Dragon Ball Chapter 3&4 Review

Last time in Dragon Ball, Bulma and Goku met up by a freak accident and we were introduced to the reoccurring plot device in the franchise, the Dragon Balls. Also, we see Goku’s power and naivety as well showing that he can take down a large Dinosaur/Dragon but also not knowing modern things, but that is down to his nomad upbringings. So, let’s see what is install for the duo this time.

Our story follows up from the end of the last chapter with Bulma annoyed at Goku for waking them up early, so he decides to go outside and train for a bit lifting large boulders and crushing them. However, when he goes to lift one up it turns out that it is in fact a turtle and not a boulder. The both are shocked, especially Goku because he thought that she had turned into it because she was slow in taking her time. Bulma comes out of the house to see what the commotion is and discovers that Goku is conversing with a sea turtle.

The turtle asks them for a bucket of seawater to drink and then explains to them why they are here. He says that he went looking for mushrooms and has been lost in the woods for the past year, and Bulma gives him the bad news that being he is still travelling in the wrong direction and that he is 120 kilometers from the sea. Goku says that he will take him to the sea, but Bulma says that they only have 30 days left for their quest so he decides to take him on his own and leaves Bulma behind. Bulma then says that she doesn’t need Goku, but then she realises that she forgot to get Goku’s Dragon Ball from him, but notices something rather worse, a large Dinosaur walking around in the back ground, so she decides then to quickly pack up and join them.

On the way to the sea, a Tiger Bandit spots the trio heading straight towards them and he tries to take Turtle to eat. Bulma wants Goku to give him the Turtle, however he doesn’t and he keeps on taunting the Bandit so the Bandit decides to use force and take the Turtle from them both. He manages to dodge his attack and Bulma tells him to get on the bike, however Goku continues fighting managing to land on the tip of the Bandit’s sword and gives him the Rock, Scissors, Paper move and he manages to defeat the Bandit. Bulma then realises how strong he is and they continue their diversion to the sea, which then end up reaching.

Turtle is happy that he has arrived back at the sea and asks them to stay where they are so that he can go and get them a reward for their generosity. They wait for Turtle to return with their reward and Bulma notices something coming to them from the ocean and Goku says that its Turtle and that he can see somebody riding on him. As Turtle gets closer to them, they notice that it is an old man.

Chapter four opens with the Goku asking who the old man is and he introduces himself as Kame-Sen’nin- The Turtle Hermit (more commonly known as Master Roshi in the dub). He asks the Turtle if it was both that helped him, but he replies that it was just the boy, so Roshi (which I am call him for the rest of the reviews of this) is going to give him a gift. He calls for the Immortal Phoenix but it doesn’t show up and Turtle reminds him of a previous problem that occurred between the two of them and Roshi remembers the problem but he comes up with an even better gift and summons the Kinto’un (or the Flying Nimbus again called in the dub and what I will be calling it). The cloud appears and Goku asks how he can eat it and Roshi tells him that he doesn’t eat a magical cloud but rides it. Bulma seems rather perplexed by this wondering about Turtle Hermits and magical clouds and Roshi then tells him that only a person with a pure heart can fly on the Nimbus and when he tries to jump on the cloud he falls straight through it.

Goku jumps on the cloud and starts flying around the place all giddy and childlike when Bulma chimes in asking for a reward too but Turtle tells Roshi that it was Goku that helped him. But Bulma reminds him that she was the one that gave him seawater to drink. Roshi says that he only has one magic cloud but he asks to see something of hers in exchange and that being her panties. Turtle complains to Roshi about his perverted ways but Bulma agrees to show him her panties and we get a bigger surprise when we see Bulma pulling up her nightie to see that she isn’t wearing any panties and she has just flashed Roshi and Turtle without realising.

