see than there were games.

10: Goosebumps:

I wasn’t that much of a fan of Goosebumps when I was a child, hell back then I wasn’t that much of a fan of scary stories at all. So when I heard that there was going to be a film version of this, it did start to peak my interest a little. For the film they managed to get Jack Black signed up to the film as one of the main leads and it turns out that he is playing the author of the book R.L Stine. From what I saw of the trailer I thought that it looked rather well done. But the only problem that I may have with it is the way that critics may have with the film especially since that the last Sony film that was live action and had animation, Pixels, hasn’t seemed to go that well and that seems to be one of my concerns since the trailer for Pixels was rather funny and that it made it look like a good film. Hopefully when the time comes around it will be a good film.

9: Sinister 2:

When I got the first Sinister film I really didn’t know what to expect of the film except that it was a horror film and that’s pretty much what I knew. But when I watched it I was rather blown away in some terms. The fact that they were able to combine a sort of paranormal haunting film across with a well put together thriller and have a rather good outcome. The last year I found that there was going to be a sequel to the film and I was rather intrigued by it since that with the events of the film resolved it with an ajar ending where the main character was killed off but then the events of what happened to the children carried on. The story carries on months after the event of the first film and Deputy So and So is investigating the murders with the same M.O and tries to stop another family from being killed after one of the children finds the films in their attic. Hopefully this sequel will be better since when it comes to horror sequels they usually don’t seem to be as good as the first.

8 Friday the 13th:

With this I don’t think that much is known about what is going to happen with the film other than rumours. It’s going to be a supposed reboot, even though that the last film was also a reboot, and is to feature the origins of Jason. I hope that there is going the films isn’t going to be as bad as the last film since that seems to be a major mix up of all the original series of Friday the 13th. I particularly didn’t like that film much so I hope that they are going to the right thing with this film and with a release date of May 13th they may need to get there shit together unless it will be a January 13th release.

7: Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens:

Ever since there was a large break in LucasFilms where they didn’t seem they were going to be making anymore Star Wars films since they seemed to not have any ideas probably until a few years ago when Disney, the evil conglomerate that we love, bought LucasFilms and started production of an entire new trilogy and people that I knew seemed to be really at mix with this. They were excited with it since that it was a new Star Wars film and that our generation is lucky to get two trilogy arcs in our lifetime and on the other hand after the disasters that they had with characters, direction and story in the prequel trilogy they seemed to be put at a set-back. But then when they released the trailer for the film I was blown away with it. For one there was a new evil that was slowly growing members like what Hydra was like during the events between The First Avenger and The Winter Solider. And I got to say the design for the enemies looks really awesome, they seem to look like an advanced version of the Stormtroopers from the original version. Then at the end of the trailer the best part was the scene with Han Solo and Chewbacca returning to the Millennium Falcon. Another thing that I am looking forward for the film is that it does have a cast of fairly unknown actors in it so that is something that I think can ruin the film but can also be something that can be a good thing since that it could then excel them in the future to make even greater films.

6: X-Men Apocalypse

So the latest trilogy for this version of X-Men is set to end with the X-Men going off against Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen with two of them being confirmed as Psylock and Archangel. Now when I first heard that this was going to be made I was really curios with what it was going to be like, especially since the Apocalypse is one of the toughest person that the X-Men had faced off against. Role on six or so months later and they revealed the look of Apocalypse and I was rather disappointed with the design for him. He seemed to remind me of Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie. Apocalypse depicted in the comics and 90’s show was a designed in a like a titan being bigger than most of the mutants in the X-Men but this design makes me feel rather meh about him. The other thing that I’m looking forward to is that they are bringing the original-ish X-Men team with people like Jean Grey, Cyclopes and Storm. This I was looking for. They also brought in some notable cast for these roles especially the role of Jean Grey being played by Game of Thrones Sophie Turner and I think that it was a good casting choice. I don’t know if I have seen any of the other actors in anything else, except the original cast that are in it since they were in the previous films. I do seem to have more hope for this film to do well than the last 20th Century Fox Marvel film Fantastic Four as it seems to look like a rather train wreck of a film.

