Top Five Disappointing Games

Over the years there have been many video games that for me have been rather disappointing to me for many different reasons. This could be the one that blogs that I will then end up making more parts since there are a lot of disappointing games that I haven’t played yet.


5: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: One of the weirdest things is I originally had this game on another list for games that I would like to see be remastered. However I finally got round to play this game after updating it and this is rather bad. I came into this game thinking since that you are playing as a clone of Star Killer and you got to break away and thought it may have been rather fun to see what happened after you break out. However that was the complete wrong assumption. All the missions are pretty much cut and paste and it seems to really lack any context of a story. When you break out of the cloning facility you end up on a planet looking for General Kota where you save him and start he asks you to come with the Rebels to come up with a plan to take out that facility but instead you complain about wanting to find Juno. This then leads you to Dagobah where you find Yoda in the most pointless scene in the entire game and it seems to be such a waste even on PS3. Right here they could have done a similar scene as in Empire Strikes Back when Luke battles with Vader but instead a bit of a boring segment where Star Killer witnesses a vision of something happening to Juno on a Rebel ship. You head to the Rebel ship and find out that the plan is in motion and Juno gets kidnapped by Boba Fett, unfortunately even he couldn’t save the game and is the only brief appearance that you see of him. In the end you have a fight with Vader and have the choice of either choosing to have Vader be taken in by the Rebels and arrested or to kill him, again. I went with the good ending and I felt rather disappointed by the outcome of the game and rather glad that I didn’t have to pay that much for a copy of the game. I do hope that there will be another Force Unleashed game that is in some continuity to the new films since that there are a lot of games nowadays that do have a lot of focus on how doing good and bad things can have a change on how the game will progress instead of having once choice in the end to make your choice.


4: LEGO Jurassic Park & Marvel Avengers: I am a big fan of the LEGO game series but ever since when Jurassic Park came out I started to lose faith in this side of the franchise. I do sometimes have a big problem when it came to these games when they came out and that was they were both just rips from the films that take place. With the Jurassic Park game the biggest problem for me was the fact that the audio transfer seemed to be one of the worst things that happened. The second thing that bothered me was that it seemed to be rather buggy when it came to activating some of the Red Brick bonuses where it wouldn’t show the location of certain items. My biggest problem however is with Marvel Avengers for the main fact could have easily made a sequel for Marvel Super Heroes instead of doing this. I don’t know if there were any legal issues that they had since the fact that one of there was a lot of missing characters but everything was the same from the first game especially the layout of the Helicarrier. What they could have done would to have done was a follow up with Thanos starting to conquer planets and you have the Inhumans requesting the help of the Avengers to help them with Thanos. With this we could have a rather similar design as what LEGO Batman 3 had where you could go to different planets. Hopefully they will be going back to the idea of using a creative story instead of movie re-dubs.


3: Watchdog: I waited a while to get this game and even though I watched a walkthrough before-hand and I thought it was still rather good. But when I started playing more of it, the game did seem to be rather of a lacklustre game. You take on the role of a hacker trying to find the person that killed your niece, in all honesty this does sound on paper and maybe even for a film a good premise however playing through it was more than a rather boring sequence of events. The game is sent in a open world environment, like the previous Assassins Creed series that they made and has the same set up where you have to go to towers and unlock sections of areas where you can see what challenges there are such as Gang Areas or VR challenges. This does rather take out a lot of the exploration of videogames which I am glad that I believe that they added in for the sequel that they are taking that out so the exploration is in for the game which hopefully would make it a lot better. Another problem that I had with the game was the fact that you would need to be connected to the internet to interact with other people to do challenges that need to be done as part of tutorial which if you have your console away from the internet then that means either not doing it or moving your console nearer to where it can connect or boosting your connection, either way it can be rather irritating. Another problem with this game is that it seems to be rather repetitive once you get a third of the way through the game. Basically it’s looking through security cameras for your target, hacking mini-games, using environments to help you and so forth and it does get boring after a while. Hopefully with the sequel coming out in soon they might make it more better since that this felt more like a late PS3 game even on PS4.