Bulma then asks Roshi for her favour and he starts to decide on what she may want to see, but what she does see is hanging from his neck, the three-star Dragon Ball, and Roshi says that he found this 100 years ago on the ocean floor. Roshi asks if the thing is valuable, but Bulma believes that they are getting the ball for free as her reward for flashing Roshi. But Roshi didn’t say that they could have it… until Bulma flashes him again where he gives them the Dragon Ball and they head back to the house. Bulma goes to put some clothes on and then she realises that her panties have been in the house the entire time and she then realises what she had done. Goku then chimes in saying that he was the one that took off her panties and she unleashes her rage on him and shoots him with a gun, which he manages to survive because Goku.

They pack up to continue the rest of the journey and Bulma says that if Goku pulls a stunt like that again, she will kill him and then brings up that they would be able to get around more faster with them being on the Flying Nimbus together. But when Bulma gets on the cloud the same that happened to Roshi happens to her as she falls through the cloud face first. She wonders why she can’t board it thinking that being too beautiful and thinks of it being a sin so she now must ride her bike instead of on the cloud. Maybe one day she will be able to ride the cloud in some way.

Overall, I think that this is a good bit of filler whilst still exploring the story. The introduction of Roshi was done well and we see the tropes that come from Japan representing older men as rather perverted towards younger women, but as his character has grown now in Super I’m glad that he is now behind this. And next year we will be carrying on with the adventures of Goku and Bulma to see where their adventures will take them next in their quest for the Dragon Balls.


Dragon Ball Chapter 1-2 Review

As a few people can tell from some of my past blogs over the past year, I am a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. Around June or July last year I bought the first volume of the Dragon Ball manga and I really enjoyed reading it and I though why not review the first two chapters.

The opening of the story begins with an opening narration and we see out protagonist Goku riding on a log through a forest area. We then cut over Goku’s house where he is training with the log and he breaks it into firewood. He then goes on to say that he is hungry and tells his Grandpa, a ball, that he is going to get something and leaves. But as he is leaving a girl, Bulma, appears who seems to be looking for something and that it is close by. Back with Goku he decides that he wants to have fish and starts fishing with his tail and manages to get one.

Goku starts heading back home when he notices a car heading towards him and he thinks that the car is a monster that that is trying to steal his fish. It turns out that Bulma was in the car and she pulls out a gun and shoots Goku in the face but it turns out that it did nothing to him. Goku goes to attack Bulma but she manages to stop him by saying that she is a human. Goku is rather unsure about this and looks around her and he says that there is something different about her and she explains that she is a ‘cute li’l girl’ which surprises Goku. Bulma asks if he has ever seen a girl before and he replies that he hasn’t but his dead Grandpa always told him that if he ever met a girl to treat her nice. Bulma likes that idea but then Goku asks her why she doesn’t have a tail and she think that the tail that Goku has is a fake that he attached.

Goku then asks how she caught this monster in which Bulma replies that she it is in fact a car and that people make them. Goku then offers to take Bulma back to his house and she accepts, but Bulma also makes a note to herself that she could use Goku’s strength. At Goku’s house he announces to his ‘Grandpa’ that he has a female in the house and Bulma looks on curious and then notices that Grandpa is a Dragon Ball. When Bulma picks it up Goku start to get annoyed with her but she then brings up the reason what she is doing and reveals that she has two other Dragon Balls. She then explains to him that she found the first one in her cellar and had no idea what it was and no-one else did either so she stated getting doing research into them and that an old story that when the all seven balls are gathered they can summon, with a chant, Shenlong the Dragon God who can grant the person any wish but only one. Bulma then explains that she is going to use the wish to get a lifetime supply of strawberries but then reconsidered to get a super-cute boyfriend.

She asks Goku to hand over the Dragon Ball but Goku says no so she decides to give Goku the opportunity to feel her butt… however Goku questions this and then Bulma asks if he can help her gather the rest of the balls since that his Grandpa told him to be nice to girls and he then accepts saying that he isn’t going to give her the Dragon Ball. The two of them embark on their adventure and Goku asks her how they are going to find the other Dragon Balls and she reveals that she has created a radar that can track them. But Bulma then asks an important question and that is what Goku’s name is, he then asks her in return and Goku laughs since that in Japan Bulma’s name means bloomers. Bulma throws out a capsule and reveals a bike and Goku still thinks that she is a witch and they ride off into the distance.

