Top Five Worst Moments in Arrowverse

The Arrowverse is either one of the weirdest or best comic book television-based shows that are both loved and hated by fans. I am one of the people that are pretty much on that line between the two. I do find that there are a lot of characters that are great that got pushed off to the side because of other plot conveniences and story plots that I find to be great but then just banging my head off the wall, and that is what I am going to focus on this list. But there is a small caveat to this list, I will not be including anything that has happened in any of the latest series, since I don’t have access to watching them and will be waiting till they are out on DVD to go over them. Also, to that list I also will not be covering anything from Black Lightning, since I stopped watching it because I moved over to watching the Marvel Netflix shows instead and they are still on my watch list.

5: Arrow’s Villains: Arrow S6-7: One of the things that I did hate about the last two seasons that I watched of Arrow had to do with the villains since I thought that there were too many to keep track of and it also did not help that villains got switched around. First was Caden James, who is a hacker that was broken out of jail in the previous series. Later in the series James gets killed by Diaz, an overpowered mob boss that has the nickname of the Dragon and also wields a flamethrower. Diaz did have the most on-screen time since he pretty much lasted through most of both seasons before he is also killed off, but this time by Emiko, who is posing as a new Green Arrow. Even though he does last a long time I think that it would have been better to have season focused villains, like before since that it does help build stories but instead they just kept throwing villains at the wall hoping that something stick. They even brought in the Longbow Hunters and I got to say that I think that they were better villains that what Diaz was and if they had Emiko being the leader for them that season could have been a lot better.  

4: Legends vs Mallus: Legends of Tomorrow S3: Legends has been a rather mixed bag as a show for me. I have liked some of the seasons with the first and four being my personal favourites, but from what I have been reading about season five, it could be soon shifting, but back to the worst moment from the series. The series revolves around Damien Darhk trying to get bring Mallus into the human world by using his daughter as a conduit, this I do like since that it is rather dark and horrific which I am all in for. There was even one episode where the Legends got to taste the power of Mallus for themselves in a losing effort and getting knocked around by him. But it is the ending of the series that I thought was rather stupid and that was when they used the power of the totems that they had gathered to defeat Mallus, into the form of Beebo. What annoys me about it is the fact they used a kids toy, and I don’t even think that they merchandised it , was that Mallus was easily defeated in the battle since that when Mallus was housed inside Nora she was able to take down three Legends rather easily. Mallus was built up to be a rather big threat and to have him defeated in a rather embarrassing way it made me disappointed with the series.

3: Felicity Trying to get Oliver Out of Prison: Arrow S7: I am not going to lie I was never really that much of a fan of Felicity through any series of Arrow for a few reasons. The first is that I thought that she was a rather annoying character and the second is that I preferred the relationship that Oliver had with Laurel. But the thing that I hated about her the most came during the end of series six and the beginning part of series seven, when she was trying to find ways to get Oliver either out of being placed on trial, but the worst was trying to find ways to get him out of prison, against what Oliver had wanted. Oliver wanted to stay in prison for a few reasons, the first being that he wanted to serve his sentence and the second being that he was uncovering information about Diaz. But unfortunately, Felicity did not see it the same way and she was coming up with different ways to try and get him out. I just think that it was just a waste of time that could have been done to better the story of other characters that would have benefited from more screen time.

2: Barry is Savitar: Flash S3: The revelation that Savitar was a speed clone of Barry, I am not going to lie was rather disappointing to say the least. It would have been more interesting, though repetitive if they were do make Savitar alternate universe version of the Flash, yeah they already did that last series with Zoom, but to make it different have him be a version that looks like Barry, but not called Barry. Another thing that they could have done would be to have Barry trapped in the Speed Force and have the two swap places, with Savitar being taking over Barry’s life and causing problems for him in his work and personal life that can spread through the later seasons. Plus, you can still have Jay replace Barry in the Speed Force as well to keep that plot thread in there as well.