2: Elder Scroll Online: So I am going to keep this section rather short since that I already talked about this game last year when I did my review of it and man I wish it was a better game and I currently do have a better game than ESO currently and it is called Neverwinter. I started playing this when it came out and then around about late September I stopped playing it since that there were a lot of problems that it had such as really annoying issues. One of the main problems that I had with the game was that there were badly constructed dungeon areas. For instance one of the main quests that you had to do was going through a dungeon where you have to evade a dungeon filled with ghosts, which sounds rather easy right? The biggest problem is that it was a open dungeon and you have about eight or nine other people doing it at the same time. So every time that you ended up progressing, another person can easily screw you over to progress themselves then you have to start over again from the beginning. Then the counterpart to it is that there were a few campaign dungeons where when having a group is rather helpful since that there are a lot of rather annoying creatures that you can easily kill you especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Other than that it is a rather okay game but it since that it has been out for a year they may have fixed this but I’ll never know.


1: Star Wars Battlefront (2015): Like with ESO, I have already did a review for this but I still find this to be one of the most disappointing games that has came out in recent years especially from one of the biggest franchises in the world. When Battlefront came out I was rather hesitant about it since that it was mainly a MMO shooter game which I really don’t like playing that much. Plus also when the game was in production there was suppose to be a offline mode which they did add on, nine months later which did really annoy me since there the only one a few modes that you could do offline but that was mainly tutorial modes and weren’t that fun to do. Another problem that I had with this game was that there were a lot of problems and bugs that the game had that I and a lot of people that I played with also commented on. For instance one of the bugs that we found was the invincibility bug where if a person crashed in a fighter they could take no damage whatsoever even when EA said that they had fixed the bug it was clear that they hadn’t. Another problem was that when you went to load in to the game when coming on it would change your weapon to what the first weapon is in the game which is rather strange since there were times where it would stay the same. The main problem that a lot of people saw with this game was that of the ridiculous pricing for the season pass. In the UK the season pass was £39.99 the game was £49.99. A £10 difference between DLC and the actual game is a rather annoying thing to see for a gamer like myself and I think that season passes should be half the price of the game. With LEGO Batman 3 I paid around £12 for the season pass and I got six DLC packs with all new content and more characters and I found more enjoyment out of that then I did for Battlefront. Another problem that I have with the DLC that makes it disappointing is the fact that if you have the season pass you can have advantage over your friends who don’t have it since that they get a two week head start. I think that unless it has console advantage like C.O.D all the DLC should be kept to the same time slot nonetheless.

So that is what I have got for this list make sure to stay tuned for the next blog coming up where I am going to be covering my top five games that I want to see be remastered,

Gaming Dilemma: Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition

In the past week or so I have been rather undecided on which game to buy this week, Until Dawn or Dishonoured Definitive Edition. Both games are new out this Friday (depending where you live since Until Dawn was out on Tuesday in America) however one game I have already played but I never got around to play the DLC content.


Since I am a big fan of horror Until Dawn did attract my attention. Also for the fact that the game does have a rather unsual mechanic for the game where your choices can affect the game play. The only game series that I’ve seen mechanics like this are in the TellTale game series but the over all design of the game makes it look like a film, if not a rather well put together show for either a mini serial or even Netflix. I really want to get this game since you don’t see that many horror games that are out that play a game through decisions, especially since you have games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within since they mainly focus on a story including portions where you have to fend off enemies with weaponry. So it would be nice to see other games like this.


Dishonoured was a game that I picked up since I had a friend going on about it so I watched a walk-through for it and I really enjoyed it. Like Until Dawn it does  have a mechanic that decides the game depending on your actions. In this you play a guy who ends up being framed for a murder he didn’t commit but then is granted abilities that give him powers including teleportation, being able to spawn rats, being able to see through walls and a number of other powers. I remember when I played through this game I really like playing it since it had a lot of focus onto your decisions including side parts that can make missions easier to do and so forth which I really like. On the other hand I did have some issues with the combat system but that could have more of a problem on my side. Another reason why I want to get this game is the DLC content for the game since it does sound rather interesting since there is also a DLC where you get to play as a character in the game where it acts as a prequel and how doesn’t like prequels. The reason why I didn’t get them at the time was that I didn’t know that there were DLC content till four or more months afterwards and that I really couldn’t download them since I had little space left on my PS3.

It’s decisions like this I hate since one looks like a really awesome game that I can delve into and another that is a game that I can get back into. If anybody help me with a decision leave it in the comments section below, note I’ve got till this Friday to decide.