Cutting to twenty minutes later Bulma takes a quick break to pee and she goes a bit of the way out and she manages to get captured by a dinosaur and asks Goku to tie himself up to a tree. Bulma yells at him to rescue her and he manages to release himself and uses Bulma’s bike to help to him get up take out the dinosaur and manages to also save Bulma by throwing his Power Pole straight through her arms.

 Chapter two begins with Bulma and Goku stopping of the night in a remote location and Bulma throws another capsule to reveal a house where Goku again thinks that she is a witch, showing very much of Goku being a recluse. She then notices that Goku smells and give him a bath and she then tries to pull his tail off but he then takes the brush off her and starts cleaning himself, and Bulma freaks out.

Bulma then goes into the bath and starts talking about Goku and how they are pretty much different sides and she then notices him staring at her. She asks what he is looking at and wonders why she has an extra butt and she tells him that they are her breasts and that when he gets older he’ll like them. She then asks him how old he is and when he says that he is younger than her she calls him a voyeur.

Afterwards they get food and Goku learns that he doesn’t like coffee or the food that Bulma has so he decides to head out and get his own food, a wolf which he eats all by himself. They both head to sleep and Goku thinks that being able to sleep on a futon is going to be fun but Bulma has other ideas. Goku then says that he used to use his Grandpa as a pillow and Bulma isn’t going to be a pillow. Bulma then asks Goku what happened to his parents and he says that he doesn’t know and thinks that they abandoned him in the woods and that Grandpa has found him and decided to keep him. Goku then asks if Bulma was abandoned because of her chest butt but she says that the reason she is here was because she is on summer vacation and that she is taking advantage of her time off to search for the Dragon Balls but she now only has 30 days left to do so.

In the morning, Goku wakes up before Bulma and he decides to sleep with her by laying his head between her legs… this sounds the start of a different sort of story. He seems to not get comfortable and pats down Bulma and the removes her panties and is shocked to reveal that she doesn’t have any balls. However, when Bulma wakes up to Goku’s panicked reaction she thinks that he was going on about the Dragon Balls and discovers they are still there and tells Goku to stop having nightmares ending the second chapter.

Overall this is a good start for the series since that the opening builds up the story about the Dragon Balls and starts building up some of the characteristics between Bulma and Goku. I may do a review of some more chapters of the series later on so be on the lookout later in the year.

January Update 25-1-17

So a few days ago I wrote out a brief plan on what I am going to cover for the rest of January and the next few months so that I am not trying to pull posts out of mid-air and I think I am going to be able to keep myself busy for a while. *Note I have put a question mark next to two posts since I am rather uncertain yet about the release dates for Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 until next month possibly.


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

So I already a little bit late to the game here but I thought I decided to put in my two cents for this game.

Story: For this game the story follows off from the first game, which I didn’t play, where you can play as a Time Patroller (from five different races) and partake in restoring history points in the Dragon Ball Z and beginning bits of Super that have been altered by the villain Towa. But things are more different this time, Towa has brought in villains from a different canon in the Dragon Ball universe and that was bringing in the movie villains like Turles, Lord Slug, and Cooler etc. This does seem to repeat a lot of elements from the first game such as repeating some stages such as fighting the Great Apes on Earth and the Ginyu Force on Namek. But they did add some rather cool what if and new battles including Ginyu taking Trunks body and something that was missing from the first game and that was being able to fight Imperfect Cell and Androids 16,17 and 18 in the time line as well as fighting with Future Gohan. In and around the game the story follows through the disappearance of Trunk’s Time Patroller partner, who could be imported from the first game or a preset character from the game.xenoverse-2-3 It then turns out in the end that Towa had captured them and turned them evil with a controlled mask and when that plan fails she goes back in time and destroys the Dragon that granted the wish at the beginning of the first game. In the end of it Towa manages to steal Tokitoki’s egg and has Mira battle your character. However Mira goes rouge and merges himself and Towa with the egg into a altered form and you have to take him down with the help of everyone’s ‘favourite’ character Goku. In the end there are two post game missions that you can so that features Bardock and Future Gohan but it just seems more filler than anything else. Overall the story is rather decent play through but getting up to the fight with Frieza and Cooler requires pretty much a lot of grinding since that it can be quite annoying.