1: Barry Saves His Mother: Flash S2: Three episodes before the end of season there was a perfect episode that had Barry deal with what had happened to his mother. He was able to deal with what had happened and he was at peace with it. Then right after he defeated Zoom he decides to travel back through time and stop Thawne from killing her and thus he ended up creating Flashpoint and changing the timeline. So if Barry didn’t go back and save his mother he most likely would have still created Savitar but he most likely wouldn’t have had created any other villains through the effects that had happened through the changes that had happened through Flashpoint. Everything still would have ended up happened the way that they do in the following series as well, just there would be some characters that may not turn up.

Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 Review

We continue off with the Rangers arriving in the DC Universe to help Zack and continuing their fight against the Justice League. The team notes that the Flash has vanished but Billy jlpr5bring s up that he hasn’t that that he moves too fast for them to see. Tommy asks why he hasn’t attacked them yet and Billy assess that he is watching them to see what they do, he then contacts Kim to see if she still has Batman. She says she does but also says that there is somebody else up there with her flying and we see that it is Superman who tells her to land the Pterodactyl.

John Stewart arrives at the scene and asks Flash what they are dealing with. Flash says that he thinks that the Rangers aren’t from here and have no idea who they are.jlpr3 John replies says that they attacked Batman but Flash responds says that if he didn’t know who Batman was he would attack him too. John then encases the Rangers in a bubble construct but the Rangers break out of it easily by summoning their Zords and we get a cool two page spread of the Rangers roll call. Jason comes up with a strategy to have Trini and Billy to run protection whilst the rest of them attack the Justice League. The Zords blast away John and he starts falling with Flash being able to catch him, Cyborg then arrives down from the Watchtower. Cyborg tries to blast the Dragonzord and manages to damage it and in retaliation Jason tries to blast Cyborg with Eye Beam attack but Flash manages to save him. He then runs up the back of Jason’s Zord and vibrates through and takes out Jason.

jlpr6He goes to punch Jason but Superman stops him from doing it. Kim also tells Jason to stop fighting and says that the Justice League aren’t the bad guys. Jason questions on what if she is wrong but she responds by telling him to trust her since that we then see that she has been bound in Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Zack apologises for what he has done and says that in his defence that in their universe heroes don’t dress up like bats. Wonder Woman then asks them who they are and Kim responds saying that they are the Power Rangers, protectors of Earth in their dimension. Billy then adds that their base was attacked and their teleporters damaged and that was how Zack was transported here. Trini then says that they can’t leave yet and they tell them that they Zack wasn’t the only other one that was transported and that he brought with him a great threat and we then see Lord Zedd hurtling through space and then a green light teleporting him somewhere.

jlpr2Zedd wonders where he is and questions an alien on where he is but he tells him to be calm and not to draw attention as HE will notice them. Zedd questions on who will notice and we see a large shadow approaching them and we see that Zedd is inside a bottled city. The alien shouts to run and hide but Zedd isn’t having any of that and uses magic to make himself grow back to normal size and he breaks out of the bottled city and we find that he has come face-to-face with Brainiac. A bit of time passes and Zedd and Brainiac talking with Zedd noting that they both want the Universe and that they both have had the same problems conquering and that it their problems with the Justice League and the Power Rangers. Zedd comes up with an interesting idea of saying that he needs an Earth city for his collection but suggests that he takes a city from his dimension and Brainiac seems interested by this. He asks Zedd what he needs for his plan and says that he would need some creatures from his other bottled cities.

Back in Gotham the two teams are glad that they have used diplomacy to resolve their problems instead of fighting. Batman has a rather good line where he says that the last dinosaur that attacked him ended up as a trophy in his cave and Zack continues asking how they are supposed to know that Batman is a good guy. jlpr4Superman apologises about Batman but he then hears something. Cyborg then notes to the team that the internet just exploded with news that there are monsters attacking the world. We then get another amazing two page spread where we see four cities, Tokyo, Melbourne, Cairo and Dublin being attacked by giant octopi type monsters. Superman flies off and informs that they will need every Justice League members and reserves on every continent. Batman then points at Zack saying that he brought this here and that they will help them fight them since that fighting giant monsters attacking cities is what they do, ending issue two.

