Top Five Power Rangers Series

With the new Power Rangers film on the horizon or possibly out due to possible release dates could be different with international releases.

But to just get in some notes about this list, there will be no Neo-Saban series for Power Rangers. This is more down to that I don’t think that they are that good compared to the previous series. Samurai was fighting an uphill battle adapting from the Sentai counterpart, Megaforce seemed to be rather okay but the second half of the series was rather a disappointment with since that it was the 20th anniversary of the franchise and Dino Charge started off good but then like with Megaforce I thought that it fell flat half way through and really felt rushed at the end plus the ending that pretty much makes it seem that they retconned the whole entire show. Now with that out of the way this is my top five Power Rangers series.

5: Jungle Fury: prjunglefuryJungle Fury for me seemed to be a good concept for a Power Rangers series, the Rangers starting out just in a group of three (Casey, Theo and Lily) are trained students in the Order of the Claw who use animal spirits to help them in battle. Plus, unlike Wild Force (another animal bases series) the villains for the series are all animal based and the designs for them are good. The villain of the series is Dai Shi a spirit of Pure Evil that was locked away for over 10,000 years but he manages to escape and possess Jarrod, another student of the Order of the Claw and is out to reclaim his power to the fullest potential. Casey, Theo and Lily are told to head to seek a new master and they do called RJ who is a Master of the Claw and he teaches the Rangers more and gives them the ability to transform into the Jungle Fury Rangers. They are then introduced to more Masters and they give them access to new weapons and they also train with them (off-screen) and then later we find out that Dai Shi is abducting them and then we see why, he is using them and turning them in to the Spirit Rangers who were designed mainly for the series and not adapted from the Sentai series which is awesome. Dai Shi as a villain is good for Power Rangers since that it was a human being possessed by an evil spirit and we then see that there are good points of Jarrod are coming out which then causes Dai Shi into the end separate from him and form into his monster form. But the best thing about it is that Jarrod realises that deep down inside there is good in him epically when he joined the Rangers and used their animal spirits to defeat Dei Shi and in the end, he re-joins the newly formed Order of the Claw and becomes a student again. The Ranger team for the series does a good job throughout and there isn’t much else that I can note.

4: SPD: prspdWhen I got back into watching Power Rangers a few years ago, the first series that I picked up was Power Rangers SPD, a police based series. This did really have my attention since that one, I am a use fan of police styled shows, two, this was set in the future ahead of pervious series which seemed to only have a possibly a few years to months between them and third the story build up through the series had a good pay off in the end. The story focuses around Space Patrol Delta, what is pretty much the policing force for Earth and revolves around the B-Team of Rangers since that during the opening of the series the A-Team vanishes without a trace and they are put forward to be the lead team. It is also rather interesting since that two of the Rangers start out as criminals, but more of the Robin Hood type criminals, who then take up the mantle of Rangers by getting a second chance by the head of SPD Doggie Cruger. Over the series there is a lot of good team building episodes for the Rangers since that there was a few conflicts during the series such as Sky wanting to be the Red Ranger since that his father was a Red Ranger and that his cockiness on not wanting to be led by anyone else ranked him to being the Blue Ranger. In the end of the series was when the story became rather interesting, the A-Team is rescued and B-Team is set back to be on stand-by since that the A-Team is back. But here is what is the interesting twist, apparently during their time that they were ‘missing’ they decided to turn on SPD and captured Cruger to face off against the Rangers. This is the first time that we ever get a group of evil Rangers that aren’t being corrupted by evil that faces the Rangers, it is just an awesome thing to see and for the fact that it has been slowly building up through the series that it is a good outcome.