5: Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice

After the slight success that Man of Steel had in the box office splitting people right down the middle there was already a film being made in midst at first being labelled at first I think as a sequel to Man of Steel but in fact is a solo film being called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. At first I thought that this film was going to be alright but then it did start to get me rather down when it turned out that they were going to be vetoing the Dark Knight series Batman and replacing him with a completely different actor, Ben Affleck. When I heard this and my friends did they couldn’t believe that the same person that managed to ruin the Daredevil film was going to be the new Batman. Nevertheless I pressed on and then heard more and more grim news with the film with them supposable bringing in more characters including Wonder Woman, Aquaman and also reportedly Cyborg. Then we found out who was going to be playing Wonder Woman and Aquaman being Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa and at first I was rather disappointed that they went with Jason Mamoa as the role of Aquaman since he doesn’t look like him in pretty much any version I have ever seen, but hey it’s not like if Hollywood gives a damn as long as the film can make more than it budget they be happy. When the trailer came out though my doubts of the film did seem to wash away Affleck does look rather good playing both Wayne and Batman, but we’ll have to wait to the film to see if that’s true, and we also saw what the motive of Affleck is for the film. Superman on the other hand doesn’t seem to have that much going for him in the film except that he seems to be hated or loved by the masses, again Man of Steel in a nutshell, and that one of the villains, I think that what he is going to be in the film, Lex Luthor, played by Jessie Eisenberg, in what I think seemed like a rubbish choice to be opposing Superman, Hell bring back Kevin Spacey from Superman Returns he’s make a better Luthor than Eisenberg. Nevertheless it’s another film that we have to wait and see to see if it any good whatsoever.

4: Suicide Squad

Over the past few years I have actually been reading the New 52 Suicide Squad series and I have been a fan of it since there is a different mix of characters that you have in it. Then they announced that there was going to be a film being made and I was over the moon and then the casting came in for who was going to be in the movie and then my heart sunk. First you have Will Smith playing Deadshot and I really didn’t know what to think of this, first for the fact that I don’t think that Will Smith was in a film, before filming Focus which I didn’t know he was filming at the time, was After Earth after it was a bomb at the box office. Then we have Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and in all honesty I have no reaction to this what so ever. I never saw I think it was Home and Away, I never saw The Wolf on Wall Street and I never saw Focus. So judging from the trailer she seems alright and that’s all I got to say. But on the other hand there is one thing that I do hate and it is one of my pet peeves when it comes to a casting choice and that is having models being your characters. I hate it and when I saw that Cara Delvingne was going to be playing Enchantress I already marked that down as a loss. The last time that I saw a film that had a model in as one of the main characters, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was Transformers Dark of the Moon and that was the first nail in the coffin that closed Transformers for me. It doesn’t seem for me to work that well and I don’t know why casting does that unless they didn’t have anyone else good for the part. I don’t even know what the purpose of the film is going to be but I get the feeling that it has to do with a mission that needs to be off the books and that’s it. Hopefully it will be a good film but again time will tell.

3: Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F

Now this is a slight odd-ball for me since that this film is technically already out, in Japan and I think is out or was out in American and Australia for a short time since it was being shown for a few weeks there and since that I live in the United Kingdom we are the unlucky people since that we can’t watch it in cinemas. So I have to wait for a few months or probably more likely next year for it to arrive on DVD/ Blu Ray. This film is set after the events of Battle of the Gods where Freeza is brought back from the dead when some of the remnants of Freeza ‘s Army Sorbet and Tagoma head to Earth where they persuade Pilaf, Mai and Shu to use their wish to bring back Freeza. I think that I am looking forward to see this since the last film was really awesome to watch, though it was a low quality version I found on YouTube, and that it also introduced a new arc in a way to the series. Another thing that I am looking forward to is seeing what the battle would be like between Freeza, who has been revealed with this new Gold Form and the Super Sayian God Form that Goku has that he obtained in the last film. Hopefully it won’t be that long of a wait for it to reach the UK since I am wanting to watch it before the new series of Dragonball starts over in Japan and then however long it would take for the dubbed version to be revealed.

2: Deadpool

I have been a fan of Deadpool for the past few years being able to pick up a few issues here and there via my Comixology app since they do events where they have free comic books over the summer and Christmas period or just the run of the mill free comic books. I also started reading the latest version of the Deadpool comics and have found them really enjoyable and then when I found out that there was going to be a Deadpool film I was over the moon, but I then found out that they were going to be bringing out Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and again like with Dawn of Justice I banging my head off the desk when they did this for the fact they had ruined Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But after the past few months this year when filming I started to have more hope with the film. The costume looks awesome and pretty much an exact copy of the comics and his comedy seems a lot better than in Origins. The cast seems rather well put together and the story seems to be rather easy to follow.