Overall this is a really good issue. The Ranger and Justice League were able to resolute their problem that they were having and I can’t wait to see what they have install for them to for the next issue. But the most important thing is that we now know what happened Zedd and what his plan is since that it was shown at the beginning of the first issue and I have to reiterate I am looking forward for the rest of this series.

Batman Annual #1 Review

So after just doing a review for the Batman Arkham City comic books I am back into the pool and reviewing the first annual of the Batman Rebirth series and I got to say in advanced I think that it is an okay comic. It’s a comic that is made up of a collection of different stories written and drawn by different creative teams such as Scott Synder and Paul Dini and I do find some of the issues to be rather good but some not that much.

The first story is called Good Boy, written by Tom King the current writer for the main Batman series. It features the story of how Bruce and Alfred got Ace and it is a rather sad story and has a really warming outcome. It is also a story that has a lot of time jumping but for this it makes more sense. The issue starts out at September 2nd seeing a dog with a Ace of Spades mask biting Batman in the neck and then it cuts straight over to September 23rd where Commissioner Gordon informs to Batman that Joker had ditched the dogs in a ditch and it turns out that Ace had killed the other dogs since that it also looked like that Ace was under the influence and Gordon making a really bad joke saying ‘Aces high, ha ha ha’.  Two days later Alfred is seen at the Gotham Pound where Ace is at and the assistant at the pound saying that Ace isn’t fir for anything but dying; we also discover that Ace is also a female dog. Alfred tells the assistant that after he cashes the check that he wants the building to be rechristened the Martha and Thomas Wayne Humane Society and Alfred takes Ace home. The next day Bruce discovers that Alfred has brought Ace home and it seems that Bruce and Ace seem to boot heads. Over the span of a couple of months we see Alfred training Ace with Batman in the back going over the different cases that he has had including Penguin, Two-Face and Riddler. By the time that December came through with Bruce telling Alfred that what his is doing hasn’t worked and something that makes me scratch my head in a way since I think the editor made massive screw up since that now Bruce and Alfred are saying that Ace in fact a male dog and not a female like the assistant at the pound did. Nevertheless it was then revealed that Ace is actually leaned from Alfred. A few days later Batman returns to the Batcave with Batman pulling a knife out of his arm with Ace running up to Batman with him now accepting Ace since that Ace showed concern for him. On Christmas Day Bruce gives Ace a Batman mask that he puts on Ace with Bruce asking if he want to be a Bat-Hound. Bruce asks Alfred why he didn’t get a gift from Alfred with Alfred saying that he had been preoccupied with training Ace. But Bruce says he has everything that he wants. This is a really good mini issue minus the hiccup in Ace’s gender and it has a really good ending.

Issue two is written by one of favourite Batman writers Scott Snyder. This story opens up with Batman narrating about Gotham City noting the residents and the fact that every 5.6 seconds there is an emergency call. It then goes down to Batman surrounded by three suspects on the snow covered ground with a car burning in the background. Batman then goes on to say that there aren’t any silent nights in Gotham and that he uses an algorithm to help narrow down serious crimes that the GCPD might not be able to deal with. We then cut over to a area in Gotham called Champion Square, where there is a diner that looks rather similar to the one at the beginning of Arkham Knight, where there are people dressed in red coats. Alfred is talking to Batman when Batman interrupts him saying that the system alerted him to a possible terrorist at Champion Square. Two on the people in red coats disrobe showing them in black leotards and they climb up a statue in the square with on-lookers curios on what they are doing with them back diving off the top of said statue. Batman narrates saying that every prisoner in Arkham and Blackgate were accounted for, usual suspects are all in their hidey-holes and that Champion Square is a neutral ground for gangs in the city. Batman arrives at the scene and sees what is going on and notes that the system has went quiet with the crowd watching the performers. Batman asks Alfred if there was anything heard from the system with Alfred replying that the system was working fine and that he should enjoy the brief pauses in battle before the last bombardment resumes. Batman goes on to enjoy the show and smiles. We then see the performers finish and a person going up to them with money but they refuse to take the money. Batman gets a ping from the system and it turns out to be automatic fire with also a question mark leading to the Riddler being behind it and Batman goes on his pursuit. This is a really good short story.