3: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:prmmpr For me and a lot of long time Power Ranger fans, Mighty Morphin is one of the most recognised series ever since that it brought in one of the most recognisable Ranger of all time: Tommy Oliver played by Jason David Franks. The series lasts for three series, the first being adapted from the Sentai series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger where they were shown pretty much at the same time in Japan for the Sentai and in America for Power Rangers. The story revolves around a group of five teenagers: Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Billy They are recruited by Zordon to protect the world from an Empress of Evil known as Rita Repulsa who uses her powers to create monsters to try and destroy the Rangers, but they usually fail. But the most success that she ever had in the series was when she created her own Ranger, the Green Ranger, from a coin that she had obtained somehow since that I don’t believe that it is explained in the series. Throughout the series there have been a lot of changes some for the good and bad of the show. The first good thing is that they started to use more original footage from the end of the first series and through till the rest of the series. The only thing that they didn’t have changed was the Monster/Zord battles where they just used the original Japanese footage except for some of the Zord fights at the beginning of season 3. Another good was that also in season 2 they brought in a new villain for the Rangers Lord Zedd who was there for American audiences. He was a more menacing villain for the Rangers than what Rita was and since that they had pretty much used all the footage of Rita that they had for season 1 but she would end up returning with a proper actress to play her. But with the good also came the bad. During the halfway through the series three of the main cast left the show after problems due to low payments as well as trying to form a union. This then led to eight episodes where Jason, Zack and Trini were replaced by completely different actors since that they sounded nothing like them. Luckily enough we did see Jason return in Zeo and in the new comics by Boom! Studios we see what happened with Zack and Trini. Overall I do find that this series to be the one that is most nostalgic for me since that it’s the one that I grew up with and it’s one of the few series that I own.

2: In Space: prinspaceFor a long time, I always thought that In Space was one of the best storyline series of Power Rangers and I still do, but there is one that I think was better. But we are here to talk about In Space. After the ending of Turbo CJ, Cassey, Ashley and Carlos head into space to find Zordon where they end up meeting a new Power Ranger, Andros, who is an alien from another planet who is looking for Zordon as well as a subplot of him looking for his sister who was taken as a child. Andros at first doesn’t trust them but when the ship that they are on is attacked by Andromeda and her minions of the series attack and after some convincing from Alpha he gives them their new morphers and they become the new Space Rangers. Throughout the series, they travel through the system looking for Zordon and finding clues to where he is but in the end, most of it comes to no use but they do get some sort of new items such as getting a new Megazord. But some of the interesting things come in the series when Andros finds out that Andromeda is his sister and her name is Karone and there she tries to become a good person but she then gets brainwashed and reprogrammed to only serve the Dark Spector. But that’s not all that she ends up doing, for a few episodes she even creates a group of evil Rangers to battle against the Power Rangers and boy do the Psycho Rangers completely own the Rangers. In the very end of the series we see that the villains for the series show there most dominance by being able to take over various planets and taking down other Rangers and massing a large attack on Earth that was even able to destroy one of the Megazord. The thing that I really liked about the finale was the fact that even Bulk and Skull still have the hope that the Rangers can prevail and in the end, they do. Andros manages to find Zordon on the Dark Fortress and smashes his tube to let all the good energy flow through the universe and ‘destroys all evil’ through the universe, which is a load of bull but since that it was considered the final series it would have made sense.

1: RPM:prrpm In all honesty, I have never watched a single episode fully of RPM, everything that I have learned from this show is from Linkara’s History of Power Rangers since that it is a biased standpoint on the Power Rangers franchise. But from what I have seen from it, this looks like to be one of the better Power Rangers series for stories and character development since that they didn’t just focus on one character like in MMPR where most of the focus was on Tommy when he was going through relationships or losing or regaining powers. Each of the Rangers has their own storylines at the beginning of the series and we then see that each of the links into how they ended up meeting each other. The main twist in the series is when we see Doctor K’s backstory and we find that as a revenge plot that she created the Venjix virus which pretty much destroyed the entire planet except for one city where the Rangers are based out of. Through the series, the focus of the series is something that was similar to what In Space had done where Dillon, the black ranger who is looking for his sister when they were captured but he managed to escape. The development for this was well done but since that it was a pretty much done the same as what In Space did.  This group of Rangers is some of the more likable of what I have seen in Power Rangers all together which says a lot since that there were some teams that were good but some that were abysmal. In the end the Rangers manage to defeat Venjix but since that this like In Space was the final series, RPM was also a series that was supposed to be the last. But the interesting thing about this was that there was a rather cliff-hanger ending to the series where we see a red light on one of the morphers giving the idea that Venjix wasn’t defeated. That is why I like this series when we think that the villain is out but he isn’t, it’s just a shame that the RPM universe was considered to be an alternate time-line than the rest of the Ranger-verse.


Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #0 Review

So for the past five or six months there has been more and more information on a new Power Rangers movie as well as a new comic book series and now the cast of the film have been revealed as well as the first issue of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers comic book series and I got to say for a #0 issue it is really good at starting off a new rebooting of a series.

One of the things that I do like about the series before I get into the analysis portion of the review and that is the covers for the #0 issue and that it comes in roughly eight different covers. All of the different variants had different Rangers on them holding their helmets with the Zords shown in the visors of the helmets which is a really cool concept that they used for the covers.

The issue opens up with Rita Repulsa talking to the Green Ranger and how that he was able to destroy the Power Rangers and that she is ready to remake the world. This turns out to be a day dream that Tommy is havening when Jason snaps him out of it asking what’s wrong. Tommy simply brushes it off saying that he’s just tired and that it feels more like that its first day nerves for him going to high school as a Power Rangers, so theatrically this takes place roughly after the Green with Evil saga but set in more modern times. The whole team meets up in the car park of the high school where they do show more typical high school problems like finding out that had a test today instead of next week. But again for the rest of the page when there’s bit of general chatter going on Tommy looks like that he is in a completely different place. In these scenes we also see that a astral version of Rita appears back in Jason’s car and she talks about how Jason seems to be suspicious and something a little interesting and that is this line “Or a person at ALL, really.” Could this mean that there is more to Tommy such as what a reveal that happened in the Operation Overdrive series, where the Red Ranger turned out to actually be a cyborg/ robot.

We then have a quick cut-away to Rita castle where we see her walking through a door where she goes to see Finster who had made her latest monster known as Bullzer. Then we cut back to the high school where there actually learning something since I barely remember them spending anytime in class in the series. There an alarm goes off as Bullzer starts attacking the city and they evacuate students to the gymnasium except for our heroes who morph, not knowing if in public or somewhere private. We get a pretty cool morph scene where it does resemble the television series where it shows them posing with their morphers with a giant version of the morpher behind them. They then have them in a pose with their costumes and then go straight for the Megazord mode since that the Bullzer is already a large creature, which is something that does make the more sense of what Rita should have been doing instead of releasing the monster in a regular form and then growing into growth mode. We see the Bullzer moving forward to what appears to be the Golden Gate Bridge and then a giant blast to the face of it. Then cuts to the Dragonzord and Megazord posing with what appears to be a pink speech bubble asking what the creature is. The Megazord team decides to come up with a plan on to taking the Bullzer away from the bridge where they try and come up with a plan and then a miscommunication happens when Tommy in the Dragonzord decides to go head on and attack it. The Megazord manages to grab the Bullzer and have the Dragonzord make the attack that way but then something happens to the Dragonzord and that the controls start to freeze. We also get another astral Rita moment where she seems to be badgering Tommy saying that without her he’s not good enough. They manage to destroy the Bullzer but the Dragonzord controls go slightly crazy and its tail smashes the bridge and some of the cars start to fall off when Kim detaches from the Megazord and manages to catch the falling cars with her Zord.

Back at the Command Centre Tommy is explaining to the team on what happened with the Dragonzord but Jason think that Tommy was just being too cocky thinking that he can handle things on his own. Zordon breaks them up by sharing the blame on both of them saying that Jason should have made plan clearer and that Tommy should have asked questions when he’s not clear. Zordon then goes on to say that with Tommy on their side it struck a blow with Rita’s forces but since Rita knows more about the Green Power Coin they do remain concerned by that but in main focus remain on what can happen next. We then cut to night time where Scorpina retrieves something and brings it back to Rita It appears to be a crystal that Rita says is their new beginning.

I got to say I really enjoyed this comic. I’m not going to cover the two sub stories that are in the comic since that it’s not the focus of this but they are decent to read. I would really recommend this comic to people, who are fans of the Mighty Morphing era of Power Rangers since there is a lot of nostalgia going through it, plus the conversion for it to be now set more in current time is pretty good as well and it does work. Character development seemed to focus more about Tommy than the other characters but that was rather typical of the first season after the Green with Evil story line most episodes did focus on Tommy. But since that it was also the first issue of the comic there will be time for development in the later issues. I’m defiantly going to be adding this series to my standing order the next time I’m heading out.