Characters: So with this game, like the previous instalment, you can bring along two AI’s with you on Parallel Quests. This ranges from having characters like Goku and the usual Z Fighters to the villains through the game. But there are also some characters that you can only unlock by doing specific quests as well as wishing for characters from the Dragon Balls which does seem that it could be rather long winded to get. But overall it does seem like a rather good range of characters and some of them do have rather interesting ways to unlock them such as a really cool PQ where you have to fight Yamcha who goes rouge and you unlock his super-villain form by just beating the game. But there is something that I wish that could be added for characters and hopefully something that could be done if they do make Xenoverse 3 and that is to have more villains from either Dragon Ball and GT or the films. But since that DB Super will likely still have a few years left we could see characters like Zamasu and Goku Black (with Super Saiyan Rose) in the future.

Quests and Expert Missions: Now here we come to a rather annoying and something that should also be rather fixed about the game. First the quests are pretty much copied and pasted over from the first game such as the missions for the story. This does seem like a bit of a letdown but it is rather disappointing that they did this. But this is mainly the 6&7 Star missions that are copied and pasted mission the rest of them seem rather repeated but there are new missions in it such as battling against the three main Androids and Imperfect Cell or fighting against the Z Warriors in the Cell Games, it is really fun. But here comes one of my problems and that is the Expert Missions.xenoverse-2-4 First this seems, from what I have played from it as well as watching streams from it was that there are many connection problems that it has and that is mainly due to what Bandai Namco’s severs. If they had serves dedicated to host online matches since that apparently it affects more of your broadband connection and from people that try to stream expert missions it does cause a lot of problems. Second is that if you try to do these missions offline then you are stuck with computer AI and that is pretty much worse since that they seem more sporadic and more of an annoyance.

Problems: Of course there are problems with this game. The copy and paste missions and problems with the Expert Missions online are rather annoying. Yet I do find more problems with this game, the first being something that should be available to do and that is being able to have the imported/pre-installed created character and being able to play as them or use them as support AI for PQ’s which does seem that it would be easy to do since that the move sets are in the game and the model is already there but there is no way that you can do it. It just seems rather weird that you can’t do it.xenoverse-2-2 Second problem is one of the story missions and that is the fight against Cooler and Frieza. This is one of the most annoying fights that is in the game, I had a easier time fighting against Mira at the end than I did with that fight. I basically had to grind to, I think, level 30 or 35 when I went back and done that mission. I don’t think that it should have taken me that long to get through that mission. The third is something that in the main world and that are the vehicles and the fact that you don’t get to fly in the main world until getting through the Frieza/Cooler mission. But I don’t see the reason at all why they did this in the first way since that when you start in the game you fly from whatever rift world you’re in and then being able to fly through the missions. It just seems rather a weird thing that they do and I hope that it is something that they fix when and if they do Xenoverse 3.

Overall Score 7/10

Top Five Saiyan Dragon Ball Characters

As with my last post I am going to be covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters and with this one I am going to be covering the Saiyan race.

Gotenks5: Gotenks: One of the coolest ideas that Dragon Ball Z has and I got to say that I do really like Gotenks as a character. But at first when we see him I did find him to be much of a rather annoying character since that he seemed to be rather cocky both times that he appeared and just decided to go off and face Buu. But once he decided to pay attention was when I decided I liked him more as a character. Gotenks is really much a showman compared to either Trunks or Goten but either way Gotenks is pretty much the wild card since that he has some rather good attacks.