The third part of the annual is a called The Not So Silent Night of the Harley Quinn and is written by Quinn’s creator Paul Dini. It begins with Harley Quinn breaking into a building that seems to be a police station and tries to break in but is interrupted by Batman. Harley pleads with explains herself to Batman about what she was doing and that she was trying to make amends with Gordon and the cops and that she has changed and that people look up to her as a role model. Batman says that he is going to continue his patrol and then drop Harley off at the city limits or Arkham with Harley accepting his proposal. Harley then decides to put on some Christmas music with Batman saying that it’s not that kind of radio so Harley decides to sing instead and starts to sing Jingle Bells rendition that Joker in the animated series and Bart Simpson sang during opening of the first episode of The Simpsons. Harley then starts singing another song with Batman looking out of a window and then cutting over to two kids, one with a Harley Quinn inspired costume, heading over to toys for tykes drop off point. Those kids are then set on by a group of kids taking toys from the drop off point and the kid falls into a present that reveals a Harley Quinn bat and he then goes to town on the kids and they run off. We the cut back to Batman and Harley with Harley now singing jingle bells to tune of barks and then cuts over to a guy loses his dog and it heads out into traffic but a person with a hot dog cart runs into the traffic to save the dog and she manages to save the dog whilst the owner of the hot dog cart and the taxi driver get into an argument. The next cutover goes over to a woman leaving her possible boyfriends place with him following her and gets caught in a group of Harley Quinn performers with then the girlfriend whacking him in the face with the case she carries and then sees a parade commencing. Cutting back to the Batmobile Harley is singing ‘Deck the Halls’ and Batman finishes the line and Harley calls out Batman that he does sing songs. Batman tells Harley that it is time to go but she is disappointed that they never got to beat somebody up but Batman replies that Gotham is unusually quiet tonight. Harley believes that she is the reason why it has been rather quiet and Batman drops Harley off but she thinks that it’s in the boonies but it turns out that he actually took her home. Harley then celebrates with her friends and Poison Ivy and they start carolling. This is another good issues and this one focus more around the artwork and the story telling from there.

The fourth story called Stag starts off with Bruce Wayne introducing Barry O’Neil, a billionaire who built a winter wonderland for the youths of Gotham City and that he has pledged to donate all of his money to the charity with the dream to die penniless so that others don’t have to. Barry O’Neil begins to talk but then is interrupted by a ice based villain crashing through riding on a giant bull saying that O’Neil had mocked his life. O’Neil says that the person is called Minister Blizzard and that he has been sending him letters but he didn’t think it was serious. Gordon says that he is going to get the kids out of here and says for O’Neil and Bruce to get out but Bruce has already went to suit up. Blizzard monologues that he had dedicated himself to restoring the Ice Age (insert your own Batman and Robin joke here). Blizzard then goes on to say that O’Neil’s winter world insults him and goes on a crazy tangent and asking for blood where a bat-line shoots off where Batman glide kicks Blizzard in the back of the head shutting him up. Batman flies off and Gordon asks O’Neil about Blizzard. O’Neil explains that Blizzard was a Prime Minister from an ice kingdom. Gordon then tells him that all Gordon knows that Blizzard was from Bayonne and that O’Neil should have told GCPD about the letters. Cutting over to Wayne Manor, Bruce is sitting in the library, where I think Bruce came up with being Batman, when Duke comes in wondering what’s up with him, giving him a chocolate coin that Alfred made that Kate wanted made. Bruce exposits more about O’Neil to Duke saying that he has been working to make Gotham better for longer than Bruce has been alive and also that he was a idol to his mother. He rebuilt Gotham Village twice and that he made miracles for generations of Gotham’s youths. He then says that he can deal with villains like Blizzard but he can’t save them from everything and that someday something comes for all of us and even the best of us. This is also cut over to O’Neil going back into his apartment where he is killed by an assailant saying ‘I am an honest signal’ with the last box saying ‘End? The Stag is coming 2017…’ I love seeing teases for this in annuals and I am looking forward to see what they are going to do with this after I Am Suicide is over and done with.

