Top Three Television Technology

So throughout the many years of fictitious shows that have been around there have been many pieces of technology that I have wish would really exist in the modern world. To make this rather challenging for me I am going to only pick three pieces of technology from three different television shows so that means I can’t have say the TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver on this list and that I can only have one. This is also going to be in order on what I wish I could have.

3: Bigger on the Inside; Doctor Who: For this I am going with the most famous piece of technology from the television series and that is ‘bigger on the inside’. In the show the TARDIS is the most recognisable technology that uses this feature. From the hole entire arc of Doctor Who it has been seen that there are a whole load different rooms that the TARDIS has from its main control room where most of the scenes of the show are set inside of the TARDIS to even a large swimming pool. If this technology was to exists in this day it could easily be use more for military use since that with the amount of space that can be created could hold up to quite a large amount of soldiers, weapons and vehicles that could be used for either an invasion or as a defensive measure. Another good use for it is that it could also be useful for the ever growing population of the planet. Since that we have over seven billion people on the planet having establishments that can have enough room to house thousands of people could easily help the overpopulation problem.

2: Holo-Deck: Star Trek TNG: Ever since I started watching The Next Generation I have always wondered what I would be like to have a holo-deck. Being able to recreate anything that can be created from forests in the medieval times to even vast seas with ships, anything was possible with the show. For personal use I think that it can be rather useful in many different factors. It could be rather useful for training purposes with either military use or training for anything really. In addition it could also be used as well for plays and shows for college and university productions, giving people a realistic setting that they could use instead of a mediocre looking set that seems rather cheap. Plus with the current technology that the world has had developed over the past few years, especially with current VR this seems to be the most likely of technologies that we could see being made from this list.

1:Capsule Corp; Dragon Ball: Now for me this has been one of my favourite pieces of technology for one major thing, you can take pretty much anything with you on the move. This is also a pretty good idea for people who like to be more on the move since in theory you could take the house that you have and then move it to another part of the world. For me on the best uses I can think of this would be to go camping or even on holiday for the fact that you could just pop a capsule down and then you could easily just have your own building there with everything that you need. In addition to having houses in the capsules there are also different things that can be put into them such as vehicles which also makes it rather useful to have especially if you are a mover and you could easily store your cars and then pop them out when you would need them.

And that’s my list, if you think that there are any other technologies that you think could have made the list leave them in the comments below.


Should Doctor Who End Soon?

For the past few past few years of watching Doctor Who on BBC I’ve been thinking that the past few series have been rather downgraded and seem to be really unnecessary and especially the last series, it seemed to have stories all over the place and seems rather disappointing.

I think for me that this started when Matt Smith came into the role of The Doctor and I got to say I wasn’t that big of a fan of him in this series. His tenure as The Doctor seemed be rather disappointment for me since that most of the series did start rather well with him reuniting with Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who he left at the beginning of the first episode not knowing that years had actually gone by, and they started to have some really good adventures. But then after one episode when The Doctor sent Amy home finds out that she has feelings for him that leads to a rather weird love triangle as the night that The Doctor came for Amy was the night before she was going to get married. I then thought that the series then got rather confusing in the series when in the two part finale where all the enemies of The Doctor formulate a plan to imprison The Doctor inside the Pandorica but the big down fall for this from what I remember all we see are ships and not many actual enemies are in costume. But then it turns out that the Roman soldiers that are there at the time turn out to be Autons with one of them being Rory, who was never really explained to be there since he was killed off earlier in the series and we never get any reason why he was there at that time but most people probably speculated that it could have been an ancestor but then that doesn’t make sense since he was fighting the AI of his Auton side to regain his human memories. Its moments like this that does make me hate Doctor Who at this point.

In the next episode however it turns out that Auton Rory kills Amy (accidently I think) and starts mourning over her and then a future version of the Doctor appears I think and shows Rory how to open the Pandorica with the Sonic Screwdriver and frees the Doctor and puts Amy in it saying that the Pandorica is the ‘perfect prison’ since that it will not allow its occupant to escape or die and will restore her back to life once her DNA has been imprinted into the prison. Again this seems like a stupid decision to make since they could have still killed Amy off and made a better character development for Rory by being a brooding dark character in the show which would have been rather awesome to see. But instead in 1996 The Doctor starts leaving clues for a young Amy Pond to find the Pandorica which apparently was on display at Natural Museum where she frees her future self as well as a fossilised Dalek that was for some reason also brought with the Pandorica. This then leads the Doctor to then find a way to get to the TARDIS and manages to cause a second big bang. This then leads to now a altered Earth (which does seem to get rather confusing with later plot lines I’m sure) and Amy wakes up on the day of her wedding and then leads onto the most stupidest scene in the series and that is the Doctor rather crashing Amy’s wedding after she starts remembering him. This really did make me feel like the show had started to go rather downhill from here.