Future Trunks4: Future Trunks: I remember when I watched the first episode where Future Trunks appeared and I got to say he had an amazing opening episode. Not only was he a character that was able to turn Super Saiyan but he was able to make Freeza and King Cold look like a minor threat. Also seeing Freeza being cut up was a rather big deal since that it made Trunks look like a character that can be a good ally for the Z-Fighters. Ever since the end of the Cell Games saga I was wondering what had happened in his timeline and I got to say that I am glad that Dragon Ball Super started a saga where it was about the future timeline and it has been really good and has had good episode and we are now seeing a rather different side of Trunks since that he is now against a rival that is even stronger than what he is and this forces him to go back to the past to at least be safe. It is rather sad what happens to him in this arc and I am not going to spoil this to people who haven’t watched it but it is a well written story for Trunks in Super and I do recommend for people to watch it.


This list was originally going to be a Top 5 for just all of them but I changed it to be separate and this was the image I was going to use for Gohan then

3: Gohan: I think that there have to be some people that would agree with me is that Kid Gohan was a rather annoying but I was really glad that he managed to become a better character as each series went by. My most favourite version of Gohan is Teen Gohan during the Cell Games since that Goku had the most faith in him that he would be the person that could beat Perfect Cell and he did manage to do. He even was the first Saiyan that was able to progress to SSJ2 properly. I then do like his progression that he has through the Saiyan-Man arc onwards since that we finally got to see Gohan even start to be in a relationship and it was something that I really liked seeing. The chemistry between Gohan and Videl was well done in my eyes since that Gohan seemed rather clueless at first but I think then during more of the training that he realised something and then he started to have more feelings for her.


Goku2: Goku: Of course with a list that of top five Saiyan characters of course Goku has to be on the list but in my opinion I don’t think that he is the best Saiyan. I never had the chance to watch all the original Dragon Ball anime, but I do plan on rectifying this soon, so I can’t have much say on what he was like during this so I am just going with the Goku that I know from the DBZ series. For me Goku is a really good character but he managed for to be rather boring when we got into the Otherworld tournament and a bit onwards since that I wish that they had progressed more on with Gohan since that the rest of the series should have been more based on around him and his progression, yet it then seemed to be more about Goku as the series progressed. But I then started to realise more that it would have been better if they did then focus on Goku since that he is pretty much the face of Dragon Ball. However there is one thing that I did find rather weird when it came to Goku and that was in the Battle of Gods film and I thought it was rather weird how Goku did seem to complain that he wasn’t able to reach the form of Super Saiyan God, when I saw this I thought that it would seem more of a reason why Vegeta would be complain since that that he would complain that he is more of the person that would want to progress further as a individual than what Goku does.

Vegeta1: Vegeta: Vegeta for me is one of the most developed characters that actually in Dragon Ball Z. He started out as a villain and has progressed to a hero and now a god. Ever since the beginning of the Android saga I have enjoyed since it was where we saw more of his developments towards being more of a hero. But the most that does come with his character is during the Babadi and Majin Buu arc where Vegeta allowed himself to be taken over by Babadi so that he can reach his full potential and reach SSJ2. This was a really well done story and the ending for Vegeta was well done as well. He manages to actually overcome Babadi’s spell and manages to sacrifice himself and admit that Goku was going to be better than him. He did manage to get better after he died and was done in a great way when he was sent back to help the fight against Majin Buu with the help of King Yemma and then when Dende headed to New Namek where he used the dragon balls there and wished for everybody who was good to be brought back to life before the start of the World Martial Arts tournament and then it was shown that Vegeta no longer had a halo above his head. It was a fitting moment during the season. Another good moment that I do like about Vegeta is during the Universal Tournament where they ended up meeting people from another universe and where they found that in that universe was that they also had Saiyan’s. In this Vegeta went up against Cabba who’s race of Saiyan’s didn’t need to progress to Super Saiyan. Vegeta manages to unlock Cabba’s potential and turns him into a Super Saiyan. Hopefully there will be a time later on in the series where they are going to see more of Cabba and hopefully have the Z-Fighters head off into Universe 6 since that Cabba turned Super Saiyan more of them could be turned and then that way there could be a problem for them to solve.

Top Five Dragon Ball Characters

So for the next few posts I am going into a few blogs covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters but each list is going to be different. For this list I am going to be covering my favourite characters that aren’t with Saiyan’s or Villains. They are all going to be in their own lists that will be coming in the near future.

