Star Wars Month: Top Seven Force Users

7: Rey – Star Wars Episode VII: I’m not gonna lie, but out of all the things that came from Episode VII, I wasn’t a big fan of Rey and then I got to realise something a few weeks ago. She pretty much has the same characteristics as both Luke and Anakin had at the beginning of their first films, being situated on a planet that was mainly surrounded by sand and wanting to get off there to do better things. The only thing that was different is that Rey was left there by either her parents or a member of the Empire or New Republic. Plus, I also found that she seemed to have a few similar traits as well as the characters I had just referenced since that Anakin was good with his hands as he was able to build C3PO whereas Rey was able to help fix the Falcon in mid-flight. Hopefully here character will be a lot better with the new film since that I think with a small percentile I think that she could be the titular ‘chosen one’ that was to help fight against the Sith but instead of being a Jedi she reforms the Grey Order, which is a balance between the two and something that I will get to later in the list. 

6: Darth Maul – Star Wars Episode I & Rebels Season 2: One of my most remembered things about Episode I was Darth Maul for quite a few reasons. The first was his look, a horned alien (Dathomirian) coloured in red and black almost resembling a demon of sorts. The second, his weapon a dual bladed lightsabre, something that nobody had ever seen and it left its mark rather effective. But the third and final things that I liked about Maul was that in the film he didn’t say much and let his actions do his talking by killing Qui Gon Jinn and then seemingly killed by Obi Wan Kenobi during the film, but it turns out that the Dark Side has a lot more power to it since that in the Clone Wars series he used his hate for Kenobi to keep him alive, but since that I haven’t seen all of Clone Wars yet I can’t have my thoughts of him for that, however Rebels is a different kettle of fish since that in this he is very manipulative especially towards Ezra with getting his help to try and acquire a Sith Holocron so that he can unlock it to find what he wants as well as Ezra who has his own goals that he wants.  

5: Ezra Bridger – Star Wars Rebels: When I started watching Rebels I wasn’t that all interested with Ezra since I found him to be rather annoying, but when I started watching second series I found him to be a better character and then in the third series I found him to be more likeable. But the most that I did like from him was the progression that he went through at the end of second and beginning of the third with Ezra being slowly manipulated by Maul, helping him reach a Sith Holocron. But with the intervention of Kanan, Ezra was able to prevent from being manipulated by Maul, but it did have some lasting effects as when he and Maul fused the two Holocrons together and they got their ideas mixed up in what they wanted to see with Maul wanting to find Obi Wan as well as Ezra since that he thinks that Obi Wan can help with the Jedi Prophesise with the one that can take down the Sith. Another thing that I liked about Ezra is that he is always trying to do the right thing either going out on his way on a whim, but my favourite was when he was helping train Sabine in the ways of Jedi Duelling. Hopefully in the next series there will be more good development for him.

4: Kylo Ren – Star Wars Episode VII: With this new trilogy of films and all of the possible tie in films that we could be getting there is one film that I do want to see, or even read, that being the change that Ben Organa-Solo went from being trained by Luke Skywalker and then something happened that made him join the Dark Side as well as the First Order. One of the things that I did like in the film was something that came rather late and that was the confrontation between him and his father Han where he did show a lot of confliction on what he had done until the part when he stabs him through with his lightsabre. Hopefully with the coming years we will find out if there will be any redemption with Kylo Ren in a way that Vader had, but the thing that I want to learn is about the Knights of Ren since that in the flashback that Rey had showed that there were a lot of them. But we still have a long time to go.

3: Star Killer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: I loved playing The Force Unleashed series for two reasons, one was that I did really like the character of Star Killer since that he was pretty much thrown into the conflict that had happened and two for the fact that you could replay the game and depending on what ending that you took, it would have changed the outcome of the Star Wars franchise. In the first game, if you chose the good side you would have been remembered as a hero and a beacon for the Rebels but if you went down the path of the Sith you would kill Vader and become the left hand of The Emperor. One of the things that I did like about Star Killer from the other Jedi and Sith is that he had a relationship that worked and that even went through his clone as he pretty much went through Hell to save Juno from the clutches of the Empire.

2: Luke Skywalker – Star Wars Episode V-VI: Besides the final moments of Episode IV, all of the best moments Luke’s story come from Episodes V & VI. The training that he went on with Yoda, the fight with Vader on Cloud City where he finds out that Vader is his father and then the final confrontation with The Emperor causing Vader to realise what he is doing and saving him in an act of redemption with Vader turning into a Force Ghost. Hopefully with the Last Jedi out in the following days we will find out if Luke has any more memorable moments up his arm since that he had a cut line from the last film.

