Are Current Horror Movies Boring?

Over the past few years there have been many a horror film released that I’ve got to say I have found to be either really boring to watch or enjoyable to watch but other things have bothered me about the film. Mainly with horror films for the past 5 or so years with a flux of paranormal/ haunting films that overly use jump scare tactics and it gets rather annoying.

I think ever since films like The Woman in Black came out films have started to use jump scares, which is a rather easy way to scare people, but after the fifth scare it just gets repetitive and annoying. And I’ve got to say that I rather enjoyed watching The Woman in Black, it was enjoyable and the story elements were rather enjoyable as well with a ghost being the main focus of attention that also causes harm to the residence of the local village and sort of feels like a throwback to films of the 80’s when children where the main centre of some films. Also the pacing and the suspense of certain scenes rather made really enjoyable to watch. But when they started to do the jump scares along most of the third act it got sort of off putting.

Other films that have made me think if they were worth making are found footage films. A load of them just seem to have the same outcome and they seem to be a rather disappointment. However there have been some found footage films that I thought were really worth it in some ways like the first Paranormal Activity film which did rather well for a film that had a rather limited budget but then with the following sequels they seemed to go rather downhill and seem unrealistic in a way. Another film series that I found to be rather well was the Grave Encounter films and the first film I thought was rather well done. The first film revolved around a paranormal television show similar to Ghost Adventures and they seem mainly to be fakers where the just go around to places that are supposedly haunted but when they go to an Abandoned Hospital it turns out they got more than they bargained for. This I rather did like because it seemed that they hadn’t a clue what was happening and it was like somebody was screwing them all over. The sequel on the other hand I thought was a real hit and miss. It features college students filming a horror film and one of them reviews the film as the film was an actual film in that universe. This then leads one of them to track down where the film was made by going people who were linked to the show. This then leads the students to the Abandoned Hospital to find out what happened to the film crew where it turns out that there was a lot more terrible effects had lived. It really felt like that this film should have been around something different than the first film, but it was rather decent.

Finally there is another thing that I’ve rather hated and that is actually more about reboots of famous films like the rebooted versions of Nightmare on Elm Street, which I rather liked, and Friday the 13th, which I rather hated. But there is something that I can rather think that would have made Friday the 13th more better and that was to have the events of Jason X set to a alternate time line and then this set as the tenth Friday film, but then we’re apparently going to be getting another reboot next year in May being released on the 13th, but that could be speculation. I think one of the reasons that I rather hated the rebooted film is that it tried to combine too many different parts of the original film series with the beginning being homage to the first film and the rest of the film being based around the 2-4 films. I think that I may need a possible 13th attempt to try and enjoy the film.

So I don’t know what to think of the next batch of horror films that are going to be coming out over the next few years but hopefully that there could be a resurgence of a genre that may be a new shining hope for horror because many films are rather repetitive and really easy to guess what is going to happen.