Krillin5: Krillin: For me Krillin was one of the most remembered characters from the series and he has had such many great moments from the show. But one of my most memorable moments from the series is when he ends up falling in love with Android 18. This is something that I really liked when I watched through the Android saga and it was rather amazing that Krillin had such a hard decision in front of him. Does he save the Earth by not giving Cell the chance to absorb her and killing her in the process but then not being able to tell her his feelings or the more difficult choice and not kill her and then let Cell to then absorb her. It is some of the best development during the Android arc for a single character and it all ended really well for Krillin in the end since that he ended up marrying Android 18 and having a child.

Mr Satan

One of my favourite scenes from the Martial Arts Tournament in Series 7

4: Mr Satan: The Saviour of the World who defeated Cell and befriended Majin Buu Mr Satan is quite possibly the only person that people can find rather annoying but he is a really good character. This is really more shown during the Majin Buu arcs where he goes to kill Buu but then comes to the realisation that Buu isn’t really much of a bad guy since that he seems to be rather of a sweet and innocent being. He then comes into his own later in the Kid Buu arc where he finally realised that everything he has seen has been real and there is possibility for people to possess great powers that can destroy worlds and defeat the true evils are possible.


Videl3: Videl: When I got to watching series 7 of DBZ there was one character that I really did like and that was Videl. For the one fact that it that she is Mr Satan’s daughter, yet when it comes to her fighting style, she is a more ample and better fighter than her father since that she seems to take it a lot more seriously. For instant she was one of the first people in the series to find out who Saiyan-Man was and also learned how to fly and started to trust Gohan more and more through the series and started to have feeling for him, which is something that I really like to see in this on how a person can change from thinking that people who use their energy in a fight as a trick to then learning on channel her own energy and learning how to fly in the process.

Piccolo2: Piccolo: From a former villain of the Dragon Ball series in DBZ we saw quite possibly the most change of a character. For instance in the first arc with the arrival of the Saiyan threat Piccolo managed to train Gohan so that he could at least be prepared for anything to happen since that Goku couldn’t teach him as he got killed. He managed to be pretty much a father figure for Gohan which is something that I really liked in a character. But the next time that we do really see Piccolo like this is during the Majin Buu and Fusion arcs where we see that he ends up back training kids again and this time in the form of Gotenks and Trunks and managed to train them in perfecting the fusion technique and managed to train them to face off against Majin Buu, they did then end up being absorbed by Buu but they did put up quite a fight against him and were some pretty good episodes.

Bulma1: Bulma: Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball stories Bulma has always been a fixed character who has something to do with pretty much nearly every story. For me the reason why she is at the top of the list is because she is one of the best people that have been around the series. In the Dragon Ball Z arc she did come into her own during the Android Saga when she helped a lot when it came to finding out about the androids and even creating a device to destroy them as well, this then backfires, but still it was good. But the most that I have seen when it comes to progression of her character was during the Battle of Gods film (but I do hope that there is more of her development in DBS during this arc) where she just became a badass and talk down to a God of Destruction and manages then persuade him to not destroy the planet by offering of food which I still find to be hilarious.

My Top E3 2016 List

So with E3’s reveals and new features announced for this year I am looking forward to quite a few number of games and this is my list of games I am looking forward to.

Resident Evil 7: So just to let people know, I am not a big fan of the Resident Evil gamResident Evil VIIes and have not yet played one. On the other hand I have seen the films and that is all I pretty much know about the franchise. But with this it does seem more down my ally when it comes to games. I am a fan of horror and mystery when it comes to games and from the trailer that it does look really good and interesting. Other than this I don’t think that I can say much else since that.

batman-telltale-720x404Telltale’s Batman: So Telltale has had a lot of success when it has come to bringing out adaptations of comics over the past few years especially with The Wolf Amongst Us and The Walking Dead games and now they have made a Batman game. I was a big fan of the Batman games, mainly from the Arkham series, and I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do with it. Since that I don’t have the chance to actually go to E3 to try the demo for the game I am really curious about what the story of the game is about but from a interview segment that Game Spot covered is that it appears that there is a lot to focus on Batman and Bruce Wayne so a lot of you actions do have a consequences. I will be looking forward to this but the only thing that I may not be looking forward to is the fact that it could be separated into five different parts which does bug me as a gamer when they release parts of a game instead of just a whole game. The only game that I don’t think that Telltale released in multi-episodes was Minecraft and Tales from the Borderlands so I’m hoping that they do the same with Batman.