The final story begins with Batman narrating that he smells gingerbread and that his is six years old on Christmas Eve and feels anxious. He then says that a new psychologist at Arkham came up with an idea to have a good behaviour holiday party for inmates. Batman is in a safe house picking up a gas mask as a gas has spread throughout a portion of Gotham and is having an effect on the people. Meanwhile in Arkham, Haunter is gives small gifts to the different inmates and Batman realises that the gas is fear gas. Back at Arkham Haunter tells Jervis that she made the gifts out of her medicine and that she had taught herself the art of selective digestion and that she is leaving tonight. Batman determines that the gas isn’t pungent enough to send Gotham into a spiralling chaos and he has the Batmobile set to jam the drones dispersing the gas. In Arkham, Haunter starts her escape plan and goes through the guards plus possibly killing a guard in the process. Batman thinks that this is a dry run for a deadlier attack or a distraction and he heads off to Arkham. Haunter is now outside of Arkham and finds a hidden stash of clothes that she changes into. Batman arrives at Arkham and tells that Haunter can kill people just by using their DNA, skin cells and hair. Batman put her in Arkham ages ago since that she had killed six people but there could have been more and also that she is friends with Scarecrow. Haunter heads off to a small hut in what looks like a park and she finds Scarecrow there telling her that Batman could be here soon and he does by crashing into the back of the hut. Apparently Haunter managed to get a fingernail and she apparently states that she had killed Batman. Batman then tells her that he had taken precautions with her abilities and that he also apparently got them him a nerve toxin that was made from the fear toxin. He then tells them that the toxin lasts for a few hours and he most likely ended up taking them back to Arkham.

That is the end of the first Batman Annual and I got to say I did rather enjoy it and also it does seem that all the stories were well told, maybe with exception of the final story since the ending seemed really rushed. But with it being made up of multiple stories I really don’t blame them for the rushed ending. The artwork for all of them is really good and it gives them a different feel for each of the issues too. Overall my favourite story from it is a tie between the origins of Ace (minus the editorial hiccup with gender) and Scott Snyder’s story since that it does seem rather similar to Batman #51 which was Snyder’s last issue when he wrote Batman’s main series. Overall it is a good read and it does get me in the Christmas mood.

The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Good, The Bad and The Amazing? Review

Mark Webb’s latest Spiderman film opened up last Wednesday over here in the UK a fortnight before USA and possibly other countries so this review will have a number of spoilers in it so if you want to be spoiled then read on. These are my personal good and bad points other people may differ.

 The Good-

The beginning of the film starts of similar to what the first film started off but this focused around Richard Parker and a key point of the film called ‘Roosevelt’. Not only is this a good beginning for the film it also does show that somebody was hired to get whatever is connected to Roosevelt back. Some thoughts that me and my friend had was that it was either Oscorp or Hydra or possibly A.I.M (but that seems unlikely). Nevertheless it was a good beginning and does leave people with some questions.

 The next point is Gwen’s valedictorian speech that she gives at the graduation ceremony. The way that she words the speech is important to the end of the film, which I will go into later, but with the scene she tells about moving on. (To be honest I’ve totally forgot about what happens but I will go on more at the end.

 Next we get introduced to Harry Osborn played by Dana DeHaan, Donald Menken played by Colm Feore and Norman Osborn played by Chris Cooper. But the big thing that I truly never expected to happen in the film was that they killed off Norman Osborn in the very beginning. The way that he looked if he was dying from a experimental goblin formula but it turns out it’s a hereditary dieses that is also starting to affect Harry as well. To be fair when I saw this I was still thinking that it was a goblin formula to dieses. Other than that it was a good scene between DeHaan and Cooper.