Are Story Trophies a Good Thing?

When it comes to gaming one thing I look forward to are the achievement/trophies you get for unlocking either progression or in game things. I really enjoy games that do this because it gives me a sense of accomplishment but it does then ruin the feel of how long playing the game is.

I used to be a fan of the Call of Duty series and still a major fan of the Batman Arkham series which both have achievements/trophies that are both story and action based and it does make me believe that I have being doing good in that game. Yet on the other hand, mainly for Call of Duty, you know how many mission there are because of either the amount if hidden achievements/trophies these are in the list and to be fair it is a easy way to keep up to date with progression but I think that it does spoil the enjoyment in the game.

But on the other hand there are games that don’t follow this style, there are games that only have rewards that have are completion based like Uncharted Drakes Fortune or The Last of Us, both of these don’t have mission based trophies so it does make game progression more difficult to follow, less with Uncharted since it is split into different chapters as you play the game but with The Last of Us, unless you’ve snatched walkthroughs then you wouldn’t have a true guess on how progression goes. Though the different season and areas that the game is in does give a rough estimate on how far through you are but I think I would prefer to play more games like this because it gives me a more depth field to the game and makes me more intrigued with the story because that’s what’s happend for me with Uncharted, with the lack of story trophies it has made me more attracted to the story. But that’s just me and I don’t known if any other gamers feel that same way.

Over all I do love playing trophy games they have been bringing me enjoyment for the past four years and I’ll continue to play them. But if they are games that just have a story and none story trophies I will enjoy that game even more but again that’s my own personal theory. So do trophies/achievements make a game bad, I don’t think so, I think that they story based trophies to spoil games because then you know how far is left in the game.

The Good The Bad and The Murdered Souls

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been on and off playing Square Enix latest game Murdered:Soul Suspect and I’ve got to say with games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstien out I really liked this game because it was different. It wasn’t a shooter type game but I thought that’s what made it really intriguing to me since I haven’t played a game like this since Portal 2. This may contain some spoilers.

The Good-
The main story of the game is really interesting and I’ve got to say it has made me more interested to learn about the darker past of Americas history since the Salem Witch Trials were a really dark mark on their history. Also the fact that the Bell Killer was performing similar ways that people were killed during the trials made it feel like if the killer was still doing a witch hunt in the present day. I found the story to be intriguing and easy to follow.

But with the main story of the game I also found the side missions in the game to be interesting as well, since the main character is a detective he manages to find a way to help spirits find a way to move on with life and I’ve .got to say this game has a way better detective feel than what the Batman Arkham games have, where as the Batman Arkham games have a more simplified detective system that has a computer aided programming this game puts on more of a traditional approach to detective work and this I found a lot more fun to do.

Another thing that I like about the game is that you don’t have to shoot anyone or beat them up and comparing them to games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstien I really enjoyed it more since the last game that I didn’t have to kill anyone in a over the top or cool way was Portal 2, so this has been possibly may favourite game since then.

The Bad-
Minus one or two minor texture problems I had saw I didn’t have that much of a problem to the game. But once I completed the game I was disappointed to find that you couldn’t revisit the main hub area of the game to finish collecting other remaining clues that revealed the past of places, if you could do that then I would have had the game completed 100% trophy wise.

The Murdered Souls-
I think that this game has had me hooked as a game when I watched in on YouTube on theRadBrad’s channel when we was given a copy of the game to play and the story and gameplay style hooked me instantly. I loved the story, it was easy to follow and the twists that came into the game in the final act I really didn’t see coming whatsoever, it did have the feel of a Hollywood but a lot better build up. But with all the low ratings that I’ve seen for it make me think that reviewers prefer quantity (game time) over quality (story), I thought even with a shorter completion time it still managed to get from A to B to C in a rather good and interesting way.

I really hope that Square Enix would make a sequel to this game because it got me hooked in American history and it being a darker part of their history it made me more intrigued, and with even more dark history around the world of would make a interesting game to play, a good example of this would be if they did a game based around the Jack the Ripper murders because 1 it’s a dark point in England’s history and 2 the killer was never caught so with this they could use it to try and find the true killer.

Overall I give this game a 8/10 it kept me interested from the beginning and I hope that they could be making a sequel.