Star Wars: So EA held a rather big reveal showing that they have quite a number of ideas that they could be doing with the future of Star Wars. I got to say though I am not looking forward to the next Battlefront game since they should be focus on fixing the first gameStar Wars before shipping out a second. I do hope that they make more games that are just you basic online shooter game, god knows we have too many of them going around. I do hope that they are going to be bringing out new games that could focus around the new film trilogy since there seems to be a lot of things that they could do with the film for instance creating a game that fills in the gap between Return and Awakens since there is a large gap there. I would also like to see a new Force Unleashed game as well since that was one of the games that actually got me back into the Star Wars universe. But there is one game that I do want to see at least make a jump to consol, that being I want to see a Knights of the Old Republic game. Think about having the chance to play as your own character and forging your own legend into becoming a Jedi. But since nothing like that could be possible a man can only dream.

SkyrimThe Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Remastered: Back in 2011 Bethesda released one of my most favourite PS3 game of all time and when I heard the rumours last week that this was going to be revealed at E3, I wasn’t that bothered about its release since that I still have the regular version and didn’t seem that I was even interested in it. But I then watched the trailer from the reveal and I think I changed my mind about it. It has been re-mastered with new textures and colours that make it stand out by a lot. In addition to this they are also going to be releasing it with mod support for console so I am looking for it more since I didn’t have the chance to use the mod’s, I am looking forward to use them. Since there are quite a few mod I really do want to use such as the mod that allows you to have element effects to weapons so I can have an actual flaming sword.

Fallout4Fallout 4: Last year at E3 Fallout 4 was announced and I pretty much my entire time on Christmas Day playing it and I have enjoyed playing it so much. I have enjoyed all the missions that you can do, the characters in the game and all of the DLC’s that have came out. So at this year’s E3 they revealed the next three DLC’s that are coming out with one that is coming out possibly next year that being Contraptions where you can build Mouse Trap in real life. Then you have a DLC that I have been looking forwards to since that I originally thought that I would have had to use for mod’s and that being been able to create your own vault. This is something that I have wanted to do since starting the game and had the chance to go through the different vaults in the game. So from what it looks like there could be the chance to adjust Vault 111 and customise it in your own way which is something that I am looking forward to do. Then the third of the new DLC being Nuka-Cola Land. This looks like that it could be rather interesting since that it seems to be a working amusement park and there are a lot of people going there so that means that there could be a lot of missions to do there. I am really glad that Bethesda have up the effort into making more content for this game and I hope that there is more to come later this year and I am looking forward to using mod’s when it comes to console.

SunMoonPokemon Sun & Moon: I am a huge Pokemon fan and it is pretty much the only game series that I have played through every generation from Game Boy to Advanced to 3DS and have enjoyed playing them all. Since that this game already got announced a few months ago I was just expecting them to show more of the game with possibly showing off the gym leaders or more Pokemon, in which they did end up revealing new Pokemon. But they did show off some new features of the game. One is the new battle interface that looks rather practical. Instead of having just a large red section in the middle to bring up the fight menu it is now located on the right had side whilst the item, Pokemon and run options appear to be on the left hand side which does make it seem a lot more practical. Another really useful feature that they have added is a stat tool. So now when you are in a battle you can now see how many stat changes have happened to your Pokemon or the Pokemon that you are battling. This does make it really useful since you used to count the times that a Pokemon may have used a move like Double Team to see if it would be wise to use a particular move. Another really cool feature that they have added is a new mode called Battle Royal where you and three other people can face off against each other in a Pokemon battle. This is something that I have always wanted to see in Pokemon, when I had more friends who played the game and is something that I wonder will have something to do in game or is just multiplayer. But there is one thing that I did find rather disappointing about the game and that is the appearance of Pokemon from other generations. In all honesty I am not a big fan of this and I would have preferred this if it had a new roster of Pokemon that were available for this game such as with Black and White when the only time that you would have seen new Pokemon was when you beat the game. It did bug me when I played Pokemon Y since there appeared more of other region Pokemon then the ones that were that generation. Other than that I already have it pre-ordered and I am still looking forward to play it.