 All I got to say is that when Max Dillon gets tuned into Electro it is an amazing scene. After trying to repair a cable in a experiments room or a something that has to do with electricity getting then electrocuted by said cables and then bitten and gets transformed by eels is just an amazing villains origins. Then it’s revealed that he ‘dies’ and then wakes up in a crematorium after Menken sent him there to cover up another Oscorp mess up. Then we see the first appearance of Electro and Jamie Foxx gives a great performance as Dillon/Electro. All that Dillon wanted to be was noticed and manages to by draining Times Square electricity and then Spiderman comes in and tries to help Dillon but then manages to steal his spotlight. Dillon then drains more electricity and shows some of his true powers by destroying a few city blocks with a electrical blast that manages to do a lot of damage to few city blocks but Spiderman manages to take him down with the help of the NYFD. It also a really good use of special effects, defiantly when Spiderman saves people that are trapped on the staircase and the make-up effects of Electro are well done and do look a lot better than what it would have if it was the original Electro.

Next point to talk about was Gwen and Peter’s relationship, at the beginning of the film we all think that it’s been going okay, but then after graduation it turns out that Peter is second guessing after seeing visions of Gwen’s father everywhere that he goes. This is handled well, not great but well. But then later in the film there is some development when they decide just to be friends so that there then could be a possibility for them to get back together in the future, but it then turns out that Gwen has the opportunity to go to Oxford. This then leaves Peter with a decision to sacrifice what he had with Gwen for her future. He then starts to feel happy because he then was able to get closure about his father but then sad because she was able to get to place in Oxford. This then leads for Peter to web up a giant sign of ‘I Love You’ on the Brooklyn Bridge (I think) this then leads to Peter then accepting that Gwen going to Oxford would be the more better option for their relationship.

 Next point is Harry Osborn turning into the Green Goblin, Harry gets access into Oscorp by helping Electro break out of Ravencroft and finding a way into getting a formula that may be able to help him reverse the effects that killed his father in the beginning of the film. But something bad happens when the remedy doesn’t work and starts to accelerate the goblin effects, he then manages to crawl into the infantry suit and it starts to heal the bad effects of the dieses. I found this scene to be really well done and it sort of reminded me of Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan chops of Lord Vaders legs and he starts crawling and crying in pain, it was similar but again my opinion.

 s blood was used for the tests. Peter was also able to find out what Roosevelt was as well because it was another secret train base that seems like it could have been developed by SHIELD. So with that Peter finally could close the book on his family past and move on with the bigger problems in life. 

The next point in the film that I would like to talk about is the second battle between Spiderman and Electro. In this one the upper hand goes to Electro because there fighting in an electrical station and Electro can now travel through the energy coils. Not only that but the music stings and the Tesla coils go well together and it creates an amazing scene as well as the slow motion effects as well. The scenes are shot really well and it then does lead up to possibly the saddest scene in the film.

The major point of the film for me was Gwen’s death. I knew that it was either going to happen in this film or the next but I would like to praise the writers for this by giving her a correct death, being that the same (near to) way that she dies in the comics by Spiderman trying to save her with the web-shooter and the cool effect where the web looks like that it was a hand reaching out for her but it wasn’t enough. It was a really sad scene and then it showed Peter being at her grave over the past seasons. He then manages to move on when he finds Aunt May packing away stuff that belonged to Uncle Ben and that gave him the idea to pack away his memories, but whilst he was doing that he finally decided to watch Gwen’s speech where it’s said that it’s time to move on. This was another good scene and it linked up well with the beginning of the film.

  The Bad-

 For the past year or so there has been so much stick about the amount of villains that were in the film, for instance they said that they had cast people for Alistair Smyth, Felicia Hardy and Rhino. To be fare they pretty much had limited rolls in the film, Smyth was only in the film for at least two minutes at best Felicia was the same but at least Rhino had a part to play at the beginning and end of the film. So far this is what I’ve been hating about comic book films such as the long coming Man of Steel two as it has people who are meant to be Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Cyborg even a number are minor characters in that universe as well.