In the next series I got to say did only have me interested was mainly the first half of the series as BBC decided to air the series as two serials (which I thought was stupid but probably was that they hadn’t finished filming the series yet) since the episodes had some really good features and twists in them. However after the series came back I thought that it had went downhill once more especially in one episode called ‘Closing Time’ which was a sequel episode from last season which brought back James Cordons character Craig who I got to say I found rather boring. In this episode I did really hate the fact that you had one of the good Doctor Who villains in the show and you have Craig being able to beat them with the power of fatherly love. I got to say that though for plot convenience it would be alright but for it to actually happen it would be less likely to happen. If this was to happen in any other Sci-Fi related show I think that it would have gone a lot differently and went more down the line turning him into a Cyborg instead of reverting back to human.

Onto series seven and from the bat I already do hate this series because a) it was another series that was split into two parts b) handled the part one finale in the most stupidest way imaginable and c) managed to make one of the greatest villains in Doctor Who seem like chumps. Asylum of the Daleks was the first episode of the series where the Daleks found a way to capture The Doctor, Amy and Rory to get them to help destroy a planet where they have put all the Daleks that had went crazy but can only be accessed on the planet surface since a year ago a spaceship crashed causing a rupture to occur on the planet. The team are then transported to planet where they are then guided through with the help of Oswin Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, who then turns out to be a Dalek and not a human. She manages to join the Dalek psychic link and wipes all trace of the Doctor’s existence from their memory banks. What a way to veto 50 years of good villains by having a one off character wipe their entire history of the Doctor.

The next disappointment was in the episode was with the departure of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and featured the return of the Weeping Angels in The Angels Take Manhattan and the reason why I hate this for is the ending. The Angels special power is that they are able to send people backwards in time but for some reason BS reason the TARDIS couldn’t return to that time period at all. So why the hell did he not just land the TARDIS in another city like New Jersey at that time period and travel into New York and get Rory and Amy that way. It makes no sense. Nevertheless it then has us move on to the next companion that turns out to be Clara Oswald who for some reason is the spitting double of two people that The Doctor encountered in Asylum as well as the Christmas episode mainly for they were portrayed by the same actress. Again going back to what I said I really hated this series and then it continued even more when we got to series 8.

In this new series we were also introduced to a new Doctor with this one being played by Peter Capaldi and this series had again more problems for me. This one actually did have a lot of sub elements to it mainly revolving around Clara and if she wanted to still be with the Doctor since this one seemed different to whom she was with. If I had to summarise this series with another show it would have been when they first aired Firefly and apparently they ended up showing the episodes in the wrong order and this feels like. The main two issues that I had with this series is one Missy, a mysterious figure that had cameos through the series and the finale itself. First I’ll start with the finale. It starts out with Clara trying to come clean with Danny telling him about the Doctor but he is them hit by a car and dies. Wow an actual death in Doctor Who and the person that did it wasn’t even a monster from the show. Clara then black mails the Doctor into going back and saving Danny, but to be fair if that was to happen then same events from what happened when Rose saved her Dad in series 1. They managed to find that there was a facility called 3W where Danny is being held and they try to find him, along with dozens of skeletons in blue liquid tanks that really had no purpose till the end of the episode when they start to drain and reveal to be Cybermen. Now I will talk about Missy since it has come up to talking about her now. I really didn’t like her whatsoever. I don’t mind that the Master is female now but the reason I don’t like this is that she didn’t feel rather like the Master. When you look back at the season 3 finale the Master was able to become Prime Minister and wipe out a proportion of population of the Earth. This one just seems like a disappointment in a way. I do rather wish that they could have either cast somebody better to play Missy or even have John Simm return. Back to the story, Missy sends her Cybermen to detonate around Britain releasing Cyber Pollen and turns the dead people into Cybermen, somehow. The Doctor then later in the episode is then given a choice to take control of the Cyberman army from Missy but then declines and she gives control to Danny who leads all of the Cybermen to exploding and stops the rainfall that would then end up turning people into Cybermen. Missy is then shot by a Cyberman which apparently was not only the one Cyberman not follow the orders of Danny to explode and turns out to be Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and this was the biggest kick in the balls for Doctor Who fans since the Brigadier was a key character in the original series of Doctor Who and it really pissed me off. Then Missy in her ‘dying words’ gave the Doctor the location of where Gallifrey is and when he got there was only empty space. This series got me questioning to actually think if the new series is going to be any good.

I think I also came across another reason why I have been thinking that the series is due for ending is the head writer and executive producer of the series being Steven Moffat. A lot of the episodes that have been talked about here were written by Moffat and they were all episodes that I believe have a real mix of reviews from people. I know that most of my friends that watch the show wish that he would leave the show and appoint a new head writer so that something good can happen with the show. If that can’t happen I think that either this series or the next one would be a good wind down point for the series. In the continuity of the series The Doctor is already in the last stages of his regeneration cycle and the only way that I could see them doing something new with it is if America got its hand on Doctor Who and did its own version. This way we could continue on with Doctor Who but finishing it first with the original would be better thing to do if there was going to be a reincarnation of the show in America. If it was to finish I think that a few specials wouldn’t be too bad of a thing for instance I rather did like some of the elements that was in the 50th Anniversary since we had three different incarnations of the Doctor including John Hurt playing the Doctor during the Time Wars. Hopefully though the show can come to a close because they could end up reaching a point where it may put long time fans of the show like myself off for good.

