My 2017

Looking back to 2016 I always found this to be one of my more of my rockier years, but 2017 I think must be one of my better years.

The first thing is that after what felt like a dozen of attempts I have finally got a job and I do enjoy working there as well as the people that I do work with. It has been a fun 9 months and I look forward to seeing what the year brings me there.

This year will also be a rather big milestone for the site since that it will be the sixth(?) year that I have been blogging and I have a lot on my plate for the rest of 2016 with a lot of theme months coming, with the first theme month coming in June in which I will be doing some comic book reviews of the Netflix Marvel-Verse characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I may do a Heroes for Hire comic for Cage and Iron Fist, that depends on when Netflix release the Iron Fist series and I might do a Good/Bad review on all four shows.

I also am considering on making a return to something that I changed in my previous years and that is bringing back predictions for WWE PPV’S. A while ago I found them to be a lot of a chore since that it meant keeping up a lot with stories and see where that would have taken me. Sometimes it paid off but there were times where I felt that a lot of it was wasted, but I have a new take on wrestling again and this year I will be doing a predictions blog for each PPV for each brand and Big 5 events.

Another big thing that has happened this year has been the abundance of films that have came out and I got to say there have been a lot of good, a lot of bad, but there have been a lot of mixed bag. But I think that the same is going to the same about this year. We have a lot of sequels, a lot more superhero movies and I get the feeling that when it is going to comes to the superhero movies for this year I’m not going to go into them with a good state of mine since that a lot of them are going to be repeating a lot of the same things over and over again and I’m not looking forward to them. I am looking forward to other films this year, but there will be a list for that coming in the following week.

Hopefully this year I will be able to achieve more and be able to do more than what I did this year.