 Another bad moment for me was that there was mention of J. Jonah Jameson as Peter said that he was working for him, but yet through the film we did see Peter communicating to him but yet no face. This is why I’m hoping that they could try and get JK Simmons back to reprise his role as JJJ from the Sam Ramini Spiderman films because he did look like the comic book counterpart and it felt like that he was JJJ. I hope that he is in because that what make a lot of the good comedy of Spiderman when JJJ is around.

 I think that a scene that could have went better was when Harry wanted Peter to help him with his near crippling disease that Spiderman may be able to help him with, as we know from the first film he was able to help Dr Connors with his research to regenerate limbs so why wouldn’t he try and help Harry, who has been his friend since his parents died wouldn’t try with his science background to try and think of a formula to at least help out Harry.

 The final thing that I thought was bad is in fact a mixed point and it comes at the very end when Rhino appears in the suit, yes that’s right a suit. This is sort of a nod to what happens in the Ultimate Spiderman TV series that Rhino was given a robot suit to improve his powers. I think that this was rather a letdown as this is the AMAZING Spiderman not the Ultimate Spiderman, I’d rather like to see a CGI version of a cross species Rhino like in the Amazing Spiderman video game that came out with the first film, but then I think that would have looked strange as well. Either way it did look good but I’d prefer if they were to stick to the source material.

 The Amazing?-

 The Amazing parts of the film was the revelation that Harry Osborn had an idea of building up a small force which then hints towards the Sinister Six (originally headed by Otto Octavius) where we see the same guy who visited Dr Connors when he was admitted goes into the secret project room in Oscorp and brings out the Rhino suit but we all so see two Easter eggs that were shown in the trailer where we see the Vultures Wings and Otto’s Tentacles. This is really hinting towards Sinister Six and it has been confirmed that there is a film in the works and hopefully it should be a good film.

 Then going back to what I said about Vulture and Doc Ock been hinted I think that if there in the next film or the Sinister Six film then I hope that they can cast the right people for the roles because that would be a key point to have. You would need to cast somebody at least in their early 50’s for Vulture and somebody possibly in their early to mid 40’s for Otto because that’s where there would be more people that would have the correct feel for the villains, in my point anyway.

 Even though I did say that the Rhino tank armour was a bad point it was also an amazing thing to see in the film itself. It looks rather badass and it looks like it can do about the same amount of damage, hell maybe even more than what the original Rhino could do. It may be the fact that we live in a more CGI world instead of picking a jacked up fighter or heavy set person to portray the Rhino similar how they casted Michael Clarke Duncan to play Kingpin in Daredevil. But it’s the directors choice to make.

 Also going back to what I said about the Gentleman visiting Harry in Ravencroft I have been mulling over the possible identities of him. I think that it could actually be Norman Osborn and that him dying is all a ruse and that he is still alive. This theory may need more thinking over but at least it is one idea. The next idea that I have is that it is Miles Warren aka The Jackal who made the clones of Spiderman who then go on to star in their own series and makes sense why there is a guy who is curious about Spiderman.

 Finally the thing that I found really amazing about the film was the acting from our two main villains, Jamie Foxx and Dana DeHaan. I’ve seen a number of Jamie Foxx’s works and they have been good but this performance has got to be in the top of his list. The way that he went from a sort of shy character that was fascinated by Spiderman after he got saved by him and then turning into Electro was just amazing. Also the fact that he decided to make his Electro his own character by developing a Clint Eastwood/ Alec Baldwin whispered voice which just felt really chilling. Then you have Dana DeHaan, I haven’t seen any of his works like Chronicle so I was going in blind on what he was like and I really liked his portrayal of Harry Osborn and Green Goblin. Since he found out that he was also going through the same genetic problems that his father was going through he was being desperate to find a cure and that showed something that James Franco’s Harry didn’t show and that was a true desperation into finding something. But his Goblin performance could have been better but it will probably be more developed in either the next film or Sinister Six.

 My overall rating for the film is 8.5/10: It is possibly one of the best Marvel films this year but it won’t beat The Winter Soldier.