My Top Ten Doctor Who Villains

So with the 50th Anniversary upon us, BBC 3 did there own top ten Doctor Who monsters and villains and I thought it was a bad top ten and this here is mine.

10. The Weeping AngelsImage

The Weeping Angels were brought into Doctor Who in series 3 and have been focused more on in the Matt Smith’s tenure. For me these belong at 10th mainly because they are dealt with in the same way and it gets rather boring from episode to episode with them in. But to be fair they are the more scarier monsters from the rebooted series. 

9. The SilurianImage
A group of existing homo-reptilians that live near the crust of the earth and seem to be more of a possibility in the actual world these creatures have lived longer than humans and want their world back, but in each of their encounters with the Doctor he has tried to negotiate peace with them. These are put here on the list mainly because they are now one is linked to the as a ally of the Doctor.

8. The SlitheenImage
Another new monster brought in from the reboot and featured in the spin off Sarah Jane Adventures, these creatures are a cunning and devious species that can infiltrate places by taking peoples skin and using it as their own, yet comes at a price as they tend to flatulence when they are in the skins. As a outcast family from Raxacoricofallapatorius they have not been seen fully in Doctor Who since series 1 and are due to return surely.

7. The Autons Image
One of the more unique monster in the whoiverse where it could get peoples minds actually focused since they were designed liked mannequins which are still used today. They were first encountered by the Third Doctor and was also focused around the first rebooted episode. For me after this I don’t think that they could be expanded on further, unless they were to do like a museum episode where the Autons were to be the museum attractions cause that would be a interesting story.

6. The Clockwork RobotsImage
Now to a one shot villain the clockwork robots, these are probablies the most well designed villains in Doctor Who as the fact that they run on old-fashioned clockwork mechanics. Originally working on board a ship till their ship started to fail they decided to use time windows and stalk a girl who turns out to be Madame de Pompadour who was a actual person as they were after her brain. But as the mass force of the clockwork robots where in 18th century France the Doctor ‘sacrifices’ himself by destroying a time window shattering the connection between them and the ship. As a one shot type episode this is the only thing I like from Steven Moffat.

5. The Ice Warriors Image
Habitants of Mars the Ice Warriors have only featured in two episodes but they have been both good episode. I really like the designs for the Ice Warriors either in their armour with a big turquoise coloured shell or as a weird creature that resmbles a mix of alien and some other weird creature. I would really like to see more of them since that there are more Ice Warriors now then there used to be.

4. The SontaransImage
Born as a warrior race the Sontarans are a tactile species that the Doctor has faced on numerous occasions. The first appearance of them was in the third Doctor arc called The Time Warrior which also featured the first appearance of legendary companion Sarah Jane Smith. They then went onto play three more episodes in the original series including a terrible episode (The Two Doctor’s). They were then reintroduced into the new series of Dr Who in a two parter where they were defeated yet again. But nowadays in the latest series there has been one Sontaran that has been reduced to be a comic relief character, I hope that in the new series with the new Doctor the Sontarans will be back to their old ways.

3. CybermenImage
Heart of steel and emotionless, the Cybermen are one of the most popular villains of all time in Doctor Who. Ever since the first appearance of the Cybermen they have always been able to adjust the way that they look (due to a better budget) and look more menacing that other villains. Yet what the have in strength in numbers they do lack in ways to be killed mainly either by gold or laser blasts. Since the rebirth of the show there was a Easter egg in the episode Dalek where it showed a Cyberman head in a display case and then in the second series to have the make a full debut in a two parter. But the last few Cybermen episodes have been a let down, defiantly the last episode where it showed the Cybermen being able to instantly adapt to it’s surroundings but the effects looked rather bad.

2. The DaleksImage
Born as a humanoid form and then built into a advanced killing machine. First debuting back in ’63 the Daleks have featured in many a story that has had major storyline with the Doctor including the debut of Davros and the creation of the Daleks. In the rebooted series the new Doctor was faced off against the Dalkes in two different occasions once in the Dalek episode and then again in the series two part finale. But in the Dalek episode I like that it was then returned in the series four finale when the Dalek from that episode was featured in that episode. But in the new series of Doctor Who they redesigned the Daleks and they looked terrible, plus in Asylum when they wiped the mind of the Daleks and they don’t know who the Doctor is any more which I think ruined the whole 50 years of Daleks.

1. The MasterImage
Growing up on Gallifrey and a possible childhood shared with the Doctor, The Master is possibly the only villain that he has ever faced that can match him on different levels of combat may that be hand to hand or a psychological. First appearing in Terror of the Autons he has also had a effect on the Doctor’s story arcs. As with the Doctor the Master also has the ability to regenerate and there have been six different versions of him throughout the years, even at one point been played by Eric Roberts in the movie role. The Master in my mind is the Doctor’s number one enemy as he is the same as him.