1: Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader – Star Wars Episode II-VI: Even though that Vader is one of the best things about the Star Wars franchise, we all have to remember that there was a beginning to it all. Seeing Anakin go through his training as a Jedi to then have the same sort of manipulation that Ezra went through but with one big change. Anakin did go through the changes and that was all thanks to Chancellor Palpatine who had slowly started turning him and corrupting him into joining the Sith. Even the reveal of when he got turned into Vader wasn’t one of the best ways to have shown it the ‘NOOOOOOOOO!’ scream has been GIF/Meme worthy for a very long time. But through the story from the original trilogy Vader seemed to have a rather menacing persona and with his appearance in the first film only totalling only about 12 minutes he left a mark on the audience for a long time. My two favourite moments of Vader are the redemption bit that he went through Episode VI since that it showed (literally and figuratively) that Vader wasn’t a soulless robot but that he still had a bit of good inside of him. The second came at the end of Rouge One, where Vader is cutting down Rebels as they send the Death Star data being transferred from crew to crew before seeing the Tantive IV just flying away from him leading then straight into Episode IV.


Did Xavier Create Onslaught Pre-Logan?

When I saw Logan, there was something that made me rather curious about the film and that was the backstory on why Logan had taken Xavier away and had him hidden. All we knew from the film that there was an incident that happened on the east coast and that in Xavier’s confession recalling something that happened at Westchester before he killed by X-24.

onslaughtMy thoughts later about this got me thinking, could Xavier have accidently created Onslaught. There could be some truths to it since that we don’t know what before this film besides Mutants been born less and less. I think that there could have been some sort of fight that may have happened at the X-Mansion where Magneto (possibly brainwashed) lead an attack and he may have killed or injured somebody close to Xavier and then flipped out on him causing him to then start creating the Onslaught entity.

Then after this event happens strange things may have started happening to Xavier, maybe mood swings, losing his temper so forth and nobody picking up on what had happened until it was too late. Onslaught makes his play and starts taking out the X-Men and only being taken down by having Jean Grey or another strong psychic mutant to shut down Xavier’s mind and that a way to help supress this from happening again was Xavier was to medicate him.

This then leads to me where I think that is why Logan thought it was important to make sure that he was taking his medication as well as when his psychic powers got out of hand that he was medicated so that Onslaught wouldn’t manifest and cause more casualties like what happened in Westchester.

It’s just a crazy thought that I had and I don’t know if anyone else has the same thoughts about this.  

Did Jurassic World Need To Be Made

When they revealed that Universal was going to be making a new Jurassic Park film I was over the moon when I heard it. But then after a few months I got rather distracted by other things and totally forgot about the film until this year’s Superbowl when it was shown in the trailers. Then fast forward to June and I got to say I do have rather mixed feelings about the film also for the fact that it was a third film that has been released by Universal and has been a major cash cow for them grossing over $1 billion.

The first thing is that I do think that it seems rather stupid with the plot is that they needed to genetically create a new dinosaur as an attraction as well to keep it locked up with barley and human contact. For the one fact that Richard Hammond’s idea of a park full of dinosaurs became real life why would people be bored with the current attractions. They seem to be pulling in more people that Disneyland from what we see of all the exterior shots of the park as well as the ferry load at the beginning of the film. Another thing in addition to the new attraction plot is that the creators of the dinosaur didn’t tell the people that were working with the other dinosaurs what it was made up of saying that it was a secret, only for it to be revealed in the third act and change the film. If they were just honest with what was in the genetic code of the new dinosaur then one, we could have a shorter run time of the movie, two they would have known how to try and recapture it just in case it was to escape and finally and majorly three there would have been a less of a death toll in the movie. In the first Jurassic Park film only five people died and that was then known as a PR nightmare but in this one there are tonnes of other dinosaurs that kill off people in this film so think of all the people that could have survived if the scientists weren’t dickheads. Also another thing in the story that seemed to be rather out of place was the story between the parents of the kids that sent them off to Jurassic World so they wouldn’t know that they were going to get a divorce. It just seemed like an unnecessary plot point for the film and seemed to just be a reminder to Clair that she should be spending time with her nephews. To be fair you could have probably cut out the kids and it would have been a better story.

In the third act of the film I don’t know why but is seems that it was heavily revamped versions of scenes took from all three previous Jurassic Park films since that the Raptor scene was pretty much similar to the Raptor pursuit in Jurassic Park where they’re going through the main lobby trying to get away from them, just with a modern twist. Way before that scene when they were looking for the Indominus Rex and then when the tables turned again seemed like a rip from The Lost World when the Raptors where basically picking off people one by one in the long grass. But then we get to the final homage/rip from Jurassic Park 3 and that is the battle between the two main dinosaurs where you have on one side the Indominus and then on the other side you had the T-Rex and I got to say that I thought it was going to be a bit of a bore but I think that it was okay but the ending of the fight was rather anti-climatic when the Mosasaurus basically shows up out of nowhere and pulls the Indominus into the feeding area and kills it. You have two of the biggest faces for the Jurassic series with the T-Rex in one corner and Indominus in the corner and to quote Ken Wantanabe said in Godzilla ‘Let them fight’ and that’s what they should have done. I wasn’t fussed that the Raptors had gotten in the way but let the main guys slug it out and see who has the better genetics.