1: Captain America: Civil War

Now this is a story that I have been waiting to see if Marvel will do since the first Avengers film since that this was a key story in the Marvel universe splitting the Avengers down the middle into two teams. One siding with Iron Man with the Superhuman Registration Act and that it should be public knowledge for people to know who they are, whereas the people siding with Captain America believe that they should be not have to be registered since that people have private lives and there could be people that would want to target specific people in their lives. I don’t know what the actual premise of the film is going to be but since they have possibly a cast ensemble that rivals Dawn of Justice anything is possible with Marvel. At least that we know who is going to be in the film including the New Avengers that was revealed at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron, Bucky Barnes as well as Ant-Man so there you have a rather awesome film. Also new villains for the film as well have been announced as well including Daniel Bruhl portraying Baron Zemo as well as Martin Freeman playing an unspecific role that looks like could be a villain. Plus also we see Frank Grillo returning as Crossbones from The Winter Soldier. We also have two of the latest Marvel characters being introduced to this series being Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, and a brand new Spiderman, being played by Tom Holland, and that is one of the things that I was rather disappointed by this since the fact that we just had a new Spiderman in Andrew Garfield and I thought that he had a lot of potential to progress further on but I guess that is just a lost dream now. Hopefully Holland will be a good Spiderman since he is also getting his own film that they are fitting in Phase 3 as well.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review


So with Arkham Origins been out roughly a week now and I’ve already completed it, dunno if that’s a good thing but am onto completing it again cause I messed up on some of the challenges, which I will get to later on.

First I really like the ORIGINAL premise if the game when Black Mask put a bounty of $50,000,000 on Batman, but then when you get into the first quater of the game you find out that it’s not Black Mask who puts the bounty but infact the Joker in his first appearence. I was dissapointed at this point cause I think Black Mask would have been a great villain to face instead of being a side mission villain. But what made the game more better for me was Bane before he succumbed to the side effects of Titan. Bane being a mastermind tactition and finding out who Batman was a really good point in the game. To be fair the story was okay, it could have been better but it was decent job from WB Montreal.


The next thing I like about the game was the ammount of free roam that you got in the gane, I mean with Arkham City you got to roam around a place twice the size of Asylum but this you roam around there and a whole bew part of the city which is pretty awesome. With this it means you have new places to explore like the GCPD headquaters but then being able to investigate the Steel Mill before the events of Asylum when Black Mask was doing drugs there.


Now we come to the part that I’m uneasy about and that was the villains in the game. First Killer Croc, in the game he does look rather bad ass and then the fight scene against him eas good as well. Then we move onto the character hyped for the game Deathstroke, a legendary mercenary in the DC Universe, it took me 5 attempts on easy difficulty to beat him but on normal it took 1 attempt. But then after you beat him you dont see him till your back at Blackgate confronting The Joker and Bane where he is still in his cell even though all the other inmates where released, but the thing I’m most intrigued about was the end cut scenes when *SPOILERS* Amanda Waller comes into Blackgate and give Deathstroke a file with the words Suicide Squad on it, I hope that this could point in to what a future DLC could be since I was dissapointed that there wasn’t anything for Deathstroke in the game or even a possible game.


Now going onto what I said about the part of the game I messed up on and that was with the different challenges. For some reason I cannot get past at least two challenges, one the 20 critical strikes and the exotic takedowns. First the critical strikes should also cover when you do beat downs but they don’t which really annoys me unless it’s a fight bug then hopefully that’s fixed. Then with the exotic takedowns challenge there’s only one chance to possibly do it with Bane’s forces in the hotel but other than that it’s impossible to do outside of a complete campaign, if this could be fixed to have repeating villain areas to do these challenges, I dunno if they carry over to the new game plus or if there might be something in that future dlc that may help but that for me has been a disappointment.


Overall the game was okay, there could have been alot of better changes and they could have put more focus on Black Mask instead of doing a rather boring Joker origins, but other than it was okay. Oh speaking of Joker how the hell did they get the meeting of Joker and Harley wrong since in Asylum they had audio tapes on their first psych evaluation in ARKHAM ASYLUM NOT BLACKGATE. For this my overall score is now 8.5/10 was good but not great.