DBX2Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Ever since last year I got back into watching Dragon Ball Z thanks to the guys at Team Four Star with their Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, but more with one of their gaming series, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I never got the chance to play the first game and I sort of do refuse to do since that there have been a lot of patches for the game and knowing my chances when it comes to trying to play it would be a waste of time to try and install the game. I am looking forward for this game since that it appears to feature a new story that looks to be more interesting since that in the trailer when they revealed that they could be ways to change the outcome from the past. So we could possibly see Vegeta kill Freeza or something along the lines of that. I am going to be also looking forward for this because they could then end up adding in some of the new story lines from Dragon Ball Super which I am really interested in since there are a lot of good story lines that they can do with it. Plus there is something that I am looking forward to something new that they are doing and that it being able to face movie villains, which I find rather weird since Broly was the only movie villain to appear in the first game. Nevertheless I am looking forward to play this game when it comes out 

SpiderManSpider-Man: When The Amazing Spider-Man game came out I played it, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game came out I played it and with this game got announced I was really excited for it. From the trailer that we got for it looks like that Insomniac knows what they are doing with this game. From what we got from the trailer I think that I can guess that the villain of the game is going to be Mr Negative since that the goons that Spidey takes down see to be of oriental design. There is more likely to see more of his rouges gallery in the game, possibly some small villains but maybe a few big villains, maybe Vulture. The only one problem that I do have with it is Spider-Man’s costume and that I think that the spider symbol should have been white. Most likely we will get new costume skins for the game and I am going to be switching to the next skin that is available.

Death StrandingDeath Stranding: As many people know PT was meant to be the next Silent Hill game, but then Kojima and Konami had a falling out since Metal Gear Solid V and it ended up being scrapped and Kojima went and started his new company and made a partnership with PlayStation. Then we get the trailer for Death Stranding which was such an amazing trailer and possibly one of the best over the past three days. In the trailer all we pretty much see it death, then it pans across to a naked man who turns out to be Norman Reedus, who was part of PT, who ends up finding a baby and then it just disappears when it comes and he stands up and notices five shapes in the sky and they disappear and the title gets revealed. Other than the trailer I don’t know that much else about the game and I am looking to hear more about the game in the next few months to see if it could be a possibility for me to get the game. 

TheFracturedButWholeSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole: At last year’s E3 at the very end of the Ubisoft conference they revealed the next South Park game and ever since then I have been waiting patiently for any news from it since then, but there was never anything. Then this year we got a lot of new news and game play. You play a mute character (I am not sure if it is the same character from Stick of Truth) and you can create your own superhero character which all have different powers and abilities so you can have different save files playing different characters. From the story that you see being developed in the trailer is that Cartman manages to piss off Kenny with his idea of creating a film universe of the South Park Superhero Universe and they manage splitting up into two different groups and we then see Butters forming his own army and that’s pretty much it. We then also get a look at the battle system for the game and it is totally different from SoT since that you can now move around the battlefield and in a way creates combos that could help take down people in fights plus being able to push people into objects as well is really useful and looks fun. Another cool battle feature is being able to use cover. The demonstration with Tweak and his power that he used was pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see what other powers that will be in the game. In addition to all this pretty amazing news that we got, they also going to be bringing in Towlie as a pre-order bonus, which most likely will also be a bonus if you just pick up a copy, as well as a copy of Stick of Truth as well. I am really looking forward to playing this game, but I am more looking forward to be watching a walkthrough since that if this game is anything like what SoT there is going to be a bit of censoring that they won’t allow in for the European release.