Finally a thing that I do rather think that is rather disappointing about the film is that pretty much all the characters seemed to be your rather basic characters. For instance you have Vincent D’Onofrio’s character was the villain of the film because you could tell instantly from when he saw what the Raptors were like and that he wanted to use them for combat in place of expendable humans, in the same way that the US Government would use the Thing in Fantastic Four which I will get to in another blog, and from there the audience pretty much could some up what he was going to be like through the entirety of the film. Chris Pratt on the other hand seemed to be the only one that I seemed to actually like for the film since he seemed to be having a lot of fun with the film especially when you see some of the interviews that aired online weeks and weeks before the film came out and I rather liked it. But there were some scenes that I think were rather strange like how he and Bryce Dallas Howard’s character had supposed to have relations before the film and it just seemed to be rather out of place and in all honesty I don’t even think that this film needed a love story between these two characters. Also back to Bryce Dallas Howards character how the hell did she run around the whole island wearing heels that in itself should be a rather impossibility to most women to do except with rather good editing so there could be a scene somewhere in the film where she could be wearing flat shoes since it has happened with a number of shows and films.

But in all honesty I don’t think that this film should have been made the way that it did. I remember the idea that Ingen had in The Lost World where they were going to be making a Jurassic Park in San Diego and that seems more plausible for a film to use. Having the park located in a different part of the world instead of being based off the ruins of the old park would have been a lot better. For instance at least in the books Ingen has places in both California as well as Europe so that would had been a cool thing to see that being a group of Triceratops running down the Arch de Triomphe it would have been funny. It would have also given us a new element that they could have explored instead of using reused story elements from the previous film. I mean that they still could have used Isla Nublar but this time as the factory floor for the park and then have them transported to the park.

But I am looking forward to also seeing what they are going to do with the film since that it was a open ending that leads will end up leading into further sequels that would end up seeming pointless rather like Friday the 13th part 5.

Have Superhero Films Let Me Down?

Ever since last year I have been slowly been disappointed with superhero films. To start off with The Dark Knight Rises.

After watching TDKR as few times I really have started to unlike the film. To start I really didn’t like the design for Bane, the main fact that he didn’t have venom, the substance that makes Bane, Bane. But I did like Tom Hardy as Bane though and it does remind me sort of how Bane looks like in Arkham Origins. The next thing that I hated about the film was Marion Coutier as Miranda Tate/ Talia Al Ghul. I really think that they could have cast somebody better for the role but I think that she only got the role since she is a part of Chris Nolan’s Acting Troupe. For instance I think that there are a few actresses that would be better for the role like Kirsten Kreuk who played Lana Lang in Smallville and Catherine Chandler in Beauty and the Beast. Another suitable actress would be Stana Katic who plays Kate Becket in Castle and also voiced Talia in Batman: Arkham City. The next thing that bothered me was Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake who then gets a slight nod at the end of the film where Batman has stored his stuff and for him to be the next Batman, I would have possibly liked this better if Batman had actually died/ transported through time and if his name was Dock Grayson.

The next film that disappointed me was this years hit Marvel film Iron Man 3. There were four things that bothered me about the film. First was revealed in the trailers, why was Iron Patriot there? One Iron Patriot was created by Norman Osborne where he took over HAMMER. I still don’t know why the he got the redesign but I may have to re-watch the film to find out. The second problem was when the attack on Tony’s house happened why didn’t he activate the ‘Party House Protocol’ and save his house and making the film shorter without the pointless scenes. Third, why the hell did he blow up all of his suits! What’s gonna happen with the Avengers now since he has his suits blown up. Finally Ben Kingsly not being the actual Mandarin, I was really pissed off that he wasn’t the Mandarin but it was a great set up for Sean Penn as the ‘Mandarin’ but that really sucked.

The third film that disappointed me was Man of Steel. The first disappointment for me was way too many fight scenes. Even though that it was the first film in the series there was way too much senseless fighting. The second reason I hated the film was when they killed off General Zod, I think that they could have re-banished him to the Phantom Zone instead of killing him.

Finally The Wolverine. There was only a few thing that I disliked about the film. One, not having the actual Silver Samurai in the film. Two, Silver Samurai being a large Iron Man like suit. Three Viper could have been casted better. Finally How did Wolverine get the bone claws back after having them broken by Sabertooth in Origins and then a adamantium attached to his skeleton.

With more superhero films on the horizon should I be looking for the hope that there can be a film that doesn’t disappoint me?